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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 2, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. cleaning up after the some, tonight hundreds of thousands of -- storm, tonight hundreds of thousands of people still have no power and no ac in this summer heat. three long days have passed since violent winds and rain tore down trees and snapped
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power lines. >> i bet in 35 years i've never seen a nonhurricane storm like this. >> crews are working nonstop to bring power back, but frustration is growing. >> it really is a disaster of enormous proportions. >> fox 5 has this still developing story cover from maryland to virginia too d.c. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm laura evans. let's get right to the latest. the storm's death toll now stands at 22 people nationwide, 10 just in virginia. 2million people up and down the east coast are without power. that's down from 3 million friday. >> in our area pepco says more than 175,000 customers are still without power, 110,000 dominion virginia customers in the dark, pg&e reporting 189,000 outages. >> you'll see closures, cancellations and other very important information at the bottom of your screen throughout the next 90 minutes. we'll begin our coverage in maryland tonight with fox 5's bob barnard live in kensington
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with more. >> reporter: i can break some more numbers down. here in montgomery county it's 96,000 pepco customers still in the dark. in prince george's county it's a little more than 42 now. part of the problem, look behind me here, some wires dangling, the utility pole leaning over. this is a neighborhood in kensington still in the dark. that house has a generator going and some lights, but look on the sidewalk in front of the house. 72 hours after this storm passed through here take a look. the top of that utility pole is still there on the sidewalk. pepco contractors are trimming trees away from downed line as long bell belfry road in silver springs to start repairing the wires. >> we had to take basically and drop everything down about 3 feet to get into some good wood and it's just about where we
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want it. >> reporter: ruben heidelberg and his fellow linemen from a new jersey company are rewiring another silver spring neighborhood. this fallen tree is the culprit. linda and others glad to see the work finally being done. >> hopefully it's a matter of minutes. >> reporter: the henry family is camping outside their home also waiting for the power to come back on. >> i'm praying to get my lights back. >> hot and miserable, trying to get through it, drink plenty of water like they say, but not much you can do in times like this. >> reporter: the henrys needed to hire electrician michael roach to fix their meter which was ripped from the house by friday night's wicked winds. how have you been coping? >> terrible. i'm an asthmatic, too. >> reporter: others still without electricity are making do with portable generators. >> saturday and yesterday was
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miserable, but hopefully tonight might be a little better. >> reporter: matt price, his wife julie and 5-year-old ashley are going to wait it out at home. >> yes, we are lucky and we are grateful that first we're alive and the storm was just terrible. you know, we so miss the ac. we wish we had it right now. >> reporter: there are still many montgomery county intersections without traffic lights. not fun on a busy workday. and as you know and these guys are learning, there's still so much more to clean up and repair. what do you make of the work ahead of you guys? >> looks like we've got a lot of work. >> reporter: now pepco is reporting it has restored service to more than half a million customers but still just here in maryland, prince george's county and montgomery county, 140,000 pepco customers still in the dark tonight. >> another rough night. bob barnard, thank you.
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our continuing coverage after the storm takes us now to fairfax county where we find fox 5's will thomas live in falls church. we just got a look at damage in montgomery county. what's it like there? >> reporter: it's bad. if your neighborhood is already getting back to normal, here's a reminder of some of what's left to do. this is a giant tree that's fallen across great falls road here in the city of falls church. as we've seen in our region and beyond really the trees and branches have taken down power lines and a lot of them. these folks all around me are out of power for at least 72 hours now. the clock is still ticking, a lot of them taking off going to family members, relatives, family, friends, you name it. they're just trying to come up with some idea. they haven't heard a chainsaw yet and a lot of them that we're encountering are very frustrated and hot. >> i think this is bad. i've never seen -- i've been in a monsoon. >> reporter: the destruction in her falls church neighborhood would make you think a monsoon did blow through here.
