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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a local councilwoman found guilty of reckless driving, we'll show you more of this dashcam video that led to her conviction. >> also tonight the plan to bring a new casino to maryland hits a snag, why it could be off the table. >> and a metro transit police officer accused of killing a suspect. witnesses describe what they saw before the gun battle began. but up first we begin with a fox 5 weather alert as the extreme heat cooks the region. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> reporter: i'm brian bolter live outside the fox 5 studios in northwest tv where if i didn't live in your tv box in your house right now i would not be wearing suit slacks. it's 89 degrees at this hour, 10:00 in the evening.
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not going on get much better overnight. let's bring in fob 5's sue palka to talk -- fox 5's sue pa scorcher. >> i would recommend you ditch the tie if we do this tomorrow night, too. it looks like tomorrow could be hotter. today at 98 degrees is the hottest day so far in 2012. we came within 1 degree of hitting the record. tomorrow i think we could tie a record and it might, in fact, be a bit warmer. sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we want you to be ready for it. let's go the to the maps. temperatures now as brian mentioned, 89 degrees in the city, somewhat cool spots to our west, but clearly -- cooler spots to our west, but clearly this is so far above average at this time of night. we should be at 85, 86 at the peak heating of the day. you combine the humidity it still feels like 92 degrees in the district, annapolis feels like 89. we have a very hot overnight and the heat advisory which
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went until 10:00 tonight win reissued tomorrow and will run from noon until 10:00. that's because the combination of this excessive heat and the very high humidity which will probably be a little higher tomorrow will feel like 100 to 105 degrees. i mentioned records could be tied tomorrow. the record at reagan national is 98, at dulles 98, at bwi marshall it's 100 degrees. i think we are going to likely at least tie those, if not exceed them in a few spots. it should be the hottest day. it looks like we will get some relief in the form of isolated thunderstorms for a few spots tomorrow and a bit more widespread friday which should begin the process of bending this a bit. >> reporter: we talk about how dangerous this heat can be and it was today. fox 5 was on the scene when the heat became a little too much for some people. let's go up to wisconsin avenue to chevy chase where fox 5's audrey barnes has that story. >> reporter: d.c. officials activated their heat plan for the first time today. they do it any time the heat
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index hits 95 degrees and when it's this hot outside, they're urging the elderly, children and any other sensitive people to stay indoors, turn the ac on and drink plenty of water. we ran into plenty of people who ignored that advice and at least a few of them needed medical attention. this window air conditioner at francis jordan's house was no match for the heat. they had to call for emergency help when her elderly mother fell ill. >> it's a pretty large house. so these smaller units really don't cool the larger rooms at a time and i have a 90-year-old mother living here. >> reporter: while the ambulance crew was preparing to take jordan's mom to the hospital, dolores gaston walk by was overwhelmed by the heat, so they took care of her, too. >> the ambulance, they did a good job. they did an excellent job. i rate them like 10. >> reporter: while kids will want to play no matter how hot it gets, health officials say they need to be careful, too.
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as part of the city's heat plan, several cooling centers have been opened and there are a number of spray parks, too shooting out a cooling mist for the heat weary. and a number of d.c. pools will be open later than usual this week to help people beat the heat. >> i was so happy i had to ask my mom can we go to the pool today. >> reporter: how good does it feel on a hot day like this? >> it peoples so good because it's all cold -- feels so good because it's all cold of. >> reporter: this flat tire couldn't have come at a worse time. he normally rakes in tons of cash from tourists who would rather ride than walk in this heat. >> the bike itself weighs 200 pounds. so you're carrying 400 pounds at a time. >> reporter: and it's almost 100 degrees outside. >> just goes with the job. you know what i'm saying? got to make a living, right? >> reporter: beth advice for weathering this heatwave? listen to your body.
