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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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nats win 12-5. the teams will wrap up the series later tonight. the baltimore hosting the angels. adam joan there is to cut it off. he throws it in and eric abar will try to score and he won't. roberts for matt weeders and the inning is over. more trouble in the form of albert pujols. two-run shot for pujols, his 12th of the year. the angels win. mystic were only down two at this point but seattle has an elite play enter sue bird and she shows why here. she leads all scorers at 25 and
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seattle beats the mystics 79- 71. fox 5 morning news continue right now. god morning -- good morning. a gorgeous start to the day. the humidity is low. it feels good outside. i think we are all crossing our financiers it will continue that way into the day. thank you for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm tony perkins. welcome to fox 5 morning news. sarah simmons has the morning off. looks luke another fine day. tucker barnes is here to confirm that for us hopefully. >> i can confirm it will be a beautiful day. >> excellent. >> thank you. >> let me show you the radar. temperatures are in the comfortable range. most of the area has fallen back into the 50s and 60s. the radar not minding much activity. good news here if you are not hooking for rain or thunderstorms, the next several days will be nice and quiet but
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we have a big-time warming trend as we get into the end of the week. 07 at reagan national. humidity, 41%. feels great out there. pressure, 29.84 inches. here is your forecast for today. as we get into the afternoon hours, you can see that we'll be looking at clear skies and bright sunshine throughout your day. so should be nice and quiet today and as we get into the weekend. here is your forecast. high as ale warmer than yesterday, mid- to upper 80s. 87 in washington. 86 in columbia. >> clear skies, sounds like a taylor swift song. >> right, throw in a boyfriend and you're in. >> let's go to julie wright with the latest on the traffic. >> good morning to you guys. on the roads, you will find lanes are open southbound along 270 coming in out of clarksburg. no problems to report south of 121. overinstitute construction north on 270 north of old
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georgetown road has cleared. no problems continuing eastbound on 66 heaving manassas. volumes increasing as you work your way eastbound. overnight construction cleared between nutley street and the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. . an apell for your help to find this missing teenager. we're showing you her picture right now. this is 17-year-old fatima erica williams. we know she spoke with her caseworker about 9:00 last night. a caseworker says williams has the mental capacity of a 12- year-old appear is very worried about her. william was last seep wearing a light blue shirt with light blue capri pants and carrying a pink purse. president obama and mitt romney take shots at each other on the economy. sherry ly is in the newsroom
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with all the developments from the campaign trail. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what would you expect as we have the run-up to the november election. mitt romney the likely gop presidential nominee brings his campaign to sterling, virginia today. while president barack obama is back in town with a campaign event of his own this afternoon. the dueling candidates taking shots at each other across the potomac. during a swing through the south yesterday, president obama went after romney on health care as well as jobs and the economy before a crowd in atlanta. the president pounded on rome know's record. obama accused the gop of giving break to the wealthy while ignoring the needs of the door and middle class. middle class. . >> your family, your friends, middle class people all across the country would end up sooing high are taxes to pay for tax cuts for mr. romney and me. it ain't right. >> the economy is not working. immigration is not working. this president has not been working in the right way for
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the american people. it is time if that to change. >> romney in salem, virginia yesterday making his case during a campaign stop at i construction equipment company. the former massachusetts governor spoke about job creation saying obama has failed to deliver. virginia is considered a key battleground state for the fall election, a state that obama won in 2008. now, that may be one reason that romney could be looking to virginia governor bob mcdonnell as a running mate. yesterday on wtop's ask the governor, mcdonnell indicated he might be considered for the gop's vice presidential nominee. he refused to discuss the vp vetting process and referred questions to romney's campaign now that romney is openly vetting candidates. the change in tone suggests he could be one of those in the running. if romney asked, mcdonnell said he would certainly consider t as for the two candidates, expect things to heat up even more tomorrow when that supreme court hands down its decision on health care.
