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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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major developments overnight at the university of virginia. a week of drama set off by the removal of the school's president. just hours ago, the board of visit irs voted on interim president. new toe tails in the trayvon martin. a sneaky side of this man, george zimmerman played out in phone calls from prison. you will tax a listen as fox 5 were morning news continues right -- you will take a listen as fox 5 morning news continues
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right now. >> it is tuesday, june 19th. get ready. it is a little bit humid out there. a little bit of a warning as we get ready for a big warm-up. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. i guess you'd agree we've just had it easy. this is kind of where we're supposed to be in the 80s, right? >> yesterday, we were a little cooler. >> this doesn't seem like a long one though. >> just a couple of days worth. that is the good news. it will be rather intense but it won't last a terribly long period of time. >> it will shock us. we'll get through it. >> we've didn't it before. get to wear the shorts finally. really haven't necessarily needed them. >> okay. i've been wearing them since february. >> well, yeah. >> that's you, tucker. >> i do at the gym. >> that's right. let's take a look at the radar. one or two showers out south
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and south and west of the city. dale city, you might be getting a light shower. you can see one or two of these kind of popping up. otherwise, cloud cover and we've got in maritime layer in place. it will be a gray start to your day although i think we will see more sunshine than yesterday. we'll get peeks of sunshine the second half of the day. 07 at patuxent naval air station. 67 at ocean cities. 65 in fredericksburg. it will become increasingly uncomfortable over the next couple of days as the heat and humidity start to build. today, a day of transition. mid- to upper 80s. could be a few thunderstorms later this afternoon. and then tomorrow well into the 90s. >> get your shorts ready for tomorrow. >> we know this guy will have them. >> i'll be ready to go. i have them on right now. >> i like the polka dot.
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>> are those short shorts or boxers? idon't want to know. i'm going to look at my waze maps. i'm not looking at tucker barnes because i will laugh hysterically. we do have reports of an incident as you work your way northbound approaching the occoquan. accident activity reported on the shoulder here. anthony, checking in. down to 25 miles per hour working your way northbound leaving springfield and continuing up to the capital beltway. we do have problems with our foggy bottom escalators. they are not working properly at this time. the escalators are out of service. bus service has been established for you here at foggy bottom. the station remains open. it is the escalators that are not working at this time. accident activity northbound on kenilworth avenue before pep pen avenue. if you are traveling on the other side of town, you will find your lanes are open. no problems to report for those
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conning eastbound on 66. still smooth sailing coming inbound from vienna to the capital beltway. nice and quiet out of germantown working your way out towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> way to hold it together. now, go back to closing your eyes. a transition to serious news. still no information on victims of an early morning crash involving an ambulance that was heading to a call. it happened on bowie road just off route one near fort meade load in laurel. both prince george's county police and firefighters are investigating this one. as you can see from the video, there were apparent videos but investigators are not releasing any information at this time. this morning, the university of virginia has a brand new leader. >> carl zeithaml was named interim president just a few hours ago by uva's board of visitors. he has served four terms as dean of uva's macentire school of commerce. his selection came at the end of the day where we heard
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publicly for the first time from uva's ousted president. >> lauren demarco has more details. >> reporter: good morning. fox adjust heard from carl zeithaml and he was in london when the board made their decision overnight. he is on his way back to uva and we'll share more of what he told us coming up in our next hit at 6:30. here at home, the charlottesville campus described as being in turmoil. since it was made public that the uva board of visitors ousted university president theresa sullivan to june 10th, the faculty and students have been rallying around her. the large crowd gathered around her yesterday as sullivan headed in to address the board privately and defend her two- year tenure at the school. sullivan said we are all aware that uva needs change and there are financial challenges. she says she was working to better the institution and laying groundwork for greater change but she has been described as an incrementalist.
