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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  June 16, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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and lee westwood, the englishman on 18 and sinking the birdie, 3-under 67, two shots over par and three shots off of the lead and tiger woods with 1-under and this is on that number 8. and this is impressive. and chop it up there and does he like it? he should and going use the ridge as a little back stop and set up a tricky slippery putt for birdie and could he get it? he drills it. dropped to 2-over at that point and can the u.s. open be won aby -- by a kid with braces? he finished the junior here of high school and with that birdie on 49, even par today and 3-over, four shots back and that is impressive. how about one of the older guys and on that par five, 17 and
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chips it in for eagle. two-under 68 for eastern -- ernie, two over and three shots back and that shot of the day. the par-3, 13th, 180 yards and it goes, all right w. the 7- iron and that is going to go in that hole for ans error error. i can't believe it and shot a 2- over today, and is thirty two- over for the tourney and jim furyk drains the birdie on 17 and with that even par 7 and at 1-under par for the lead and back to tiger on 18. this is by tiger woods and led to a bogy, a 5-over 75 and he's 4-over and five off of the lead and bumps into a camera man and hurts his hand and things not going well for tiger woods. in d.c., the nats play host
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to the yankees a second straight day and that brought a second straight sellout and a second straight loss. the bragging rights on the line and that, i know what that was like and to the top of the 4th, yankees down. eric shaveez -- chavez and the grounder and come on in and nats, 2-0 lead and he giveeth back and going deep and out. matches the number of errors and tied up at 3 and go to laro and this is the throw and trying to score. calls him out and was he? take another look. we need that instant replay. moore can't believe it and -- with some extras, really extras and what about the 14th and off of brad and in the corner and
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this is jason and jeter, number two. the yank ease win and there is one chance for bryce harper, two on, two out and grounds out. he would like to forget, 0 for 7 for the 19-year-old and with some five strikeouts. after the game, harper didn't want to talk but his manager did. >> and never see him swing the balls on his hone. he was chasing balls and -- trying to make something happen and that is part of the youth. other guys get into the scoring position and -- position and we're swinging in balls and that is experienced, you know. the other guys in the gym, we don't have to help them out and we do. >> and the os on the road and this their is no hits. virginia beach changes that
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with one swing to left field and one run scores, the two rounds score. the os take a lead. and with the no no. the birds shut out the braves by nothing. when we return, d.c. united is known as the black and red and they were in white. they were frightening. and he won the struggle. next. 
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. welcome back to the show. d.c. united hasn't hit the pitch since june 5th when the black and red lost 2-1 in the u.s. open cut. tonight, a return to the mls and guess what? a rematch with philadelphia. ben olson and d.c. first in the eastern conference and facing the phillies. to the 77th minute, no score and he is getting tripped up there and franco boskovich. the deflection in for the sixth goal of the season. one-0, united, 85th minute and trying to rally. and with that and hamid with the big time save and take that, philly, 1-0. and off the wall is on the way. we're going to talk about baseball. >> yeah. >> and you have relationship stuff you have to get out and open. >> with the nationals. >> okay. >> and some proper foods to eat at the ball park.
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will wisdom martin have a hot dog at the park? stick around to find out. >> love and happiness. >> i don't know. off the wall is next. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. >> off the wall talking baseball.
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>> yeah, i love baseball. >> yeah. >> and let's talk about the nats. they red-hot. >> and on fire. >> yeah. >> and if they fizzle out and don't make the play-offs. >> oh. and how big of a disappointment would that be? >> i don't like to think about it. >> i know. >> and that is -- and i will be disappointed. i will tell you why. >> how would you know? >> i don't know. you get emotionally invested in something and you feel bad and i am emotionally invested in this team. i watch, you see them. >> right. >> and you see strauss bug and seeing the guys perform at high level and if they fizzle out, i might be heartbroken. what about you? >> i'm going to piggyback on what you said and that this is some beginning stages. >> right. >> and you are so young. >> you will take them back? >> you take them back. >> wow. >> and move on to the next
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year. >> you wouldn't be crest fallen? >> i don't know what that means but not what you said and -- >> let me ask you. >> okay. >> you know high society when you go into a ball game, there a -- is there a certain food you would not have? >> yeah. >> it's tradition. >> yeah. >> and about tradition and unwritten rules. >> you love them. >> yeah. >> and some hot dogs. >> right. >> if you're a drinker, i'm not. >> right. >> and that kind of stuff. you're not going with the southboundy? >> sushi. >> chicken? >> chicken strips. >> that is not an original group you said. >> and that is in there, really? chicken shouldn't be allowed. >> really? >> and there is one food. >> what is that? ja cracker jacks. >> what about ice can cream?
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>> no. >> that is why you don't have ice cream. the traditional stuff. and when you go with the common man. >> i don't go with the common man. >> what would you say when the guy said hot dog. do you put the hand up and say yes? >> i don't seat hot doing error errors. >> i'm getting at that. >> i will eat a hamburger. >> and brautwurst. >> okay. >> and i have a coca-cola. >> and -- is that okay? >> no, it's not okay. >> the cracker jack and the hot dog. enjoy nats park. if you don't go to the play- offs -- >> grilled cheese. >> breaking my heart like many ladies. >> and did you say that? >> for wisdom martin, i'm dave ross. we'll see you next week. >> and that is off the wall next week. >> love don't live here anymore, gary. and what a surprise. wisdom would have grilled chicken and sweet tea.
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thanks for listening, see you tomorrow night. have a great night, everybody.


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