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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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scream to with believe while the smashing pumpkins rock out their latest. as kenny chesney and tim mcgraw play arena s across the country, chesne releases his 13th album. good morning. it is tuesday, june 19th. a live look at the washington monument. pretty comfortable outside right now but tucker has been warning us. get ready, temperatures are rising. >> you can feel the humidity out there too. >> you sure can. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. good to have you with us. tucker, i guess there is no reason why any of us should be caught off guard at this point. >> no prices with this particular heat event. today will be the day when we get into the 80s t won't be extreme but as we tbeet into
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tomorrow and thursday, the heat is on. >> shorts and t-shirts, that's for sure. >> it is the '109 i would like to forget. i'm good with the 80s. let's hang out in the 1r0. >> julie wright's new best friend. >> sarah has a lost decade. -- let's hang out in the 90s. >> still raining in salisbury, ocean city and you can see there that the rain showers -- well, if i were to put it in motion for you. a little drizzle here and there that the radar is not picking up. temperatures, we are fine. we're mild. 69 at reagan national. 6234 baltimore. 67 with rain showers in ocean city. and fredericksburg, 64 degrees. here is your forecast for today. and i think you will notice the humidity on the increase as well as the temperatures with
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highs expected to be in the middle 80s. could there within a late storm? yes. will there be? probably not. i think there will be a 10% chance. >> coughing your bases again. >> what we got to do. >> there is a chance, isolate were scattered. >> let's get a check of your on- time traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. we are fining out that we do have problems to report out on the roads if you are traveling in the district. rhode island avenue at south dakota avenue, accident investigation continues at this hour and the roadway remains blocked off in each direction. we have reports of accident ask ditch as you travel inbound off the baltimore-washington parkway approaching the new york-kenilworth avenue split. once you commit to new york avenue, no problems to report at this time. traffic is light and moving freely headed out to the third street tunnel. you will find your lanes are open if you are traveling through southeast across the anacostia bridges. checking for accident activity in the hov lanes north north of
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dumfries. lanes are open, no problems to report leaving 109 continuing out past the truck scales and continuing into towards clarkburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. an ambulance accident this morning in prince george's county. the ambulance is from the laurel volunteer rescue squad and crashed with at least one car early this morning about 2:00 a.m. just a mess out there. you can see that car is just devastated. several people hurt but police have not released any details. the accident happened on bowie road. major action taken while we slept in the ongoing saga over leadership at the university of virginia a an interim president has now been named to take control of the school that is reeling since the sudden and forced resignation of its popular leader. lauren demarco is in the newsroom this morning with all the new developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the university of virginia board of visitors worked into
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the night and after a 12-hour session at 2:30 this morning, they appointed an interim president. he is dean of the university's mcintire school of commerce. he will start as interim lead ore august 16th. it comes after the highly controversial ousting of theresa sullivan. she had said we are all aware that uva needs change and that there are financial challenges. she said she was working to better the institution and laying the groundwork for greater change. she has been described as an incrementalist. she says that does not mean i lack vision. since it was made public that the board ousted her, many have been rallying around sullivan. she met with the board of visitors to defend her two-year tenure at the school. students have been asking for
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an explanation. university of virginia rector helen dragis spoke about the issue at the special board meeting. >> this board has never nor will he ever direct that particular programs or courses be eliminated or used. these matters belong to the faculty. simply put, we want the university to be a leader in fulfilling its mission, not a follower. >> reporter: she expressed regret not for removing sullivan but for how the transition was executed. faculty leader are demanding that sullivan be reinstated as university president and they are calling for the resignation of dragis and the vice rector. sullivan would receive her presidential compensation package. she could return to teaching sociology at a salary of $170,000 plus about $360,000 in deferred compensation. back to you. >> thank you.
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all making headlines this morning, register clemens is now focused on regaining his reputation after being aquitted in his perjury trial. a jury found clemens not guilty on all six charges that he denied using performance enhancing drugs. the prosecuting's star witness was the only person to make the direct claim that he injected college en. >> people thought arrogance was a man saying i didn't do it. hopefully, we can say when a man says he didn't do it, let's at least start out giving him the benefit of doubt. >> the u.s. attorney's office put out ate statement saying: a into the high row file trial we are following, jerry sandusky's defense team could wrap up as early as tomorrow. if that happens, the jury could begin deliberation thursday.
