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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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really not too bad out here maybe i just found the perfect place to hang out. >> who are your friends. >> a couple fellow coworkers out here this morning i didn't realize i need to get my toe nails done if i am part of the gang out here. let's talk temperatures, if you can get relief if not in yourkiddie pool head out to one of the bigger pools temperatures will be in the 90s. having just stepped outside feels like a wet blanket with a lot of humidity as well temperature regan national,ment degrees, haven't cooled off a lot overnight 78, last look at baltimore, these temperatures will jump well into the 80s. close to 90 by noon hour and we will be in the mid-90s mid-to upper 90s actual air temperature heat advisory goes into effect, 12 noon, through 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night, heat advisory will be extended and today and tomorrow that will be the worst of it and things will gradually
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improve by friday and the weekend, our highs will be back in the 80s your forecast today, lots of sunshine i don't think we will see a passing thunder storm high temperatures mid- 90s. 96 washington and need a little relief, highs toward annapolis. i will be honest with you, i will hang out here as long as i can tony and sarah back to you indoors not bad at all right now. >> all right looks good thank you tucker. all right. i need some guidance here we are. we will do this now thank you very much following breaking news from southeast washington. >> a lot of police remain on scene in the 1700 block of 17th street that is where investigators say a gunman shot and killed another man overnight, and then barricaded himself inside a home. we saw a lot of activity out there just about an hour ago. lauren demarco is live in southeast to bring us up-to-date. >> reporter: well, we haven't
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gotten an update from police, this is still a very active scene, both police and fbi here, working this scene. what we do know is what we have been able to see we have video that we shot for you last hour, actually happening live, while we were here. there were several people taken from a home along 17th street, southeast washington, three males, can't tell their ages, they were in handcuffs also a woman and child, she was not handcuffed and then a person taken in a wheelchair as well we don't know the identities of these people, why they were removed from the home, but we do know, the shooting was reported just before 2:00 a.m., in the 1700 block of 17th street, right near here, the victim who was shot was a man, he was shot in the chest and he did not survive. he was killed. police told us the suspect wanted in connection to the shooting barricaded himself nearby inside a home. and we of course do have police here we do have fbi it has been
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several hours now, ongoing from overnight hours, the police and fbi in full body armor, and there are several staging areas around here we saw emotions from neighbors, there was some folks learning news from police, a woman who was in tears and did not wish to speak to the media not sure what is going on there. if we want to come out live i can show you still very active scene there is a fire truck down the roads this minnesota avenue from that fire truck they were using a ladder to allow swat teams to access the roof on the other side of the building, from where the swat team was on the roof is where the activity occurred where the home is where the folks were taken out and removed. again we do not know identities of those people or whether there is still a suspect inside but still an active scene here from what you can see, there is another area down the road where there are still fbi on the scene still police so we will continue to work with them and try to get an update for you, provide that on
9:04 am or if we get something within the hour we will of course let you know. tune in to fox 5 news at 5 this evening. back to you in studio. >> very fluid situation thank you lauren demarco reporting. new this morning a former dc councilmember spends his first day in prison. today harry thomas junior will turn himself into prison in alabama where he will spend the next three years punishment comes after he pleaded guilty to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the city he left the district with his family tuesday. today could be the final day of testimony, in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. the former penn state assistant coach could take the staned in his own defense. yesterday he has -- stand in his own defense. yesterday his wife testified on her husband's behalf she said she remembers most of the men who accused her husband of abuse but never saw any inappropriate contact inside