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>> there's no insurance on it either. >> reporter: the car in marilyn goliath's driveway totaled, same story for her food. so she's cooking what she can before it thaws out and goes bad. >> i've got chicken and hamburger meat with spaghetti. this is ham. this is spaghetti. this is hot water to wash my dishes in. >> reporter: dozens of homes in this neighborhood alone are without power making for long blistering hot days. >> when you walk upstairs, it's the same feel as opening an oven door. you get a blast of heat in your face. >> reporter: if the second story is an oven, his first floor feels like a sauna and like so many other storm victims, it's not just suffering without ac, it's losing all your food. >> we've thrown out thousands of dollars worth of meat and food. we had a whole freezer downstairs full of organic grass fed meat for our children with allergies and it's all gone out.
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>> reporter: tractors are in henan, this crew removing a tree that -- in high demand, this crew removing a tree that careened into this roof. uprooted trees taking down power lines causing home damage. as if that isn't bad enough, homeowners like in this house slapped with a sign from the city that says uninhabitable. >> i keep calling and they said our electric will be on and now it's off again. i might just go back to jersey a couple days. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: storm victims are forced to be creative without electricity. this man's power was on, then off again, a power line still snaked across his backyard. >> i went to the grocery store. they know what they're doing, but apparently there's so much damage they don't know what's around. >> reporter: as we have been here the last several hours, we've seen this tree behind me become a bit of a tourist attraction. neighbors are coming up, some on foot, some on bike, some
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driving and parking taking pictures, some walking across the tree taking pictures. here's what has to happen. contractors have to come in from the city. thief got to cut the tree down off the line -- they've got to cut the tree down off the lines. then dominion can come in and try that process of restoring the power. >> the clean-up continues in the district, crews racing to get the work done as many residents continue to sweat it out. fox 5's beth parker has been keeping an eye on clean-up and repairs. >> there was no warning at all. >> reporter: from his porch on mccomb street northwest charles fishman can camp a glimpse of the national cathedral but no amount of praying would have helped him friday night. >> just a loud crack. >> reporter: that's what he heard when this huge tree snapped that pulled down wires and bent poles. since then waiting for tree and power crews. now fishman is watching repairs from his front porch. >> i got a great view. this is the only show i got.
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but it's in 3d. it's hd, 3d. you name it. >> reporter: some people are still wishing there was something to see where they live. >> get someone out here soon and as quickly as possible. the time is overdue. >> reporter: at skyland apartments in southeast there's a tree on a building and a pole practically in the street. >> i keep calling pepco and getting the same run-around. we're on our way or it's not in the system. >> reporter: at a press conference today mayor gray says pepco has slashed the number of customers without par. >> while i want to thank them for their progress, they need to move faster. pepco's pace of restoring power to me anyway is unacceptable and the speed of their response is disappointing. how many times have we been through this before? >> reporter: the mayor says at least 1,300 trees are down around the city. here's dupont circle, capitol hill and in georgetown a glimpse of what it looks like after the trees are gone.
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now as you can see, the lights at wisconsin and harrison are working. the mayor said there are 65 traffic lights in the district that were malfunctioning due to lack of power. 50 of them are on city generators. you may have also seen some ddot employees today at some intersections directing traffic. the idea, of course, is to help people navigate through them safely. in northwest beth parker, fox 5 news. dominion, virginia getting help from our neighbors to the north. about 200 hydro1 power workers arrived from quebec in ft. myer tonight. more than 170,000 dominion virginia power customers are in the dark currently, the majority located in northern virginia. the company says crews from 15 other u.s. states are also helping with power restoration efforts. an alert for all federal employees tomorrow. federal agencies in d.c. will be open, but nonemergency employees will have the option to take unscheduled leave or telework. emergency employees, however, expected to report to work as
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scheduled. three marylanders have died from the heat in recent days, one from montgomery county, the other in baltimore city and and i the health department is warning of symptoms of heatstroke, no longer sweating and despite being hot. >> i'm already beginning to see signs some humidity is creeping back in. let me briefly show you the highs today. it felt cooler than we felt in quite a while. reagan national hot, no doubt about it, 95 degrees. we weren't talking about heat index values running over that, though. that was okay. dulles 92, so a little cooler in our western suburbs, bwi marshall 94.
