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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fox 5 following two developing stories at the hour. we are live on the scene of a large condo fire that has displaced several families this morning. i don't people living in one northern virginia neighborhood told to stay in their homes as list remain on the scene of a standoff this morning. the u.s. supreme court hands down its ruling on arizona's controversial crackdown on illegal
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immigration. how it could impact enforcement all across the nation. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. always like to start off with a live peek outside. it is tuesday, june 26th. the sun has popped out f you step outside, think you will notice it is really comfortable. we'll check with tucker in just a moment. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm will thomas gym a allison seymour. >> let's show you this incredible video out of florida. tropical storm debby continues to pound the florida panhandle and north florida. governor rick scott has declared a statewide emergency in wake of widespread flooding. look at those cars just sitting there abandoned. the storm has been practically parked off the gulf coast since the weekend and could drop up to two feet of rain over the next couple of days. they could use a break out there. >> unbelievable. tucker barnes joining us up here now with more on that scene and what is going on around here. >> we'll have more on debby coming up but it's slow mover.
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it will be days and days before they finally call it quits on the system. >> it is the rain that -- not the wind. it is the rain. >> the wind are only 45 miles per hour. it is the rain and the threat of a few more tornadoes. >> hopefully the declaration of an emergency will free up funds to help people because you know there is a lot of damage inned intoing like that. >> i'm afraid it will get worse before it gets better. around here, could it get better? >> let's in the jinx ourselves. >> we've got to take the good with the bad. today, with get the good. 63 in washington. 59 in baltimore. 55 in winchester this morning. patuxent naval air station, a little warmer close to the bay. 65degrees. all of us, the huge is way down. our dew point temperature are currently in the low 40s. sat light radar, very quiet conditions, sunshine expected new the mid-atlantic throughout the day. you can see we don't have a whole lot going on. you saw the sun getting up.
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it will be close to perfect later today. not expecting rain today and a bit of a breeze here out of the west, a good-looking day. there is your forecast. highs in the upper 70s to about 80. >> thank you. >> very pleasant. >> as i stare at you, i look at your crab tie and will's duck tie. i feel underdressed. do you have any animals on your collecting this morning. >> like a petting zoo up here. >> well, that is one way to be liked, will. i'm teasing. i'm teasing. i always joke around with everybody else. i don't joke around with will. i think he with handle it. traveling around southbound 270, the remops of the accident off the road to the shoulder. the pace is slowing from 109 headed down towards our scene and eastbound 66, volume building through manassas. southbound 234 south of 66, accident activity has the
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roadway blocked on the southbound side. will, you know i love you. >> i love you too, julie. we continue to follow a developing story. a fir at a conned minimum complex. >> dozens of residents have been displaced. sherry ly is live on the scene in reston this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now, about nine or 10 of these condos still remain off limits. these are the most heavily didn'ted but the rest of the people have been allowed to return to their condos, the electricity turned back on. for the others, you can see right there, one of the condos, nothing left but the charred remains t started after 1:00 this morning b100 people in 54 condos were evacuated. fire investigators are now trying to determine what caused this fire. no one was seriously hurt and firefighters believe one reason for that may be thanks to some quick-thinking teenagers. >> there were three kids on skateboards that came up to us
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and said we saw the fire. we started knocking on doors telling everyone to get out. >> reporter: and fire it appears destroyed at loft two apartmented. it spread quickly through the roof of the build before firefighters could get it under control. right now, fire investigators are preparing to head into the building trying to figure out just how this all happened. that is the latest here in reston. back to you. >> thank you. staying in northern virginia this morning, another developing story. a man with a gun remains holed up inside a falls church house surrounded by police at this hour. officers say this all started with some sort of a domestic call about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police say they have made contact with the man earlier this morning and negotiations are ongoing. ongoing. checking some of our other top stories now, a man is stabbed to death in d.c. and the search is on for his killer. this happened around #:45 in