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instead of running, you just might have to walk. >> i'm only trying to go about 4 miles and you see i'm walking. >> reporter: this was your limit. >> yup, that's my limit. we're there. maybe tomorrow morning it will be better. i'll give it another try. >> reporter: i hate to break the bad news to bob and all the other joggers and bikers out there. if you couldn't handle today, tomorrow will probably be even worse. she says if you have anything physical to do outdoors, you should definitely try to get out there before noon, the hottest part of the day. of course, don't forget that museums, monuments and public libraries will offer a nice cool place to beat the heat tomorrow. >> thank you, audrey. >> reporter: even metro trying to give you a break. metro is bending the rules about bringing drinks on the buses and trains because of the heat today and tomorrow only. you're allowed to bring drinks, water, whatever on board to
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keep cool. metro says -- that's legal -- metro says you can use container that can be closed tightly to cut down on spills and leaks. the heat is not going anywhere. we aren't either. we'll be staying on top of all the heat-related developments here on fox 5. in the meantime let's go back to the ice cold studios with shawn yancy. a prince george's county councilwoman was convicted of reckless driving today. a police officer testified he had to drive more than 100 miles an hour on the beltway just to catch up with her. fox 5's john henrehan reports the police dashcam video was the prosecution's star witness. >> reporter: 35-year-old prince george's county councilwoman karen toles was driving a government suv february 22nd when a police officer said he spotted her weaving among the lanes at a high rate of speed on the capital beltway in. this part of his dash video the council member is far ahead of the police car, but you can see the speed of the chasing police car reaches 108 miles an hour.
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toles slows and exits at branch avenue. on branch avenue she stops at a red light apparently oblivious to the cruiser directly behind her with lights and siren on. then she roars forward. the police cruiser follows this time up to 80 miles an hour. corporal joseph brooks calls in the license and is flabbergasted to learn it's a county vehicle. he testified he broke off the chase because of the danger of the speed. >> all right. i'm going to stop following. they're still northbound. can you find out who that vehicle is assigned to? >> reporter: another policeman does stop the vehicle and the two officers testify they drew guns as they approached the drive. they testified karen toles -- driver. they testified karen toles approached them immediately, told them her driving was distracted by a cell phone call and by applying makeup and shows her pure displeasure at the traffic stop. she said this is why everyone
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hates the police. she's written a ticket for unsafe lane change. later police issue a reckless driving citation in. court council member toles' lawyer blamed pressure from the press for the more serious ticket. a visiting judge didn't buy the argument and found toles guilty of reckless driving, fined her $402 but said the charge will disappear from her record if she stays out of trouble for a year. john henrehan, fox 5 news. a importantly sheriff's deputy is accused of sexually assaulting an inmate. deputy sheriff lamar mcintyre admitted to having sexual contact with the woman. she said it happened yesterday at the courthouse while she was waiting for her trial. the deputy is charged with second degree rape. the sheriff released a statement saying in part, "i am outraged and saddened by this betrayal of the public's trust. such behavior goes against the oath we take to uphold the highest standards and values." house republicans voted to hold attorney general eric
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holder in contempt of congress. the move was sparked by holder's refusal to turn over justice department documents about a botched gun running sting called fast and furious. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more on today's vote. >> reporter: a high stakes showdown between house republicans. >> we will get to the bottom of dangerous weapons being allowed to go in violation of existing laws. >> reporter: -- and democrats on the fence. >> i don't think that necessarily folk were trying to obstruct, trying to cover up. i mean we go on and on and on. >> reporter: at issue a justice department gun running sting called fast and furious that sent 2,000 guns to mexico to trace them onto the black market. republicans say it was illegal. >> gun walking has been wrong, is still wrong, has always been wrong. the attorney general said this was fundamentally flawed. >> reporter: but fast and furious backfired when doj lost track of most of the guns and one of them was used by drug
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gangs to murder u.s. border agent brian terry. democrats deny a coverup. >> the only way the public is going to take us seriously is if we look at the whole story, not because we want to blame the bush administration. everybody made a mistake here. >> reporter: but president obama invoked executive privilege to block a full hand jove of fast and furious documents -- handover of fast and furious documents. in response the republican controlled house oversight committee voted 23-17 to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. virginia democratic congressman gerald connolly says republicans are on an election year witch hunt. >> this is clearly do whatever it takes to try to harm the president and the way to do that is go after one of his closest confidantes. >> reporter: but republicans like pennsylvania mike kelly said if the obama
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administration would have produced the documents, there would be no request of contempt. >> when the chief officer of the united states puts himself above the law, the question now becomes what is in that information that's so damning that we can't get it? >> reporter: but the contempt of congress charges against eric holder cannot move forward till they are proved by the full house of representatives. while all of this has been percolating there has been widespread speculation on capitol hill that house speaker john boehner has been reluctant to press forward with the contempt vote because it would be a distraction to republican efforts to direct attention towards president obama's handling of the economy. still today speaker announced he will schedule a vote on the matter next week, but they could be postponed if holder hands over the documents that republicans want to see. >> so what exactly is contempt of congress? it means any act that obstructs the work of congress including lying or withholding
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information. anyone who is held in contempt may be issued a subpoena which requires them to hand over that information. if that person of ares, they may be impeached -- refuses, they may be impeached, fined or sent to prison. janet reno was the last person held in contempt under president clinton's administration. still ahead a deadly shooting involving a metro transit officer, what witnesses heard before the shots rang out. plus. >> reporter: they say america is in crisis and that's why a nonprofit has set up these school desks from the national mall. their message will shock you. >> and you're looking at amateur video of a massive outdoor rave this weekend that ended with a police raid. how it all played out and reaction from the party hosts tonight on the news edge at 11:00. 
