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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 21, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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if you can't handle the heat, fly out to canada or something. we are taking a live look at reagan national where temperatures are close to 80 degrees at this hour. 4:25 on this tuesday, june # 1st. good morning. if you thought the heat was bad yesterday, get ready for today. the temperatures are expected to get even higher. when it is this hot outside, you know it can be dangerous. sure you drink lots of water, stay indoors as much as possible. there are also several cooling kenters now open around the city and a number of the spray
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parks shooting out a cool mist. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. canada? how about something tropical like mexico. tucker, are you with me, mexico instead of canada. >> i'm all about going to canada. anything for a little relief. i think we'll get awfully close to records later today. today will be the hottest day of the hot streak. let's kick it off with hd radar. we are very quiet. no shower or thunderstorm activity developed yesterday. we don't have any overnight. we don't have to worry about wet roadways, that kind of thing. not much relief provided in the form of cloud cover or showers or storms this morning. temperature, 79 degrees. the humidity way on up. winds out of the south at three
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miles per hour. more of the same today. our high temperatures later this afternoon will surge once again into the upper 90s. i think a few of us will touch 100 degrees. and if we do so, that will be some records. so a heat advisory still in effect until 11:00 tonight. back to you. >> thank you. our top stories, new fallout in the trayvon mart uncase. the chief of police in sanford florida out of a job this morning e has been fired. >> following the shooting of trayvon martin, the police chief took a leave of absence and offered his resignation but that had been rejected by the city council. ainsley earhart has the latest on the case. >> reporter: the florida police chief at the center of the trayvon merit incase has been fired. he received backlash for his officer's refusal to arrest george zimmerman after fatal shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin back in february.
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sanford's city manager released a statement about the termination t . -- it reads in part: meanwhile, police have released the 911 call made by trayvon martin's father. >> how are you? >> good, sir. >> i need to file a missing persons report. rsons report. >> reporter: during the time of the call, marten's father did not know his son had already been killed. >> you said it was your sun thats with missing.
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>> yes. >> you said how long had he been missing for? >> since last night. >> how old is your son? >> he is 17. >> reporter: zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder. he pleaded not guilty. a bail hearing has been set for june 29th. in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. the latest bid to put a casino in prince george's county has failed. they could not reach a consensus to expand gambling in the state. prince george's county executive rushern baker is calling for government to step in and hammer out an agreement. the nats at home against the rays looking to stop a four-
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game losing streak. ryan zimmerman hits it too short. stephen strasbourg went seven innings. they one to 3-2 and break that losing streak. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. good morning. a live look from our tower camper. ed high above our studio. there it is, the washington monument off to the left. get ready for a heat wave. it will be a scorcher today. as a result, the district doing everything it can to make sure you stay cool during the heat wave. today, six public pools in d.c. will stay open a little later than usual getting people a great place to get some relief. metro is pending the rule just a little bit about bringing drinks on the buses and trains because of the heat. today, you are allowed to bring and drink water. metro asked that you use containers that can be closed tightly to cut down on spills and leaks.
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>> you are not supposed. i think it catch as a lot of people off guard. >> no wonder they hooked at me strangely. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. talking about this hot weather. >> yesterday, 98 was our day time high. today, we'll probably be a degree or two warmer. >> in celebration, you have no jacket on. >> i'm trying to get up the courage to put it on. >> either that or he ironed his short and he's very proud of it. >> that too. it's hot. if you step outdoors, you know what i'm talking about. 79degrees at only 4:30 this the morning. 76 in baltimore. 77 in ocean city. 70 in winchester. a lot of humidity out there as well. our dew point temperatures are
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rising with a up in upper 60s and low 70s. heat advisory continues until 10:00 tonight. we mentioned it yesterday. and take all the necessary precautions. the heat will be extreme later today. our air temperatures will likely be a degree or two warmer today than yesterday. today will be hottest day annual start a gradual cooldown and by the weekend, it won't be cool but at least, it will be less humid. sunshine your record heat. 99 our daytime high. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> today must be red day. >> red? >> it's coral. you you must have like a tv that looked different. you look like you're wearing orange to me. what are you wearing, what color? >> red. >> is it red? >> that looks red to me. >> we'll communicate next time
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about the chores we're wearing. >> well being you look good. >> you look great. >> tucker is without the jacket. on a day like this, you don't fight the hair. you just put opportunity, go with it and hope for the best. >> it looks great. -- we'll communicate next time about the colors we're wearing. >> light volume continuing across the potomac at speed as you head out to the potomac crossings. no problems reported leaving university boulevard headed around towards 270. southbound, 270, they are pucking up all -- picking up all of this roadwork. they had only the right lane getting by. looks like they cleared the construction. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the police chief in sanford, florida has been fired. former chief bill lee was
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terminated yesterday following months of criticism regarding his initial investigation into the fatal shooting of 17-year- old trayvon martin. lee received a backlash for his officer's refusal to arrest george zimmerman after the february incident n march, lee took a leave of absence and in april offered hi resignation but that was rejected by the city council. the defense rests in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial and closing arguments are set for this morning. the former coach did not take the stand as defense lawyers had hinted. they only called four new witnesses yesterday chug a doctor would tried to poke holds in the story of coaching assistant mike mcqueary who testified i heard sexual sounds and saw a boy in the shower with sandusky. a big story making head lines, less than a week after a grand announcement of bringing a las vegas style casino to the national harbor, that plan is
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dealt a major blow. lauren demarco is live at the national harbor with all the new developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, will. it looks like the talk have collapsed and those plans to bring a casino to prince george's county for now are on hold. they failed to reach a consensus meaning there will be no special session on the issue. they were considering whether to allow table games at maryland's five existing casinos and whether to bring a new casino to prince george's county. it was projected that a sixth casino would have brought thousands of jobs and education money to the state. they were concerned about a part of the plan that would allow casino owners to keep a larger share of slot proceeds than under existing law.
