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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 22, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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wall street react? we're checking in with fox business network. >> and later king james has his crown. we'll have highlights from the celebration in south beach after lebron and the miami heat win the nba finals. good morning everybody, i'm tomy perkins. >> and i'm sarah simmons, allison will be back here right next to mr. perkins next week. in the meantime thawier going to enjoy this really warm weather that's outside if we can tucker barnes. what's the latest out there? >> still warm and humid sarah. in fact temperatures right now in the mid 80s i think you heard it holly complaining about the heat and humidity andst will itable oppressive out there. although not record high temperatures like we were yesterday. let's do it temperature right now at reagan national as i said 85 degrees, lots of humidity out there as well. baltimore 83 degrees and naval air station 84 from fredericksburg 80 degrees, you can get the idea. so again very warm very muggy start with the cloud cover moving in from the west. satellite radar, couple of areas of showers and storms.
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the main event is now pushing into southern ohio. that's the cold front and that will move in mid to late afternoon with some showers and thunderstorms. so we will see increasing clouds out there. it will kind of be a mostly cloudy afternoon and look out for the potential for some of the storms late every today. behind the front cooler air for the weekend gets in here. more details on that in a minute but for today a little bit of sunshine and temperatures back into the 90s. still not as warm as yesterday and 93 in washington. 90 in annapolis. all right, the weekend forecast just minutes and back upstairs to you. all right, tucker thank you very much. our big story this morning another day of deliberations in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the jury returned to the bellefonte, pennsylvania court just a few moments ago. meanwhile we're learning more about the bombshell accusation against the coach. yesterday sandusky's adopted son matthew claimed he was also
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sexually abused by his father. there's no word this morning on why he never took the stand. if convicted jerry sandusky could spend the rest of his life if prison -- in prison. new this morning, a police shootout in prince george's county. this happened overnight along the 5700 block of cold street in fair mount heights. police tell fox 5 it started when officers responded tot scene for -- to the scene for reports of gunfire then at some point an officer and a man got into a fight. that's when the officer opened fire and the man is now recovering in the hospital but still no word on the officer's identity. the anniversary of the they hadliest crash in metro's history our top story this morning. >> three years ago nine people were killed when a red line train heading for the fort totten metro station collided with another train. >> fox 5's lauren demarco is live in northeast now with details on how people are mark, this anniversary. good morning lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you. well it will be a somber ceremony here as the d.c.
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region marks these lives lost. there has been a permanent plaque placed here. this is the grate that covers the road here. it's an overpass on new hampshire avenue where you cross over the crash site. the plaque will honor those victims. the lives that were lost and also the first responders who headed out to the crash scene. following the crash, loved ones created a makeshift memorial but everyone acknowledged that was really not the proper way to honor the victims. a plaque was already placed inside of the fort totten metro station but you need pay to get inside to see that close up. mayor gray is planning a memorial park and gourden hopefully completed by the fourth anniversary of the crash next year. you'll recall two trains crashed on june 22nd, 2009 between the fort totten and takoma park stations. 830 were injured and -- 80 were
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injured and 12 children lost parent that day. the national transportation safety board found equipment malfunctioned. a spokesperson for the ntsb has said that since the accident, metro has been more receptive to its recommendations and still operating trains manually but working on switching back to automatic. the general manager richard sarles joined us this morning on fox 5 and spoke about the improvements to the system. >> part of it is that system i mentioned part of it is ordering new cars to replace the oldest cars in the fleet, the ones that were in the accident. those are some of the things we're doing in terms of spending money. the other part is management. really making a good safety culture at washington metro. we've worked that the. we've doubled the size of the safety department. we've increased the experience that we've put them out in the field. everyone has to be focused on safety. >> reporter: richard sarles will be out here today along with mayor gray. also representatives from the ntsb and some of the victims' families and also first responders. want to tell you that new