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maryland getting a new casino? a work group put together by governor mall mall -- governor
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martin o'malley had its final meeting today. >> the plan is on hold. the work group late today recommended against a special session to bring a sixth casino to the state. it was cause for debate because it was projected to have brought in thousands of jobs and $223 million in education funding. lawmakers were considering no. 1, whether to allow table games like blackjack at maryland's five existing casinos and no. 2, whether to bring a new casino to prince george's county. you may remember national harbor just last week announced it reached an agreement with mgm resorts for a high end casino with 250 table games, 4,000 slots. that is all now on hold. rushern baker, county executive for importantly, released this response. he -- for prince george's county, released this response. he says i am very disappointed the work group was not able to reach consensus on expanded gaming today. fortunately there is still time
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for them to come to an agreement and not leave over 4,000 jobs and 200 million for the education trust fund on the table. i firmly believe this is an important issue. it must be decided by the people of maryland and the work group should give them an opportunity to weigh in." baker is calling on the governor, state president and speaker to step in and ask the work group to hammer out an agreement. meantime o'malley's staff today said it's a lost opportunity. the governor himself expressed his own frustrations speaking to reporters this evening. staying on top of a developing story, a deadly street shootout between a man and metro transit police detective in the middle of the afternoon. it happened near the suspect's home on lory lane in lanham. fox 5's paul wagner has more on how the attempted abduction suspect wound up dead. >> reporter: the neighbor says she saw the is of run to his car and back off down the street. that's when the man under investigation described as in his 40s got into a red pickup
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truck and followed. the two somehow collided and a gunbattle ensued. >> what we know is at approximately 12:30 p.m. today metro transit police detective was here in the 7000 block of lore lane conducting this -- lory lane conducting this investigation when he came in contact with an armed suspect. the suspect opened fire on the officer. the officer returned fire striking the suspect and he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the gunfire shattered the rear window of the detective's car and left bullet holes in the windshield of the suspect's truck. >> we are very thankful, grateful that the detective was not injured today or killed. >> reporter: neighbors and family members say the man killed recently lost his job as a security guard at the pentagon and was looking for work. he's married and has two children. >> his father just passed away. his sister just passed away. he's a good dude. he was just trying to find a job help his wife take care of his family. that's all.
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he's not the type of person to be out there with no gun and abducting nobody. what they're telling you is crazy. >> some people are built to do certain things. he's not like that. he's a family man and a good guy all the way around. >> reporter: these men said they've known the man for decades and never knew him to be violent. investigators brought a mobile command post to the scene and all afternoon questioning witnesses and documenting what happened. paul wagner, fox 5 news. rescue pulls had to pull an 18-year-old man from a ravine in montgomery county this afternoon. he fell 60 feet into rat convenient between industrial parkway and stuart lane in silver spring, not clear how. he was flown to a trauma center with reportedly life threatening injuries. quite a sight on the chesapeake today. see why the bay bridge was closed for it coming up. >> and it's taken months, but work is finally underway to raise the sunken cruise ship off the coast of italy. we'll take a closer look at how it will happen coming up.
