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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> joe: we will give you the burger king smooth plays of the game. and they are put together on the night for johan santana. was good off the mound. was good on the mound. eight innings pitched. he allowed only three hits. struck out three. and walked just a couple. he is on his way to win number six on the year. as we get you a game summary. mets have outscored the dodgers 17-2 in this series. dodgers have not led now in 60 innings. and barring an incredible comeback here in the ninth, it will be 61 at the end of the night. bobby parnell, who struggled as a closer last year, got the save here on thursday in a 3-2 game. 1-1, since taking over forren from cisco. fires in 95-mile-per-hour strike to elian herrera. >> eric: that is what you are going to get. hard, hard, harder. got a knuckle curve as well. he is a strike-out guy.
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>> joe: here is an 0-1. high strike. 95 miles per hour. 0-2. francisco is parnell no save opportunity in the ninth. but terry collins wants him to slam the door. no work last night for parnell. here is the 0-2. shot to ike davis. easy play to the bag. one out. >> joe: one down, and the battle is jerry hairston junior. the producer is pete machska, director bill web. associate director brian peterman. eldona. executive producer of pre-game show, done bowie, mack santini and producer ethan klineberg. director mark dieber. our thanks as always as steve horn, editorial consultant in
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the broadcast booth. one out, nobody on, hairston. >> joe: strike one on hairston. tonight is 0-3. only hits belong to dee gordon, scott van slyke and tony gwynn junior. three singles. that's it. to the shortstop. tejada gets that high bounce and takes it over to first. two out. the mets pitchers working on their tenth shutout of the season. >> eric: bottom line of the mets is good. flat-out good. they are a team if they can maintain the pitching that will keep them in ballgames, because they have one of the top staffs in the national league. they can continue to get good pitching there is no reason why they won't be competitive the entire second half.
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>> joe: terry collins has done a great job with these guys. dan warthen has done a great job with the rotation. trying to figure out the bullpen. now it's parnell at the back end. this is a relief core with the highest group era in baseball. parnell got a piece. that might end the game. murphy. to first. mets win it 5-nothing. now the dodgers have been shut out five times over their last six games. the mets won four in a row. ike davis with a big three-run shot in the game. johan santana gets the win. the mets keep on rolling. will try for a four-game sweep tomorrow behind dillon gee against clayton kershaw. from the mlb network studios, matt and kevin coming up. [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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welcome to the fox saturday baseball post-game show. with kevin millar, matt vasgersian. we just got through watching the new york mets with the road winner. dodgers sleepy bats continue to be a problem in los angeles. >> is it a problem. they have to continue to get a bat. get creative. mattingly might make a comeback, too. you never know. >> i heard you. kristin davis with ike davis wid one of the mets' heroes. after the win he spoke with
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ken rosenthal. >> kenny: ike davis, three-run homer. they walked david wright to get to you. some players get motivated when that happens. what was your mind set? >> player: hopefully, i want to get a run across the board and stop doing it. david is our guy, having a great year. walking him is not the worst idea. especially to get to me. i'm hitting .200. i hope to get a fly ball and get the runner in. >> kenny: earlier in season there was talk about you getting sent down. terry collinsed to us that one reason you stayed is because he sensed how much your teammates believed in you. how did it make you feel? >> player: great. we have a great team. everyone pulls for each other. you know, i try to make it, even though i was having a bad start, i try to stay positive as a team. not make my struggles effect anyone else. so, you know, i'm glad that, you know, everyone was behind me. i'm glad i'm still here. >> kenny: thanks a lot. >> player: thank you. >> matt: ken, thanks. other saturday action.
