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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 18, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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showers falling at the moment. temperatures regan national, 64 degrees. nice and cool to start your day and even later this afternoon high temperatures will only be upper 70s so not a bad looking forecast temperature wise, today, hang in there for the 5 day forecast, steamy and hot later this week. here is a look at your nshine, be a little bit later today showers to start your morning highs upper 70s. again, need the rain and this is really our best chance this week for any pleasurable rain. more details on the -- measurable rain. more details on this. back upstairs to you. thanks tucker. monitoring metro for you this morning and the new rush plus program. >> changes will have an impact on rush hour service. lauren demarco is live at the courthouse station with more. how is it going now. >> good morning tony. actually metro rush plus has wrapped up for the morning rush, it is only during rush hours, only during 6:30 a.m.,
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to 9:00 a.m. we will get another taste of it again from 3:30 p.m., to 6:00 p.m. this evening, it got off to a shaky start, according to some of the riders who we spoke with. first i want to take a look at the maps and talk about the changes yellow line riders can now travel between green belt and franconia, without having to transfer. you see that yellow dash line. it splits off at king street and up to green belt. you will notice the new orange line that splits off stadium armoury, and leads to largo town center metro added six new trains an hour to this new orange line running through vienna and largo, metro say this is should provide for more direct and faster service for tens of thousands of riders. here at the courthouse station, you are now able to see largo trains up on the board, and it is really important to look at the destination posted on the side of the train so you don't
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board the wrong one there are a lot of metro workers at the station to help answer your questions and plenty of signage that we have seen all around, about metro rush plus, some of the riders we spoke with, do seem a bit cynical. morning, been here waiting 8 minutes, in the height of rush hour. you expect the last week before rush came in,. 12 minute wait between if you are going past arlington cemetery, coming like this way, going from the pentagon >> i don't think it will hell mep really. >> -- help me really. >> that young lady she was referring to the blue line, that will also be impacted, kind of negatively because. they had to take blue line trains and move them to more crowded areas the blue line you are now going to encounter, up to 6 minutes extra waiting time for your train, so that definitely is something folks will be encountering if you travel blue line past arlington
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cemetery. earlier on it seemed we saw trains running fast, 2 to 3 minutes between trains at the orange line, heading into dc. then as you heard at that guy say, things got shaky up to 8 minute waits, between 7 and 8:00 a.m. and after 8:15 a.m. it started to pick up again 3 to 4 minutes between trains we will have to keep an eye on it and be sure to look at the side of the train, to see which destination you are going to. of course there is plenty of information on tony, sarah. all right thank you very much. we have another quick note for drivers this time from prince william county starting to day police are cracking down on parking lot violators, happening at the horner road lot, i- 5, sky fox -- i-95, sky fox flew over earlier this morning officials say some commuters park illegally creating blind spots and other safety problems for drivers,
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right now, offenders will get a warning but starting july 2nd, police will begin handing out tickets. looking at other top stories this morning the death of rodney king,. >> california coroner will perform an autopsy on the man whose arrest more than 20 years ago sparked one of the worst race riots in american history. >> will thomas is back with a look at king's death. will. >> good morning to you. rodney king just 47 years old was found dead by his fiance in his backyard swimming pool yesterday morning he left los angeles behind and moved an hour away east, neighbors would often hear him splashing in his pool. he was first imtree deuced to all of us and all -- introduced to us and all over the world in th 90s when this videotaped beating at the hands of l.a. police, ignited some of the worst race riots america has seen. it left over 50 people dead and more than the thousand hurt.
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-- 2,000 hurt. he spoke to police brutality in a way we had never seen it before. he stands for police brutality and reconciliation. >> nearly $4 million in a civil case earlier this year he publish add memoir reflecting on his life. king is survived by three children. police say it looks like an apparent drowning and there are no signs of foul play but hear this, tmz reporting this morning investigators are in contact with two close friends of king who think his fiance isn't telling the truth about what happened. an autopsy will be performed later today and should provide a conclusive cause of death. tony and sarah over to you. thank you will. after a 3 day break the jury in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial is heading back to work. today prosecution will likely rest its case against the penn state assistant coach defense will take center stage as the
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trial enters its sect week. his attorneys indicated their -- second week. his attorneys ins kateed their client could testify. massive wild fires in the west rage on this morning firefighters in colorado working around the clock to battle those flames. authorities there ordered more evacuations, as powerful winds fuel the fire. official says the fires destroyed more than 181 homes the most in colorado history. the crews say they have made some progress when it comes to controlling the flames. >> 55,000-acres, 45% containment a substantial increase of containment from previous days. >> little bear fire in new mexico is 60% contained so far, fires in colorado and new mexico burned nearly 100,000- acres combined. president obama will spend the day in los cabos mexico.