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>> plus an army veteran has trouble finding work, his solution? unthinkable. he wants to sell his medals online. how the community is trying to talk him out of it coming up. ♪
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it was quite a sight today for sun bathers looking at the chesapeake bay bridge. traffic was stopped about an hour today to let this cargo ship move through the water. the ship is carrying four large cranes. over one of those babies, 14 stories tall. it just narrowly fit under the bridge. authorities decided to close the bridge because they thought drivers would simply be too distracted. preliminary work to raise the cruise ship that capsized off the italian coast is now underway. the costa concordia's radar, swimming pool and central funnel will be removed in the come be weeks. afterwards two cranes attach -- coming weeks. afterwards two cranes attached to an underwater platform will
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pull the ship upright. tourists are flocking to the area to camp a glimpse of the massive ship before it's re-- catch a glimpse of the massive ship before it's removed. >> if there hadn't been any victims, it would have been a great attraction because it is gigantic and quite impressive, but particularly when you have children, you keep thinking of the victims and there is an ugly side to it. >> the concordia capsized off the tuscan island after hitting rocks in january. at least 30 people died. two are still unaccounted for. a veteran is considering an extreme action to get out of debt. >> and a skin condition has left this man in hiding for decades. he didn't think anyone could help, but a maryland doctor is changing his life, their story next on the news at 10:00. >> if you see a story we should look into, there's the number and e-mail address. be right back. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we have an update to a hot story that generated a lot of reaction in our 5:00 hour.
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community is now coming together to help a veteran who is considering the unthinkable. a philadelphia man han unemployed since 2009. -- has been unemployed since 2009. he tried to start a lawn care business but doesn't have the money for the proper equipment, so he decided to auction off one of his service medals on ebay. >> reporter: less than 24 hours ago not one person had offered a single penny for an army medal bill shepherd put up for sale on ebay and then his story aired on fox 29. >> when i saw them announce it was posted on ebay and it was $2,000, it was overwhelming. >> reporter: shepherd spent a year in iraq serving his country away from his wife and three young kid. when he returned, he lost his -- kids. when he returned, he lost his job to the bad economy. 2 1/2 years later he still can't find full-time work. >> i tried until the point where i started my own business and went door to door because at a certain point you can't sit around and wait for somebody to call you. you have to get active and make
10:31 pm
some money. >> reporter: the former army specialist started a lawn care business with his old push mower, but shepherd needed better equipment to make more money. so two days ago he decided to auction off one of his army medals. many of our viewers would not stand for it. >> i have a 32-inch snapper mercer lawn mower to give bill for his lawn care business. there is no way he should give up something he worked so hard for. >> reporter: just one of dozens of e-mails and phone calls. >> i want you to get your medal back. >> reporter: we received after our story aired. >> just a little assistance. anything above and beyond that that occurs will definitely be forwarded to other troops that need help. >> reporter: shepherd has come under pretty intense criticism from his sergeant who says selling the medal is a slap in the face to the military and his fellow soldiers. shepherd insists that was never his intent and is not turning a profit off of service to his country. it's also worth mentioning that shepherd did not contact us for publicity.
10:32 pm
we tracked him down after we found out about the ebay auction. claudia gomez, fox news. >> the story is getting a lot of response from cities across the country. you'd like to learn more, go to and click web links. there is good news in the district's fight against hiv and aids. d.c. mayor vincent gray says since 2006 the number of new aids cases decreased by 1/3 and the number of deaths has dropped by 1/2. d.c. area has gotten better by giving immediate treatment to those who seek help instead of making them wait to see a doctor. >> it's important to be able when people discover that they are hiv positive or frankly, moving towards having full blown aids, that they don't have to wait months and months and maybe to never be treated effectively by our systems. >> you can get tested for free at d.c. department of motor vehicles. staff members will ask you if you're interested in taking tests. if you are, they will take you to a private room and give you an oral test.
