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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 15, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. immigration, birth control and abortion, three hot button issues on the table today. so what was approved and what falls behind? we'll run through the changes you need to know about. but first the family of a murdered mother prays for answers. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm laura evans. dozens gathered in northeast d.c. this afternoon to remember and honor a well known deli owner, 65-year-old june lim who was shot to death inside grace deli on h street thursday morning. fox 5's maureen umeh is in the newsroom with more on the vigil today. >> to her customers june grace lim was more than a business owner. she was a friend who cared and showed it in many ways. today it was their turn to show their family just how much she was appreciated and how much she will be missed.
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they kept coming, customer after customer. they were paying their respects to june lim and her family. >> it definitely will not be the same on this corner anymore. >> reporter: their grief could be felt and seen at a growing memorial outside the deli in northeast d.c., the place where she lost her life early thursday morning in a robbery. >> she would give you anything, shirt off her back. >> reporter: among the mourners lim's son peter who left a touching note. >> she cared about everybody. she was a wonderful person. >> reporter: june lim was weeks away from celebrating her 66th birthday, months from becoming a grandmother for the first time and a year away from retiring. customers say their sorrow can only be matched by their anger at her killer. >> it shouldn't have happened. >> this woman didn't deserve that at all. >> her son and her family shouldn't have to go through what they're going to go through for someone needing
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some money that could have got a job. >> i really didn't have any idea my mom had touched so many people. >> reporter: peter lim said the deli was struggling to survive and with his mother's death it's likely the business will close for good but before it shuts its doors, peter says it's what his mother would have wanted. >> help yourself to drinks. >> reporter: and as he continues to give, community is giving back, too. >> we love you june! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: wrapping their arms around lim's family. >> let it out. >> reporter: showing the love they say june showed them every inthis picture is what you got every day and we're going to miss that. >> police hope video cameras in and outside the store captures something that may help track down a suspect. in the meantime they're handing out flyers offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. back to our other top stories tonight, today the
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obama administration announced it will stop deporting children of illegal immigrants and grant them work permits instead. it's a move that the president says will make the immigration systir and just. fox's jennifer davis has the story. >> reporter: the president comes to the rose go aheaden. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: -- garden. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: announcing he will sign an executive order affecting as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants in the u.s. who live in fear of being deported. >> it makes no sense to expel talented young people who for all intents and purposes are american. >> reporter: effective immediately these folks can request a work permit to stay in the country legally if they came to the u.s. as children, are under the age of 30 in, school or the military and haven't broken the law. >> this is the temporary stopgap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented driven patriotic young people. >> reporter: mr. obama says he's acting because congress won't, but many critics charge
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this not only amounts to amnesty but a power grab by the president. mitt romney made clear he wants a long term solution. >> as an executive order is, of course, just a short term matter it. could be reversed by subsequent presidents. i'd like to see legislation that deals with this issue. >> reporter: some republicans say this also looks like a political move by a president running for reelection and courting the critical hispanic vote. >> he and all of us know how important the hispanic vote is, but i think this is a disingenuous way to capture that vote. >> make no mistake, there twill be those that vote against him -- will be those that vote against him because of this decision, too. >> reporter: at least one lawmaker is going to sue the obama administration to keep this policy from being implemented because he believes it requires legislative approval. >> if is the right thing to do. excuse me -- it is the right
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thing to. do excuse me, sir. it's not time for questions, shirks not while i'm speaking. >> president -- sir, not while i'm speaking. >> neil monroe of the daily caller shouted out to the president, "why do you fave foreigners over american workers? " the president answered the question during the q and that followed saying these young people will make -- q and a that followed saying these young people will make an extraordinary addition to our society. supporters of the new plan celebrated the president's announcement in lafayette plaza today. members of casa de maryland say this will allow undocumented young people to better give back to their communities. one high school student from anne arundel county we spoke with says the maryland dream act would do the same which goes to referendum in november. >> it would level the playing field so that we all pay in- state tuition regardless of our immigration status so as long
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as we paid taxes we should be allowed to pay in-state tuition just like our peers. this would allow a lot of students to further themselves through education and once they get their permanent residency or right now with these work permits they're going to give us, it would allow us to work and give back to our community through our education. another major decision today on a controversial subject, late this afternoon the nation's catholic hospitals rejected president obama's compromise on birth control. the new healthcare rules requires religious institutions to provide contraception coverage, but the catholic health association said the got should broaden the exemption -- the government should broaden the exemption for religious employees or directly pay for the birth control coverage. this afternoon the state board of health approved a new abortion clinic rules and got rid of some of the tougher regulations that had been in place temporarily since the beginning of the year. the board struck down a requirement existing clinics meet the same building standards as new hospital construction.