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theresa sullivan is once again the leader of the university of virginia. yesterday, the board of visitors unanimously voted to reappoint her as president. earlier this month, sullivan was forced to resign. thousand of people have rallied over weeks to show their support for sullivan and call for her reinstatement. governor bob mcdonnell had threatened to seek resignations if members of uva's board didn't make a decision. >> i think the unrest over the last two and a half week have not been particularly healthy for the university. i've asked them to come out of this meeting with finality, with a clear statement about the future leadership of the university and then allow the university to be able to move on. >> after the vote, governor mcdonnell thanked the board for bringing the matter to a close and the newly reappointed president called for unity on
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campus. this morning, a man is in custody after a 28-hour police stand offin falls church. he was finally arrested last night. police say they were responding to a domestic disturbance when the standoff began. they believe the suspect had a gun and may have fired a shot as they were helping two family members out of the house. charges against the suspect are pending and the investigation ongoing. foyer investigators are still searching for the cause of a massive blaze at a condo complex in reston. it broke out earlier yesterday morning on gate hill place. more than 100 firefighters from both fairfax and loudoun counties spent about an hour and a half bringing the fire around control. the sutton ridge condos were fully engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived to put the flames out. >> when the fire or something happens in the middle of the night, obviously, everyone is
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asleep. the fire is moving around and everything. we can't really tell. >> people living in all about about nine of most heavily damaged units were allowed to return home. firefighters say five have heavy damage. the damage estimate is over $1 million. an update now on the devastating storms that hit prince george's county on friday night. officials now say 25 buildings there are uninhabitable. the storms hit bladensburg the hardest leaving dozens of people with nothing. many are in a red cross shelter set up at bladensburg high school. people in florida dealing with the dangerous aftermath of tropical storm debby. the latest concerns over what is in the flood waters there coming up in the next half hour. hollywood mourning the loss of an oscar nominated film maker. also, rg iii is now speaking
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out about an alleged extortion attempt against him. fox 5 morning news will be right back. @@
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an oscar nominated film maker and author has died. nora efron is known for writing movies like when harry met sally and you've got mail. she passed away last night after battling leukemia. she was married to carl bernstein. a number of a-listers have been offering their sentiments including tom hanks, nicole kidman, meryl streep and billy crystal who said she was, quote, a brilliant righter and humorist and i was very lucky to get to say her words. she was 71. rg iii now admits there is an extortion attempt against him. >> he says it is a good lesson for himself and other nfl rookies. richard herd is facing federal extortion charges accused of threatening to release derogatory information about rg iii if griffin didn't pay him. griffin says rookies are warned about situations like this is
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during their orientation. he says, quote, there are vultures out there, people looking to climb on top of all of your money. >> too bad. >> yeah. >> good that they caught him. >> harsh reminder this morning that the war in afghanistan is still taking a toll on our military. >> two local marines killed hours apart in the same desert region. fox 5 spoke with both of their families and that is all coming up next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 
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. tropical storm debby dumping up to two feet of rolando paulino appear the system is still moving across northern florida. -- tropical storm debby dumping up to two feet of rain and the system is still moving across northern florida. >> she still poses danger and not just from the high wind. in addition to the germs and bacteria in the flood water, there is also snakes and clumps of fire ants clinging to anything that is dry. >> when i used to cover hurricanes and the like for good morning america and i would travel, you would have to wear waders when you were going into the water because of the snacks and -- there used to be in the flood waters, you would see like a sheen of oil and all that residue on top of it. >> come up from the streets. >> really nasty. you have to be very careful. if you are smart when you are
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walking, you have a stick or pole and you are feeling in front of you. it is very, very dangerous and disgusting. >> i thought at good morning america you had someone else do that for you. >> oh, no, no. >> you walk ahead. >> certainly good insight because those of us who haven't lived through something like that, you don't think about snakes and ants coming up. >> right. luckily, we are in much quieter conditions. >> we'll have highs in the mid 1r0 but without much humidity, should feel pretty god. -- we'll have highs in the mid- 80s. off to the west, gaithersburg, 52 degrees. 57 at dulles. really comfortable air just off to the north and west. not bad here in the city, 57 in
