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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 17, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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i just want to say, you know, can we all get along? can we get along? >> his videotaped beating led to the 1992 los angeles riots. early this morning, rodney king was found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool. a university of maryland student speaks out days after being beaten and robbed in his home. what he thinks should be done to keep students safe. >> before you walk out the door tomorrow morning, check out metro's new rush hour plus program. we'll break down the changes. welcome to the news at 10@. i'm maureen umeh. rodney king will go down in history as more than a victim who touched off some of the deadliest riots the nation has
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seen. karen gray houston, what can we take away from his life? >> it leaves us with teachable moments. the beating led many police departments around the country to transform themselves and king himself left us with a quotable quote of the last century that should give all of us post. >> people, i just want to say, you know, can we all get along? >> reporter: rodney king on the third day of the los angeles riots in 1992. 55people died, more than 2,000 injured, l.a. on fire. the most serious riots the nation had ever seen. >> these were the most serious riots we've had in this country. and they were serious i think because african-americans and others saw the beating before their eyes and there was an acquittal.
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>> reporter: eleanor holmes norton is herself a civil rights pioneer from the 60s. she says the king videotaped beating spokessed a major -- exposed a major civil rights issue. >> it exposed police brutality as we had never seen before. >> we always knew it was there, but unfortunately, we never got to a point where we had serious conversations and policy changes that i think would prevent that type of thing from lapping in the future. >> reporter: two of the officers that beat king were convicted and spent two years in a case. king was awarded a $3.8 million civil settlement. earlier this year he published a memoir. >> can't we all just get along, that's how i would like to be
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remembered after i'm dead and gone. >> that was just this past april. king said at the time he was broke. he has been arrested several times since the riot for alcohol related incidents. last year he appeared on celebrity rehab on vh1. fairfax city poliidentified- and-run crash and they're asking for your help in finding his family. happened after 10:30 friday night. police say 33-year-old mohammad jabour was walking on the sidewalk when he was hit. the impact of the crash launched him into the air. he is still in a coma. police are looking for a light colored suv with front end damage. anyone with information is being asked to call police. a university of maryland student is out of the hospital after a frightening home invasion and robbery at his offcampus apartment on noon friday in the 8400 block of 8th avenue in college park. audrey barnes spoke with the injured student and his
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roommate. she joins us with more. >> maureen, ryan miller was sleeping in his room when someone kicked in the front door. the next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital with a huge gash in his head. he and his roommates are hoping police can catch the person who hurt him and stole their property before they victimize someone else. >> they kicked in the front door. i think we realized when i was talking to my friends that they might have probably came to my room first. >> reporter: ryan miller never saw it coming. >> i was sleeping in and was woken up by something hitting my head. >> reporter: the next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital, with five staples closing up a huge gash in his head. that's when he learned the house he shared with several other guys was burglarized. >> all our laptops are gone. my wallet is gone. they took cigarettes. >> reporter: miller's roommate
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was working when the home invasion occurred at noon. he no longer feels safe with the neighborhood popular with the students, especially after learning a neighbor has been robbed at least twice before. >> i think there should be more security around here. maybe we could put up cameras, have more police coming through. it was in the middle of the day. >> reporter: in the meantime, the roommates are watching out for each other and taking precautions to keep thieves out of their offcampus house. unfortunately, it's no longer just their summer classes they have to worry about. >> i guess it made me realize that i'm not as safe as i thought i was. >> miller wasn't able to provide much of a description since he was ambushed while sleeping. and he really is lucky it wasn't much worse. prince george's county police say they're working this case and they want to hear from anyone who might have information that could help
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them solve it. >> let's hope so. thank you. let's take a live look outside now after a beautiful weekend. but mother nature, she's getting ready to serve up changes this week. gwen talbart is in the weather center with the latest. >> today was a wonderful day for our fathers, maureen. let's look at the numbers. 8to 9 degrees below the seasonal average with 77 at reagan and dulles airports. 75 at bwi thurgood marshall. the skies are starting to cloud over a little bit. little activity to the west of us in the form of showers that are pushing in from the far west. we're keeping a close eye on that. as we head through currently, 69 at reagan national. humidity at 63%. light southwesterly wind fall. 65degrees at baltimore. we have 69 degrees at hagerstown. you can see how things are on the mild side. but get ready, tonight we could see isolated showers or storms