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we'll have much more on that coming up on the news edge at 11:00. it has been a rough couple weeks for the leadership of d.c. with the guilty plea and resignation of the chairman of the council, but tonight the district can celebrate two victories on capitol hill. a senate committee approved a proposal to protect the district if there is a federal shutdown and another to honor one of d.c.'s most cherished residents. fox 5's matt ackland has more tonight. >> reporter: from the guilty pleas to the bickering of city leaders during public meetings, the headlines out of d.c. recently haven't been good, but positive news from capitol hill ended a very long week. >> the district thinks it's in the doldrums. the congress is thinking about the people of the district. >> reporter: congresswoman eleanor holmes norton was pleased to announce a senate appropriations committee approved two significant victories, the first protects the district during a federal shutdown. >> a provision that says that
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you can't shut down the district just because the federal government shuts down. >> reporter: the second issue has to do with this statue of frederick douglass. it now sits in one judiciary square next to pierre la font. the senate committee gave the green light for the statue of douglass to be placed in u.s. capitol where statues from other takes are displayed. >> frederick douglass is a national hero and the committee seized upon that and thought we should have an african american in the capitol because we have various leaders '. >> reporter: norton spoke about concerns some have about the federal government cracking down on local affairs after two d.c. council members pleaded guilty to serious crimes. >> elected officials should not be even imagining that the people of the district of columbia would be punished because of what an elected official here or there had done and if this profession doesn't prove it, i don't know what else the people want.
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>> reporter: although there has been significant progress, these issues are not done deals. the full senate as well as the house have to approve these issues. congresswoman norton says she doesn't foresee much resistance. on capitol hill matt ackland, fox 5 news. an unidentified object had the beltway buzzing this week. it wasn't a ufo but a military drone. we'll be seeing a lot more of these in the skies, why that has some experts worried about your security coming up. >> plus. >> reporter: this guy swimming next to me here says he never really meant to be anybody's inspiration, but that's how it's turned out. imbeth parker, a story you'll -- i'm beth parker, a story you'll have to watch. >> another beautiful day turns into a beautiful evening, temperature in the city down to 73 degrees right now. how low will we go and how gorgeous will this weekend be? full weather forecast is coming up. up. >> also later on the news edge at 11:00 more talks today
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between maryland lawmakers and mgm about a proposed casino at national harbor. stay with us. 