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she answered that by saying it does not mean i look vision. university of virginia rector spoke about the board's decision at a special meeting. >> this board has never, nor will we ever, direct that particular programs or courses be eliminated or reduced. simply put, we want the university to be a leader in full illing its mission, not a follower. -- in fulfilling its mission, not a follower. >> reporter: faculty leads are demanding that vol van be re-- that sullivan be reinstated. sullivan would receive her presidential compensation package and she could also return to teaching sociology at a salary of $107,000 plus about
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$360,000 in deferred compensation. back to you. >> thank you. a check of this morning's top stories. a not guilty renzo guilt -- verdict in the roger clemens trial. he was acquitted on charge these lied to congress when he denied using performance- enhancing drugs. the defense in the jeer any sandusky trial will likely rest tomorrow. that means the jury could start deliberation a day later. also making headlines, newly released phone calls from george zimmerman to his wife shelly are shedding light on the perjury charges against her. prosecutors say the calls were made from jail and are proof the couple knew about money they had raised on a web site.
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>> okay, okay. right. you need to do that. i don't think they'll let you do it twice a day. >> can you try. >> of course, i'll try. >> you did it today, right. uh-huh. >> you did it twice today. >> no, you didn't. i withdrew this morning and i did it once today i don't you withdrew from yours. >> right. i need to do that. i don't think they'll let you do it twice a day. >> you can try. >> of course, i'll try. >> prosecutors say this was all very, very sneaky and argue that shelly transferred $135,000 into their accounts, paid off their bills and lied about being broke. she has been released from jail on bond. george zimmerman remains in jail after his bond was revoked earlier this month. he is due in court next friday. it's growing trend. insider attacks on american forces serving overseas. coming up next, what officials are saying about the latest
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attack in afghanistan. and the idea of drones patrolling the skies here in the united states is raising concerns about our privacy. now, congress is getting involved. we'll tell you what they're doing after the break. 
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american soldier killed in afghanistan is making headlines. self others were also hurt in the shooting in southern afghanistan. the attackers were all dressed in afghan police uniforms but it is not cheer if they were actually police officers or just wearing the clothing. these coined of insider attacks have been escalating. more than 20 have died this year alone. privacy concerns over drones patrolling the skies in the u.s. is growing. there are proposals to have drones like the ones used by the military to be flying in america by the end of the decade. but apprehension is high especially in the cover blog sphere. it is expected to come up at
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asenate hearing this week. the g-20 summit wraps up today in mexico. still ahead, word of a plan in the work for global growth. ipad killer? yep, you would agree it is a bold statement but microsoft says it is going to give apple its biggest competition yet. we'll see. and we'll take a closer look in today's business beat. stay with us. 
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welcome back. a live look outside right now. the sun is popping out. hopefully, you are bricking something maybe short sleeved to wear during your lunch break if can you step outside. tucker has been telling us it will be warm today. >> it will be seasonal today. our average daytime high is in the mid-80s. i think we'll be a degree or two above that. >> warmer than yesterday. >> right. 15degrees warmer than yesterday and more humid as well. and, of course of course
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setting the stage for this little mini heat wave we'll have the next several days so get ready for lots of 90s. make sure the air conditioner works. >> welcome to summer. >> fill up the pool. that's right. whatever you need to do. we've had aif you showers pop up just south of the city. want to start with that. you can see that right along the potomac here just south of dale city. another little shower popping up just west of waldorf. the actual showers aren't terribly light but we don't have alet of action with it. you can see most of the area fairly dry as we're waking up with plenty of cloud cover. you saw in the lymph shot the cloud cover as we continue to be under the influence of that maritime layer with our winds over the past 24 hours out of the east. things will ching in a big way here. let's push on. let me show you the next map. our flow here still out of the north and west as we switch maps. thank you. there you go. you can see we start getting some action here off the great
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lakes. it is possible we've got a few showers breaking out just across foreign maryland and some of those showers may make it into the area. could be a few early showers or a little drizzle this morning. the main deal hears a warm front off to the south and west. that will be the main driver in our weather over the next 24 hours. as that pushes to the north and east, you will notice the air warming up, more humidity and then we'll be off and running with temperatures expected to be in the 90s around here starting tomorrow. 69 in washington. mice, mild start to the day. 73 the hot spot in quantico. 86 the day time high. that is 15 degrees warmer than yesterday appear then just warm and huge you had overnight. 729 overnight low. could be a few early storms with the daytime heating. tomorrow, officially that, a heat wave. 96 for your first day of summer. 99 on thursday. we'll cool it down with thunderstorms by friday afternoon. right now, the weekend cooler, less huge you had.
