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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> a live look outside this thursday, june 21st. the u.s. capitol there. get ready. another sweltering day outside. >> expected to be the hottest day of our mini heat wave we are having here. when temperatures get this high, it can be very dangerous. make sure to drink lots of water, stay indoors as much as you can. there are also several cooling centers. >> and if you take the metro, you can drink water legally now because metro is bending the rules about bringing drinks on the buses and train because of the heat. just like yesterday, today, you are allowed to bring and drink water.
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i emphasize water. metro says you can use containers but they should be tightly closed to cut down on spills. >> i've got the rules now. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. all you need to do is take a starbucks on metro and someone reminds you. >> i haven't done that. just like you have the water with you. you carry it around when you go places. i pick it up and -- oh, that's right. >> sarah has a little canteen that they brings on. >> yeah, carry it. >> we are in the midst of this heat wave and we'll do it for another day today. heat advisory is still in effect until 10:00 tonight. these temperatures just not cooling off a whole lot overnight. that is part of the issue when you get the heat waves. the temperatures during the overnight hours just don't
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cool. 78 at reagan national. 73 in leonardtown. salisbury, 76 degrees. we'll open it up for you a little bit. we are not the only ones. 18 in new york. ng look at new it is 80 in boston. i think we'll get close to 100 later this afternoon. so, again, dangerous heat is here for another 24 hours or so. dew point temperatures. that is the other story. humidity, way on up overnight. current dew point temperature in washington. 73degrees. that is in the uncomfortable range to say the least. our humidity will be a big factor. hazy, hot and huge you had conditions. afternoon high temperatures, upper 90s. if we hit 99 degrees, we'll break records we set back in 1988. >> it might just happen. >> hooks like it probably will. >> let's check if with julie wright. >> just for the record, folk at
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home, i want you to know, it is not a canteen that sarah is carrying around. after working with those two to the left and right, it is a flask. >> i'm trying to keep my angelic image. >> too late. >> all right. on the roads this morning, we've had our share of problems. v-d.o.t. has been moving the camera around to give us an idea of how slow it is coming across the 14th street bridge. the accident activity here right before that exit to go northbound on the george washington parkway. that is where the crash occurred. some traffic is able to get by to the right under police direction ti. particular moment, it looks like all traffic is stopped. northbound 395 starting to build in volume early as you make your way north of boundary channel drive headed for the potomac. accident activity at the left hand exit to go northbound on the george washington parkway. no one is getting by on the bridge. no one is coming across headed
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towards the southeast-southwest freeway. you will find if you are traveling on the george washington parkway, your lanes are open. expect that ramp to head inbound across the 14th street bridge to start backing up as well. southbound 270, lanes are open, no problems to report leaving 109 headed out towards the scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. the police chief in sanford, florida has been fired. this after months of criticism regarding his initial investigation into the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. former chief bill lee was terminated yesterday after receiving backlash for his office's refusal to arrest george zimmerman immediately following martin's death in february. city officials say they let lee go because the police chief needs to be trusted and respected by the entire community. we are hearing 911 calls from martin's father the night he was shot. >> how are you? >> good. how are you today, officer could good, good, good. i need a file a missing persons
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report because it hasn't really been 4 hours. 4 hours. - - been 24 hours. s. but i'm practice miami and my son is up here with me and he don't know anybody up here. >> when the call was made, marten had already been killed. closing arguments are set in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. seven women and five men are about to hear arguments from prosecutors and defense lawyers this morning. testimony that was sometimes explicitly tbraffic wrapped up after morning a week yesterday when sandusky's defense team rested and did not call their client to testify. there was some back and forth over whether that was going to happen. after this morning's closing argument, the jury could start meeting sometime this afternoon. another big story we are
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following. a contempt vote against the attorney general. the full house could vote next week on whether to hold eric holder in contempt of congress. at issue are documents relating to the fast and furious gun operation that sent illegal wentens to began cartels in mexico. the ideas with to track them but the government lost them, 1400 guns. president invoked executive privilege to withhold documents demanded by the panel. the latest bid to put a las vegas style casino in prince george's county has failed. both the county executive and governor martin o'malley haven't given up hope of bringing another casino in just yet. lauren demarco is live this morning at the national harbor with all the details. hopefully, you are staying cool out there. >> reporter: so far, so good, will. as far as the national harbor, you recall that just last week
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they made an agreement with mgm resorts for a high-end casino in prince george's county. for now, it does look like that is all on hold. a work group failed to reach a consensus meaning that there will be no special session on jewel 9th. the group is considering whether to allow table games like black jack at maryland's five existing casinos and whether to bring a new casino to prince george's county. it was projected that i sixth six -- that a sixth casino would bring in thousands of jobs. a spokesperson for governor o'malley says a special session is still not out of the question. the governor reserved the right to call a special session on this issue or any other important issues confronting the state. meanwhile, prince george's county executive rushern baker said this is still time for
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them to come to an agreement and not leave 4,000 jobs and over $200 mill ron in additional revenue for the maryland education trust fund on the table. now, according to the "washington post," while it is still possible for another second special session, it is up likely and that is because there would have to be reason to believe that the outcome would be different than what was suggested after yesterday's event. back to you in the studio. caught on camera, an attack "automobile bus actually woman walking away -- wailing away on a man delivering a flurry of punches and elbows to the head. look at her go. >> oh, my gosh. we'll have details of this attack as we check more headlines. 