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the 1500 block of kept ill worth avenue northeast. police have not identified the victim. and d.c. police are on the00 for a suspect accused of shooting two children, aged seven and eight, and a chaperone in southeast. this happened yesterday afternoon on savannah street. police say the group of kids were participating in an informal summer activities program when they got caught in the gunfire that was aimed at someone else. all three victims are expected to be all right. talk about a story making headline being allison. university of virginia's board of visitors getting ready for finalize the fate of the school's recently ousted president. they will meet this afternoon to reconsider the employment of president theresa sullivan. earlier this month, the board announced she would resign in august due to philosophical differences. governor bob mcdonnell has threatened to fire the entire board if they can't resolve the issue today. the meeting is expected to begin about 3:00 this afternoon. our on john henrehan will have the late off the what is
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happening live from charlottesville during our 5:00 broadcast tonight. tonight. the supreme court rules that arizona cannot urine mine federal immigration law t upheld a part of the law that does require police to check the immigration status of someone they stop for another reason and if they suspect the person is in the country illegally. they did strike down apoorts of the law. one required immigrants to carry papers with them. his victims stretched across three states. all of them including in virginia seemingly targeted at random. now, the so-called serial stabber lens his fate. also ahead, more than 100 alleged pimps accused of using nearly 80 children as
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prostitutes. the fbi announces the shocking results of a multistate sting. 
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making headlines, the fbi bust as a nationwide child sex ring. the agents say the child prostitution is happening right under our noses right in this country. they rescued 79 children and arrested 104 pimpen in a three- day sweep of 57 cities. kids range in age from 13 years old to 17. one girl says she got involved when she was just 11 years old. the man known as the serial stabber will spend the rest of his life in prisonen a yum in flint, michigan gave elias abuelazam the mandatory no parole punishment yesterday. prosecutors say in 2010, he randomly stabbed 14 people in the area killing five of them. he is also accused of stabbing three people in leesburg, virginia around another in ohio. astonishing. that is how britain's spy chief is describing the cyberhe is
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meanable that is going on among governments around the globe n a rare speech, the head of the mi-5 says cyberspying is happening on an industrial scale. it is believed that china has the most significant cyberespionage program in terms of all the government-sponsored activity and organized cybercrime. coming up next, some are calling it a stalking app. facebook under fire for one. its latest moves. >> first, we are checking in with tucker for the full forecast. a nice break from the humidity this morning. tucker tells us how long it will stick around. back in a moment. [ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
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my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i came to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years. ge's giving me the chance to start back over. [ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere. so what does that mean? it means work. it means work for more people. [ brian ] there's a bright future here, and there's a chance to get on the ground floor of something big, something that will bring us back. not only this company, but this country. ♪
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officials in prince george's county trying to determine if residents hit hard by friday's storm could qualify for federal help. two people were hurt in bladensburg where the severe weather ripped off roofs and sent trees crashing into cars. more than 20 homes have been declared up safe to live n anyone in prince george's
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county who is dealing with structural damage from friday's storm is asked to call the emergency operations center. we'll give you the number. the number is now on your screen. screen. >> what a mess there. i know the county is trying to get federal funds to help in the relief efforts and hopefully that will come through. >> what caused that is called a microburst annual talk more about that in weather guys today. >> interesting. >> i want to start with tropical storm debby. she will be a pest down in northern florida for the next couple of days. very slow mover but at least she is on the move now. the movement to the east at three miles per hour. you can see the heavy rain continue across north florida this morning and it continues to kind of pick up moisture there off the gulf and trend stream it up towards tampa and even to the east out towards miami as well. here is the latest with debby and yeah, that is not what you call moving in a hurry. winds 45 miles per hour moving out of the east here at three
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miles per hour. pressure down a little bit from yesterday. we are not terribly concerned with the winds. we are concerned with the rain over the next couple of days because it will be a slow mover here and it doesn't get off the eastern coast of florida for a few more days so continued heavy rain across northern florida, georgia, back into alabama here and even possibly mississippi during the next 24 hours. let's shift and talk washington weather and we are off to -- this will bring a smile to your face. off tie beautiful start. 6 # degrees right now in washington. 52 in gaithersburg. -- 62 degrees right now in washington. leonardtown, you're 59 degrees. 64degrees in annapolis. our dew point temperatures have fallen back into the low 40s. that measures your humidity. it is very comfortable air across the area. going to be an absolutely gorgeous day. lots of sunshine expected. our wind will be out of the west and annika pergament and west gusting to about 25 today. a little breezy at times but i think it will reinforce the cool, dry air for us and just a nice afternoon.