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87 by saturday with sunshine. that is weather. let's do traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> on the roads right now, you will find that your lanes are open along northbound i-59 but in the main line, we've got slow traffic leaving courthouse road headed out towards quantico. more delays as you travel across the occoquan. so again, the lanes or open but it is definitely slow going out of dale city headed northbound along i-95. you will fine the lanes are open south on 270. this is still an easy commute for folks headed out towards the split. no problems to report on the beltway outer loop leaving college park headed around to georgia. expect delays headed east as you work your way around towards that mormon temple. on the other side of town, better news at foggy bottom. the escalator service has been restored. that is good news. the station has been open the entire time. we had some problems early early this morning with the
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escalator. escalator service has been restored at foggy bottom. traveling northbound on kenle worth avenue, remains of the accident active continue to block the right side of the highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. president obama is sitting down for a face to face with the president of china on the sidelines of the g-20 summit today. the leads are of the world's largest economies are preparing to unvalue a plan to reduce global growth. yesterday, president obama and vladimir putin said they agreed to stop the violence in syria. mitt romney is banking on i akey battle ground state to get him in the white house. the republican presidential candidate told reporters that, if he wins michigan, he will win the presidency. romney was born and raised in stat and says he thinks he can win there. today, he will complete a five- day bus tour in michigan. coming up next, details bay new web site that lets you browse credit card complaints. we'll go live to fox business
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network in new york after of the break. >> kind of a cool idea, like yelp but only for the banking industry. you might like. this this saturday, the battle of the beltways plays out right here. you can catch all of the action here at 7:00 on fox. i can't stand these spots.
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welcome back. a mixed day on wall street to start the week off and microsoft is looking to take a giant bite out of apple's ipad success. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york. good to see you. >> good morning. >> i can't wait to talk about microsoft's big announcement. let me start with the big picture with the markets. kind of an eh day at closing bell. >> best way to put it. it could have been a lot worse
6:25 am
after those calls for spain to borrow money surged. we forgot about spain and greece. we are talking about the federal reserve. and goldman sachs said when policy makeers meet today and release their decision tomorrow, they will do something to stimulate the economy. and honestly, incident vestors and tradeers on wall street are expecting the fed to act. if they do, they will see such a rally f they don't, who knows what is going to happen. but in the meantime, effect is sitting on their hands right now. >> nothing wrong way little stimulation. giving apple its biggest competition yesterday yetunde, it is called the surface. talk about that. >> have you seen it? >> i have. it is so cool. that keypad looks so neat. >> i know. that is what i think. and i'm so reluctantly to tout a technological device. this one looks cool. microsoft tried to come up with
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a way to attack the ipad and do everything that the ipad doesn't do. it has this cover that pulls out to an a keypad. i have an ipad, i went out and bought a key board for it. microsoft surface would have that included. it has a whole bunch of other things that are really nifty t will run on windows 8, microsoft's new operating system that is expected to launch in september or october. so this device made by microsoft would be out in time for the holidays. we're in the sure of the price points just yet. probably between $500 and $1,000 depending on what kind of version you get. >> we'll talk more about this in our 9:00 hour. my final 10 seconds, this new web. lets us look at cedette carted complaints against big banks. >> -- at credit cart complaints against big banks. >> yes, can you go on and see what other people said about certain banks. move the complaints are about
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billing. go figure. we don't want to pay our bills. >> we'll see you again tomorrow. >> thank you. a drama-filled day at the university of virginia after an intense rally followed by a board meeting. the university of virginia has a new interim president this morning. and trouble for part of the dulles rail project. the fate of the silver line in loudoun county is still in question and time is still ticking to make a decision. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back. that tower cam moving this morning, right? look at the city there. don't get dizzy. it will be a hot day today as well. tucker, you've been saying possibly up into the 80s, right? >> yeah, pretty much guarantee we'll be in the 80s today and 90s starting tomorrow. warmer temperatures here to stay for the next several days