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the couples home. >> overseas now, one time egyptian president, mubarak on life support the former dictator had a stroke in prison and taken by ambulance to a military hospital. there are conflicting reports about his exact condition right now, his heart stopped yesterday he is reportedly in a coma, meanwhile some 100,000 protestors are out in cairo's central square the muslim brotherhood calls for a million man march to protest against a power grab and claims their candidate won the presidential election official results are due out tomorrow. >> fall out from the botched federal gun smuggling program, known as fast and furious could come to a head today on capital hill. >> unless lawmakers reach a last minute deal with the department of justice. the u.s. attorney general could be held in contempt of court. will thomas rejoins us with what is at stake. >> good morning to you. let me start off with how we got to this point the fast and
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furious operation attempted to sell thousands of guns to arms dealers along the u.s. mexico border to trace them to leaders of drug cartels many of those weapons showed up at crime scenes including where a u.s. border patrol agent was killed in a shoot out. now the house oversight committee could proceed in an hour, in considering a contempt measure against eric holder unless he turns over documents the committee is looking for in connection to that botched operation they want to know was there a cover up an attempt to go afterwhistle blowers and who knew what. they met withholder yesterday, so far no resolution, holder made an unprecedented offer of documents about a thousand in fact and a briefing to the oversight committee which so far has been turned down republican congressman john micah is a member of the commute at the and spoke with me last hour >> absolutely -- committee and spoke with me last hour. >> absolutely no compromise, an
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agent was killed in this fiasco if he knew about it, he should be removed immediately, if he didn't know about it, at the level of incorn tans that is unhack -- income tans, that is unacceptable. we should receive those documents the game playing is over he will be held in contempt. >> if there is a contempt vote in oversight committee, it will likely pass considering republicans outnumber democrats 22-16. the committee meets this morning in less than an hour from the committee it would go to the floor of the house the bottom line is this it has only been incremental negotiations between the justice department, eric holder and oversight committee. committee members saying they are dragging this out so it goes beyond the election. tony and sarah the committee meets in an hour they could vote on contempt. >> all right. thank you. president obama is back in
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washington after the two day g 20 summit speaking to reporters after the meeting mr. obama says he is confident european leaders understand how serious the debt crisis is, and he believes they will work on a solution with a heightened sense of urgency. meanwhile back here at home t federal reserve wraps up two days of meetings to analyze the strength of the u.s. economy experts expect action to prop up the still struggling markets but no word on what that action will be. mitt romneys six state bus tour is over. tonight he will hold a couple fund raidsers in his home -- fundraiser in his home state of michigan. he is setting the record straight when it comes to vice presidential rumors. >> marco rubio is being thoroughly vetted. >> that comment came in response to a story from abc news and washington post saying rubio was not in the running. romney says he and only one other person know who is being
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vetted and who is not. >> potential problem for mayor grey's nomination to head the department of housing and community development michael kelly admitted he had an affair with a coworker at director of housing authority in philadelphia but denies he helped get that employee large pay raises. mayor grey plans to stand by kelly's nomination there still needs to be a public hearing and full vote by council. >> leadership saga at university of virginia lead to another resignation. mark pinkton stepped down yesterday. charlottesville campus has been in turmoil since the forced resignation of theresa sullivan 11 days ago. this is video of her at a rally of support monday hours before the board named an interim president. a traffic alert for drivers heading in or out of annapolis today this afternoon officials will close the bay bridge, up
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to 40 minutes the both directions during the low jury, four cargo cranes will make their way underneath the bridge enroute to port of baltimore traffic officials say they worry the ship's carrying the cranes would be too much distraction for drivers. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, aleck baldwin gets punchy with paparazzi. what set off the temper mental actor. plus protecting you from credit card abuse. we will look at the government's new data base you can now access. >> why cab fare for a ride across dc will be cheaper starting today, we will be right back 
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making headlines, a prince georges county council woman accused of wreckless driving will be back in court.