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prince george's county executive rushern back -- baker had this tosay: d this tosay: now, there was just an agreement announced last week between national harbor and mgm resrts to bring a high end casino here to national harbor. all of that put on hold for now. -- and mgm resorts. the d.c. man accused of killing his wife is due in court today. police say albrecht muth murdered his wife last august. doctors at st. elizabeth hospital have again said muth is incompetent to stand trial. muth continues to claim he is a general in the iraqi army and
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that his wife's death was a hit by iranian agents. a judge has found a prince george's county councilmember guilty of reckless driving. karen toles was ticketed last february for driving more than 100 miles per hour on the beltway. she claimed she was late for an appointment and was distracted using her cell phone and putting on makeup. she was fined $402 but was given probation before judgement. that means her conviction will be dropped if they stays out of trouble for the next year. in our other big story, a contempt vote against the attorney general and the white house is reactioning sharply to the move to cite eric holder for contempt. the party line vote in the house oversight committee yesterday was followed by a decision by president obama to exert executive privilege in refusing to turn over documents. lawmakers want to know more about the failed gun tracking program called fast and furious which sent guns to mexico. weapons ended up at crime scenes including the murder of
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a u.s. border patrol agent. a contempt vote in the full house could come next week. a spectacular and destructive site in one signed. >> the home owner actually saying they fell lucky this morning. we'll explain why. ♪
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some stories making headlines. fire fighting planes battling a massive wildfire in central colorado are back up in the air after being grounded. the temporary move is order as a precaution following reports of meteor sightings. the fire near colorado springs has scorched nearly two square miles. firefighters are also battling a blaze that has burned more than 100 square miles in the northern part of the state. check this out a giant sinkhole swallows up part of this house in florida.
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it opened up yesterday afternoon. quickly made it looks like the house was turned inside out. fortunately, this was the lucky part. the home owner wasn't there. the damage attracted plenty of onlookers gasping at the damage. the woman would lived in the house is a widow would lost her husband a few years back. a virginia inventor says the design used to stop the bp oil spill was his idea. he is suing two companies involved in resolve suggest the disaster. charles adams claims he create a capping device with an effective seal in 2010. he says an engineering firm violated a nondisclosure form giving his drawings to helix. they developed a working model from those that contained bp's oil spill. adams believes he lost at least $150 million. layoffs could be coming to
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american airlines after the pilots reject the company's latest contract. the union voted 11-5 to reject the offer. the verdict ides on center could be getting a new look. specifically, the outside. >> ted me opposition' vision for the immediate future but not everyone is cold on it. >> temperatures today will be even warmer than yesterday. we'll be flirting with records. we'll have all the detail on the weather. julie wright has a look at the traffic too. we'll do it right after the break. 
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temperature, 79 degrees out there already, folks. we are take live look at washington, d.c. right now. it will warm up quickly. this is the big hot day, isn't it, tucker? this is like the hot -- >> this is the core of the heat. >> the core of the heat. we are in the core. >> the core of the heat. not sure if it's good thing but yeah. high temperatures today, only a degree or two warmer than yesterday. >> you guys are talking about escaping the heat in canada.
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what is the weather like? >> we looked at toronto, 90. >> cancun, mexico, 84. >> it is cooler in mexico than in canada? what's going on. >> one thing for sure, it is always hot in the summer in washington. we'll have another hot one today. hue temperatures yesterday, no records. a high temperature at reagan national, 98 degrees. our record for today is 98 degrees set back in 1988. a lot of 8s in this forecast. better chance we'll do some of the temperature records later today than yesterday. 79 right now in washington. these are extremely warm temperatures and our dew point temperature are up again.