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across the west. in the long range forecast, warmer temperatures are on the way. we are talking heat, humidity, and we are talking heat indices that will feel like they're in the triple digits. i'll have the details later. back to you. thank you, gwen. d.c. police still looking for one of three people who were in an suv when it flipped over on 4th street northwest overnight. investigators believe the three carjacked someone at gunpoint, but it's not clear whether the suv was stolen. one person ran and two were arrested. police found guns when they made the arrests. telegraph road is shut down completely until early tomorrow morning. crews are demolishing the bridge between the beltway and duke street. the eastbound and westbound ramps from duke street to telegraph road will be closed. the road work is part of the woodrow wilson bridge project. metro riders will have pretty significant changes to watch for tomorrow morning, that is is when the new rush
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program starts. the idea is to minimize congestion in most used areas. some blue line trains will change to yellow. metro will add orange trains to minimize the overcrowding on that line. some trains will go to largo town center. >> it's very important for customers to check the destination sign before boarding. it's not just about the line color, also about the destination. >> it is a little confusing. there will be extra metro employees at the stations tomorrow morning to help with questions. still to come, here at home lawmakers are still scratching their heads over who leaked national security information. >> plus father's day on the campaign trail. our mitt romney and our commander-in-chief celebrated dad's day. those stories and more coming up on the news edge at 10:00.  
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the new democracy party in greece appeared to win enough votes today to form a ruling coalition with another pro bailout party. fox's ashley webster has the latest from greece. [ chanting ] >> reporter: greece, choosing a party that won't leave europe's common currency. in a rerun of a may 6th vote that ended in a stalemate, the conservative party cementing their place in the euro zone. ballots were stacked and counted, locals talking politics and charting a path forward and outside viewing parties in athens. >> relief at the moment and anxious about what is going to happen next. >> reporter: the great party
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that favored abandoning the euro is conceding. economists breathing a sigh of relief, for now. >> in the short-term, talks about greece from the euro zone is out of the way. >> reporter: the white house saying, we believe in part it's in all our interests for greece to remain in the euro area while respecting its commitment to reform. all this voting showing a divided society, though. before the election, politicians attacked each other on tv. and a greek journalist hit with yogurt. what is ahead for global markets when spain and italy had trouble raising funds? last week greeks withdrew up to
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a billion euros every day. but world markets will surely judge this vote. ashley webster, fox business. it's a final day of voting in egypt's presidential election. a conservative islamist and the former mubarak's prime minister are battling it out. the outcome could have a big impact on future relations with the united states. a leak showing classified information were hot topics on the sunday talk shows. peter doocy has the latest. >> reporter: president obama did not declassify any information that eventually leaked out, according to the white house senior advise. but he declined to say this morning whether or not his boss, the president, will ever be interviewed by investigators. he said instead to let the two u.s. attorneys hand picked by the justice department do their job. >> two united states attorneys
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will look under every rock. this will be investigated thoroughly and we ought to await the results. >> reporter: he said there's no need for an independent prosecutor, even though in 2006, then senator obama said, a special counsel will insure the public's confidence in the investigation and prosecution and help to restore its faith in our government. that was six years ago. and this morning, connecticut independent senator joe lieberman echoed the sentiment. >> we do need a special counsel and we need it because a special counsel avoids any appearance of conflict of interest. special counsels, independent counsels before them were created for a situation like this. >> reporter: arizona republican senator john kyle said this afternoon the best way for president obama to avoid the appearance of politics is to appoint a special prosecutor independent of the justice department and attorney general holder who kyle called a political figure in this
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administration. in washington, peter doocy, fox news. just ahead, today is all about dad. we've got a father's day boot camp to kick new dads into shape. plus a special father's day gift for president obama from the first lady. how you n 
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president obama celebrated father's day doing something lots of dads like to do. he spent the morning in chicago playing golf. but that may not have been the highlight of the day. today the president's campaign released this video made by the first lady. it features family photos and footage of the president and his daughters, as well as emotional commentary from michelle obama. the president's campaign invites supports to sign a father's day card for the president on its web site. gop presidential candidate mitt romney spent father's day in ohio. it's his second stop in the state in four days.
