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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. a plan to brick the casino to the national harbor is fading this morning. >> the latest bid to expand gambling in the state has failed. fight not over yet, what the prince george's county executive is saying about moving this prog being forward. a live report straight ahead. h -- moving this project forward. it is a steamy thursday on this june 21st, 2012.
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temperatures in the upper 70s right now. see a little bit of haze out there. that will be your day, nice, hot and humid. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. the temperatures expected to get even higher today. when it is this hot outside, it can be dangerous. to stay safe, i know this sounds like common sense but it is a good idea to hammer it into all of us over and ore again. you want to stay hydrated, drink lots of water and stay indoors as much as possible when the temperatures rise this much. there are several public swimming pools and cooling centers that are going to be open in our region. in d.c., they will stay open a little later until 8:30. >> anything you can do to stay cool. >> we have agot another 4, 36 hours of this and we'll get some relief by tomorrow afternoon and the weekend should feel better. >> inthere will be a republican on popsicles at the grocery stores. >> sounds really good. >> the ice cream man and the
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heat and humidity, can you hear it from four miles way. let's do the temperatures right now at reagan national. 78degrees now. one of these mornings where we're not getting a whole lot of cooling overnight. your dew point temperatures have skyrocketed overnight. your humidity way up. winds out of south here at five miles per hour. all right. will mentioned that we'll be even warmer today potentially. our high temperatures will hit the triple digits. we are looking at the potential for 100-degree here later this afternoon. mix in the humidity and it will feel like 105 or so. a heat advisory until 10:00 tonight. as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, things should gradually get better. i'll show you why in a few minutes. hayey, hot and humid. i don't think we'll is he a thunderstorm to bring us any relief at all. your temperatures in the upper 90s to about 100 about 4:00 p.m. >> let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on the
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traffic. >> good morning. sky fox is joining us right now. i sent them to a special mission to find an ice cream truck. popsicles and nutty buddies all around. you will notice the express lanes slow as you work your way northbound trying to get past lorton and trying to get past newing to be. nothing is blocking. i don't see any flashing lights. but it is slow as you travel north out of woodbridge headed up towards lorton. you we'll find lanes are open on 66 headed in past fair oak. still an easy ride on the stop side of beltway. here comes the sun. outer loop of the beltway as you work your way past university boulevard headed out towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. the big story this morning, a major blow in the push to bring a vegas-style casino to prince george's county. >> a group launched by governor
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owe medically could not come to a consensus. fox 5's lauren demarco live at national harbor with more. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: it seemed like there was some build moment you want behind plan for a casino at prince george's county. it has now hit a major roadblock. a group of aides and advisors to governor mart uno'malley and the lawmaker failed to reach a consensus meaning there will be no special session on july 9th. they are considering whether to allow table games at the existing casinos and whether to bring a new casino here to prince george's county. you may remember national harbor announced last week it reached an agreement with mgm resrts for a high end casino. that is all on hold. three members of the house of delegates on the work group were concerned about a part of the plan that would allow casino owners to keep a slarnlger share of slots proceeds than under existing law. there was also concern that the set's five existing casinos should be allowed more time to
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be up and running without major competition. the gam legalling plans in maryland require both legislative and voter approval. if there is no movement this career, the next opportunity for the issue to be brought before voters would be 2014. now, prince george's county executive rushern baker had this to say. is to say. live at national harbor, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. a check of the morning's other top stories. a virginia man will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery today. u.s. army chief warrant officer 5 john frapp was killed last
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month when the helicopter he was riding in rashed near kabul, afghanistan. the 51-year-old was a native of springfield, virginia. more fallout in the trayvon martin case. the florida police chief who was stokley criticized for his agency's initial investigation of the deadly shooting has now been fired. his name is chief bill lee. he had been on leave of absence. george zimmerman who claimsette shot the unarmed teenage are in self-defense was not arrested until two months later. closing arguments are set for today in the child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. the defense rested on its third day without calling the former penn state assistant coach to the stand. sandusky's attorneys called four other witnesses yesterday and we'll take a closer look after testimony coming up in a live report from outside the courthouse later this hour. the house could vote next week on whether to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. at issue, documents related to the fast and furious operations
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that sent illegal weapon into his mexico. the party line's vote to cite holder came after president obama invoked executive privilege in refusing to turn over documents demanded by the house oversight commit i don't. >> why would the president claim executive privilege unless there was something very, very important that he felt should not be made known to this commit committee and possibly to the public. >> white house ahs sit president is not blocking the documents relevant to fast and furious itself. instead, he is shielding deliberation among his advisors over to you ho respond to media inquiries. reaction from the parents of a u.s. border agent believed to be culled by one of the guns lost in the operation, they say the president's ask has compounded the tragedy. still ahead, a developing story out the independent nearby what where a air force yet crashed into a housing
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complex overnight. a new lawsuit involving the nation's largest environmental disaster. why a virginia man is suing over how the oil leak in the gulf was fixed. back in a moment.
