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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. tomorrow marks a full week since the lights went out. >> and later today, leaders in maryland will address what went write rite and what went wrong with the -- right and what went wrong. and while thousands celebrated the 4th like our founding fathers, with no elect terrorist, one of the nation's most popular fireworks shows went on as planned last night. a live look outside. we're in the skies today. >> a beautiful move. >> and that does look great. thursday, july 5th. going to be hot.
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and it's always like that and tucker will tell us about that. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simons and look at this. the fireworks every year and do a lot of work to make sure that she goes off without a hitch. friday's storms didn't stop those fireworks on the mall last night and some huge crowds turned out. >> six days later, many people are feeling the effects of the storm. pepco was showing more than 21,000 customers still in the dark. dominion virginia had 14,000 out in northern virginia and bge has 13,800 without power in montgomery, prince georges, anne arundel, and howard count joe. and good thing tucker barnes is no longer part of the 13,000 number. >> that's right. >> and he has his power back
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on. apparently an out-of-state crew helped me out. we'll take it. >> yeah. >> and they are heros. whatever it takes. >> and gets you in a good mood. >> and a better mood. i abandon things and -- i didn't deal. right. >> a free for all. let it go. >> eighty right now in washington. the humidity, 58%. not much wind, well, in fact no wind. we'll be out of the north in tukwila again. the pleasure, 29.83 inches. all right, we'll do this again. the forecast today, hot and that is an isolated storm and there is no let justice department next few days and, if anything, the heat is more intense than the last few days and keep our fingers crossed for those who don't have power, get it today.
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they'll need it. >> and they will. how are the roads look something. >> lighter than usual. i think folks may have skinned down the last few days of travel and enjoyed the holiday, the day after the holiday and it's friday and why bother, right? it allows you to enter information around town and with gas prices to $3.39. the premium up to $3.79 and keep that in mind. on the other side of town, comparing that to the area of herndon, the gas prices there, of course, are different for those around town. the toll roads are open. the gas price is $3.45 for regular; $3.79 for the premium. nice and quiet is the trip, eastbound along 66. so far, no problems reported traveling the cap tool beltway. the lanes are open, traveling inbound and leaving the beltway to duke street.
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95, an easy go and leaving woodbridge and across the occoquan. the lanes are opened southbound 270 from hyatts town and to the truck scales and that is a check of the fox 5 on-time traffic. thousands of people in the area are still dealing with no electricity and no air conditioning this morning six days after the storm. >> in maryland, there is some confusion when it comes to updates from pepco. and sherely is live with more on that and the continuing cleanup efforts. >> reporter: pepco said it restored power to 90% of the customers and they still dealing with the pockets of outages like this bethesda neighborhood here. can you see the massive oak tree that came down over the power lines. we have some lines on the ground and have four utility
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pole here's and that has been that way sinced from. in some cases, pepco is telling home owners the power is restored, even though they remain powerless. six days after the storm and pepco has a large number of outages and they busy trying to get everyone online. pepco has restored the major bulk of power and the automated system is sending out messages and reporting to people that they have power. but the company said that there may still be pockets in those areas where repairs are needed still and many home owners are frustrated where the -- with the misinformation. >> she said the work is completed in your area. didn't say it was restored but that it was completed in your area. no, the wire is still down and nobody is here and there is
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nothing don. she said we'll issue a new ticket. >> reporter: pepco is asking people to call and report outages if they have no power and that is to identify the pockets where handfuls of homes or businesses may still be out with the isolated problems. now, in this neighborhood, we can tell you that we saw pepco truck around the corner. but the problem here is that they have to get a tree crew first to get the tree taken down before they can make repairs to the lines. a lot of work here and other neighborhoods throughout the area. that is the latest here in bethesca. back to you. >> and the tree crews are busy as well. >> and thank you. >> thousands face another sweltering day without power. maryland's public service commission will attempt to answer some of the many questions regarding response to the storm. that includes a recap of reliability standards for
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utility companies. fox 5 will be in baltimore for today's hearing and we'll have more on that tonight at 5. our coverage of the storm aftermath continues throughout the morning at 7 we're talking with the fairfax county department of public safety for more on the 911 problems that hit the areas. at 8, find out who is saying it's not just pepco to blame for the outages in maryland and district. the chair of the d.c. public commission tell us why they shouldering part of the blame. at 9, ike leggett will be in here to talk about what is happening with the whole utility commission companies more accountable after events like this. a deadly double shooting this morning. one of the victims was pronounced dead an hour ago and so far, there is no word on what led to the shooting or if police have suspects. and in the district, one of
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the four people shot has died and this happened before 8:00 last night. the police say it appears a group of young men targeted another group of young men outside of a nearby apartment complex and the gunman is on the loose. why thousands of people across the country may lose their internet access on monday. what you can do to make sure you're protected. >> the widow of arafat wants his body exhumed and what killed the leader. fox 5 morning news is back in just a moment. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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. making headlines this morning, the widow of yasser arafat wants his body exhumed and tested after a radioactive agent was found on clothing he wore in the hospital. arafat died in 2004 following a mysterious illness. a lab found the agent on his
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clothing following tests ordered by his widow. malware could knock out internet service to thousands of computers across the nation on monday. an estimated 64,000 across the country and more than 277,000 worldwide are thought to be infected withmalway that they picked up more than a year ago. the temporary fix shuts -- shut down on monday. to find out if your computer is infected and what to do about it g to and look under web links. scientists think they're one step closer to discovering how the universe began. they found a particle that may be related to the higs boson, known as the god particle. the higs boson is believed to give all matter in the universe its shape and size. scientists have discovered all 12 particles associateed with this theory and they still have to find out what kind of
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properties it has. >> exciting news. >> yeah. coming up next, we're checking in with tucker for your full forecast to find out if thousands of people still got point of viewer this morning. expect any breaks from this sweltering heat and complete with some hazing out there. >> and first, check it out. incredible video out of friday's storm and see what happened as it swept through one teen's birthday party. we'll be right back in a moment. 
