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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 29, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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9:30. >> and green tea. this is her. she's bringing her soulful sounds to the fox 5 studio. d.c. singer stops by this morning to talk about her latest cd and she'll perform. >> first, a reminder for metro riders, you can take water on buses and trains this weekend to beat the heat. another summer scorcher on tap taking over today. tucker barnes is outside in the heat this morning to give us the forecast. hey, tucker, how does it feel? >> temperature definitely climbing up. what i really noticed when i stepped out, the humidity on the increase from yesterday. yesterday was hot, but relatively dry as far as humidity. overnight the humidity sneaking up. got a heat advisory in effect across the washington area. not only hot today, but all weekend long. highs in the upper 90s to about 100 degrees. let's get to the numbers. reagan national still in the 80s. 85 now at reagan national.
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90 in martinsburg. 88 winchester. 81 in annapolis. few storms moving through overnight off to our south. excuse me, to our north and east towards philadelphia. there you go. those quickly slipping off the coast. can't call that a front. we won't have anything in any way that will cool us down soon. so expect high temperatures later today in the upper 90s to about 100, with the heat index will feel like 105 plus around here later today. tonight will be warm and sticky. we'll do it all over again tomorrow. forecast high temperatures, and remember, keep it cool. high temperature about 99 washington. 100 in baltimore. 101 in fredericksburg. allison, before i toss it back to you, you mentioned the water on the metros. at the at&t golf tournament out in potomac, they have a lot of plans to beat the heat, including water bottles for a couple of bucks and misting centers out there. don't cancel plans today
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because of the temperatures. they'll make accommodations necessary to get that tournament in. even with the extreme heat. guys, details on the weather in just a minute. i'll be inside and join you in a few. >> and hopefully he will not be drenched. thank you. we continue to follow a serious and developing story out of prince george's county, where a man is missing inside a collapsed building. >> started last night at a warehouse in landover. the dangerous conditions are forcing the crews to put the search on hold. fox5's sherri ly is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: the situation is certainly grim right now. it has been 11 hours since this roof collapsed and that man went missing. rescue crews are now reassembling here this morning, but until this building is stabilized, the search is on hold. about 25 people were inside the recall warehouse in landover when the roof collapsed around 10:00 last night. this is what it looked like
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from skyfox. about 90% of the roof gave way and buckled. all but one employee got out. he is believed to be trapped in the back of the warehouse, where you see the debris piled up. rescuers pulled out this morning, concerned about another collapse. a structural engineer examined the building, and equipment is being brought in. the building has shelves from floor to ceiling, and investigators believe a forklift hit one of the shelves causing the collapse. >> domino effect, and eventually striking a support beam, and the walls buckling. we checked with his family. he's not been seen or heard of. his car remains in the parking lot. his cell phone goes directly to voice mail. >> reporter: two adjacent warehouses have also been
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evacuated as a precaution. fire officials here tell us this remains a rescue operation. they tell us it appears that what they plan to do is take down that wall in that bay area that is closest to where the worker is believed to be trapped, hoping to get to him there and find him alive. that's the latest here in landover. back to you. meanwhile, we have new video to share with you of a large house fire near american university. it shows flames tearing throughout the home. the fire broke out around 5:30 this morning. it's still unclear whether anyone lived there. no firefighters were hurt. here's a look at our top stories. the house is expected to vote today on major legislation to save millions of highway construction jobs and prevent interest rates on student college loans from doubling.