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a plane just crashed in indonesia. an air force turboprop plane slammed into eight homes in the capital of jakarta killing at least six people. indonesia's military says three of them were on the ground. the air force there is reporting that seven people were on the plane. some survived but no word on their conditions. a virginia inventor is filing a lawsuit against two companies involved in resolving the bp gulf oil spill disaster. charles adams claims the cap they used to stop the spill was his design and that it was stolen. he says an engineering firm violated a nondisclosure agreement passing his drawing over to the company he is
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suing. he believes he lost at least $150 million. fire fighting planes are back in the air after being grounded. the temporary move was ordered as a precaution following reports of meteor sighting. the fire near colorado springs has scorched nearly two square miles. between meteor sightings and the wind, they can't catch a break out there. in the race for the white house, a new poll is out. so who has the end there? we'll take a close are look coming up. you might like this one. i know i do. after years of rising airline fees, the tide may be turning in favor of us, the passenger. in today's business beat, when a congressional report had to say about airlines losing our luggage. we'll get to the bottom of this. ♪
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love this. perfect music for today's weather, right in so is this. a little swimming pool ask. district by the way doing everything it can to make sure you can stay cool during the heat wave. today, tomorrow, six public pools in d.c. will stay open a little later than usual giving a a great place to get relief. they will be open until 8:30. >> they will need it today. >> the question is what time do they open? i'm ready to go right now. we are at 78 degrees. >> we have our own way of cooling off later on. >> i can't wait. there is a friendly little water competition come up in the 9:00 hour. a little water balloon toss. not afull-on fight because that might get kind of -- >> the challenge will be -- >> we don't want to hurt you. the challenge is aim low.
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you don't want any trouble on the air. >> no wardrobe malfunctions. >> all right. let's get to the temperatures yesterday. not a record yesterday at reagan national although we got awful will you close. 98 was the daytime high. at dulles, 94 degrees. bwi marshall was 98. today, right back up here in the upper 90s. i think we'll be maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterday. our record for today is also 98 degrees. we will likely tie or perhaps even break that word this afternoon. 78 now this washington. just not cooling off overnight. we've got a heat advisory for the area even during the overnight hours. 78 in annapolis. 70 in manassas. dulles, you are now down to 69 degrees. a little better than we are here in the city. 70 in martinsburg. 73 in leonardtown. temperatures will jump very quickly. we have the morning haze out there. it will quickly give way to bright sunshine. a dome of high pressure parked right across the washington
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area. in fact, slipping to the south an east. that is why we are getting that southerly flow here in the atmosphere. here is? good news. off to the west out towards chicago, out towards st. louis that is a cold front. that will bring us some relief during the day tomorrow. i think we'll cloud up by tomorrow afternoon and we'll get some showers and thunderstorms out there. behind this front, less humidity and a little bit of cooler air for the weekend. our highs by saturday and sunday will be in the upper 80s. that will feel i allot bert after temperatures in the upper 90s. here is your futurecast. maybe we'll top up a storm or two if you are well west of the city. for the rest of the us, just going to be a scorching hot afternoon way lot of sunshine. overnight tonight and into the first part of tomorrow, we'll start to cloud up. there is your futurecast showing out shower or thunderstorm activity developing for the day tomorrow. heat advisory, sunshine your record heat. high temperature, 99 degrees. sorry about that for the first full day of summer. let's do some traffic and see what julie wright is offering up. you got to get in a balloon
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fight latter today. >> i got a super soaker. that thing can shoot like 20 feet out. you better watch out. >> can it? >> you better watch out tucker barnes. our wazers are checking in this morning. this happens to be from russian vodka keeping with sarah's theme this morning. he this is inside the beltway. be prepared for slow traffic there. waze is a free app on your mobile phone. crew in sky fox, hopefully, you are staying cool this morningen typical slowdown throughed with bridge. traffic will slow north of potomac mills headed up and across the occoquan. the hov lanes are slow going
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making your pay past lorton heading to newington. you will find slow traffic as you are traveling along the top stretch of the beltway trying to make your way between between college park and bethesda. no problems to report right now on 66. haynes are open outside of the beltway but we are starting to is he i delay forming as you make your way past 50 and 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a new poll finds romney and the president are even. the new poll from the associated press shows republican challenger mitt romney is virtually tied with president obama. it comes after three months of declining job creation. 47% of those surveyed say they will vote for the president and 44% say for romney. with the election five months away, the economy remains the president's top liability. both of the candidates are getting ready to speak to an influential group of latino lawmakers. mitt romney pitched his economic message to hispanic leaders in florida this