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white sox and yankees. jake peavy in the first. meet curtis granderson. 23rd of the year, grandy man. kurodo wouldn't need a whole lot more. 11 strike-outs against the white sox. he gets alexi ramirez swinging for number 11. yankees shut out the first place 4-zip. san diego in denver. since switch-hitting splits were compiled in 1974 two player first two inning hit were home runs until san diego's yasmani grandal did it today. >> kevin: he will sleep well tonight. two great swings. you see something you've never seen in this game every day. >> matt: this july, don't miss the biggest event of the summer, as baseball's greatest stars battle for homefield advantage in the fall classic. road to the world series begivens with the all-star game. tuesday, july 10. 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific on fox. it's a very real chance, kevin, that the all-star game
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will be started by a met. r.a. dickey in the midst of a dream season. how much mets representation will be on tony la russa's national league all-star squad? squad? >> kevin: r.a. dickey might be starting. you still have to look at johan santana. he has done a great job. he is 67-4, obviously, doing what he has done. listen, they could potentially have the three guys no doubt about it. >> matt: dodgers, maybe clayton kershaw. matt kemp leads the national league outfielders though he has been hurt most of the first half. >> kevin: ethier and kemp, they hurt. we don't know how bad the ethier situation is. this is a team that gets interesting because who goes? >> matt: reminder next saturday, last week of primetime baseball. baseball night in america big game of the week. yankees and red sox. braves-phillies. twins-rangers. also in action. starts at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. coming um next except for the west coast, your late local news. for kevin millar, matt vasgersian. good night.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc another very hot and humid day across the area. the heat wave continues. we're watching more severe weather develop across the region. i will have all of the details on your forecast coming up right after the game. [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom.
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proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for america. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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. right now at 10, our severe storm coverage continues. hundreds of thousands of people remain in the dark at this hour as states of emergencies are declared in maryland, virginia, and the district. the aftermath leaving parts of our region looking like a war zone, killing several people. tonight, the threat for more severe weather is not over. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm sarah simons. at 10, massive power outages during the heat wave. one of the big stories is at this hour. >> more than three quarters of a million of people have no power. pepco is reporting 379,000 customers out. in northern virginia, dominion virginia reports 351,000 outages and bge said montgomery and prince georges county, there are 51,000 customers in the dark and more stomps could be popping up in our region. >> not exactly what we need to hear now as you know. tucker barnes follows the
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latest round for us. what is the latest? >> reporter: good news here. we're quiet across the washington area at the moment. we had a pop-up shower move into the district an hour ago and all is clear at the moment and that is staying warm and muggy overnight and there you go. the shower moved through the city and is dissipating and things should be quiet overnight and does not mean we won't see storms pop up tomorrow afternoon and that potential for scattered storms during much of the week as we endure the hot temperatures and the heat wave across the mid- atlantic. i want to show you what got going and during the late afternoon-early evening hours, a big thunderstorm complex got going and south and of the city to culpeper and fredericksburg. can you see that activity now fading to the south to richmond and a lot of problems with the system, including reports of
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two tornados on that ground east and north of richmond. it continues to fade on the south and this won't impact us f course, e immediate the thunderstorms will continue toerage as they push to the south. the other big story, the temperatures at reagan national. i know a lot of people have electricity and this is not making for comfortable conditions. 86 degrees at 10:15 at night. 82 at dulles and 83 in ocean city. the heat will continue the next few days. expecting highs in the upper 90s tomorrow and highs in the mid-90s into our workweek and there is no let-up in site. it will be humid out there. more details in just a few minutes, guys. back upstairs to you. >> you can check the weather any time g. to apple's app
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store ored android market. search for d.c. weather. you will find it on as l. last night's storm killed two people in northern virginia and left behind devastating damage. one of the hardest-hit areas among many, annandale and that is where they're live with a look at what that area is dealing with tonight. lauren. >> reporter: we're just west of the beltway, off of gallows road on a little road called hallie road. it took a beating from the storm. the two houses across the street are hit by trees and this house where we are standing, had four trees fall on the property and that is on the front lawn, that damage. there were two trees that fell on to the house and one broke through the roof and the branch crashed into a bedroom. roxanne was driving home when the storm struck. she said it was frightenning on the road. as soon as they reached the house, they ran inside for