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two conservative groups sent e- mails to lawmakers encouraging no votes. but approval is expected. lawmakers want to end the debate and push for passage before taking a holiday break. the u.s. supreme court votes to uphold president obama's health care reform law. it's a decision that impacts millions of americans and a political victory for the president in this election year. but the battle is not over. mitt romney is vowing to repeal the law if he takes office. and the republican controlled house is working on scheduling a vote to repeal it as well. the justices' 5-4 decision stated the individual mandate requiring most americans to have health coverage can remain. chief justice john roberts was the swing vote. coming up, we're taking a look at how this may affect you. also on capitol hill, some democrats joined republicans in the house to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt
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of congress. about 100 other democrats walked out to protest yesterday's vote. there were actually two resolutions in the house, one was criminal, the other a civil contempt charge. the votes were pushed by republicans in the house who demanded that holder hand over all documents related to the failed gun running operation known as fast and furious. investigators have not released a motive in a deadly shooting at north brag in north carolina. a third soldier was also hurt. the suspected gunman survived and is in custody this morning. george zimmerman will go before a judge today asking to be released from jail. during the last bond hearing, he and his wife misled the judge about how much money they had. zimmerman is behind bars charged with second degree murder for the shooting death of teenager trayvon martin earlier this year. colorado is now battling
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one of the worst wildfires there in decades. the mayor of colorado springs says hundreds of homes have burned to the ground. will thomas is back with us with a closer look at where things stand now. will? >> good morning. one fire official says from the sky it looks like someone is taking a thumb and snuffing out home after home. the fire is becoming the most destructive in colorado history. it's been burning near colorado springs since saturday, forcing at least 36,000 people to leave their homes. specifically, this is the area on the western outskirts of the city. local government officials there say based on their analysis and resources they have a preliminary number of 346 homes that have been destroyed. remember, firefighters can't get close enough in some areas to count, much less knock the flames down. late thursday firefighters discovered a burned body inside one of the destroyed homes. police say the body was found during a search for two people
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reported missing in the area. >> we're feeling very confident that we made good progress today. very minimal fire growth, and troops in good positions, safe, and no injuries to the firefighters. >> meanwhile, colorado's other massive wildfire near fort colins has destroyed at least 257 homes. president obama issued a disaster declaration for colorado today. that will allow the flow of federal funds to help the affected areas. he'll travel there later today to survey the damage and thank firefighters who have been working on the front lines. nearly 90,000 acres burned so far. meanwhile, if you smell something burning in our area, it could be from wildfires that are burning west of the d.c. metropolitan region. a pair of forest fires are burning on federal land in the shenandoah valley and firefighters say it is possible you could smell that smoke. fire departments in maryland, northern virginia, and in the district are getting lots of
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calls from people concerned about the smoky smell. we are monitoring metro this morning. you are going to need a little extra money if you plan to ride the rails next week and beyond. starting sunday, they're increasing fares by 5%. this means riders will pay between $1.70 and $3.50 during offpeak hours. the peak of the peak surcharge will be eliminated, but a one dollar surcharge for trips on pay per fare cars. according to the "washington post," congress is set to approve a new transportation plan as a result of the deadly 2009 red line metro crash. the new plan will require transit authorities to create safety plans and put employees
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through a federally certified safety training program. this will apply to all federally funded transit agencies. the loudoun county board of supervisors is expected to hold a final meeting today to discuss the future of the silver line. they are working to find a way to finance their portion of the project. the board must decide whether to commit to the project by july 4th. coming up, if you live in maryland or virginia, you don't want to miss new laws that take effect this weekend. >> plus, cracking open the health care reform law. we know it passed, but do you know how it's going to affect you? coming up after the break, we'll have a health care correspondent to join us and break down the facts that you need to know. stay with us. 9:10.       
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starting sunday, new laws take effect. in maryland people will start
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paying more on their sewer bills. the tax will double. and a law limiting septic systems goes in effect and fees on storm water pollution. >> in virginia, women under going an abortion will be required to have a sonogram first. a sales tax on purchases made on and drivers using hybrids can't use the hov lane. historic day thursday as the u.s. supreme court handed president obama a major victory by upholding the affordable care act, ruling in favor of the requirement that most americans can be required to have health insurance or else pay a penalty. to learn more about what this means for you, we're joined by margo sanger katz, health care
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correspondent with national journal. thanks for coming in. >> sure. >> it's very complicated. were you surprised at the ruling, how it came out and the fact that they decided yes, this is a tax, so therefore congress can mandate this and john roberts sided with many of the liberals on this? >> i think everyone is pretty surprised. i think it's because it was so close and hard to predict that almost any outcome would be surprising. certainly chief justice roberts siding with the liberals never happened before in a 5-4 split. the argument he chose to up hold the law, that's something the government have been arguing all along. wasn't totally shocked to see he latched on to that particular argument. >> let's look at the specifics. and you wrote an interesting piece about this yesterday. first, we have a couple of graphics i'm going to put up and we want to talk about how this is going to affect people,