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78 in annapolis. 81 currently in quantico. 70 in manassas. these temperatures will jump quickly. yesterday, between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning, we jumped nine degrees. when we mix in the humidity later today, it will feel like 105 later this affect. that is why we have the heat advisory. not expecting any thunderstorms today. it is possible but our chances for storms aren't very good. you can see how quiet it is. we do have relief on the map. out to the west, out toward chicago, that is a cold front. it will kick off showers and storms and cool us down. the best part, less humidity for the weekend. not going to be cool this weekend but with high temperatures in the upper 80s and less humidity, it should feel better around here by
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saturday and sunday. 99 today, sunshine, near record heat. perhaps record heat. winds out of the north and west at five to 10. partly cloud you, warm and huged overnight. overfeat lows in the upper 70s to near 08. we will see more in the way of cloudiness tomorrow and highs in the low to mid-90s. less humidity, highs in the upper 80s by saturday and sunday. i think most of the weekend should be nice and dry too. that is a look at your weather forecast. let's do some traffic. julie wright is checking it. >> good morning, tuck. on the roads right now, you will find your lanes are open. the overnight roadwork we had in place loafing old georgetown road to the exist for the inner loop of the beltway has cleared. lanes are open. no problems continuing on down to the inner loop. 395 here at the 14th street bridge as you work your way inbound towards the potomac, accident activity pulled over to the left shoulder. lanes are open and this is right at the exit that would take you guys on to the
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northbound gw parkway. w parkwa that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the verizon center may soon get a makeover. its management is asking dietz council to alhow them to expand the advertising outside the massive building. >> it would mean millions for the company and also more than $2 million in local tax revenue. some worry what the changes will look and sound like. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: since the late '90s, the building now called the verizon center has attracted thousands of new naacps, hundreds of new businesses and millions of pedestrians. -- thousands of new neighbors. >> we'll take big cloth signs and make them smaller, digital signs. >> reporter: ted leonsis, who
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owns the washington capitals and the wizards along with the verizon center, says the new signs will look like this. they will wrap around in some places and will allow the company to sell more advertising. >> with the digital nature of the signs, it allows us to have a revolving inventory. >> reporter: some are concerned the new signs just won't look good. >> more ions on it will only make more visual clutter. >> reporter: tom bauer with the dupont circle conservancy worries if the verizon center is ad loud to put the new signs in, it could spread. >> there will be nothing to stop the owner of other buildings from seeking to take advantage of this option. >> reporter: nearby businesses who were first concerned about the sign changes are now pleased with what verizon center management has to say about the new technology. they will emit less light, less noise and leonsis hopes will serve as a place for people to gather and watch together history in the making.
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>> i hope one day we are competing for a championship and it will allow us to show the game to our fans outside. i think that, if there is something dramatic happening in our city like an inauguration, that that would be a wonderful gathering place for people to share in that and be able to watch things. >> reporter: by selling new advertisements on these new screens, the district could benefit by generating millions of dollars in tax revenue. all of this money will be used to either support the team or pay down the mortgage at the verizon center which currently stands at $125 million. in the newsroom, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> that fight will continue. we'll see what happens there. remember that sunken cruise ship off the coast of italy? it is still there. >> coming up next, crews finally get ready to start raising that capsized ship but how long will it take.
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we'll find out. first, lori rothman has this morning's business report. >> forget the steaming hot weather, try the cold, hard cash. the federal reserve announcing it will pump out more stim thus to try to help pump up the economy. slowdown around the globe slowing down business at proctor & gamble. the maker of tide and gillette products cutting its growth forecast has demand drops from europe. not only can you buy a stake in sunday at burger king, you can buy a stake in the company. he that is business. i'm he lori rothman.
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-- i'm lori rothman.
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welcome back. time now, 4:54. it was quite a sight for sunbathers looking out at the chesapeake bay brim. traffic on the brain brame was stopped for about an hour yesterday to let the cargo ship move through the water. the ship was carrying four large cranes, each one 14 stories tall. authorities decided to close the span because they thought drivers would be too distracted. -- traffic on the bridge was stopped for about an hour. the cost aconcordia radar and central funnel will be removed in the coming weeks. yfer wards, two cranes will pull the ship upright. the operation is expected to take up to a year.
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isn't that amazing. -- afterwards, two cranes will pull the ship upright. >> if there hadn't been any victims, it would have been a great attraction because it is. >> i gaptic and it is quite impressive but particularly when you have children, you just keep thinking of the victims and there is an ugly side to it. -- because it is gigantic. the washington wizards have pulled off a trade. we'll tell you who is out and who is in. >> plus, a dose of harper and a healthy serving of strasbourg too. that is coming up next. 
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in our sports breakfast, the nats look to snap a four- game losing streak against the
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rays. first inning, no score for bryce harper. he singles to center to take a 1-0 lead. the nats would core three in the first and stephen strasbourg went strong seven innings. the nats win 3-2. the orioles tried to avoid a sweep to the mets. eighth inning, new york up 4-0. they cut the lead in half. a two-run homer to right. baltimore would add another run in the ninth but roberts grounded out to end the game. the orioles lose 4-3 and get swept out of the big apple. a reminder of the next battle of the beltway. the nats and orioles are on fox 5 this saturday. you can catch the action starting at 7:00 p.m. the wizards sent lucy and a second round pick to the hornets in new orleans for two players. players.


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