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he made his way to brunswick's maple side farm for a pancake breakfast and spoke on the economy. >> we finally have to get a balanced budget in this country. [ applause ] >> we've got to get rid of that one piece of legislation, which is like a gray cloud that's been raining over small business, made it harder for them to start new enterprises and create new jobs. we have to get rid of obama care, and i will. >> the stop is part of his five- day, six battleground states bus tour. new dads are learning the tricks of fatherhood at a dad boot camp. >> reporter: dads day honors fathers of all ages and experience levels and these new fathers and fathers to be are going through a boot camp of sorts. >> i prayed to god i would have
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my baby before father's day. now i'm receiving. >> reporter: michael smith is getting a lot more than just the joy of being a dad, but responsibility. it's nice to talk to someone who has walked a mile in his shoes. >> i thought it would be an upheaval of my life and stuff like that. but he fits right in. he's a lot of fun. >> reporter: jim brought little jacks back to the class that jim himself took as an expectant dad, something st. joe's offers as a crash course or time to talk to other dadthe a rigourous training. they're not expected to know everything today, but this gives them a good head start for fatherhood. >> it sounds cliche, but everybody should relish and enjoy each day with the baby. only a baby for a short period of time. they change so quickly. >> it could be because they're hungry, need to be changed, want to be hold.
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different reasons and different things. i'm coming back and i'm going to bring my baby. hundreds of people laced up their sneakers today for a good cause. the dash for dads started in arlington this morning. it's a 4-mile run for survivors of prostrate corners and their providers and survivors. a lot of folks treated dad to the largest car show in northern virginia. it featured foreign and american cars, trucks and speciality vehicles. more than 400 vehicles filled the ground. this one happened in chantilly. the news at 10:00 continues with a new push to catch a killer. police join forces with hard rockers to find a man who killed virginia tech student morgan harrington. >> plus, president obama's new immigration policy sparking debate in the country, especially in texas. how people there are reacting. the news at 10:00 rolls on in a
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few minutes.
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new developments in the slaying of a virginia tech student. morgan harrington was last seen in 2009. her remains were found in a field about 10 miles away. there are new efforts to catch the man in her death. >> reporter: morgan harrington's family has launched a campaign called help save the next girl, the same week law enforcement happened to release a new schedule of the suspect. this psa is airing in the virginia air, with the goal of gaining national support. the cause reminds young girls to stay in groups, be aware of surroundings, don't drink too much and trust instincts. the fbi released this sketch a
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week ago, saying the suspect has been forensically linked to a 2005 sexual assault that happened in a neighboring county. morgan's mother says metallica's lead guitarist has been very helpful since morgan went missing. >> as a father, he said, what can we do? we were reeling at that point. we didn't know. and he said, i'll tell you what we can do, we are going to get a missing poster of your daughter and we are going to put it on all of our fan based web sites. we are going to make a contribution to a reward fund. so from the beginning they were outraged as parents. >> metallica, the fbi and virginia state police have a separate campaign using this psa, billboards and social media to try to catch the killer. this effort is designed to develop new leads. similar techniques have led to
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the arrest of other criminals. in addition to the reward, metallica is adding 50 grand, reward money totaling $150,000. the national park service says the avalanche on mount mckinley may not have killed four climber, but may have sent them into a crevice. one of the japanese climbers got out and made it to base camp and reported the avalanche. the search for the others has been called off. the head of the u.n. mission in syria is demanding women, children, the elderly and ill be allowed to evacuate combat zones. the u.n. says it's having a difficult time getting those people out of those areas because neither the government's loyalists nor rebels will hold fire long enough for them to evacuate
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safely. yesterday the observers mission was suspended because conditions were so dangerous. >> u.n. observers will not conduct controls and will stay in their places until further notice. >> the u.n. is trying to arrange a 90 minute cease-fire to get people out safely. president obama's new immigration policy sparking debate over the country, but what do citizens of texas, a state with one of the largest latino populations say about it? >> reporter: in dallas, an area where cultures and ideas merge. as patrons shopped, we polled their opinions on president obama's newly introduced immigration policy. >> i think if, you know, if they were children and brought here illegally and they've been here all their life, they don't have a criminal background or