10:33 pm
if you get a positive result, they will offer comprehensive care and counseling that same day. after 25 years of being shamed an indonesian man's life is turning around thanks to a local doctor. we want to warn you some of these pictures may be disturbing to you. this man is known in his village as the bubble skin man. he's spent decades trying to find a cure for the disease that caused tumors to grow all over his body. most dermatologists gave up except dr. anthony gasperi joins us tonight. thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you. >> so manufacture your colleagues gave up -- many of your colleagues gave up and said they couldn't find a cure. what made you want to take on this challenge? >> that's the reason. when other doctors gave up, that's when i spring into action. i like the challenge. i've been practicing dermatology over 25 years and give it a try. >> how long did it take you to come up with a solution for this skin disorder?
10:34 pm
>> we worked to make a diagnosis, confirm what is his disease and then after that then we begin to plan some strategies to help him. there's no cure for this disease, but there's a lot of things i could do to improve his life and that of his family because it's a genetic condition. >> what exactly is the disease? have you treated another case? how frequently do you see cases like this? >> yes. he's got norfibrometosis. most people are familiar with the elephant man thought to have a similar condition. it's actually one of the commonest genetic diseases. there's no cure, but you could again make interventions to improve the patient's life. because it's genetic it could be passed from parent to children and indeed chandra has four children and two of the children are afflicted with the disease. >> did you actually go to indonesia to treat him or did he come here to the u.s.?
10:35 pm
>> no. i went to indonesia and flew to malong. it's on the other side of the world. it's a beautiful country. the people are lovely and i have a good relationship with a lot of doctors there. so it was a very pleasant experience and plus it gives me the opportunity to help this man and his family. >> just looking at some of the pictures when he was younger when his skin looked normal, what does he look like today and how has this changed his life? >> today he's covered with a lot of growths that are a manifestation of his condition. it's affected his life in a profound way. he's kind of ashamed to be in public. he's ridiculed by his neighbors. he's a very loving man. he cares for his family and he's also worried about his children developing the same extreme condition that he has. >> how has your treatment changed him? what i guess is we're wondering there was a physical change? explain to me exactly how your free. changed life to him. >> well, we've given him hope.
10:36 pm
we've helped him understand what's wrong with him, what we could do to help him out surgically to remove some of the tumors, particularly on his face. we counsel them about what's going to happen with his children and some of the things we could do with children and also we kind of help unravel some of the underlying internal conditions that go along with the skin disease because it is a disease where not only you get skin changes, but internal abnormalities occur as well. >> it is wonderful that you've given this man and his family hope. dr. anthony gasperi from university of maryland medical center, thanks for coming in tonight. the defense rests in the jerry sandusky case with an accusation against police. >> and congress decides whether to get involved with the nfl bounty controversy. a summer scorcher threatening to sills your bill, the heatwave sparking fears of -- sizzle your bill, the heatwave sparking fears of
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closing arguments begin tomorrow in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the defense rested its case today without calling sandusky to the stand. the defense only called four new witnesses today which include a man named david hilton who met sandusky through his second mile charity. hilton testified he spent time at sandusky's house and nothing inappropriate happened. he says when he met with police, felt like investigators were trying to coach him into accusing sandusky. congress will not take up the issue of bounties in professional spots. a few months ago illinois senator dick durbin wanted congress to decide if there should be a federal law against bounty systems like the one that rocked the new orleans saints. senator durbin met with commissioner goodell. both men agreed on what the nfl will now do to prevent the problem in the future. >> in addition to other reforms we have discussed, commissioner
10:42 pm
goodell has committed to ensuring the nfl's policies including its bylaws and constitution sufficiently prohibit bounty programs from a safety perspective. it's an important step and thank him for taking it. >> goodell said the nfl will put anti-bounty rosters in locker rooms, posters and will provide a hotline so players can report bounty activity. there will be a new section in the players handbook describing the ban. all new tonight at 11:00 a massive outdoor rave in virginia attracted hundreds nationwide and then the police, details on the rave and reaction from the party hosts. >> plus the possible new look for the verizon center and why some people are not on board at 11:00.
