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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and probably some strong wind gusts as they move to the east at 15 miles an hour. that could give them the opportunity to produce some heavy rain as well. we also have a few more up to our north. this is north of interstate 70 and that would include frederick county and carol. that was going to go until 6:00. i wonder if they extended it. did you see that portion of frederick blinked off. but it continues for carol county and that will go until 6:30. and portions of that storm have been trying to rotate in the upper levels. that would translate to strong winds. the last one we have severe thunderstorms moving across portions of st. mary's until 6:15. that is also producing hail. i'll let you know when they are out of here, but let you know we have a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. so that will give you a clue. >> citying on top of breaking news, several children have been taken to the hospital after they were hit by a car while playing in their own front yard. audrey barnes is live now in riverdale with the very latest.
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audrey. >> brian, i'm on 57th avenue in river dale. this is a neighborhood with very narrow streets and neighbors say they have complained about cars speeding down the street all the time. police say it happened again today and some children playing in that blue kiddy pool you see in the shop behind me were in their front yard trying to stay cool and they became trapped in the path of an out of control vehicle. orlando and his three kids were in their house on 57th avenue when they heard a loud boom and felt the entire place shake. >> they go very fast. and these are not a good idea. >> the driver of this suv attempted to go around another car that was turning left on jennifer place. they collided and police say that suv went out of control, through a fence, and into a pool where four kids were playing. >> all four kids in the swimming pool, the adult driver
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and passenger from the four runner and the adult driver from the ford explorer were transported to various hospitals. >> how badly were these children hurt? >> one of the children was unresponsive when units first arrived, but became responsive and all reported to be in stable condition right now. >> the driver that passed on the left be facing charges because of this accident? >> yes. the driver will be issued some citations. >> now just to recap for you. police say two adult drivers and five children have been transported to the hospital. we are still monitoring their conditions. at one point, one of those children was unresponsive, but they did have promising signs when they left the scene here. we'll stay on top of it and have the latest for you tonight at 10:00. back to you. >> monitoring metro. nine people were killed. many others injured. up to two trains collided. family members and local leaders gathered to remember the victims. to talk about safety improvements made since that
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terrible day. matt acklin is live in the newsroom. matt. >> a lot has changed since the crash. the trains were run by a computer before, but because of the crash was caused by equipment failure, the train had been operated manually since. the hope is to go back to the old system, but it's going to take a lot of money to make the entire system completely safe. >> a permanent memorial plaque unveiled on the bridge. three years ago, this was the scene of a horrible accident. >> we thank you for giving us strength and courage to look ahead. >> on this anniversary, family members of those lost made a point to thank those who battled the brutal heat that day to rescue riders trapped and injured. >> we the families of the victims realize that without your bravery, it could have
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been -- more families affected. >> but has metro become safer three years after the accident? had these nine victims died in vain? >> i rode metro coming to this event. >> chairman of the national transportation safety board says safety improvements have been made. from new safety equipment to new train cars on the way. worries metro is still an aging system and requires more work which means more money from congress. >> there is a lot more that needs to be done. i think safety culture at metro, that's going to require work every day at every level. >> carolyn's daughter, veronica, was killed in the accident. attended many safety board meetings following the crash and pleased with the progress that has been made. >> i think they are doing a great job. i will give them that. they are doing a great job in
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improving the safety. >> to pay for the safety improvements, it will take millions of dollars from congress. money that metro's general manager hopes will be approved. >> we are hopeful for full funding that has been promised to us by congress. we hope that comes about because if it doesn't, we would slip back on the progress we made. >> by the plaque today on the bridge will not be the only memorial to the victims of the metro crash. mayor gray said today planning is still in the works to come up with a memorial park near the crash site. >> matt acklin. breaking news in the controversy over the ouster of university of virginia's president, teresa sullivan. the governor is threatening to fire the entire uva governing board. mcdonnell says he doesn't want the controversy to linger past next tuesday's meeting. he will ask the entire board to resign. sullivan was forced out, causing a huge uproar. also today, the university dean
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appointed sullivan's in term replacement, said he won't do anything related to that job until after next tuesday's meeting. more fallout today after a house committee voted to hold eric holder in contempt in congress over the administration's handling of the fast and furious program. some are questioning whether it may be racially motivated. congressman, tim scott, says that's absurd. >> we asked for the documentation for a long time, 90,000 pages that have yet to be turned over. and they met, but they won't put anything in writing because they are concerned about what the american people will find out. >> could vote next week. >> the parents of a murdered border agent named brian terri say the justice department is responsible for their son's death. preventing them from getting the full story about how their son died. he was killed in december of 2010 at the u.s., mexico border. one of the guns used in his
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murder was linked to the fast and furious operation. they say the authorities are hiding something. >> there's something they don't want us to know and there's something to hide. >> i think that are hiding something. i think they are lying and hiding it. >> attorney general holder has testified that he found out after terri's death and condemned the tactics. >> straight ahead, we are watching the storm. sue. brian, i'll take that one. coming up, the three kings are crowned in miami. plus the wizards attempt to build their championship team. we'll hear from the newest members coming up later in sports as the news edge at 6:00 continues. 