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in february, police clocked karen tolls driving more than 100 miles an hour on the belt way. if she is convicted she face as $500 fine and lose her license. maryland gambling commission will meet again today according to published reports members will recommend lawmakers move forward to expand table games, at all casinos. they are expected to support a controversial site in prince georges county. >> cost of a cab ride in the district will drop by $1 at midnight when the fuel surcharge in effect since last march expires cab riders can credit falling gas prices for the break. thank you tony the public now has access to an online data base of complaints about credit cards that means consumers, will be able to see what types of complaints, you have filed against any bank that issues credit cards and consumers can search complaints by zip code and see how they responded and to talk more
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about this, executive director for national consumers league. i have to imagine sally peoplu complain, you know about i can't get the banks to do this, that type of thing, what is your organization's thought on this? it is in its early stages what do you think? >> i think it is really important we be able to look and see how these financial institutions banks and credit card companies are responding when consumers have problems. we are all consumers we have all had a problem from time to time some of them bigger than others people have mortgages that they can't get resolved, right now the bureau is doing something i think it is really important, and they are going to shine a 1309 light on those -- spotlight on those companies responding well. we will know who is to esrthese complaintwho isn't and who is slow on the up take and if it working right it is government at its best because they are going to go to bat for you the consumers and
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get institutions to be responsive. now, we just want to make clear too, the organization or who it is that is running this data base it is n organization. >> no. >> it is the consumer financial protection bureau, set up under the todd frank bill by congress and it is by statue setting up this data base and opening up this information to the public. i think for those companies doing a good job it will be a great thing for companies dragging their heels a little bit it won't be so -- such a happy situation, but they will get the information out there, quicker and fainformation out t quicker and faster, and resolve these complaints, if they know, that the public is keeping an eye on what is happening and what they are doing. >> now again i know this is a very new tool that just came out, and the website itself
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they call it a beta version it is in its testing stannels they have just now started gatt -- stages they have just started gathering credit card company information about that, when you were looking at it what is it you found so far, just from you know the time they just decided june 1st to make them public so they have about 137 complaints, capital one is coming up with more complaints than some other companies some were in the 30s but a lot of the banks and credit card companies are being listed as having complaints and so, i think, what is going to happen, is that they are going to move very quickly to resolve them because the faster they do that, the more they will be perceived as being responsive to consumers. that is a good thing. >> the other thing, there is a timeline on this too, as to how quickly they are supposed to
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respond so can't just hang out and not be addressed. >> that's right. it is critical they have 15 days to respond s 60 days, under the rules of the bureau, to actually try to resolve the complaint and then consumers can come back and say i wasn't satisfied with the resolution. we as consumers haven't had an avenue for redress with these financial issues whether it is your mortgage, or your bank accounts or your credit card bill for the first time, you know hats off to the burrow for setting up a mechanism that requires these companies to provide a real response. >> and it just starts now with credit cards what they are taking a look at but they plan to expand this to morgang loans, student -- mortgage >> that's right they have jurisdiction over mortgages, student loan, credit cards, banking irregularities or problems people have with their banks. >> all right so a whole host of things people will be able to log on whatever the complaint
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is whatever the complaint they have they will be able to log on and do that we want to let people have a link to that site now on our website get to that data base play around a bit i know right now it is a little bit maybe confusing since it is not fully up and running but, >> yeah, worth taking a look they do show you how to break down the various data points and you can see, zip codes, see which banks come up with the most complaints and it is a very useful tool i think, in the long run it will be helpful both to banks and financial institutions and consumers. >> all right, sally green burg thanks for coming in we appreciate it. >> over to you >> thank you very much. 19 minutes after the hour now, 80 degrees coming up next, a tsa pat down gone wrong. why a woman arrested for groping an airport security official, says it wasn't just retaliation. holly. well, tony, i was just sit ising here chatting with derek
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and derek was tell megaabout this boat, a boat he is making. he's making it you showed us and you be proud, it is all because of the alexandria, sea port association how all this can translate into a high school degree and more importantly a job after high school all live later stay with us. you own this boat. 