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a very pleasant evening expected. we are for the looking at rain here for a couple of days. i think the next chance might not get in here until friday, maybe saturday for a chance of a thunderstorm. there are your winds out of the north and west gusting to about 25 miles per hour. another cool evening. 62 the low this evening. top, we warm up a little bit. mid-80s for afternoon highs. thursday gets increasingly uncomfortable with highs in the low 90s and by friday and saturday, we'll be doing mid- 90s. so if you want the hazy, hot and huge you had conditions, happening -- hang in there. they'll be back. let's check some with julie wright. >> we are checking in with the wazers this morning. we have accident activity reported eastbound 66 before you reach 234, but our fox 5 wazer checking in as traffic being at a complete strand still on 66 traveling in from
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bull run. a new feature that they've added. this is a free app on your smart phone. check this out. we are now able to compare prices of gas in different areas with different stations. for example, this happens to be the exxon out in manassas. over in reston, you will find a difference in the price for regular price off of sunrise valley up to $3.45. so a free application on your smart phone. you can tell us about the traffic but it will also tell you about your favorite gas station and what the prices are there as well. keep appear eye open if fire and rescue units checking for the crash reported near business 34. traffic slows again leaving fair oak headed in towards 123. southbound 270, better ride now. accident activity cleared. -- keep an eye open for fire and rescue units checking for
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the crash reported near business 234. an app flap for facebook. just hours after it went live, the site removed a new feature called find friends nearby. it allows use are to see a list of who is near them from their mobile device. some of the tech world dub stayed stalking app. facebook defended it as aan easy way to network. facebook under fire for changing user's e-mail addresses on their contact information. facebook addresses now appear on the info page of profiles replacing the e-mail you previously used. that way, messages will be sent directly to your facebook inbox. to change it to your previous e- mail, have you to click on edit and select e-mail address, the email address that you want. >> facebook, facebook, facebook. >> what are we doing. >> i don't know. we'll talk about facebook when we go to the business beat. >> we've got an old-fashioned happy little story for you.
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a man in syracuse, new york put together a creative marriage proposal at a zoo. he and his girlfriend were watching a show at the elephant exhibit when one of the elephants walked up, holing a sign that actually said, anna, will you marry me? that man got down on one knee and she said yes. no word on for the elephant will accompany them down the aisle. >> why isn't she bawling? >> there she is. >> oh, so cute. very creative. :x
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facebook making headlines again this morning. a familiar face joining its board of directors. robert gray with fox business network is live in new york this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start off with the big picture if we can, my friend. stocks kind of slid yesterday. safe to say europe's debt crisis played a role in this.
