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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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of washington. pretty skies but boy, in the air, it is thick, humid, sticky and hot. we are already in the mid-80s and it is just 6:00 in the morning. my gosh. >> the pick is a little deceiving. i'm will thomas -- the pick is a little deceiving. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's talk to tucker about the weather. we have clouds moving in. we have some storms developing later today. >> the storms will help cool thins down, right? >> and yes, by the -- core sorry, my tie is doing a number on it. >> look at his tie. >> it's the caffeine. >> all of a sudden, i've been hypnotised. >> should i look at the brown? >> # 1 out at baltimore.
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you can see these temperatures extraordinarily warm for this time of day. -- 81 out at baltimore. it is uncomfortable out there. we are not going to be dealing with the extreme heat we had around here yesterday as we'll have more in the way of cloudiness and showers and storm moving in eventually later today. there is your sentinel radar. one or two showers there south and east of the city. the main event will be later this afternoon as the cold front arrives. we've got the best chan for showers and storms. highs in the low to mid-90s. >> let's get a check of the roads. julie wright is standing by. good morning. >> good morning. once imep be trouble in virginia along northbound i-95. the crew in sky fox made their way to one of the accident we've been talking about. this happens to be northbound along i-95 as you approach route one in woodbridge. the two left lanes are tied up at the scene of this accident. if you are coming northbound be expect to be in a back upheaded north from at least potomac
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mills. this is the two left lanes that are blocked in the main line. fire and rescue units on the scene with state police over to the left shoulder. some traffic is able to squeeze by at the scene but if you are traveling northbound, expect to have a slow go out of dale city probably back to the potomac mills sign. we have another fire truck that just rolled up on the scene. that looks like it is pushing folks, at least that one tractor-trailer off to the shoulder to get by. coming northbound on i-95, stay to the right as you travel north of dale see in towards woodbridge. eastbound 66 leaving fair oak headed in towards 123, lanes are open, not too busy, at least not right now headed in towards the capital play. that's a check of towards the capital beltway -- towards the capital beltway. three years ago, nine people were killed when a red
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line train collided with another train. willmar has details on how the vic opportunitys will be honored on this anniversary. >> reporter: a painful day for all of the relatives of the victims lost here three years ago today in the deadliest crash in metro's history. mayor vincent gray will be out here later this morning and there will be a ceremony unveiling a plaque that will honor both the victims and also some of the first responders. the plaque has been placed here on the bridge overlooking the crash site. now, following the crash, loved ones create a makeshift memorial here. just about everyone acknowledges that wasn't exactly aproper that ripe to the victims. a plaque was already placed insuicide the fort totten metro station. you need to pay to get inside to see that one up close. mayor vincent gray has said there are maps for a memorial park and garden as well -- there are plans for a memorial park and garden as well. two trains collided on june
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22nd twine. the nine people killed did include one train operator. following the crash, the ntsb found that equipment malfunctioned. a spokesperson for the ntsb has said that, since the accident, metro has been more is he septemberive to its recommendations. metro has also increased safety members and staff since the crash. there is a statute of limitations of three years as to when lawsuits can be filed in connection to the crash. that ends today. since the crash, there has been nine -- at least nine lawsuits filed on behalf of family members. more is also now cross-file as recently as tuesday lawsuits against some of the equipment manufacturers. back you. metro has spent millions of dollars and several years working to make the fixes recommended by the ntsb following that crash. so where does safety on metro
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stand now? metro's general manager, richard sarles, will join us live at 8:30 this morning to talk about that. bout that. more twists and turns in the jerry sandusky trial. shortly after the jury got the case yesterday, some shocking evidence came to light. matthew sandusky, one. jerry sandusky's adopted sons be came forward saiding he too was sexually abusedly business father. he said he was prepared to testify for the prosecution but it is unclear why he never took the stand. some reports suggest the decision was made after the defense decided jerry sandusky would not testify on his own behalf. jury deliberations will continue today. new this morning, a man recovers after being shot by a prince george's county police officer. this happened in fairmont heights on cold street around 1:00 this morning. police say they were first called there for reports of gunfire. then at some point, the officer and the man got into an altercation and the shooting
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occurred. the man's injuries are said to be nonlife-threatening. former university of virginia president theresa sullivan is calling for civility in the ongoing saga surrounding her forced resignation. sullivan announced she was stepping down about two weeks ago after leaders of the uva board told her they had enough votes to force her out. since then, the charlottesville campus has been in an uproar. sullivan yesterday asked that people stop abusive behavior towards the interim president, members the board and buildings on campus. the board of visitors has decided it will meet next tuesday to consider reinstating sullivan as president. a story we will continue to follow for you here on fox 5. still ahead, a hotel attack in afghanistan at the hands of the taliban. an update on that situation is coming your way next. the miami heat silenced their critics last night. a recap of their big win which set and nba finals record. we'll be right back. ight back.