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well, a woman who once worked as a tsa airport screener arrested for allegedly groping a tsa agent. >> caroll price was headed from florida to ohio when she was arrested she claim it is agent did not screen her properly and violated protocol. she got angry. her lawyer said her arrest was more than just retaliation. >> obviously it was retaliation she was so angry at the time
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she felt she had to express her frustration over being groped extremely inappropriately her genitals were touched twice from front and back you can see her breasts were touched numerous times with the front of the hand. >> price was arrested and charged with misdemeanour battery. now, it is amazing i have never actually really had to be patted down like that, that much. >> well, there is more back story on this, apparently, these two did not get along when they worked together, so -- >> there is more to the story there too. we are waiting to come out >> i can understand the frustration. >> oh, yeah. >> coming up in our next half hour more bad news if you work the grave yard shift why women, will want to take special note. >> yeah, but first, the nats bryce harper earns a special shout out from one of senate's most powerful lawmakers what happened next. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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>> >> i don't want to answer that question. that is a clown question bro. >> that's great. nevada senator, harry reid paying tribute to bryce harper. >> one week after the outfielder used the phrase, clown question to dodge reporters, he used it to duck a question about the president's immigration policy. >> and did it all the way. >> funny. meanwhile nats fell to the rays first game of a 3 game series last night. tampa bay scored 4 runs in the third inning but nats kept it close thanks to a 2 run homer. there it goes. after this, though, things got weird. in the 8th, skipper johnson asked the umpires to check relief pitchers glove umps then ejected him for having pine tar
9:29 am
on his glove. the final score was 5-4. rays. two teams meet again tonight. >> they got to get back on the winning track. >> the heat are one win from an nba championship they beat the thunder last night, 104-98 they now lead the best of 7 series 3 games to 1. game 5 thursday in miami. i did not thing they would do it last night. i saw at one point they were down by 10 later 17 but they are playing hard they want this. >> all right. >> did you stay up and watch the game. >> i saw -- i was up later than i should be. didn't watch the whole game. >> i am jealous. >> he gets to stay up so late we are like little kids. >> i just did. >> i was in pregame they weren't even shooting around yet >> i didn't get to the pregame of anything sadly enough. >> i hope they make it to the weekend. let's get right to your
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weather forecast, being outside a few minutes ago i am not going to call it comfortable but not terribly oppressive yet, temperatures upper 70s off and running from here and then by late today actual air temperatures mid-90s. heat advisory in just a second. 80 washington temperatures climbing sky ward, 81 annapolis, 81 leonard town, oh, frederick, 84 your temperature is climbing rapidly you get the idea, not going to take a lot to punch these into the 90s. i think we will do so, in short order here then mid-90s for actual afternoon high temperatures. we are not the only ones getting in on the heat. philadelphia, new york, 78 degrees, this heat will build over the eastern sea board here for the near term. dew point temperatures running low 70s that is very uncomfortable, that will be the other story when you combine the actual air temperature with
9:31 am
humidity, our heat index will feel like 100 to 105. dangerous heat lots of water if you are going to be working out later today working outdoors please bring animals in later today heat will be dangerous next couple days, sat rad, high pressure building through. that will give us plenty of sunshine our chances for any relief and thunderstorm activity don't get in until friday. your forecast plenty of sunshine isolated storm west of the city, well west, mountains may be a pop up storm. 96 your daytime high. winds out of the north and west, 5 to 10 later tonight, mostly clear, overnight lows, 77 degrees. just not going to cool off a whole lot temperatures will be near record minimums later tonight with overnight lows, upper 70s low 80s. your 5 day forecast, believer it or not even a lit -- believe it or not even a little hotter tomorrow highs upper 90s relief, second half of friday with a cold front that will bring through period of
9:32 am
showers, storms notably cooler and drier for the weekend warm side highs upper 80s at least humidity will be in check for the first official weekend of summer. summer arrives tonight 7:09 p.m. >> back to you at the desk. >> thank you very much. making headlines this morning firefighters continue to make head way on that massive wild fire in northern colorado, the blaze near fort collins is now 55% contained yesterday it was 50%. cooler weather expected today and possibly some rain tomorrow, it could be several more weeks though or maybe months until the fire is completely under control flames have charred 93 square miles destroyed 189 homes, the fire was sparked by lightning 11 days ago. please hurry up. please. oh, my gosh. >> ma'am listen to me how old is he?