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one of the first things that people should know that you do have to buy health insurance or be subject to a tax. what will at that tax/penalty be? >> it's actually pretty small. it starts out at just $95 in the first year, and grows to just under $700 a year or 2.5% of your income. so people who earn less income would have to pay a smaller penalty. >> when would that start? >> that's going to start in, the tax year beginning in 2014. people will start having to pay that penalty in 2015. >> not happening now. let's put the graphic back up and show you the next thing there. if you're under 26, this is one of the first things i heard people talking about, under 26, you can get health insurance from the plan your parents use. younger people who now are having a harder time finding a job, now they can be on their
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parents' plan. >> it's been in effect since 2010. it's been a popular program. a report says more than 3 million young adults have taken advantage of this provision. >> the republicans, mitt romney talking about trying to repeal this now, that's something they would also repeal? >> what the republicans in congress especially are saying, they want to take the entire law off the books and that would include this. some talks they would try to bring back individual provisions that are popular and low cost. >> let's go through some of the other things people need to know about, as they consider the law. if you're on medicare, you can get free mammograms. if you have a pre-existing condition, you can get health insurance. this is one of the big things the president has been touting. >> that's one of the big changes to the way our health insurance system works now. that won't be true until 2014. when we get to 2014, anyone who
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signs up for insurance, regardless of age or health, can get insurance. >> talking about people left out of the market, you wrote a piece yesterday that said in some ways this may hurt some of the poorest people out there who it seems to me that they're trying to cover those people. explain to me how it is that some of the poorest folks might still be left out. >> sure. we talked about the surprise john roberts joined the liberals on the court and people were surprised by a different part of the ruling that said that a part of the law that would have expanded medicaid in all of the states, so that everyone under 133% of the federal poverty line would be eligible for that federal state insurance program. what the court said is that the states can't be forced to do that. so states are going to have to make up their minds if they want to expand the medicaid program, they'll get federal money to do that and they can
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cover more people. about 16 million people nationwide covered under that expansion. but if they don't want to do it, they don't have to. it's pretty clear some states, at least initially, won't do it. when the lawmakers need the law, they created tax credits to help people just above that income threshold, low and middle income bracket, to afford insurance on the private market, but because they assume the poorest people would get medicaid, there's no tax credits available for them. so people are concerned that the poorest of the poor in states that don't do this are going to be left out in the cold by this decision. >> that's something we'll have to see which states decide are not going to do it and take it from there. >> yeah. i think there's good reason to think over time, even the states now that say they won't do it, will face increasing political pressure to do it. i think it will be hard for the governors to say no, because the federal government is paying almost 100% of the bill. >> some people say, why not do
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it? thank you very much, margot. good to have you here this morning. thanks, tony. coming up, the wizards add new talent to their roster. >> plus, don't let road rage get the best of you. where you can safely take your frustratation out by running over a vehicle. >> oh, yeah! >> holly continues to help you set your summer table and she is joining us from whole foods later. where we will find out what makes food organic, and how do you pick the freshest produce? we'll be right back. like that, tony? 3q what's my secret for sunday lunch?
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my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves.
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the third overall pick in the nba draft, the wizards selected bradley beal. the florida guard who turned 19 yesterday is 6'4" and considered to be one of the best shooters in the draft. he helped florida become sec contenders. averaging more than 14-point per game last season.
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for the first time in draft history, freshmen, an 18-year- old, freshmen were chosen for the first three picks. round one of the at&t congressional is in the books. round two is coming up. or is it today? this is van pelt, chipping from off the green on 6 for par. he drains it. van pelt is the leader at 4 under par. up and down for tiger woods. had just enough to fall, dropping tiger to even par. issues on 15, bogeys the hole and finishes with a one over 72. is that tiger? five shots off the lead. there's tiger. i don't recognize him if he doesn't have on his red. >> you're right.
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now, tony, ever driven a tank? >> i have not. >> really? there's a place in minnesota that lets anyone drive them. >> the business is called drive a tank, and lets average people experience the loud and grinding ride of a military tank by smashing junk cars in your path. the owner started the tank park three years ago. he now has 11 armored vehicles. he gives customers a firsthand sense of what tank war might be like. it's therapeutic. >> i would rather drive a race car. >> don't want to crush a car? >> i think that's a dude thing. >> maybe it is. men are no longer the bread winners and a lot of women are the ones bringing home the
9:26 am
bigger paycheck. how can a woman come to turns with her significant other not making as much? i'm giving my opinion in today's ask allison. >> soon you may be able to charge your electronics anywhere you go. first, chalk board paint, now battery paint. we're going to explain that in a little bit. it's 9:26.    