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anything, they should be able to work. i don't see anything wrong with that, you know. because everybody deserves the chance. >> i have always been in favor of that. i thought this was a fair compromise. so yeah, i'm in favor of that. >> reporter: most of the people we caught up with openly admitted they weren't familiar with the specifics surrounding the president's policy to grant work visas in lieu of deportation for qualified undocumented immigrants. yet all were willing to share their honest opinions on the hot button topic. >> keeping track of the people that are here means a good deal to me, and i feel that's a step forward to doing the right thing. >> i think they ought to do it the right way, the way everybody else has done it. i don't have a problem with people coming in, but just do it the legal way, the right way. >> reporter: we came across one man who opposed a portion of
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the plan for reasons you might not have guessed. >> it's clearly an election year ploy to go after that vote. although we agree with the decision, we have no problem with the decision, his timing and to do it now in an election year, when in the polls it's going to be a tight race, that's what i don't agree with. >> reporter: a polarizing issue that will no doubt continue to stir opinions this election year. today marks the 40th anniversary of watergate. the crime and subsequent coverup led to president nixon's resignation. the "washington post" is looking back and bob barnard has the story. >> what's interesting, try to step back a little bit, richard nixon did not understand what the presidency was. >> reporter: they are woodward and bernstein. >> this story was like getting into a warm bath and then it
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got hotter and hotter and hotter. until you were able to withstand the heat. >> reporter: the maverick "washington post" reporters, who 40 years ago, blew the lid off the watergate scandal. >> i'd first like to say to my former colleagues it's easier to come into this building with valet parking than -- [ crowd laughing ] >> reporter: but krogh was a white house plumber. >> and i authorized a covert operation in july of 1971, was carried out. nothing was northbound. but what that constituted at that time, and i've looked back on this a lot over the last few years, was a major breakdown in integrity. my personal integrity and that
10:34 pm
of the union for which i worked. >> reporter: he spent four months and two weeks in prison. >> and one of the operations was to get somebody to climb the telephone pole and tap his telephone. if they'd been caught at that, maybe there wouldn't have been a water gait. >> reporter: the break-in here at the watergate office building targeted the headquarters of the democratic national committee. >> the coverup really starts within moments of the white house learning about the fact that five men had been arrested here in this building wearing business suits, gloves and money stashed in their pocket and they're from the re- election committee. >> reporter: this look back was in a room five floors above the six-floor office suite that was
10:35 pm
burglarized june 17, 1972. >> bob barnard reporting. coming up, could the nationals avoid the sweeps at the hands of the yankees? lindsay murphy is back with sports. plus the redskins' update when we return. >> keeping an eye to the skies. frontal system heading our way that could set us up for activity come monday. i'll have the details on what you can expect and the warmup. we'll be back after the break. ♪
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bryce harper had a really rough day yesterday. i'm sorry. do you know why i'm asking, right before i asked her, i was like, what should i talk to you about? >> i have to verse you. >> i know. >> bryce harper 0 for 7 last night. that's a bad night. he's only 19. >> how did he respond? >> 2 for 4 today. pretty good. nationals entered their week series against the yankees on top of the world, leading the
10:39 pm
nle. and on a six game winning streak. the yankees also on a winning streak. something have to give, but the nats didn't expect this. trying to avoid the three game streak. middle of their lineup has been a big issue. not this guy, adam laroche, this bomb ties the game. his 12th homerun this season. jackson allows two runs, but the second run came here, his 21st homerun of the season. it tacks on two more and beats the nats 4-1. after the game, nats' manager had words for the guys in the middle of his lineup. >> we have to do things we're capable of doing, nothing more, nothing less. and you need 25 guys to win. it's that simple. and especially need the middle guys in your lineup.
10:40 pm
need to be doing things they're capable of doing. >> the orioles beat the braves 2-0. during offseason work outs there was a lot of trash talking going on among the assistant coaches, all in good fun. the main talker, raheem morris versus offensive coordinator kyle shanahan. here's the head coach weighing in on the drama. >> what i like to do is people to be themselves. you can't fake it. you have to be what you are. raheem is a lot of fun. he's an excellent football coach. he brings a lot of energy. coaches have a lot of fun. some day the offense will have a great day, and the next day the defense will have a great day. there's a lot of trash talking now with the young guys on the staff. it's fun to see and players buy into it. web simpson won the 112th u.s. open. we'll have highlights tonight. we talked about trash talking earlier after your giggle fest.