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>> absolutely. and just keeping an eye on that, they've got the big eu leader summit coming up so sort of marking time and keeping an eye on it. europe's shares are up today and coincidentally we are seeing our futures moving slightly higher particularly after such a widespread decline yesterday. so many stocks down and most of the volume was to the down side as well. better than a 1.5% loss on the s&p. >> moving to facebook, we were just stalking about the app flap. news of a new face to the board of directors but for the facebook family, she is a familiar face, of course. and and lits are also weighing in on facebook shares today. >> for the first time. charles sandberg named to the board. she is looked upon very favorably as being the business brains behind the operation where mark zuckerberg is the technical brain behind the operation. she has a lot of clout on the
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street so that was widely hailed as a good move by media and analysts after the bell. the and lives at a huge number of banks that helped to take facebook public, they are all finally able to end that quiet period of 40 days yesterday so they will be releasing their first research on the stock today and giving their recommendations, buy, sold or hold for the first time. last year, when that happened, linkedin shares shot up 12%. >> sheryl sandberg already wealthy from her days at google and now at facebook. she is loving life. thank you so much. >> have a good day. >> you too. coming up next, the u.s. scream court issues its ruling on a controversial crackdown targeting illegal immigrants and both sides of the debate are claiming victory. more on the reaction this morning from president obama and mitt romney. first, we are following a developing story out of fairfax county at this hour where a
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fire has forced more than 100 people out of their homes. we are back in just a moment.
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welcome back. it is 6:30 right on the nose. we are still keeping an eye on tropical storm debby. she has been hovering around the florida gulf coast since the weekend. it is not a destructive storm in regards of the heavy wind but it is creating widespread flooding in the panhandle and north florida. governor rick scott has declared a statewide emergency. forecaster say there could be up to two feet of rain within the next few days. tucker, i guess the issue is just how slow-moving it is and that is why we are seeing the
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quantity of water we are. it is moving like three miles. >> three that is like my speed on the treadmill. >> really? >> will made a funny. >> i must be tired. i found that hysterical. >> a nice breeze out of the north and west and we are expecting high temperatures on the cool side. only the upper 70s to about 80. the clouds well off to the south and east. that a cold front from yesterday and as you look out towards chicago and cleveland, we have high pressure building in and that means a couple of nice days not only today but really the next several days will feature sunshine, warmer temperatures on the way later this week. i'll have more details on that. today, about 82 degrees of a nice, pleasant start. >> it will be glorious. you do for the use that word lightly. >> not around here. >> i took a bucket of water
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from you. be nice. >> i heard that. i got to be nice. >> remember that? >> i do. >> they tell me it is online. >> will was a true sport on that. >> he was a good sport. >> i have to say tucker was probably afraid i was the victim of bullying. he came up to me yfer wards and said i'm sorry. >> i got to watch that. >> just beware of the person sitting to your left, allison. >> got it. -- he came up to me afterwards and said i'm sorry. >> three cars involved here. there was a fuel spill we feed to clean up. all of that activity has cleared. southbound 270 is now gridlocked from 109 down to the scene. delays continue out towards the car rest area from 234 south. 24 south, the accident activity is now cleared. 66 will slow again leaving
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nutley street headed in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. we continue to follow the aftermath of a fire at a condo complex in reston, virginia. >> dozens of people finally allowed to return to their home but some may not have anything left. their condos destroyed. fox 5's sherry ly is live in rest top with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fire investigators are here preparing to go in in the daylight trying to figure out exactly where this fire started and why. as of now, most of the people have been allowed to return to their condos here except for nine or 106 the most heavily damaged. this fire started at around 1:00 this morning at the sutton ridge condos in reston. when firefighters got to the con owes on gate hill place, two of the units were already fully engulfed. it took about 100 firefighters to get the fire under control and put it out. about 100 people in 54 condos
6:34 am