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hundreds of catholics packed the baltimore church in protest of president obama's new healthcare law. all faith based hospitals and schools are required to provide birth control and other
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contraceptives. some say the mandate threatens americans religious liberties. >> government says any church, you must do this or that, tray contradicts your teaching. we are ordering you to do this. violating religious freedom. >> mandate on birth control doesn't take effect until august of next year. a special day for nearly 300 people. they became american citizens. photo journalist was there for the emotional ceremony. >> bolivia, equador, egypt, i present to you 280 candidates that have applied to become citizens of the united states. >> i will support and defend. >> i will support and defend. >> the constitution and laws. >> the constitution and laws. >> of the united states of
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america. >> of the united states of america. >> against all enemies. >> against all enemies. >> foreign and domestic. >> foreign and domestic. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, my fellow americans. i am so thrilled. >> 63 countries represented in this room and that is the face of america. a place that welcomes others who share our love of freedom. a place of opportunity. the way you can pursue your dreams. >> it's the beginning of a new life. i really found myself in the united states and it's a real privilege to be a citizen. >> the real difference between people, to this country because there is a value of us living here. the value of equality. the value of, to have freedom.
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so 63 countries around the world, people come here to find something special about america. >> congratulations. >> coming up on the news edge. >> what they are building here is not just a restaurant, it's a part of the community. i'm beth parker. there's nothing like it open anywhere in the world. the story coming up. >> and one of the most bacteria ridden places is right in your freezer. a new report finds ice cubes. using individual ice cube trays, don't stack other food containers on them. germs from boxes and bags transfer to the ice. if you have an ice bin, use a freezer. use a clean scoop each time and do not leave the scoop in the bin.  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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there's a restaurant opening in washington soon that is unlike any other place in the world. promises good food, good drink, good atmosphere, and as beth parker shows us, good feelings. >> there are a lot of places in washington where you can get an ice cold beer, but what about an ice cold beer that warms your heart? >> oh my gosh, it's incredible. >> a sense of community is what they are trying to build in this spot near 9th and u northwest. it's called a philanthropist pub. the restaurant is called cough. >> like to introduce you to cause. >> owners think it's the first of its kind in the world. >> what we do is we give 100% of our profits to charitable
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organizations. >> a restaurant that plans to make no money. >> i thought they were nuts. >> now he's the director of operations. he's a scientist that teamed up with a grad school friend. >> when we were sitting at a bar and watching all this action going around, people having fun, a will the of money exchanging hands and we thought, why can't we do this? >> raise social interaction and charitable giving. >> why not make it easier for people to give and have fun? >> it will feel like any other bar or restaurant. >> when you get your check, you can decide where you want your money to go. >> they hired a professional chef. they are using lots of recycled materials. >> these bottoms are all old apple barrel bottoms. >> other seats, old church pews. fallen trees become table tops. online donations are keeping construction debt low. >> over 125 contributors, 13
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countries, 15 states. >> all of the financials will be posted online. other than the check, you'll never be asked for money. they want to make helping others better than ever. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. >> two friends from montana are rowing their way to france. they left yesterday afternoon with the necessities, food, supplies, and a few bottles of wine. they'll take them two months to complete the trip. they are confident they will successfully attempt their trip. >> they want something to myself or something with emotion. it's difficult to say what. i enjoy the sea and enjoy rowing. i enjoy long distance things. >> both men are experienced rowers. one completed a row from alaska to nova scotia in 2010.
