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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 21, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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sandusky's case is expected to go to the jury. fox 5 p morning news at 7:00 a.m. starts now. and -- ♪ [ music ] >> we are going back to the 70s again. we've had kansas, dust in the wind now summer breeze. >> this is thursday june 21st, 2012 with your live lookout side at the water you will be wanting the jump into some water it will be super hot good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am will thomas in for allison seymour. that is holly morris' shot i guess there is a water theme with her lately. there has been, building boats yesterday. >> not bad if it is going to be warm you want to be near the water. >> let's go to tucker and get the latest on this really hot forecast. >> hey, good morning. yeah, temperatures overnight just not cooling off a whole
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lot currently upper 70s. a little sunshine, well into the 80s another hour or so, eventually near record heat with highs expected to be 99 degrees. 78 currently in the city, regan national, 76 baltimore, 75 ocean city, you can see most of the area here s on the warm side and of course i am not showing you the humidity running 85%. a lot of watt inner the atmosphere as well and plenty of haze to start your day. all right, heat advisory in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight, never expired overnight. we will deal with plenty of heat around here for the afternoon into the evening hours we will start to get some relief as we get into tomorrow afternoon but, we got another 24 to 46 hours of extreme heat before we can call it quits. quiet conditions lots of sunshine in your forecast i don't think we will see any thunderstorm activity, but as we get into tomorrow, a better and better chance of scattered showers and storms.
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your forecast, a hundred in fredericksburg, 99 washington and la play at that. that is weather back to you at the desk. thank you because of the heat the district is doing everything it can to make sure you stay cool. today and tomorrow, six public pools in dc will stay open later than usual giving people a great place to get relief. they will be open until 8:30 p.m. i can almost smell the chlorine and sun tan lotion. metro helping out too. relaxing its rules to help you stay cool. you can bring water on the trains and buses, but metro is saying if you do use containers that close tightly once the heat wave is over metro will go back to enforcing its no drinks or food policy. that has always been a thing with metro they want to keep the trains the stations clean i have walked down with my starbucks forgetting you can't do that and sir, throw that away. >> it is good they are going to let you have water.
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>> next step will be bathing suits on the train. >> i would thing that wouldn't be a bad idea today. if it is feeling like 100, 102 with humidity outside the station i imagine in some of those stations it will feel even worse. meanwhile our top story, the push to bring a vegas style casino to prince georges county, a move just announced last week looks very unlikely. >> a group assembled by governor o'malley could not reach a consensus. lauren demarco has been on the story all morning long and joins us live from national harbour with what is coming up next. good morning. >> reporter: good morning will. after much back and forth about bringing this casino here to the national harbour it does appear all bets are off. the work group formed by governor o'malley, failed to reach consensus meaning no special session on july 9th. you may remember the national harbour announced just last
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week it reached an agreement with mgm resorts for a high end casino. again that is now put on hold, the group was also considering whether to allow table games like black jack at maryland's five existing casinos, that also, put on hold acarding to the washington post three -- according to the washington post, three members of the work group were concerned about a part of the plan allowing casino owners to keep a large share of slot proceeds, than currently under existing law. gambling plans in maryland, require full legislative and voter approval if there is no movement this year the next opportunity for the issue to be brought before voters would be 2014. now a spokesperson for governor o'malley said a special session is still not out of the question the governor does reserve the right to call a special session on this issue where any other important issues confronting the state, prince georges county executive said fortunately there is time for them to come to an
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agreement and not leave 4,000 jobs over $200 million in additional revenue for the maryland revenue trust fund on the table. while it is possible for the governor to call a second special session it is unlikely, because that would mean they have to find new reason to believe they would come to a different result, than workers came to yesterday. that is the latest here at national harbour back to you in studio. >> thank you very much. the other big story the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. of course today, we will hear closing arguments then the case goes to jury this comes, as defense rests without calling sandusky to testify. live to craig boswell outside the courthouse in bellefonte pennsylvania. good morning. >> reporter: good morning will. things get under way in less than a couple hours. some people waiting in line outside the courthouse since 2:30 a.m.
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several were here yesterday wanting to get inside because they want to hear jerry sandusky take the stand they wanted to hear his words under oath he did not take the stand in this case. jerry sandusky's defense attorney hinted he would testify. >> that decision was made this morning. >> this late. >> right at the end. >> reporter: he was charged with 51 sexual accounts, relating to 10 victims. many described the alleged abuse in graphic detail last week. defense suggested the stories were coerced one victim's attorney, suggested had sandusky taken the stand it would have given him the opportunity to tell his story. >> the only person who could have come forward and said this didn't happen in this case under these circumstances was mr. sandusky. and he chose not to do it. >> reporter: a fox news jew
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durable analyst said the -- usual analyst said it was a calculated move. >> he couldn't risk cross- examination. they probably had a mock examination session, and details -- >> reporter: he went on to say the prosecution laid out a strong case against sandusky. the jury is expected to begin deliberations later this afternoon, that jury will be sequestered if convicted jerry sandusky face it is rest of his life in prison. >> could be a long one. thank you. in other news attorney general eric holder could face contempt of congress vote by the full house next week. a committee controlled by republicans voted to cite him yesterday some lawmakers accuse him of stone walling not giving up documents related to the controversial, program called fast and furious.
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president obama envoked executive privilege to withhold documents demanded by lawmaker. >> why would he claim executive privilege unless there was something very very important he felt should not be made known to this committee and possibly the public. >> the white house says the president is not blocking the documents relevant to fast and furious itself, but shielding conversations of advisors preparing a response to investigation and media enquiries. another political hot potato we are waiting for is the supreme court's ruling on president obama's signature health care law a decision could come down as early as today or any time in the next week or so. most laws major changes which are aimed at extending health insurance to more than 30 million americans have not taken effect including the requirement most people buy health insurance or pay a penalty. a judge found prince georges county councilmember guilty of wreckless driving.
