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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 24, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the news at 10:00 begins with a big blaze across the bay bridge where a seven alarm fires this crews from seven counties joining forces today. >> victory celebrations in egypt on a historic day as mohammed morrissey, the muslim brotherhood candidate is elected president. >> and violence in montgomery county leaves a handful of people injured after a late night brawl breaks out involving close to 100 people. welcome to the news at 10:00. i'm maureen umeh. we begin with a massive brushfire in queen anne's county tonight. firefighters from seven counties and two states came out to try to contain the blaze. fox 5's audrey barnes was in kent island today as the fight to put out the forest fire waged on. she is in the newsroom with the story now.
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>> the first call came in at 6:00 this morning from frantic residents reporting smoke in the area. fire crews found it in one of the worst possible places. basically it was a try farm that ignited like -- tree farm that ignited lie kindling. all day long -- like kindling. all day long helicopters dropped water on a 30-acre brushfire in kent island. fire crews from seven counties battled this from below. paul young was in a fight of his own to save the house he just rebuilt after it was destroyed in hurricane irene last year. >> these are the embers and ashes that were falling on our home this morning. they were smoking when they were hitting the house. this is the stuff that was actually landing in the yard and on the roof. >> reporter: once you saw that what did you do? >> i went upstairs, got ahold of the family, let them know what was going on and immediately put the sprinkler on the home. >> reporter: this was a difficult fire to contain. it was basically in a densely planted 30-acre tree farm.
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it went up like kindling. joe martino snapped a few photos. >> the blaze was 100 feet in the air behind this two-story house. >> reporter: more than 50 residents were evacuated welcomed in by the kent island elks lodge. finally after a 12-hour assault some good news. >> wen now we're 100% contained which means we have it surrounded. we have the forrester here who cut several lines around it with a bulldozer. >> reporter: now the investigation as to the causeunder way. >> we heard there were some fireworks in the area last night. we don't know if that was the cause, but it's certainly a possible as dry as it is. >> reporter: at the end of the day paul's house was untouched by the flames. >> we're very grateful to all the fire departments here doing the hard work. >> we're told one firefighter was slightly injured fighting that brushfire. no residents were hurt or property loss, so that is some good news tonight.
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>> thank you. switching gears from weekend fires to weekday forecasts, a pleasant sunday to round out our weekend. we take a live look over the district tonight. let's go ahead and turn things over to gwen in the weather center with the very latest on our weather. >> we had a really nice day today. the sun was out in full force, a little bit on the humid side but not bad overall. let's look at those numbers. 93 degrees your daytime high at reagan national airport, 90 at dulles, 92 at bwi thurgood marshall. skies right now not too bad, a few clouds starting to roll in, however. there is a chance we could see a little wet weather especially to north and south of us in parts of central virginia into the course of tonight. so we'll keep our eyes to the skies there. humidity is now at 54% and can you believe this hour it is 82 degrees? winds are from the south. they've been fairly light most of the day. at dulles right now it's 77 degrees and 78 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall. for tonight we're talking
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mostly cloudy. there is a chance of an isolated shower or storm, 68 degrees and we are also keeping a close eye on the tropics. we've got a storm to talk. about we'll have the details a little later with your five- day. pepco says power is back on for almost everyone left in the dark after friday night's storm. the neighborhood in northeast lost power when that huge tree fell down. there are still some spots in the dark accident but for the most part people are breathe -- dark, but for the most part people are breathing a sigh of relief. fox 5's karen gray houston in the satellite center with the latest. >> it's been almost two days in the seeing heat without air conditioning -- searing height without air conditioning, but the -- heat without air conditioning, but the ordeal is almost over. if your lights are not back on yet, just wait a little longer. this land in northeast d.c. was hard hit, pepco busy on 16th and lawrence streets where a monster tree fell on a house trapping people in a catholic
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charities halfway house inside. >> we got them throughout friday night. we kicked in the door, got them out and all the neighbors banded together. >> the live downed wires created a safety hazard. >> pepco set out at the end of street all night to make sure passers-by did not get too close to the wires. >> fortunately no one was injured, but the big tree was chopped down. in the meantime neighbors were powerless. you don't know until a storm hits how much we take for granted. >> have no power, no phone, nothing. i can't charge up my cell. i can't do anything. >> over in hyattsville they were recovering from the weekend outages. the boyce family got their electricity back this morning around 11:00. >> it was hot, like not hot but human. it was ridiculous, messed up my -- humid. it was ridiculous, messed up my hair. there was no internet and you know teenagers and internet these days, i was suffering from withdrawal. >> while she was withdrawing from the internet her mother