9:33 am
>> rodney king the guy that got beat by the police >> okay how old is he? >> he is 47 years old. he is not moving he is at the bottom of the swimming pool. >> that is the first listen to the 911 call made by rodney king's fiance he was found unconscious sunday and pronounced dead an hour later. health alert now for women who work the overnight shift, researchers in france say night work increases the chances of a woman developing breast cancer by 30%, that is high but apparently not statistically significant. scientists studied 1200 women and say the risk from working nights is the same as other factors like genetics or hormone treatment for context one scientist says a smoker is 8 times more likely to get breast cancer than an other night worker. -- overnight worker putting it into perspective there. >> first the fight against obesity took aim against large
9:34 am
sugary drinks. now it could spread to other cities los angeles is one of them a city councilman wants to ban sodas from city park and library vending machines he made the point showing how 22 packets of sugar is the same amount in a 0-ounce soda and in cambridge massachusetts the mayor wants to ban soda there. but some sayen forming the public about the -- say informing the public about the sugar is more important than banning it. >> hopefully no one pours it in and drinks it. in the kitchen with former top chef mike isabella. a taste of his menu at his new georgetown restaurant. >> another out burst from actor aleck baldwin what set him off this time we will check with tmz live when we come back time 9:34 a.m. ♪
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>> once again actor aleck baldwin is waging a war with the paparazzi and a big name rapper is urging drake and chris brown to settle their beef. >> we don't have the answers but we know someone who does, dax holt good morning. >> hey there. >> hey good morning. >> good to see you. >> good to be here. >> let's start with alex baldwin i like him but, man he makes it hard to keep liking him, he is hitting people and getting mad what is going on now? >> yes, so yesterday, he left a courthouse in new york, he was there with his fiance they were filing for their marriage certificate on the way out i guess he had a con electronnation with paparazzi there are shutoffs the -- confrontation with the paparazzi.
9:39 am
there are shots of it. he is upset we reached out to alex for comment he said he was acting in self-defense where as the paparazzi, from the new york daily news said look i was just out taking photos aleck came out and attacked me. so, the nypd is looking into this incident they are investigating to see what happened but it is a he said versus he said situation andboth of them are very unhappy. >> all right we have to see every now and then paparazzi file charges. can we just say that alex looked good in the photo looked like he lost weight. >> yeah. >> i am glad you noticed he was looking good during his fight. oh, and then another photo came out right afterwards where he was leaving his apartment and covered head to toe in a big white sheet, so he looked like a ghost walking down the street in new york. pretty funny. >> you got to do what you got to do.
9:40 am
>> we all know about the fight with drake and chris brown fighting over rhianna in the club but you got a peace maker to tell us about. >> yeah, little wayne is stepping in, little wayne and drake are very best friends and he knows the power of chris brown in regards to making money on his albums, so little wayne is stepping in saying drake please just make peace with chris brown he makes the young money crew a lot of crash when he comes on does collaborations on our albums and stuff, so please reach out to him apologize and we can all move along and make lots of money i know drake is not going to apologize at the moment he is waiting for chris brown's lawyer to back down, chris brown is blaming drake for a lot of incident until he backs down he will not get his apologies from drake. >> wait and see. >> thank you very much. >> dax, we've just want to mention we love your shirt don't care what harvey says.
9:41 am
>> i appreciate it. >> all right man good to see you. harvey was getting on him last night. thank you good to see you. >> you can catch tmz every week night here on channel 5, 6:30 p.m. literally one of the most enjoyable shows on tv >> i try to catch it every night. >> sarah back to you >> i look dax's shirts too so there harvey. >> thanks guys. up next celebrity chef mike isabella cooking up favorites from his newest dc restaurant. first, we will go live to alexandria, sea port where holly morris is hanging out. we will be right back does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does.
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love that song.