were evacuated. fire investigators are still trying to determine a cause. no one was hurt but one woman described smelling the smoke and looking outside and finding that she was just feet from the flames. >> i went downstairs and i saw my lifing room -- my living room. i looked and it looked like smoke. he ran upstairs to get my mom. >> reporter: everyone did get out safely. you can see back out here live on the scene, we do have investigators out here beginning to look at the fire. one woman did tell us that somebody heard a pop sound and then hooked outside and saw the air conditioning unit outside her apartment on fire. then the fire spread quickly. a person described seeing it raining down ashes. in fact, they actually went door to door with some teenagers in the neighborhood
6:35 am
would also saw the fire and some cases, they kicked down doors to get people out. again, everyone got out safely. no one seriously hurt. fire investigators trying to figure out just what happened. that is the latest here in reston. back to you. >> thank you. now to another developing story. this one also out of northern virginia. a man with a gun still barricaded inside a falls church house surrounded by police. officers say this all started with some sort of domestic incident about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police say they made contact with the man around 1:00 this morning and negotiations are under way. checking some of the morning's other top stories, d.c. police are on the hunt for a suspect accused of shooting two children aged seven and eight and their chaperone. this happened in southeast. it happened yesterday afternoon on savannah street. police say the group of kids were participating in an
6:36 am
unformal summer activities program when they got caught in the crossfire aimed at someone else. all three victims are expected to be all right. an an arrest in a string of attracts on form animals. three horses were cut at frying pan apartment park and a month loss -- later, four more animals were attack. police arrested a 17-year-old boy in the case. reaction from the supreme court's ruling on arizona's immigration law. >> one of the key did he have graphic groups in this year's presidential elect is the latino vote. each candidate was poised with reaction from the u.s. supreme court ruling. >> reporter: president obama made no mention of the arizona
6:37 am
law. he issued awritten statement pointing for examples are at capitol hill. this makes it clear that congress must act on comprehensive immigration law. the court upheld the provision allowing law enforcement to check the immigration status of individuals stopped for another reason if they are suspected of being undocumented. mitt romney, issued a paper statement too. ement too. romney's long touted e-verify. sco i think you so --
6:38 am
>> i you see a model. ee a mode -- i think you see a model. >> reporter: the chairman of the house judiciary committee said today's ruling essentially puts an an end to immigration enforcement. starting with the president's decision to stop deporting some young illegal immigrants two weeks ago, democrats have tried to use ill -- illegal immigration as a wedge against romney. romney. the president has a 2-1 lead among hispanic voters in most other recent polls but polls also showed the public national hi favors arizona's law by a 2- 1 margin. romney did say he would have preferred for the court had given more latitude, not less to the states arguing that u.s. immigration policy has become in his words a muddle under the
6:39 am
president's policies. carl cameron, fox news. president obama will be campaigning in atlanta and miami today. presumptive republican presidential no, ma'am know mitt romney will be in virginia giving a speech in salem followed by a stop in sterling tomorrow. a big decision expected from the university of virginia today. board of visit irs will meet this afternoon to finalize the fate of the school's recently ousted president. earlier this month, it was announced that theresa sullivan would resign in august due to philosophical differences. since then, the students being faculty and alumnae are rallied in support of result van -- sullivan calling for her reinstatement. statement. we will talk about that in- depending more at 7:00 with a "washington post" reporter. >> it is just a story that keeps growing. it certainly has legs, as she
6:40 am
say. when you think of museum food, what kind of food come to mind? >> i think caesar salads and wraps if they're diagnose a good job scwo maybe some nachos, throw in a hot dog. easy being quick. >> easy and quick. >> perhaps not terribly i would say gourmet. >> but the smithsonian is proving diapers diaper -- diners wrong and in a very tasty way. where you can bow to grab an award winning bite to eat and take in some culture as well. óm
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police in connecticut say actor dylan mcdermott's mother was murderrd back in 1967. the actor was just five years old at the time of her together and had recently asked police to reopen the case which had at first been ruled an accident. police now say his mother's boyfriend, who had ties to organized crime and reportedly
6:44 am