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drones will soon be patrolling the skies over the u.s. they're already being tested on maryland's eastern shore and just this week you may remember the navy hauled one on the beltway on flit bed truck leave manage to think they'd seen a -- leaving many to think they'd seen a ufo, but tonight we'll hear some are concerned about the drone program. >> reporter: a tiny plane called the maverick on a test flight flown by remote control. it carries cameras, eyes in the sky. its designers say important work is in its future. >> we know for a fact that we're going to save lives '. >> reporter: derek lyon says it's already been used by the canadian military in afghanistan and to trap a gulf oil spill operating off barges. >> i'm pulling it out like
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that. >> reporter: lyons is vp of sales for prioria robotics, their maverick designed at the university of florida a smaller cousin to the predator, the drone that's been used for years by the military, but the new frontier is here at home where the maverick and other drones could be launched by police and fire departments. >> after driving to the fire they're going to be getting streaming live video telling them where the hotspot is so the incident commander can say here's where we go in. >> reporter: officially they're called uass, unmanned serial systems. the government estimates 30,000 could be in our skies in the next eight years. the aclu and others worry about privacy, that any of accuse come under surveillance by police, government -- of us could come under surveillance by police, government. >> as far as safety, that is the biggest concern is where
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they'll nfl. >> reporter: karl valeri is an airline pilot and safety instructor concerned about midair collisions. in the miracle on the hudson geese brought down the airline. what happens when drones are added to the airspace and their security? >> think about this. i have an aircraft where the cockpit door is secured so nobody can access that door. well, how about when someone is controlling the aircraft from the ground? >> reporter: what happens when controllers lose control which apparently happened in iran when a u.s. drone and its technology was captured. >> there's some really brilliant people doing this, but the bottom line is what happens when that stuff breaks? >> reporter: usas in all shapes and sizes are being tested including some from the biggest defense contractors in the world competing for new business worth millions. >> i believe this is going to be a gold rush. >> reporter: makers of the maverick say advanced electronics make it safe and it flies low. they're hoping to be among the
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first to be approved in what some call the new golden age of aviation. with history still to be written on how smoothly it will arrive. lloyd sawyers, fox news. fox it is a major cultural change in the military, nine months after the repeal of don't ask don't tell the u.s. military is honoring its gay and lesbian service members. in a video message released today to honor gay pride month defense secretary leon panetta thanked them for their service. >> you faithfully served your country with professionalism and courage and just like your fellow service members you put your country before yourself. . >> also today the pentagon announced its first gay pride event will take place on june 26th. it will feature remarks by the pentagon's top lawyer and a opinion discussion that will address the value of gay service. a major policy change on immigration today. the obama administration will
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stop deporting children of illegal immigrants and start gang them work permits. earlier today i talked with fox news sunday host about this topic, chris wallace. time now to talk about what's coming up on fox news this sunday this weekend. joining us is the host of the show chris wallace. thanks for coming in. >> good to be with you, wisdom. >> one of the hot topics this week is what president obama has done with this immigration decision to stop deporting illegal immigrants. your reaction to that? >> well, the policy, you can argue whether or not the idea of deporting or not is good or bad. that's one controversy. trovers some people will say this is only humane for people who were brought over as young people as illegals. they didn't do it of their own. they've lived in the country five years. they've graduated from college or served in the mill father and they have no criminal -- military and they have no criminal record. other people will say it's amnesty by another name and there's the question could the president do this through administrative order because
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he's clearly making an end run around congress which had blocked the dream act which did many of the same things. the other issue, of course, is politics. it seems to me on that front this is a very positive for the president because of the fact it will appeal to the hispanic voters. they were already for obama, but they were upset that he was talking a lot more than he was actually doing for them. this should energize the hispanic vote. >> you also have coming up you're talking with senator joe lieberman and general michael hayden, former cia director. what's the topic? regards to those two gentlemen? >> we'll be talking about the series of national security leaks, some very sensitive issues like the drone strikes in pakistan, the cyber war fare against iran. is it being leaked by the white house for the political gain for the reelection purposes of president obama? we'll also talk to the senior advisor to the president at the white house, david plouffe. so it should be a very interesting show. >> i heard somebody tell me the
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d.c. police pulled you over for talking on the phone. is that true? >> i can testify from personal experience that d.c.'s fine s are doing their job. -- finest are doing their job. i was doing something i haven't have done. i was talking to a radio station, but they found me and gave me a ticket and i'm in the process of paying it. >> even the best of us, it happens to all of us, chris. >> not to me again. >> not to you again. hopefully it won't happen to you again. chris wallace, host of fox news sunday. that airs here on 9:00 sunday on fox 5. >> we shall learn from his mistakes. the yankees giving the nats some trouble tonight. could they bounce back for the win? we'll find out with dave ross next. ♪