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karen tolls was ticketed last february for driving more than 100 miles an hour on the belt way, here is dash cam video from the officers following her. police testified that tolls weaved in and out of traffic she claims she was late for an appointment, and distracted. she was fined $402 given probation her conviction will be dropped if she stays out of trouble for the next year. a sheriff's deputy accused of sexually assaulting an inmate in prince georges county. deputy sherry mcintyre admitted he had sexual contact with the woman she says it happened tuesday at the courthouse, while she was waiting for her trial to begin. the deputy is charged with 2nd degree rape sheriff high released a statement saying ini by this betrayal of the public's trust such behaviour goes against the oath we take to up hold the highest standardvalues. six people arrested at a
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three day rave party in culpepper that attracted thousands from up and down the east coast. take a look at the massive amount of drugs confiscated at the party this includes pot, meth, heroine and more. but the hosts of the party called camp glow they are not happy about how the drug raid went down police raided the party with assault rifles and dragged people out of tents organizers claim police broke more laws than the guests. i imagine they didn't like that with ail the stuff they found. 7:10 a.m. on super hot thursday morning. just ahead, why now is the time to enjoy local crafts. >> plus a traffic alert if you plan to travel on the belt way. >> battle brewing at the verizon center owners pushing for more signage which means more advertisements but some locals are saying not so fast. what happened at yesterday's meeting. pgh >> a live lookout side, make
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sure -- ♪ [ music ] >> we have come up now we are not in the 70s any more. make sure you dress cool the day, going to be a hot one tucker has the forecast ahead the latest on the roads with julie stay with us [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor,
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making headlines a virginia man will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. u.s. army chief warrant officer, john prat was killed last month when the helicopter he was riding in crashed near kabul afghanistan. the 51-year-old was a native of springfield. planes back up in the air in colorado, after being
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temporarily grounded the fire near colorado springs, scorched nearly 20 square miles. good news for all you crab lovers sounds like this season, you may be able to get more for your money. crabs expected to be larger more plentiful, and cheaper than usual, one water man says crabs are doing really well and according to state environmental officials say higher water temperatures could be the reason for that. >> that is good news. >> yeaha hopefully the restaurantgroceries will pass that on. >> that's true. >> good morning a hot day. may be a degree or two warmer than yesterday >> here is my question to you, do you think we will set new records today >> i think it is likely we will set a record for the first full day of summer. >> wow. >> and record for the day is
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98, and we are looking at 99 or maybe 100. >> it will feel even hotter. >> yeah, based on humidity 105. because of this a heat advisory let's kick off temperatures want to mention not just washington philly, new york, boston this morning, all looking at potential for record heat later today, 82 boston, that is a very warm start out there as well. 79 washington and eastern half of the country just baking here under these pretty extreme temperatures, 70 atlanta, 75 tampa, all right, so there is relief, check out fargo, 54 degrees, cooler air, well off to the north and west, not going to get that cool around here but cooler and dryer air will start to work in with a cold front during the second half of tomorrow, you can see it north and west of chicago, finally at least some relief on the map until then, big area of high pressure, south and east of us will deliver, another scorching day around here temperatures expected to be close to 100 lots and lots of water, of course you are out
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and about that sun will be burning bright i don't think we will see more than just a few clouds, your 5 day, 99 today, 93 tomorrow. >> all morning long i have not heard julie wright mention a nutty buddy not one time julie what's up with that. >> you should follow me on twitter that is all we have been talking about is nutty buddies. that is it and the fact that you know you are allowed to bring water on the trains today is a big help if you can help out the elderly bring your catdogs inside as well if you can if not, if you have to leave them outside please provide some shade for them and water as well. >> on the roads you will find your lanes are open, 395 making your way past duke street then again crossing the inbound 14th street bridge. southbound 28 at the dulles toll road tieing up the right side of the highway, delays southbound 270, approaching and
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passing 109. here in german town doesn't look bad but traffic slows headed out toward the split that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much we have a traffic alert for anyone driving on the capital belt way this weekend because of construction officials are warning drivers to avoid the outer loop, near the wood row wilson bridge from friday night to monday morning the through lanes on i-95 approaching alexandria, will be closed, only one local lane on the belt way will carry traffic for a stretch between van dooren and telegraph road there will be detours put in place to ease congestion. a new study points to good and bad news when it comes to fight against hiv and aids in the district. disease remains at epidemic levels the rate of infection of hiv among poor african american women has nearly doubled. still vincente grey says since 2006 the overall number decreased by a thursday and number of deaths dropped by
7:19 am
half the major says dc has gotten better at offering immediate treatment to people who seek help instead of making them wait to see a doctor. isn't that important to be able, when people discover that they are hiv positive, or you know, frankly, moving towards having full blown aids, that they don't have to wait months and months and months and maybe to never be treated effectively by our systems. >> you can get tested for free, at the dc department of motor vehicles, staff members will ask if you are interested if you are they will take you to a private room where you are given an oral test if you get a positive result they offer come pro hen sieve care and counselling the same day. theresa sullivan would like her old job back on one condition washington post reports she told supporters on the uva board she would only be reinstated if helen dragas resigns, she led the effort to force her to quit nearly two
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weeks ago since then there has been a major up roar about the decision. meantime e-mails between her and another board member show they were working to oust sullivan for weeks they had even drafted a news release about herres ignition a week before it actually -- her resignation a week before it actually happened. verizon center may get a make over. >> yep, management is asking them to allow them to expand advertising. at a public hearing yesterday, the owner of the verizon center told council, the new signs would allow his company to sell more advertisements but opponents worry the trend could spread throughout the city. >> big cloth signs, and make them smaller digital signs. but what the digital nature of the signs allows us to do, is
7:21 am
have revolving inventory. >> there is nothing to stop owners of other building s with flat walls elsewhere in the district to seek taking advantage of this option. >> if the new signs are allowed it could mean millions for the company and more than $2 million in local tax revenue. in our 9:00 a.m. hour the executive vice president of monomental sports and entertainment, will join us to talk about yesterday's hearing and feedback they are getting from residents. >> i work out there every day, so when you are walking around there you don't see what is on the walls you have to be far away because the building is so big. >> right they want to make the signs more noticeable. >> a little extra money. >> 7:21 a.m. on thursday morning still ahead, hard times force a war vet to do the unthinkable sell his medals to get by but he is now receiving an outpouring of support. >> big developments in the trayvon martin case. someone at the center of the case has been fired more on
7:22 am
that plus hearing worried 911 calls from trayvon martin's father the night the teen was shot. ot. pgh >> another look from georgetown, holly will tell us about the first georgetown dash a scoff envier hunt for a good cause -- scavenger hunt for a good cause. 
