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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. months of debate, two heated issues coming to a head. >> the supreme court set to release rulings soon on controversial immigration crackdowns and president obama's health care reform law. what common thread these issues share. fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 right now. right now. . good monday morning. it is june 25th, 2012. live look over our area. heard there was a bit of a heat wave when i was gone but i think that is past. good-hooking day out there. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm sherry ly in for will thomas. he was here early but he is feeling under the weather. >> tropical storm debby dumping heavy rains in parts of florida. the storm stationary right now
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and flooding is a major concern. residents in counties along the gulf coast are being urged to leave low-lying areas. storm is being blamed for one death so far. >> clean-up continues today from friday night's storm here in the d.c. area. brookland in northeast d.c. took an especially hard hit as of last night. pepco said power was restored to 99% of customers across the area. 45,000 people were without power at one time at the tight of those outages. >> we had a viewer that wrote in and said she thought she had a baby tornado move through the neighbor. i love that phrase. it was a microburst. but winds that can approach about 70 miles per hour. >> too seems like it. >> yeah. around here, we have showers and storms. by the way, welcome back.
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>> people are like allison is back. >> good morning, everybody. >> look for a quick increase in clouds and at least the possibility of scat every showers and storms back in the forecast. we want to he can on us up here into central pennsylvania -- we want to focus up here into central pennsylvania. we are warm and humid. 75degrees in washington. 68 in one chester. and 75 in ocean city. forecast for today, muddle of the day, we'll have clouds around with scattered showers and storms. i think late this afternoon, you might actually see a little sunshine and the wind will start to pick up behind the front. generally, this is a good news forecast with highs today about 58 degrees and tuesday and wednesday look great. i'll have details on that in just a men. >> he so you missed the heat wave but wore coming back for some nice are weather in the next couple of days. >> hopefully, traffic is the
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same way. julie wright is joining us. i missed. >> i missed you but i loved your husband's comment on facebook with the girls. we have abeen working together since before time when the babies were not even here yet and now they are like this big. >> i know. taller than me, one of them. >> they are adorable. on the roads, northbound i-59 below speed as you work your way out of woodbridge. we had accident activity at quantico that was quickly moved over to the shoulder. check out this ride. slow-moving southbound 270. no incidents to reporthooded out to the split. roadwork here along northbound 355 at cedar lane. stay to the right to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a big week ahead for the supreme court. >> this as the nation awaits the rulings on two major cases this week. any day now, the nine justices
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will decide whether president obama's signature health care legislation is constitutional. they will also rule on the legality of arizona's controversial immigration law which would allow officers to ask about immigration status of people they pull over even for unrelated offenses. florida senator marco rubio says, given the state's border problems, the law is good for arizona. >> i believe arizona has a right to pass that bill. i understand why they did it. but i don't think it is a national model and i don't think other states should follow suit. >> the ruling on immigration could come as early as today. some other stories we are following. police in montgomery county are asking for tips from the public to make arrests in connection to a giant brawl, a fight that started with an argument between two women at a gaithersburg club on muddy branch road early sunday morning b100 people got involved in the park lot.
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one-- in the parking lot. one person was shot and five others were stabbed. none of the injuries were life- threatening. there was a brushfire in kent use land over weekend t started in a densely planted tree farm. more than 60 people were evacuated from their homes. everyone got out safely. firefighters got the blaze contained in about 12 hours. one firefighter was slightly hurt but no property was lost. about 1500 people gathered at the university of virginia last night all in a show of support for outgoing president theresa sullivan this. video is from a rally last westbound. student and faculty are pushing for her to be reinstated saying she was asked to resign by the board of visitors without a full explanation. virginia governor bob mcdonnell saws the board must take final action by tomorrow or he will ask for the entire board to
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resign. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, a look at the morning's other headlines. with the presidential election about four months away now, a new poll reveals many voters have yet to make up their mind. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest.