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hampshire avenue will close at 10:00 a.m. right here at the langley bridge that's south of eastern avenue in northeast d.c.. sarah back to you in the studio. >> all right, lauren thank you. in metro's safety upgrades contigen week. tonight the -- continue again weekend. starting tonight they will start track work on the orange, red and blue lines. riders expect 20 minute delays all weekend long. we are following developments this morning about the world economy. stock markets have been reacting to the news that moody's has downgraded 15 of the world's largest banks. >> that includes big names here in the u.s. including bank of america, citigroup and morgan stanley. they mean it will now become more costly for pacs to raise money by selling debt. the decision reflects the risk of lossesbacks face from -- banks face from capital market activities. >> what might the impact be on u.s. stocks today and should the everyday bank customer be concerned? adam shapiro with fox business
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network joins us live from new york. adam good to see you this morning and let's start first of all with what do we expect to see the stock market do today as a result of this? >> we're going to start trading in new york in 25 minutes. and i can tell you right now futures are gaining. we should open in positive territory and i know that sounds counterintuitive to what we're watching worldwide. stocks have closed down in asia and in europe they're trading down because of this moody's downgrade. but in a perverse kind of way, investors in the united states are betting that this downgrade of the credit rating for the banks will somehow force the federal reserve come this fall to pump more money into the financial system. that's one of the reasons you're seeing stocks go up. the other reason stocks are going up when we start trading this morning is that investors actually priced in the downgrade yesterday. it helps explain the selloff we saw yesterday. don't count on the federal reserve to do anything until after the election. but investors don't think long- term they're gamblers and
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they're going to be gambling today but right now futures are up. >> what does the mean for the average person out there? should they be concerned about? >> it's something you want to be concerned about because you know you and i and 310 million other u.s. taxpayers bailedout the banks back in 2008 because they didn't have enough money in reserve to cover losses on investments they had made. that situation according to moody's is what we face now. if our credit is weak, we pay more. the interest rate is higher. we pay more to borrow money. they just said hey banks your credit is not so good anymore. you're going to pay more to borrow money. and as a consequence of that the banks have to set money aside to cover potential losses going forward. at the end of the day not as much money to lend to you and
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me if we want to get a mortgage and buy a car. that's one of the possible outcomes of this. >> great insight. adam shapiro reporting from new york, thank you very much. good to see you this morning. >> take care. >> all right. president obama heads to florida this morning. there he'll try to make his case for re-election to latino voters. the president is scheduled to address the national association of latino elected and appointed officials. the white house says mr. obama will draw attention to his changing immigration policy and stress his jobs agenda. the speech comes one day after republican nominee mitt romney addressed the same group. he backed off the tough language he used throughout the republican primaries and still received a cool reception. today florida senator rubio will speak to the group as well. he has been mentioned as a possible running mate on the gop ticket. john bryson has officially left his job. yesterday, the former commerce secretary submitted his resignation. the move comes weeks after he
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suffered a seize your while driving causing two crashes. in a letter to president obama, bryson said his medical condition could become a distraction from his job performance. we have some breaking news to report right now in the ongoing saga at the university of virginia. interim uva president says he is suspending his new role now pending a meeting on the future of teresa sullivan. sullivan was forced to resign two weeks ago but after a major uproar by the faculty the board will meet next tuesday to consider sullivan's reinstatement. meantime sullivan is appealing for civility in this matter. asking people to stop abusive behavior to the interim president and members of the board and buildings on campus. a big development there we'll continue to follow this morning. and for the first time we are hearing george zimmerman's own account in his own words of what happened on the night he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin.