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cover. >> i got here and i was shivering. i was so nervous, i didn't want to move, just get to the basement. and, you know, as a town around 11:00 or so, then we made it upstairs. and looked around. yes. >> and so a stick is poking through the ceiling? >> yes. practically a stick and, of course, you couldn't see anything else outside. we had no clue what was happening here and we went to the basement. we didn't know if like the whole, all of the trees were bouncing, two of them were down and we know we had a lot of the back, so we had no clue that a whole bunk of trees were down, you know, on the roof. the first thing we did -- . >> someone could have been sheep hearing here. >> yes -- sleeping here. >> yes, she's here tonight and it could have been quite the disaster here. >> reporter: we're actually seeing some trucks arrive, possibly to help clean up here
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in the area. the family has said that they haven't seen much of that yet, so hopefully this is some help on the way now. the good news there. everyone here, i have to say, is patient and consider themselves very lucky. event other neighbors we spoke with as well. there is also this van in front of this house and she said she doesn't know who the van belongs to but, oh, my goodness, it was missed by this tree, so, whoever you are, you are very lucky. nice to hear that there were no major injuries here in annandale and that is all live from here. thank you. northern virginia has had widespread problems with 911. in some places, it's not working at all n. other places, it's intermittent and had those are a few numbers on the screen we given if you live in those particular areas. write the numbers down and call
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them if you have an emergency. there are 390,000 people in prince georges without power tonight. fire cruise had to go to where elderly residents started feeling ill. audrey barnes is live in college park. audrey. >> reporter: anything bad that can happen happened here on 48th avenue and college park. i am standing on one half of a huge tree that came down, split in two, one went one way, the other part ended up on the roof of the yellow house that you see behind me and also, a power pole snapped sending a searing transformer into their driveway. >> reporter: jay was inside his house when the neighbor's tree across the street made an unwelcome entrance. >> i heard a loud thunderburst and the house shook. it was this. >> reporter: a power pole also
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snapped, bringing down a sizzling transformer with it. >> i about had went upstairs, there were trees poking through the ceiling of my bedroom and water was coming through. >> reporter: tony wound up in the worst possible place. >> i saw debris flying everywhere. the rain was terrible. you couldn't see it across the parking lot. >> reporter: one floor. the roof or the building was ripped off like an old band eye age. >> someone saw on the -- started knocking on the door and told us to get out. it was jam packed. and -- . >> reporter: several cars in the parking lot were destroyed. no word when residents of the building can return. >> and this is my first time experience something like this. >> reporter: hopefully your last? >> hopefully my last. >> reporter: the red cross is providing shelter for those
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residents. seventy spent the night at northwestern high school last night and told me that that is still open for people to wait it out and a lot of people on 48th avenue and college park are angry and think it's ironic the tree came down where it did. seven years ago, the same thing happened to the same tree, 50 feet away and during that storm, they were out of electricity for seven days. they hope it's not a repeat performance. back to you. >> thank you. and to d.c. where a man in northwest died and his wife critically injured. he was trying to move his car a little after 11:00 last night in the middle of the storm when he was electrocuted. the wife tried to help him and was badly shocked. next door, a huge tree came down on a house and neighbors
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claim they have been telling the city for a long time it needed to be cut down. and there are mandatory water restrictions tonight and they are asking you not water your lawn, wash your car or use other water outdoors and they asking you to take short showers, limit how much you flush the toilet and don't do your laundry or wash dishes. that is all because the power outage makes it difficult for water to be pumped through the system and they say tap water is safe to drink. cooling centers are open throughout the area if you are looking for a place to escape the heat. >> check on your neighbors to make sure they all right and have enough liquids to drink. you have to remember to check on everyone else. >> you sure do. still ahead, power companies are scrambling to deal with outages tonight. >> we'll talk with officials from pepco and dominion virginia power about how they're handling the hundreds of thousands of outages across the area. our severe storm weather
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coverage continues after the short break. ♪
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. welcome back. we're taking a live look out in bethesda. lots of people are in the dark tonight. you're looking at talbert's liquor store on river road. we're understanding they sold out of generators. they were selling ice earlier but they were having problems with that because they on a backup system and the machine needs to make ice and that is running out of power, too. talbert's is running out of ice as l. folks rushing there, take heed of that. talbert's is running out of ice and sold out of generators as well. people trying to get some power back, maybe stay cool in all of this heat out there. you know, those people in bethesda are not the only ones sitting in the dark. as we told you, hundreds of thousands of people are without power and this is another look at what power companies are dealing with across the region. we have a total of 780,000 outages with pepco reporting
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378, i believe, dominion, virginia, 350,000, bg&e reporting about a little over 50,000 outages right now. and dominion virginia crews are working around the clock to get the power back on as are other power agencies and to get answers on when that could happen, for those people in virginiava, we have phillip sandino on the phone with us now. he's the director of customer solutions for dominion virginia. are you there with us? >> hi. >> why don't you set the scene for us. what are the latest conditions there? >> we, throughout northern virginia, we have some extensive areas of catastrophic damage, which you have been showing on your show and that we're dealing with right now. throughout the day, we have been going through an assessment process, thorough assessment and we're restoring as we go when it's safe to do so. and right now, we're at 345,000