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afternoon. he is speaking to a group called the national association of latino elected and appointed officials. president obama is scheduled to speak to them tomorrow. still ahead, stressed out about the competent. it appears many americans with found a solution, a roommate. -- still ahead, stressed out about the economy? another live look outside on this hot thursday morning. hook at the sun out there beating down on the roads and the buildings. it is showing its stuff out there. temperatures in the upper 70s. 78 right now. ight now. we'll be right back. /f@ yz
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time to talk business. we'll find out how a lot of people are creating a cushion for themselves in the form of roommates and we'll talk about airlines potentially having to pay up even if your lost luggage is up for. lauren simonetti with fox business network joins us live
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from new york. i hope you're staying cool. >> yes. it is freezing actually. the ac is pumped up. >> good for you. that is what is good about studio work, right? let's talk about the markets first. they dip, they ripped, they dipped again. it was hard to keep track. >> we ended right where we started. it was a flat did i in the end even though so much happened. we heard from the fed. they did what we expected but not what we hoped. they extended a program to bring down interest rates until the end of the year. >> in and toast create a bit of cushion at home, we were talking about this leading into you. more and more people are actually taking on roommate, right? >> yeah. there is doubling up. adults living together but not because they're dating. they are living together because it is helping them get through tough economic times. you look at the census bureau data. it looked at the years of the
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recession, 2007 through 2010 and it found that 69 million american adults currently live together. that is 11% increase over that time. the most distsh trend to me is the fact that young americans are moving home with their parents. we all mow that but the numbers are pretty drastic. about 16 million young adults living with mom and dad ands that hurting the housing mark -- market. they are not buying homes or everything that goes with that. >> lost luggage. we are hearing there is a chance, a chance the airlines could pay up even for the lug an is found. >> yeah. a new congressional report says that airlines might start reimbursing you not only for lost luggage which they currently do up to $3300 but for your misery when waiting for your luggage. that would be good news when
6:27 am
you areeve on time and your bags don't. >> all right. lauren simonetti in new york. staying cool with that ac. we'll see you again tomorrow. >> yes, i have my little banquette on too. see, will? >> i see that. good for you. see you tomorrow. >> still ahead be a plan to -- still ahead, a plan to bring a casino to prince george's county hits a snag. we'll talk about that. 
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that is right. get ready for another sweltering day outside. it is expected to be the hot of the day of our mini heat wave we've got going on here. there are several cooling centers hope around d.c. now and also a bunch of spray parks will be operating to help you beat the heat. because of the warm weather, metro will also allow to brick and drink water on drawns and buses today.
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you will need it. -- allow you to bring and drink water on trains and buses today. >> did you see lauren simonetti has a bank oat her lap because it was so cold in the newsroom. >> hopefully, you have the benefit of working in a place like that. >> some people are working outdoors. lots of water and stay cool. temperature today will be in record territory. today, we'll probably be right around the record. >> i'm sure we'll be talking about it tomorrow. >> first full day of summer too. good timing. let's do your current temperatures. not comfortable out there at the moment either. 7 # degrees but our huge is about 58%. our dew point temperatures now running in the low 70s. lots of water out there in the atmosphere. -- 7 # degrees but our humidity is -- 78 degrees but our
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humidity is about 85%. the heat will become lift aring at times this afternoon with highs near 100 degrees and you mix in the humidity i mentioned and it will feel like 105 around here later today. heat advisories through 10:00 tonight. tax all of this. bring the animals indoors if they usually spend time outdoors. 100 in fredericksburg. 99 here in washington. a little cooler by the bay. >> i'm feeling guilty. i turned off the ac at home. i hope my dogs won't be too hot. inside should be fine, right? >> i hope so. >> let's check on the dog. >> let's check on the roads. julie wright, imagine a lot of ac is cranked up in the cars this morning. can't we just move past this, please. >> beagle bailey is just like -- he is watching right now going -- have on i left the tv on for him.