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was upset pepco wouldn't touch her tree that had storm damage. she said she was told it wasn't their jurisdiction because the tree was in her yard and not a sidewalk tree box. >> but i said it's over the wire and if it falls, it's going to hit the wire and it's going to fall off again and it's going to damage my house. >> what was odd, how arbitrary some of the power outages seemed. >> the weird part was it didn't go out during the storm. it was very odd. it went out 8:30 last night. we assumed it was because they might have been working on the lines. >> at the height of the outages 45,000 customers had no electricity, but pepco says the worst is just about over. pepco has been struggling to regain respect after being slow to restore power in the recent past. there were a lot of people today a laud the job the utility did this time -- applaud the job the utility did this time around, although some people said they'd like to see more cooperation between pepco and the public works department and others said we'd have fewer
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problems if the power lines were buried underground. now to a developing story in montgomery county, six people hurt, one shot, five stabbed in a brawl overnight at a gaithersburg club that started between two women and it didn't take long before about 100 people were involved. police say everyone scattered and no arrests have been made. you'll hear from witnesses tonight on the news edge at 11:00. one woman is hospitalized after a stabbing on board a metrobus. d.c. police say the woman got into an argument with another woman on the bus. this was the livingston bus route at chesapeake and sixth at southeast. the victim was flown to a hospital, but hers why are not life threatening. -- injuries are not life threatening. a jermantown road after a serious crash between a motorcycle and van between the milestone shopping center in the 21000 block of frederick road at 4:15 this afternoon. the crash shut down the road.
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the motorcyclist's injuries are severe and the van wound up flipped on its side. four people had to be extricated from the van but were not badly hurt. investigators say alcohol contributed to a crash that killed a 7-year-old girl in chili's county this afternoon. 73-year-old -- charles county this afternoon. 73-year-old jackson rush was driving along when his suv veered into the median and hit a trailblazer from behind and sideswiped the car the child was riding in. her mother was transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries. the other driver was injured but is expected to survive. animal control officers arrested the director of reston zoo after a five-month long investigation. 26-year-old megan muggenson is charged with animal cruelty and possession of controlled substance. she's accused of improperly treating a sick wallaby at the zoo. allegations surfaced in january animals had been improperly
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euthanized and injured animals had not been treated correctly. a laurel family mourns the loss of their son in afghanistan. eugene mills, iii was killed in combat operations. his body is being returned to dover air force base. mills was based at camp lejeune. just ahead on the news at 10:00 victory for the muslim brotherhood as voters in egypt elect a new president. >> plus board members of university of virginia are on the clock. will they reinstate teresa sullivan at president? mark plotkin will join me to talk about governor bob mcdonnell's ultimatum to make a decision. we are back right after this. 
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republican presidential candidate mitt romney is holding a posh retreat in park city, utah this weekend. to get invited you have to raise at least $100,000 for the romney campaign. that buys you the chance to rub elbows with republican leaders
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like senator john mccain, former florida governor jeb bush, former secretary of state condoleezza rice and strategist karl rove. joining me now for some insight on the event is fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. so, mark, it seems karl rove's attendance has raised flags for campaign finance watchdogs. why? >> here's the deal, maureen. he is the head of a superpac called american crossroads and the superpacs raise unlimited money. there's no limit to individual contributions and they're supposed to not be coordinated with the official romney campaign or for that matter, any political campaign and there's karl rove's picture being escorted in the front page of the new york ifles and also on the washington post and he -- times and also on the washington post and he was scheduled to speak. so this seems to be a direct contravention of the spirit and
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letter of the law is there shouldn't be coordination between these supposed independent superpacs and these campaign committees and i think you're going to have to make a very creative point to say that how if you're a speaker and if you're there where there's strategy sessions taking place that you're independent of the campaign committee. i'm surprised the democrats haven't yelled and screamed or republicans would yell and scream if it happened in a democratic gathering. >> back in december romney decried the rise of superpacs like rove saying they had been a disaster for the political system. so why did his camp let rove attend leaving the door open to this controversy? >> i congratulate you on the research because that's the quote he made during the primary. now he wants everybody in the fold and when it cops to money and when it comes -- comes to money and when it comes to unified party support, i guess they feel they can look the other way.