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>> and then when i got to right about here, he yelled from behind me, the side of me, he said yo you got a problem? i turned around and i said no. i don't have a problem man. i looked down in my pants pocket and he said you got a problem now and he was here and he punched m in the face. >> this was released thursday by zimmerman's lawyer and it shows zimmerman terming polysemies -- telling police his side of the story. officers took him back to the scene of the shooting the day after. he is due back in court for another bond hearing next week. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, an overwhelming outpouring of support for the elderly woman who made headlines as the victim of some school bus bullies. we've got an update to the story that we told you about yesterday. >> plus, the brother of boxing legend sugar ray leonard opens up agent the fight of his life. roger the dodger leonard joins us live with how he managed to
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kick a drug addiction. we'll be right back. >> i dreamed about this opportunity this moment for a long time. >> but first, king james, lebron james, takes his title. and from the way he was talking it sounded like it was just his title to me. highlights from the celebration in south beach are coming up next. it's 9:11. 
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making headlines in the day ahead the muslim man convicted of sending threats to the creators of "south park" learns his punishment. jesse curtis morton could spend more than 12 years in jail for using the position as a leader of a radical organization to solicit murder. traffic alert for beltway drivers starting tonight road crews will close parts of the outer loop near the wilson bridge for construction work. only one lane between van dorn and telegraph road will be open through monday morning.
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the nats begin the beltway battle with the orioles up in baltimore. last night the d.c. nine took the series from tampa bay. final score 5-2. and you can see saturday's game between the nats and o's right here on fox 5 at 7:00 p.m. don't miss it. sticking with sports now, they are celebrating in south beach this morning because lebron james is finally sitting on his throne. king james and the miami heat are the new nba champions, the heat silenced critics with a dominate opinions last night. they smothered the oklahoma city thunder 121-106 to take the series in just five games. lebron james had 26 points and also named the series' mvp. miami's second title in six years but the fest one for lebron james -- first one for lebron james. tony? thank you very much sarah. roger the dodger leonard grew up in maryland with his younger brother sugar ray leonard. he was a boxing champ in his own right but got knocked down
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by a drug addiction. he fought back and has been sober for nearly three decades. he's talking about the ups and downs of his career in the new book "in the shadow of a champ -- path way to sobriety." good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> it is a slim volume but there's a lot in here. a lot of insight where you talk about your life and everything that you've gone through. but first for those who are unfamiliar, talk a little bit about your boxing career, your pro career you were 16-1. yeah and you were a champion. >> absolutely. i started boxing in 1964. and 1974 i joined the service and i was a world military champ and i got out of the service and i wouldn't have turned pro if it wasn't for my brother. i got out and i turned bro and i had 15 fights. my 16th fight i lost. but i was --
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>> 12 round fight? >> ten round fight. the guy i lost to i beat him at the capital center. do you remember that? >> irene the cammal center. all right -- i remember the capital center. all right and it's interesting because ray obviously got a lot of the focus but you fought on the undercard of several of ray's fights right? >> until 1981 but i got ray started boxing and i turned him to boxing and he just shot off. i wasn't dedicated cp. i kept hanging out and i wasn't dedicated and i didn't sacrifice. i didn't have that tenacity like my brother had. and i made the wrong choice. i made some bad choices. >> made some bad choices because there were some who said that technically you were probably the better boxer. >> look at you! >> it says here in some of the paperwork. >> when we first started. i was pretty good you know but ray just shot up because i wasn't dedicated. i didn't train. i tried to do a style of the
9:18 am
fence. and my diction -- that's why i put it on paper because my addiction was so powerful. it's easy to get on drugs. >> hard to get off. >> so hard to get off. >> let me -- how did you -- how did you start -- how did the substance abuse start? hanging with the wrong crowds? >> hanging with the wrong crowds. i was using drugs before i started boxing. i started drinking and alcohol is a drug. >> uh-huh. >> and you know i was doing pretty good because when i became number two in the world, and 15-0, i didn't think i had a problem. i was in denial. >> uh-huh. >> you couldn't dell me i had a drug problem. but i was fighting two guys, i was fighting the guy in the ring that everybody saw. and i was fighting the invisible guy and that invisible guy was my drug asixth. so after the fight -- addiction. so after the fight i had to carry him out the ring everywhere i went that addiction was with me. >> did you ever get high the day of the fight? >> absolutely. my last two fights i got high but when i got knocked out i hate to say this. i got knocked out and i
9:19 am
retired. i retired from abortioning but i -- boxings but i didn't retire from drugs. i had to want to get help. >> the book is very -- it talks about the boxing and really is about your battle with your addictions. you've been sober now for about -- >> 29 years. >> 29 years, congratulations with that. >> thank you. >> how did that process begin? because it's tough at first. >> oh absolutely. it was -- it was a process. you know i had to go to detox and i had to go to treatment. transition. and i had to pretty much get out and start unlearning relearn. that means you know me changing my friends. i couldn't hang with my old friends. they said bird of a feather do what? flock together. i had to make new friends and get out on my own because i was so much in the shadow of my brother and myself because the drugs was hiding me. >> was being in the shadow of your brother, was that part of what was going on? was that tough to deal with? >> oh absolutely. it was tough because i wanted to be where he was.
