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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 26, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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today, lots of sunshine highs, upper 70s low 80s best part no huh mid-ty in the forecast for -- humidity in the forecast. 66 washington nice cool overnight most of the region falling back to 50s we are slowly rebounding, 51 winchester hagerstown, the hot spots, barely that, looking at our satellite radar, not going to see much quieter than this. high pressure building from the north and west, and we will have a bit of a breeze, winds at times 20 to 25 miles per hour, but because winds out of the north here it will kind of lock in that cool feel for your day and keep humidity nice and low. nice looking afternoon forecast. should be dry for your tuesday, and you can see how quiet it is. enjoy we have warmer temperatures hot temperatures on the 5 day. we will have that for you coming up forecast, 80 washington 78 hagerstown and in leonard town, 79 daytime high. more details on the forecast in
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a minute back upstairs to you. >> thank you. you are taking a look now at the damage caused by tropical storm debbie. the system continues to churn off the coast of the florida panhandle it appears relief could be days out more heavy rain expected over the next few days a number of areas have been evacuated florida governor scott has declared a statewide emergency. new this morning several families are without homes this morning after fire ripped through a condominium complex in northern virginia. >> investigators are still trying to figure out how this started, sherry lee live on the scene in reston good morning. >> good morning allison. when that fire broke out it was around 1:00 a.m. in the morning so a lot of people here in these condos were sleeping. well, at that time there happened to be three teenagers that were skate boarding by they saw the fire, ended upcoming over here, they knocked down doors, along with the neighbors to make sure
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everyone got out alive. look at the pictures taken by one of these young men it shows the fire engulfing the building before firefighters arrived they rushed the get everyone out. by the time it was over nine condos were heavily damaged at least two destroyed. at the height of the fire 100 people from 54 condos had to be evacuated most of them have now been allowed to return home witnesses say the fire was burning so hot, and so fast, that it melted the siding like icing and rained down ashes everyone did get out safely two of the young men who helped rescue the fire victims say they only did what anyone else would do. >> since i got here we saw one of the neighbors just screaming to get people out and you know, just joined in, and started screaming getting people out, making every loud noise that we possibly could. getting people out and knocking on doors trying to get people to come out and get away from
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the fire. >> we ended up just kicking the doors down, to get in there and start helping people out, before it was too late. >> now we asked one of the young men if he feels like a hero, he said no, i rally don't feel like a hero again i field like i was doing what anybody else might do if they saw a fire like this. firefighters tell us the damage here is now estimated at more than a million dollars, and there is still of course they are trying to figure out how this started. back to you. >> thank you very much. we are also still following a developing story from falls church a man is still barricaded inside a home. police did make contact they are currently talking with that person this all started with a call about some domestic incident 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon the man is said to be alone and has fired some shots but not at officers no one has been hurt residents in the area have either been evacuated or asked to stay
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indoors. making headlines this morning university of virginia's board of visitors is getting ready the finalize the fate of the school's recently ousted president. they will meet this afternoon to determine if president sullivan should be reinstated earlier this month the board announced sullivan would resign in august due to philosophical differences. fox 5 will be live in charlottesville with the latest on the meeting tonight at 5:00 p.m. supreme court issues its long awaited ruling on arizona's immigration law, but that does not mean the issue is settled. will is back in studio with more on the fall out. >> good morning this was a split decision by the court and in many ways it only fueled the battle between some states and obama administration. >> it didn't take long for the supreme court's immigration ruling to ricochet across the country arizona governor brewer, quickly claimed victory. >> the heart of the bill was
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upheld. >> but not so fast, much of arizona's approach to illegal immigration was struck down by the high court. police officers can still check the embrace status of suspected illegals, but from there, there isn't much the state can do about it. it is a state crime for illegals to seek work or give police additional power to arrest suspected illegals pre- empted by federal law wrote justice kennedy. president obama who fought the arizona law, claimed his own victory. a patch work of state laws, is not a solution, to our broken immigration system, it is part of the problem. but the white house didn't stop there, deciding to now end the federal partnership with arizona, to help crackdown on illegal immigration, leaving the state with few options. >> what they have said to arizona is drop dead arizona, drop dead and go away we are going to ignore you.