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>> romney has a long short list of vp candidates. those people are also in attendance, but there was someone noticeably absent. why don't you tell us who wasn't there and what this might signify. >> yes. it was marco rubio who they've written two books about him. he's written his own book. he's on everybody's short list. it's very strange because romney at first said he's not being vetted and then he went out of his way to say he is being vetted, but he did not appear at this con fab which makes things even more confusing and perplexing when it comes to rubio. >> let me point out this, though, another person not there was virginia governor bob mcdonnell. >> no. he was there. >> but he has said very publicly he's not being vetted for the vp post. >> today i called not once but twice to the very able tucker martin, director of
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communications who said -- i said what's going on with the vetting? is he still not being vetted? he said we do not comment on vetting, which is a different explanation and different content and substance than before which maybe gives rise to the thought that he is being vetted. >> and since we're on governor mcdonnell let's talk about this controversy at university of virginia where he is giving the ultimatum to the board of visitors saying hey, fix this problem with the ousted president teresa sullivan or all of you are gone. why is he getting involved? >> at first i think he was really taking some justifiable criticism, said i couldn't want to micromanage and he stayed away. then he realized how much of an uproar this very well acclaimed state university that is considered a public ivy compared with university of california is one of the best publicly funded school in the country he felt he had to get
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involved and he was vacillating not taking a role. so he wrote this very stern letter and said and it was confirmed today that if they don't come to some resolution on wednesday, one, the vice rector has already resigned, that all 15 will be fired for cause. now what should be pointed out is helen dragas who is the rector or chair of the board of visitors, her term expires as long as do five other appointees on the board of visitors july 1st which is a few days away. so governor mcdonnell is definitely going to put his stamp on uva whether or not before he wanted to sort of go back from this decision making process. >> mark plotkin, i'm being given the wrap. we could talk about this all night, again your insight always valuable. connecting maryland and d.c. for bikers and pedestrians, the u.s. department of transportation awarded the district a huge grant for miles of new pathways. fox 5's bob barnard has the details.
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>> reporter: the district's department of transportation will be getting $10 million to help pay for an additional 4 miles of bike and pedestrian pathways along the anacostia river walk trail, a proposed 20- mile route connecting the national mall to maryland. >> it is very important because one of the ways that we think that the reason it's going to continue to grow is not by automobile, but by other modes of traps and the trail gives us an opportunity to -- transportation and the trail gives us an opportunity to have a healthy community. >> reporter: the feds will pay for a new pathway along the kenilworth gardens trail behind the pepco plant off benning road near the old d.c. landfill, the trail designed to connect 16 waterfront neighborhoods to the anacostia river and places like the navy yard. >> it's acceptable, but we can stand for an improvement. i'm all for it myself and if that's the situation and what d.c. wants, i'm behind it 100%. >> reporter: the anacostia
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bike and pedestrian path is just one of 47 infrastructure improvement projects in 34 states and the district of columbia being funded by federal grants administered by the u.s. department of transportation. secretary ray lahood made the announce. in a telephone conference this morning. >> these projects create good jobs today and build a stronger american economy for tomorrow. >> reporter: ddot's 11th street bridge project is a $400 million deal. >> because the interstate system was never completed in the district of columbia we had this phenomenon what commuters had to go through our local communities to get to their places of work. >> reporter: the 11th street bridge project was designed to correct that. replacing the frederick douglass bridge is next. >> while we do our best to take care of the infrastructure at some point you got to stop putting on band-aids and you actually need to replace it and with frederick douglass bridge, we're at that point we need to replace it.