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making headlines, taliban fighters attack a hotel in afghanistan. police there say 17 people were killed in the 12-hour seige. five taliban insurgents stormed the hotel north of kabul armed with machine guns be rocket- propelled grenades and explosive vests. twelve of the dead are civilians including several guards in the hotel. all of the attackers were killed. catholic as cross the country have begun two week of prayer and protest. the movement is called fortnight for freedom. these catholics gathered for a kick offmass last night in baltimore. the church is calling attention to what that says is an attack on religious freedom which they say intensified over the federal mandate requiring faith- based hospitals and schools to provide birth control and other contraceptives. president barack obama will try to make his case today for
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re-election. the pre's speech to the national association of latino elected and appointed officials comes one day after mitt romney laid out his immigration reform strategy to the same group. the press will draw attention to his breakthrough directive on illegal immigration and press his jobs agenda. still ahead, big three have finally won the big one. a recap of last night's nine finals. need a job no how about working at buckingham palace? queen elizabeth is hiring and you can apply. 
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the miami heat waking up as the nba champions this morning although i suspect a lot of them never went to bed at this
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point. lebron james had a triple double. chris bosh added 23 points. the team had a 121-106 victory over the oklahoma city thunder. lebron called it the happy of the day of his life. it is the franchise's second championship. good to be the owner of the heat. >> good-bye to be lebron -- good to be lebron. >> that is what he wanted. >> may he can go back to cleveland and play for cleveland. >> i don't think they'll have him. >> they don't want anything to do with him. >> it is feeling like summer from miami here in our area. >> yes, i met somebody yesterday who was from miami. he said it is much hotter here than it is in miami. >> the soaps -- for people,
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snow birds who go there for the our summers, the deal is over there. it is getting hot but it is still worse here. >> still worse here. no doubt about it. we don't get the sea breeze around here. that is the problem. >> true. >> let's do temperatures. we want to get to yesterday's record high temperatures at reagan national. we had a new record. 99degrees. our old record was 98. dulles didn't quite get there. bwi marshall tied the record. it went back to 192 when we had 100-degree. bwi marshall, 100 yesterday hitting triple digits. it is not comfortable. 83 in washington. 83 in quantico. these temperatures are extraordinarily high for 6:15 in the morning. lots of humidity as well. not a great start to your day. condition call it a comfortable day but at least we won't have the extreme heat we had around here yesterday. our highs later today will be in the low to mid-90s t should start to feel gradually better here later today as we'll get showers and storms in here. then tonight, the cooler and less humid air will start to
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arrive. a few showers to start your day and some cloud cover as well. you can see that across the region. most of the shower activity has been well to the west. you get the idea here. we are starting to get some showers and storm developing. later today along this cold front, that is the actual cold front out in central ohio, as that starts to push into the area, before a better and better chance of scattered showers and storms in the forecast. here we are at 6:00. showing some light showers in the clouds and by 3:00, we've got some scattered showers and thunderstorms developing. some of those will linger into the evening hours at 7:00. still a few showers around. then we'll start to clear things out by tomorrow morning and here is the good news. bright sunshine for both saturday and sunday with less humidity and high temperatures only in the upper 80s. we'll take it. it is after all the end of june. mostly cloudy today. showers and storms likely this afternoon. 93 your daytime high. some of the storms that develop could be on the strong side.