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leaders from the world 's major 20 economys will spend the next few day's discussing the global financial situation. mr. obama wants europe to do more to contain its messy economic melt down but he is down playing expectations for the gathering. it comes days after a big vote in greece. more on that in a moment. presumptive gop presidential nominee, mitt romney is taking his bus tour to wisconsin. they have not voted for a republican for president since 1984 but the party is trying to capitalize on a recent failure of a democrat backed gubernatorial recall election. later today he will make a pair of stops in iowa. making headlines around the world two important elections over the weekend one in greece, the other in egypt.
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islamic candidate, claimed victory in the first free vote since the ousting of mubarak 16 months ago. egypt's ruling party, pledging to honor its promise to hand overpower by the end of the month. final results are not expected to be released until thursday. results of the last elections in greece have eased fears they will pull out of the euro zone. the head of the conservative party in greece is set to form talks to form a coalition government. they will honor the strict cuts greece made to secure recent bailouts and stick with the euro. stock markets around the world are reacting to the news of greek elections, japan's nikkei won 252 points almost 2% of its value other asian markets saw gains. european socks are mixed, meantime, u.s. investors may look past greece and still worried about the rest of
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europe. dow futures were down 34 points this morning. sarah, major donors threatening to stop giving to university of virginia, upset about the recent ousting of the university's president , lisa sullivan. she announced her resignation after hearing from the head of the schools board that there were enough voters -- let's start this abegan she stepped down, after she heard from members of the school's board that there were enough votes to remove her. the washington post talked with two big donors, who have given a combined $230 million to uva in recent years, one donor says the way sullivan's dismisle was handled damaged the university. >> prince georges county police are on the hunt for a robber who broke into an off campus apartment occupied by university of maryland students, the home invasion happened friday morning,
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college park. brian miller was sleeping in his room when someone kicked in the front door. next thing he remembered he was waking up in the hospital with a huge gash this his head. >> all the laptops are gone my wallet they took a half used box of cigarettes. it made me realize that i am not as safe as i thought i was. >> miller has since been released from hospital, police want to hear from you, with any information you may have that could help solve this case. >> today dc mayor grey will get to enjoy one of the pushes of citizenship in the -- perks of citizenship in the nations capital he has been called for jury duty. time 9:10 a.m. nats try to shake off getting swept at home and the tantrum that cost a tennis player. lightning rod policy change with a local immigrant
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advocate. >> microsoft mystery revealed internet is abuzz with what to expect in today's big announcement. we will be right back 
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9:14 a.m., lawmakers house of representatives, head back the work after a week at their home or at home in their congressional districts congress will debate big legislation before breaking again at the end of next week includes the president's call to freeze interest rates on student loans. >> today the jury in roger clemens purgery trial heads back to work deliberating the former pro baseball pitchers fate. he faces a maximum of 30 years in prison if found guilty of lying to congress about using steroids. finally, today microsoft mystery will be revealed according to several reports the tech giant will debut a windows powered tablet computer during a media event this
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afternoon in los angeles. sarah. obama says offering relief to young people brought to this country illegally is the right thing to do. criticism was not long in coming. someone in the audience at the white house, shouted out accusing the president of favouring foreigners over american workers. joining us, director of health and human services, at a community organization. here in washington metro area. thank you for coming in this morning. obviously you know we were talking beforehand you said you are getting a lot of excitement, and fielding a lot of calls and enquiries what is the biggest question a lot of people have, about, what happens next? >> well, essentially what the president dictated, is basically an extension of the model he approved earlier this year or last year. essentially some body who call fies under those guidelines has
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to come out and ask for it. discretion and preventing them from being deported these include kids that have been here graduated from high school, kid that is have a dud currently in school been here before they turn 16, and are under 30 years old. this is a two year reprieve of deportation, not amnesty. this is really short of come pro hen sieve immigration reform we are really grateful for the president moving forward. >> i know we just had the immigration relief eligibility requirements on the screen. we came to the u.s. before age 16, lived here continuously five plus years can't be older than 30, students, high school graduate or honorably discharged veteran no serious criminal record. so, how does the relief process then start from here? you were saying that a lot of people kind of have to take it on their own. you are not going to -- you can't just sit back and wait for someone to tell you
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everything is okay. how do they start that process? do they come to your organization? what do they need to do. >> absolutely again they have to come out and request this, first get some information about what is going on. in order to ask for this, they must either search legal advice, ask for legal advice or come to a community based organization. a legal department, constantly filing requests for discretion for these kids, and for others that qualify, but fundamental thing, identifying whether they apply or qualify, under these guidelines, and through legal offices and community based organizations. >> what sort of proof do they need to come armed with so you don't go to that meeting and they say well, you need this, this, this and that.