9:20 am
>> uh-huh. >> and -- but i didn't do the things that he did to get there. my father always said, hard work is the right way. >> 29 years sober. >> 29 years. >> is it still a daily struggle? >> oh without a doubt. i've been the champ for 29 years. been the champ for 29 years and every day, it try to come around and i knock it out. i guarantee you -- he's not going to mess with me today. >> your story is quite inspiring. i know you speak to all kinds of groups. you've spoken to prisoners in jail and you speak to young people and the like. you're doing a couple of book signings this weekend that we want to tell you about. can we put those up and have the full screen information? books signings today. with your brother, is ray going to be there? >> absolutely. ray is going to be there. >> today from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. at prince george's county community center and then tomorrow in annapolis mall.
9:21 am
roger leonard in the shadow of a champ, thank you so much for coming in this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. continued good work to you. good success with you. now let's go to sarah. sarah? >> all right tony thanks. later pixar and the great emancipator ballad at the weekend box office but first the video that shows one of the worst moments in one woman's life. we have an update on the grandmother bullied by a bunch of seventh graders. that's coming up. no, ma'am holly. >> reporter: well, you know what? nothing beats a hot friday where you're hanging with some hot doggers. come on. everybody would love to get their picture taken with the oscar mayer wiener mobile right? that's one of the many tasting vehicles part of the 20th annual safeway national capital barbecue battle. where it's happening and how you can be a part of it and most importantly the good cause it's supporting all later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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all right, new this hour we have learned some of the students who videotaped themselves bullying their school bus monitor have written letters of apology to her. >> that's new information. this disturbing incident happened in western new york on monday. four seventh grade boys verbally abused 68-year-old karen klein and then posted the enaccident onewe -- incident on youtube. police are warning because one of the boys has apparently already received more than 1,000 death threats. no criminal charges are going to be filed but the school district says it will punish the boys. meantime, a website set up for her has pulled in more than $440,000 in donations. >> that's incredible. >> yeah. no word on what all she's going to do with that money. aside from taking a vacation. >> yeah. maybe she needs one after that i'm sure. yeah, coming up in the next half hour, rent might be one of the most famous plays about aids and new york city but it is not the only one. >> we're going sit down with
9:26 am
occupy of the stars of the tony award-winning show "the normal heart" playing right now here in d.c. coming up after the break. stay with us. 
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all right, check dh out. we knew it was going to be hot yesterday but just not in hot. >> whoa. >> the pictures courtesy of a baltimore tv station unfortunate the meteorologist there mike masco is all too common typo went viral. we've done that here too. >> we have done that here. that's why -- what our producer mentioned it to me i'm like well okay. >> you feel bad for the guy because you're like i've done this there. under the two tomorrow it says two degree guarantee. >> oh they are. >> can you read that? >> yes. two degree. so i guess they -- they guarantee that they'll be right within two degrees and then what if they're wrong? what's the guarantee? >> i'm just saying 775 going to be off by more than two degrees. [ laughter ] >> that's great.