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. you might be brushing your teeth or drinking coffee. you have to look at this from friday's storm. this look at. this a family was celebrating their daughter's 18th birthday when the storm hit. the wind came in so fast, it picked up the party tents and knocked feel down. the hotel manager -- knocked people down. the hotel manager rushed everyone into the basement and the stairwell and amazingly no
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one was hurt during this. >> i remember when the storm came through. >> uh-huh. >> and the wind picked up like that and it just re-enforces that. when you look at the video, how strong it was. >> yeah, we were in a lot of trouble. you know how big the live trucks are. >> yeah. >> and it was ridiculous and so fast and so strong. >> uh-huh. >> it was scary. >> i looked out of my window and i could see in the street, the pieces of trees sliding by. >> yeah. >> and that was rocking, huh? >> it was rocking and we were in a hurry to get back to the building. >> i am sure you were. all right. and all right, the buildings today now. >> it's comfortable in here. >> yeah. >> it's nice. >> totally and that is not going to be later today. we're going to be back near 100 with the heat advisory in effect at noon today, so, you know -- . >> actually. >> and all that thing. >> same side air. >> if you don't have to work out during the peak heating, you may not want to because of the, again, unpleasant and dangerous here. all right, 99 yesterday at reagan national. dulles, 97; bwi marshal, 92
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degrees and right up here near 100 again this afternoon. and so, the heat wave continues across the region. the temperatures overnight, not cooling off. we're very uncomfortable here in washington. eighty degrees right now at reagan national; 82 in annapolis; 77 in leonardtown and martinsburg, 73 degrees and 73 at dulles. looking at the satellite radar, shower and thunderstorm activity developing late yesterday. most of that has kind of fallen a part overnight. we're not looking at a great possibility of any showers or storms today. could be an isolated storm overhead and very hot and humid. and very unstable. so we could see a pop-up storm later today and much of the day will be dry and up like yesterday, the day before, we don't have any kind of frontal system or trough kind of across the area to provide any lift. i don't think that we'll see much in the thunderstorm activity. a lot of heat. the heat advisory in effect at noon. inspect the daytime high. mostly sunny, hot, and humid.
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the isolated storms, winds west here at 9 morn. tonight, partly cloudy skies, warm, muggy tonight. 79 the overnight low and the heat is more intense here into friday and the start to the weekend. the highs tomorrow and saturday. in the low triple digits. 102 by saturday. i'm afraid the heat index is approaching 110 and that is the worst of it. then things gradually get better with highs on monday and tuesday in the mid- to upper 80s and that is where we should be finally after a good 10 to 14-day heat wave. and that is a look at the weather and let's do some traffic and a great morning to julie wright. >> reporter: and tucky, on the roads now, you will -- tucker, on the roads now, you will find the lanes are open on the capitol beltway and the avenue here running smoothly with no problems reported. obstacles in the way inbound 50 and between annapolis and the beltway, 95-295, both quiet and traveling 66 eastbound. you will find the lanes are open inbound from fair oaks to the capitol beltway and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time
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traffic. coming up next, we'll go live to the fox business network in new york. apple rolls out the answer to google's latest competition. >> spent as we go to break, the 4th of july celebration. an amazing team and hard on the stomach. >> and the eyes to watch it. >> yes. >> alexandrea's own is talking about thomas, and the women's competition at the nathan famous hot dog-eating contest in cone pawleys island and getting away with 45 hot dogs and buns in about 10 minutes. on the men's side, joey chestnut is down 68. where are the times? we'll be right back in a moment. moment. 