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i mentioned today, temperatures will be in the mid-80s. i don't think you'll feel much in the way of humidity so that is good news. that will be on the increase over the next couple of days. what else will be on the increase? let's take a look at your temperatures. how about that for on the increase. 87 will be the forecast high today and then look out. by thursday, friday and saturday, well into the 90s. and once again, we'll be flirting with records around here by this weekend. i know we have a lot of outdoor activities. we have to start doing the warpings about lofts water, stayen doors, that kind of thing as much as possible. temperatures will be pretty close to dangerous with highs near 100 by saturday. there is a lot of heat out to the west and with high pressure out to our west, that will start to build through the area and allow that warmer air to get in here. that area of high pressure gets off the coast. otherwise, should be a fine- looking day. we'll be enjoying sunshine later this afternoon and a really nice looking couple of days. our next chance for rain and thunderstorms won't get in here
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until friday. a for you clouds and warmer overnight. 69 the overnight low. you will notice the humidity on the increase as well as the temperatures. highs on saturday and sunday very close to 100 degrees. that's hot. speaking of hot, let's get to julie wright. did you get the ac working? >> we got it working and we have a stash of nutty buddies in here just in case. >> you have your own refrigerator. of course, don't you? you got to get tony's agents to get one of those. >> he doesn't share any shelf space with me. >> eastbound along 66, coming in out of manassas, your lanes are open. you will fine lanes are open on the beltway itself between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. . >> thank you. two local families are mourning the loss of their
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loved ones who were sebbing in afghanistan. >> the death of these marines is a harsh reminder that the war in afghanistan is still taking a toll on our military. lance corporals nile cody sears and eugene mills grew up in different towns in the washington region and were assigned to different marine rent meant but their lives ended just hours apart in the same desert region while battle al-qaeda. cody sears was killed days after his birthday. his mother says her sons with a talented musician but says he wanted to be in afghanistan because he really believed in the cause. susan cody was traveling in australia when she received the devastating news. when she got home, she had a gift from her son waiting for her. >> he had sent me -- when i got home, there were two beautiful
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bouquets of very exotic flowers. he had such exquisite taste. there were two notes, just because, you're always here for me, i love you. i'll see you soon. the other one, i love you with all my heart. >> lance corporal cody sears' remains arrived at drover dover air force base around midnight. >> in laurel, maryland the flags are flying at half-staff to honor lance corp.ial gene mills iii. he was killed last week while conducting a combat operation. his remain arrived back in the u.s. yesterday afternoon and his family is planning to bury him at darlington national cemetery. the family is mourning but they are also celebrating mills' life and focusing on the good times. his father remembers him as a loving person and feels fortunate to have had one last phone call with his son.
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>> one more mission, i'll be home in a month. he goes, hey, pops. my world changed on june 22nd. with these latest deaths on the battle fooled, the associates president says at least 1892 members of the u.s. military have died in the war in afghanistan. more than 16,000 others have been wounded in action. >> price of war. it is so sobering. two major stories this morning. in the world of sports, the washington caps, the search is over, they've got a new head coach. >> and after years of debate, college football is finally getting a playoff system. so how will it work? that is all coming up next on
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fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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. the caps are celebrating a big change this morning. the team selected its new head coach. >> more on that in just a moment. first, after years of heated debates and controversy, college football will finally switch to a new playoff system. the group of university presidents who oversee college football's bowl championship series announced the four-team seeded playoff will begin after
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the 2014 season. they will rotate the games between six bowl sites and the championship game will be at a neutral site. there is also going to be a selection committee that will rank the final four teams. those rankings will be based on wins and losses, trek of schedule, head to head results and whether the team is conference champion. >> we are hoping this can be something that benefits our students, adds excitement for the game for our fans, that we deal with issues of revenue distribution and access in a fare and proper way. i think it is a big step forward for intercollegiate athletics. >> she still have to figure out the money deal be how to share the revenue and how to pick the selection committee. finally, there is a new man at the helm for your washington capitals. they hired former team captain
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adam oates as their new head coach. he played 19 seasons in the nhl, six of them here in d.c. he helped lead them to the stanley cup finals in 199#. this will be his first head coaching job. he has been an assistant with the new jersey devils for the past three seasons. there will be a 3:00 p.m. news conference today at the verizon center to formally introduce oates as the caps' new man. he has been selected for endux into the nhl hall of fame. that is quite a day -- for induction into the nhl hall of fame. sherry ly is following the latest from the campaign trail. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president barack obama is back home tonight and the job's
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likely nominee mitt romney is headed to virginia today. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail coming up. 