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making headlines, an unusual development in the battle against a wildfire burning in central colorado. fire fighting planes were briefly grounded following reports of meteor sightings. that temporary order has since been lifted. the fire near colorado springs has forced nearly two square miles. crews are also battling a fire that has burned more than 100 square miles in the northern
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part of the state. get ready for this video. philadelphia police or the hunt for a woman accused of wailing on a guy on public transportation. here is the video authorities released. it is surveillance video of a woman in pink, pink of all colors by wait, beating the 35- year-old on board a bus last month you can see her sit down if i second being look at her go. one punch after another. elbows the guy. the victim says he has never even seen the woman before. police have no idea what provoked it. leroy neiman has died at the age of 91 in new york. among his subs were boxing legend mohammed ali and joe namath. he got a start as a fidel castro lancer for playboy in the 1950s but went on to paint presidents and jazz musicians. he die yesterday of natural causes.
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get ready for i summer invasion. we are talking about bugs. >> up next, the bugs you might see more of this summer. we'll have the list. we hate bugs. >> i just bought my bug spray yesterday. >> all right. yes. that is attractive. temperature are going to be back in the upper 90s. we'll see if we break records later today. i'll have the detail on that. heat advisory remains in effect as well.  [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair...
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it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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the skies starting to lighten up just a bit. sun is coming up and already 79 degrees out there. so, with the sun coming up, it will be even hotter on a very hot summery day. >> check this out. i'm already sort of hitting myself. get ready to battle the bug this summer. experts predict an increase in mosquitos, ants, water bugs, ticks and bees. you can thank our mild winter and wet spring for creating just the perfect conditions for bugs to populate. i literally bought two bottles yesterday. bugs free me out. >> me too. all three of us. >> i pulled the trash cans back yesterday and i came in and i had three bug bites. >> yesterday in. >> yes. they're that bad. >> they are bad in the heat and
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humidity we've had the last couple of days. so thins will be a little extreme to the next few days. temperatures right now, we are doing that thing where we don't cole off overnight. there you go. 78 now at reagan national. our dew point temperatures are running well into the 70s. so very up comfortable air. 78 in annapolis. i'm looking for 80 at martinsburg. these temperatures will jump once again. we saw in the live shot, the sun will be up momentarily. once it does so, the temperatures will jump to the upper 80s. we'll see how far they surge but likely to be in the 90s. the heat advisory back in effect until 10:00 tonight. you combine the actual air temperature near 100 and plenty of humidity and it will feel
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like 105 in some spots later today, maybe 105 plus. we'll start to get relief tomorrow. tomorrow won't be quite as hot as today. we'll still be in the 90s but we do have relief on our satellite-radar this morning. quiet conditions this morning. high pressure just luke yesterday. we'll have a lot of sunshine later this afternoon. we might get a pop-up thunderstorm or two out to the west. most of our day will be dry. that is our relief. you can see the green on the map. that is the shower activity. that will start to push toward the washington area during the day tomorrow. we'll have more in the way of cloud cover and an increasing chance for showers and storms around here by tomorrow afternoon. so get ready for some relief seeing some rain showers as well. if you are out to the west, maybe a pop-up storm for you and then overnight tonight, we'll see some clouds and by late morning, early afternoon tomorrow, we'll see some showers and storms move in. behind this front, nice relief
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here for the weekend. less humidity with some slightly cooler temperatures. otherwise, enjoy. 99degrees today. sorry about that. sunshine, near record heat f we do hit 99, that will be a new record. very warm and humid overnight. here is your five-day forecast. a little better tomorrow. 93. saturday and sunday look much better, less humidity, upper 80s. by tuesday, wednesday, our highs will only be in the low 80s. the good news this is heat wave will only last a couple of days. that is weather. let's do traffic and julie wright has got your latest. >> are you having another pool party outside our fox 5 studio like you did yesterday? >> i'm hoping to a little later. yeah, get out the suntan lotion. >> get out the banana boat. i was waiting for you to pull out your floaties and put them on the arms. >> i got to wait until later this morning to see that. >> that was quite a sight. traffic now getting by to the
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right single file coming from the pentagon headed inbound across the bridge. accident activity along the left side of road now blocking. you can see the flares are out here. this is actually the ramp that would take you guys to the northbound bw park way and back up towards the memorial bridge. that ramp remains closed right now towards it is memorial bridge because of this crash. coming from the pentagon, you squeeze by single file to the right. here is the ramp that would lead you on to the bridge and continue over to theast- southwest freeway. delays early on 395 as you guys travel northbound leaving boundary channel drive headed inbound towards the bridge. southbound 270, a better ride. no problems to report loafing hyattstown headed out towards the scales. lanes are open germantown headed out to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. an 1-year-old is reportedly suffering from life-threatening injuries this morning after plummeting into a ravine in montgomery county. this happened yesterday afternoon between industrial parkway and stewart lane in silver spring. rescue workers had to pull the victim out after he fell 06
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feet. official are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. the victim's name has not been released so far. an interesting display on the national mall. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> they say america is in crisis and that is why a nonprofit has set up these school desks on the national mall. their message will shock you. 4
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a live look outside right now at the wilson bridge. 78degrees outside. it is only 5:23 in the morning. it will ruse a lot high are than that. the nation's high school dropout rate is alarming. so much so that the group nonfor administering tests like the s.a.t. is getting involved. >> they got plenty of people's attention. beth parker shows us. >> i'm wondering what is happening here. >> school chairs. >> a bunch of desk chairs. >> what does it looks like? >> a school. >> an assembly. >> reporter: this is 857 desks. one for every kid in the u.s. who drops out of school every hour of every school day j oh, my gosh. >> every hour of every -- wow. >> this many people not -- per
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hour? that is just crazy. i didn't have any idea. >> nationwide? >> yes. >> ridiculous. >> in the united states? >> reporter: yep. >> you are on the national mall. you are within sight of the national monument and you see this sea of desks here and you think about this. retch desk represents a student that every hour is going to drop out of school. it really drives home the point and drives home the crisis situation in american education today. >> reporter: the secretary of education, even you are shocked by this visual. >> i think it is so helpful for folks to understand. our biggest problem is complacency. you just jar people. >> it is the foundation for our national security, for jobs, for the economy, for health care. when that foundation starts to crumble, which it is, that puts everything else in per ill. >> reporter: what is different about looking at this? >> can you actually see it.