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humidity will run. it looks like it's going to be coming in tomorrow morning and through the day tomorrow when the humidity will be coming back and creeping up, not so bad tomorrow. july 4th looks like it will be fairly muggy, back to what we would expect for july in d.c. temperature has cooled a little, 84 degrees, better for dulles at 78, martinsburg 74, winchester 72, culpeper 75, fredericksburg 79. i just want to show you real quick this is the dew point, higher the number, higher the dew point temperature, the more muggy it is. culpeper is back up to 72, quantico 71. there are some signs of that especially for our southwestern areas that dew point, the relative humidity, is already on the rise. here in the city not too uncomfortable overnight tonight. full forecast is coming up. it looks like it's going to get hot again. >> more details coming up, thanks. 911 calls unked an during the storm. up next the system -- unanswered during the storm up
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next. the system leader's call to action. >> plus fox 5's storm aftermath coverage continues next. >> and those power outages are hard on any family, but imagine having a special needs infant at home. a local family tells me how they cope coming up on the news edge at 11:00.  oreo and dunkin' are the perfect match for the perfect moment. enjoy the new oreo coolatta and donut today. america runs on dunkin'.
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friday night's storm also knocked out power to a facility in arlington causing widespread problems with 911 in northern virginia. limited service was restored in fairfax late saturday, but county board of supervises chairman sharon bolliva says the 911 system was not fully functional still by this afternoon. earlier tonight i talked to her about that. >> it's pretty awful. i've been in office over 20 years. i've never experienced an occasion where the 911 system has just completely failed us. so it shouldn't have happened. you would have thought there
10:17 pm
was some redundancy or some backup that would have prevented such a catastrophic failure throughout the entire northern virginia region. >> reporter: a spokesman for verizon which supports northern virginia's 911 services explains it this way. he said the company had a commercial power failure in its central office in arlington where there's a lot of communications equipment. the power failure impacted verizon's primary and backup power supply. so what's your response to their response? >> well, i guess we need to have a discussion on the regional level. first of all, this is -- you know, i have not had communication from someone from verizon briefing me on what went wrong. secondly, the response that we received, we had dominion virginia power pat the public safety center with -- at the public safety center with us throughout the weekend, but not verizon and verizon was one of our biggest problems.
10:18 pm
we were not able to get 911 calls. we were just black and down and that was just not okay. >> reporter: what action are you taking now in response to this 911 failure? >> well, right now we're working with verizon. we are receiving briefings now from verizon. we are not 100% yet and so what originally was a complete failure of the system, 911 calls just were not going through, now there are still some problems with proper routing, proper information being transmitted with the 911 call. so we're still not really totally out of the woods. we continue to work with verizon and we will work with verizon to make sure that we've got what needs to be in place in the future so that we have the proper backup, the proper redundancy for this to not happen in the future. >> okay. fairfax county board of
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supervises chairman sharon bolliva, thanks for being with us. power companies are working around the clock. pepco said it's restored power to more than half of the 4- 43,000 customers who lost power. right now more than 39,000 out ages in d.c., more than 42,000 in prince george's county and 99,000. we're joined now by pepco's spokesperson marcus beal. thanks for joining us. why is it going to take a few more days? >> basically we're at the point now we're hitting neighborhoods and some of those areas where we're going to really have to clear major damage to get to the equipment that needs to be repaired. so we start with, of course, the hospitals and emergency facilities, water treatment, it's. then we hit our core backbone infrastructure and then that's when we start to hit neighborhoods. so we're starting to get to the
10:20 pm
point where we're going to start to hit those individual homes and businesses. that will be a bit more slow going, but we're certainly looking through the majority of our folks early in the week, but we give that global etr as friday to encompass everybody including those remote individual homes and businesses. >> what's taking so long? was it the surprise nature of this storm? was it the fact maybe you didn't call in crews from out of state fast enough? >> no. i think it's the sheer damage brought on from this event. you know, our customers can see and we can see i mean full grown trees uprooted, poles snapped, poles wrapped in wire. this was a significant weather event. so i think just the level of damage and just the sheer amount of physical labor that's going to be needed to work through this is what makes this difficult. >> thanks for your time tonight. >> sure thing. i'm down in the web center with a lot of great information in the wake of this storm, a
10:21 pm
lot of great resources for information you need to know starting with how to plan your day. we've got information on closings, all the latest up to date information on school closings and federal government camps closing, all the latest information on our homepage. you can check on our home page also for pour outages, links to the power -- power outages, links to the power companies, plus updated maps showing outages and tips to keep your food safe if you lose power. we've also got a gallery that is continuing to grow as people send in these amazing pictures from the storm damage. this is damage in lynchburg, virginia. next photo we want to show you are power lines down on third street and hamilton street in northwest d.c. next one is a tree fallen on a truck in charlestown, west virginia just crushing it. a pool lands on top of a trampoline in waldorf,
10:22 pm
maryland, just some of the pictures we're receiving, an uprooted tree at st. mary's church in couple lapd, maryland. if you have -- cumberland, maryland. if you have a picture you want to send in, continue to send them in. we'll show them. chaotic morning commute courtesy of dark traffic signals across the d.c. area. you'll likely see more of that tomorrow. >> plus the same power outages that made gas a challenge in some areas, how to find out who is open next. 