abused mcdermott and his mother, killed her. that man identified by police as john spanza, was shot and killed back in 19726789. yesterday marked three years since michael jackson died. doesn't even seem like it's been that long. his daughter paris was one of many to honor him on twitter. she posted a message. here is the quote. rip michael jackson. dad, you will forever be in my heart. i love you. jackson's youngest brother, randy, visited the grave site in glendale, california and you've probably seen images on the website all over perez hilton, for instance, a group of fans raised $30,000 to decorate jackson's tomb with 10,000 roses. unbelievable sight. >> wonderful. the next time you are looking to impress visit irs while dining and out sight seeing in the district, you may want to head down to the national mall. >> you are especially surprised. >> i am. >> the food court at the national museum of the american
6:45 am
indian is down at the bottom. it just grabbed big honors and made history too. beth parker explains. >> crispy duck with a smoked eggplant puree. >> reporter: a mouthwatering menu. a view of the capitol. sounds like it is stacking up to be one of d.c.'s finest restaurants. so it might surprise you to know that this place is inside the smithsonian national museum of the american indian. it is called mitsitam. executive chef richard hessl etch r chopped a whole pig. he had lots of fun sunday night at the rammys, at wards handed out by the restaurant association of metropolitan washington. >> there is an anonymous panel of food writers and everything effect gets together and they discuss it and they vote. >> reporter: mitsitam became the first museum restaurant offer to win a rammy. >> i think we all looked at
6:46 am
each other and said did they just say the mitsitam cafe. >> reporter: the category, best casual restaurant. >> it is still kind of soaking in. the menu chains every season. there is a focus on freshness, even eye cookbook they are not just cooking native american food, be they are also giving manage back. about 3/4 of the money they spend buying food for the restaurant goes back into the native american community. this salmon was caught by a tribe in washington state. >> it is all of our salmon coming from the quinn all tribe -- quinn quinault tribe from washington state. >> they will come in and have lunch and go back to the office. >> reporter: when people suggested mitsitam for lunch, he was -- >> a little dubious. leading me to want to set up
6:47 am
more meeting on this side of town. >> in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> got to try it. >> i'm waiting for the ikea restaurant to be nominated. >> don't joke about that. >> no, i like it. >> i want to check out that restaurant. >> me too. >> i have been down there but maybe not with as gourmet food as you've seen. >> all the museums are stepping it up. >> good food. >> yes. >> pricy. >> yes. >> but remember, you get in for free. >> we have a fun ask the weather guy. nice start to your day. gorgeous start to your day. it will be a beautiful afternoon with high temperatures only in the upper 70s to about 08. look how cool it has gotten overnight. we have at got 50s, lots and
6:48 am
lots of 50s out there this morning. 59 in manassas. 59 in leonardtown. even annapolis is looking great. bright sunshine, the best part, low humidity. our dew point temperature are running in the low 40s. 42 the current dew point in washington. that measures how much humidity is in the atmosphere. not much at all. satellite-radar, look how quiet it is. nice quiet weather pattern with high pressure out to the west. our winds will pick up again today gusting to about 25. otherwise, picture perfect affect, lots of sunshine. high temperatures, again, upper 70s to about 80 degrees. 0 degr why the cool weather? the jet treatment and that cool front temporarily dipping to the south and deliver a cool couple days here for the great lakes region and the mid- atlantic and new england. as we get into the middle andened of the week, that jet stream will start to retreat. after enjoying a couple of days of cooler temperatures, we'll
6:49 am
be on the hot side. another round of heat expected with highs back in the 90s here by thursday and friday. send by friday, think you will notice the 90s. win inorganic and west gusting to about 25. then another cool and clear evening. 62 the overnight low. save on the air conditioning. as we get into thursday, temperatures start the warm-up. highs about 09 degrees and then by friday and saturday, right back into the mid-90s. there could be a ew scattered showers and storms this weekend well need it. hazy, hot and humid conditions return. good beach weather and good pool weather for the weekend. >> we are gearing up for fourth of july. we need that. >> that's right. >> thank you. good morning again, tony. >> good morning once again. i'm here so you know what that means. it is time for ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads
6:50 am
together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from matt in d.c. matt writes what is a downburst exactly? is it like a baby tornado? >> what is this, matt ackland? couldn't he just ask you. >> i do not think it is matt ackland. before we get to answer the question, today is the day to introduce our summer intern. during the summertime, we get an intern. one of the things the intern does is help us answer the ask the weather guy question y we get lots and lots of questions so we make shim go through -- >> make. >> we encourage him to go through every one and try to reply to as many people as possible and answer these questions in an exacting way. you notice this is mother