10:30 pm
customers without power and that means we restored more than 100,000 customers today. >> you mentioned restoration. is there a priority list for restoration? >> and that is a great question. we're focused on critical infrastructure including hospitals and eocs. we have had a lot of activity because of the temperatures we're concerned with senior citizens and assisted living centers are a high-risk. we have been successful in some areas and other areas have work to do. >> how soon do you anticipate getting everyone back online? >> and we're going to have an assessment ready, a full assessment. we'll be able to give a number tomorrow at noon on what our outage restoration time will be for the complete service territory. >> i know there are some people watching, wondering if there is anything residents can do to
10:31 pm
expedite restoration for their community and for their homes? >> i would say please call dominion if you have an outage. it's 1-866-dom-help. one-866-366-4357. call to report all outages. we don't necessarily know your power's out unless you call. if there are downed wires, please call the same number. safety, public safety is paramount right now with the temperatures that we have and also with the downed wires. we have a significant number of downed wires that we're not able to get to yet. it's imperative that people don't approach them and that they absolutely don't drive over in their cars either. we have had reports of that as well and i would say to do everything you can to remain clear of all of our infrastructure. >> all right, and again that number is 1-866-dom-help. one-866-366-4357. phillip sandino, thank you so much for your time tenet
10:32 pm
tonight. >> thank you, maureen. >> sarah? pepco said it could take seven days before everyone's power is restored from the storm. tonight, thomas graham, the pepco regional president is joining us in studio now. we talked to you earlier. >> yes. >> thank you for coming back in here. gives an idea what kind of headway you have been able to make when we talked with you earlier? you have been able to make restoresations -- restoring as? >> we have. yesterday we started with 333,000 customers out of service, this evening, 3,200,000 customers and 317,000 in our maryland territory and our district territory b61000. we're making progress. we have a lot of work on our infrastructure, restoring the supply stations, working on critical customers like wssc and some of the hospitals. so, in our work continues. >> okay, and for some folks who might have been looking on the website, a lot of people do have access to the internet. >> right. >> and they're able to go on there and see what the
10:33 pm
estimated restoration time is for their area. when we got there on there, we saw a large past of the area said pending on the web. what does that mean for people out there? why is there not a specific time? what does the word pending for estimated restoring a mean on there? >> similar to dominion. we're in the assessment stage. we spent a lot of time today assessing damage. we restored as we went along, but primarily, we were assessing damage. tomorrow, we will be in a better position, we feel, that we will be able to provide estimated times of restoring a. i would also say that -- restoring a. i would say we have an app now that customers can report their outages on and track progress. >> uh-huh. give us an idea. you were saying earlier you were hoping for more crews from around the south or further away to come in and help out. the problem ising areas have a problem with the storm as we
10:34 pm
have. any ideas how much that will pair down the time of seven days that you think the power could be out? >> originally asked for a thousand resures. we received commitments from oklahoma, missouri, from florida and georgia. they on and made the commitments. we look for them toon the system on monday and as soon as they get there, they can expedite the process for us and there is still a lot of work. as we're further along, it will be one customer at a time. there will be service entrance cables, the wire from the pole to the house has to be restored. the work gets tougher. >> all right, clearly a lot of work still ahead. we appreciate you coming in and talking with us. >> sure. >> and giving folks an idea of how much time you will be taking. we'll be right back. [ scott ] i grew up playing with little toy trains
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. we want to bring you breaking news out of virginia tonight. a boil water has been issued. the customers are advised not to drink tap water without boiling it first. it's because of a drop in water pressure and the tyson's and videoena area of the city water system this afternoon. the storms have triggered trouble with power poles tonight, too. we found one on fire in monthgomery county. can you see it there. the smoke's billowing through the trees. we're told the fire started when a trons former blew. and -- transformer blew. we showed you talbert's ice in virginiava is still doing business despite the fact they were out of generators. by this evening, the line got longer. the folks were trying to stock up on ice to help keep their food from going bad. we talked to the owner this
10:39 pm
afternoon. >> and this is a disaster. nothing less and we're trying to keep up and our employees have been unbelievably faithful coming into work and helping the customers take their things to the car. and the customer has been appreciative. >> peter frank and his employees are doing this without electricity in the store and they're running off of a small backup generator. hats off to them for trying to keep things going in all of this mayhem. >> i know. it's difficult to do for sure. >> it is. coming up, another check on the weather from tucker barnes. and the storm took a toll -- toll on virginia, blowing out major transmission lines and we're going to survey the damage ahead. officials in the district hard at work. we spoke with paul quander about how officials are handling the calm after the storm. the news at 10 returns in just minutes. 