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just ahead remembering victims three years after metro's horrific red line crash, family members and local leaders gather for a special honor. the news continues after this break. 
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it's been three years since the deadliest train accident in metro's history. nine people were killed, many others injured after two trains collided on the red line near fort to then. friday -- fort totten. friday family members and local leaders gathered to remember the victims. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> three, two, one. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: a permanent memorial plaque unveiled on the bridge that crosses over the crash site. three years ago this was the scene of a horrible accident. >> we thank you for giving us strength and courage to look ahead.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: on this anniversary family members of those lost made a point to thank those who bated the brutal heat that day to rest -- battled the brutal heat that day to rescue riders who were trapped and injured. >> we the families of the victims realize that without your bravery, it could have been more families affected. te >> reporter: but has metro become safer three years after the accident? have these nine victims died in vain? chairman of the national transportation safety board says safety improvements have been made from new safety equipment to new train cars on the way, but hertzman worries metro is still an aging system and requires more work which means more money from congress. >> there is a lot more that still needs to be done. i think the safety culture at metro is going to require work every day at every level. we'd like to see federal
10:27 pm
oversight. that hasn't happened. >> reporter: carolyn jenkin's daughter was killed in the accident. jenkins has attended many safety board meetings following the crash and is pleased with the progress made. >> i think they're doing a great job, though. i will give them that. they're doing a great job improving the safety of the train. >> reporter: to pay for the needed safety improvements it will take millions of dollars from congress, money that metro's general manager hopes will be approved. >> we are hopeful and we have strong support from our congressional delegation for full funding that has been promised to us by congress and we hope that comes about because if it doesn't, we would slip back. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> the plaque on the bridge will not be the only memorial to the victims of the metro crash. mayor gray says there are still plans to come up with a memorial park near the crash site. coming up a historic day in egypt after the country's first competitive election. the muslim brotherhood candidate is declared
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president. >> plus a disturbing story out of missouri, a mother locked up after authorities say she locked up her 10-year-old daughter. the news at 10:00 continues in just minutes.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the news at 10:00 continuing with a historic decision in egypt that could change the way the world views the nation. for the first time in 7,000 years egypt held competitive presidential elections and now the muslim brotherhood candidate officially has been declared the winner. we have the report from cairo. >> reporter: fireworks exploding overhead, hundreds of thousands in cairo's tahrir square joyous as a member of the muslim brotherhood was declared president elect of egypt after the country's first competitive presidential elections. mohammed morsi, a 61-year-old u.s. educated engineer will now
10:32 pm
run the mother of the arab world. egyptians voted in the runoff election last weekend. morsi beat out former general ahmad jafif. only 800,000 votes separated the winner from defeat. supporters of the loser did not take the results in stride ripping down and igniting posters of morsi trampling his image in the streets. the crowd in tahrir square mostly made up of muslim brotherhood supporters, many camped out several days waiting for this result and are likely to stay. >> revolution has defeated. the revolution continues. >> reporter: the victory celebrations here unlike anything since president hosni mubarak was ousted february of 2011, 16 months ago. >> if someone said a year and a half ago we were going to see for the first time in 7,000 years the people of egypt actually choosing their own president, one would have thought you were crazy. >> reporter: the white house
10:33 pm
called morsi's election a milestone and things here are expected to move along pretty quickly with president elect morsi being sworn in by the ruling military sometime in the next couple of days. . in the u.s. at least one person is dead and three missing after a fiery train collision in oklahoma. officials say two trains collided around 10 this morning sparking a diesel fire. the three missing are union pacific railroad crew members. it's not clear what caused the deadly collision yet. a missouri mother is behind bars facing multiple charges for locking her 10-year-old daughter in a closet. jacole prince is accused of locking her daughter in a closet and leaving her so malnourished the young girl weighs just 32 pounds. the daughter tells police she wasn't allowed to eat every day and was forced to use the closet as her bathroom. neighbors are shocked and say they had no idea prince had a