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>> impact goes well beyond arizona, five other states have passed similar laws, the court was sympathetic to a degree saying the state's frustrations about illegal immigration are understandable that is the latest on the ruling allison over to you. the next major decision from the high court on president obama's health care law expected thursday. the biggest issue is the individual mandate that requirement that most americans buy health insurance. >> on the campaign trail today president obama heading south, president will speak at fundraisers in atlanta and miami beach, mitt romney comes to the old dominion today with a stop in se lem virginia. tomorrow mitt romney brings his campaign to northern virginia with an event in sterling president obama is warning supporters gop could likely out spend him in the fall campaign. republican super packs are currently raising more money than democratic ones. former president carter is accusing the obama
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administration of widespread abuse of human rights, authorizing drone strikes to killases februaryed terrorists. carter wrote in part -- strikes to kill suspected terrorists. >> carter wrote, ... president carter claims the administration has violated 10 of 30 articles of the universal declaration of human rights. disturbing reports of a huge child prostitution ring, that the feds say is happening right under our noses. >> fbi rescued dozens of teenage prostitutes over the weekend in operation cross country as foxes jonathan hunt explains they are all under 17 years old. >> reporter: vulnerable kids off the streets and out of the hands of their pimps ranging in
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age from 13 to 17, the children rescued from an under ground world, where their time and their bodies are traded for cash. >> many times these children are from broken homes, troubled backgrounds,. >> reporter: federal authorities arresting 104 pimps during three days of a nationwide take down in 57 u.s. cities. a massive under taking, involving 2500 federal, state and local police officers. >> this is a problem that the average citizen doesn't see. >> reporter: fbi data shows child prostitution as an evolving crime now a nationwide epidemic. >> not only does it happen in american cities but happens to american kids. >> reporter: the fbi says many of these vulnerable children were recruited through social media, chat lines and text messaging. then groomed to rely on their pimps. >> the child feels entrapped they don't feel they can leave because they know they would be
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starving on the street so they have to stay with this individual to make their way. >> reporter: child advocates say this initiative highlights an urgent need for an increase in social services many of these teen prostitutes have nowhere to go, when they are released from police custody. sprung without guarantee of a life outside of the sex trade. in new york, jonathan hunt, fox news. in other news this morning a well known mural across the street from the penn state campus is getting a facelift. the artist has replaced the depiction of jerry sandusky with an image of a penn state graduate who is a poet, activist for domestic and sexual violence victims she is draped in a blue ribbon symbolizing support for child sex abuse victims he added two red hand prints one to a sexual abuse victim one to one of the jurors who convicted the penn state football coach last week. very powerful. >> mm-hmm.
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coming up did infighting on the obama team cost peace in afghanistan. >> a new book, little america takes a look behind the scenes how the white house reportedly failed to explore negotiations the author also a washington post correspondent joins me in studio after the break. we will talk about his findings. stay with us 9:10 a.m. :10 a.m.
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a any book out today -- a new book out today says american military leaders and others bungled crucial effort it is win afghanistan from the communists and later the taliban. it is called little america. it says military leaders squabbled over control while key parts of afghanistan simply slipped away. the fighting extended to top levels of the white house. as senior officials clashed
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over direction of the war effort the author of little america is washington post correspondent he joins us in studio now. it is a pleasure to meet you. >> great to be here. >> often when i am reading the introduction to a segment like this i wonder would the author agree with everything i have said to characterize the book. in the case of that introduction was all of that correct? was there squabbling at the white house, did it lead to perhaps prolonged or bungled effort in tell us about the book. >> you were absolutely right and it has and it is unfortunate we have 90,000 troops in afghanistan today, 100,000 a year ago, they deserve the best leadership here in washington. what happened unfortunately, were a series of mistakes over the past two years in washington. at the top most level there was a lot of infighting going on between the state department and white house, over the possibility of trying to open negotiations with the taliban.