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a new invention could put an end to dying electronics. it's a spray on battery. researchers say they broke down a traditional battery and put it into a liquid. scientists are trying to smooth out difficulties in the production process. very interesting. >> will it work? >> i don't know. that's beyond what i can imagine. >> i do know about that chalk paint, though. >> yeah. i don't really know what that is. >> you paint it, so the kids or
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your to do list, write on there. >> oh, write on there. i see. yeah, got you. >> can i comment real quick, the last story with the tank, i think that would be fun. >> i don't feel the need to destruct thing. >> there are women that like to do that. >> i know, i'm saying for me. i'd be like, you're cleaning up that mess, tucker! >> no she wouldn't. beach forecast, and then we'll get though our heat and our heat advisory, et cetera, et cetera. >> sounds like a plan. >> beach forecast, if you're lucky enough to be headed to ocean city this afternoon, looking good. upper 80s, low 90s. water temperatures are in the 70s. dry weekend down there. and temperatures 10 degrees cooler than what we're expecting around here. water temperature 72 degrees. peak heating season. but the weekend looks good down the beaches.
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around here, not so lucky. warming up in a hurry. 85 now in washington. 88 in baltimore, only 9:30 in the morning. 88 in fredericksburg. plenty of heat to start your day. warmer than yesterday. got into the mid-90s yesterday. today, closer to 100 degrees. mix in the humidity, and it will feel more like 103 to 107. st. louis yesterday tied an all- time high mark for june. 108degrees. heat advisory in effect 11:00 this morning through 9:00 tonight. mix in the humidity, which will be back today this afternoon, will feel more like 103 to 107. not much else in the way of surface features here. a little lift move through last
9:32 am
night, giving us thunderstorm activity into new jersey. that was able to bring rain showers to parts of delaware. that's about it. otherwise, bright sunshine, hazy, hot and humid conditions expected this afternoon. could there be a popup storm? yeah. but most of the daywill feature just bright sunshine and hot temperatures. 99 today. sunny and hot. couple of storms late this afternoon. any storms that get going in the late afternoon heat will linger into the evening hours. early storm possible, and warm and muggy overnight. overnight lows only in the upper 70s. that's part of the problem with the heat waves. the overnight temperatures don't cool off. how about that for a hot five- day? 99 tomorrow. 98 sunday. record for tomorrow is just 100 degrees. close to that tomorrow. and by tuesday, 95. i think the fourth of july holiday temperatures still in the 90s. that's a look at weather. allison and tony, back to you
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at the desk. ♪ tell me something good ♪ you know what that music means, it's time for another ask allison. today i'm going to give the best advice i can to a young woman who finds herself in a bit of a relationship jam. she's a 25-year-old professional who provides for herself. while she connects with her boyfriend on many levels, she's concerned the fact she's brings home more money may hurt their relationship. she writes "we want to get married and have a family, but i don't feel like i should have to support him, myself and our future kids. should i be patient and keep holding on until things get better? or should i jump ship, move out on my own and support myself? i can't afford to finish college. and i see so many women around me in relationships with men in which they are the ones bringing home more money and they are the ones taking care of home financially. something inside me feels like
9:34 am
i deserve a break, too." he was incarcerated and she stayed with him during his 6 month or so sentence, so loss of factors -- lots of factors here. this is hard, because it comes down to you. i can tell you what i would do and offer my opinion. but at the end of the day, this decision is only yours alone to make. that said, it is so obvious how much you love this man from your longer e-mail. you shared with me that you say your boyfriend has extraordinary qualities. you connect on levels you had never experienced in past relationships. and that you also meet mentally, physically, and spiritually. it's the whole package, right? you told me a lot, but you didn't say if you two have had a heart to heart talk on how you're feeling, how you feel like you're paying for everything and frustrations. if you are the soul mate that
9:35 am
you believe you are, you should be able to express your feelings and i bet it would give him a chance to talk about how he feels as well, and that's always healthy, no matter how hard that conversation may be. at the end it's good to have. sounds like you have a good man. and i wish i had a penny for every time i hear, a good man is hard to find. but he was in between jobs when you two moved in together, and that after his incarceration he has only been able to get only low paying jobs. you need to be realistic with this financial situation you are faced with. i know you love him, but you're also a very young and you say, a successful woman, again 25 years old. you're putting your life on hold now. you're not going to school, not finishing. you say you can't afford to. you deserve that break, you're right on that. you two are not married. can't you stay together but live apart? that's an option. i'm sure he wants to pay his way, and maybe the separation
9:36 am