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. welcome back. apple rolls out its answer to google's latest gadget. first, let's talk about the market. lawrence is live in new york
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with fox business network. good morning to you, lauren. >> reporter: hey, wisdom, good morning. nice to see you. >> good to see you, too. light talk about the market. >> yup. >> the third day in a row it's up. >> right. >> and driven by auto sales in. >> yeah, auto sales are good. factory orders came in strong. we have been up for three sessions in a row; however, volume has been slight and there is no surprise there. the holiday-shortened week, 4th of july was yesterday. a nice day for the dow on tuesday, up 72 points. this morning, everything is flat. the reason is we get the big government jobs report for june on friday. two clues into that later this morning and also, a major decision on interest rates by the european central bank. the traders are kind of just sitting and waiting. >> and all right, you know who is not sitting and waiting is apple. they got a new gadget coming out. what do you know about that? >> all right, mini. >> i joy pad. we have been talking about it for awhile and give you our gadget rumors, right? unlike the gadget gossip queen. the latest is that it's an asian suppliers for apple were
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told mo to make a smaller ipad screen for september. the back-to-school seas so-- season. you have to remember although steve jobs said the ipad doesn't work on a smaller screen, you have the google nexus 7, seven inches and the kindel fire by amazon which is seven inches and this screen mean eight inches. we'll have to weight to see. wait until september. >> september, in time for the kids to say i want to that new gadget as well. more money coming out of your pocket. >> and put on your christmas and hanukkah gifts as well. >> right. always good to see you. >> nice to see you. all right, back to the morning's big story. recovery continues one week after the powerful storm tore through the area. crews from as far away as canada are helping to restore power that is still out in thousands of homes this morning. an update on where it stands at this hour. n. n. have breakfast with milk
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and set the stage for a great day.
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. despite last friday's storms, the capitol show went off last night with a huge crowd. >> and that is great. plenty of people are pout power today and pepco has 13 howe people in the dark. dominion virginia with 10,000bg and e has 13,000 people without power. people are frustrated. >> yeah. >> and -- >> getting angry. >> and it doesn't help. it's hot and humid every day. >> and that is dangerous around
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here. eighty in reagan national and that is -- warm, humid overnight. >> and mosquito? >> i hope not and to the north and west, hagerstown, 73 degrees to the north and west and that heat advisory in effect and that is going to feel like 105 and i don't think that this is enough to touch the ground and there is too much sunshine. the heat wave confence -- continues into the weekend. >> and all right, the hotway
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and is this too hot for you, julie? >> it depends. if i have to well go out looking like it, yeah. >> you have something on besides a ponytail, right? and that -- . >> and to that pony tail. she's on it. [ laughter ] >> back to that, we're going wow and that is too much. [ laughter ] >> and the temperatures are near 100 tomorrow and tune in tomorrow. >> you never know. >> it will be a colorful ponytail. >> okay. >> and wisdom's like i came back for this? [ laughter ] >> on 270. i have to tell you, folks, i think a lot of you extended the weekend with the holiday be being in the middle of the week. we're seeing a change in the tucker pattern and tucker alluded to that this morning.
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obviously, no delay traveling south out of germantown. the hov rules are in effect. the last few days, you have gotten used to that, you know, being able to exercise the freedom where you want to and that is not the case today. still an easy go across the potomac and there are no problems to report and that is nice and clear and even the beltway and that is a check of your folk 5 on-time traffic. friday's storm claimed lives and destroyed homes and that changed the course of a d.c. woman's life forever. >> and as tom fitzgerald tells us, family and friends hope for a mekill now that she's paralyzeed. >> reporter: when the storms hit d.c., he didn't lose his power or air conditioning but almost lost something more precious. >> and your daughter?
6:33 am
>> and that made it worse. >> reporter: his daughter was riding her motorcycle home when she was caught in the storm and critically injured after being hit by this falling tree. >> and i was able to talk to her and she was able to speak to me. i knew she was alive and she was talking, i guess she was knocked down. >> reporter: and she's now in intensive care at the hospital. she has five broken ribs, a fractured shoulder blade and trauma to her lungs and what we can't tell you is how things are going to turn out for her. she has friends, good friends who tell us that they going to do what they can to make her path easier.