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7:25 a.m. we have an update on a plane crash in indonesia's capital early this morning. military officials say nine people are dead after an airforce plane slammed into homes and exploded into a fireball. the turbo prop plane was on a training mission trying to land with seven people onboard some survived but we don't know their condition. firefighters are still on the scene. police chief in sanford florida has been fired. >> this after months of criticism regarding his initial
7:26 am
investigation into the fatal shooting of trayvon martin. the former chief, bill lee, terminated yesterday, received backlash for his offices refusele to arrest george zimmerman immediately following martins death in february. city officials say they let lee go because the chief needs to be trusted and respected by the entire community. meantime we are hearing 911 calls from trayvon martin's father the night he was shot only his father didn't know it he just knew his son was missing. >> how are you. >> good how are you today sir? >> good. good. i need to file a missing person report, because it hasn't really been 24 hours, but i'm from miami and my son is up here with me, and he left -- i'm in stanford he don't know anybody up here, and -- >> that call was made 10 hours after trayvon martin had been
7:27 am
killed but he had not been identified at that point. it is coming up on 7:27 a.m., attorney general eric holder cited for contempt of congress, so what happens now? >> is this shaky economy giving mitt romney a greater chance to win the white house. former congressman marty russo and mike walker are here to weigh in. >> take it easy out there today. another hot day on tap. tucker has another check of the sweltering forecast, what decade is this from? we are getting -- we've gotten -- >> back in early 2000s now. >> 70s to 80s and 90s now 2000. there is a theme. tucker will have the forecast. we will get a check to have roads with julie in just a moment stay with us 
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back now on fox 5 morning news. an inspiring story of supporting the troop, once they come home. bill shepherd spent a year in iraq serving his country when he returned he lost his job in the bad economy. two and a half years later he still can't find full time work so he decided to start a lawn care business but needed fast cash for a lawn mower so he put one of his medals on ebay. there wasn't one bid, until his
7:31 am
story aired on tv this week. >> when i saw it was $2,000 it was just overwhelming. >> i have a 32-inch snapper commercial lawn mower to give bill for his lawn care business. there is no way he should give up something he worked so hard for. >> you heard it someone donating a lawn mower and the bid for the medal has now topped $3,000. shepherd has received dozens of other e-mails calls and donations. $3,000 is a lot of money when you don't have a job but hopefully he won't have to part with those medals. >> this is a problem many vets are having. getting back into the work force and all of that. >> it is a shame. i know mrs. obama is working to help them. 7:31 a.m., tucker barnes is here with the latest on our forecast. >> an easy one more heat, more humidity more unpleasantly high temperatures maybe 100 this afternoon you know, flirting with records, several hours here as we get into the mid-to
7:32 am
late afternoon yeah, amazing. >> temperatures are going to jump yesterday you pointed out, at 9:00 a.m. it went from 80 degrees to 89 degrees. >> yeah, jumped 9 degrees in one hour. >> now? >> i think 79. >> inching closer to 80. >> yeah. >> hey, yesterday's daytime highs were not one for the record books but awfully close. 98 regan national, dulles 94 and bwi marshall, 98. a record high today, first full day of summer 98 degrees and thinking is that we will be a degree or two warmer today than yesterday. likely, perhaps high or set a new record later this afternoon. one more day of this and then start to get relief by tomorrow currently 79 degrees regan national, 80 quantico, our overnight low, at regan national was 78 degrees. so warm conditions overnight as well and plenty humidity as well. 72 in frederick, 79 annapolis, 77 leonard town temperatures as
7:33 am
you mentioned just jumped between 9 and 10, yesterday morning they will do it again, see temperatures upper 80s low 90s your heat advisory continues right through the afternoon into the evening hours, in effect until 10 tonight combination of extreme temperatures near 100 and plenty of humidity, 105 plus around here later today a heat advisory remains in effect for the afternoon lots of water if you are working outdoors going out to golf, that kind of thing bring along plenty of water. high pressure keeping us nice and dry today and also hot that will continue to dominate our weather here for another 24 hours or so, now slipping towards our south and east winds shifted out of the south that is why i think our temperatures may be a degree or two warmer later today. out to the west towards chicago that cold front will bring sweet relief, later tomorrow, we will likely bring showers and perhaps a thunderstorm and behind the front, cooler and less humid air, here for the weekend, so just hang in there by saturday and sunday high
7:34 am
temperatures will only be, in the upper 80s with less humidity 99 today, sunshine near record heat, winds north and west 5 to 10 real quick tonight humid and warm, 79 the overnight low and of course the weekend forecast highs upper 80s less humidity this weekend after storms tomorrow. that's weather let's do traffic julie. all right on the roads this morning you are going to find we have our hands full, inbound suit land parkway the parkway is below speed from alabama avenue, headed inbound we find delays travelling inbound pennsylvania avenue, rolling down the hill from branch, no problems to report, inbound, slow going south dakota avenue, belatens burg road. -- belatens burg road. inner loop a slow ride from before university boulevard, heading into that construction zone. you will find slow traffic travelling inbound 66 still
7:35 am
below speed leaving manassas. headed in brown towards centerville. down to 23 miles an hour lanes open on the inner loop of the belt way, slow moving traffic, braddock, average speed at braddock down to 24 miles an hour. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. attorney general eric holder charged with contempt by a congressional committee and a new poll finds president obama and mitt romney neck and neck in the race for the white house. joining me now with more insight, former democratic congressman from illinois, marty russo, ceo of russo capital strategies and robert walker former republican congressman pennsylvania gentlemen good to see you. >> good morning. >> having a good summer. >> we missed you the last coupleweeks. >> i was out for a little bit i am happy to be back. >> eric holder this recommendation is from a committee, now it goes to the
7:36 am
full house, the main question here is, is there really something substantive going on here or is this politics? marty. >> well, first of all i think we all can agree number one fast and furious is a horrible thing that happened, shouldn't have happened, and i think democrats republicans, independents all want to know what happened. i don't think there is anybody on the committee who feels differently. the question is, this was started under the bush era, the bush u.s. attorney in phoenix, and as soon as holder came in saw what it was, he stopped it, and he has an ongoing investigation himself, and usually bob, you know in the past if congress -- if the justice department is looking at something from a criminal investigation, usually congress backs off a little bit and let's justice move. it is not as if justice is not doing something if they weren't, i think congress would
7:37 am
have a legitimate say, let's find out what it is. >> should have been able to work this out. >> well, i think the suspicion is, justice is not doing very much but justice is not pursuing this with any kind of vigorous application and that there is certainly some politics involved in it but in large part here this involves congresses institutional prerogative as well. if congress can have its subpoenas just refused, then, we've got a sad state of affairs in the country because the fact is, congress does have a right to look in and even if they can believe that something is going on that is going right in the department, if they want the information, they should be able to get it. >> the attorney general's office and administration are saying we are giving you the information what we don't want to give you is information documents, relating to the discussions about how to handle all of this, and in fact the
7:38 am
president has now served executive privilege. whenever you say that it is very dramatic sounding but not unheard of all president's use it. >> they do and the fact is, that what the congress wants to see is some of those issues about the discussions that went on and the question here is whether or not those discussions involved the white house usually when executive privilege is brought to bare it is because the president was directly involved in the decision. so, you know, the president promised transparency in his administration this is a case where that transparency is brought into question. >> but you look at it, you know, the fore fathers gave the president that authorities, just for the particular case if there is a political witch hunt going on, that the president, separation of powers can protect his prerogative. i think the most amazing thing is, holder met with isa tried to cut a deal and the deal was
7:39 am
we will show you the documents provided you don't go forward with the contempt proceeding. that seems to be a pretty good deal to make. >> but is it? essentially you are saying here is what you want to see but i don't want you to do anything about it. >> no, here is what you want to see in the hearings in terms of actually having a vote on contempt isn't necessary any more. >> but this is not unusual. when janet reno had the contempt citation brought against her, as well as newt for speaker but between the time that the committee voted the contempt citation and it went to the floor the justice department decided that discretion might be the better part of valour that is still an open -- >> this could still -- >> hopefully that will happen. seems absolutely silly, both parties are trying to figure out what happened. >> let me get to a different topic quickly a new ap jfk poll shows romney and obama are pretty much neck and neck right