9:30 am
do we give any guarantees here at fox 5 tucker? >> we stopped doing that long ago. >> actually that's pretty true. >> let's see -- no it's not. all right, so let's get to your temperatures i can guarantee you this. still going to be warm and humid out there today and really hot and humid just not the blistering heat we had around here yesterday. highs in the low 90s and you can see we're already 85- degrees and not pleasant start to the day. 84 annapolis. let's see leonardtown good morning 86 for you. quantico 89 degrees sorry about that. doing a little better with the cloud cover and a few showers north and west and it's not comfortable with a lot of humidity but at least in the 70s in martinsburg and hagueers town this morning. 77 degrees for you. let's take look at the radar together. one or two showers close to town just up north here in montgomery county and western howard county maybe getting a light shower. but as we get into the afternoon here, we're going to have a cold front that will be approaching from the north and west and this front means
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business. actually i know it doesn't look too big but behind it much cooler and drier air and when that moves in later tonight and during the day tomorrow it's going to feel quite nice around here starting tomorrow with high temperatures in the upper 80s and lower humidity. a lot of clouds in the forecast this afternoon and an increasing possibility of showers and storms. so bring along the umbrella here and just be ready for the potential for pretty good storms later this afternoon. officially under a slight risk for severe weather and you know what happens this time of year with the humidity and heat. we can see some cloud-to-ground lightning and some damaging winds can the potential for some hail out there as the front starts to move through later today. just be ready. stattered in nature and i don't think all of us are going to see the thunderstorm activity but those storms that develop could be on the strong side. otherwise, getting a little better 93 daytime high and mild out there this -- mostly cloudy out there this afternoon. showers and storms likely. winds here north and west at 5 to 10 miles an hour. into the night time hours early
9:32 am
storms and then clearing out overnight. less humidity overnight. overnight low about 70 degrees and that's better than we were this morning. winds north at 5 to 15. saturday looks fabulous. 88 with less humidity and sunday not bad. mostly sunny skies and 89. could be a few more storms monday and then i think in the middle of next week cool it down for a period. tuesday, wednesday probably thursday high temperatures only 730s to about 80. enjoy the end of june here weather-wise. let's look at the weekend forecast. and more -- sarah over to you. thank you tucker. well a tony award-winning play "the normal heart" is hitting arena stage now until july 29th. it's about the early days of the aids crisis in new york city and an important production for arena to be doing at this time given the fact that it remains at epidemic levels here in the district. recent search shows the rate of infection has nearly doubled in two years with african-american women. christopher han i can plays tommy boat wright in the play.
9:33 am
thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you sarah. >> we have to let people know. you get the point across in the movie but this is not all serious. you're not going to be depressing. it's a funny play. >> yeah. it's -- our director has this phrase if you want to stick around for the pain you have to invite them to the party. >> tell us about the party on the stage guess you think. what is it about -- that is play about? >> the play is about these group of men that were all friends that knew each other in new york city in the early '80s that got together to start the gmhc, the gay men's health crisis. these guys knew each other socially and they were fun and quippy. i mean -- you get a bunch of gay guys in a room together and beer and like you know, there's like jokes happening. so that's happening in this play. and that's high pressuring on the stage -- happening on the stage. then the play kind of takes a turn and like -- really you know punches you in the gut. in a great way. >> tell me a little bit about your character tommy boatwright. you play the funny guy.