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you kind of have to have your documents in order what kind of things do they need to have with them when they go to get this advice >> sure proof they have been in the country again, a five year bar, huge issue a way that they can prove that is tax returns, although, an undocumented immigrant can file this is what many immigrants do you don't really have to have social security number to file an income tax return. you can file under an id number that is great evidence to show you have been in the country a long period of time. record from school, graduation certificate, diplomas all evidence they do qualify and criminal history records as well. really helpful. >> obviously, this has been a very controversial issue, as you know, and you know, what is your answer, to those folks out
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there, that say, you know we shouldn't be i guess basically rewarding these kids for their parents illegal decisions or actions. what is your action or reaction to someone who has that opinion. >> first and foremost it is important to look these kids don't have a big eye on their forehead these are not kids that can be screened you know from the moment they go into a movie theatre or a restaurant, you don't know who these kids are. they could be your kids best friend. they probably are your kids best friend. the current immigration system is really creating underprivileged and institutionalizing underprivileged class. these kids have a definite potential, earning potential in future and potential to grow and become productive member of society limited because of their immigration status. ultimately a question of equality. the right thing to do again,
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one step in an arduous process >> i was going to say quite the process for sure. well, george we thank you so much for coming in. shedding light on this and giving folks out there a little bit of knowledge about what the best way is to go about doing this thank you so much. all right back to you tony. thank you both. 20 minutes after 9:00 a.m. this morning a little later tom cruises new movie didn't do well at the box office a look back at weekend totals. >> building a work out around disney's new animated movie brave. melanie alnwick will join us live with details. >> an abrupt end to a championship tennis match what sent a would be winner home empty handed stay with us  [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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this is a day off for the nationals after a tough weekend, dc nine ended a 6 game
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winning streak, losing 3 straight to the yankees, bronx bombers finished the sweep sunday with a 4-1 win, take comfort nats fans home team still four games ahead of the braves in nl east we have baltimore to thank for that. washington hosts tampa at home tomorrow night. >> miami heat will take a 2 game lead in the nba finals. >> that would make them just two win as way from a title. lebron james led the heat back from a 10 point deficit beating the thunderer 91-85. ken currant had 25 points for the thunder but also, ran into foul trouble, miami leads the series 2 games to 1. on the green, simpson is your new u.s. open champion he held off mcdowell and thompson sunday to win his first major title. would you like to take this? >> sure. simpson finished 1 over 281, tyker woods 7 over par.
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>> just not doing well. >> he did well recently. >> finally the half hour the on court tantrum that cost a tennis star a title take a look, leading by a set in a chomp i don't know ship match he kicked a barrier -- championship match he kicked a barrier around the line judge in frustration. the piece broke and hit the line judge, leaving him with a bloody shin. marin take it is title. that is a controversial way to win. >> you know that guy was like i feel like an idiot. >> sure. >> you can see the blood on his leg. not good. >> come on. >> we mentioned the heat and the thunder, we got a question sent in to ask the weather guys we will answer tomorrow morning tomorrow morning tucker? yeah, a fascinating question about this series, if you get the chance to tune in tomorrow morning 6:45 a.m. >> can't wait.