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this weekend d.c. is the epicenter of major league baseball, two of the hottest
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teams meeting right here at nats park. >> we're talking about your nl east leading washington nationals and the al least leading yankees. dave ross is here now with how the nats fared in this series opener. dave? >> wisdom, when you measure the nats' history against the yankees, well, you can't. one team has never won a world title. the other has 27 championships, but who knows? this year maybe just maybe this three-game series could be a precursor of a much more important seven-game world series match-up in october? just saying. this game between derek jeter and ryan zimmerman, faces of collective franchises. top of the 1st gio gonzalez facing mark teixeira one to center, bryce harper lays out for the beautiful camp and blows a bubble. got -- catch and blows a bubble. bottom of the 3rd, up the middle, here comes steve
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lombardozzi. top of 7th trouble, nats down 2- 1. ian desmond, counterpart short for the throw, gets away. one run scores, two runs scores and the yankees beat the nats in game one of this three-game series 7-2. the nats seek revenge tomorrow afternoon at 1:00, jordan zimmerman versus andy pettitte and it is just one game of .162, but you'd like to beat those yangs and set the bar higher because the yankees, well, they're the yankees. >> and they got that big payroll. >> all that money they throw around to ballplayers. >> evil empires. >> game one not so much. we'll see what they do in game two tomorrow. new developments tonight in the secret service prostitution scandal, the agency hit with more serious allegations. >> and the d.c. police department is accused of dismissing sexual assaults claims too quickly. we'll hear from the police chief next. a house that they really wanted.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a watchdog group is leveling serious allegations against the d.c. bankrupt. human rights watch says detectives -- d.c. police department. human rights watch says detectives fail to document a large number of sexual assaults. chief lanier says the group came to the conclusion without seeing all the data available. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: on may 30th human right watch sent this letter to chief lanier claiming a large number of reported sexual assaults are left undocumented and never investigated. the letter was never meant to be public, but the chief put it on the department's website along with her response. >> just as the human rights launch is trying to protect the identity of the people they interview, we have a responsibility to protect the identity of people involved in our investigations. as a result, we were not able to turn over all the documentation they need to draw
10:31 pm
conclusions. >> reporter: chief lanier says the department of justice would have unrestricted access and be able to fully see the department's actions and procedures. in the letter human right watch said it found the hospital records more reports of sexual assaults than incidents on the metropolitan police department website and police reports of sexual assaults every month. >> i looked. i know we have the documentation. i know the case was documented followed up on, but i can't turn some of those things over the. >> reporter: chief lanier says not every category of sexual assault is reflected in the website numbers. the letter also says detectives regularly treat victims in a dismissive or insensitive manner adding to their trauma. >> between 2006 and 2008 some of those allegations, there may be some truth to them, but i think we've done an awful lot of work and put reforms in place. >> reporter: the lawyer who wrote the lawyer says she's convinced the department still has a problem handling sexual assaults. we talked to her via skype from
10:32 pm
new york. >> we do believe there's a serious problem based on the information we have and we are open to reviewing additional information that shows that -- if our analysis we've undertaken so far and the information we've gathered is incorrect, we're open to seeing what additional documentation we haven't been given access to despite our requests over 16 months. >> reporter: show of says the letter to the chief was a heads -- she says the letter to the chief was a heads up to what the investigation uncovered and a full report will follow. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> human rights watch said it agreed to hold off issuing a full report until it's seen the additional documentation. the department of justice has not said publicly whether it will accept the chief's offer and begin a probe. two former metro employees have been sentenced for stealing a half million dollars from metro fare machines. john haile was sentenced to 37 months in prison and horace
10:33 pm
mann dade got nearly 30 years. they pleaded guilty to theft and conspiring to commit money laundering. they spent the money on lottery tickets and items at home improvement stores. a reminder to those of you who use metro during rush hour. the new rush plus program starts monday morning. it's a movement to improve rush hour service on the orange, blue, green and yellow lines. some of the rail lines will be changing their routes, so you'll need to pay close attention. >> it's very important for customers to check the destination sign on the side of the train before boarding. it's not just about the line color anymore. it's also about the destination. >> new maps and signs are now up to help explain the changes. metro says extra employees will also be around to help guide riders. new details about a long list of allegations against the secret service. the charges span years. the agency is trained to protect the president and other officials, but it may have its
10:34 pm