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connecticut avenue in kensington back open tonight. a huge tree fell across the road taking down power lines. pepco crews had to make sure the wires were safe before tree crews could get to work cutting up the massive tree. maryland transportation
10:26 pm
officials say we can expect traffic delays the rest of the week, hundreds of signals still without power and trees blocking some roads. the state highway administration urges commuters to use public transportation and metro the rest of the week and to allow extra travel time. in northern virginia there's still 50 roads closed. the h.o.v. restrictions were being lifted on i-66 inside the beltway tomorrow morning and afternoon. remember if you come across a traffic signal that's not working, treat it as a four-way stop. getting here to there not the only problem in the wake of this storm, filling those gas tanks has been a challenge for many people. all the power outages mean very few working pumps. the stations that do have them are packed. download the ways traffic app and join the fox 5 wayser group to find the gas station closest to you. aaa warns you should be sure to double check the price. >> i had a little under half a
10:27 pm
tank of gas, so i was just making sure that everything was okay because it looks like it's going to be a while before we're able to fill up again. so just wanted to make sure we were safe. >> we have heard of spikes of 50 cents above the average in a geographical location. so we know that's an example of price gouging and in some cases 25-cent increase. . >> you should know price gouging is illegal in d.c. and virginia when a state of emergency are declared. there are no laws to stop it in maryland. storm damaged neighborhoods hunting grounds for scam artists, what you should know coming up. >> plus when the power goes out he's on the hot seat, next going one on one with pepco's president as he checks on his crews. get the car. hi howard.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. at this hour more than 175,000 pepco customers are still without power. that is down from 443,000. pepco's president says he is
10:31 pm
aware his customers are frustrated and angry, but he's promising the company is working around the clock to get the power back on. fox 5's tom fitzgerald out with some of those pepco crews today and saw firsthand what they're up against. >> reporter: when the trees come down and the power goes out, thomas graham becomes the man on the hot seat. >> so i can appreciate that. >> reporter: graham is president of pepco ever since an august, 2010 storm that also left hundreds of thousands in the dark. he has become pepco's chief defender, apologizer and go to man during power outages. are you hearing the anger of your customers this time? >> our customers are frustrated. they're frustrated because they're going to be out of service till at least friday. >> reporter: graham has personally fielded much of that frustration. on monday when he wasn't being interviewed, he was driving between job sites with crews from canada to oklahoma.