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sandusky's defense team called six witnesses to the stand yesterday. former friends and two coaches tried to talk about sandusky's spirit. one testified that, in sports, it is not uncommon for, quote, shower with children. a mysterious death at a popular summer destination for many people in our area. a woman found dead in her motel room in dewey beach yesterday morning. delaware police have released surveillance pictures right here of a man they would like to talk to in the case. they are still trying to figure out who the woman is and how she died. the police chief has called for a special town council meeting that will happen tomorrow so he can present plans for additional public safety measures. the maryland man suspected in the disappearance of robyn gardner in aruba last year has filed a lawsuit to collect on a multimill job dollar travel insurance policy he took out in her name. gary giordano claims amex assurance company owes him $3.5 million under a policy he
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purchased before last summer's trip. giordano was held in an aruba jail after she vanished. one woman in utah probably won be nominated for mother of the year. >> did she take her two toddlers along with her on a drive-by shooting? we're checking more headlines on the other side. 3q what's my secret for sunday lunch?
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world leaders are set to wrap up their meeting in mexico today. the focus of the g-20 sum out is the european debt crisis. on monday, president obama had his first moating with russia's president putin. the first time in three years they've met. president obama is due to sit down with china's president before the summit ends later today. south a mother in salt lake city taking her two young kids with her on a drive-by shooting. she ford a gun police say from her car at you group of men not once but twice. police say a mother with her two toddlers in the back seat pointed a gun out of the car window and started shooting at a man police later identified as her neighbor. during the day, this chiewpt is filled with children.
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newly released phone calls are shedding some light on perjury charges against george zimmerman's wife. zimmerman made the call from jail after he was charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. prosecutors say this is proof the couple knew aboutle did the 135,000 they had raised on i web site created for his legal defense. >> i asked ken to double up on it, $10 in the morning and $10 in the evening. that way, can you put into mine and then you can take 10 for you and 10 for susie. >> shelly zimmerman has been released on bond. george zimmerman remains in jail after his bond was revoked earlier this month. he is due back in court for another bond hearing next friday. as you man your summer vacation, beware of your hotel. you may be bringing home a full load of germs. >> i hate thinking about this. sometimes you just sleep on top
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of the covers. you don't want to get in them. >> exactly. >> we'll have new details on this study. we're checking weather and traffic as well, of course. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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♪ let's say hello to the oxon hill area this morning as we take a look at the beltway and folks out there moving along pretty well. temperatures not too bad out there and right now, we don't have any rain to speak of.
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yesterday morning, it was the issue. a little bit of rain that folk were dealing with out there. let us tell you about this. tonight is the annual news babes bash finding against breast cancer. it is the one night a year a handful of d.c. news women join fores to help raise money for the disease. this year's event benefits this. it is the gwmammo van, a mobile unit that provides free mammograms to women would can't afford them. this year, some of us news dudes will be joining the women a bash. >> will will be there wearing his pink along with wisdom martin and dave ross and also sue palka and laura evans and lindsay murphy and shawn yancy as well. you can purchase tickets online. they are $75 apiece. you won't want to miss this. >> the reason you didn't hear sawyer a's name is the event was really started by women who work in the evening and not on
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our shift. i am literally going in and leaving for maybe an hour. >> i'm starting to feel the pressure. iwish i could. i could not be there. i have a prior engagement. for a god cause, i think there is one night we could lose sleep. >> a little cup of coffee instead of the cocktail. >> he won't stay for five minutes. he'll stay the whole time. >> i'm going to devote an hour. they gave me a pitching shirt to wear. >> did they? >> there you go. >> a nice little collar shirt. >> it's come called alton lane. they did the shirt for us guys. i will wear it proudly. -- they gave me a pink shirt to wear. >> weather is going to be just fine. it is an indoor event. you got to the park the car and head there. >> the summertime temperatures moving on in and we'll be here to stay over the next couple of days. we'll be warmer this afternoon although not oppressively hot.