6:31 am
after a cool one yesterday. we only got into the low 70s. >> from spring to summer in one day. >> we do have a few showers particularly just south of the city here down towards waldorf and la plata. kind of popping up there on the potomac. pretty good little shower. a few sprinkles look like just west of columbia maybe out towards clarksville and pushing into portions of northern montgomery county there. maybe a few light sprinkles as well. otherwise, cloud cover to start your day. we will get breaks in the clouds today. also, more humidity and as will mentioned, the warmer temperatures on the way as well. 69 in washington. our humidity is way occupy. you saw if the live shot, a lot of water in the atmosphere. 18%. winds are out of the south here at five. we'll go partial sunshine this afternoon. highs in the mid-80s with more humidity. could be a few late-day storms. much of your day will be dry. we've got a great ask the weather guy question, not
6:32 am
weather-related. it is sports related. it is a good one though. >> they're always good. >> good morning. keeping their cool about 1,000 feet above us is the crew in sky fox. we'll say good morning to chopper brad. no problems to report here in silver spring as you work your way on the outer loop of the beltway passing colesville road. don't forget this b. that new work zone that was implemented last friday on the out outer loop of the beltway. three lanes to the left be one lane to the right. traffic merging onto new hampshire he have does so in the work zone to continue 495 around to silver spring. on theener loop of the beltway, so far, so good. southbound 270 problem-free as you travel from germantown headed out to the lane divide. you will final on the beltway, it is up to speed coming across
6:33 am
the american legion bridge. no trouble spots to report there. this happens to be the ramp from the prince will item park way to exit into the hov lanes. accident activity here already pulled out of the roadway. it look like state police are still here on the scene. no problems to report on 95. lanes are open out of dale city headed back up towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. our big story, a major action taken while you slept last night in the ongoing saga over leadership at the university of virginia. >> an interim president has been named to take control after school that is reeling since the sudden and forced resignation of its very popular leader. willmar is live in the newsroom with all of the developments. >> reporter: good morning. uva's board of visitors adid work into the night an announced its decision around 2:30:00 a.m. this morning. carl zeithaml was named interim president of the university. he has served four teams as the deep of the school of commerce.
6:34 am
he is on his way back to uva from london right now. he wrote i am cutting short a visit to london. i believe it is important to return as soon as possible to charlottesville so you s many m community as possible over the next few days. meantime, the campus remains in turmoil. a large crowd of students and faculty gathered around ousted president theresa sullivan yesterday as she headed in to address the board privately and defend her two-year tenure at the school. in a public statement, sullivan said she was laying the ground work for greater change at uva to help address the school's financial challenges. she was also concerned about losing quality faculty members. sullivan says given the current turmoil on campus, deans at every peer institution are likely setting aside funds to raid uva of its best faculty members next year. students have been questioning the board's decision to remove sullivan and they are asking for an explanation. the board leader would led the
6:35 am
move to get rid of her had this to say. >> we recognize that while genuinely well intended to protect the dignitys of all parties, our action led to being opaque. let me state clearly, you, our uva family, deserved better from this board and we have heard your concerns loud and clear. >> reporter: the board of visitors says it wants the university to be a ledder if fulfilling its mission, not i follower. in a pressed settlement, sullivan would receive her compensation package, $608,000 for another year of sabbatical, research and consulting. she could also return to teaching sociology at the school. back to you. a check of this morning's other top stories, a murder
6:36 am