10:32 pm
>> we're making a dent, but there's a lot of work to too. >> reporter: 360 area crews are already at work here with another 350 on the way. the bulk of their work graham says is spent restringing miles of electric lines that are destroyed by falling trees. >> it's just a lot of damage. there are a lot of lines down. there are about 1,800 lines report downed thus far. you had very large mature trees that have toppled and crushed homes, cars and our infrastructure. >> reporter: and about those trees, which in radio and tv ads, pepco has been touting its progress on trimming back, thomas graham said his company has cut back 4,000 miles of tree line. that only goes so far in a storm like this. >> tree trimming when a 100- foot tree crashes down is not going to be effective. we just have to recognize it's a catastrophic event. there's going to be some devastation when those trees come down. >> reporter: but clearly if tomas gram is right, there is a
10:33 pm
good chance that the -- graham is right, there is a good chance the next large scale power outage isn't a question if, but when. many of the workers you saw in that story did not want to go on camera but told us they have seen damage like this before, but only in hurricanes and tornadoes. on foxhall road in d.c., tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. still a lot of people in northern virginia without power tonight. this is the latest report from dominion virginia power, more than 108,000 customers still in the dark. joining us on the phone is dominion virginia spokesperson chuck penn. is your outlook the same tonight, still a few more days before customers get their power back? >> yes, brian. we estimate that we will have 80 to 85% of our customers back on by tomorrow and from 90 to 95% of our customers back on by thursday night with an eye towards getting everybody back on by saturday evening. i'll put anoas risk next to --
10:34 pm
an asterisk next to that. everybody that can be back on, we hope to have back on by saturday evening is the plan right now. >> what's your biggest hurdle right now? >> well, it's a tremendous amount of devastation to our system. we've had a lot of -- like the video that i'm looking at on your television station right now, a lot of spans of wire down, broken poles, tree damage and that sort of thing. we experienced 90-mile an hour winds, so that's hurricane force winds that come through here. so with the devastation it's apparent, but we're making good progress. we've got over 5,000 people working this restoration. we just got a crew in from quebec, canada, and we're working from i would say they can't see in the morning till they can't see at night around the clock doing what we need to do to get all of our customers
10:35 pm
back on and we want to thank them for their patience. we know what it's like to be without power in 100-degree heat indexes and it's on it's devastating to have your life turned upside down like that. we understand that. just like myself. i work in clarkbsurg, west virginia, but i'm here and everyone is used to being working around the clock whenever our customers are without power. that's the priority is to get everybody back on. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. a warning for people trying to pick up the pieces after the storm, watch out for scams. maryland's attorney general doug gansler is reminding people to protect themselves saying this is the time con artists swoop in. he said be wary of door to doorsman using high pressure tactics to get your hard earned money. you may never see that money
10:36 pm
again while the job goes undone. we are keeping our eye on other stories today. a major milestone for a graduate student attacked by a plesh eating disease. >> plus we now -- a flesh eating disease. >> plus we now know what caused a fighter jet to crash into a virginia apartment complex. but first here's fox business report by neil cavuto. >> it may be hot outside but not inside for the nation's factories, the manufacturing sector shrinking in june for the first time in nearly three years that. could be a bad omen for the government's jobs report that comes out friday. meanwhile the job market in at least one u.s. state will soon get a big lift from europe's biggest aircraftmaker, creating 1,000 jobs in alabama, the first airbus factory in america as it looks to improve business on rival boeing's home turf. more homes are getting built at least in may pushing construction spending by the biggest amount in five months.
10:37 pm
builders also are shelling out more cash for commercial projects. and drugmaker glaxosmithkline paying a $3 billion fine in the largest healthcare fraud settlement ever. the justice department saying the company is pleading guilty to a marketing campaign promoting two popular drugs for unapproved uses and for failing to disclose safety information on its diabetes drug avandia. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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we're learning more about that navy jet that crashed into a virginia beach apartment
10:41 pm
complex in april. a rare dual engine malfunction caused the f/a-18d hornet to crash just after taking off in the naval air station in oceana. 20 apartment buildings were destroyed, but amazingly everyone survived. the federal government planning to sell two vehicles once owned by former council member harry thomas, jr. who is serving a prison sentence for embezzling more than $350,000 in city funds. he admitted to using some of the funds to buy appear suv and motorcycle. those vehicles have been forfeited to the government. the finance company is owed money on the suv and will receive proceeds from the sale. a major milestone for the georgia woman battling the flesh eating bacteria. 24-year-old amy copeland left the hospital today. it's now been two months since she contracted the rare infection after cutting her leg in a zip line accident and fell into a river. her left leg, right foot and both hands were amputated, but copeland has been moved to a