7:40 am
now and most people are saying this is the result of the economy. if these numbers don't get better if the jobs numbers don't get better marty i will start with you is the president in trouble. >> well, i think today, in the election were held today, the answer is it would be a tight race, it could go either way polls today don't mean as much as september and october when people start to begin the look at what the candidates stand for. i heard you know the other day, guys were talking about you mow what is romney's position on immigration no body knows. what is romney's position on economy i will do a better job than obama. you better have a betterrance inner september and october than today. that is true but what you have to remember about national polls, california and new york weigh heavily on those polls obama will probably win those states big. for the polls to look at, are the swing states that are going to make the difference in the election and so on and there,
7:41 am
it is a very tough battle, we will continue to be well into the fall i think. >> bob walker marty russo enjoy the conversation. always do. come back soon appreciate it. will over to you. 7:41 a.m., coming up we have seen sinkholes swallow cars but for one florida woman it took her home video you don't want to miss straight ahead. a candy thief on the run. that thief may have butter fingers but it is reeses he is after. you won't believe how much he is accused of taking after the break
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i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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>> my goodness a sinkhole destroys part of a home in florida. it opened up 3:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon and quickly swallowed the back of the home even hours later stuff was still sliding around no body was home at the time, the owner is a widow who lived alone. she is now homeless. bright orange signs posted on her garage and front door read
7:45 am
condemned. >> check this out the hunt is on for a candy bar bandit in ohio. and it is not just any candy bar the thief is targeting reese's peanut butter cups. the hooded man has stolen more than $600 of reese's cups in the very same store over the past few months each case he walks in grabs the candy pushes his way past any employees who tries to stop him and walks out. do you think he is consuming them or trying to resell them in another store maybe a yoghurt shop? >> a yoghurt shop? >> you know, topping. >> will really thinks this throw. >> tony. >> i don't know. >> i am thinking of the times -- >> if you were running a yoghurt shop. >> they use them all the time. >> a couple reese's from a stray person. >> he could own the yoghurt shop. >> i think we are missing a story reese's has bigger peanut
7:46 am
butter cups i didn't realize that. >> i think that is just the picture. >> no, if you go back to video they sell big sized ones >> maybe he put the yoghurt on top of it. i don't think yoghurt involved. >> 79 washington, we are expecting a record high temperature, good day to eat yoghurt. >> you are right. >> anything to cool you off. 73 gaithersburg, 80 quantico, even when we talk about our friends to the north, new york city 81, boston 82 we are not the only ones dealing with some pretty extreme temperatures later this afternoon. looking at our surface map high pressure off the our south and east a heat advisory remains in effect until later tonight, 10:00 p.m., temperatures will feel like 105. air temperatures close to 100 tomorrow nice relief in the form of a cold front. showers and storms and slightly cooler notably less humid air for the weekend. just hang in there another day and a half, before we call it
7:47 am
quits, 99 today, 93 tomorrow and then upper 80s less humidity this weekend. >> weekend looking good >> i like your train of thought i want to say this if we get a follow up on that story and he is selling that to yoghurt shopsly give you 100 bucks. >> you have seen it here. julie come on, do you ever eat frozen yoghurt. >> she only eats nutty buddies. >> that is it. that hand shake from tony perkins doesn't count he still owes me a pumpkin pie from november >> i tried to deliver that pie. >> i mean i didn't even get a mrs. smiths. >> i picked the wrong apartment. >> now it is time for him to get the pie in the face >> i don't live in an apartment i got me a house. >> sorry. >> all right. on the roads this morning i tell you the heat is getting to me outer loop of the belt way delays, leaving 95, university boulevard, over to georgia,
7:48 am
inner loop of the belt way, unusual delay becoming a common sight for us i says the unusual because it slows from colesville to the university boulevard that long term project, divided by the jersey wall. suit land parkway heavy slow and steady, branch to alabama, stanton headed to the douglas bridge. 295 on and off the belt way, this is the outer loop travelling into the heat and sun leaving van dooren headed in the direction of eisenhower. inner loop of the belt way slow moving from before braddock, leaving the terminal headed out towards 66 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. calling all adventure seekers a fun and fit scavenger hunt coming to georgetown. >> holly is learning about the first annual georgetown dash. hey, holly. >> hey, guys. whose idea was this? why are we doing push ups in
7:49 am
this heat? georgetown's idea you are right they are kicking off their summer play date s with the first annual georgetown dash. what it is how to get involved and most importantly who it supports all live next fox 5 morning news. if you come out bring water. keep it going. come on  [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom. proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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7:52 am
time now 7:52 a.m., today, they are gearing up for the first annual georgetown dash, exciting scavenger hunt style event benefiting the organization girls on the run dc. >> holly morris is learning more about this wonderful event this morning she joining us live from georgetown waterfront holly, i too wonder why you are doing push ups out there in this heat. yeah, finish the water. there you go. >> reporter: all right. >> you needed it.
7:53 am
>> reporter: you do need it it is a hot one out here i the want to emphasize if you are out exercising today make sure you take in lots of waterer heat really is something you need to be cautious with. they are doing it today summer kicks off today and they are kicking off summer play days, nancy is here with me georgetown business improvement district always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> reporter: nancy brought me my water so i was particularly happy when she showed up. let's talk about this. this is a fun thing you are doing for summer. >> yes, we think, georgetown is a natural place to get outdoorbe active over 20 merchants in the district itself, athletically minded apparel and offerings, naturally awesome places to go so we thought why not do. >> reporter: naturally awesome. >> where else can you go and see that. >> cool here this morning along the water front. >> why in the come to georgetown and do a play date and be active outdoors. >> tonight you are doing this first annual georgetown dash. >> yes. >> explain that. >> so, it is a scavenger style
7:54 am
hunt throughout georgetown, and we have teams of four competing tonight, right now we have 23 teams registered a few slots for a few more teams if people want to go to georgetown and register still. but it is an hour long hunt through georgetown p. -- >> you have an hour. >> that is it. everything kicks off 6:00 p.m. city sports, georgetown is the starting line, 7:00 p.m. they have an hour, and then there is a finish, sort of an after party at mr. smith's. >> there is some big prizes up for grabs. >> yes, so the winning team whoever completes the most sort of clues that they've successfully achieved will win the grand prize package of $2,000. >> $2,000. >> that is good. >> yeah everyone will walk away with a little something. >> so what are some of the fun team names. >> everyone has gotten into the spirit they are really bold we are so excited a couple teams named themselves, one is forest bump i just felt like running
7:55 am
one is the bar dashians. and another one is pavement princesses. >> real quickly, most importantly, is that this benefits girls on the run dc. >> it is which is a nonprofit obviously to help young women be active understand importance of health and fitness in their liveactually, the team registration fees will go the girls on the run >> so i just needed a little more inspiration before we did our own little running right here with my water in hand i have two teammates enrique and india. good morning how did they convince you guys to come out and be active. >> we work in georgetown wanted to show support for everybody is get ready. >> you have all the right accessories looking beautiful there. sports zone is in georgetown. >> 3140 young street. >> so, nancy give us our clue >> yes, we have team holly hunter is here -- hollies
7:56 am
hunters. >> get it. >> so, we are going to give you guys a clue, you will figure out what is the location in georgetown, if you complete it successfully i will give you a star and then you will have to complete a challenge. >> give us our clue. >> your clue. ready, all right. no need for a segway to see these dc sites from this georgetown location see tributes to president acerose vellet, kennedy, francis scott key enjoying a cocktail. what is this location. >> let's see what is this location. let me look around. >> around here? >> there is the kennedy center, teddy roosevelt island, key bridge and i think our cocktails await at washington harbour i think we are in the location. >> is that right? >> yep, you do get a star. >> what is our challenge. >> ten lunges please.