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it involved personalities, secretary of state hillary clinton's point man, richard holbrook didn't get along with white house decisions, key members of the nt's war cabinet. instead trying to fund a way to essentially broker their differences a very nasty acrimonious fight. more to do with substance than how people behaved in meetings their style, mannisms it involves very -- at times childish efforts to under cut them. i recall one scene in the book some of the president ' advisors tried to exclude holbrook from an oval office meeting once he was excluded they planned to slip the president talking points to say everybody in this room represents me, and has my trust, the suggestion, being that holbrook didn't have his
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trust. it was foiled at the last minute when secretary clinton insisted he attend but they were obsessed with fighting with some body who was supposed to be on their team the result is that we squandered more than a year when we had maximum leverage, increasing troops when we had real momentum, in the war effort, we didn't seize upon it. earlier on when the president signed off on a new wave of new troops to be deployed you would have thought we sent those forces to the most critical places. most central to taliban places you had to protect to prevent the country from slipping it into insurgent control instead we sent them to a part of the country, with less than 1% of the population why? because marines and army couldn't get along marines didn't want to work with the army or nato forces it was
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tribalism but american, not afghan, that really hindered this. >> in the beginning, seemed to recall when administration came in, that the feeling was the fight was not necessarily in iraq it should be in afghanistan right after that the parallel story was it is virtually impossible to win in afghanistan we talked about the soviets at that time. the final decision to go in, this would come down to the president? obama administration? how does that work? how did we finally go in, regardless of all the infighting. >> we have been there since late 2001 as a result of the horrific 9/11 attacks but when president obama took office he campaigned on iraq being the bad war, afghanistan the so called good war the war that said really was a result of 9/11 we had to win, and -- but iraq, pardon me afghanistan is such a different country and really defies simply sending more troops there and getting quick results as we got in, in
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baghdad but, never the less, the president thought, that he needed to send additional forces because commanders were recommending that to be done. the real issue was, the white house didn't fully press the pentagon on where those troops would will used ensuring they were put on the most critical problem and reflects as i write, a degree of misunderstanding of the afghan war, and right now, there are all these books out there portraying the president as a very decisive, strong leader, on national security affairs my story is more nuanced i am not trying to be either you know, take a political position either pro or against this is objective reporting but shows a more nuanced view of what the white house knew and how it managed the war which is still the biggest national security challenge we face. >> so much more to talk about you know, troop draw down now, to switch from counter
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insurgency to counter terrorism. all those questions can be answered when you pick up this book the title sort of tells the story what is little america what is it like today versus 1970. >> this is an amazing story i only discovered it as i researched the book the first american efforts, in afghanistan did not occur in recent years but in the 1940s and 50s when waves of american engineers went to southern afghanistan to try to build farm land to build canals and dams and set up a town for those american engineers that afghans started to call little america we thought would be a model for how the afghans would want to live. it didn't work out that way if you look at the reasons why it didn't work then you change dates and names you could be writing about today. >> you had an 07 poor tunety -- an opportunity to get your book signed it is hot off the
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presses a book signing of little america tuesday july 17th. >> july 17th. >> 7:00 p.m., politics and prose on connecticut avenue, northwest i urge you to go out so many questions unanswered still reporting about troops coming home in the worst way possible, dover airforce base. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> tony over to you. all right thank you. still ahead on fox 5 morning news more storm damage in virginia, as one maryland town looks for federal help. and president lincoln, signed just nine copies of the emancipation proclamation one of those could be yours for a hefty price. how you can get your hands on it it won't be easy or inexpensive. first holly is getting work out hey, holly. >> hey, tony i am being all the mommy i can be this morning as we are live at mommy boot camp, it is a new gym in ash burn virginia, where we are live