mystery in a popular delaware beach town. police found a woman dead inside a motel room in dewey beach. they are not sighing how she died and they don't know who she is but they have pictures of a person of interest. this is the first homicide in dewey beach in its 31-year history. in maryland, eight years after a vicious assault and rape in silver spring, police finally make an arrest in the case. police found the suspect 30- year-old david martinez in a prison in texas and credit dna with helping them solve the crime. he was transported to montgomery county last weekened is being held without bond pending trial. police want you to take a good look at these new surveillance pictures of a suspect wanted in 18 home burglaries in germantown. detectives say after robbing a vehicle parked in the rick tip's driveway. the suspect tried to open the front door of the victim's house but was unsuccessful. time is ticking for loudoun county to decide whether to invest big money to bring the
6:37 am
silver line out west. construction of the new silver line to dulles international airport is ongoing but loudoun county officials are still debating on how to pay for the $270 million it will take. they have until july 4th to make a decision. >> we have to figure out a way to come up with $1.2 billion to pay loudoun's share over the next two years. >> i do think it is a question of whether rail is a good and viable transportation alternative but there were not prior systems set up to accrue any money to fund this project. so we need to figure it out. >> the first phase of the silver line through tysons corner and on through reston is expected to be up and running by the end of next year. the federal governmenting helping to pay for that but not phase two. when you see the tunnels, isn't that incredible? >> i know. amazing work.
6:38 am
the defense in the jerry sandusky trial will call more witnesses today but will the defendant, sandusky himself, take the stand. >> controversial over these sneakers. coming up, why some say they are offensive. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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welcome back. deliberations could begin as early as this thursday in the jerry sandusky tried sex abuse trial. the defense began its testimony yesterday. we have a report from pennsylvania. steve, good morning. i guess what a lot of people are wanting to know, whether or not we think jerry sandusky is going to take the stand or not. >> reporter: that was the big question questioned yesterday too. the answer came from the judge. jump said hey, the defense is
6:42 am
going to be wrapped up by noon on wednesday. we'll have close ising arguments on thursday and you folk will be deliberating and be sequestered until you come up with a verdict. if you look at the time line and you say, the case is supposed to be done by lunchtime tomorrow, that is telling all the being parties and all the lawyers following this case in the courtroom that there is no way sandusky is going to testify now because he wouldn't be on that stand for that little bit amount of time when the prosecution is going to get his claws into him and say look, we've got 10 victims' stories here and we're going to ask about each individual one and try to get you to break down on the witness stand. >> that is the thing. i was kind of of wondering whether or not the defense was really even want to put him up there in the first place. what are your thoughts on that? ? >> well, his lawyer who, luke to talk, must have skipped class when they had the class on you have the right to to remain silent. he says is sandusky going to testify? he saudi said he was going to testify in his opening statements.
6:43 am
i don't lie. i'm a good catholic. he is making us think that yes, he is going to testify. i saw a witness go on and off that stand in just five minutes with with the direct and cross- examination yesterday. i have never seen that before. the witnesses have gotten through their testimony pretty fast. but i don't think any defendant could get through testimony that fast and that would be precluding anybody else taking the witness stand from here on in. hike if sandusky got on there at 9:00 first thing this morning, i don't think we'd even be close to being done by noon tomorrow. we've been viced in this case. maybe another surprise is lurking when we get in there today. >> wanted to ask you real will you quickly about the character witnesses that took the stand. your thoughts on how strong do you think those character witnesses were for sandusky? >> well, my thoughts and a lawyer from the philadelphia area who is representing one of the victims in this case who has been in the courtroom every day who we have as a guest on our good day show all the time said weak was the one word he
6:44 am
used to describe the case. he sawed you start strong and they started completely weak. these cache witnesses did not say one thing to counter what we heard from the 21 defense at this timing prosecution witnesses including those eight victims now adults who talked about being raped as children by sandusky. and when you have two former assistant coaches getting on there telling everybody, here is words they use. as great guy. he is top ?och. he is a local hero. well, sure, that is his public persona but what we heard he does in private with these kids was just horrific and nothing was said to say that didn't happen. -- he is top notch. >> thank you so much. we want to let people know dlib rigs could begin as early as thursday in the jerry sandusky trial. thank you again. -- deliberations could begin as early as thursday in the jerry sandusky trial. the northerly epps saints bonty program.