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mid- to upper 80s with note iably more humidity over the next couple of days. summer arrives tomorrow. i promise you will know it has arrived because temperatures will be heading for the upper 90s. probably mid-90s for your wednesday but by thursday, upper 90s and it when we mix in the humidity, the heat index, it will feel hike triple digits around here. i can almost gorp tea by thursday, we'll have heat advisories around here. -- i can almost guarantee by thursday, we'll have heat advisories around here. a cool kind of maritime layer. that is the cloud cover you will see out there this morning. a lot of warm air just off to the south and west. that will start to some of in later this afternoon. let me show you the one area we are getting some rain showers off to the south and east. here is salisbury, down towards ocean city, chincoteague, assateague, getting some rain showers. if you are getting up early
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down at the beaches, you are likely encountering some cloud cover and a couple of rain showers. you can see the kind of flow here in the atmosphere still out of the north and west. that will start to shift later today as this warmer air starts to kind of push in. get ready for you awarmer one later today and tomorrow, high pressure out to the west a lot of hot temperatures moving in. here we go. first real extend heat wave of the summer season starting tomorrow. 86 today. partly cloudy skies. could be a late-day storm. a 10% chance. later tonight, we'll just be kind of partly cloudy. warm and muggy overnight. 72 the overnight low. our trend is warmer temperatures at night as well. here is your five-day forecast. how about a 96 tomorrow? that should feel nice and toasty. 99 on thursday. very hot conditions expected through friday. late day storms on friday usher in the cooler you're and look at saturday, let humidity, 87
5:20 am
and temperatures cooler by saturday afternoon. let's do some weather and talk to julie wright. >> good morning to you, sir. on the roads, you will find your lanes are open if you are traveling along the baltimore- washington parkway but we do have accident activity that is drawing your attention just a bit as you work your way southbound approaching the new york kenle worth avenue split. southbound on the parkway before new york avenue, the accident active already pulled over to the shoulder. i do have accident activity reported along 210 at old fort road so follow police direction in order to squeeze by there. northbound 59 in virginia before you reach lorton. accident activity in the hov lane moved over to the shoulder as well. there is a brief rubbernecking delaws as you work your way past the scene. your lanes are open southbound along 207 coming in out of germantown. you will find eastbound along 66 lanes are open close in here at the beltway. no problems reported. overnight construct has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. the health department in st. mary's county confirms the skunk that bit someone last
5:21 am
week was rabid. it happened at this restaurant on three notch road. it is the sixth animal from st. mary's this year to have a confirmed case of rabies. the health department is encouraging people to vaccinate pets and avoid contact with withey are behaving strangely. your hotel room may not be as clean as you think. a stud you looked at samples collected from 19 surfaces in three hotel rooms in three states. it found tv remoted and bedside lamps has h. as much bacteria as toilets and bathroom sinks. the loftest levels on headboards, curtain rods and bathroom door handles. >> that slices me. >> maybe they actually clean that. >> people washing their hands and leaving. >> that's true. from grossing you out to making you hungry. they are tempting your taste buds at the washington convention center. >> up next on fox 5 morning
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news. >> gourmet food coming soon for a grocery store near you. i'm he beth parker. 180,000 product on display here. the story coming up. 
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a huge food show at dose's convention center. 1 # 180,000 item on display. beth darker takes us inside.
5:25 am
>> reporter: this is a room full of fast-moving people with big dreams. >> would you like to try some of our award winning sauces? >> reporter: d.c. is getting a taste of the fancy food show, the nationals association for the specialty food trade hosts the largest such show in north america. >> late one night during a senate budget debate they were debating pork barrel spending and earmarks. they were debating donor option and really wanted some carb could you and the two conversations merge and here we are with pork barrel barbecue. >> reporter: it was named some of the nation's best bourbonnais canada. >> my children and i went on vacation. we had some lovely rice cream and kid thought it would be a great idea to bring it back home. i misunderstood and started a company. >> reporter: now they are serving up ice cream made with
5:26 am
fresh local ingredients. the family hold out. >> ice cream hold no allure because they can have as much as i wanten. i have to pay them in cash and affection. >> gordy's or hand crafted pickles name after sarah gordon's dad. >> super excited. the food seemed to be really ramping up. new food start-ups are happening every day. it is an exoiting place to be a food start-up. >> reporter: by now, you are probably getting hungry but this show is not open to the public. don't youry though. a lot of what is here is already in a store near you and
5:27 am
odds are the rest of it will be there soon. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> so between the pickles and ice cream, were they trying to apell to pregnant women with not open to the public. it was abig tease. but some of those product and we heard beth say this, already on store shelves. >> we have seen them out there. give them a try. >> after the news, of course. still ahead right here on fox 5 morning news. >> we have all your weather, traffic and your top stories. stay with us. stay with us. we take a live look outside on this tuesday. ♪
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a live look outside right now on this tuesday morning. the sun is popping out as our tower cam pans across the skies. looking pretty clear and i think what you're going to notice, temperature soaring today. not as bad as they're going to be as we get into the rest of the week, right? >> temperatures today will be in the 80s. mid- to upper 80s. as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, heat wave. just in time to summer. & heat wave &&. >> i was waiting for that. >> i notice when the big hot graphic comes back and the flame are coming out of it. >> yeah. >> tomorrow, we'll introduce the hazy, hot and humid graphic as well. >> some bad hair. >> we'll have the hair report. >> here is your radar.