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the nation's high school dropout rate is alarming. the group known for administering tests like the s.a.t. is now getting involved. they took a stand today on the national mall that got plenty
10:46 pm
of people's attention. fox 5's beth parker shows us. >> i'm wondering what's happening here. >> chairs. >> school chairs. >> desks. >> bunch of desk chairs. >> reporter: what does it look like? >> a school. >> reporter: what does it look like? >> an assembly. >> setting up for something. >> reporter: here's what this is. it's 857 desks, one for every kid in the u.s. who drops out of school every hour of every school day. >> oh, my god. >> wow. every hour of every -- wow. >> this many people not like ditching school? per hour? i mean that's just crazy. i didn't have any idea. >> like nationwide or -- >> reporter: yeah. >> ridiculous. >> in the united states? >> reporter: yup. >> that shocked me completely. >> you're on the national mall within sight of the washington monument and you see this sea of desks here and you really think about it, each desk represents a student that every hour is going to drop out of school.
10:47 pm
it really drivers home the point and the crisis -- drive is home the point and the -- drives home the point and the crisis situation in this country today. >> i think it's so helpful for folks to understand. i think our biggest challenge is complacency and we need to jar people and get them to understand the reality crisis we're dealing with. >> it's the foundation for our national security, for jobs, for the economy, for healthcare and when that foundation starts to crumble, which it is, that puts everything else in peril. >> reporter: what's different about looking at this? >> you can actually quantify. you can see it, you know. it's not just some number out in space. >> i live in new york city. so i do know a lot of students who have dropped out because either they don't believe that they have a chance in the education system because maybe college is too expensive, so they'll stop right after they graduate from high school. >> reporter: what do you think happens to those people? >> don't even want to know. >> what happens to them?
10:48 pm
they're more likely to be unemployed, more likely to be incarcerated. >> it's really hard when you don't have an education, especially in this economy and i just don't think it's going to turn out well for them. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> students at the university of maryland are trying to fly a helicopter using human power alone. these students have been at this now for about four years. last summer they flew a prototype, but now they've improved the design and have tested it all week. >> someone in the department had asked on an exam question if it was possible to have a helicopter lift off under human power alone and so apparently people started talking a little bit after that. >> if the students can get their creation to hover off the ground for a solid minute and reach a height of about 9 feet, they will win a prize from a helicopter manufacturer. severe flooding in minnesota claimed the lives of several zoo ab malls.
10:49 pm
torrential down -- animals. torrential downpours turned roads into rivers in duluth. the mayor declared a state of emergency. several animals at lake superior zoo wandered or floated out of their enclosures. many animals drowned. emergency crews were able to rescue two seals and a polar bear. >> 92 degrees in 24 hours in duluth and there's a creek that runs through that zoo and they had emergency flash flooding. they called it an emergency. the polar bear was seen on the street. he just swam out. >> can you imagine trying to rescue a polar bear. >> he did live though. they had to tranquilize him. it must have been terrifying and people who run the zoo are devastated. >> meanwhile we're cooking with gas around here. >> a lot of heat and humidity. >> tom fitzgerald had the best line today. he said spring went out like a lamb and summer came in like a fire stealing heat demon. i think he coined something new, right? it's hard to say. another hot day tomorrow and
10:50 pm
probably a bit hotter. the good news is the kids are enjoying the pool and at least they're out of school. here's something great the district is doing. six public pools will be open late tomorrow and friday. they'll stay open until 8:30 and that will give the kids great place to cool off and get brake from all this. so what a good call -- a break from all this. so what a good call. that's the fun way to enjoy the heat and humidity. tomorrow will be another steam bath, 98 degrees today, 94 dulles, bwi marshall 98 degrees. we are going to probably be at least that warm, if not warmer tomorrow and i think records will be tied tomorrow or broken. meanwhile still 89 degrees at 10:00. that is crazy hot. 75 for gaithersburg, a little cooler looking towards the suburbs, but even annapolis at 83 degrees and baltimore. the bigger cities really retained that heat. we combine heat and humidity and find temperatures even
10:51 pm
