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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  June 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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i thought they were little nuts. >> reporter: now he's the director of operations. raj ratwani is one of the co- founders, a scientist who spent time in the peace corps. >> it took fruition when we were sitting at a bar over a beer watching all this action going around, people having fun, a lot of money changing hands and thought why can't we do this? >> reporter: the idea is to raise social awarns and charitable giving. >> of course, everybody goes -- awareness and charitable giving. >> of course, everybody goes out. when you get your check on the the end of the night, you can decide where you want your mean to go. >> reporter: to keep costs down they hired a professional chef who also do carpentry. they're using lots of recycled local materials. >> these are all old apple barrel bottoms fused together to create the barstool. >> reporter: fallen trees become tabletops. online donations are helping keep construction debt low. >> over 125 contributors, 13 countries, 15 states. >> reporter: all the
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financials will be regularly posted online other than the check you'll never be asked for money. they want to make helping others feel better than ever. >> really cool. it's a great feeling. >> reporter: in northwest, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> can't wait to go. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. thank you for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. the edge begins with a huge brawl in montgomery county involving about 100 people. one person was shot and five others stabbed. the fight broke out overnight at the festival shopping center on money branch road in gaithersburg. fox 5's john henrehan has been working the story and says so far no one has been arrested. >> reporter: evidence of the early sunday morning violence was still scattered on the festival shopping center. a promoter had put on a rap karaoke night at a restaurant
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there called red rock cafe just after 1:30 a.m. a fight breaking out between two females inside. >> two young ladies, who they are, i have no idea. >> reporter: what were they fighting over? >> i'm told one pushed the other and the other one didn't like being pushed. >> reporter: scott smith was one of five security guards on duty. within seconds he said numerous other people started fighting and the brawl spilled out into the shopping center's parking lot. >> total chaos. people running, using saltshakers as weapons. i've never seen anything like it in my life. i mean one minute it was totally calm and the next minute it just busted out into a riot. >> reporter: responding police officers estimated 100 people were involved in the fighting. they called for a massive backup to gain control of the situation. witnesses said four gunshots went off and police report one adult man from washington d.c. was wounded by a bullet.
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five orion men received stab wounds and were -- other young men received stab wounds and were transported to area hospitals. the owner of another nearby business which also keeps late hours says violence after rap nights at red rock cafe is not uncommon. >> even the previous owner it happened before. there were a couple shootings a couple years ago, but fights breaking out, it's regular. >> reporter: according to the security guard, there are going to be major changes coming to the red rock cafe in the future. the owner he says decided to stop hosting late night events and instead concentrate on running a restaurant specializing in indian food. neither the shooting wound nor stab wounds are life threatening say police. authorities say witnesses and participants at the scene were uncooperative. no arrests have been made. police are seeking tips. we'll post their phone numbers on our website. john henrehan, fox 5 news.
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the edge is staying in maryland and continuing on in kent county where fire crews from seven counties came together to contain a seven alarm brushfire. officials say the blaze began at a 30-acre tree farm in kent island. more than 60 residents had to be evacuated, but after a 12- hour battle the fire was 100% contained. as to the cause of the fire, officials have no ideas, but no official cause yet. >> i heard there were some fireworks in this area last night, but we don't know for sure that that caused the fire. we can't correlate the two, but it certainly is a possibility as dry as it is. >> an investigation to determine the cause is underway. we're told one firefighter was slightly injured fighting this brushfire. fortunately no residents were hurt or property lost. pepco says power is back on for 99% of the people who lost it during friday night's storm. some residents say their power held up for the bad weather, then went out last night instead. we talked to one resident who wanted pepco to deal with her
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damaged tree before a limb falls and takes down another wire, but since it's on her property they wouldn't trim it. at the height of the outage 45,000 customers were without power. montgomery county police say a pedestrian is in serious condition tonight after being hit by a tractor trailer at the intersection of georgia avenue and colesville road. the woman was trying to cross the road and was hit by the tractor trailer that had a green light. the driver immediately stopped and was uninjured. the unidentified woman remains in serious condition. a deadly crash in college park might have been caused by alcohol and speed police say. a 21-year-old driver slammed into another car at the intersection of baltimore avenue and delaware street. the driver in that other car died. he has been identified as 40- year-old bernard coltly. the younger driver and his two passengers are injured but expected to recover. the news edge on virginia where about up with thousand 500 people gathered to -- about