5:31 am
we've got some showers there. i haven't seen any nashing lately. may just be in rain showers here pushing just south of ocean city, all of that pushing up to the south an east. our friends down across the lower eastern shore, you are almost done with the rain. you saw the low cloud cover on that live shot. we have the low maritime layer in place. that will start to break apart later this morning. currently, it is 69 degrees at reagan national. humidity, 81%. wind are out of the south at seven miles per hour. forecast for today could be an isolated storm. most of your day is nice and dry. noticeably more huge you had and there you go, temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. 86 in washington. 88 in waldorf. >> let's talk to julie wright. >> we are checking in with our
5:32 am
fox 5 wazers. they were giving us a thumbs up and telling us what is happening. northbound i-95 as you approach springfield, below speed just a tad bit. there is an incident as you work your way northbound up to the capital beltway. vincent checked in a little bit about low speed at 40 miles per hour. we had accident activity in the hov lanes before you reach your exit in lorton. all of that activity has been pulled over to the shoulder at this too many. new problem to report head downtown. this is northbound d.c. route 259 ken all worth worth avenue at and pen avenue. accident activity tying up the right side of the highway. anticipate a slow roll there. out on the beltway, we have delays if you are traveling the inner loop approaching 66. eastbound 66, lanes are open. no problems to report right now leaving vienna headed in towards the capital beltway. overnight construct has cleared. southbound 270, you are still good to go doing the double nickel out of germantown to the lane divide.
5:33 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. our big story this morning, more change comes to the university of virginia. an interim president has been named early this morning, in fact, to replace uva's popular leader who was forced to resign. lauren demarco is live in the newsroom following all the new developments. good morning. >> reporter: the university of virginia board of visitors did work into the night an at 2:30 this morning, they appointed an interim president, carl zeithaml. he is dean of the school of commerce. he will start as interim leader on august 16th. it come after the highly controversial ousting of university president theresa sullivan. she said she was laying the groundwork for greater change at uva to help address the school's financial challenges. but she was also concerned about losing quality faculty members. she says given the current turmoil on campus, deans at every peer institution are
5:34 am
likely setting aside funds for raid uv after of its best faculty members next year. since it was made public that the board ousted her on june 10th, the faculty and students have been gathered around sullivan. she had this to say to her supporter. >> when i came here on august 1st, 2010, i didn't know very many people in the commonwealth of virginia and i didn't know very many people here. it has been a wonderful opportunity for mow to meet so many of you and to know the great work you are doing. want to thank you for what you do and for making this such a great university. at the end of the day, that is the most important thing. the university of virginia must remain a great university. at u >> reporter: students have been questioning the board's
5:35 am
integrity. the uva rector did express regret, not for removing sullivan but for how the transition was executed n a proposed settlement, sullivan would rove her presidential compensation package, $600 for another year of sabbatical and research and consulting after her august 15th departure. she could also return to teaching sociology at the school. back up to you. >> thank you. not guilty on all six charges. former baseball great register clemens has the daunting task of regaining his reputation. jury took less than 10 hours to quit clemens in his perjury trial. the prosecution's case heavily relied on brian mcnamee. testified that he insected clemens with steroids but the defense as will be a to attack his credibility. the jury in the jerry sandusky abuse trial could get the case on thursday. his defense lawyers started with character witnesses
5:36 am
yesterday. they defended the former penn state sant football coach's reputation. one coach testified that he knew sandusky took boys into showers but never saw him do anything wrong. a mysterious death at a popular summer destination to many people in ourier i'm woman was found dead in her hotel room in dewey beach yesterday morning. police are still trying to figure out who the woman is and how she died. here is the man they want to talk to. there is a special town council meeting tomorrow to present plans for additional safety measures were. plans for a new feature by adidas is causing controversy. >> how adidas is responding as we return. 