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this morning we have done all the classes, where you know your kid can just watch you exercise well, this is a class where you and your baby exercise together. mommy and me we are checking it out all live later fox 5 morning news stay with us [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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>> later today a priceless piece of history will go on sale in new york. they did come up with a price tony this rare copy of the emancipation proclamation is signed by president lincoln it is just one of nine copies that have his signature. while some may call it priceless, again auction nears says the worth around $2 million. >> he signed with a steel tipped pen and lincoln you can notice his signature is the strongest and often is, there are plenty of documents on velum for instance that have faded with engrossing text but lincoln's signature is still strong and bold as it really
9:25 am
stands out here. >> emancipation proclamation was the executive order issued january 1st, 1863 that outlawed slavery in the united states. >> an ancient road used by romans almost 2,000 years ago unearthed in greece's second largest city. workers found it digging to build a new subway system a 230- foot section of the road which is paveed in marble, was built by the romans as the city's main artery several sections are etched with children's board games and others are marked by horse grain cart wheels. yeah, that's right. archaeologists say an older road built by the greeks lies underneath the roman road. >> fascinating. >> you should preserve some of it i am sure they will. >> right >> i actually want to see the other road, that is even older >> i would like to see parts of both >> i would too
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>> not sure why you would have children's games on a road. >> well, it wasn't as busy with like automotive traffic back then. >> none. >> right. >> coming up, facebook yanks a new ap just as quietly as it was unvailed. straight ahead. >> very mysterious. >> yeah. >> you have heard of avon. >> yes. >> american airlines, pacific sun wear. >> yes. >> they could soon be companies of the past why they are among the top ten brands likely the fold in the next year. a local branding expert here to explain we will be right back. it is 9:26 a.m. 3q every day, an average of 5,000 people
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back with weather damage video out of richmond, a minor league stadium had some of its walls knock to the ground, due to a massive wind event that hit yesterday afternoon. right now dominion power still
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reports 67,000 customers without power, in and around richmond. that is a stadium where the flying squirrels play. >> really. >> true. >> parts of prince georges county were hit hard by friday's micro burst they could be eligible for federal aid the storm damaged or destroyed more than 20 homes and left at least two people hurt anyone in prince georges county dealing with structural damage from the storm, is asked to call the emergency operations center, that number is (301)583-2230. they had tornado warnings yesterday in richmond. >> yeah, they did. >> they had severe weather in fact, much of the thunderstorm activity that we got going here really intensified, south of us yesterday. >> scary stuff and scary to hear the sirens going off in that stadium shot. >> yes. >> ominous weather. >> tony doesn't like wicked weather i try to stay away from
9:31 am
that. >> mix it up. >> hey, our forecast. real quick around here absolutely perfect we will take a look at our maps. tropical storm debbie, and not much change we checked in 24 hours ago, just spitting there spinning and raining and raining and raining and we will continue to do so today. now on the move get this, moving 3 miles an hour to the east. that was the last update here, in fact, yep, moving east 3 miles per hour winds not a big factor, 45 miles per hour pressure down a little bit there is your forecast, we will take it across the northern part of the state of florida over the next couple days, good news it will stay far enough south of washington i don't think we will deal with any direct influences with debbie but we mentioned top of the show looking at another 5, 10 inches of rain across portions of northern florida, southeast georgia. we will keep an eye on debbie. local weather and we are gorgeous, 68 degrees
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washington. 70 quantico. 69 annapolis, off to the north and west, mid-60s hagerstown, martins burg, 65 degrees, great looking start to the day, comfortable combination of temperatures nice breeze out of north and west, humidity way down only 40% right now, let's check out your wind speed again, out of the north and west, sustained winds 17 gusts to 20, to 25, breezy from time to time today but otherwise we will take it with high temperatures as mentioned in the upper 70s to 80. temperatures will actually be a few degrees, below normal here, for this time of year. satellite radar, slight weather pattern high pressure building in, over the next couple days just looking at bright sunshine, warming trend. so high temperatures 80, and mid-80 toss morrow right back into that hazy, hot and humid conditions things start to warm up around here later this week. cool start, pleasant afternoon,
9:33 am