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making headlines this morning, egypt now has its first ever democratically elected president. mohammed morsi would was the muslim brotherhood candidate, was declared the winner yesterday. he says he is determined to rebuild the country. morsi faces a struggle for power with the country's still dominant military rulers. the latest from the campaign trail. today, president obama will be campaigning in new hampshire and massachusetts. over the weekend, romney held a
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retreat in utah rewarding some of his highest dollar donors and fundraisers. he will be campaigning in virginia tomorrow with a stop in salem. both president obama and the former massachusetts governor are pushing for every vote possible and there is a good reason for that. a new associated press gfk poll shows one in four voters are still uncommitted. the debate over student loan rates continues in congress. a decision must be reached by saturday or the interest rate will double. we are talking more about this next hour with bob cusack, managing editor of the hill. also making headlines being wildfires continue to rage out west. the flames so dangerous that thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes. we will also check in with talker coming up next. some showers, thunderstorms in the forecast today. fox 5 morning news will be back in a moment. ♪
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new this morning, a police officer in denver, colorado has died after she was shot while trying to break up a fight at a jazz concert in a popular city park. this happened sunday night. the denver post reports the officer was a single mom. police say one person is in custody but have not said if that person is indeed the suspect. at least eight wildfires are burning in colorado. 11,000 people were forced to leave their homes over the weekend. so now, some have been allowed to return home. nearly 250 homes in northern colorado have already been destroyed and several popular tourist areas have also been hit. a new government study found sea levels are rising much faster along a stretch of the east coast than they are around the globe. the 600-mile area goes from cape hatteras, north carolina to just north of boston.
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sea levels in the region have been rising at an annual rate that is three to four times faster than the rest of the world. levels in norfolk, virginia have jumped 5 inches since 19906789 the global average is 2 inches. scientists are now blaming rise on climate change. >> i was going to joke and say must be chimate change. actually might be. not sure what all that means for us. >> it means a lot of beach replenishment coming along it is way i would imagine. >> good luck. >> that is right. mother nature usually ones that battle. speaking of mother nature, let's get right to tropical storm debby. the problem will be the rain which will just continue to days and days and days. forecast to just sit and spin here over the gulf for the next
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few days. i think we'll be measuring rainfall in feet. they're predicting up to 25 inches of rain in some sports of northern florida, southern georgia here. just south of the florida panhandle here, right about there and look at that. that is forecast track over the next five days. so you can see it will be a very slow mover. here is the latest information on tropical storm debby. maximum winds, 50 miles per hour. movement stationary. pressure down a little bit. winds aren't going to be the issue. it will be rain t continues to pull in very heavy reins across central sections of florida this morning. our weather, 74 now in washington. warm, huge -- humid start to your day. we do have a lot of changes in the form a cold front. there are the rain showers into southern pennsylvania. those will move into the washington area here i think by about noon and be with us here through the early afternoon
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hours and then we'll probably see a little late day clearing. so after early sun, we'll quickly cloud up with a few showers and storms around. behind the front, clearing here by late afternoon, early evening and you will notice the win picking up out of the west and north and west. but that is good news. that will bring in cooler, drier air for your nighttime hours tonight. tuesday and wednesday look fabulous around here with high temperatures tomorrow about 80 degrees with low humidity. best chance between about noon and 3:00 this afternoon. there are your wind behind the front picking unout of the west- northwest gusting to about 25. -- picking up out of the west- northwest gusting to about 25. tomorrow, our high temperature will only be near 80 degrees. wednesday looks nice. thursday and friday getting hot again. julie tells me it is nice and
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toasty in her cubicle this morning. what is going on? >> it is. i mean the ac broke and they haven't fixed it yet so that is what we're dealing with over here. i'll be looking for the kiddie pool soon. on the roads, you find that your lanes are open as you travel along the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. along 355 here at cedar lane, here is the construction that is northbound. no problems to report right now south on 270 coming in out of germantown headed for the lane divide. northbound i-59, no problems here leaving the prince william parkway headed across the occoquan. lanes are open here at southbound 270. had an incident northbound 207 near middle brook road that has been cleared to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. . a woman is in serious condition after she was hit by a tractor-trailer. it happened around 6:00 last night at the intersection of georgia avenue in colesville