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>> don't leave them in the car either. >> no, i wouldn't leave him in the car y what show does he watch while you're gone. >> i want him to hear my voice. >> he's mad at daddy. >> he will talk to you when you get home today. >> if i were you, i'd put on boots. right now, as you work your way in, about 40 miles per hour inbound on 50. heavy volume right now for maria checking in northbound on 395 headed in the express lanes to the 14th street bridge. our lanes are open right now if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway with for problems reported making your way past college park headed around towards 270. then eastbound on 66, heavy volume right now leaving 50 headed in towards 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. now, a check of this morning's top stories.
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the judge found a prince george's county councilmember guilty of reckless driving. you maybe remember karen tolls for driving more than 100 miles per hour on the highway. chefs fined $402 but was given probation before judgement. that means her conviction will be dropped if she stays out of trouble to the next year. a man charged with killing his elderly wife inside their home is due in court today for a status hearing. police say albrecht muth murdered viola draft last august this. case has been on hole because of concerns about his mental health. doctors who evaluate muth this week ruled he is incompetent to stand trial but say that could change with time and continued treatment. muth continues to claim he is a general in the iraqi army and his wife's death was a hit by
6:35 am
iranian agents. a man wanted is dead. he was involved in a shoot outwith a metro transit detective yesterday afternoon. police say the suspect pulled out a gun and fired several shots at the detective. he returned fire and killed the man. the detective is now on administrative leave while police investigate that shooting. before a big story. another snag in the push to expand gambling in maryland. >> a work group assembled by governor martin o'malley failed to come to a consensus. lauren demarco has the details. >> reporter: the work group con sieved of advisors to governor martin o'malley. they failed to reach a consensus. that means there will be no special session on july 9th. the group is considering
6:36 am
whether to allow table games at maryland's five existing casinos and whether to bring a new casino to national harbor. they announced just last week they reached an agreement with mgm for a high end casino but that is all on hold. there was also concern that the state's five existing casinos should be more time to be up and running without introducing any major competition. the chairman of the gaming workshop described a lot of back and forth. >> the biggest challenge was to constantly balance the competing interests of the citizens of maryland with the emphasis and contributions to the education trust fund and the needs of the operators to run a successful and
6:37 am
competitive business. it was push-pull during the entire three weeks. >> reporter: if there is no movement this year, the next opportunity for the issue to be brought before voters would be 2014. now, according to the "washington post," while it is still possible for the governor to call identify second special session, aides say it is unlikely because there would need to be reason to believe that things would turn out differently than it is suggested would happen after yesterday's results. back to you. >> thank you. it is not over yet with this one either. that is the word from a top faculty member at the university of virginia. the "washington post" reports the head of the faculty senate says many people are working to reinstate to reach a set -- theresa sullivan. she says she would like her job
6:38 am
back for the board head resigns. the arlington county school board has approved a plan to deal with an expanding student population that will build two new elementary schools and add classrooms to three more. one new school will be built on the same campus as williamburg middle school. both will have 600 students and more classrooms will be added to ash lawn elementary, mckinley and arlington traditional school. another big day on tap in the jerry sandusky trial. no more witnesses but a final plea from both side. we are headed live to pennsylvania after the break. his brush strokes captured the mowing and emotion of sports. this morning, a look back at the life of artist leroy neiman. that is.
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coming up next.
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closing arguments and jury instructions are expected today in the jerry sandusky trial. the defense rested yesterday without calling the former penn state assistant football coach to the stand but they did call four other witnesses. steve hewitt joins out live from outside the courthouse in pennsylvania. give us an idea of how yesterday will impact today. >> it was really anticlimactic and there was a recess and everything was supposed to end at 11:00. when they didn't come back in, we were wondering what was going on. for a while, jerry sandusky was talking to people in the group, some supporters and then he was called back into the witness room. and everybody was like what does that mean. during that time, they made last-minute decision that he would not testify. the judge met with him to make sure that was his decision.