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5:38 am
5:39 am
what's a new shoe without a little controversy. a debate now in full swing over a sneak we are a shack olympic top. >> some say the shackles on the new shoe look like chains worn by slaves and are offensive. the sneakers have now been canceled. but they are still causing an uproar. >> they're definitely
5:40 am
controversial but that is jeremy scott. >> reporter: designer jeremy scott is known for his creativity but his latest adidas shoe may have crossed the line. it has chains and cuffs that lock to the ankle and are drawing outrage because they are being compared to what slaves were forced to wear. >> that is exactly what it looks like, shackles around your ankles. >> when you first showed me that, that is the first thing that popped in my mind. >> reporter: co-owner of burn rubber and royal oak was reluctant to carry the shoes. then his adidas rap explained where the designer's idea originated. >> my pet monster. that is why the shoe is purple and that is why the shoe has the orange cuff yous the first thin we thought was i don't know about that shoe. me and my partner went back and forth on it if we were going on get them. we talked to our rep and he said that is where it came from. it has nothing to do with slavery. >> reporter: he ordered about a
5:41 am
dozen pair for his store but will they draw the customers. >> i wouldn't buy that for nobody to wear eager. >> i'm familiar with jerry scott but i didn't know he had anything out like that. i wouldn't wear that. >> they're nice, different. not my taste. >> jeremy scott. >> i just don't like the shoe. >> reporter: response, dr. wendell anthony, the president of the detroit branch of the naacp issued this statement. how long must we fight these stupid battles over thing things that tear people down rather than lift them up. it took african-americans 350 years to take the shackles oven slavement, off our ankles. now adidas wants us to pay $350 to put them back. on take the shackles off your mooped so that all of us can leave this most ugly period in our history behind. just say no to adidas. whether you think they promote shave are you or not, it has people talking. it is ultimately up to the consumer if they want to buy
5:42 am
into the ploy. >> if enough people contact us and say they're offended, i'm pretty sure we won't sell them. >> society company is backing off. adouda as is canceling plans to debut the new shoe after they were accused of racism. >> adidas says the shoe designer is known for being quirky and these shoes have nothing do with slavely with you they've canceled the debut anyway as sarah said. at first, if you don't succeed, you try, try again. especially if you are the first lady and you are doing double dutch. >> look at her. showing off her skills coming up next we'll he show you more of that plus we're checking weather. >> stay with us. look at her go. >> she's good. she's good. she's good. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard.
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get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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welcome back. a live look outside right now at the beltway in oxon hill. commute under way this morning. >> mrs. obama is heating up the studios of the kelly live show. the first lady showed off her
5:46 am
double dutch skills monday. she jump roped during a taped segment on the live with kelly show. >> you probably saw there a little bit. she got a little tripped up on her first attempt but quickly bounce back and look at her. she was also joined by a group of jump rope champs from north carolina. >> that is impressive. >> she is good. >> we know she is athletic. she is in fierce shape. >> can you do this? >> no, i can't. >> could you jump rope like that. >> never, never, never could i jump rope like that. i jumped rope for 15 minutes recent had and i was so sore the next da, i could hardly even walk. >> that is what you want in a workout. no pain, no gain as they say. >> this you go.