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>> it will be hot though. >> just take it all the way. >> all right this morning holly morris is spending time with young people and their instructors at the alexandria sea port foundation. >> not only do they craft furniture and build boats they work on giving young students a leg up they are in the classroom this hour good morning hope you got them put to work >> we've been doing a lot of work here this morning. the classroom has many definitions this is a classroom in and of itself this is where they build the boats a two year project but there is a traditional classroom as well and that is where darrius comes in and steve hernandez. darrius is academic instructor and we will start with you. tell me how the program works in terms of helping kids get their ged >> we go through a whole list of academic subjects, strengthen their skills and make sure they get every foundation that they need, so when they sit down and take the test they don't have to worry about anything else and they
9:46 am
will pass it. >> we took some video this morning over in the traditional classroom and while it is a traditional classroom you have to think outside the box and how you teach you do did i have hent hands on -- different hands on things. >> for people who need their ged everyone goes through the academic portion. for those who have them already, we really try to do hands on things to back up what they are learning in the shop so like what you guys saw today looking at light weight structures and how forces and lows act upon a building, so, part of doing that, is for them to build something and actually see it as opposed to talking about it like a traditional classroom. >> right. for you steve you were working on the magic circle. >> that is based on geometry but we don't use that word because it might scare them we teach them fundamentals so they can then translate that into lay out some times we will go out to the dock and lay out full sized buildings and buy
9:47 am
sect angles on the boats all the time. >> about making those lessons practical. >> yeah. >> making them practical thank you all very much and thank you for the lives you are effecting. i want the bring back the executive director two things we didn't get in we want to talk about the fact you are continually expanding here and doing a middle school program. >> that's right we are working with alexandria city public middle schools working with the kids in classes and after school. we are working together, we have volunteers that come in and work together, with the career and tech ed teachers, building hands on projects, cigar box guitars >> i want to get in real quickly, the building to teach program >> yes, building to teach, our previous executive director, is still with us and taken his passion for teaching to another level we have been successful developing these programs in here and taking them outfoot irinto the country, training
9:48 am
trainers a-- taking them out into the country and training trainers. hey, darren. >> hi. >> what are you working on up there? >> putting where the screws are going to go for the fur chase. >> what do you thing about this program? >> it mean as lot to me, i have been here, for three years in the after school program and summer program, because i am still in school, so i like it. that is why i have been here so long. >> what do you thing about your future? >> i want to be an engineer >> good for you. i have a special place in my heart for engineers meanwhile i have two more wonderful young men back here working as well i want to make sure i get in with them bobby tell me about this boat here? >> well, as you can see right now we are about to put the -- it is an electric motor for the boat it is really a sailboat so you know, we -- once we get
9:49 am
this in we have to mount it and all that. >> this is a lot of work. >> yeah. >> it is hot. >> it is hot. >> it is hot you are right we are not talking about the weather, derek you were telling me, did you ever think you could do something like this? >> i know -- no. i mean, i wouldn't have ever thought about it. building a boat. >> but now you know you can >> anything is possible. >> end it right there anything is possible and that is what the alexandria sea port foundation is about. our website, we have a link. back to you in studio high five. can i go out on this boat some day? all right i got connections. >> thank you well, you know what when it smells this good in studio we know something good is cooking today, snapper tostado with a twist. chef mike thanks for coming in. >> how is it going.