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that sounds miserable. you would not catch me doing that. you couldn't pay me to do that. >> well, we have another wave here in leesburg. >> in fact, we'll have to keep an eye on that one. they expanded more of loudoun county. we have this active storm pattern coming on through and i've been checking all the damage reports, getting reports of nickel sized hail. and tree limbs coming down. we know it is about the wind and it is also about the hail that is being produced. first stop, let's check out radar. we haven't had that much, but our turn is coming. in the yellow here again, we light up the counties and have a new warning. i'm going to guess that is going in until 6:45 or 7:00. we have prince william county and fauquier county. these have all just come up in the last little while and clearly it is mostly for this activity that is about to come through. i would call your attention to the frontal boundary. that will signal the end of it
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once it swings on through. a number of warnings to get through. let's go over to the radar. i close it in tighter so you can see so many counties and a portion of montgomery county in on that. this line is moving southeast 15 to 20 miles per hour. heavy rain and it is producing hail. it's about 3/4 of an inch to an inch in diameter or the size of nickels. up to our north, hail coming out of these and we have more warnings, primarily north of interstate 70 with the heavy rain and hail being produced down there. and one last stop. our warning has been dropped for st. mary's county and for calvert county. that storm is weakening. still might be capable of producing small hail. has the lightning with it and that's the big part of the story. we have lightning in motion for the last two hours and you can see this is a very dangerous
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aspect of the storm. especially with kids out, not taking this seriously. if you live in loudoun county and up through frederick and carol county into washington, it looks like the lightning is over for you. you need to be paying attention to that. it's mostly missed the district. just to the south, that latest batch weakening out as it gets closer to the bay. is lightning will be a big story and our severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00. we think once the sun goes down, it's going to take the sizzle out of a lot of this. it got up to 97 degrees again today. dulles 93. bwi marshal 93 degrees. these are not records, but mighty hot. we are starting to see temperatures beginning to come down. much more reasonable in the 80s. humidity is also starting to change and as we see our heat index here, those are a lot more reasonable as well and a quick look at temperatures across the rest of the nation. and chicago down to 83. some cooler 70s on the map and we are going to be able to get some upper 80s on our five-day
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forecast. so bottom line, stormy this evening. watch that lightning, watch the new warnings. a lot of them now. the weekend settles down. it's going to be noticeably less humid. i would say in the upper 80s, that's warm. since we have been in the upper 90s, it will feel like bonus territory. perhaps early morning showers or a thunderstorm on monday. >> thank you, sue. it was a nine year journey that culminated in an nba title for lebron james. are you ready to rock out? the air guitar championships are being held in northwest. three-time d.c. regional championships joined us on fox morning news along with retired competitor, fender splendor. the two showed off their skills. the winners will compete in august at the air guitar finals. @@ [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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hello, everybody. i'm lindsey murphy. the wizards will add two new faces as they pick 32nd in the nba draft. two other players continue to rebuild their roster. despite winning eight of their last ten games, the wizards finished with the second worst record. the move was made on wednesday. the wizards acquired trevor in exchange for rashard lewis. these two are expected to help the team become more defensive minded. specifically gives the veterans center, adds depth to the small forward position. >> it's going to be a challenge, but it's going to be fun. and you know, i think that especially with having great young talent like john wall that, you know, we can do good things. >> the past two years, i know what he is capable of and
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watching this young team and the talent they already have here and trying to help them grow, i definitely think that this can be a playoff team. >> speaking of the playoffs. last night, game five, the heat and thunder and also kevin durant turnover. lebron james sets the tone early. durant did his best to keep him. durant with the game high 32 points. lebron, he also made an effort to go to the basket. he was successful here. he hangs for two of his 26 points and the heed led by 10 at the break. lebron post a triple-double. 13 assists, he finds the former wiz sadr. he had seven three pointers. the heat defeats the thunder 121-106 to win the series four games to one. lebron james, the mvp captures his long awaited first nba title. >> everything and more. you know, i dreamed about this
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opportunity, this moment for a listening time. including last night and including today. you know, my dream has become a reality now and it's the best. >> the capitals head into tonight's nhl draft with a league high 11 picks, including number 11 and 16 overall. general manager believe this is a deep draft. can you see any major moves? >> we like where our team is. we built it in the traditional manner. and we have two terrific young goal tenders. we have a terrific young defense and home grown drafted players. and, you have to draft well in this league to have a good team. i think we have been drafting well, so why not keep making picks. >> and tonight, the nats and o's begin a three-game series in baltimore. and finally, bryce harper's famous phrase, that's a clown
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question, bro, will be available on t-shirts courtesy of under armor. : smart enough to trademark it at least. let's go over to sue and take a look at radar. >> we have a number of areas that are warned and these will go until 7:00. that does include loudoun, jefferson, and clark county and a small portion of montgomery as well as prince william. watch for lightning and hail as we continue to watch showers and storms moving on through. it will settle down later tonight. >> now you have the news edge. the news is always on. back here tonight at 10:00.
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