7:57 am
>> all right. >> here we go. >> is our website, we have a link to georgetown sign up to be part of the georgetown dash, sign up by noon and come up with a cool team name. next hour we will see what more active fun we can have. >> the three of you could be like jay low's back up dancers ands. >> in unison. >> thanks holly. >> in our next hour, how to throw a great summer party on a budget dc based event planner andre wells worked with celebrities, regular folks too. he is sharing some of his tricks for a trendy affordable get together for you don't miss it. >> and with temperatures approaching 100 degrees, today, how to keep yourself and your pets safe. we will be right back. 7:57 a.m. a.m.
7:58 am
a.m. the middle classss is shrinkin. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future. my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix.
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8:00 a.m. thursday morning the jury in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial should bet the case
8:01 am
but they do so without hearing from sandusky himself. we will get legal insight. just when it seemed momentum was building behind plans for a casino at national harbour now it appears all bets are off coming up. plus summer is officially here are you planning a backyard party? or two or several we are getting help from celebrity planner andre wells creating a great summer event on a budget. good advice there. i am sarah simmons allison has the day off. i am tony perkins the man of the hour is tucker barnes because he has everything we need to know about today's forecast. >> yeah, extreme temperatures here to say again this afternoon highs if anything, a degree -- i can't even say it a degree or two warmer than yesterday. >> heat got your tongue. >> which would put it at 100 degrees. >> yeah, again we have a heat advisory in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight, lots of water stay indoors, you know, limit your
8:02 am
exposure to the sun. temperatures right now, 79 washington, although, we are about to update to 83. temperatures jumped 4 degrees. 78 baltimore, 77 this morning ocean city no relief any where on the map dulles 74 degrees as well. lots of sunshine in the forecast just like yesterday, see a passing cloud or to and that sun will get a chance to burn very bright here for the first full day of summer heat advisory in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight. overnight lows upper 70s. heat advisory will be in effect here until 10:00 p.m. tonight and mix and match, the actual air temperature with humidity feels like 105 later today. dangerous heat for one more day. afternoon highs 99 washington 100 fredericksburg. 99 la plata. >> all right. it is going to be hot. that is all you need to know. also, heads up for metro riders in this heat you are allowed to bring and drink water on buses and trains
8:03 am
today, just make sure the lid can be closed tightly they don't want water flying everywhere. so, just remember that. all right let's check with julie. good morning. >> good morning sarah. good morning guys right now on the roads, oreweedsers are checking in giving -- our wazers are checking in giving us the heads up down to 40 miles an hour on the belt way as you work up towards 66 lanes are open below speed find your lanes are open right now if you are travelling on the belt way, headed over toward it is wilson bridge. inner loop delays, 210 oxen hill towards 295, heavy moderate traffic coming in from maryland headed towards virginia. remember our waze is a free ap on your mobile device on your smart phone that includes blackberry droid as well adds of course your iphone on the other side of town we have problems to report connecticut avenue, southbound, south of randolph road, utility pole there. northbound i-95, southbound, in newington accident activity some traffic is able to squeeze
8:04 am
by under police direction, travelling northbound, find delays leaving dale city through wood bridge and passing the accident scene that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thanks. a big story out of maryland less than a week after a grand announcement of bringing a las vegas style casino to national harbour, possibly that plan is dealt a major blow. >> state panel could not agree on future of begannabling in maryland. -- gambling in maryland. national harbour made that announcement just last week, it was working with mgm resorts to try to bring a high end casino here to prince georges county. those plans now appear to be on hold. a work group of legislatures and advisors to governor o'malley failed to reach a concession meaning there will be no special session in july. the group was considering whether to allow table games at maryland's five existing casinowhether to bring a new
8:05 am
casino to prince georges county. it with you projected a sixth casino could have brought more than $200 million in education funding to the state according to washington post three members of the house of delegates on the work group were concerned about a part of the plan to allow casino owners to keep a larger share of slot proceeds than under existing law there was concern the five existing casinos should be allowed more time to be up and running without introducing major competition the chairman of the gaming workshop describe add lot of back and forth. and the biggest challenge was to constantly balance t competing interests, of the citizens of maryland, with the emphasis and contributions to the education trust fund, and the needs of the operators, to run a successful and competitive business. it was push pull, during the entire three weeks. gambling plans in maryland require both legislative and
8:06 am
voter approval. if there is no movement this year, the next opportunity for the issue to be brought before voters would be 2014. governor o'malley's staff said it was a lost opportunity he expressed frustration himself as well. now the governor could call for a second special session and prince georges county executive, baker says there is time to come to an agreement but according to washington post aids says the unlikely the governor would call for second special session he would have to know the outcome would be different than yesterday. sarah back to you. >> thank you. in another headlines supreme court could rule on president obama's landmark health care law any day now. a decision from justices is expected as early as today but could come any time in the next week or some they could rule the mandate is unconstitutional and keep the rest to have the law or throw the whole thing
8:07 am
out. >> eric holder could face a contempt vote by the full house next week the constitutional confrontation is over the justice department's botched gun running operation known as fast and furious. the house oversight committee, voted to cite him. for the first time in his presidency president obama envoked executive privilege to keep congress from getting more documents about fast and furious. why is the president getting involved? and what does he know? and when did he know it about fast and furious? >> i wouldn't have ever asked that question before. >> for the past year, we have been holding the attorney general to an impossible standard. >> fast and furious was a secret program, to send weapons into mexico for the government to track them. hundreds of the guns went missing one weapon was later used in the killing of a u.s. border agent. a judge found a prince georges county councilmember guilty of wreckless driving.