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. we're back now on fox 5 morning news. imagine hooking out your window last night and seeing this. house as cross the way on fire and then knowing that that threat is creeping ever closer to you. that is what folks in and
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around colorado springs, colorado are dealing with. a massive new evacuation is under way. some 32,000 people told to get out as winds have whipped the wildfire closer to populated areas. the evacuees include 2100 people living necessity u.s. air force academy. we are showing you pictures from there taken by amy clark. the skies just black from smoke around the academy groups. the fire is closing in from surrounding hillsides. this photo showing the blazing hot sun peeking through the smoke. that sun is keeping conditions very dry which is how the fires spread so easily. really, things have taken a turn for the worse. >> the pictures really indicate how close it is creeping to that campus. >> extreme weather on both coasts. you have the extreme heat, the wind feeding the fire and then you have florida. >> that is the great irony. during this time of year, what they need is a tropical system
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like florida is getting but they won't get it. >> relative humidity out in colorado about 5 or 10%. part of the problem. doesn't take anything at all to get the fires going. around here, pretty close to perfect. i mean our little porridge bowl is just right. at night, we've been cooling off into the comfortable range. 52346 ocean city. 59 at patuxent naval air station. even here in washington, we're typical a little warmer. 69degrees at reagan national. 62degrees in hagerstown. nice for all of us. should be another beautiful day. a little warmer than yesterday. our daytime highs yesterday were around 80. today, we'll be in the upper 80s. a little warmer. sentinel radar, nothing to see there and there won't be later today. just a few clouds. lots of sunshine today and high temperatures about 87 degrees. that is very close where we would typically be this time of
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engineer. >> i almost feel a little guilty smiling about it. >> enjoy it while you can. we have some expremier treatment weather of our own on the way. -- we have some extreme weather of our own on the way. here is julie wright with the traffic. >> no problems reported on 59 and 295 coming in out of laurel. your lands are open inbond on 50 headed for the capital beltway. 295 still a great ride conning to the 11th street bridge. volume increasing out of manassas with no incidents headed close in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. . this is a pivotal week. you take it. >> a pivotal week on the campaign trail. the scream court is expected to rule on the president's health care overhaul law and virginia governor bob mcdonnell weighs in on the veepstakes. fox 5's sherry ly is live in the newsroom with all the new
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developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. four months before election day and the gloves are off in the presidential race. president barack obama and the presumptive republican nominee traded barbs on the campaign trail. first stop for the president in atlanta yesterday, during a fundraiser, the president went on the tax over jobs, tax and health care. it is a pivotal week as you mentioned for the president with the supreme court set to rule tomorrow on president obama's health care law. ahead of that decision, the president told the crowd the country doesn't need to refight the battle over health care reform. >> it is right thing to do to give 30 million americans health insurance that didn't have it before. >> >> if obama care is not deeped constitutional then the first three and a half years of this president's term will have been wasted on something that has not helped the american people. >> the former massachusetts governor mitt romney make a campaign stop in virginia yesterday. he bashed the president over what he calls obama care. romney says americans will need a president like him to stop it
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and promised to replace it with common sense reforms. romney heads to northern virginia for a campaign event in sterling and given virginia's being a key state? the november election, governor bob mcdonnell is changing his stone about the veep talk. yesterday on wtop's ask the governor, mcdonnell refused to talk about the veep station and whether he was in the running. just last month, he denied being vetted. president obama will be attending a private campaign event in d.c. today and then things should really heat up tomorrow with the supreme court's ruling on health care reform. whatever the court decides will have a major impact on the presidential race. it hooks like new york congressman charles rangel will