10:34 pm
third child. >> every time we do go to jacole's house we are not going to tell her to come out or see what she's doing, she wouldn't open the door all the way. she would come out and shut the door behind her. >> prince's other two children, a 2-year-old and 8-year-old are now in protective custody. long time game show host alex trebek is recovering in a los angeles hospital tonight after suffering a mild heart attack. the jeopardy host was admitted to cedar sinai medical center yesterday. the 71-year-old trebek is expected to make a full recovery and will be back to work next month. this will be his 28th year hosting that game show. now a developing story on that gun running bust gone wrong, the u.s. attorney general has not provided the information some members of congress want and this week congress will vote whether to hold eric holder in contempt. fox's david rosen has more. >> reporter: congressman darrell it's on sarks the republican chairman of the
10:35 pm
house over-- darrell issa, the republican chairman of the house oversight committee told congress he has no evidence eric holder was involved in trying to cover up the situation. attorney general eric holder refused to turn over some documents to the house committee and president obama last week asserted executive privilege to keep it that way. issa said he expects some democrats to join the republicans in voting this week to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress if no accommodation is reached. the scandal broke open when a u.s. border patrol agent brian terry was killed in december, 2010. at the scene of that crime investigators found two guns u.s. law enforcement officers as part of a program called operation fast and furious had allowed to flow to the mexican drug cartels. the aim had been to trace these guns to the cartels. the ranking democrat on issa's committee accused the republicans of exhalting politics over the facts and the law. >> it's regretable we're here and we certainly would like to not be here and if the
10:36 pm
president and attorney general holder would simply start producing the documents they know they could produce to us that are not going to be covered under executive privilege, this could be delayed or eliminated. >> i think that i'm calling on speaker boehner to come forth and show strong leadership that i know he will and sit down with the attorney general to resolve this matter. the attorney general has made it clear that he is willing to work with this congress. >> reporter: the justice department acknowledged some of the information it has provided to congress on fast and furious turned out to be inaccurate. james rosen, fox news. sports is next when the news at 10:00 continues as the nats and bryce harper go full speed in search of a victory in the series finale against the orioles. lindsay is on deck with sports. gwen? >> take a look at what's happening in the gulf. we've got a major storm to talk about. we'll have the details coming up later and let you know
10:37 pm
exactly what is going on with tropical storm debby. we'll be back after the break. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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talk a little sports here. we're talking baseball, battle of the beltways and looks like we were bested by the orioles. >> i'm sad to see the series end. it's been really good, sellout crowds both at nats park and camden yards. so it's been a really good thing for the area. >> yeah, good pitching. >> the nats are still in first place in the nl east. orioles are second place in the al easton two games behind the yankees -- easton two games behind the yankees. >> good competition -- east only two games behind the yankees. >> good competition. >> all four of baltimore's wins were only by one run. this young fan we'll show you has what we call torn allegiances, so he's just rooting for a really good game.
10:41 pm
top of the 3rd, no score, ryan zimmerman with five hits in his last 49 at bats finally lines a base hit over the shot stop. the nats were leading 1-0. let's move to the bottom of the 8th, same score, matt wieters with a runner on and he crushes one to deep left off sean burnett, a sure shot two-run home run not to mention his 10th of the year and one swing gives the orioles the 2-1 lead. top of the 9th nats down 2-1 with a runner on for danny espinosa and he strikes out. ian desmond is at second and a strike them out throw them out double play to end the game. orioles takes four of six in the beltway's series this season. here's davey johnson on the game winning home run surrendered by sean burnett. >> he's got a fastball over the heart of the plate. he's been throwing a lot of fastballs and had great command of them, but that one he just left over the heart of the plate and up and he crushed it. i can't take offense with
10:42 pm