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1,500 people gathered to support the outgoing president of university of virginia. teresa sullivan was asked to resign without explanation and they are calling for her to be reinstated. governor bob mcdonnell sent the board a letter friday demanding they take final action by tuesday or he'll ask for the entire board's resignation. one member has already stepped down. developing news from the supreme court tonight which is expected to hand down two major rulings this week, one on healthcare, the other on arizona's controversial immigration law. fox's peter doocy has more on the potential impact of the decision. >> reporter: the healthcare case gets most of the headlines, but the supreme court is call expected to hand down its rule on the legality of s.b. 1070, arizona's imabrasion law this week as well, maybe even tomorrow -- immigration law this week as well, maybe even tomorrow. the law allows police officers to inquire about the immigration of people they pull over even for unrelated
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offenses, but there is an anti- profiling provision in the law and florida senator marco rubio said today based on the border difficulties in arizona, he thinks the law is good for arizona. >> i believe arizona has a right to pass that bill. i understand why they did it, but i don't think it's a national model and i don't think other states should follow suit. for example, i don't want to see a law like that in florida, but what the supreme court analyzes is the constitutionality of the law and i do believe arizona has a constitutional right to do this. >> reporter: nobody knows how the court will rule, but democrats say they know when the president halted deport as of dream act eligible participants it put romney way behind with latinos. >> the difficulty with mitt romney is he was so vicious in going at the immigration issue he locked himself in. he's now trying to play hide and seek on the issue of whether he supports what the president did for all those young americans, the dreamers. >> reporter: senator rubio who is being vetted for mitt romney's vp slot says he thinks the dream act is too broad and
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said we need to be compassionate but we need to do something that doesn't encourage more illegal immigration. peter doocy, fox news. more to come on the news edge. gwen has a last look at your workweek forecast. >> we've got some changes coming up in that forecast. we'll have the details. we'll have the details after the break and also another update on what's happening with drops debby. stay with us. we'll be -- tropical storm debby. stay with us. we'll be back. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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not a bad way to end the weekend. humidity was up a bit. we had a nice breeze that came through every now and then. today's high 93 degrees at reagan national airport, 90 at dulles, 92 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall. right now elsewhere in our neighborhoods 80 degrees at quantico, the same at annapolis, 82 at d.c., 76 at dulles, 72 martinsburg and 79 degrees at hagerstown. so it's still fairly mile and warm night tonight. clouds are -- mild and warm night tonight. clouds are starting to roll in, a little scattered shower activity in some of our neighborhoods. it's going to be isolated in nature tonight. some of you may not see anything. tomorrow we'll have a cold front move through and that will definitely change the dynamics. we've got a chance of seeing some showers and norms ahead of that frontal system. the atmosphere will -- thunderstorms ahead of that frontal system. the atmosphere will become very
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unstable. don't be surprised. also gusty winds are another factor here. those winds will gust at least up to 25 miles an hour. could be prepared. some of you may see some of this -- do be prepared. some of you may see some of this activity and some of you may not. just be careful and keep your eyes to the sky because it's a very strong possibility we may get some storms. here's a look at drops debby, not really doing much in -- tropical storm debby, not really much in term of movement, extending 200 miles out from the center and there are storm warnings and watches from louisiana through to florida, strong storm surge and isolated amounts of rainfall that could get 10 to 15 inches. this is something we'll watch very closely to see if it does end up becoming a hurricane or not it. does have the capacity toiness five because it's staying so long over the -- toiness five because it's staying so long over the water -- toiness five because it's staying so long
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over the water -- to incense five because it's staying so long over the water. the 99-degree mark by water. time to check in with lindsay murphy on what's ahead on my sawn sports xtra. >> hole in 1 -- nissan sport x forecast.. >> hole in 1's do happen and the battle of the beltways come to an end next on nissan's sports xtra. >> is that that does it for us. fox 5 news always on -- that does it for us. fox 5 news always on. sports xtra two minutes away. have a great weekend, everyone.
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