6:43 am
what we her was a doctor who was called to mike mcqueary's house. this doctor was supposed to kill the story and help the defense. but instead, it really bolstered the prosecuting in everybody's mind that saw because this doctor testified that mike mcqueary was visibly shaking. his hands were trembling. he was so upset by what he saw he cooperate say what he saw in graphic detail. what the defense was hoping to prove by having him on was to say nothing happened because mcqueary never told him he saw anything definite happen. but mcqueary we learned yesterday was so upset he couldn't say what happened. so in a way, that helped the prosecutor. >> do you think that was a defining moment in the trial? >> no, i think they did have a good defense witness to end. it was one of the kids in the second mile group. said not only did juniory sandusky never do anything to him but he raised reasonable doubt about the police investigators that they had on the stand yesterday. he said they tried to interview him three separate times and each time he said, quote, it
6:44 am
was like they were getting me to saying in that wasn't true that was a lie and i wasn't going to do that. that maybe raised reasonable doubt that the police were leading these victim into his what to say and that is one of the areas that was raised here. >> we appreciate your insight leading up to today. thank you. checking headline now. sports artist leroy neiman has died in new york at the age of 91. he was a painter and sketch artist best nope for using quick strokes to bring out the energy of world's biggest sporting stars and event. he was also the official artist of the super bowl. he was described as an american impressionist but referred to himself as an american artist. prince william is celebrating a big birthday today. today, he turns 30.
6:45 am
he is expected to celebrate the milestone with his wife cath rip and some of their friend and now that he is 30, i imagine i well stop by the bank today. he inherits about $14 million from his mother's estate, the late princess diana left the bulk of her estate to both her sons but they both have to be 30 before the cash is handed over. i'm sure he is doing just fine as a royal. the big numbers today in your department. >> yes, triple digits. insome of us will hit 100 degrees later today. sorry about that. it will feel hike maybe 105 plus so before a heat advisory in effect again until 10:00 tonight. the good news is this little mini heat wave will expire late in the day tomorrow. it won't be one of those that
6:46 am
lasts 14 days. >> maybe the weekend won't be such a washout -- or a heatout. >> looking at temperatures now yesterday. it was never comfortable. temperature in the upper 70s right now. 78 currently downtown at reagan national. 78 in annapolis. a little better out at dulles, 69 degrees. the old saying is it is not the heat, it's the humidity. here is the good thing about the washington area, we get a lot of both. we have both heat and humidity. this is measuring how much water is in the atmosphere. it is currently 73 degrees. that is in the up comfortable range. we'll have plenty of humidity out there as well today. 70 in manassas. hook at the satellite-radar, big dome of high pressure parked right across the washington area and the mid- atlantic. and we're just locking at bright sunshine today. i don't think we'll see any relief in the form of thunderstorms. if you are watching well out to the west, mountains of west
6:47 am
virginia and western maryland, you might get a little relief. high temperature getting awful will you close to 100. out to the west, that our reloaf. that cold front will get in here during the day tomorrow. eventual will you some showers and storms. and as it passes to our south and east, we'll get a nice respite around here for the weekend with lower humidity and high temperatures only in the upper 80s. that is a little better. here is your forecast, sunshine near record heat, 99. that would be the record. our record for the did i is 9 -- for the day is 98, set back in 1988. this is your five-day forecast. much better for the weekend after we get some showers and storms in here. hues on set and zipped, only in the upper 80s.
6:48 am
upper 80s will feel great. -- highs on saturday and sunday, only in the upper 80s. >> hot in here now because we've got tony perkins. >> how nice is that. >> i'm lucky to get a hello. >> there it is. >> good morning. guess what it is time for? ask the weather guys. it is the suggestment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question is weather- related. it come from tara shepherd. she writes in, this question comes from my 11-year-old son cody. can you explain the difference between a dust did he have el and a tornado? can can a dust devil be dangerous. we've shown dust devils on the air every so often. we don't get them here.
6:49 am
you get them out in the plain where you have desert conditions. here is a picture of a dust did -- of a dust devil. >> it is a fascinating phenomenon. >> what is amazing is you look to the skien it is blue. t is b -- and the sky is blue. >> it looks like my dyson. >> typically, they are not as powerful or as violent as tornadoes. they don't last as long. they can be dangerous. i don't the wind can reach about 60 miles per hour with a dust del ill. with a tornado, wind can reach up to 250 miles per hour. so they are really two different animals. >> or higher.