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all right. >> 9:25 a.m.,. >> still ahead next half hour, cheaper cab ride across dc. some good news for you unless you drive a cab. why fares will fall by the end of the workweek. >> first our video of the day hanging 10 with man's best friend. isn't he so cute. oh, he is all right. we will be right back
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imagine surfing waves for these furry little fellows. >> the canines took to the waves in san diego and helped the event break three guiness world records. one of the records was most dogs surfing on one board at the same time. they set the record with 20,. >> although it is a fun time, there is actually good cause behind the thrilling event i don't know the dogs are
9:30 am
enjoying this. >> they are look what? all the money raised at the event goes to the aspca. >> that's awesome. >> dogs like water they like to play in it some of them but, they must train for that. >> got to be a good pay off for them. >> yeah, like, -- >> yeah. >> hilarious. >> all right >> let's take a look at what is happening with weather. the forecast is shower across the legion right now, later the day mostly cloudy skies, as we get into the afternoon, live, radar, showers across the region and you have scattered out there, i just stepped out northwest washington, light right now at the moment, we have showers inside the belt way, most of the activity, haviest activity out to the west, pretty good downpours and then, culpepper all morning long south and
9:31 am
west, heaviest, all this rolling through, also trending before it is falling apart i don't think the rain amounts will be all that great, when all is wrapped up here morning showers in the forecast honestly, take them while we can get them most of the week, hot and sunny particularly end of the week why the rain is not going to last a whole long period of time? light shower activity, you can see the upper level disturbance coming through. out to the west, clearing skies, i think later this afternoon we will see a few peeks of sunshine although the trend will be much more in the way of cloudiness than yesterday highs in the upper 70s. forecast changing in a big way out west, chicago, upper 70s warmer air out there, that will move in later tonight and by tomorrow our high temperatures upper 80s. and then lookout, wednesday, thursday, friday heat wave, with highs near 100, 65 washington, gradually warming up, 63 leonard town, 66
9:32 am
annapolis, off to the north and west, martins burg, 61 dulles, all right, future cast, there is your morning shower activity, by noon, falling apart, pushing heat, across the baby early afternoon and then, looking at a mix of clouds and sun and just a few showers later tonight. most of the night cloudy and wake up with clouds tomorrow before sunshine, tomorrow afternoon. mix of clouds, sun, a few more showers in the forecast, 78, bring along an umbrella, headed out the next couple hours, mostly cloudy, overnight low, south and east, 5 miles per hour and 5 day forecast, featuring summer time heat, if you are curious, summer time arrives owe initially 7:09 p.m. wednesday evening and wouldn't you know it last day of spring first day of summer, 95 and first full day of summer temperatures near 100 degrees. that is it for weather. sarah back to you guys. >> thank you. metro riders had pretty
9:33 am
significant changes to watch for this morning. >> yep the new rush plus program has begun the idea to minimize congestion. they will minimize largo town center, blue line trains franconia, will change the yellow line trains in the same stop. >> very important for customers to check the destination sign on the side of the train it is not just about line color but train destination. >> metro is urging riders to pay attention to the destination sign, on the platform, and now on the sides of the trains. rush plus will also be in effect during week day afternoons 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. good news for your wallet, taxi cabs in dc are about to get cheaper late they are week fares will drop by $1. dc taxi cab commission says the fuel surcharge will expire at midnight wednesday.
9:34 am
it has been in place since march 201 and has been extended -- 2011 and has been extended three times. they are eliminating the surcharge because the cost of gas falling and projections indicate, the cost will continue to go down throughout the summer. >> gas prices meanwhile have dropped 20ยข a gallon in the last month. here is where they stand now national average for regular, $3.50 a gallon in dc a little more expensive at 3.58, maryland 3.40 and drivers in virginia are paying $3.27. travel times for dc area airports are on the rise. new study by national capital region transportation planning board shows driving takes longer than it did 8 years ago. experts blame traffic congestion for the longer trips, in one example it took 44 minutes to travel from tyson's corner to regan national airport 20 minutes longer than 2004.
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making headlines around the world, lance armstrong with draws from his first triathalon, after he is banned from competitive cycling. organizers of the triathalon in france come firmed he dropped out the move comes less than a week after the u.s. anti doping agency filed charges against him claiming he used performance enhancing drugs during his career. china reaches another milestone in its space race. early this morning a chinese spacecraft carrying three astronauts docked with an orbiting module a first for a chinese manned space flight. they will live and work in the module several days china wants to join the u.s. and russia as the only country to send independently maintained space stations into or bit. celebrations continue if baltimore, honouring the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812. >> today dignitaries from u.s. britain and canada will
9:36 am
participate. recognizing two centuries of peace it will take place 11:00 a.m. fort mchenry national monument. 9:35 a.m., coming up fox 5 morning news we open up the buzz bin. >> animals reign at the box office remains intact. and a major american idol announcement we will tell which contestant is heading to town to celebrate the nation's birthday we will be right back 
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madagascar three, remains tops at the box office >> i want to be a circus horse. >> number one for the second straight weekend bringing in $35.5 million. the alien saga, prometheus number two, musical rock of
9:40 am
ages with tom cruise not so hot, opened in third, earning $15 million. snow white and the hunts man and that's my boy round out the top 5. chuck oz bourn say he is is battling multiple sclerosis. the 26-year-old made the surprising health revelation over the weekend he learned of the diagnosis just two weeks after his fiance gave birth to their new baby girl. multiple sclerosis can cause mild problems, to serious disabilities. we wish him the best. america will get a chance to hear from its newest idol. associated press reports phillip, phillips will play here. that is not him there. it will also be his come back performance following kidney surgery he has not performed since idol's may finale. not sure why we are seeing this video. he has been focus on recovery.