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. to say mother nature came out in full force is an understatement. are we out of the woods yet? >> you know what that means. tucker, we had some weather rolling through earlier. what is going on now? >> reporter: quiet conditions right now. most of the area is in the clear for the time being. we'll so what happens late tonight and tomorrow afternoon. we can do it all over again. can't call it clear with the heat wave. at least right now, things are quiet and let me get to yesterday when i showed you the winds and the wind gusts out across the area and these are hurricane-force winds in some cases and the peek wind gusts last night out of dulles. restin, virginia, 79 miles an hour and to reagan national, 75 and with on and generally a
10:44 pm
quieter afternoon and had some showers develop and a good thunderstorm complex developed south and west of the city and that is late this afternoon and a good echo there pushing south of the washington area toward richmond and moving southeast into southeast virginia here and this is during the late- night hours. i don't think that they will develop and you have to watch them. the potential for a few more thunderstorms here and that air mass is warm and humidity. the potential is out there and you see a pop-up storm. this is the other big story. it's uncomfortable out there. a lot of people don't have electricity and this doesn't make for a comfortable night.
10:45 pm
86 degrees in washington. the humidity, 61% and the dew point temperatures are right now running in the upper 60s and lower 70s and that is uncomfortable. the pressure is down a bit. the forecast overnight tonight, warm and muggy, could be a pop- up storm and most of the night had been dry. 75 in washington; 71, culpeper and 74 the overnight low in on and more details in a few minutes. >> thank you, tucker. and this is a storm that rolled through. and others barely escaped with their lives and john henrehan has more. >> reporter: west springfield was hit hard by the sudden friday night storm and that crushed a bedroom in a house. seconds later, an 84-year-old woman walked out of the bedroom barely escaping a likely death. on car place around the corner,
10:46 pm
the storm claimed a life. a 90-year-old lady walked into her bedroom when this enormous tree came down flattening the room that she had just walked in into. less than a mile away on old keen mill road, a huge tree came crashing down on to a sport utility vehicle killing the driver who was the only occupant. the force of the tree on the wires snapped nearby utility poles. the virginia governor briefly flew over storm-damaged cities and counties, consulted with local authorities and utility mothers. he offered a partial explanation as to why the power outages were extensive. >> that drives force was 10 transmission lines down and the major transmission lines that were down. >> reporter: the governor declared a state of emergency
10:47 pm
authorizing up to 300 virginia guardsmen to be available for traffic control or cleanup and 9 learn telephone service essentially failed and was barely working in some surrounding jurisdictions. a verizon spokesman said the company was working diligently on restoring a. sharon boliva was not diplomatic in expressing her displeasure at the lack of 911 service. >> and this is the first time in my memory that we have had a total failure of emergency communications in fairfax county and i have been on the bord forward a long time and this is not okay and need a permanent fix and that it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: among police and firefighters, two-wayros were working. regular cell phone service was spotlighty for much of the day. hundreds of traffic signals were out and businesses were
10:48 pm
closed. among them, a bridal shop. >> all of my bridesmaids came from out of town and this is the second time i tried to try them on. the first time, i got sick and i was in the hospital. i couldn't do it. today, we had to reschedule and everyone is here and power is out. >> what is plan b? >> we don't have plan b. >> do to get a mark right a. >> what was that? >> to get a margarita. >> type iss you have to go with the flow. -- sometimes you have to go with the flow. john henrehan, fox 5 news. district officials have been working since the storm hit to take care of essential services and to assess the damage. we're joined by the deputy mayor for public safety. thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> and thank you for having me. >> what are the major problems you're seeing? >> we're still facing significant shortages as far as electricity and power outages and have a number of traffic intersections without power. we were concerned about the
10:49 pm
heat, but it hasn't materialized to the impact of yesterday, but we're concerned about tomorrow and that electessity -- electricity, major intersections are the concerns we have. we have been in constant contact with the mayor, who you know is traveling. >> right. >> and he's monitoring it and we're in contact with him. and i believe we have things under control and the administrator signed off on a declaration of emergency. >> uh-huh. >> so we can get additional resources in and to provide for our residents. >> you mentioned the heat is not an issue today but you're concerned tomorrow. how is the district spotting to those who don't have power or air conditioning? how are you responding to their need to stay cool? >> we have established some shelters throughout the city. five will be in service tonight and continuing on until