08 your daytime high. gorgeous tonight, 62, open the windows save on air conditioning here is a quick look at the 5 day forecast. 84, initial warm up end of the week a few scattered showers by friday, better chance on saturday. that is weather allison i will toss it back to you. >> thank you. an ap slap for facebook hours after it went live the site removed find friends nearby it allowed users to see a list of who was near them but some in d ap. facebook defended it as an easy way to network and you had to opt in to use the feature. over to you. american airlines and avon are among the top ten brands most likely to disappear, in 2013. that is according to a new list created by 24/7 wall street the question, is why. well, for more insight we turn to advertising and branding expert, chris lester the
9:34 am
cofounder of chief, a marketing and branding company. good to have you back on the show. >> great to be here. >> when you look at the list of companies that are being talked about by this group, we should mention 24/7 wall street they do this every year, with a fair degree of success, companies that are likely to go out of business in the following year the list is startling let's put up, the list and we will show you companies american airlines, avon is at the bottom, tall botts, current tv, al gore's network, research in motion, pacific sun wear, suzuki,, oakland raiders, now according to them they will still exist but move, metro pcs and avon. what to you chris is the common denominator, what do all of these companies have in common? >> well, i think a great metaphor for it is you thing a
9:35 am
race. a leader in a race that looks back at competitors often loses all of these were at one point or another leaders in their categories one that he is achieved that position they stayed where they were, and at that point we are reacting to the market instead of looking forward, successful brands are -- you have a future vision, and continuously change to keep up with that vision. >> if you were one of the -- you know you say and i love this quote, brands are no longer static entities. because for a long time a company could kind of -- i mean you know, you have to put money into your product but for a long time a company could say we are coca-cola, we are fine we are a brand people know us and love it for that now you got to change with the times. >> right. the market, is changing so quickly, access to products, has grown tremendously, the choice is much greater than it has ever been in the past, and
9:36 am
the customers are changing. it is not about demographics any more you are no longer defined by your age group you are defined by your lifestyle and so companies have to keep up with changing lifestyles, to compete and so coca-cola, a great example. they have changed their basic core -- you know their core concept from refreshment to happiness. because refreshment is more limiting to them than happiness. so they reflect that in all of their markets. they reflect that internally and externally. >> smart thing to do somethings these companies have done. they have made mistakes a lot of people seem to be surprised by tall botts on the list what is the issue. >> i think talbots theirs is very clear what they have done is very defined a demographic that was their customer and that demographic was a fairly conservative, middle aged to
9:37 am
older women. and those groups of people no longer see themselves that way. they are changing, the fashion industry has changed tremendously, and talbots has kept the same, that basic same brand principle behind their offerings and haven't changed as other offerings have grown and access to online fashion, which has taken a tremendous amount of market share, with brands that could more closely reflect where people see themselves at that point in their lives and they see themselves as younger now. >> research in motion this is a big play now. some of these companies big deal just a few years ago now maybe going away. >> innovation is also a key factor in successful brands. especially in technology industry and research in motion, which owns blackberry, own the market for such a long period of time, that they
9:38 am
refuse to notice the competition that was growing around them, and what successful brands do, is blackberry shapes that market, they defined that definition was set in concrete, this is a -- this business market is ours to own and this is how it behaves what apple did they came along and completely changed that definition it is not just a market change apple came in and redefined the market and took it. >> all these companies can learn a lesson from this list chris we love having you come in to talk about this stuff. >> thank you. >> we will see you again soon hopefully. >> we will be back in a couple moments 
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>> crack open the buzz bin an oscar awarded the casa blanky now up for grabs.
9:42 am
awarded to michael curtis it is now on the auction block estimated to get 2 to $3 million. >> wait a minute, that is going to get 2 to $3 million the emancipation declaration too? >> you played it for her now play it for me. fans of the song call me maybe may not have been wasting their time when they recorded and posted themselves lip synching that hit carley ray jebson will use some of it when she performs on the teen choice awards. >> cool. >> july 22nd. upload your parodies at teen choice >> maybe they think the oscar
9:43 am
is real gold. >> maybe. coming up if you are a busymama you can still fit in your work out holly is working out at mommy boot camp how to stay in shape, without worrying about child care. no babysitting required next. >> also she is an itunes and youtube star, hawaiian singer. >> she is beautiful. >> she is in studio this morning she just released her second album earlier this year now she is touring around the country. she will perform after the break our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see.