6:51 am
detail. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome this summer's intern, tyler. how are you in. >> good, guys. >> toil are is a student at valparaiso university. what are you studying. >> studying meteorology and minoring in communication. >> are you going into the senior year. >> i am going into my senior year. >> i fine young man. >> and always well dressed too. >> i try. >> it is appreciated. >> well, let's all answer the question together since tyler has done the bulk of the research here. a downburst is not a baby tornado. a downburst is actually very different fry tornado. >> yeah, but it can be equally as dangerous as a tornado. what happened in northeast washington, a case in point because they had a lot of damage there. you have a cool pool of air and a thunderstorm cause bid rain
6:52 am
so the rain cools the air up in the thunderstorm and that air gets very heavy and gets thrown to earth in a sort of violent way. when it strikes the earth, it spreads out because it can't fall new further so it pushes outward and it can cause a left damage -- a lot of damage in a short period of time. is it a tornado or is it the not a tornado. we'll go to tyler. >> the key did i have reps with the tornado, we have the wind wrapping into the system. so everything is getting twirled into the middle. that is why when we see damage paths, usually everything is start of strewn about in some random direction with a downburst, all the wind are blown outward so with some of the pictures you see everything laying in one direction and that is where we get the stern straight line winds that we often throw around. >> the wind comes -- it is like it comes down and then spreads out. >> that's right. >> and those winds can be like
6:53 am
1 other miles per hour. >> upwards of that actually. very strong. >> so tyler, you were mentioning to me that downbursts are also dangerous to aircraft. a couple of famous incidents. >> very dangerous to aircraft. one occurred in 1985 back in dallas a couple of books were written it about it. even a movie was produced on. it the strongest microburst which is what we call a downburst that is small was actually recorded at andrews air force base in d.c. here. the peak wind gust was actually over 150 miles per hour and incident ring fact here was that the president's plane was landing seven minutes after that microburst was recorded on the same runway. >> tyler, who was the president in 1983? >> ooh, good question. >> don't do that. >> were you born in 1983.
6:54 am
>> what year were you born in? >> 1991. >> '91? oh, my goodness. >> hey. it was ronald reagan. tyler, he took a little shot there. very happy to have you here. >> next week, he'll be working with julie wright. >> we won't do that to him. thank you very much. if you've got a question you would like to have answered, you need to go to and click on the weather tab and we'll try to answer that for you or tyler will. >> does julie wright get interns? >> no let her tell you. do you get interns. >> how do you think tucker got hi job? >> oh! that raises all kinds of questions. >> not what you toll me at the time. >> i didn't mean it like that. no, i do not have interns.
6:55 am
like you said the other day, the whole for the pedal. ringling brothers called me another day said we love the juggling act and you're hired. >> it is a juggling act. you dew great job. >> it is. if you are traveling eastbound on 66, a minor accident at 123 crowding the right lane. that is slowing down your roll as you travel inbound out on 66. another side of town, we have heavy volume on the beltway outer loop as you approach route 50 the john hansen highway. other will slow as you travel unbound leaving 410 continuing down towards new york avenue. new york avenue is on the brake as you continue to work your way inbound trying to make your way out to the third street tunnel. on the other side of town, northbound i-59 below speed here at the prince william parkway. no accidents to report, just volume delays. southbound 270 still a struggle past 118 with all lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. five minutes before 7:00. we'll see you right after the break. ♪
6:56 am
6:57 am
oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like. and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality.
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning everybody i am holly morris. this morning i will be all the mommy i can be because i signed up for mommy boot camp a new gym that just opened in may in akron virginia, it is about being mommy strong all day long and bringing your kids along. they believe your kids should come out and work out with you so little hayden is going to work out with me. well, he is just waking up he still has his pjs on but i did bring his cam camo we will be ready to work out later. now let's send it to tony and allison. >> good morning. a falls church hb


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