9:34 am
>> i do. he's southern. which -- is always funny. and tommy boatwright is based on a real person named roger mcfar land one of the early guys that was in the trenches and he was a caretaker in the hospitals at the time in new york. and he volunteered in his personal life to start the phone banks for the people to call for information at the time the city wasn't doing anything as far as disseminating information. and he kind of organized this phone bank for the first time. and was really instrumental in helping a lot of young men. >> right, this play is coming here at a very you know important time as well. i mean it's not associated with or affiliated with but it's the time with the independent event -- the aids of 2012 is what -- >> the international aids conference. >> sorry. thank you. >> for the first time it's hit america in 22 years which is great. and the -- when arena had had the opportunity to produce this production, i think they were jumping at the chance like great. a lot of cross events and a lot
9:35 am
of -- a great way to just get the word out there about the play and for people to examine and see the why -- come and see the play while they're here for the conference. >> there are a lot surrounding the play itself that will be happening i understand even like local hiv and aids testing will be going on. what are the other different things that will be you know -- it's a funny play but at the same time it's like we need to give people resources to educate them too. >> yeah, one of this things that are on display if you didn't have the opportunity to see it, the aids memorial quilt. we have got big patches there of that. i feel like there's so much joy and hope in those and so beautiful to see. it's a museum experience if you come and see the show. there's hiv testing on some weekends. if people -- are you know, don't have the resources to do that financially. they can come do and that outside at arena. that's on the website. and it's just -- it's just a great reminder this play is a great reminder of a part of american history. a part of our history and you you know, it's very educational
9:36 am
piece and it's -- important to come and see but one of the great things about it is that this is the actual broadway production that happens to be here in d.c.. it's not common the actual broadway production gets to come to a city and it won the tony award. come on over. >> that gives you a reason right there. won an award. this is not your first broadway show. >> this is not my first red owe. >> how is this one different real quick? we're running out of time but how is this one different from maybe some of the shows? >> i do a lot of musicals also and they seem like fluff and fun and this is -- it's great to be changing lives. i mean i hear people in the audience crying at the end. and it's nice to be a part of a piece that the experience that touches people. and i don't know why they're crying. i don't know if -- you know but i don't know what their story is but i'm helping heal a wounds and that's an han for. >> we thank you so much christopher. if we can put the information
9:37 am
up on the screen real briefly. again it's "the normal heart" it's going on now until june 29th. tickets on sale. arena stage there in southwest d.c.. thank you so much for coming on. >> yeah. >> tony back to you. thank you very much. it is now 9:37. still ahead in the buzz bin; what's new at the box office. and the end of an era for simpsons creator matt groening. >> but first we've all done it just maybe not as good as these guys. we're going to have a live demonstration from some of our region's best air guitarists as they get set to compete. i like how he was tuning his air guitar before the segment there. 
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[ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. good and gluten free. we open the buzz bin with a look at what's new at the movies this weekend and pixar's animated film "brave."
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a young princess battles what's expected of her and accidentally wishes for a spell to change her mother into a bear. sounds good. >> okay. >> she then must use her courage to undoe the chaos that unfolds. and dropping an ax, "abraham lincoln -- vampire hunter" as our 16th president fights to save the u.s. from the undead. the r. rated mow have -- >> sounds like a good show. >> the r. rated flick has tim burton behind it as producer and benjamin walker is honest abe. how do people come up with things? >> based on a book. the comic strip inspiration for "the simpsons" comes to an end. matt groening he has pulled the plug on his syndicated comic strip named life in hell after more than three decades. that was an outlet for his
9:42 am
views on family and dating. it sparked if interest of a tv -- the interest of tv producer back in the early '80s and the lest is history. >> boy is it. the rest is history and a lot of money. >> oh, yeah. that too. all right, well coming up next, guitar heroes minus the guitars. we have got a preview of the battle to be the region's best air guitarist. >> these guys are two of the best. they're going to be competing. we'll have that for you -- the other guy is playing a very small guitar it seems. but first the battle over the best barbecue. holly is looking at one of d.c.'s tastiest traditions. we'll be back. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork.
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♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. you know food may be the main attraction at the annual barbecue battle in downtown washington but the event gets a lot of its police officer from the percents of the chefs who -- flavor from the personalities of the chefs who participate.