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it is not just some number out there. >> i do know a lot of students who have dropped out because they don't believe that they have a chance in the education system because maybe college is too expensive so they'll stop after they graduate from high school. >> reporter: what do you think happens to those people? >> don't even want to know. >> what happens to them, they are more likely to be up employed. they are more likely to be incarcerated. >> it is really hard when you don't have an educationings, especially in this economy. i just don't think it is going to turn out well for them. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> you look at that and it does help you quantify. >> you see that right there. a wild ride for a woman. her car ended occupy a golf course right in the middle of the sand trap. how did she get there? >> ahead in about 14 minutes,
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why she blames her gps system. at some point, you say this does not look like a road. >> you say lady, this is not how you meet tiger woods. >> lauren is also following a big story. >> reporter: it seem like a lot of momentum was building behind the plan for a casino at the national harbor. now, it looks like those plans have been put on hold. all of those details coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
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welcome back on this thursday, june 21st. could be setting some records today heatwise. things look pretty warm out there already this morning. you will notice as you step outside. humidity high and so are the temperatures. >> i think tucker said we have to hit 99 to make a record today. we might just do it. here is one way to stay cool during this heat wave. d.c. is keeping the public schools open today, at least six of them. they will stay open later than usual giving you a great place to get some relief. they will be open until 8:30 this evening. >> or run through a sprinkler. >> that is great. >> i haven't been to the pool yet this season. i have to go. >> you can do water balloons. something with water. >> anything to stay cool. >> anything. let's do temperatures and overnight, we just did this last night as. we our temperatures aren't falling back a whole lot overnight. part of the problem with the heat we've is the overnight temperature don't really cool down. when you are starting your day in the upper 70s and low 80s,
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it is not going to be a terribly comfortable afternoon. right now, 78 in washington. 76 in baltimore. you can see all the heat. yesterday, we had a few spots in the 60s. awed today, we are in the 70s. 76 in ocean city and 72 in winchester. looking at our radar, not a lot to talk about. yesterday turned into a mostly sunny day. today will be more of the same with that lift aring heat developing through the afternoon. high temperatures later today, how about upper 90s. i think a few of us will touch 100-degree later today. better chance today that some records will fall than yesterday. we are lucky to get record heat around here for the first full day of summer. extreme heat, near record heat, 99 your daytime high. some relief tomorrow and then much improvement for the weekend. i'll have the details in just a minute. >> we may only be in the 80s. it is now hello, julie wright wearing red and i notice you
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have your matching red watch there. >> you know, you got to match. you got to do that. by the way, there is word on twitter that tucker and i are having a super soaker contest so tucker, i hope you're ready for that. >> i can't wait. i'll take you down. >> is that the big gun thing? >> the big water gun. be ready. the accident activity that was northbound 395 coming across the 14th street bridge still in may here sand still blocking the ramp that would lead you guys over to the northbound stretch of the bw parkway. traffic coming from 395 heaving the pentagon at boundary channel drive. traffic coming off of this ramp here from the gw parkway does so with ease. no problems to report there as you guys cross the potomac. it will be northbound where you need to line up early to get by the scene of this crash.