9:41 am
>> carrie under wood is not here. >> is she going to be here? >> she just made a -- okay. >> we don't know. >> sorry about that but she is pretty to look at. >> she is. >> 9:41 a.m., still ahead, fox 5 morning news busch gardens may be best known for brewery and theme park but as annie yu explains they have amazing animaldedicated conservation effort. she will join us live with details. >> first melanie alnwick is sweating it out with a work out straight from 2 the silver screen en -- from the silver screen does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ?
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droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens.
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>> dance based cardio and strength training classes what the brave change your fate work out is all about. >> melanie alnwick has been putting her inner bravery to the test this morning she joins
9:45 am
us from washington's sports club in bethesda maryland. i am not sure i could get down the coordination that looks tough. >> it is. thank you very much for saving me i wish you had come to me a little earlier we were doing power squats i really needed some rescuing there. yes, this is the disney pixar brave change your fate work out. it was specially designed here for washington's sports club and it is amazing because i have been doing it for the last 40 minute or is so and you don't feel like 40 minutes has gone by they keep changing it up, make activities interesting so it is based on cardio, based on dance moves also on a lot of stretching and stability and also based on some featurethemes you will see in the movie that is premiering june 22nd, just in four days we are going to talk to amira the one who created some of this work out. but again the work out interesting because we are using moves, certain immaterial policemens, am -- implements,
9:46 am
amira will take us to them we are using a bow and sword make sure you don't hit anybody next to you. we don't have any men down yet but it could happen. they are going to start doing stretching moves here i will see if i can interrupt for just a second. so amira, if you can, while we are sort of cooling down and doing the stretching talk us through what we are using here. >> right here we are using the sponge ball the pups for this is add a lit -- purpose for this is add a little resistance we are using it for inner thigh work, squats, that will target the inner thighs, glues, deep core muscles and reflects the horseback riding done in the movie. >> we are sort of toward the end of the work out we are doing our stretch and core moves this is a good stretch. we like this one. everybody happy we are cooling down now? i think they are.
9:47 am
>> spirals, elbows out to the side. >> tell us about the inspirations you drew from the movie. >> well n the movie archery is a big thing so, we incorporate the fitness bow, the sword and then again the ball to reflect the horseback riding. >> because the main character is a fiery individual, strong willed and spirited the cardio is high energy. >> you are going to make me do this plank. >> no push up just the plank. >> head up, ears next to the arms. >> tell me about incorporating the bow. >> you get to work the posture muscles. >> that was tough. >> it is a work out anybody can do? >> anybody, it is intense, but -- >> sweating. >> any times the too challenging just hold the bow
9:48 am
in front instead of continuing with the pulling motion it is really for anyone. >> for people who weren't with us the last hour. >> the sword is great you get to use your core to stabilize, use the owe bleaks as well and move around and use the legs. >> one neat thing about the movie we talked it is neat to have someone strong willed. >> she is someone young girls can look up. >> this is a 6 week work out washington sport's club created, amira guarantee ifs you do this for six weeks, you will change your body as well. it is free to members and nonmembers, you can get more information on that, on our website so, i guess we got to get back to it. >> yes and my sports
9:49 am
>> all right. that does it for here we don't want to leave without stretching out back to you guys. and a shower because melanie is clearly sweating bullets. shower before you come back melanie. >> thanks. if you are looking for family fun busch gardens is the place to be. >> not only do they have fun rides and attractions for children of all ages but visitors can get a first hand look at some of the parks amazing animals and learn more about their conservation efforts. annie yu is getting a closer look with some team members at busch gardens williams burg. >> busch gardens has a lot going on, in addition to exotic animals more than 50 rideattractions just the perfect get away for family who is live in the area. joining me now is anita jackson the zoological supervisor welcome back. you actually brought greer back he was here last time i remember his sweet face. >> he is our european barn all
9:50 am