10:42 pm
rehab facility in atlanta where she'll learn to use a wheelchair and prosthetic limbs. on the news edge at 11:00 proof a disaster can bring out the best in people, the humane society rushes to help animals trapped in friday night's massive storm system. stay with us for the news edge. [ female annnnouncer ] safeway presents
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in maryland tonight baltimore gas and electric crews are hard at work trying to restore power there. here's how it breaks down for customers in montgomery and prince george's county. about 1,500 outages in montgomery and more than 17,000 in prince george's county. joining us on the phone now is bg and e spokesperson rachel lighty. where do things stand right now? >> i just checked our outages. looks like we have more than 500,000 customers who have been restored. about 180,000 customers are left to be restored but we're
10:46 pm
definitely making some great progress. we still have a long road ahead of us. we still have some tough jobs ahead of us, but we are working around the clock and making some progress and getting our customers back into service. >> what are the biggest challenges you're hearing from your crews out there pounding the streets in restoring power with all the damage from this storm? >> sure. despite the extreme conditions that our guys are working in, they are working with extreme heat, they are working 16 to 18 hour shifts, but the biggest thing that they are seeing is whole trees and tree limbs down on power lines and electric equipment. it's definitely severe and widespread damage like you would see in a hurricane. >> of course, we've heard a lot of complaints from people because obviously they're frustrated without air conditioning in a pretty grueling time weatherwise. what grade would you give yourselves for the work you've done so far getting the problem fixed? >> that's a great question. we definitely have been making
10:47 pm
progress, but with every storm there's always opportunities for improvement, improvement in how fast they're restoring service, improvement in how we're working and improvement in how we're communicating with our customers. so we're always looking for ways to improve, but we're definitely working hard and after this storm we'll do as we did with every other big storm, we'll regroup. we'll look at what's working and what we can do to do better. >> you want to give yourself a grade, rachel? >> at this point let's get all our customers back into service and then we'll talk about. >> there are trees down and wires down that haven't been touched by the crews. we know you've called in for help to our jurisdictions. the homeowners are wondering why with all the augmented crews you haven't been able to touch those areas. >> that's a great we even though we have 300 extra crews
10:48 pm
working around the clock, there is severe and widespread damage, our first priority was to get our critical infrastructure back into place. that's our 911 centers. that is hospitals, pumping stations, water treatment facilities and our 33tv line which is the backbone of our distribution system. once we were able to restore all these critical pieces then we begin restoring service in jobs that will restore the largest number of customers at 1 time. there's definitely some jobs out there we still need to assess the damage. we're working as quickly as possible and trying to get our crews out there. once we get out there sometimes we'll come to a job site and we will see more damage than what was reported or what we realized. so that sometimes does extend restoration time for our customers. >> rachel lighty, thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you. one of the big questions on
10:49 pm
people's minds, how long will food last in your fridge if you've lost power? here's the rule to keep in mind. if the temperature in your refrigerator or freezer goes above 40 degrees, throw it out. it's usually two days if your free is packed full, one if it's only -- freezer is packed full, one if it's only packed full. for the fridge, you only have four to six hours. if you do have spoiled food, you can get rid of it before your trash collection. the collection runs from 3:00 to 7:00. it did so today and will so tomorrow. >> gary, everybody is looking for relief, but we're not going to find it here. >> what relief we got we had today. it wasn't much, but we had slightly lower humidities. that will stick with us overnight tonight, but the humidity will return. beautiful shot of the moon tonight, not quite full, but nonetheless it was gorgeous with fair skies tonight. our tower camera captured this. they tell me this was about
10:50 pm
three hour time lapse or so. of course, we're not going to be able to see it all, but very nice out there. listen, it does look like in terms of what is going on the high temperatures today, very summer-like, but again a little bit of reprieve from the humidity, not much, just a little bit, but a little goes a long way, 95 reagan, dulles 92, bwi marshall with 94 degrees, 84 right now. it hasn't cooled down much. we're still in the middle 80s for the city here, a little cooler in the suburbs, a little nicer for winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown still lower, 80s, culpeper down to 73 and fredericksburg 79 degrees. the dew point that we've been monitoring this quite closely, what you get up to an upper 60s level dew point, you end up being fairly uncomfortable. 70 plus can be oppressive with a lot of heat out there. we've seen these drop a bit in the last 24 hours.