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road in silver spring. montgomery county police say the woman was trying to cross the road when the don't walk sign was lit. the truck driver had the green light. he did stop at the scene. police determined he was not at fault. the woman has not been identified. to oklahoma now where the search continues for two missing engineers and a conductor following a collision between two freight trains. this happened yesterday morning in the town of goodwell. federal investigators are on the way to the scene of this accident. next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. last week was a rough one for retirement funds. find out if things are looking better this week. >> let's hope so. as we take you to the break, lone some george will have to look for love on the other side. the galapagos giant tortoise died yesterday. he was believed to be the last of his species. several potential mates were
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presented to george over the years but none of the pairings were successful. lone some george was estimated to be about 100 years old. fur --
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. well, they did it again. the disney pixar team wowing big crowds at the box office this weekenden market managed to bounce back friday leaving investors with some hope for a good start to the week. rob are the gray with fox business network is live with this morning's business beat. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with the bad news. how bad was it last week before we saw the bounce become on friday? >> well, we saw second worst day of the year for stocks on thursday and that really set the stone. friday, we did see a little bit of a bounce back getting some of those losses back. not a terrible week for stocks but after two straight weeks of
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gains, sort of two steps up, one pretty big step back. we are looking for a decline today as well right out of the gate. just continued concerns about the european debt crisis. we are seeing manufacturing slowing around world from china to brazil, germany and here in the u.s. we'll get the latest on new home sales for not of may expected to rise to a three- month high. we'll see how manufacturing is doing in that area of the country after a big disappointment in the mid- atlantic last week. >> how big do news stories come into play here had we are waiting for spreement court to come down on some big issues that affect a whole lot of folks. >> certainly, the health care market has been hit harder than the broader market. since the high court heard the case in march, we've seen the health care market falling more
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than the broader losses. in particular, the managed care stocks. that sector had the biggest gain since the time we saw the health care law passed until the supreme court heard it and it has had the biggest losses since then. tradeers betting about a 75% chance that the individual mandate will be struck down by the high court which could call into question the legality of the entire law. that is an area to watch as the health care stocks, if we get the ruling today, one way or the other, they will see probably the biggest move. >> all right. let's talk about a little happy news. maybe we'll all work for disney bix arrest one day. brave did pretty well at the box office. >> the first female lead there and it was the fifth biggest pixar debut taking in about $67 million over the weekend. clearly striking a chord with audienced out there. mad gar car 3 came in second
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after two weeks in the top five. and abraham lincoln, vampire hadn'ter from fox pictures, our sister company, taking third in its debut. >> that is the one you want to see but with kids,ic i'll be at brave. can you always bet on girl power. i'll leave that with you today in new york city. robert, thank you so much. >> i wouldn't bet against it. >> coming up next, tiger is back in town. dave ross is back with a look at that. the supreme court set to release decisions soon on two hot topic issues. two big debates, immigration and health care reform. both bound together by the question of just how much of a say state government have you had have when handling the hot issues. we are back in a moment. 
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. all right. it looks a little stormy out there today, i think. but we've got some good things to come, right? >> we have got clouds moving in. a few showers and storms moving in. parts of the yard are pretty dry. i know you guys have been out of town. >> i can't relate to you. i have abeen on vacation. >> i was at an event last night and it was storming outside. >> yeah, it was. >> it was in prince george's county. >> parts of the area got some rain last night. before a few more chances later this morning. then we'll dry out for a couple of days. we have a nice tuesday and wednesday forecast. by the end of the afternoon, i think things will improve here big time. let's get right to your happens and we'll show numbers and show you what is going to be happening. 74 in washington. warm, huged start to your day. the humidity, 76%. winds out of the south and west at seven. showers and storm on the horizon. just off to the north and west. that is a cold front sagging into the area late morning, early afternoon. i think it will be generally
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through the area by late this afternoon. we'll cloud up quickly here this morning with the possibility of scattered showers and storm in the forecast. late today, wind will pick up appear the sun will return. we'll have a nice evening with overfight lows in the upper 50s actually nice-hooking tuesday as well. here is your forecast for today. 58 in washington. 82 in frederick. look out for the possibility some of storms midday between about 12:00 and 3:00. coming up in a couple of minutes being we have ask the weather guy. accident q quo. don't know the -- excellent question. i don't know the answer. >> you don't know? >> joining us now is julie wright. >> i was going to say if you want a list of the things that