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just be ready for that potential here. early storms tonight clearing overnight. 70 the overinstitute low. here is your five-day forecast. the weekend forecast upper 80s with less humidity. so good-hooking forecast saturday, sunday. that is weather. let's do some traffic and julie wright has got your latest. >> good morning. on the roads right now, the crew in sky fox is above this accident northbound along i-95 before you reach route one in woodbridge. the accident activity is what is tying up the left side of roadway. so again, coming northbound you to stack up before the potomac mills sign. the hovs, a little bit of a rub are memberring delay there. the main line is gridlock as you work your way north out of dale city up to the accident scene. we have callers complaining about route one being slow as well. -- a little bit of a rubbernecking delay there. this is 395 looking good here at duke street. no problems to report in the
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hovs or the main line continuing northbound. it was a little tut getting there so some folks are still stuck back on 95. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. also, you may want to avoid the beltway's out are loan near the wilson bridge this weekend. construction work will close the through lanes on the outer loop approaching alexandria from 9:00 tonight to 5:00 a.m. on monday. only one lane between van dorn and telegraph road will be open. archaeologists in maryland have found a piece of history. they were digging in st. mary's city and uncovered the stone and brick foundation of the calvert house. the historic structure dates back centuries. the st. mary's city museum says this is the first time in 30 years archaeologists have exposed a new portion of the calvert house. no dinosaur bones but still a nice house. coming up income be a major
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downgrade for the world's largest banks. we'll go love to fox business news right when we come back. >> it is take your dog to work day. where is your dog? >> the tv is on the room where lexy is watching. >> is the air conditioning is o >> the air conditioning is on and so is his muzzle. kidding. >> research has proven that dogs in the workplace can low are your stress and increase productivity. a lot of companies already allow dog inside the company on a daily basis including google, amazon and ben and jerry's. [ scott ] i grew up playing with little toy trains
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welcome back. node a job? the queen is hiring. we're covering that one this morning with adam shapiro over at fox business network. he is live in new york. good morning. is simonetti in the hamptons again? >> actually no, she is actually
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doing public service today. the sun goddess is getting a little work done. >> a job at buckingham palace. we'll get to that. let's get the bad news out of the way if we can. markets affected by negative economic news, banks downgraded. what's the deal? >> we saw asian markets close in negative territory. futures indicate we will open in positive territory at 9:30 here in new york for the trend continues. dow futures are up despite the downgrade from moody's. we're told by moody's, your credit is not as good as it used to be saying they are weaker because mode's as betting their losses when europe goes bust because of the financial crisis, that those losses will be pretty bad for a lot of the banks. they cut their credit rating t drives up the cost of borrowing for the banks. it could mean less money for you and me to borrow from the banks because they will be spending more money and setting aside more money. >> hates get to something kind
6:25 am
of fun. a job with the queen of england. is that really possible and what kind of gig are we talking about? >> i thought about doing this store where you with a bit issue accent but i sound like a guy from the bronx so i'll spare you. queen elizabeth is going to hire a new house manager for buckingham palace. you will soup views a staff of 60. you have a $3 million budget. quite honestly, i think she's kind of cheap. you will be paid $78,000 a year. you have to have experience running a five-star hospitality establishment. so they put this on the royal web site, this job opening for i house manage are at buckingham palace. you also get to organize events at windsor palace, st. james' palace and she has a motor coach, i think, at the queen's trailer park. >> $78,000 is not a big salary considering what the royals are
6:26 am
worth but -- >> i think queen lizzie needs to ante up there. it sounds kind of cheap to me. >> let me sneak this in real quick actually shortage of good humor ice cream treats in this hot weather. got to ask but that. >> good humor is suffering from a shortage of toasted almond ice cream bars, candy center crunch bars and chocolate eclairs. they are closing their maryland plant and not only are they closing that plant but they are also suffering from a warmer than expected spring, a lot of people ate ice creme. they don't have enough to go around. as we were saying in new york where it was 101 degrees, please donate new to our ice creme fund. we desperately need ice cream. millions of new yorkers are sweating it out without good humor ice cream. >> i am with you. the timing is bad for that. that is for sure. >> and the humidity down where you are, nasty, i know. it is bad in d.c. >> take care. we'll see you soon. as we continue here, an