hands full now trying to protect its own reputation. fox's doug mckelway has the details. >> reporter: a heavily censored list released by the government revealing a lengthy accounting of allegations against secret service agents and officers dating back to 2004. the list was released under the freedom of information act after a request by news organizes. the inquiry prompted by the recent secret service prostitution scandal in colombia. the new disclosures give fuel to concerns expressed by congress, that the colombia scandal exposed a culture of misconduct within the service. agency director mark sullivan apologized for that incident at herring in may insisting it was an isolate -- hearing in may insisting it was an isolated incident, but the 229 page disclosure paints a different picture, involvement with prostitutes, sexual assault, leaking sensitive information and even theft, some cases understanding tragically. for example, an anonymous complaint alleged someone had
10:35 pm
stolen a dozen laptop computers. the suspect has reportedly sold some of the stone property and used some for gifts. -- stolen property and used some for gifts. that the person was questioned and prior to leaving headquarters he went to the bathroom and inspectors heard a gunshot. they found the person on the floor and a 911 call was made. another entry reads blank was arrested for soliciting a prostitute while they were in and driving a marked secret u.s. police vehicle and was placed on illegal immigrant the government notes some of the claims were -- placed on administrative leave. the government notes some of the claims were unconfirmed. backlash from a controversial breastfeeding photo and paramedics rushed to lindsay lohan, why producers were concerned enough to
10:36 pm
compole 911. >> no arms, no -- to call 911. >> no arms, no legs, no problems, a swimmer with a major accomplishment in maryland coming up. a big fat greek election, on sunday greek voters head to the polls again. the implication for your money could be huge in the states as well. many fear greece could pull out of euro zone and several countries are bracing for the impact and a possible market selloff. now stocks are in the green, the nasdaq and s&p 500 headed into the weekend in positive territory for now. a jetblue pilot just cleared for trial. a judge in ruled clayton osmond mentally competent to stand trial, the pilot accused of running up and down the aisles screaming about jesus and al-qaeda this past march. good news for dad this father's day weekend. grateful kids plan to spend more than over pops. the national retail federation says the average person will shell out over 117 bucks on
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dear old dad this year, so happy father's day. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. a
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an oregon man has been diagnosed with the plague, but officials say there's no reason to panic. the man got the disease after he was bitten by a stray cat after trying to pry a dead mouse from his jaws. he's in critical condition and his relativelies are being tested. the cdc says there are about seven cases of the plague in the u.s. every year. most of them are in the west and southwest. it's treatable if caught early. a controversial breastfeeding photo has gotten a woman fired. a warning, some might find this uncomfortable. crustal scott helped these two military moms organize -- crystal scott helped these two
10:41 pm
military moms organize this foyt owe shoot, but she was fire -- photo shot, but she was fired from her job. the military moms were reprimanded because of a rule that says military uniforms can't be used to promote a cause or product. lindsay lohan reportedly doing fine tonight after paramedics rushed her to -- rushed to her california hotel room. according to her publicist, lohan worked a grueling schedule the past few days on the set of her new film liz and dick. when she didn't come out of her hotel room because producers became concerned they called 911 as a when the paramedics checked her out, they determined she was exhausted and dehydrated. her rep insists reports she was hospitalized are completely false. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 a break-through in the fight against hiv, how scientists are using human breast milk against the infection. >> plus a plane crash leaves a montgomery county man dead this morning, those stories and more
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if you are looking for a little inspiration, here's a story for you. it's about a man who has accomplished incredible things. here's the thing. he thinks of himself as an ordinary person. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, he is quite extraordinary. >> reporter: craig dietz is a competitive swimmer who knows how to power through a pool. in fact, he just finished a grueling three-hour swim across the chesapeake bay. >> nice swim. you're there. you're there! >> reporter: there's one other thing, he has no arms and no legs. he was born that way. >> my parents and my siblings raised me up not to feel that i was any different than anybody else and that i could do anything i wanted to do. >> reporter: craig grew up in pennsylvania. he's always been active. he's been bowling for years. he went to college, then earned a law degree, but eventually he was wishing for a new
10:46 pm
challenge. >> i've always just been looking to somebody that always looks for the next adventure, the next way to challenge myself and push myself. >> reporter: he was living in pittsburgh at the time and decided to do a triathlon. friends did the biking and running. craig did the swimming. his reaction when he came out of the water? >> can i go again? >> reporter: he's been at it ever since. >> what i didn't anticipate was loving it the way i ended up loving it. that first race when i finished that swim, it was just such a rush. >> reporter: craig works out at a pool in harrisburg, pennsylvania, near where he lives. by now you may wonder exactly how all this works. well, craig makes his way to the edge of the pool. he uses a flipper. >> standard order off of a swimming website. >> reporter: he attaches the flipper to the small stump where his right leg would be. then he takes the plunge. craig says he swims a little like a dolphin.