5:47 am
let me do the weather forecast. had a cool little stat yesterday. we'll start with it. yesterday's high at reagan national, 71 degrees. the high temperature at dulles, that 68, that was a record low maximum temperature. thats swat lowest maximum temperature ever at dulles for the day. there you go. it will be warmer today. our highs will be well into the 80s. 66 in manassas. 63 this morning in winchester. now starting to push off the coast. chincoteague still getting a shower. it has quit in ocean city. this is pushing off to the south and east. otherwise, got some cloud cover. got a little fog in a for you spots and a little drizzle here and there. it looks like we're starting to get another light shower there
5:48 am
into north maryland. it is possible you could see a few light showers, a little drizzle this morning. but the trend will be to break things up. we've got a warm front just off to the south and west into portions of virginia. that will start to chuck north and east later today and have a tendency to break up the marine layer and introduce the warmer and more huge you had air moving in here for the rest of the week. get ready for a heat wave. 86 today. noticeably more humid. isolated afternoon storm. it is a possibility. much of your day dry. winds out of the south at about five miles per hour. could be a storm tonight. just warm and humid for your overnight hours. winds out of the south at about five miles per hour. here is the five-day forecast. the next several days featuring, yes, just in time for summertime, 96 on wednesday. i'm sure we'll have heat advisories starting tomorrow
5:49 am
afternoon. it doesn't last a whole long period of time. in the upper 80s by saturday with less humidity. so we'll cool it down for the weekend. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie and her friends, the wazers. >> i thought you were going to say our friends the nutty buddies. thing that is going to be our bffs. >> they're going to melt quick. >> not in my little hands they won't. on the roads, we do have problems starring off with metrorail. metro says they are having problems with the he is clattors at the foggy bottom station. the station remains open. it is the escalators out of service at foggy bottom. bus service has been requested there. allow extra time if that is typically your stop. accident activity northbound kenilworth avenue before been pen avenue tying up the right side of the highway. no problems reported southbound along 270. lanes are open, traffic flowing
5:50 am
freely out of germantown. no problems to report on the beltway traveling between college park and bethesda. eastbound 66 still looking good coming in out of vienna aheaded for the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. a consume are alert for you now. massive toyota recall now includes 1.4 million suvs and cars. crews are investigating the potential of fires in power one owe switches. included in the recall, 600,000 camrys and rav4s from 2008 and 2009. the yaris subcompact between between twenty and 2009 also affected. all 2008 highlander hybrids are under the recall as well. maybe you've seen the red bikes ornament the capital bike share bikes. it is booming apparently around the region. a new survey shows it is saving riders nearly $900 a year from transportation costs. many of the 5,000 customers surveyed said they are happy to void gas price by take a bike
5:51 am
instead of a car. some are even grabbing a bike instead of the metro. the program is so popular, it is expanding to other areas and within a year 50rbgs stations holding 350 bike will be added in montgomery county. -- within a euro, 50 stations holding 350 bikes will be added in -- within a year, 50 stations holding 350 bikes way be added in montgomery county. >> they are still kind of oddly shaped, kind of old-fashioned. >> maybe it is easier for people to ride those. >> whatever happens to vanilla ice? he is back but apparently not on the mic. details of his new project as we continue. wow, memory lane. 
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
you will be humming this all day. i guarantee. when we first met vanilla ice it was in the early 1990s. that is when rapping was the sort of new music on the scene and the ipod was a thing of the future. >> he made it big after releasing this hit single. tax a listen. x a listen. list -- take a listen. n. now, the man who performed this song called ice, ice baby is trying to make it on the big
5:55 am
and small korean. >> anita vogel has the details on what vanilla ice's latest endeavors are. >> reporter: playing an exaggerated version of himself in the r-rated comedy, that's my boy, vanilla ice, whose real name is rob van winkle says it feels good to be back in the spotlight poking fun at his past as a rapper. >> turn off the lights and he glow. >> that is the great thing about, it i can sit around, turn around and look at my old self and have fun on it and rolling in my 5.0, rag top down so my hair can blow or the crazy sweat suits and fat gold chains. >> reporter: now, 44, vanilla scored a megahit with ice, ice buyback r baby when he was still in high school. he says he learned some hard career lessons early on. >> after that weekend that lasted a few years, i basically found out my purpose in life. i did ice, ice baby when i was 16. didn't know any different.
5:56 am
there wasn't anybody like an eminem in front of me before that. it was me being thrown like a piece of meat to the dogs. >> reporter: while he never had the same success with his follow-up records, he has ventured into reality tv and hope that today appear young stars it qiend long-term success. >> you think of britney spears. she shaves her head. i can't wait to see what justin bieber does. a lot of people have a transitional stage that is verient it be aing to the public, probably very horrible to the person. you ride a wave. . it took on a live of its own. that wave hit the shore, crashed and i had to swim back out and afternoon another one. >> there you go. vanilla ice trying to stay relevant. >> why not. kudo to him. >> make a buck. >> plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news.
5:57 am
first, it is time for our facebook fan of the day. today, we say hello to lionel burton. lionel writes that he watches fox 5 every morning while stretching and training for the marine corps marathon. >> there you go. >> he looks in shape too, by the way. >> thank you for rooting us for. we'll root for you on your next marathon. >> for your chance for a shout out tomorrow, just log onto my fox morning news facebook page and leave a comment under lionel's picture. we'll be right back. >> thank you, lionel. ♪
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