9:46 am
>> that's true. holly morris is in lanham, maryland this morning getting is preview of the barbecue battle which happens elsewhere. >> reporter: hey there, unless it's heading a brat that's awaiting mustard. lay it on me there. i'm getting mustard from none other than the grill master himself and he is with the johnsonville brats grill which is the largest grill in the world. so they say. look at my man up there cooking as well and i'm just giving you the lowdown on the barbecue legends that you immediate to make sure you seat when you come out this weekend. thank you very much. so of course i heat up my brats there but then i can come over here to the ultimate smoker and grill which also as you can see is one of the largest grills in the country. it's a grill and a smoker and here, you need to look for the rib whisperer. that is the barbecue legend that cooks up stuff here. so then you can get that. then you can come on down here, and throw a little chicken in the menu as well. and i've got two special people i want to introduce you to. i've got eric, the vice president of marketing and communication for the boys and girls clubs of greater
9:47 am
washington. >> good morning. >> reporter: and i have gail mcwilliams with per due. i only have one brat but you can get more and we can all share. you guys of course are all about the chicken. what are you doing special this weekend? >> as far as what we're doing i'm part of the boys and girls clubs of greater washington and we're one of the ben fib areas of the event. we have been partnered with safeway and safeway foundation. they've raised over $1.2 million for the organizations which we haves the d.c -- benefits the d.c. clubs and what the national capital barbecue battle is sending kids to camp and one of the things we're doing here is why we've partnered with safeway and those folks at the barbecue battle and also partnered with perdue to send as many of our kids to camp this summer. >> reporter: so we're really excited. >> this being the 20th year of the national capital barbecue battle we really wanted to increase the number of can you understand going to camp. we have -- kids going to camp. we have already exceeded our
9:48 am
goal, we think 250 kids to camp this year. come out to safeway. buy select perdue branded products or come on out to the bash due and make a $3 donation and we'll give you a great picken sandwich to eat. >> reporter: it says 168 kids. you want to get 250. how does that number directly increase? is that the $3 -- it's windy out here but we're not stopping the breeze. keep it coming. because it's hot right? so does the $3 donation does that send one more kid to catch? is that out it works? >> about 50 sandwiches will send a kid to camp. >> reporter: there you go. you need to come out and eat a lot. >> eat a lot. >> reporter: what's going on here in the truck? >> so in the truck here, we're excited we're offering two different sandwiches. we're offering our lightly grilled chicken chunks. basically a popcorn-like chicken as well as the perfect portions chicken sandwich. and we've partnered with kings hawaiian as well.
9:49 am
it's a nice pineapple marinade. >> reporter: of course you can support a lot of different things but you choose to support the boys and girls club of greater washington. why? >> you know perdue is a maryland based company and really partnering with other organizations in this area. it's important to us but one of the things about the boys and girls club is so important it's about improving the life of children. and children are our future. and so really for us, it was a natural linkage to what we're all about. >> and for boys and girls clubs we're ending our 125th anniversary celebration and just very important. it's just very positive for us to partner and collaborate with such great brands like you know perdough. so for us 125th anniversary serving the greater washington community. >> reporter: a special camp as well right? >> camp brown. that's our summer residential camp located in scott land, maryland on 168 acres and we're selling our -- celebrating our 75th anniversary you know with the camp. so we're excited and we're sending a bunch of kids to the
9:50 am
camp and we're encaging everyone to come out -- encouraging everyone to come out today. >> reporter: is the chicken ready? is that chicken coming out because if not i'm going back to the brats. >> send a kid do camp. chicken. >> reporter: is the chicken ready? serve itup let's see. if i'm not going back troth grill. -- to the grill. is our website. we have a link to the national capital barbecue battle between 9th and 14th streets. come on out and support the boys and girls clubs of greater washington and support a really full st. back to you all in the -- stomach. back to you all in the studio. >> please bring some back. all right some of the area's best air guitarist wills go head-to-head tomorrow for a chance to compete in the u.s. air guitar finals. the competition is going down in northwest d.c. and you can go out and see it. but first -- >> but first a couple of the local finalists have stopped by the studios to give us a sneak peek of the guitar skills.