the first animal ambassador you meet when you come in through the park you come in through england. he is right there at cross roads. >> the first animal you meet. >> our little ambassador for scotland and welcomes you into the high lands stables. >> so cute. >> speaking of cute i think i have the cutest of all thank you very much. >> pig lick is one of the smallest owls we have here in the u.s.,. >> how much does he weigh? >> 120-grams about a little -- a quarter pound. >> he is so cool i have been watching him his head is like a little swivel he just is observing everything what do these guys eat. >> these guys are the greatest rodent control, they eat any where, he will eat 2 to 3 mice a day, greer will eat between 3 and 7 mice a day. so, thing about that if you had these guys living in your backyard and you have some
9:51 am
plants growing, vegetable garden you don't want the mice eating the new shoots you put in a little box for these guys to sleep in at night they will move in, eat all of your little rodents in your backyard and of course they carry disease, rodents, so in europe they learned an important lesson when the bubonic plague came in it was carried on the backs of the rats on the fleas they welcomed back the birds of prey. they are very very important animals farmers love them they put up barn owl boxes all over the place >> i know you brought one more owl is it sofia. >> now, you are looking at one of the smallest owls we have here. >> get ready for this. >> she is the largest owl in the world well, she isn't but they are. >> look at that. >> sofia is a eurasian eagle owl their feet are the largest -- they are as big as an eagle feet if you come out to jack happen in's preserve -- hannas
9:52 am
preserve you will meet sofia and our eagles they all came -- i know she is -- >> i know she likes to hold her prey for a bit. >> she has a lot of character she is staring at us. >> she was born here in the u.s. >> my goodness. >> and raised for this specific purpose. >> what is the life span of these guys. >> in the wild they are not going the live as long as think do in the park. they live half as long she will live between 25 and 30 years in the wild, 14 years. we have a lot of veterinarian work we do some amazing things. >> let's talk about that you have been doing some great work for the past 40 years, and it is going strong, talk about all the conservation efforts. >> we have so many different projects going on all the time within our company, sea world bush garden, conservation
9:53 am
center, funds tonnes of projects all over the world but we do a lot locally in each park we recause and rehab. down in florida, we rescue manatees, sea turtles, california sea lions, dolphins putting them back out in the wild every single day we are not just taking care of animals within our care n the parks but we are taking care of the ones out in the wild. >> injured you are taking them in. >> and getting them back out in the wild that is the point of it. >> so when folks come out what do they need to know? >> well, obviously greer when you first walk in but then make a right and go through ireland, come out to jack hanna's wild reserve we have eagles, you will meet sofia, and pig wick. and meet great interpreters and then go past the wolf area, you get to meet our wolf pack. >> so much >> then the whole conservation area, water country we have a
9:54 am
brand new alligator exhibit. >> i know water country usa you can see animals there and something else exciting is the new roller coaster, ver bolten. >> you road that right. >> yes, it is awesome. >> well, it is awesome. maybe i can make a trip down once this baby is born. >> you will love it trust me. >> williams burg not only the park but the area itself, historic exploration, beautiful, if you can get away get away. >> i just moved here two weeks ago i never stopped having fun between the park, water country, colonial williams burg it is so much fun so much to do there. you can make a week of the whole area. >> you can and meet cute little pick wick. >> annie thank you so much. >> still ahead a special congratulations to some of our colleagues here at fox 5. >> we will be right back
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>> time for facebook fan of the day. today we say good morning to raymond wallace. he writes fox 5 is his number one station and begins every day with our morning news team. raymond we thank you for that very much. >> looking all cool there. >> for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day log on to our facebook page and leave a comment. >> we would like to share pretty big honors. wttg won nine emmys saturday including one for this very show here, best morning newscast. we picked up honors best continuing coverage of a story for last year's bank hostage stand off as well as overall station excellence award. and a great honor for tucker barnes and his crew last year in ocean city, tucker along with producer dan brown, who we
9:59 am
miss dearly and photographers and dave and steve won an emmy for covering hurricane irene when tucker was covered in sea foam. >> the memories. >> congratulations. >> thank you. we had a fun night big congratulations to the team with me. >> how you going to top it next year? what are you going to put yourself in. >> you got to be in the right place at the right time >> i am going to cover a weather story and have foam sprayed on me. i mean fake but -- >> a new category, best sea foam live shot. >> exactly. >> the award is for excellent reporting. >> yeah, i mean amazing, what an incredible experience,. all right, not doing a hurricane today, rain showers, there you can see a live shot lots of clouds to start your day sunshine this afternoon and a few more showers in the forecast particularly next


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