10:47 pm
craig tried the bay swim last year, but the swimmers were pulled from the water because of heightening. even so to use his words -- >> the bay kicked my -- lightning. even so to use his words -- >> the bay kicked my butt big time. >> reporter: that's why he's been in the pool four to five times a week getting ready for this year's swim. he got a few funny looks from other competitors at the start of the race. >> there were several people that kind of looked at me with a question mark and then like are you swimming this? yeah. i'm going to give it a shot. then they're like wow, that's pretty cool. >> reporter: and it was. that's craig in the blue cap, his friend next to him in a kayak. the swimmers pass right between the two spans of the chesapeake bay bridge. >> it's a roller coaster honestly. >> reporter: a 4.4-mile long roller coaster. his a man goal was simply to complete the race. he did much more. >> when i came up to the finish and saw i was at three hours, i was just elated.
10:48 pm
i was in disbelief myself. i really didn't think i'd be able to get through it that fast. then i look out in the water and i still see people coming in. then it just gives you -- sets it off even more of wow, it really -- i really actually did better than i expected. >> reporter: to get to the finish line he had to climb a steep hill back on land, but in life he's climbed right over pretty much of obstacle. >> people say oh, i'm never going to complain about having a are so ankle ever again because that implies -- a sore ankle ever again because that implies that i've got it really bad and i've never really thought i've had that bad of a life. >> reporter: in fact, life has been pretty good. he's married and does motivational speaking and if along the way, he opens a few other doors for others, that's just fine. >> i'm glad that in me living my life and doing what i do i'm glad that a side effect of that is that people see me and get inspired to do something on
10:49 pm
their own, but being an inspiration has never been what's driven me. what drivers me is just it's what i want -- drives me is it's how i want to live my life. >> reporter: one of the challenges was figuring out how to get around. craig never goes anywhere without his sense of humor. this look mom no hands license plate was a gift from his own mother. he has a special van. >> i put my shoulder stub down in the joystick. >> reporter: so the steering wheel moves without being touched directly. he controls the turn signals with his head just like in the pool finding a way to get things done. in harrisburg, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> unreal. second time we've seen that story and i'm still amazed. >> he's a great guy. >> we were talking about this earlier. you got to hand it to his
10:50 pm
parents for treating him like a normal kid from the minute he was born. >> very motivating, too. motivated to follow his dreams and not let anything stop him. >> self-motivated, too. good for him. >> very few of our story doozy want to go home and show my kids -- stories do i want go home and show my kids. i'm sure it's on our website, right? >> oh, yeah. >> i'll do that tomorrow. >> well, i can't see any problems with weekend weather. >> yeah, good. >> i guess i'll just talk for a few minutes here. could talk about the weather here. >> what about those people in san diego? >> they tell jokes and i can't tell jokes is what they tell me. the weathermen in san diego have to have a lot of jokes and very none. it does look like we're in for -- well, we've had a great day and a pretty great week. it looks like this is continuing into the weekend. it's going to be very nice out
10:51 pm
there, not too hot, not too humid, next week 90s will return, so get ready and it likes not only the 90s, but the humidity will come back with a vengeance by middle part or late part of next week. we aren't just talking about 90s next week. it looks like we'll be talking about a feels like temperature in the upper 90s for next week, okay? get ready for that and enjoy the next few days. manassas 64, culpeper down to 61 degrees, suburbs diving down into the 50s again tonight, so still very pleasant, kind of keep the windows open, let the fresh air come in. save a little money on the electric bill. something else i wanted to show you was the do want. this is not -- they're not -- the dew point. they're not super low, but we stay fairly comfortable, 56- degree dew point in the city. the lower this number is, the less amount of moisture in the atmosphere. i want to show you with dew points in the 50s, i think