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keep his house seat. he beat four challengers in yesterday's democratic primary election. it was his first test sin the house of representatives censored him in 2010. he is now expected to win the november general elect democrats greatly outnumber republicans in new york city. e . our other big story this morning, the university of virginia's popular president keeps her job before her resignation even took effect. theresa sullivan has been reen stated. a dramatic period for the charlottesville campus came down to the meeting of the same board which told her to leave less than three weeks ago. john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: effort to oust uva president theresa sullivan was led by the rector, helen dragas who at the board meeting again apologized for the way the process was handled. >> although i put forward a detailed statement outlining
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specifics, it came too late and i want to say once again to the university and directly to my fellow visitors, i sincerely apologize for the way this was presented. >> reporter: she dropped her fight as the board voted unanimously to reverse course and reappoint sullivan as president. the crowd of faculty, staff, students and alumnae erupted with joy as the decision was announced. >> she embodies what uva is all about, truth, honesty, consistency, effect that this university is about. >> reporter: newly reappointed president theresa sullivan called for unity. >> there is no time for residual hostility toward anyone perceived to have been on the other side of recent disagreements. we can go forward with what is best for the university only if we go forward together. ard tog . >> reporter: originally, theresa sullivan said she won come back as president for
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helen dragas remained as university direct our. that has apparently changed. sullivan said the two women have resolved to make this work. in charlottesville, john henrehan, fox 5 news. new research that found it is not just how manacleries you eat but what kind. >> plus, bieber fever, is it an actual medical condition? we've got more on all of that when fox 5 morning news continues. stay with us. first, a check of the markets shows wall street recouped some of monday's losses. the dow gained 32678 the nasdaq added almost 18 point. japan's nikkei pick up 66 points overnight. all asian and european markets are up yesterday morning after yesterday's u.s. housing report
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showed home price rising. we'll be back in a moment. 
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we are back now with a health alert. health officials you remember everyone between the ages of 1 and 64 to get tested for hiv. annual testing is recommended for people at high risk. you can find a link to local testing sites on click on web links. he with will have more on this during the 9:00 hour today.
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health officials say the west nile virus has been detected in mosquitos in prince william county. the bugs were collected in woodbridge this month. that means there is a greater rick of contracting the virus in that area. residents are encouraged to regularly dump or drain any standing water. and it appears not all calories are alike. a new study found that the proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fat one eats may determine whether you keep the weight off or shely pack it back o the preliminary findings sport a growing group. scientists would argue that what people eat may be just as key as how much they eat. we have all seen it before. young girls going crazy over a superstar. get this. bieber fever is real. and scientists say it is a normal part of adolescent life. experts are maybing why teens, girl in particular, become so passionate about some musicians. they say hearing familiar favorite music stim lats the
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release of dopamine involved in pleasure and addiction. so it looks like mass hysteria and it is harmless development. >> that would explain why over the years, years ago, frank sinatra had the teenagers swooning for him. >> i covered the jonas brothers. nuts. we had to wear earplugs. >> of a been to some concerts. you're right. prefer a mac to a pc? you could be paying for t one popular travel site says it will be tweeting results from mac users and their expensive tastes. >> get ready. it will be a gorgeous day. if you can, find a way to take lunch outside today if you can. 
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the travel website orbitz is admitting it sends mac uses are pricier search result than uses are would use a pc. orbitz says research shows that mac users spend as much as 30%
5:47 am
more per night on hotels. the site shows them different options than windows users. it is the latest example of retailers using predictive analytics to guess shopping habits of online customers. >> if you use orbitz, you got to use a pc, i guess. >> if you want the lower price. because you would like to have the option of seeing the lower rates. >> it should be equal no matter what computer you use. >> this is what -- where we're headed. where we are really. they take the information appear they think, okay, i go to the bookstore now, buy a book and on the receipt, it says you might also like based on what i bought. >> just the spam that you get. if you were looking at a cruise for your summer vacation, all of a sudden, cruises are popping up. >> i have a 1996 dell fortunately. you think i'm kidding but i'm he not. >> what comes up on yours?