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alert if you plan to hit the water this weekend. details on a nationwide crackdown coming up next. and dozens of kids at i alocal summer camp still recovering this morning after coming down with a mysterious illness. now, health officials are investigating. time now is 6:27. we'll be right back.   we need to look for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start. glad you found us. start by test-driving nearly every make and model,
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state and local agencies around the region will step up patrols on the water this weekend. part of a nationwide crackdown on intoxicate boaters. the annual operation dry water campaign also aims to educate boaters of the risks involved of drinking while boating. alcohol use was the leading factor in 16% of all boating related deaths last year. >> i guess you got to be careful. i suppose boating and having a few beers kind of go happened in land but you got to watch it especially if you are the one behind the wheel. >> and a lot of people are going to want to be out on the
6:31 am
water this weekend. >> should be just a perfect weekend. lots of sunshine. we'll have lower humidity. the weekend forecast looking great. today is a day where we'll get the showers and storms and cold front that will bring us the cooler air. today doesn't look fab husband if you are out on the water. beaches are so-so today but a much better weekend. there is your radar. it is very warm, very humid. we've got some showers popping up. just one or two. you can see they are very scattered. the trend will be more in the waive cloud cover tupped r today and with a cold front out in ohio moving in, eventually showers and storms for much of the area later this afternoon. some of the storms could be on the strong side. a couple of showers out towards hagerstown and cumberland. otherwise, some cloud cover as we start your morning. 83degrees in wash. this has been our coolest temperature thus far overnight. you get the idea, we are very, very warm. 77 at patuxent naval air station. forecast for today, lots of clouds around. scattered showers and storms developing this afternoon. some of those could be strong. high temperatures only in the low 90s.
6:32 am
>> only? >> only in the low 90s. i think by 4:00 p.m. being we'll start to get some storms and temperature will cool down just a little bit. >> it will feel nice after that. >> i'm looking forward to later in the afternoon. >> great ask the weather guy question in honor of bring your dog to work day, we have an animal-related question. >> i thinking i could run home and get the dog and get him on the show. tucker is like no. hey, julie wright. did you bring beagle bailey? >> no, he is a beagle. that means if he is not happy with something, he has a beagle howl. >> which we would be hearing right now. >> i'm surprised will's house is even talking to him after athe go the tv on and se. the ac today. >> that dog has a life. >> i say this with love. he is more concerned about the
6:33 am
ac. he sees you every day. >> true. >> all right. let's check in quickly with our waze group. they are out here on the roads this morning. it has not been easy. we've got big delays as you travel northbound on route one. we are talking about this earlier. in some areas, you are down to about 1 miles per hour. this wazer checked in at 10 miles per hour headed northbound on route one. it is all red coming in out of dale city. the crew in sky fox with us checking out that drive and as you approach route one in woodbridge, the accident activity has been moved over to the shoulder. our lanes are open once again. traveling northbound on i-95, it is heavy, slow and steady from before potomac mills back in dale see headed back to the accident scene. it break free continuing northbound headed out to the capital beltway. north delays to report right now if you are traveling on the other side of town. the outer loop starting to slow at university boulevard. southbound 270, not too slow here. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. for a check of this morning's top stories a
6:34 am
virginia police officer accused of murder is now out of a job. the cull pep are police department has fired daniel harmon wright after an internal investigation into the shooting death of patricia cook. this happened during a traffic stop last february. harmon wright claimed he shot in self-defense after cook tried to drive off with his arm caught in the car's window. the hunt is on for a group of union men who attacked a 59- year-old man selling ice cream. the victim has a black eye, stitches and a bangedden00 elbow. the attack happened on tanji road in manassas on tuesday where the man had been selling frozen fruit bars for years. police think the motive was robbery. what a shame. a case of a stomach flu apparently made dozens of high schooler ill ate summer camp in virginia. students attending a congressional medal wards foundation camp at george mason university got sick wednesday night and into thursday. about 15 were so sick they had to be taken to the hospital.