8:08 am
karen tolls was ticketed last february for driving more than 100 miles per hour. dash cam video introduced in court show police pursuing tolls as she exited the belt way on branch avenue she was fined $402 given probation, before judgment. that means her conviction will be dropped if she stays out of trouble, for the next year. prince georges county sheriff's deputy charged with 2nd degree rape this morning after he admitted to having sexual contact with a woman at the courthouse. the woman told detectives deputy sheriff lamar mcintyre sexually assaulted her tuesday as she waited for her trial to begin. sheriff high released a statement saying in part, quote i am outraged and saddened by the betrayal of the public's trust. such behaviour goes against the oath we take to up hold the highest standard in values. still ahead, a crackdown on sex offenders and predators on facebook what one state is doing and hopes others will
8:09 am
follow suit. >> another big day on tap in the jerry sandusky trial, no more witnesses but a final plea, from both sides. this after the defense decided not to put sandusky on the stand. a former federal prosecutor weighs in on the case, that is coming up next right now 9 minutes after 8:00 a.m.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
yogis are not letting extreme heat keep them from practicing outdoors. thousands gathered in times square for summer solstice they were practicing bikram a form of hot yoga to so temps were not an issue. yoga experts say the sun's natural energy provides the perfect mechanism for finding serenity and tranquility. unless it is 100 degrees out, are you serene and fran kill? >> they -- tranquil? >> they are used to it. that does not make them yogis does it? that is what the script says. >> yogis usually the one that
8:13 am
leads, you know your instructor. >> oh,. >> that is a yogi. >> really? i thought it was like an enlightened. >> not the bear. >> hey, booboo i am a go by the now. >> all right -- i am a yogi now. >> all right. >> the heat is really -- >> messing with us. >> tucker what have we got for our my first five photo of the day >> i am embarrassed about that teddy. >> i think we need to cool off. this is my first five photo of the day. what a fantastic smile. >> fantastic smile. >> this is isaiah who just turned three this past saturday. >> well, and he loves red skins. >> yes as you can see he loves the red skins, with like maybe that is his sleeping outfit? i can't quite tell. >> looks like he is giggling. he loves them because he is three and hasn't suffered through 20 years of embarrassment. >> let him hope. >> must be getting geared up for training camp and he should
8:14 am
be excited about this year. >> adorable. i walked past a red skins store the other day and every single jersey in the store was rg 3 >> i know >> incredible. >> to send your child's picture go to and click on mornings let's get to weather all right, i don't thing you need those long sleeves today, mighty warm temperatures upper 90s to 100 this afternoon and mix in humidity warmer than that. 72 manassas. that is the cool spot. 79 in dulles, where temperatures jumped 10 degrees past hours. no relief in sight for our afternoon as mentioned we have a heat advisory until 10:00 p.m. tonight expect more blisserring heat with afternoon highs, soaring into the upper 90s to 100 relief on the map out towards chicago clouds and rain showers in green, that cold front will get in here during the day tomorrow, and start to cool us down, for the weekend
8:15 am
with less humidity hang in there, this little streak of hot weather will come to an end tomorrow. your 5 day. 99 this afternoon 93 afternoon storms a little cooler a little less humid highs upper 80s. speaking of pool weather let's get to julie wright. >> i saw you in my pool yesterday in the 9:00 a.m. hour. >> yeah s that is a sweet pool too. >> our pool here at the station is bigger than the one at your house. >> i don't know you guys can fit three people in your pool. >> just feet too not like the whole body in there. >> true. all right tucker stay cool my friend on the roads you will find we do have troubles at this hour, this is southbound 95, again exit southbound 95 against our rush hour flow accident activity tieing up most of the roadway now looks like we have it confined to the right shoulder again delays stacking up leaving the belt way, southbound i-95, again
8:16 am
from lorton, leaving 395. no relief here outer loop closed college park headed into the work zone, 95 on the brakes from 198 bw parkway on the brakes out of laurel headed down to 195, crash closing connecticut avenue south of randolph road where a car took out a mu tillty pole. -- you city pole. that is a that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. another tool for law enforcement on the internet a new louisiana law requires all sex offenders to state their criminal status on their social networking page. the new law kicks in august 1st a first of it kind in the u.s. social networking sites have been proactive removing sex offenders from web pages but the author of the bill says it is designed to cover any possible lapses. closing arguments are set for this morning in the child sex abuse trial or former penn
8:17 am
state football coach jerry sandusky he did not take the stand in his own defense joining us now to talk about this case, former federal prosecutor, university law professor, paul butler. sandusky not taking the stand everything though in general are just very calculated as i am sure you know. was this the right thing not to have him take is stand? >> this is a tough call the prosecution made a very effective case they presented eight witnesses all who more or less heard the same sordid story of abuse. if mr. sandusky has take on the stand he would have had to answer cross-examination are you saying accuser number one when he said what you did he was lying. number two, so forth, eight times that is a very difficult call, on the other hand, because the prosecution case has been so effective, defense has to do something all they
8:18 am
need is one or two jurors to get a hung jury. that is a victory for them maybe that would have helped with that juror who just wanted to hear him deny to them he did it. >> we will have to wait and see on that. earlier this week, we know bob costas did an interview with sandusky late last year the network -- there was some very interesting things observingly that came out -- obviously that came out, the network aired a clip that did not guilty air before this past -- not air before this past tuesday. >> it is entirely possible you could have helped young boy a while not objectionable taking advantage of boy bcd ande isn't that possible. >> you may thing that i don't know in terms of my relationship with so many many young people, i would guess that there are many young people who would come forward,
8:19 am
many more who would come forward and say my methods and what i had done for them made a very positive impact on their life and i didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that i have helped there are many that i didn't have -- i hardly had any contact with, who i have helped in many many ways. >> now obviously i mean -- that -- you look at it very potentially damaging there i haven't -- you know sought every young person out that i have helped that as far as we know that didn't come out until this week is there some reason the prosecution wouldn't have gotten that or brought that out in court? >> when you hear it, it is very damaging, one reason may be that they just didn't know about it, prosecutors are very
8:20 am
careful about subpoenaing information approximate journalists there is a lot of privileges and constitutional reasons while they are concerned about it and they may have felt they didn't need it. again they have eight victims who came in and said this is what happened to me and they have something else you usually don't get in these cases they have eyewitnesses people who say well, i saw him in a shower with a boy or i heard this or that, so abegan they put on a very effective -- so again they put on a very effective case >> you mentioned someone who said they saw the acts occurs, one of the only witnesses on the stand who was talking about that. but then there was also a friend that came out and said, well, that is not the story that he had told me before, you know, so did defense do a good job at all? how good of a job did they do trying to poke holes in the prosecutions case? >> so there are a couple stories defense is trying to tell one is that all of the witnesses were coached by the police the second is that they
8:21 am
are trying to make some money from this case they have some kind of financial incentive and the third is that mr. sandusky has this mental condition, which makes him flier they house but doesn't cause him -- flirtatious but doesn't cause him to abuse kids. prosecution today are you going to say all eight witnesses are lying. >> defense will say, you don't get convicted unless there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, 95% certain. >> we should know here, shortly hopefully what that jury has to say. paul butler, with gw thank you so much for coming in. >> always a pleasure sarah. >> all right tony back over to you. >> thank you. more fall out at university of virginia appears some board members are ready to reinstate the school's ousted president. and holly is hanging out at the georgetown water front this
8:22 am
morning. nice place to be tonight the neighbourhood will be transformed into an outdoor playground for the georgetown dash. tips how to prepare coming up next 8:22 a.m. a.m. 
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>> >> it is not over the word from a top faculty member university of virginia. washington post reports head of the faculty senate says many people are working to reinstate theresa sullivan as uva president. she was forced to resign nearly two weeks ago the post says sullivan told her supporters on the board she would like her job back if board director resigns. dragas spear headed the effort to get rid of sullivan. staying in virginia, the arlington county school board approved a plan to deal with an expanding student population, it will build two new elementary schools and add classrooms to three more. one new school will be built on the same campus as williams burg middle school the other new school will go on the ken more middle school site both will house 600 students meantime, more classrooms will be added to ashlawn elementary mckinly and arlington traditional school.