warmer. it's still very hot when you look at the high temperatures across the nation today, nashville 96, st. louis 95, chicago 95 degrees. that's a rough one, too because on i lot of these older apartments are not air -- a lot of these older apartments are not air conditioned up there, but wait some relief, 70s across the dakotas and duluth in northeastern minnesota was the leading edge of the severe weather, thunderstorms and cooler air that caused their temperatures to drop. we'll start to notice that over the weekend and even late friday. get ready for another hot one tomorrow. heat advisory will be posted from noon until 10:00 tomorrow for the combination of heat and humidity feeling like 100 to 105 degrees. it includes pretty much the whole area. we're thinking d.c., 99 degrees. that would make it a degree hotter than today was, quantico about 98 degrees, frederick, maryland 98 degrees, dulles martinsburg area, culpeper to 94, annapolis 90 degrees
10:52 pm
benefiting from the proximity to water, leonardtown 92, obviously very hot for everybody. we talk about a front that's going to come help us kind of get the worst of this behind us that. will happen friday. hot one tomorrow. we have the heat advisory coming. friday afternoon a front, the same one that caused flooding in duluth, will start getting closer and as it does, so it's going to spread thunderstorms friday afternoon. so showers and storms expected then, maybe isolated tomorrow, too but only west of d.c. this should be enough to get us into the upper 80s on saturday with lower humidity, but obviously with the kids out in the heat and humidity we'll have to watch the pools and keep an eye on these thunderstorms coming through. they may feature very gusty winds thanks to the heat and humidity around here. meanwhile we didn't see much in the way of thunderstorms, wanted you to see this line of storms that we may track getting closer to us by friday. then you can see how strong and intense some of these are. there is duluth where the flooding was and all of this
10:53 pm
was over them earlier today. overnight we'll be warm and muggy dropping to 78 degrees in the city, low 70s in the suburbs. it's a hot start right from the get go tomorrow morning and a hot humid day expected with a record breaking 99 if we hit it. tomorrow's record is 98, wind out of the west, southwest 5 to 10. at 8 a.m. it could be 84 degrees, by noon 94 feeling like the upper 90s and by 5:00 99, maybe an isolated thunderstorm west of d.c., feeling like 100 to 105 degrees. so here's your five-day forecast. friday is no bargain either at 94 before the thunderstorms roll through. that's still pretty warm. saturday should feel a lot better at 88 degrees, 10 or 11 degrees cooler than tomorrow. sunday maybe a spotty storm and monday even more relief at 83 degrees. we'll talk more about the weekend on the news edge. you may remember we told you about an event called the fancy food show at the convention center?
10:54 pm
tonight we are pleased to let you know what happened to all these leftovers. many of the vendors donated the high end foods to the capital area food bank. we caught up with a few nationals players packing up some of that food to help local families. >> they told us one in every two kids is at risk of going hungry. so it's definitely a huge step for to us come out here and help the community. >> ross detwiler says it means a lot to give back to people who have given so much to the team. a new spot fire sparked by the main wildfire in colorado in an area west of craig, colorado. here's an inside look at what firefighters are up against. >> reporter: here in the poudre canyon the high park fire looks particularly intense. this what is firefighters have been battling since a week ago saturday. and here now on the south side of the poudre river crews have
10:55 pm
one mission. >> we got the fire kind of moving across this ring line and the objective is to make sure it doesn't jump the river. >> reporter: that would endanger many more homes that have been burned or threatened already. so up above -- >> got a helicopter in the air to put some buckets on the flames to cool it off. >> reporter: and on the ground members of the colorado national guard and montana and idaho hot shots try to keep the fire from jumping across the river. >> the lower the fire backs down this slope, the better chance we of have picking up a spot fire down here. so we'd like to keep that fire higher up there so if these winds start biting us, we don't have hot embers landing directly on the hillside. >> reporter: it's not glamorous work, but it is essential. entire hillsides have to be fireproofed. >> you just kind of go in a line, make sure that you're not missing any hotspots, make sure it doesn't blow up on you. >> reporter: so far so good. the fire has been mostly blocked at the river, but as
10:56 pm
these men and women know all too well this fight is far from over. it looks like someone is making prank calls to the coastguard. coming up the emergency calls that were too wild to be true, why something about the caller's language made dispatchers very suspicious. >> ahead on the news edge at 11:00 the bugs are back, which five species to watch out for this summer.
10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
the coastguard is trying to figure out if two hoax mayday calls are linked. officers received a call about a sinking ship earlier this month near sandy hook new jersey. that caller reported a yauch exploded with 21 people on board. after -- yacht exploded with 21 people on board. after five hours of searching crews didn't find anything. another call was received back in may. >> the individual used unique language we don't often hear from


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