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lanes are open on the other side of town. southbound 270 slow. inbound new york avenue, no trouble spots to report right now. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. new fallout in the tray 70s martin case. police chief in sanford, florida, has been fired. former chief bill lee was terminated yesterday following months of criticism regarding his initial investigation into the fatal shooting of 17-year- old trayvon martin. lee received backlash for his office's refusal to arrest george zimmerman after the february incident. in march, lee took a leave of absence and in april offered his resignation but that was rejected by city council. closing arguments in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. the defense rested its case without calling sandusky to the stand yesterday. lawyers for the former assistant football coach only called four new witnesses. one was aman named david hilton who met sandusky through his
5:34 am
second mile charity. hilton testified he spent time at the sandusky house and nothing inappropriate happened. he says, when he met with police, he felt like investigators were trying to coach him into accusing sandusky. sandusky. a big local story making headlines. another setback in the effort to bring a vegas-style casino to prince george's county. a work group formed by governor martin o'malley cooperate reach a consensus. so where does it go from here? lauren demarco is live at the national harbor. >> reporter: you remember just last week the national harbor had the agreement with mgm resorts for a a casino at the national harbor. a work group has failed to reach a consensus. that mean there will be no special session on july 9th. the group was considering whether to allow table games at
5:35 am
maryland's five existing casinos. according to the washington post, three americans on the work group were currented bay part of the plan that would allow casino owners to keep a larger share of lots proceeds than under existing law. any major gambling plan would require both legislative and voter approval. if there is no movement this year, the next opportunity for the issue to be brought before voters would be 2014. a spokesperson for governor o'malley says i special session is still not out of the question. the governor reserved the right to call a special session on this issue or any other important issue con fronting the state. prince george's county executive rushern baker said fortunately, there is still time to come to an agreement and not leave 4,000 jobs and over 200 mull ondollars in additional revenue for the maryland education trust fund on the table. -- over $200 million. it is unlikely for the governor to call a special
5:36 am
session because they would need to believe that the outcome would be different than that suggested after yesterday's meeting. back to you. >> thank you. a prince george's county sheriff's deputy is accused of sexually assaulting an inmate. detectives say deputy sheriff lamar mcentire admitted to having sexual contact with the woman. she says it happened tuesday at the courthouse while she was waiting for her trial to begin. the deputy is charged with second degree rape. sheriff melvin high released a statement saying in part, i am outraged and saddened by the betrayal of the public trust. such behavior goes against the oath we take to uphold the highest standards and values. a judge has found a prince george's county councilmember guilty of reckless driving. remember karen toles? she was ticketed last february for driving more than 100 miles per hour on the beltway. she was fined $402 but was
5:37 am
given probation before judge machine. that means her conviction will be dropped if she stays out of trouble for the next year. our other big story, a contempt vote in congress. a house panel voted to cite attorney general eric holder for contempt and the full house could vote on this next week. the white house is accusing republicans who control the house oversight committee of engaging in a fishing expedition. lawmaker have demanded documents related to the justice department's botched gun running operation known as fast and furious. but president obama is claiming executive privilege for the first time and is refusing to happened over the documents. a wild ride for one woman. her car ended up on i agolf course smack dab right in the middle of of a sand trap. how it it end up there? >> she blames her gps system but there is a lot more to the story as well. you will see the video too as we continue to check more headlines on this thursday morning. 