6:50 am
>> or high are. >> that is a tornado. >> yeah. tornadoes can stretch for miles and they can last for not only minutes but for hours at a time if they're well developed. they're really two different animals. dust devil are a product of extreme daytime heating and you need try soil. that is why it occurs in the desert southwest and in the plains. the phenomenon is after the ground gets heated from very hot temperatures like what we're having around here today, the air rises very quickly and the dry soil gets picked up. it will form the vortexes. >> it homes like eye injuries
6:51 am
would be common with dust devils -- it seem like eye injuries would be common with dust devils. they have been known to damage small structures sometimes. people can get injured. i suppose you're right. tornadoes, of course, much more common here in the united states. in the average year, we have 800 tornadoes reported nationwide resulting in 08 deaths and 1500 injuries. i actually have never seen statistics on dust devils and the number of injuries. >> notsure they even keep track of them. >> they probably wouldn't get reported. >> not all over the country. >> so there you go. they are two different things. look similar when you see them.
6:52 am
but two different things. generally speaking dust devils not as dangerous as tornadoes. thank you for the question if you've got a question you want answers, all you need on do is go to >> what is this? >> dust in the wind. >> oh, kansas. >> i think i slow danced in eighth grade to this song. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> funny. >> it's an oldy but a goody. >> i can barely hear it. can you hear it? bring it up a little bit. this is a hard rock act and this is their best known song. >> i i think they tried too hard. >> this is when fl -- when phil collins was -- >> right in this is '70s. >> julie wright, take it away from us. >> i'm justenning that is when records were back -- they were
6:53 am
records and they were on vinyl and tucker and tony both have them. >> that's right. >> now they're coming back. >> i love my vinyl. >> i know you love your vinyl but the pants, not so much. let's say good morning here. careen says we are down to about 20 miles per hour heaving gaithersburg trying to get through the interchanges. all lanes are open on the top stretch of the beltway but it remains slow at this time as you continue westbound around 495. our lanes are open. you will find traffic slowing as you got through traffic lights here at bladensburg
6:54 am
road. inbound on the suitland parkway, traffic is heavy and slow approaching the inbound 11th street bridge. this is 395. no accidents, just volume. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. ahead this morning, georgetown is gearing up for a fun-filled evening. you are invite out to play. >> there will be a scavenger hunt sure to have you work up a sweat. the best part, it is all to benefit a great organization that helps young girls. holly morris is coming your way next to explain what it is all about. about.
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we need to look for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start. glad you found us. start by test-driving nearly every make and model, all in one place. carmax. start here.
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what makes hershey's pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. pure hershey's. good morning i am holly morris on this thursday morning as you can see i am gain on the water front. not old town alexandria today, we are live in georgetown.
6:58 am
today they are kicking off their summer play date. and the first one is going to be the georgetown dash. this is a scavenger hunt style event and benefits a wonderful cause which we h talk about here this morning here is how it works teams of four they will have to go to different destinations get clues once you get the clue and figure out where you are they will give you a challenge could be physical, could be mental then you get a star the team that gets the most stars could win up to a $2,000 prize and it is all to celebrate the athletic neighbourhood that georgetown is. see people on the water, people running on the board walk, 20 merchants that have an athletic feel to them we will talk about all that this morning plus tell you how you can still sign up and get your team in on the georgetown dash fun because that is what we want to do sarah, exert a lot of energy on the hottest day of the year so far. >> perfect idea. >> we are doing ours all before 10:00 a.m. so we are good.
6:59 am
>> safe there. thanks we will check with you laterment time for facebook fan of the day today we say good morning to kathy and her team of volunteers at the hyatt regency today they will head into the heat in northeast washington to build two homes for habitat for humanity. stay safe out in the heat. for your chance to be to morrow's fan of the day, leave a comment under kathy's fun picture. >> good morning guys. coming up fox 5 morning news, maryland folds its hand at a sixth casino, just a few days after a big announcement about plans to put a vegas style casino at the national harbour. are all bets really off? lauren has details. live in bellefonte pencil venn yeah, where jerry sandusky's case -- pencil sylvania, where


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