6:35 am
medical workers won't be treating anyone today at the dennis avenue health center in silver spring. fat silt is closed because the air condition are is not working. the center is at 2000 dennis avenue. all appointments for today or canceled and the staff will be redirected to other work locations. today mark three years since the deadliest crash in metro's history. it was at day two red line trains collided killing nine people. fox 8's lauren demarco is live in northeast with details on how the city is honoring those victims today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. at 10:00 a.m., it will be a somber ceremony here. there has been a plaque placed right here on the overpass and mayor convince the gray will be out here to unveil that plaque. it is honoring the victim lost in metro's deadliest crash three years ago today and all the first responder who arrived at the scene to provide assistance. it is placed on the new hampshire avenue bridge overlooking the crash site.
6:36 am
now, following the crash, loved ones create a makeshift shrine but it was acknowledged that that wasn't a proper memorial. they wanted something more permanent. one plaque is inside the fort totten metro station but you have to pay to get inside to see that up close. mayor gray says he is planning a memorial park and garden for the future. you recall two red line trains crashed on june 22nd. it happened between the fort totten and takoma park stations. nine people killed, 80 injured. following the crash, the national transportation safety board found that equipment meant to stop trains on the track malfunctioned. since the accident, metro has been more receptive to the recommendations of the ntsb. about that garden memorial, the neighborhood community not in agreement. they wanted to see it in a park. the neighbor was concerned it could be a hot spot for crime. hopefully, we'll learn more
6:37 am
about that hater on this morning. back to you. >> thank you. -- mother had b. that later on this morning -- hopefully, we'll learn more about that later on this morning. back to you. >> thank you. the jury in the jerry sandusky case would like to revisit statements made by mike mcqueary who said he saw sandusky assault a boy in a penn state shower and a doctor who testified that mcqueary gave him a different account of what he saw. meantime, one. sandusky's adopted sons has now come forward claiming his father also sexually abused him. >> it is one thing to allege conspiracy among people who do not know you. about for your on son to come forward and make these allegations, i simply don't know what the defendant and the defense counsel can do to counteract that. >> because thest surfaced after the jury got the case yesterday, they will not able to respond. we'll have more on the twists and turns from outside the courtroom coming up in our 7:00
6:38 am
hour. a big weekend at the box office with the release of brave. this is getting alet of buzz. pixar's new animate film is already on target for i nearly $60 million opening weekend. but does it live up to all the hype? kevin mccarthy, say hi? >> hey, guys. >> he is here in the studio with that movie and more. stay with us.
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6:41 am
the new disney pixar animated movie brave opens up today. other new offerings at the box office include a dark comedy about the end of the world and a thriller about a most unexpected vampire hunter. kevin mccarthy joins us now from 106.7 the fan. >> thank you for having me. >> you are very excite about the movies we have today. new pixar film is coming out. brave is getting a lot of talk.
6:42 am
and it looks like it could be interesting. >> here is the deal. it is their 13th film since toy story. over the years, their and make has been absolutely insanely good. you see their movies. it is so beautiful to watch. this is their first female led character out of the movies they've done and i feel like this character voiced by kelly mcdonnell in the film, she wants to shoos her own destiny and fate because her parents want her to mary somebody and become the pov srun sees she is supposed to be. she runs away, find a witch and a spell is cast. i'm not going to tell you what spell this is but after the 30- minute marker of this movie, the movie goes completely downhill. it leaves that whole pixar world. i'm a huge fan of pixar but they've always done this thing -- it goes dark and weird.
6:43 am
cars 2 i wasn't a huge fan. i love pixar but this movie did not feel lick a pixar film at all. it was very strange. after that 30-minute mark, after this twist occurs, the whole movie felt weird. i felt hike this character merida who is an amazing character, she is engaging, interesting, she is epic. she is an action star in a sense, she doesn't get the potential and the story she deserves. i almost want to see a see well so i can see a better story given to the character. the voice acting is great. scotland is one of the best caches in the story. it is visually amazing. i thought they spent more time on the visuals than they did on the story line. the first 30 minutes is great. jot kids will still liking it though? >> pixar has that great balance where they can do a kid movie and also a film for adults. after that first 30 minutes, i come lottoly lost interest.