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an inventor from virginia is making headlines this morning. says the design for the cap that was used to stop the b perform oil spill was his idea. charles adams is suing hewitt energy collusion and cameron international. adams says he create a capping device with an effect qif seal
5:41 am
in 2010. claimed an engineering if i recall violated a nondisclosure form giving his drawing to healey. he he they allegedly passed those models onto cameron. adams believes he lost at least $150 million. more than 120 stolen artifacts worth up to $5 million or returned to a chicago museum. among the items, document, military medals and letters signed by abraham lincoln and thomas jefferson. some date as far back as the 18th century. they were returned after the fbi got i tip from an antique deal are who bought some of the items. they went missing back in the 1970s and 1980s. it is not what you tip inally fine on a golf course. check this out. a 47-year-old massachusetts woman was just driving down the street along the golf course. she took a right into the course. she eventually drove on to the fair way and down and eight-
5:42 am
foot-drop into a sand trap. luckily no one hurt including herself. police say the woman admitted to drinking. >> there we go. y the big price. admitted to drunking a half liter of vodka that morning. that is a lot. >> yeah, it is. >> that is like a full party time nine. but later, she blamed the incident on her gps malfunctioning. >> i think there was another malturf there. preliminary work is now under way to raise the crew ship that capsized off the coast of italy in january. the cost that concordia's radar, swimming pool and central funnel will be removed in the coming weeks. then two cranes will pull theship upright. the operation expected to take up to a euro and cost -- up to a year and cost up to a million
5:43 am
dollars. your sizzling hot forecast. we are taking a look at 207 right now. it is going to be a hot one. take precautions. -- we are taking a look at 270 right now. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients,
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from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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a live look outside right now. that looks like an abstract painting in sarah's house. they call day humid. that is the name. check this one out. two french men are taking a daring journey across the atlantic. they are rowing a boat from massachusetts to france. men left yesterday carrying the food and supplies needed for the trip. that does include a few bottles of red wine. of course, they are heading to france. both men on the journey are serious rowers. >> don't drink and row. >> look like a fancy row boat though. >> i want like the old- fashioned row boat. >> i guess you would need one where you could sleep too. >> yeah. you got to sleep. that is a long journey. >> if you're going to do it, gout to do it right. >> we've got some drinking in
5:47 am
here. the wine, last lady. >> i know. >> maybe it's the temperatures. >> they say drinking with the hot weather is not a god idea. >> no, and people know that. >> reagan national, 78 degrees right now. maeing me dance around here this morning. >> not making you dance. >> 78 in appear appear list. 73 in leonardtown. let's see if we can find any places that nor in the 70s. cumberland, good morning to you in western maryland. 68 in cumberland. i guess that is a little better. temperatures are half the story. dew point temperature are in the low 70s so our humidity is way up. it feels look a wet banquette as soon as you step outdoors. with the sun up just a few minutes ago, our temperatures will quickly warm. because of that, the heat advisory continues and we'll
5:48 am
see temperatures jump i think well into the 1r0 here by about 10:00 this morning and then we'll be off and running. we'll see the record temperatures out there later this afternoon as we've got one more day of blistering heat and then some relief in the form of a cold front which will get in here second half of the day tomorrow. so the good news for this particular blast of heat, it is not going to last a terribly long period of time. there is your satellite-radar. big dome of high pressure there. this will bring us the relief in the form of cloud cover and some showers and storms not today but tomorrow. and then behind that front for the weekend, it will deliver much more refreshing air. it won't be cool around here this weekend. but at loft, it will be less humid with highs in the upper 80s instead of upper 90s. here is your forecast for today. heat advisory continues. plenty of sunshine. near record heat. 99 the day time high. that would be the record. winds out of the north and west at five to 10 miles per hour. partly cloudy skies. just warm and humid overnight. we are not going to cool off
5:49 am