6:45 am
the nfl went public with some of its evidence against four players suspended for their roles. among the things the league revoled, a prize of $35,000 for knocking bret favre out of the nfc championship game two years ago. the players are now appealing their suspensions. adidas is canceling plans for a sneaker with a shackle- like ankle cuff. this is making controversy, that's for sure. there has been backlash since the js roundhouse midded were unveiled. critics say they resemble shackles that slaves were forced to wear. adidas maintains that the did he signer jeremy scott is known for his outrageous and quirky shoes. >> adidas try to put that behind them. >> just want to move on. >> back to the bret favre thing, remember that game a couple of years ago, he took some hard hits in that game. >> he sure did. we'll see if he lightens the
6:46 am
sentences. >> he's had trouble getting up a couple of times. let's get on the weather real will you quick and we have a sports related weather guy question. a couple of light showers to start your day. you can see the light showers here. just a couple of sprinkles up into montgomery county. it looks like carol county if you are watching well off to the north. we've had this otherling shower complex start to is the up -- set up here south of city down on the southern potomac here. these have just pop up in the last half hour or so. not expecting a whole lot of measurable rain this morning although we do have the possibility in the forecast over the next couple of hours and a chance that we could see a few thunderstorms later this afternoon. what's happen something we've got a warm front off to the south and west. that will start to really push to the north and to the north and east later today and guess what? out to the west, lots and lots of heat building in. that heat will start to build in here shortly. today will be much warmer than
6:47 am
yesterday. high temperatures expected to be well into the 1r0. you will notice that humidity starting to bubble up awell here. -- well into the 80s. 07 in annapolis. 66 in leonardtown. 66 the winning number out in hagerstown and martinsburg. tomorrow, hot temperature. we are expecting high temperatures over the next several days to be in the 90s, close to 100. likely to have heat advisories around here as early as tomorrow afternoon and can pretty much guarantee them for the day on thursday. 86 later today. kind few scattered storms. most of your day will be dry. we should see more sunshine than yesterday. 96 tomorrow with lots of sunshine. could be an isolated storm thursday. better chance on friday. check out your daytime highs. 99 on thursday. 39 on friday. here is the good news. this heat wave, unlike past heat waves that have lasted week in the washington area,
6:48 am
this one only lasts a couple of days. we should be cooler for the weekend. >> look at that 99 on thursday. >> keep your sports activities to the weekend. i guess before a sport related weather question y sure do. good morning. it is now time for ask the weather guys, the most popular second-degreement in morning television. it is a second-degreement where tucker barnes and i and others put their big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. we love today's question. bob donnelly writes with the ham meet and the oklahoma city thunder in the nba finals, i'm wondering if this is the first time in the history of the four major professional sports in the u.s., major league baseball, the nfl, the nhl and
6:49 am
the nba that in the championship round or game, both teams nicknames don't end in s such as wizards, capitals, redskins, yankees. is in the first time that two peoples whose names don't end in s are met which the championship. >> he wanted you to work today. >> it was research intensive. >> not going for make us work hard on this. ee put our trusty intern tyler to the test. >> another shout out. >> every day now. >> pretty much. during the summer, tucker and i take a little time off and it is one of the things -- >> we all rove the question and we double-check the answer. >> are you going to put him on camera one of these days. >> he y, we will. this required a lot of research. the answer is fascinating.