6:44 am
i gave it a two and a half out of five. i think it is one of the weaker pixar movies to date. >> abraham lincoln vampire hunter. >> it is the greatest title of all time. who doesn't want to seat 16th president of the united states slaying vampires in slow motion. i was excited. this is directed by a russian director. he directed a movie call the wanted with angelina jolie. this is produced by tim burton. it is epically dark. vampires are fighting. it is based on i abook. i had so much fun inform you walk into abraham lincoln vampire hunter knowing what you
6:45 am
are going to get, it will be fun. i had a great time at this movie. it is not going to win an oscar. later on, we'll see daniel day lewis play lincoln as well. i gave it a 3.5 out of five. skip the 3-d. >> how about speaking of friends for the end of the world. >> another dark film. this is a movie i think takes many, many risks. you won't see this in a big hollywood budget film like armageddon or deep impact. this is a movie about an asteroid coming to the earth and the end of days. this character goes on a road trip to find his high school sweetheart. keira knightly joins him. when i walked out of the movie, i was not a fan. over the past two weeks, it has been marinated with me. it take turns i won't expect. 3.5 out of five. >> real quick, very little time but we want to get this video
6:46 am
in of kevin. this takes us back to brave. >> i traveled to scotland to sit down with the cast of brave and i got appear are. ery lesson. i was not good at all. >> really? did you hit someone? >> there is the one i nailed. thank you for showing the good one. the rest of them are very embarrassing. i did sit down with the cast in the movie if you want to go to kevin on also steve car relate. steve slapped me in the face if you want to he see the video. >> oh, my gosh. >> i did a decent job though. >> did you see serve it? >> i asked for it. we revisited in our next interview. >> thank you. >> follow mow on twitter, bdk reviews. >> thank you. a lot of good choice this is weekend. >> lots of movies. summertime. >> i'm excite. it sounds like this might be a wound to be outdoors. we'll have a cooldown. >> a good weekend.
6:47 am
our temperatures are going to be a little cooler. less humidity as we get into the day tomorrow. this month hasn't been terrible but yesterday, record high temperatures across the area. temperatures just not cooling off a lot overfight. 81 in annapolis. 75 in gaithersburg. warm and sticky start to your day. a lot happening for a change in the atmosphere and we've got some showers and even a few storms here just off to the north and west. cumberland had a thunderstorm and you can see the showers here pushing up into pennsylvania. so more in the way of cloud cover today. i think it will become mostly cloudy by afternoon. eventually, this -- that is the actual cold front and it will start to sag into the area by mid- to late afternoon and increase our chances for showers and storms around here later today. some of those storms could be on the strong side. be ready to that potential mid-
6:48 am
to late afternoon. officially, we are under some risk for severe weather. behind the front as i mentioned, cooler and drier air will start to work in. much improvement here as we get into our saturday and sunday. a little better temperaturewise today. 93 your daytime high. showers and storms likely here by mid- to late afternoon. winds north and west at five to 10. later tonight, we'll have an early storm with some showers and storms. we'll clear out late. a little less humid. a little cooler overnight. we are headed in the right direction and the weekend forecast looks great. highs in the upper 80s. still going to be on the warm side but less humidity than what we've had around here. after being near 100 yesterday, 88 will feel pretty good by tomorrow. >> yes, it will. >> a weekend to enjoy. >> time to say good morning to mr. stony perkins. >> good morning, everybody. guess what it is time for. ask the weather guys.
6:49 am
the most popular segment in morning television on this station. tucker barnes and i -- always cracks me up. >> i -- a little disclaimer there. >> can dogs and cats be left- handed or right-handed or left pawed and right pawed? while playing fetch with my yorkie, maximus, i watched him move his toys with his left paw. >> we've got a picture of maximus. >> none. us have really thought about that. >> i never thought about that. >> we'll chat for a second and offer what i think.