will focus on what he has to do. a lot of formerly incarcerated people have made a decent living legally. he can do it too. he made that determination, and maybe if you're apart, he can focus on that. what i know for sure is if you remain in this situation, you will grow to resent him. he'll probably grow to resent you as well. it cannot survive like this when you're this young for that long. you want to get married. no reason to break up, if you know his heart is in the right place but financial issues can be stressful and can be deal breakers in marriages. so you need to deal with it now in a realistic manner. love is beautiful, but maintaining a home and raising a family on love alone is hard. a price tag cannot be put on that feeling you have. would you rather have a good man not making money, or a
9:37 am
wealthy one who doesn't treat you well? i hope i brought up questions maybe you haven't thought of before. at the end of the day, why not live apart and let him focus on getting his life together. >> it's very complicated question, obviously you're not in the middle of their relationship. you only know what she told you. this is a situation that's more and more common now with women making more than their men. my only -- the only thing that jumped out at me is when she says, i don't feel like i should have to support him myself and children. >> if they get married. >> if they get married. if the reality is she's in a field and can make a lot of money, his situation is tougher, what's wrong with doing that? traditionally, you know, years ago, most families now both parents work -- >> right. >> a long time men were the bread earners and they did
9:38 am
provide for the family. >> exactly. and it is being done. >> it can be reversed. >> i don't think she wants to do it. i think you have to go into that knowing a conversation needs to be had about that, what are our roles here. you're right. if you have a question you would like answered, send it to me, head to, click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. hopefully i'll tell you something good. >> very good. coming up, find out which actor lost his pants in the airport. >> all righty. plus, they're back. the jacksons reunite for a cross country tour this summer. we're going to take you to their kickoff concert next in the buzz bin. stay with us. 
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♪ there it is. waiting to see how they were going to break that out. the jackson hit the stage together for the first time in
9:42 am
nearly 30 years. jermaine, jackie, marlon and tito. no randy. classic and some of michael's greatest hits. last night's show at the apollo was sold out. like when they were young. the jackson four will perform at baltimore's opera house this sunday, and at constitution hall on tuesday. tony will use his entire influence to get them in this studio. >> hey, my influence? use your influence. >> we need your influence. >> i wonder why randy is not with them. >> i wonder, too. william shatner has an unforgettable visit to the airport. >> he was waiting in line for security when he was picked out for a random search. he was wearing loose clothing and had no belt on. because it's a pain to travel with a bell on and all that. so when officials patted him down, unfortunately his pants fell down. shatner was left standing in front of dozens of passengers only in his underwear. the 81-year-old star says the
9:43 am
incident was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened. >> do you know how he could have made it okay? in that moment if he had said, beam me up, scotty. >> he was too humiliated. >> i'm sorry to hear that. anyone has pictures, send them in. coming up, holly continues to help you set your table this summer. >> and a local artist is here. oh, hey, holly. >> reporter: we are doing art with food this morning in terms of finding the best for your summer table. we've done seafood and meat. and now we are picking the perfect produce, which many say you will find at whole foods market. we are live this morning at the whole foods in georgetown and coming up, we are going to check in with the produce guy from whole foods, and nora of restaurant nora, about how they pick the best. tricks of the trade next on fox
9:44 am
5. stay with us. >> now a local artist, born and raised in the d.c. area. she is out with another cd. find out what is behind her music and plus, she'll perform for us. time now, 9:43. ♪ corete. and eel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
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holly's next tip is helping you make healthy choices. >> she is at whole foods market where she's learning what is in season and what is really organic. >> reporter: good morning to you all once again. we've been moving and grooving this morning. there are lots of wonderful places to get good food in our fine city. we are in georgetown at whole foods, and talking about produce. we're doing it with two of the best. this is the produce guy from whole foods, matt ray. and nora who is the owner and
9:48 am
chef of restaurant nora. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> reporter: matt, i hear a lot of people say, i go to whole foods just for the produce. >> we take pride in our produce. quality is number one with us. when you come into whole foods market you'll find a high quality product, well handled and primarily organic. >> reporter: now you're handling fine cherries. nora, talk to me about what, as a chef, when you look for in finding good produce. >> you know, i'm a certified organic restaurant, so organic is extremely important. i love it. whole foods has so many organic products. >> reporter: what does it mean tore organic? >> no synthetic pesticides. basically any of the chemicals synthetically created by man and put on the food, basically get into the food.