10:50 pm
tomorrow. and at emory, north michigan park, tennis and learning center and at benning center. we have centers that are staffed, they're ready to go and we also have two homeless shelters at the d.c. general hospital and recreation center. working with our partners with the red cross, the department of health is fully engaged. we're prepared and our citizens will be provided for and we want to make sure if you don't have to go outside, don't go outside. if you want, enjoy a movie. if you don't have air conditioning, go to our centers and we'll provide it for you. >> you mentioned the street lights are still up, power is an issue. as i was driving into work, i came across a few tree limbs down on the road and morning how quick the district is aiming to clean the things up to get the trees off of the road, the limbs blocking the
10:51 pm
travelways and making it hazardous? >> and we have been out and we removed over 115-tons of debris already and we're constantly moving and clearing the area. we're working with pepco to make sure there are no live wires down and had the urban forestry unit out, the metro police department is out and the fire department with the special apparatus to help and augment the staff that we have doing it. and we're serious and we have been here all day. >> an organized approach and that is what allowed us to clear the 115-tons already. we're not going to rest until we have it completely resolved. >> and that is the case. deputy mayor, thank you for your time this evening. >> and thank you very much. the people in parts of maryland have their work cut out for them and this is some video from chevy case.
10:52 pm
several trees demolished homes. they took down power lines leaving thousands in the dark and some are taking it in steroid. >> my wife and i are planning to travel next week and hopefully the power is back on before we leave and that is to me, grin and bear it and make the best of it and try to find some, make sure the kids are okay. >> and as you heard, pepco's regional president said it could take a week before all of the power is restored. the coast guard rescued two people and crews are searching for a third after a boat capsized near breezy point, maryland. the call came in at 3:30 in the morning from someone on a fishing boat. that boat crew pulled two other people on board and it's not clear if weather conditions played a role. coming up, we're going to switchgear and talk sports and steven strauss bug takes the mound taking the 10th win of the season. and tiger woods climbs up
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. all right, dave rose on deck talking about sports. >> and that is in congressional country club. >> yeah. >> and that isd most surreal thing and they said they would get ready to hit a shop. >> and playing on the saturday. >> and that is by themselves. no fans allowed and probably a good call. >> yeah. >> and tomorrow, everybody will be back out there. >> and that is going to be interesting. >> it will be. >> and today, as bizarre a third round of professional golf as you will ever see, certainly after talking with the players, they have never seen anything like it. despite the peaceful tranquility, they hope never to
10:57 pm
see it again either and this is why fans were told to stay away from congo today and everywhere you look, more than 40 trees down on the course and that is with some five hours and 50 minutes. tiger woods, this is on the third hole and birdied one and three. that is all he needs? >> and that is good on sixth and is waiting for the balls and realizes there is nobody there and is at 6-under. one back in the lead. hunter started the day in first and didn't end there. this is the best shot of the day, though, a nice approach, 127 yards out and that is to about a foot, two-over for the day, two shots back of the leader and it's this guy, on six and with that birdie putt. back to tiger and how bizarre a day was this? >> was praying from overseas.
10:58 pm
>> and that is as high as it gets. it's competitive round and i have to execute and i was two back and got to where i was two backy and think i am one back now. >> baseball, nats in hotlanta and this is some soccer here. going to zig zag and with that left foot, a good foot there and how about this? and with the kick and with that first goal as a member of the black and red and shut out 3-0, and with some three straight wins and that is matching a franchise record and that is great to see them back in the winter -- winner's circle. and i know you want to see it again and the nats played in atlanta today. >> oh, man. >> hot down there, few .
10:59 pm
>> and i'm telling you. >> you can't. >> mother nature is making her impact all over the place. >> yeah. >> and in sports extra, more from the bizarre, eerie day at congressional. >> all right. >> i felt like i was the only one out there. >> and one reason. >> yeah. and coming up, we're turning our eyes to the skies. are we out of the woods yet? we're talking weather at least. tucker barnes tells us what to expect on the other side. 


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