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tucker daunt know. i love sherry. she's like do i have to separate you two? the lanes here are open leaving 109 headed out to the truck scale. back up to speed continuing out towards the capital beltway. accident activity northbound 395 before edsall road. it was squeezing the right side of the highway. look like we have the lanes open once again headed north. our big story, the supreme court is expected to rule on two major cases this week. >> one is millennium inauguration. another is health care. the nine justices could announce their decisions in both cases as early as today. arizona's controversial immigration law would allow officers to ask about immigration status of people they pull over even for unrepresented offenses. but it seems health care is the ruling that everyone is buzzing about. the justices will hand down a ruling on whether president obama's signature legislation is constitutional no matter what the decision, people on
6:33 am
both sides of the rile have already said they are looking for keep some of the provisions. >> i believe most americans will say we're never going to go back to the days where my child could be denied access to pie health insurance because he or she as a preexisting condition i don't doing something about the cost of health care is something that democrats and republicans have to have an answer to. >> the fight to overcome the health care legislation began the day president obama signed it into law. some other top stories now. police in montgomery county still haven't made any arrests in connection to a giant fight over the weekend. this all started with an argument between two women at a gaithersburg club on muddy branch road earlyson morning. not long after, about 100 people got involved in the parking lot. one person was shot, five others were stabbed. none of the injuries is life- threatening. fire crews from seven counties battled a raging 30-
6:34 am
acre brushfire in kent island. it started in a densely planted tree farm. more than 60 people is some h. to evacuate from their homes and into shelters. crews got it completely contained in about 12 hours. investigators are looking into whether some fireworks sparked the blaze. fortunately, nobody was hurt except for a firefighter slightly and no property was lost. also this morning's stop fore story, about 1500 people gathered at the university of virginia last night. it was all in a show of support for outgoing president theresa sullivan. this video is from a rally last week. students and faculty are pushing for her to be reinstated saying she was asked to resign bit board of visit irs without a full explanation. virginia governor bob mcdonnell says the board must take full and final action by tomorrow or he will ask for the entour board to resign. animal control officers arrested the director of the res ton zoo following a five- month-long investigation.
6:35 am
she is charged with animal cruelty and possession of a controlled substance. she is accused of improperly treating a sick wallaby at the zoo. the investigation began in january when allegations surfaced that animals had been improperly euthanized and that injured animals had not been treated correctly. let's talk about sports, shall we? something we understand and know about. a lot going o that includes the tiger in town. dave ross is here with your sports breakfast. >> you know that i love golf. this is a big week. >> no, really? >> i like to get out and play as much as i can. sherry, i know you are going to go. allison, are you going to go. >> probably not. i see the lines. >> there are lines. as i told sherry last hour, go early. if you want to go early or wednesday during the practice rounds, you can get better
6:36 am
access to the guys. come thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, they're trying to win. the orioles were trying to win this weekend and they did so successfully against the nats. how about this for a stat. almost 130,000 people showed up in charm city to watch three games between your nationals and the orioles. baseball is alive and well in nation's capital and in the battle of the beltways up north. the kid wearing the orioles hat and the nats jersey. tony perkins said it is okay. i don't think it is. ryan zimmerman, his shoulder looks better. had two hits yesterday, this big rbi. nats led 1-0. that changed very quickly because of one guy, matt weeders. a big bat and that is a big fly. that is not coming back. 2-1 os at that point but the nats still had a shot. danny he is pin owe a, 1-2 count. here comes the pitch. strike them out.
6:37 am
throw hem out. matt weeders does the honors there with the great throw. every win that the orioles had was by one run. now, how about d.c. unite yesterday taking on new york. d.c. haters in new york, haters in the house. at least they admit t the quickest goal in the history of the black and red, chris pon ti. us, 30 seconds in. he would tally another with this great move coming up right there that is tbormious with the left foot. could he get the hat trick and get a tie? well, hook at this in the 75th minute. great control but can't get it to go. goes top shelf over the net and d.c. unite loses 3-2. but played very well and again, they take the shirts off their back. >> do you like that? >> let's see chris pontius do it. >> come on become. i think the ladies like to see
6:38 am
you. >> -- come on back. me on back. . >> you will tell me the trick to seeing the tiger. >> i will do so. up next, mobile technology has changed everything from the way we listen to music to how we work. >> and more changes are on the way. next this this morning's smart phone zone, one of the leading names in the field shares his predictions for the not so distant future and has some key advice for anyone looking to launch a career in mobile technology. or is it mobile? >> depends on where you live. @
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. we are in the midst of an information revolution and mean old technology could bring about the most dramatic changes. that according to a new book
6:42 am