bernie. he's been almost perfect every time out. d.c. united not receiving a warm welcome at new york. let's start 30 seconds into the game. the pass headed in for the seventh goal of the year and fastest in franchise history giving united a 1-0 lead. stoppage time in the 1st half tied 1-1. new york's freak hit bounces off united's wall right to brandon barklidge, second goal of the game for the former united player. 2-1 new york. mike consantos for his second goal, deficit 3-2. 75th minute, the crossing pass. it deflects off the goalie's shoulders. the final 3-2. coming up on sports xtra ryan zimmerman and his ailing shoulder, some talk yesterday
10:43 pm
he may have to go back on the dl, been a problem for him all season. he did a cortisone shot. it seems to work. we're going to keep trying it because they need to get him back on track because they've done well with him not playing. so if he comes back, they'll be that much better. >> let's hope. thanks. still to come things are getting worse in colorado while firefighters try containing a two-week old wildfire another one pops up threatening more homes. ♪
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nearly two dozen homes near rocky mountain national park have been destroyed in a brand- new colorado wildfire burning near colorado springs this. one started just this weekend and has already eaten up 3 square miles. as fox's anita vogel explains, firefighters seem to be losing ground while those in other states are gaining.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: this hasn't been a great fire season for the state of colorado. if you live there, you might feel like you're under assault by the flames. let's look first at the waldo canyon fire. it broke out around noon saturday near a popular hiking area in local local springs. it continues to spread today to about 3 square miles. there is an evacuation order in the area for about 11,000 people as the flames have come within a 1/4-mile of structures. 450 firefighters are on the scene. meanwhile the high park fire just west of ft. collins continues to be a problem. last week it was 60% contained. now it's dropped back to 45% containment. hot temperatures and gusty winds are speeding the flames and prompting the possibility of more homes lost and certainly more evacuations. nearly 1,000 as of the last couple days. >> after two weeks of that fire getting established in there it's still trying to come alive. the resistance to control and the persistence of this fire is
10:48 pm
pretty unusual for conditions that we normally see. >> reporter: and some good news in utah where the evacuation orders have been lifted in a fire that was said to have started after a target shooting incident. the dump fire as it was called is now 40% contained. at the height of it roughly 1,100 people were evacuated after 6,000 acres had been burned. it's the 20th time this year target shooting has sparked a fire in that state and the forecast is calling for more hot and dry temperatures today. the national weather service suggests temperatures in colorado to be hovering around 100 degrees for most of the day. anita vogel, fox news. people in the south are getting ready for tropical storm debby. residents in galveston, texas, are preparing even though they haven't been put on a tropical storm watch yet. forecasters say the storm has maximum sustained winds of 50 to 60 miles per hour with the center of debby expected to linger in the gulf the next few days with no landfall in the
10:49 pm
immediate forecast. >> may have no effect on us or if it does have an effect it could be a slighting if on the coast. it is a good wake-up call to remind us it's hurricane season and we need to be prepared. >> as debby strengthens the storm could be near hurricane force winds by tomorrow night. >> closer to home we have i hope to say nothing to complain about and nothing to worry about just yet, nice weather. >> it was beautiful today. a little humid but kind of nice. i was outside today in the beautiful sunshine enjoying it. so i want to say it wasn't all that bad and temperature-wise we were into the low 90s pretty much everywhere. >> earlier you almost threatened it's going to get hotter. >> that's not a threat. that's summer. >> it really is, i know. >> let's look outside. i want to give a shout out to the central farm markets in bethesda where i was today enjoying wonderful produce that sells there and the vendors
10:50 pm
that they have, absolutely beautiful. here's a look at the national cathedral outside, what a nice shot. our skies will clopped a bit in the overnight hours, but -- cloud up a bit in the overnight hours, but overall it won't be too bad. the week will start a little unsettled. you might have to keep the umbrella handy. high pressure will dominate moving into mid-week, temperatures heading to the upper 90s again. she's right, the heat is on and we're watching that tropical storm debby that maureen just spoke about. our highs today, 93 degrees officially at reagan national airport, 90 at dulles and 92 at bwi thurgood marshall airport. here's a look at where the highs were elsewhere across the country, 101 degrees at little rock. they hit 100 degrees at dallas. look at fargo 79 degrees and heading west salt lake city triple digit high as well as in phoenix. we have warmer air sticking around the midsection to the eastern portion of the country, so all the way up the mid-
10:51 pm