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our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
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our holly morris knows first hand how hard it can be for moms to squeeze in that important work out but there is a new gym hoping to make it easier >> holly looks great. >> mommy boot camp studio, ash
9:47 am
burn virginia, welcomes babies and children of all ages so child care is no longer an issue. how about that. >> this is about having it all you can have it all. you can have your work out, you can have your mommy and me time, all you have to do is come to mommy boot camp like hayden and i have done this morning they have had classes in the area for some time but just opened a new head quarter gym here in ash burn in the middle of may while they have lots of classes where you can bring your kids and they can be next to you while you work out and there is a play area there is a special class, called mommy and me that has you working out with your baby. marilyn is leading the class hi. >> hey. >> all right. so tell me a little bit about mommy and me. >> we are just going to make sure we sweat a little bit we do a little bit of exercise enough to get us working out, and getting sweaty and using our baby's weight to lose our
9:48 am
baby weight we are all in a position where we just had the baby we have some sort of weight to lose this is a great way to interact and work on our goal. >> two things i say to that. a lot of times people will say how did you lose your baby weight so quickly i walk around with this weight all the time your baby is a natural weight it starts out relatively small and gets bigger relatively quickly. >> yes. for instance in this class i am working with a 20-pound baby some of the babies here are only 3 months old, 2 and a half so obviously they are smaller than that but like you said you build a strength and build as the weight of the baby building up >> also good for working on lower back just carrying your baby around alone can be strenuous on your back. >> yep. >> take the baby right on your lap lift those legs up pull your chest up nice and proud, lift it to the sky. that baby can face you or face
9:49 am
away. push them up, and pull them in. push and pull give them some smiles give them kisses. >> you have been working out way too long this morning oh, you are okay. >> you have options, he is laughing and crying at the same time. >> playing with that baby >> they can those shoulders. >> keep yourself going i will check in with some of the others as you can see haydens lungs work very well. here we go. very good. we have to do some team coverage let's check in tell me your name. >> martine. >> who is this? >> james. >> how old is he? >> four months old. >> good for you what do you thing of something like an opportunity like this. >> great i want to stay as close as possible with my son but take care of me too.
9:50 am
>> have you seen results? >> yes, i have. >> i will let you get back to it enough of a break for you. let's check out this mommy son duo. >> meagan. >> and this is. >> callen. >> tell me about trying the fit it all in. >> i have been fortunate i can come out here with him and work out and he loves being out here >> i know some mums would be that takes them out of their schedule. >> so many classes, at so many locations, you can fit a class in regardless. >> let's see if we can get another one in here quickly tell me your name. >> sarah. >> landon. >> hi look at those blue eyes what is the experience been for you? >> he is 4 months. >> this is our first time, so it is definitely a work out. >> your very first time. >> will you come back >> i will. >> what have you thought about the other momkids. >> great everybody is watching each other and keeping an eye out just learning from each
9:51 am
other. >> that is what it is. in terms of parenthood learning from each other they say here if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you that goes for the work out and mommy hood as well our website we have a link to mommy boot camp if you want to find out more we have definitely been all we can be. it will be one big nap after this. back to you all in studio. >> for mommy and hayden i think. all right see you later holly. our next guest without a doubt the most successful native hawaiian female artist to date she is already well known to thousands worldwide she is touring around the u.s. and has stopped by our studios this morning thanks for coming ou. >> you had a show last night in annapolis how did it go. >> amazing a sit down dinner vibe everyone was enjoying and sitting and screaming. >> loving your music. hatean like a world wind i
9:52 am
would -- it has been like a world wind. >> luckily we have a tour bus this time around it saved my life we have a bed to sleep in after you get off stage but this has been a blessing to go from hawaii and then coast to coast and finding people who have heard of me and it is really exciting. >> it is let me just back up, hawaii, so beautiful, you were born and raised in hawaii, you are fluent you are hawaiian tell us about. >> believe it or not. >> i have been a couple times, it is a did i have aren't way of life much nicer can you tell us -- different way of life much nicer way of life can you tell us. >> you have probably heard of the aloha spirit, makes you people welcome, it goes back to the land and traditions -- feel welcome it goes back to the land and traditions.
9:53 am
>> your music brings that to the forefront as well how would you describe it best. >> i was inspired with traditional hawaiian music, but i am also inspired by mtv a little hip hop acoustic guitar. >> all in there. >> this is the latest cd for love you will be doing a number from this. >> yes. >> tell us about the single. >> called higher than the clouds check out the music video on youtube. >> you will be back around the next tour stops close to us we will publicize that come back and see us. >> thank you. >> mahalo. >> what is the answer do i say it back to you? >> yes, just say thank you mahalo or aloha. >> take it away. >> thank you ♪ [ music ]
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all right quick look at the five day forecast. 8080 absolutely gorgeous, gradual warm up back in the 90s. washington many the summertime by friday and saturday,. >> kind of makes us wish we were on the island of maui. >> we kind of have that weather today. >> this is in monohour november you today the weather. >> -- in honor of you today, the weather. >> thank you. >> this is called for love and she will be back in our area now her long tour is coming to anened, some well deserved rest you will get. >> a little bit yes, jump in the ocean to wash off. >> we will get -- you only have a couple seconds left will you play us out. >> of course. >> thank you ♪ [ music ]


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