10:51 pm
so in some cases it's fairly comfortable, beginning to see culpeper come back up into the lower 70s tonight, quantico in the lower 70s. here in town we're at 61 degrees, still forecasting needs to stay mainly in the 60s overnight and creep up a little tomorrow afternoon. that's really when the humidity will return. it's not going to return with a vengeance for tomorrow. it looks like the bullet of the humidity for tomorrow will -- bullet of the humidity tomorrow will -- bulk of the humidity tomorrow will stay down to the southwest and west. as the humidity moves through tomorrow it will allow deeper levels of humidity to move in. temperatures will stay the same as they are tomorrow on 4th of july. we're talking middle 90s for about everybody, but with higher levels of humidity and higher dew points, that heat index, that feels like temperature on 4th of july, anywhere between 97 degrees and 101. you see the cold front to the north and west of us. it does not look like this cold front is going to be able to make it all the way down here
10:52 pm
and bring us any relief. it may get close, but it's not going to come through with any cooler temperatures or lower humidity any time soon. showers and thunderstorms did fire up well south of 64. we stayed nice and dry here. another cluster of thunderstorms from illinois and missouri back down to tennessee and watching this out of the north coming down from minnesota into wisconsin, this may continue to work down to the south and southeast and we'll be looking to the northwest again tone afternoon and tomorrow evening. i think there's -- tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. i think there's the possibility we have to watch for thunderstorms coming down from up there. technically tomorrow afternoon we have an outlook for thunderstorms and this will go through the evening. we could see strong, severe thunderstorms. a few clouds tonight, mild, 75 degrees, 60s in the suburbs. more heat and more humidity tomorrow, temperature again in the middle 90s, winds out of
10:53 pm
the south, southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. we start off in the upper 70s. by noon we're 89 degrees and we top things off again tomorrow up into the middle 90s and afternoon and evening hours tomorrow another chance for some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms with the possibility of being strong to severe. even hotter july 4th, even more humid. it stays that way thursday. temperatures closer to 100 on friday and saturday with heat index values closer to 105 as we head through the weekend. >> the power will be back on by then. >> they are working hard to do that. to that developing story out west, firefighters in colorado are gaining ground on the waldo canyon fire, now 55% contained. fox's adam housley with the latest from denver. >> reporter: many residents in colorado springs are now allowed back in their homes as firefighter gain control of the waldo canyon fire, the most destructive wildfire in the state's history which has burned about 350 homes and more
10:54 pm
than 17,000 acres since june 23rd. >> the bottom line is that every day that we are holding lines makes us feel a whole lot better. we're still feeling good about this. we are having great success on this fire. >> reporter: local authorities and the department of justice are investigating the cause of this fire. >> we are working closely with federal and state and local law enforcement agencies to determine whether there is any intentional human involvement in these fires. >> reporter: the entire treat c130 firefighting planes have been grounded following a deadly crash sunday. the military plane from north carolina went down while fighting a wildfire in south dakota. >> obviously there were casualties. there were lives lost. there were injuries. we're very grateful for the survivors and our thoughts and prayers and our heart goes out to the families that have lost loved ones. >> reporter: meanwhile the high park fire near ft. collins is now fully contained. that fire started by lightning
10:55 pm
destroyed about 250 homes. there are still many people under evacuation orders and more than 300 of those won't have a home to return to as fires continue to burn across seven western states. in denver, colorado, adam housley, fox news. firefighters from connecticut headed to virginia to help battle the wildfire in shenandoah national park burning in the western portion of the park near front royal. officials say it's not affecting the most visited portions of the park. it's been burning since last tuesday. more than 1,100 acres have been charred so far. up next why a major rock concert scheduled tomorrow at jiffy lube live has been postponed. >> plus what you need to know if you're heading to the national mall for 4th of july fireworks. >> in minutes at 11:00 what the humane society is doing to keep our four-legged friends cools. the news edge is next. ♪
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thousands heading to the national mall on the 4th of july. the national park service is planning plenty of festivities including the annual concert on the mall. the smithsonian will be holding its folklife festival in public areas along the george washington memorial parkway and will be staffed with medical personnel and concessions and visitor personnel. >> we love to share our park with everyone and with the nation's capital. we have an opportunity and have a number of programs going on for fun, but also to share some of our common heritage. >> the park service urges people to take public transportation wednesday. the smithsonian station will be open this year. aerosmith fans may be crying after this one. the band has canceled tomorrow night's show at jiffy lube live in bristow. steven tyler is following doctor's orders to give his voice a rest. the concert is rescheduled for sunday,


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