9:49 am
>> for me it is mostly a health thing. because it's naturally grown -- [inaudible] >> reporter: we need to eat the food as it was meant to be eaten. >> and when it's grown. >> and when this season. >> reporter: one of the things i like here, today we offer 86 products that are local, and 163 that are organic. you're committed to that. tell me what else is going on here. >> local blueberries. berries are in season. it's a great time for berries, because they're full of vitamins, nutrients and fiber. the squashes are great now, too. and from this farm. it's a wonderful farm. i've been with them 20 years.
9:50 am
organic growers. [inaudible] >> reporter: how do i pick the perfect squash? >> well, actually we do a lot of the work for you at whole foods. our team members, we have a big inspection process. one of those is our team members at the store. they'll take the time when building a display, look at each piece of the fruit or vegetable. if you look at this squash, blemish free skin, firm, no wrinkling, fairly fresh in the cut. you see a lot green here. this probably was cut yesterday. >> reporter: oh, wow. >> at the local farm here in pennsylvania. basically that's how you would look for a high quality product. if you're not sure, ask a team member. >> reporter: what's an easy way to prepare squash? >> you can do a lot of things, but you can splash it with olive oil, throw it on the grill. it's delicious. >> reporter: that's it? >> it's delicious. and you see all the different shapes. >> reporter: don't be afraid. try different squash, right? >> this for instance, you can
9:51 am
cut in half, scoop it out and stuff it with whatever you want to, mushrooms, ground meat, sausage, whatever, and bake it and roast it. you have all these different varieties. squash makes a wonderful ratatouille. >> reporter: now you're above my level. that's when i go to restaurant nora. thank you both of you. and i want to thank our facebook friends. nick's meat and seafood. jill said gordon's in hagerstown. michelle, eastern market. and marsha said best way in hyattsville. the best way is to buy everything fresh in our area and obviously we have lots of options. back to you in the studio. >> holly, thank you very much. her mom says she was dancing to music even before she was born. we know, we moms know, right? the d.c. born and raised artist known as green tea hasn't
9:52 am
missed a beat since her first cd. green tea joins us this morning. what a pleasure to have you instudio. good to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> congratulations on the new cd. >> yes. >> available everywhere. tell us about it and the title. >> basically it's a cd to encourage people to grow, to heal, to love. that's a part of my mission. and it encourages people to be their dream. be your dream, no matter the cost. >> i love that. makes me want to jump into a later question i have for you. you have two different sides. you're a singer, performer, but you're also a licensed family therapist. >> yes. >> that's so interesting. i think i know, but how do you blend the worlds? my music is therapy. you're getting a cheap therapy session for free. >> it's wonderful. and often, i think it was jesse
9:53 am
jackson way back in the day, the things you keep saying in your mind, you can if you can see it, you can achieve it. let's talk about your name. green tea. >> it's musical medicine. it's good for all occasions. musical medicine for the soul. have your cup ready. >> so many questions, your music, you make it a mission to hold up women. tell us why. >> why? because it's important. if you don't know who you are, then you don't know what you can become. if you don't know where you are, it's going to be a mess and you'll go for anything. it's very important to encourage yourself to be. >> motivational speaker in your resume as well? >> yes, yes. >> really? you're fantastic. what are you doing for us today? >> i'm going to do "beautiful dreamer." it's a track to encourage you
9:54 am
to be your dream. most of the time we dream of not doing it 9:00 to 5:00. >> want to be an astronaut, president, model. this is green tea. i can't wait to hear it. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> green tea. ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ instead we dare to dream of things that reach the sky ♪ like being a super hero, being
9:55 am
in the circus flying high ♪ ♪ but somewhere along the way ♪ ♪ we abandon the dreams, forget our dreams ♪ ♪ yeah, somewhere along the way ♪ we leave them all behind ♪ ♪ as we grow older, we are
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trained to sacrifice ♪ ever an ave rage o5,000 people itch from cascade to finish i . that's about 150,000 a month, over 2 million people so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without having to rinse them first. now see for yourself why millions have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. and now you can try finish quantum for free. visit us on facebook.
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hazy, hot and humid conditions here to stay. afternoon high temperatures in the upper 90s. will feel more like 103 to 107. heat advisory goes in effect at 11:00 this morning. saturday and sunday highs in the upper 90s. this heat wave will last for the next week or so. get ready for very hot temperatures. >> drink plenty of water. bring the pets in. >> and watch out for the elderly and that like. green tea, you have a beautiful voice. >>


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