8:26 am
with temperatures expected the flirt with 100-degree mark today we want to make sure you are aware of dangers that come with this extreme weather. >> coming up the most common mistakes people make during a heat wave and dips how to keep your pets comfortable time now 8:26 a.m. we will be right back @@
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪[ music ] welcome back, a live lookout side on this hot thursday morning right now temperatures are -- i just missed it. >> 83. >> 83. >> and it is only 88:30 a.m., -- 8:30 a.m., we could hit a record one today tucker >> doesn't that look good. i want to sit in the -- you know, kay yak what is that? row boat? >> i don't think it is a row boat. >> canoe or kay yak i think kay yak. we are really getting caught up
8:30 am
on details. >> tucker going to be hot. >> crazy week. earlier behad a record low maximum dulles and today likely a maximum high. >> strange week. >> yeah, temperatures right now, 83 degrees overnight just didn't cool down a whole lot humidity of course is with us as welcome by nation, it is going the feel like 105 later the day, lots of water bottom line. we have done this a lot. >> we will talk about this in a moment. safety tips. >> for our animals. >> people and animals. >> all of us. >> 38 right now washington, 82 annapolis. 72 manassas. but this is that time of day we transition quickly into the summer time heat give it another hour or so temperatures believe it or not will be jumping into the upper 80s low 90s and eventually this afternoon upper 90s close to 100 our records today, is 98 degrees and we are thinking 99
8:31 am
or 100 later this afternoon likely to tie perhaps beat a record as we get into the afternoon hour s with this current stretch of very hot weather. the heat advisory continues for another 12 hours or so, through 10:00 p.m. tonight all this countys in orange including the district of columbia that combination, the potentially deadly combination of a lot of heat and humidity will make us feel like 105 today. if you can, shade, water,. surface map i mentioned the heat advisory, high pressure off to our south we finally have this cold front on the map out west chicago rolling east overnight tonight during the day tomorrow we will see cloudpotential for some pretty good showers and storms with it. behind the front cooler and somewhat less humid air for the weekend we will get a nice respite from the recent heat as we get into saturday and sunday. your forecast, heat advisory
8:32 am
sunshine, near record heat, 99 your daytime high winds out of the north and west, 5 to 10 and then just warm and humid overnight. not pleasant, 79 your other night low temperatures -- overnight low, temperatures way up, overnight hours. 5 day as we get into the weekend, after the cold front late in the day tomorrow highs upper 80s should feel better less humidity and then mid-80s maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon that is your weather let's do, whatever sarah is doing back at the desk. >> it is important to stay cool during the heat wave of course as we know and that is why the district is doing everything it can to help out today and tomorrow six public pools in dc will stay open later than usual giving people a great place to get relief they will be open until 8:30 p.m. if you can't make it to the pool today, tony is learning some other tips to help us beat the heat. live, hey how is it going? really hot? >> it is warm outside but not as warm as it is going to be later on today because of the
8:33 am
heat, we want to talk about some safe practices, and some of the mistakes people make when we are in weather like this. things to keep you safe and to keep your pets safe as well. joining me is assistant chief mike mcadams, montgomery county fire, ems and buddy the dog. buddy is your pet not a canine officer or anything >> i am not a canine officer buddy is a red fox lab adopted by my wife and my family and myself from lab rescue >> wonderful. >> about two years ago he is a terrific family pet. >> let's start with people and then we get to the pets. >> sure >> some of this, i think, a lot of folks know, but bares repeating because every time we go through a heat wave i walk around, i am outside i see people doing things they shouldn't be doing in the middle of the day. >> well, it is important to note for all residents, it is a really hot day. yesterday was really hot,
8:34 am
temperature from our end 107 degrees, that is hot in preparation people need to know it is going to be hot today and preparations also for that are hydrate, drink lots of water wear light clothes you and i have to dress like this but wouldn't otherwise. >> absolutely. >> stay indoors if possible, avoid strenuous activities, like running in the middle of the day. you can do that november, but not today, air quality temperature compound the health risks. >> you know, some times people are -- they feel like well, my lunch hour that is when i am used to exercising or getting a jog in, but that is right in the middle part of the day those hours between 10 and 3, 4, 5 are really rough. >> those hours are the hottest portion of the day that takes a toll on your body normally you exercise and your body is used to and adjusts to temperatures well now this is really hot dangerous weather hydrate yourself well even walking from point a to point b can strain
8:35 am
your body. use precautions we recommend >> as we talk we show a number of tips to beat the heat you are talking about here, one other thing people need to be aware of is heat stroke but it is not just for us our animals as well. >> it is if you suffer any symptom yows may thing are heat related, -- symptoms you may think are heat related we urge you to seek emergency care. 911 is probably your best number. people that stay in cars or are you know leave their kids or pets in cars the vehicle can increase in temperature to about 120 to 130 degrees within 120 seconds. that is just 2 minutes and when we have a buddy in the car you don't want to leave buddy in the heat. buddy sit up, buddy is really susceptible to that heat and depends on us for his well being you don't want the leave your kids in the car your pets or outdoors we want to make sure folks are inside, humans as well as friends and check on your neighbors. one of the important things we have as a neighbourhood here in
8:36 am
metropolitan area, robust neighbourhood check on your neighbors make sure they have air conditioning, hydration if they need resources here in montgomery county call 311 and the other communities within the capital region have numbers. >> what activity, do you expect to see today? >> well, we expect to see an increase in our emergency medical services responses yesterday we did see an increase of 12%, in our medical calls, we've taken precautions even for our own personnel we have instituted a couple medical ambulance buses to help our personnel and neighbors we would encounter in an instance, to stay sheltered we provide them fluids in those mobile shelters. >> mike mcadams and his dog body, hope it is a slow day. >> stay cool. >> you too >> sarah back to you.
8:37 am
>> coming up entertaining guru andre wells shares tips for hosting a summer event to remember. >> it was a flight these jet blue passengers will not soon forget almost everyone onboard got sick after they spent an extra two and a half hours in the sky. we will explain what happened there coming up.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> it was a scary ride for passengers on a jet blue ride from las vegas to new york. it lost two of its three hydraulic systems the pilot told passengers they would need to circle and burn fuel so for nearly 2.5 hours the jet swerved through the skies, before making its emergency landing in vegas. jet blue offered passengers hotel accommodations and free round trip ticket, the federal aviation administration is investigating the incident. wow. >> two french men taking a daring journey across the atlantic. >> rowing a boat from massachusetts to france. the men left from massachusetts yesterday carrying food and supplies needed for the trip a few bottles of red wine, both men on the journey are experienced rowers. because you have to make sure you got plenty of red wine for
8:41 am
that trip >> that is a long trip. >> maybe some water. >> water too would be good. >> okay. >> well, it is 8:40 a.m. still ahead this morning entertaining on a budget a fantastic summer party does not have to break the bank. celebrity event planner andre wells is here to share his secret. >> holly is learning about a scavenger hunt in georgetown. i don't know i think these might be celebrities here there is a lot of really pretty fit people in georgetown for some reason this morning. they are all here because we are indeed getting a preview of the first annual georgetown dash active scavenger hunt for a cause. 
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
let's have some fun in the summer time. if you want to show a summer bash but short on cash. you don't have to break the bank.
8:45 am
nationally recognized events planner andre wells joins us to share his secrets this morningthanks for coming in look at this fabulous place setting you have out. the table setting is gorgeous. >> thank you for having me >> i love the fact you can do this on a budget this looks so high end, but it is something you can put together fairly easily. >> absolutely. the napkins that we used today are you know, very inexpensive, these basically are dish towels. >> interesting. >> so then you can relate them to hey, now they are going to be my napkins i think summer entertaining should be fun, fast and easy you shouldn't have to think about it so much. you know these chairs you can rent these chairs they rent for about $7 each. >> wow. >> $7 go to the dollar store and get these -- >> that is easy to do. >> little fans you need them. >> yeah i think when you are preparing summer meals or entertaining in the summer you should thing about things that you can kind of i like to say
8:46 am
doctor up. we will talk about drinking later, but even foods places like whole foods and other places that you can go and buy thing that is are already kind of premade, and then you just you know, add a beautiful pineapple slice or watermelon slice to a nice salad that gives it that. >> and even with you know, flowers we have you know silk arrangement here but don't hesitate to take them if you have like garden flowers. >> absolutely and these are real. these are orchids a lot of green, summer is so green there are lots of you know, plants and blooming, flowers that happen that are seasonal. >> right. >> let's get to the drinks as you were talking about too. this is something i find interesting a lot of times we think you know, you got to spend a lot of money, to have a really you know, nice get together but you can really dress up a drink a tea or lemonade and make it seem very special. you know give us -- you have some ideas here.