10:52 pm
temperatures will get down to the 50s areawide. we're still expecting sunny warm conditions this weekend be high pressure at the surface taking up residence north and eves us. that's good because the flow -- east of us. that's good because the flow around that high will keep our flow from the east and northeast and we never get too hot with that type of flow. lower 80s saturday and sunday for father's day. so it should be real nice. next week that high will shift more offshore and start bringing in more humidity and more heat. fair skies tonight, real good shape, no cloud cover coming our way, tomorrow a few fair weather cumulus developing late in the afternoon. we should be in real good shape tonight. real nice overnight, a few 50s in the suburbs, in town lower 60s, winds out of east, 5 miles per hour. tomorrow's high 82 degrees that. would pretty much put it right in there with today, low humidity, very comfortable, winds out of the east at 5 to
10:53 pm
15 miles per hour. we start off gorgeous tomorrow morning with temperatures mid- to upper 60s, quickly close to 80 degrees by lunchtime, high temperature again tomorrow in the lower 80s. by the water tomorrow actually a little cooler if you're one of the lucky ones to be close to the bay or the shore. you'll only be in the 70s tomorrow afternoon. a little warmer sunday, warmer still monday, tuesday 87 degrees. so then a little more humidity sneaks in. by wednesday, thursday, friday of next week it will feel like good old-fashioned summertime in d.c. >> get the misters going. >> thanks, gary. two days and two miracles for one roanoke, virginia man on vacation in florida. his actions may have saved three lives. fox's steve nichols has the story. >> reporter: this delta wing ultralight flipped upside down and landed in the water near the sunshine skyway bridge
10:54 pm
shortly after noon. pilot rodney tayo is okay much to the relief of his daughter. >> he's just got a busted lip. he's good. >> reporter: a passenger, 55- year-old gina zimmerman was taken to bayfront medical center with minor injuries. both of them were plucked from the water by gus hertz, a vacationing fisherman who spoke to us later on the phone. >> he was pretty far off in the distance when it went down, so i couldn't see what happened, just a big splash. it didn't look like it was supposed to. >> reporter: just yesterday hertz helped another fisherman rescue a man from a car that went off from the pinellas bridge in. that case his wife saw it from the window. and after both rescues? >> he didn't want anything. he removed himself from the scene immediately. he said he's just glad to help. >> reporter: but we had to ask what went through his mind when the plane went down? >> it was something to the effect of my wife is never going to believe this. >> reporter: well, did she?
10:55 pm
>> she thought it was pretty funny. she definitely thought it was pretty fun niche. >> reporter: we now know that's who he was call -- funny. >> reporter: we now know that's who he was calling when he headed home. his daughter tells us her dad will keep flying. >> he's had this delta wing almost 15 years and he's always enjoyed it. >> reporter: hertz is not so sure about his immediate future. >> we'll be laughing about it tonight. i don't know about tomorrow. a few days of this, i don't know if i'll get out of bed tomorrow. in honor of summer and just for fun a group of friends at utah state are making a splash. they created a 40-foot slip and slide and slid down a cliff into utah's hiram dam. the video went viral on youtube this week with more than 81,000 views. it's a 911 call the cops never expected. a man calls police over a subpar sandwich.
10:56 pm
hear the dispatcher's response next. >> in just minutes on then a vegas powerhouse making plans to set up -- on the news edge a vegas powerhouse making plans to set up shop in maryland, details ahead at 11:00.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
911 operators sometime get some strange and whacky calls. case in point, a man called in because he didn't like the food he ordered from a connecticut deli. >> you're calling 911 because you don't like the way that they're making your sandwich? >> exactly. >> so don't buy it. >> yeah, the operator gave the man some good advice. the customer was so unhappy he called police from a phone inside the deli. sandwich he go was subpar. officers responded to the deli just to make sure everything was okay.


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