10:41 pm
doesn't look like i need to talk trash. i'm winning. >> they caught me on camera again. i was thinking of something inside baseball to say to you. >> what have you got? >> not so much. nothing. i'm moving on. >> let me stick to baseball. >> i'll stick to news. >> coming up -- >> no, me, news! coming up, we're going to take you on a tour of the sundays morning talk shows. we'll get this together. that story and more when the news at 10:00 returns.
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europe economy, crisis in the middle east, and the national security secrets leaked. foreign affairs in focus on the sunday talk shows. fox's melanie alnwick has the roundup. >> reporter: all eyes on europe and the shock waves any more bad news there would send into the american economy. president'spoint man appeared on four sunday talk shows.
10:45 pm
>> we need europe as a source of our exports. the health of our middle class and economy, we need that situation to stabilize. >> reporter: president obama's campaign is already taking hits for a staggering recovery. >> this is a tough recession. we're making slow and steady progress. nobody is satisfied with it. >> reporter: after attacking the administration's policies as anti-business on face the nation, republican contender mitt romney called for bipartisan. >> there are good democrats and good republicans that care about the country and know we're getting very close to a dangerous cliff and we have got to pull back and we have to work together. >> reporter: then foreign policy got pulled into the fray. senator john mccain arguing for u.s. support of the syrian people. >> people are being killed and massacred and tortured and raped, and it is an unfair
10:46 pm
fight. they're being supplied by the russians with iranians on the ground of the the fact the united states of america isn't helping these people, and we can, is shameful. >> reporter: fox news sunday drilling into allegations of the leaks of counterterrorism information were tended to boost the president's foreign policy credit. >> in my opinion, a lot of damage has been done. >> this would have been a covert action that requires the personal involvement of the president. there are few things in the american government as closely protected as covert actions are. >> did the president or any other top official declassify any of the information that appeared in these articles?
10:47 pm
>> no. listen, the president and national security team, first of all, these are the folks who waged a relentless effort -- >> excuse me, it's a yes or no question. >> of course he didn't. >> he did not? >> no. >> we don't need the leak -- ending the iraq war or afghanistan war, unlike our opponent, this president committed to the american people that he would do certain things in foreign policy and he's delivered on each and every one of them. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. [ sound of baby crying] ] who could forget that? fox5's tucker barnes covered in sea foam in ocean city maryland as hurricane irene rolled in. last night he and his producers
10:48 pm
and photographers won an emmy for their work there. nine emmys in all, including one for the best morning news, best continuing coverage of a story, and overall station excellence award. congrats fox 5. >> well deserved. >> indeed, and for tucker enduring that. >> good for him. tucker is a dad and let's talk about him and the rest of our dads. happy father's day, by the way. glorious day. >> hopefully folks got outside and treated dad nice today. mother nature treated him very well. >> she sure did. >> skies not too bad. few clouds rolling in tonight. but not bad. beautiful shot of the national cathedral there. a mild night. temperatures on the upside. today our temperatures not too bad. the week will start a little bit unsettled. be prepared for that. we're heading to the 90s in our
10:49 pm
highs into the five-day forecast. it's going to feel like it's in the low 100s. humidity will be returning. sticky and uncomfortable, so i'm giving you fair warning. today's highs, 77 at reagan and dulles, and 75 at bwi. temperatures 8 to 9 degrees below the seasonal average. it's still fairly mild outside. 69 at d.c. 74 quantico. 69degrees in hagerstown. 67 at martinsburg. 71 annapolis this hour. and 65 at baltimore. the warm air continues to move up from the south and that's going to be the pattern that takes us right into next week. we're going to see a real influx of southerly air flow pushing up from the gulf. little bit of moisture as well. what does that mean? the humidity kicking back in and all that warm air will heat us up to the low 90s for a few days. it's definitely going to be a heat wave we'll be dealing
10:50 pm
with. also have a frontal system gradually pushing towards us. will end up to the north of us. but ahead of it we're seeing a few showers over areas of the west, pendleton, allegheny counties. you can see the increasing clouds. it's also setting us up for a chance of a thunderstorm or two in through tomorrow. we'll have to keep our eyes to the skies. looks like most of that will be to our west. what is happening is this front will move to the north of us. isolated in nature, not widespread, but be aware we could see a thunderstorm or two, hear a rumble of thunder. here's a look at futurecast. mainly across areas of the west, into tomorrow, see a little bit of that precipitation following that line. a bit of it through the d.c. area, into the north and mason dixon line the 1:00 hour. evening hours, not much to speak about. little bit of action overnight and early morning of tuesday.