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>> whatever i put that up, i get the lowest price anywhere. let me get to the high temperatures from yesterday. it was beautiful yesterday, 82 degrees. we'll be a little warmer today but the air mass in place yesterday still intax. intact. still a nice breeze here out of the north and west. nice overnight temperatures. very comfortable right now. 59 out of leonardtown. wash is the warm spot along with annapolis close to the bay, 67. lots of 50s. gaithersburg, 52 degrees. 57 out at dulles. so nice-looking start to the day. should be a beautiful sunrise here and very comfortable for another 4 hours or so and then the heat and humidity return here for the end of the week. there is your september nell
5:49 am
sat -- this is your sentinel sat-rad. it was in the low 100s across portions of oklahoma yesterday. that heat will be pushing into our area. look out here as we get into friday, saturday and sunday, that being treatment heat is back on with high temperatures getting close to 100. we have heat here once again on the horizon. 87 today. that is about where we should be. this your winds out of the north and west gusting to about 25 miles per hour. a few clouds and warmer overnight. 69 the overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. next several days, featuring warmer temperatures. friday, 97. here is the good news on the weekend forecast. plenty of sunshine. generally dry but awfully hot with high temperatures getting close to records here both saturday and sunday. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and julie wright. >> on the roads, we're checking in with our crew coming from n. from manassas and through
5:50 am
centreville this morning. the wazers telling us they are down to about 10 miles per hour as you travel eastbound along 66 a new feature that waze is providing for you. it allows to you enter gas price around the dmv. as you travel in machine as as, regular gas now down to $3.39 and the premium is up to $3.73. that is in centreville. if you are traveling out of reston, the exxon up here is down to $3.45 for the regular and $3.71 for the premium. you can add that in. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. aaa reports more people are expected to hit the roads, the rails and the skies for the fourth of july weekend. they are expecting a 5% up crease from last year. meantime, there is some good news for air travelers. tsa unveiled new express travel lanes at reagan national
5:51 am
airport yesterday. the lanes allow visitors to bypass security checkpoints if they volunteer information about themselves prior to flying. this is going to sound look a joke. it is not. we've all heard of seeing eye dogs. but what about a seeing eye horse. >> turns out there are only six of them in the country and one of them has traveled from baltimore to new york. mona ramuny and her seeing eye horse. i have to stop to look at this because we haven't seen it. >> it's little horse. >> a little tiny one, almost look a little pony. they are at the center of attention. she bliewnd and was visiting the woman would found and trained cali. she hopes mona do everything from crossing the street to picking up objects. >> she will do anything i ask her. to she is very protective and very trusting of me and that
5:52 am
goes both ways. she saved my life more than once. cali can work for 30 years while a dog usually has a span of 10 years. he stayed away from scissors for two years and all for a good cause. we'll have that coming up.
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here also big good morning
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to our facebook fans. day. missy and her son usey. he is recovering from a broken leg. his favorite part of the day is ask weather guys. get well soon. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan. day, log on to our facebook opinion and leave a comment under their picture. >> cute picture too. a maryland middle schooler has gotten rid of something, host of his hair in fact. >> he is helping others. it hasn't always been easy. we have a report. >> reporter: thins are not always as they appear. from behind, some people mistake chance leo for a girl with long hair. actually, he is a boy way big heart. in the summer of 2010 when chance was nine, he saw a show about donating hair to make wigs for kids with cancer. >> he i said mom, can i do that and she said do what? and i said go my hair out for camp 4 kids for cancer.
5:56 am
she said that would be great, honey. i don't mom quickly learned that chance was quite serious. >> mom said we'll have to skip a lot of haircuts. >> reporter: and he d hears chance with his little sister right before he started to grow his hair out. here, it is a little longer and then a little longer. >> one da i wake up and it is just getting longer and longer. >> reporter: the longer it got, the more he was teased. >> get your hair cut, you stupid idiot. >> reporter: but he stuck it out. it wasn't always easy to play his favorite sport. he persevered for two years. >> my friend were very supportive. they helped me stay on my feet. my parents were very supportive. >> reporter: he even got a phone call from green bay packer ay hawk would grew his own hair to donate. >> i thought it was coolly got to talk to him. >> reporter: pretty cool that he is helping kids with cancer. >> if i give my hair to them, i'll have short hair so they
5:57 am
won't get teased and they will have hair so they won't get teased. >> reporter: chance had to have phony tails that are 12 inches long to make the donation. as you can see, he is ready for a hair cut. while mom snipped, dad snapped pictures. >> there we go. soon, four tony tails were lined up on the kitchen table. with a little styling, chance's good deed was done. >> great story. good for him. straight ahead at 6:00, business beat. >> and what is your pet peeve at the office. find out what other employees say are their most common complaints. allison is next. >> better coffee?
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