again overnight into tomorrow morning. we will get some relief by tomorrow afternoon. here is your five-day forecast. i mentioned the 99 today. 93 tomorrow. behind the front, things cool down a little bit. less humidity for the weekend. highs in the upper 80s. that is your weather forecast. let's get the latest from julie wright and find out if people are having fun on the first day of summertime. >> not yet. i got to tell you, bumper-to- bumper traffic is never a good thing. but if you are doing it and you are stuck out on the beltway, well that just adds insult to injury. >> right now, better news on those traveling 395. the crash here before the 14th street bridge is gone. lanes are open and traffic is moving again as you head inbound toward the 14th street bridge. the beltway looks good between annandale and merrifield. no problems to are with the toll road in good shape 2 towards the beltway. the top stretch of the beltway, no accidents to report he have looking college park headed past university boulevard. still an easy drive south on 95
5:50 am
and 295 coming in out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. the washington wizards have pulled off a prehigh pressure draft trade. up next, we'll tell you who will be suiting up for our hometown team. >> plus, bryce harper and steven strasbourg try to snap the nats losing streak. will they? >> that is coming up. 
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5:52 am
the nats look to snap a
5:53 am
four high pressure game losing streak against the rays. first inning, no score from bryce harper. he singles to cent are to take a 1-0 lead. ryan disciple man steps it up and hits it to short. the throw to third gets away. the nats would score three in the first though and steven strasbourg went strong seven innings. the nats win 3-2. the orioles tried to avoid the sweep for the mets. eighth inning, new york up 4-0. they cut the lead in half. baltimore would add another run in the ninth but ryan roberts grounds out with the bases loaded to end game. the orioles lose 4-3 and they get swept out of the big apple. the next battle of the beltway, the nats and the orioles right here on fox 5 this saturday. can you catch the action starting at 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. to the nba, wizards pulled off a pre-draft trade sending rashard lewis and a second round pick to the hornets in
5:54 am
new orleans for emeka okafor and trevor ariza. ariza has championship experience. he helped the lakers to a title three years ago. hope it helps. actress kelly mcdonald has played serious roles in movies including train spotting and no country for old men. her latest turn is a much brighter one. she voices the lead character merida. >> these the heed character in the new movie brave. kevin mccargt cargty sat down with mcdonald. -- kevin mccarthy sat down with mcdonald. >> if you could put her and have her act along with another acts star? >> kept on thinking of tom cruise and mission impossible and scaling the mansion. yes, so tom cruise is he an
5:55 am
action star? >> yes. >> how do you approach voice asking as opposed to live asking? >> i'm used to this after you've made the movie and you have to fix some things that they haven't picked up. are in a little booth and it is very solitary. i would have mark andrews, the direct our and producers were in the room with me and i would read my dialogue with them. but yeah, it is very different. the i what i work ordinarily is i have a very special method that is very organic. not being able to use your face suddenly, you know, you can't do things the way you would normally. everything has to be more, bigger and i was aware of that from the very beginning. it took i bit of practice. >> are there scenes that you act out that in the scene you are with another actor.
5:56 am
are there scenes when they are anot really there when you're shooting it. you have a scene with the witch. was she always there doing the voices back and forth with you? >> no, nobody was there. i met ben connelly once only because i was in a second- degree and he was in right before me. it was just like in passing. >> when you see yourself on all of these posters, is it cereal seeing yourself on an animated poster or a live action poster? >> animated. it is not me. i hate photographs of myself. so i hate poster shoots and they're always terrible. so much prefer seeing merida up there. >> craup. movie stars who hate to get their pictures taken. >> pictures versus a movie sometimes. i kind of like to have my
5:57 am
photograph taken. i don't know that i take great photos. i don't think i take great photos. i can kind of understand. >> kevin joys us tomorrow with his reviews of this week's releases. >> today, with say good morning to kathy happen man man and her team of volunteers at the hyatt regency. today, she and her team will build two houses for habibie taal for humanity. >> thank you, kathy. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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