6:50 am
let's start with major league baseball. there are only two teams who names don't end in an x, the boston red sox and the chicago white sox. they are both in the american league. so it has not happened in major league baseball. it is impossible unless a national league is developed and their -- >> low they both won the world series, they haven't played each other. >> sometime we pronounce them with ss depending on how early in the morning. the last time was in 2007, the boston red sox. no two teams. >> in the nfl, i've never thought about it. every team in the nfl ends with the letter s. not even a possibility. so it has never happened there. >> the national hockey league, it could happen but it never has. there are three teams whose names don't end in s. is colorado avalanche in the western conference, tampa bay lightning in the eastern
6:51 am
conference and the machine minute wild in the western conference. tampa bay lightning was the last team not ending in an s to play in a stanley cup final in 2004. but in order for two teams to face each other in the stanley cup, the lightning would have to play either the colorado avalanche or the minnesota wild. that has not happened. so it has never happened in nhl but it could. >> those are names we don't hear much so my guess is it is not going to happen. >> let's get onto basketball. we'll show you highlights here. we've got four team in the nba. the possibilities are a little better. the orlando magic, the miami heat, the oklahoma city thunder and utah jazz. we've got four teams. two teams on each side of eastern and western conference. we have a better chance in the nba. and tony, you want to give away the big giveaway. >> the miami heat are playing the thunder right now. and bob, this is the first time it has happened in one of the
6:52 am
four major sports that two teams, neither name ending in s, have played each other. ach so this is the first time. >> amazing. >> let us mention, here is our extra credit bone us. if you are into soccer and you want to find some that don't end in s, check out soccer. their teen of the 16 teams do not end in s. -- thirteen of the 16 teams do not end in s. >> how long does it take you to work on this? >> tyler worked on it all day yesterday. >> it is interesting that major league soccer, most of the teams, the names don't end in s. most recently, 2011, the los angeles galaxy and the houston
6:53 am
dynamo played. >> do we think he was testifying you guys. do we think he knew the answer in. >> i doubt it. when we read the question, we were all like i don't know the answer to this. a great question. >> tyler, did it take a while? >> yes. >> we thank you, tyler. >> his eyes are barely open right now. >> we give credit where credit is due. bob, thank you for the question. we love those brain teasers. that is a fascinating one. if you've got a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> there you go. >> my favorite of the month. >> love it. >> let's check in with julie wright and gettette late off the traffic. did you get all those numbers down? >> oh, boy. >> turn that mic on. >> this is something that also rarely happens. silence from julie and we can't hear julie. >> you notice that all of our
6:54 am
last names end with s except for julies. >> barnes, simmons, thomas, perkins. >> let's tell what you is coming up ahead and we'll get back with julie. a celebration of d.c.'s restaurant scene. coming up, the area's best pastry chefs battle it out iron chef style. >> all ahead at this weekend's annual wards and fundraiser event that recognizes the very best in the industry. our own holly morris has more details coming up after the break. get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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good morning everybody i am holly morris. this morning we are all about where you need to make your next dinner reservation. coming sunday, it is the oscars for the whole restaurant scene here many the dc area put on by metropolitan washington. this year's theme is hats off
6:58 am
to restaurants. this oyster bar in dupont is nominated for casual dining. as you can see we have some chefs preparing something for us. these are four of the best pastry chefs, nominees, they are going to be whipping up something sweet for us, and letting us know why they deserve the award. we also have coming out one of the best rising chef nominees coming out and since it is all about hats off to the restaurant scene we will talk about a different kind of hat you can wear this weekend if you come out for the awarding. tickets are available but going fast. i will be there on sunday along with sue palka if you are free you should get a ticket too. >> thank you holly. welcome back. >> thanks. >> time for our facebook fan of the day.
6:59 am
lionel writes, he watches fox 5 every morning stretching and training for the marine corps. for a chance for a shout out tomorrow, go to our facebook fan page and leave a comment. over the will and tony. >> thank you. coming up, an interim president named for uva who is he and what was he doing when the decision was made. lauren demarco is live, to fill us in on the overnight developments. >> day two of metro's rush plus program is it working? we are chatting live to find out the strengths and hiccups. everything you need to know at 7:15 a.m. later this hour is the middle east about to boil over? the u.s. and russia calling for peace in syria, but is russia's alliance mimicking its position in the cold war. breaking down trouble throughout the middle east at


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