due out tomorrow. author is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the technology field. he recently sat down with fox 5's lauren demarco so let's head to the smart phone zone for more. year. >> reporter: millions of people around the world use smart popes every day but the phone part is just a bit of a sidebar. these are actually mini computers on our person at all times. michael sailor, chairman and ceo of microstrategy inconcertad is out with a new book. he says it will everything. i think in many respects it already has. -- microstrategy incorporated. >> thank you for joining us. the industry has been changed by the internet and mobile phones, one thing we all know, music. the whole industry has been changed. i was kind of interested to see
6:43 am
what you think will be the next big thing that we're going to see changed? >> the mobile we've is all about what happens when you have five billion people walking around the plan wet intelligent smart phones and to a certain degree, five billion people walking around with intelligent tablet computers. most people haven't factored this in but there is a point when most everybody on the planet that can read has a dab let computer, then everything we have dematerializes to software. perhaps the most interesting stress the media industry, newspapers, magazines, books, picture books, textbooks and the education industry that is so dependent upon media and both of those are ready for a massive transformation during the coming decade. >> with a lot of that comes a shift in jobs. you take a very positive spin on that or twist to that that jobs will be shifting, things
6:44 am
will be changing. there is also that sort of fear that we have, then that means that jobs will be being lost going to technology. do you also see rome for some job creation? >> you know, the mobile we've is a massive wave of job creation but the creation that will take place is with regard to things like new types of software that help people do things better, software that gives people better medical care, software that will educate your children better, software that will entertain us and software that will help us make financial transactions free from crime or fraud and there will be many millions of jobs create this those areas. >> i want to ask you about any advice that you may have spue some young people. we tell young people all the tile get into the tech industry. it is one area that is booming right now. what would you tell somebody thinking about it? >> i would say there are many, many things we do in the world today that are inefficient and very expensive. they use tons or millions of pounds of material and millions
6:45 am
of pounds of gasoline and millions of hours of person time to do things. it is now possible to create software programs that will do those thing as a million times more efficiently. if you are the person that designs the software program or markets it or distributes it or refines it or supports it, you are in a booming growth industry. if you are going to school to figure out how to do the same thing that people have been doing for a hundred years, then you are probably on the side that will be edited out and your life wouldn't be so much fun. >> you are well known in the social circuits. you have had huge success with microstrategy. i compare you in my mind to a local mark zuckerberg. what is it like -- when did you first realize i have done this? i feel very successful? >> you know, one of the most thrilling things is when you bring your employees together,
6:46 am
days like friends am family and they get together to show off what they have he done to their parents, their children, their wives, their husbands. we brought our entire company together and there were thousands and thowcts of people milling about and all of them excite appear happy and that is the point i realized i finally arrived. >> thank you for joining us. much success with the book. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> changing the game. it is happening like this now. >> yeah, it is i've got a new phone. it does all kinds of great things. >> i have to get one too. >> my kids have new phones and i can't figure out how to use it. >> you have to have some 15- year-olds around. >> my five-year-old could probably teach me how. >> exactly. >> let me do the weather forecast because we have a fun ask the weather guy. warm and humid start to your day. we are showers and storms back in the forecast midday. so bring along an umbrella here. not going to rain ever minute
6:47 am
but we have a cold front moving in shortly from the north and west. 74 in washington. 75degrees in leonardtown. 60s north and west of the city. 69 out at dulles. here is your satellite -- well, no, it's just the radar. here is your cold front off to the north in southern pennsylvania. you can see the showers and storms along that line. they will continue to push toward washington area here later this morning, early this afternoon. unlike many cold fronts that have a tendency to come through late in the day this time year. this one will alive a little earlier. earlier. you can see the western edge of this stretching out into southwest pennsylvania. behind the front being we have cooler and drier air. by late this afternoon, we'll see a run to some sunshine and you will notice the wind picking up and behind the front, it will get nice around here later tonight and during the day tomorrow. so get ready for a couple of
6:48 am
really nice days for the end of june. mostly cloudy, showers and storms likely. wind west-northwest gusting to 25 behind the front. so later this afternoon, the wind will start to pick up. a few evening clouds will clear out overnight. mid-50s, low 50s, if you are well inorganic and west of the city. a comfortable night. -- low others if you are well north and west of the city. wednesday looks good. thursday, friday, we'll worry about that later. looks like 90s could return by friday. and thursday. maybe upper 90s. >> so in other words go home, take a nap and enjoy the rest of the weather, right? >> yes. i don't know what that means. >> for us, we get off, take a nap. >> oh, i got t like a siesta. >> you know, european siesta. >> yeah. >> we're a little slow ore mondays. >> good morning once again.