atlantic they'll continue to see that happening especially moving towards the later part of the week when we see the ridge of high pressure that allows that to move in for us. we're at 81 degrees at annapolis, 78 baltimore, 77 dulles, a very warm night, 79 degrees at hagerstown and 73 at culpeper. skies will gradually start to see clouds rolling in. we've got rain in the forecast, just sort of scattered in nature, an isolated storm might pop up mostly through parts of central and southern virginia and lower southern maryland in the course of tonight. as we head into tomorrow that chance increases because we've got a frontal system that will move through. early in the morning and by late afternoon it will have cleared us, but ahead of it and along that front is a chance of some storms. we also have a chance of some gusty winds up to 25 miles per hour tomorrow. so keep that in mind if you're heading out anywhere, anything you might have sitting around outside. a chance of a storm and gusty
10:52 pm
winds, that combination as we start your monday. be prepared. here's a look at futurecast. we can see by monday as we look about midday we get a little action to the south. some of you may see this and some of you may see absolutely nothing. don't be surprised. here's our tropical outlook with debby. just really stationary now, but we have tropical force winds extending 200 miles from the center, a lot of storm surge and of localized flooding. and we'll keep a close eye on this as it does look like it has a tendency to strengthen in a few days or so. mostly cloudy tonight, scattered showers, possibility of an isolated storm popping up 68 degrees. tomorrow we'll warm up to 86, a little bit coolers that front moves through, getting an influx of cooler air, but once again winds at 25 miles per hour gusting. be prepared. the sun returns by your tuesday, sticks around right through until friday, but look
10:53 pm
at that thermometer, mercury on the rise as i said. it's going to be hot. we've got the double 9s kicking in friday, could each reach up to 100 degrees. so be prepared. we mentioned i'm part of a very important organization called our house and our house takes in abused and homeless young boys and they are having a fundraiser that i'm spearheading this friday at the strathmore. we'll have live music, entertainment of all kinds. we're also going to have auctions, silent and live auctions and food and drinks and we really want you to come out and support this. it's a great cause. the students end up getting job skills in construction and academic education and life skills and do a lot of community service. i was at central farm markets today in bethesda and they were very kind to give us a table to promote the event and i want to thank them. wally want you to come out and support this organization. they do great work in turning the lives around of these young
10:54 pm
men ages 16 to 20 and they come from some difficult backgrounds. darrell davis will do our welcome performance at 7:00. there will be an evening performance and we'll have some celebrities out there. tucker barnes will there be. >> tickets still available. how much? >> 125 and you can go to our- is our website. >> get those tickets. >> yes, please. more news tonight, the controversy surrounding a new york bus monitor encouraged other bus drivers to stand up to bullying on buses. ever since the video of karen klein went viral the issue has been thrust into the national spotlight. to honor klein and her colleagues, bus monitor and bus driver appreciation days were kicked off. monitors and students gathered to show support for klein. >> i would say it had to start with somebody and god used karen to be an example. >> it's just trying to support her because she has had such a
10:55 pm
hard time and it's just making her feel comfortable and frying to help her through what she experienced on -- trying to help her through what she experienced on that bus. >> it's great. it's like all of this is coming to a head. everybody is talking about it. things will be done now about the other children that might do it. they won't. won't. >> many hope the national response to klein's experience will lead to new bus regulations. donations for klein have surpassed $600,000. . we've got lots more coming up including a one of a kind restaurant soon to open in the district. what sets it apart is that it plans to make no profits. how are they going to do that? >> coming up on the news edge at 11:00 a handful of people injured after a late night brawl in montgomery county involving nearly 100 people. the news continues in just minutes. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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there's a restaurant that will open in d.c. soon that's unlike any other place in the entire world it. promises good food, good dryness and good atmosphere and as beth parker -- drinks and good atmosphere and as beth parker shows us, good feelings, too. >> reporter: there are a lot of places in washington where you can get an ice cold beer, but what about an ice cold beer that warms your heart? >> oh, my gosh, it's incredible. >> reporter: a sense of community is what they're trying to build in this spot near 9th and u northwest. it's called a fill fhilanthropub. the restaurant is called cause. the owners think it's the first of its kind in the world. >> what we do is give 100% of our profits to charitable organizations. >> reporter: that's right, a restaurant that plans to make


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