6:50 am
i doubt it. i was surprised to find out that i was wrong. >> there has been extensive research and almost every coined of animal including humans have a preference for left or right. so in our case, it is our hands but in dog and cats' cases, it is their paws. most female cats are right pawed while almost all male cats are left pawed. >> are you serious? >> yes. >> by star. >> that is just from stud you and research. >> most dog as well. most male dogs are left pawed. most females are right. >> they are not sure why it seems to be based on gender with dogs and cats.
6:51 am
tucker, you took some of the no >> you look like that is an accident. >> i bucket of water on my head. >> that was an accident. >> experts think that the ropes why are some of the same reasons we would have a preference. that includes better chances for finding a mate, evading predators and for food for aging. the other thing that is amazing is it is not just cats and dogs. they have astudy elephants which apparently -- they have studied elephants which apparently they have a favorite side to swing their trunks. chimpanzees prefer one hand over the other when they are eating or writing a book or typing. par rots pick up objects with a
6:52 am
preferred foot -- parrots pick up objects with a preferred foot. >> horse vase dominant eye. it is their left eye. they tend to look for trouble and what have you more out of their left eye than their right eye. -- horses have a dominant eye. >> you know how many people will play with their dogs or cats to see if that is true. >> there are simple experiments. you can put a little food source and have a way for them. >> there was one test where at the put a little bit of tuna fish. each cat went in with the right paw to get the food. >> male and female? >> they tested both males and females. the females went in with their right paw. that's because they are in their right hind i don't i'm going to put a treat in my hand
6:53 am
and close my fist and see which paw he will use. >> maximus is left pawed. she said he was left pawed and in fact he is. >> i'll report back to you. what is your dog's name? >> lex. >> lex. >> if you have a question, go to and click on the weather tab. >> now, is beagle bailey, julie wright, do you know is this too? is he left pawed? >> yeah, he is left pawed. when i started teaching him out howe to shake hands, he would hand me his left paw. >> i had no idea about this. >> this whole underground world that the animals live in. >> when animals watch dogs on the street, when they go to high five each other, usually -- >> the guys use the left and
6:54 am
the girls use the right. >> they do the chest bump. like the basketball players. when you got a 13-inch beagle and a german shepherd, it is a little difficult. we are getting the thumbs up because several wazers are agreeing that northbound i-95 down to about 18 miles per hour right now headed north from dale city up to what was our accident scene at route one. we have bumper-to-bumper traffic here for folks trying to bail out leaving woodbridge, it is at a complete stand still over on route one headed out towards the occoquan. all of your lanes are open as well. other side of town, you will find your lanes are open. no problems to report as you travel the top stretch of the beltway leaving university boulevard headed over towards 270. southbound 270, nice and easy leaving german up two headed out for the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. ahead this morning, a barbecue cookoff and you are invited. >> time to get hungry. it is the annual event that kick off in the district the
6:55 am
not only does the summer festival feature some great food and barbecue, it is all to been a good cause. holly morris will fill us in after the break.
6:56 am
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good morning, everybody, i'm holly morris on this friday, forget career qualm, eggs, bay -- cereal, eggs, bacon, waffles, we are having barbecue for breakfast at the headquarters for safeway where they have their annual safeway barbecue battle. this is a big dole. it's going on this weekend down in it can and it's celebrating -- dc and it's celebrating its 20th anniversary and this morning a wonderful preview of what you can find yourself involved in and we're going to talk about the good cause it supports because in the 20 years they've raise some $1.2 million for the boys and girls clubs of dc but right now it's
6:59 am
all about the brats, take a look at that. that's the johnsonville brat drill. that should be enough for us this morning don't you think will? >> i think so. you know i was a judge for this one year. it is serious barbecue. they take it seriously. it's not just about the sauce. it's about the meat obviously as well. so this is big time we're looking forward to your reports all morning long with holly. and that's a wrap on the 6:00 hour. now let's send it to sarah and tony to take it away. good morning. all right, thanks will. >> thank you very much. coming up on fox 5 morning news, a somber remembrance. three years since the deadliest crash in metro. >> lauren demarco is live this morning with how the victims are being remembered. jerry sandusky's fate in the hands of the jury now. deliberations resume today with the jury not knowing about the new claims out there. accusations that sandusky molested his adopted son. we're live in bellefonte this morning with a check of the new developments. the video


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