6:49 am
>> good morning, effect. you know what it is time for. -- good morning, everybody. you know what it is time for. ask the weather guys. we have two special guests, allison emuir and sherry ly. >> we're happy to be here. -- allison seymour. today's question comes from bob in alexandria he writes, when entering and leaving nats park, i rush through the crowd to get to my seat and then to get to the metro when i'm leaving. i always forget to check out the statues located at the front gates. who are the statues honoring and how were those particular subjects chosen. is one by any chance walter johnson? well, bob, yes, one is walter johnson. there are three statues right outside nats park. i think we have pictures of somethem. one of them is walter johnson. the reason these particular individuals were chosen is
6:50 am
because they -- all three of them had a significant impact on baseball in the nation's capital. >> who do you want to talk about first? >> probably walter johnson. >> isn't he the big train? >> he y, very good. >> all three of these are former senators. >> no, josh gibson played with the homestead grays. he was in the negro leagues. he never played with the senators. >> these guys go way back. this is when you were a kid i don't even before me. although i remember frank howard. we've just given all three names. >> this you go. >> josh gibson, frank howard, walter johnson. i don't remember which statue we're seeing when. liz, can you tell me who we are seeing now. >> this is the josh gibson
6:51 am
statue. the statues are unique. what the sculpture tried to capture was. no some the statues so you see the arm and bat kind of come down. the staff uses are a little bit strange. >> they are depicting action. -- the statues are a little bit strange. >> josh gibson played with the homestead greys and the pittsburgh crawfords. the homestead grays came to may many of their games in the washington area. gibson, for every 500 at bats, he averaged 51 home runs. he won 12 home run titles. he may have been -- not may have been. he is generally considered to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time but up fortunately due to the circumstance of segregation and everything back in the day, he never got to play for a major
6:52 am
league team. he passed away three months before jackie robinson signed with the brooklyn dodgers breaking the color barrier i don't i'll quickly mention frank frank howard, probably the greatest senator. he is 6' 8" and very impressive numbers. played from 195-208-1973. he led the majors in home runs in 1969 with 48. >> cranked out 247 homes are for the senators and spent his entire career with the senators. >> walter johnson who we told you about, out of the -- okay, get this. tile are, our intern put this -- >> he is all dressed up. >> can we move a camera over to him? >> no, we can't. >> walter johnson, out of the 258 # games started by pitchers
6:53 am
in the national league in 2008, there were 61 complete games total. walter johnson in 1910 and 1911 started 79 games. 74 of them were come met games. muched for the entire game. baseball has -- all sports have become very special used. >> who will the next national be that has his own statue out front. strasbourg. >> maybe. we are talking years from now. i love how they've honored him. i love the nats. not crazy about the statues. >> i could tell what you said they were strange. >> they're unique. >> they are a piece of art. >> it is a piece of art. >> they have their own interpretation. >> i'm glad those individuals have been honored as well they should be. i just kind of don't like the statues. my own personal taste. there you go, bob. thank you for the question. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab and we will feature tyler. we have to -- you're cameras
6:54 am
are out mated so we have to plan for it. we didn't plan for it. >> okay, tomorrow, tyler. we're sorry. >> we'll have one extra guest. tyler is not responding. is he angry? >> he's not happy with us. >> julie wright has latest on what is going on the roads. >> not i allot. at left not right now. sky fox with us joining us, checking out the ride. incident that we have has been moved to the shoulder. our lanes are open. taking it back inside, 66 close in coming in from vienna aheaded in towards the capital beltway. your lanes are open. you are below speed. southbound 270 still a slow go south the 109 headed out to the truck scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, it's program set on breaking the cycle of poverty. >> holly is live in rockville to he us how this is revving up
6:55 am
students for a career that is always in demand and sharing valuable life lessons in the process.
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good morning everybody i am holly morris. look at that sweet set of wheels i've found. when you look at this car you would not be surprised to know it was just back from competing in a huge autotoe racing competition -- auto racing competition. which car was built by young people, very smart young people all part of what is called kalaido links. it challenges at risk youth to come out and build a car. they take an existing car and turn it into an alternative fuel race car. they learn in the process, a future. math, skills, science,
6:59 am
engineering and a little self- perspective. we will see how it works and see how this program is growing. they just got this new sweet garage which comes sherry with air conditioning. >> sounds good behind the wheel. better watch out. that is it for the 6:00 a.m. hour. nice to be with you. now other to allison and tony through the 7:00 a.m. hour. coming up fox 5 morning news at 7. the lights and ac not on for a handful of local folks following saturday night's storms. the bigger weather story is named debbie the slow moving tropical storm is days away from land fall. could be today, definitely some time this week the supreme court set to make two of its most major rulings in decades. is president obama's health care law constitutional and how


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