10:51 pm
so overall we are talking tonight a chance of a shower or two, especially to the west. isolated storm is possible. 63degrees. but i am talking primarily to areas of our west. for tomorrow, mostly cloudy. could see a popup isolated thunderstorm or two. 82degrees. here's a look at your day planner. midday, 70 degrees. could see a sprinkle or two by then. 5:00, 75 degrees. look at these numbers, once we hit tuesday, it starts to rise. 88degrees on tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, we're into the mid-90s. wednesday and thursday, plenty of sunshine, few storms friday. with the humidity, will feel like in the low 100s and talking dangerous heat. >> sounds like it. and you have something special to tell us. yes, switching gears, there's a place in maryland that helps young men find their way back called our house. i'm honored to be on the board
10:52 pm
and a volunteer. i want to introduce you to a young man who has gotten a chance there. >> i didn't really have that family figure and my dad was always working and my step mom, they were always arguing. i pushed myself out to the streets. i just stayed there. i felt a little more at home, and then i realized what am i doing? >> reporter: that was the building of jason -- beginning of jason's turmoil. he was only 10, sleeping on benches and eating from trash bins. at 13 he was placed in foster care. he felt hopeless. >> i really gave up. i tried to take my life a couple of times. my dad got me help. they put me in foster care. >> reporter: that started a journey from foster care homes to finally our house. >> i've learned i'm not really a bad person and more of an
10:53 pm
upstanding citizen than i was back then. i've learned i have a promising career as a carpenter. i'm really good with my hands. i can identify all kinds of wood just by what they look like. i've learned how to build things, and i even learned how to put a roof on a shed that we have, tin roof. it was really cool. >> reporter: jason says our house has given him a work ethic and hope for his future. >> i want to become a carpenter and i want to go into welding. >> reporter: his feelings about what he is accomplishing here. >> knowing to do something you learned and you actually did it. when you actually physically do it, it's like a ball of energy, and just total wealth -- it's a wealth of anxiety that's like, wow, i really did this. it's like, the coolest feeling that you could ever have. >> relies on donations and you can help.
10:54 pm
our house is hosting a fund raising gala of which fox 5 is a sponsor. information is on your screen. you can learn more on our web site, just search our house and our web site is food, drinks, silent auction. and colin powell will be there. >> a lot of star power. >> we're excited. great music and we are looking for people to come and support this great cause. >> you do this every year and kudos to you for tackling it project and making a difference. >> it is important. we talk about father's day and a lot of these young men don't have fathers or role models, except what they're getting from our house. they get an education, job training which is great for them. hopefully you'll come out. i'll be there, tucker barnes
10:55 pm
will be there and others from fox 5 and other good celebrity guests. come and check out the evening and enjoy it with us. >> i think they will. thank you, gwen. just ahead, talk about a good role model, from his first day of school to high school graduation, he has never missed a day of school. that and more when we come back. ♪
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have you ever missed a day of work? how about a day of school? there's a young man in virginia who has made it from kindergarten through high school without missing a single day. and as beth parker shows us, he is just getting started. >> reporter: this is more than just a photo of a smiling five- year-old. this is a portrait of the american dream. 18-year-old seth has never lived in this place on the map. but it's a place that's shaped who he is. seth has managed to do something very few peoplet from
10:59 pm
middle school and all the way through high school without missing one day of class. >> my parents were both born in ghana and didn't have the chances i have to succeed here. i thought i owed it to them to do the best i could and by showing up every day i did that. >> reporter: he just graduated with a 3.8gpa. heather davids is his teacher. >> seth is one of those kids who you only get once in a career, really. >> i'm part of the school newspaper, the invisible children's club, the soccer team. >> aren't you the editor of the newspaper? >> editor in chief, yeah. >> and are you the captain of the soccer team? >> one of the cocaptains, yeah. >> you're a modest guy. >> i guess. >> reporter: seth's dad lives most of each year in ghana, so his mother is raising five kids. >> i think a lot of the


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