9:51 am
these guys really good. we've had them here a couple of years ago. >> the shred is here. you were with us last year or two years ago and fendser splendor -- are you a retired champ now? >> i'll be judging this year's competition at the 930 club. >> shred how are things going for you? >> got a little older. >> you look good. >> still going to bring some air. >> move from like an ef 5 tornado down to a 4. >> how many championships do you have to your name at this point? >> i have three to my name. >> what does an air guitar champion get? a new air guitar? >> you get a luggage -- a big briefcase full of air money. that's pretty much what you get. that's it. >> got you. >> free beer or anything? >> oh, yeah we get a lot of free beer. >> are there -- now i just thought of this question. are there air guitar groupies? >> oh, yeah. shreddies, my daughter's college friends they come and they support me in the front
9:52 am
row and have some other you know great friends that come there. there's some people that cheer few. >> fender splendor? >> i don't want to say too much. this is a morning show but yes definitely some air guitar fans. >> fender i have a question for you have. how do you know when you're ready to retire from the air guitar? >> for me red deto focus on the -- ready to focus on the ambassadorship and education. >> it wasn't muscle fatigue. >> no, no, if this guy can do it i can do it. >> absolutely. we want you guys to demonstrate? just a moment. this is -- serious -- i mean it's done with great humor. but this is a real competition that goes on every year. there are international championship of international championship. this year, is it going on in finland this year? >> yeah the world championships. in finland correct. >> man, that's great. and i just want to read part of the -- one thing here. i guess -- in the regionals if you want to call it that. people who perform are judged in two different rounds right?
9:53 am
>> that's correct. >> right. okay. and here's one of the rules i want to read. please note the scores from both rounds are added to determine the contestants' sunshine scores. this combined score determines the winner. confusion over the detail was the cause of the controversy in the 2006 finals that tore at the very fabric of competitive air guitar. wow that must have been a big >> because it's all olympic ice skating rink judging you know if you do a 4.0 to 6.0. it ended up being a tie. >> huge thing. so serious. you guys have a favorite artist you like to work with? >> yeah, rush is my favorite. >> how about you? >> i'm a prince guy. >> all right. what are you looking forked a judge and. >> well, we're judging in three categories. technical accuracy, which is how much what you're doing looks like actually playing guitar. crowd reaction and how much everybody is into it and then airiness which is what we call "the x-factor." you know it when you see it.
9:54 am
>> you guys want to demonstrate a little bit of this for you? >> you guys going to help us? >> i left my air guitar in the studio. i'll run and get it and get it back. >> what are you going to do? >> we're going to play jet "are you going to be my girl." >> let's hear it for the shred and fender splendor and their air guitarness. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:55 am
♪ ♪ >> you look terrible. now i know how good -- [ laughter ] all right. you can see -- you can see the local championships tomorrow night. here's the information at the 930 club on b street northwest. 8:00 tickets, are still available. air guitar championship. fender splen tour one of the judges, the -- splendor one of the judges, the shred will be competing again. stay with us, we'll have more in a couple of moments.
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time now for a facebook fan
9:59 am
of the day and we start the weekend saying hello to jenny. jenny tells us she's been a fox 5 fan for more than 20 years and her kids -- love watching her -- or love watching every morning. she says her 8-year-old even wants to be a meteorologist just like tony and tucker. >> oh shoot higher than that. >> for your chance to be monday's fan of the day. just log on to the facebook page and leave a comment under jenny's picture, thanks jenny. warm and humid today and much better for the weekend. loots of sunshine and -- lots of sunshine. if you're going to be out jamming with the guitar. >> he was air singing and you can't do that right in the competition? >> oh really? >> that's okay. >> put on different guitar now. this was lance -- that's paul. the shred. fender splendor. >> you have it all to yourselves. >> we got something here. a little


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