8:47 am
>> absolutely this morning i just went out on my patio and got some fresh mint, and rosemary i added some store bought lemonade, squeezed some real lemons, and also you can add a little pineapple juice, and limonada is the best and voila you create a vodka lemonade. >> oh. >> good job by the way. maybe you should be a mixologist too. >> thank you. if you have guests that don't drink this is great very refreshing use like a sparkling water to replace the vodka or champagne. >> okay >> don't forget the bug stray >> chef don't forget the bug spray the evian it is really nice you know, refresh. >> keeps you cooled down especially like today. >> now you have a lot of great ideas as well i know probably a lot of those will be in a new book you have coming out art of celebration washington dc tell me about this book
8:48 am
>> basically, this book, highlights event professionals in washington dc, so, they highlighted all of my work as an event designer and plan we are a lot of the galaballs and work that i have done over the years here in washington from you know, corporate events to inaugural balls, so it is great. >> all right well, when does the book come out. >> it is out now. go the and the art of celebration, washington. >> all right. thank you so much for coming in and you can come by my house and make this drink any time okay. >> certainly. i will do it. >> thank you so much. >> tony back over to you. >> looks great thank you sarah. >> not too late to sign up for the first ever georgetown dash it is going on later today, the event promotes getting active for a good cause holly morris is giving a one on one lesson on what this is all about with some beautiful people this morning she join us from a
8:49 am
georgetown water fingerprint. i agree with you. >> i know -- waterfront. >> i agree with you. this is a beautiful group of people. they are extremely fit we are doing it early and hydrating all morning long. we are promoting being active we want to make sure to tell you to be active, and you can come out tonight and be active for the first annual georgetown dash it is a scavenger hunt type thing you have a team of four get clues go to different places figure it out they give you something active to do you get a star, one hour whatever team has the most stars win it is grand prize of $2,000 used at merchants here in georgetown there are 20 plus merchants that have an active feel to them. i will start with karen from bar three. >> it is [ audio difficulty ] muscles to create long lean.
8:50 am
>> long and lean what we all want to be long and lean. >> we use the ballet bar as a prop for that it is no different than any other strength training tool just a prop. >> we need to lean these beautiful people up. this is your stretching maybe regiment before the georgetown dash tonight. >> exactly. >> let's go. >> we are trying to -- [ audio difficulty ] >> let me come over go ahead and say what we are doing. >> under your hips we usually do this work out in bare feet. you can root through your feet. long lines, extension in your spine driving your tailbone toward the center, find that link feeling a hamstring stretch and then lengthening of the spine pressing into the bar and finding beautiful you all have beautiful postures here. >> one thing in working out i do find people don't do enough time for stretching. >> that's right we believe that too and in between each
8:51 am
strength training segment of our classes we stretch out so we want to work the muscle hard and then lengthen and stretch it out. >> are we feeling longer and leaner. >> yes. >> okay. >> let's all move into a core hold, so peel your heels slightly off the ground pressing your palms in have a long spine. >> this is a lengthening session now the work out. >> sure. >> that is where steve comes in from water street gym good morning. >> good morning. >> all right now, not only do we want to be ready for some of the things you will have us do tonight but also good exercise to be fit for summer. >> absolutely. >> start with lower body maybe a step back lunge. >> mm-hmm. >> so, sit up nice and tall shoulders over your hips step back, come up to balance. >> oh, he is kicking it up a notch. >> step up kick off to balance >> why bring the knee up.
8:52 am
>> working on balance. >> mm-hmm. >> okay. >> now step back into a curtsy work more of that front glue. >> we want to look good in our bathing site. you should always start november or december. >> getting ready for summer we are in summer give us a couple more. >> we like the squat. >> mm-hmm. >> with little hops. >> you know every fitness trainer i have ever met loves the squat >> it hits everything below the waist, attacks your cardio respiratory system it is a great exercise doesn't take a lot of space or time,. >> you can do it any where. >> do it any where the most important exercise for summer time body, is the push away. >> the push away. >> imagine you are at the dinner table, push yourself away a little sooner. >> pushing away. >> push yourself away from the table. >> push away sooner away from the buffet. >> push yourself away this is the buffet no buffet.
8:53 am
>> no buffet. >> and then the last thing we do we dash to the water are you guys ready? run that way as fast as you can. i just made that up. look at them. you guys were great. way to go. way to be fit. >> you guys can come down and be a part of the fitness and fun tonight, georgetown dash going on. sign up by noon we have a link coming up in our next hour it is not fun to mess with butteful people, we will talk more about what is -- beautiful people we will talk more about what is going on tonight next hour. let the games begin title nine celebration basketball game being held tonight at department of interior gymnasium. government officials and players from wnba and local colleges will play to mark 40 years since president nixon
8:54 am
signed title 9 into law, it prohibits discrimination based on sex. candy bandit on the run apparently this person has a huge craving for reese's. talk about a rough ride, it is a funny story a car ends up on a golf course you won't believe the drivers excuse. the story after the break stay with us 3q what's my secret for sunday lunchch?
8:55 am
my little helpers...
8:56 am
and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves.
8:57 am
time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day and her team of volunteers at the hyatt regency today they will head into the heat in northeast dc to build two homes for habitat for humanity i hope you have a lot of liquids it will be a hot one for you guys keep up the good work. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day leave a comment under kathy's fun little picture there. bizarre bandit on the loose
8:58 am
in ohio, the thief is targeting reese's peanut butter cups he has stolen more than $600 worth of reese's cups from the same store over the past few months in each case he walks in grabs the candy and pushes his way past any employees and walks out. bizarre there. okay. loves peanut butter cups. another strange one a car driven on to a golf course in massachusetts 47-year-old woman was driving down the street, and took a right into the golf course. she drove on to the fair way there she is and down an 8-foot drop into a sand trap luckily, no one was hurt, police say the woman admitted to drinking half a litre of vodka that morning. there was the fuel behind it but later blamed it on gps malfunction. >> other things malfunctioning. >> all right. now let's turn it over to will who is joining tony again, for the next hour. >> the vodka will do it to you >> she admitted to vodka.
8:59 am
>> it was clear. >> the gps out the door. >> suffering through another day of extreme heat, temperatures could hit the century mark and heat index will make it feel hotter tucker is here with the latest advisories and word on when relief will be on the way. >> beginning of the end of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial today the jury will hear closing argumentcould begin deliberations all without ever hearing from the former football coach. >> later an elderly woman bullied on a school bus the video went viral, difficult to watch now thousands are opening their heartwallets for the woman at the center of the harassment. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am will thomas. allison has the day off. i guess we hit it off the top. potentially triple digit weather,. >> we could set some rec.


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