9:50 am
>> well. sounds like bandalero is going well this is a little bit what you will see there. on the men you. >> yep >> chef not your typical tostados a lighter twist. >> we are modern mexican cuisine we like to put different touches on it, todayly give a demonstration how to make our snapper tostado these are healthier fresher so hot out lately and then avocado, fish and a beautiful charred mango and peanut salsa. so i will get going on that you know and i also brought a little snack for you. this is one of our salsas on the menu. it is a salsa made with pumpkin seeds. >> this is what i eat it with? chef >> you are about ready to. the little lettuce cup, cilantro, jalapenos, garlic,
9:51 am
lime juice, chilli. >> that is rocking. >> so for the -- we will get going on the salsa and here we have some charred mango so it is pretty -- we just get a really hot grill do it on the outside grill inside grill and get some color on it, and i will just gently just kind of chop this up a little bit. >> what all is in this mango. >> charred mango and peanut salsa. >> okay >> we got toasted peanuts. >> mm-hmm. >> that we will chop up and put in there. and then put this by you >> mm-hmm. >> so you could -- >> what would you like me to do with this. >> stir it up in a second. i have a spoon there. chop some peanuts up and this is kind of what is unique they use a lot of peanuts in certain sauces in central part of mexico, so i want to incorporate it in a different fashion putting it in salsa, take away the chip, the crunch but let me put a crunch in a different way that is what we
9:52 am
have here, with the peanuts, put a little peanut in there. >> i find interesting you have serious italian roots but such a range of cooking, bandalero is very different. >> it is i grew up italian but cooked a lot of stuff. here put a little shallot in there,. >> i see. >> scoop that. >> throw that in there. this is -- looks like a big potato very refreshing root very similar texture to an apple, dice some of that up, put a little of that in. >> okay. >> then i'll chop up this red chili we want a little heat in there. just take some of the seeds out of that. and -- >> did you learn a lot from chef jose -- some of the food was it inspired by what you learned with him at his restaurants. >> yeah, i worked with jose for four years i was the executive chef it was a great time
9:53 am
working there anded you know, we did -- it was greek, middle eastern you know like eastern mediterranean style food and that was a fun time, you know i have left about a year and a half ago, two years ago and you know opened up, you know i opened up grasiado it is similar to what i used to eat growing up. chilis and then cilantro. >> i love it i tear it off by the handfuls to put in anything i can get my hands on. so good. >> great in like soups and everything as well. >> brightening things up a lot. so a little bit of cilantro, and then we have -- >> i am glad you gave me the easy part. >> olive oil. >> there we go. >> and then cut a touch of lime. that will brighten up all the flavours. >> something about lemon and lime any time you add that to anything. >> makes it better.
9:54 am
>> takes it to a whole new level >> i really enjoy it we have here some lettuce -- i took romaine lettuce and cut little circles you can cut rectangles do whatever you want and will have that and i have some made over here. >> snapper. >> that is a mapper. >> we have -- snapper. >> we have lettuce cupsly take this avocado. slices of avocado. >> i want to let people know you have a book coming out september 25th, crazy italian >> crazy good italian, you know it really starts off with a lot of my childhood food cooking with my grandmother and mother when i first started cooking and it goes on throughout my career you will see dishes from top chef >> by the way you have a greek restaurant opening in january what do you not cook? >> i try to cook everything as much as possible when i was younger growing up. here we have it with a little
9:55 am
tostado a little salsa on top of that >> i am sure it is not as pretty as you could do it. >> looks beautiful >> i love it so pretty. >> so good for you. >> yeah, then we have some made here that i made earlier and some here. it is a really refreshing dish, for me you get a couple of these on a dish and fold it up like a little taco shell. >> that is good. >> really refreshing citrus in there, some sweet mango, avocado for creamness and then you have all your textures. >> fantastic. get it at bandlero. opening up lunch thursday through sunday dinner 7 days a week margaritas on tap. >> yeah, and pro sec coat grasiado. >> we will be right back 
9:56 am
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>> time for our facebook fan of the day. today we say good morning to myrtle lemon. she is a fox 5 fan every day and watches with her cat and a cup of coffee. to be tomorrow's fan of the day log on to facebook and leave a comment under am i rightles lovely picture -- myrtles lovely picture. head advisory through thursday night, extreme heat upper 90s feels like 100 to 105 lots of water outdoors bring animals in the heat will be on the toasty side for the next couple days. >> good time to go to bandalero have a margarita. >> on tap >> i know pretty great. >> on tap? >> yeah. >> wow. >> it is nice and refreshing a little blood


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