6:34 am
and victoria helped make camp carol and updated her condition. >> reporter: family members have been posting photos from her waiting room and that is dubbed camp carol and to help with the cost. >> the costs are between $250,000 to $775,000. >> and for her father victor, the most important thing is that he still has his daughter. >> and -- we know that. >> reporter: the storm destroyed many things on friday and did not come close to making the love for carolina's love from friends. >> if you want to find out about camp carol and follow her recovery, we posted a link on
6:35 am as thousands face another sweltering day without power, maryland's commission will attempt to answer questions and we'll have more on that at 5. and our coverage continues throughout the morning at 7. we're talking with the fairfax department of public safety and more motor 911 problem. it's not just pepco to blame for the outages. the chair of the d.c. public service commission tells us why they're shouldering public blame. and at 9:00,oic leggett will be here to talk more about
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the events like this. and police say it appears a group of young men targeted another group of young men outside of a nearby apartment completion and the gunman is still on the loose. investigating a shooting at a 4th of july celebration that injured a eight-year-old girl and another person and that happened around 8:00 p.m. arlington county need your help to look for a man who sexually assaulted a woman. this happened tuesday night before 8:00. the woman said she was confronted by a man with a knife while jogging and dragged into the woods and sexually assaulted. we're following breaking
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news from long island. a 4th of july tragedy. a yacht with 27 people on board capsized near oyster bay, new york. police confirmed that three bodies were recovered from long island sound and the others were rescued last night. there are reports some of the victims are children. president obama hits the campaign trail today with stops in ohio and pennsylvania. yesterday at the white house, the president attended a naturalization ceremony forever 25 active duty service members and later here, and miss obama treated them to country stars like brad paisley and the u.s. marine band. mitt romney took a break from his campaign and took a vacation in new hampshire. he and his family led a parade through the town of wolfboro and called the healthcare reform law recently held by the supreme court a tax. coming up next, you can
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waste a lot of gas driving around trying to find the lowest prices at the pump. >> wait no more. next this this morning's smart phone zone, find out -- you see julie in the morning? >> uh-huh. >> howways can help you save cash and become a part of a fast growing online community -- community. we'll have more after the break. matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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. 6:41 right now. you likely heard julie wright talking about wavings. fox 5 partnered up with the smart phone traffic app. >> and that helps you join with other users. good to see you. >> good morning. good morning to you guys. i am sure you heard julie talking about this and that provides turn-by-turn navigation and updates and it can help you find gas. julie's been talking about that
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and not only does it help you locate gas, but helps you find cheap gas. >> and that is driving around all day. >> yeah. take a look at this. >> the traffic app is upgraded and with helping you find traffic, it locates the cheapest gas. when prices creep up, it can impact the bank account. >> i'm a college kid and during the year, it costs me money that i want to spend on other things. >> reporter: there is nothing like tilling up to relation a station down the road is offering a better price. >> and to 50 cents a gallon cheaper. we should have filled up there. >> with ways, you and fellow drive or the road can keep each other informed about prices at will the pump. with the app open, go to
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navigate and go tap on the new category menu and that pulls up real time price at realtime stations in a list version or on a map. >> and i can see that. >> if you see a price you like, tap on the station and hit go. wave will get you there with turn-by-turn directions. >> we are all set. let's go. >> great idea. i am on the road all day for work. if i can find cheaper gas to save my company money and considering there is cheaper gas stations in a row here and four on the street, it's nice to be able to get the cheapest gas. >> reporter: like accident reports and information on closures and delays, the posted gas prices are all user- generated. if they look different when you arrive, can you submit an update n. most cases, click to confirm. it's available for iphone andandroid and there is a bait have version available from blackberry. there is nothing to lose. >> why is it free? >> yeah. >> are you sure?
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>> we're sure. >> uplead it -- uplead it and don't -- uplode it and don't forget to join the group. >> a lot of people want to know can it get you turn-by-turn directions to the close of the power crew right now. >> and. >> yeah. >> i was going to say during the first storm when they had all of the gas stations shut down, i am like oh, man, i hope people are looking at this and using it. >> right. >> and that can help you see the goings nearby and in a event like this again. >> and if they're open or not? or without power? >> and that does not -- judge it was not prepared for the storm. >> if you're wandering, it's closed and there is another one around the block and updated by users. so. >> okay. very good. >> and there is another part of the update. if you have it on the smart phone, accept all of the updates that come through. >> uh-huh. >> and we're big into explains that you don't want to use it
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while driving. >> right. >> and there is that if you have your phone docked and wave in front of it, can you talk and say the accident ahead and from the gps location, it would locate the accident for you and that is upgraded as well. >> you have that on all of the iphones? how does that work? >> and maybe another story for another day. >> if you why download it, you have that and if you have an android, you have that as well. >> right. >> there you go. >> and i will have to get that for my dad. when was a kid, we used to drive anywhere from 15 to 20 miles to say goodbye. save the weekends on gas. [ laughter ] >> and i am like you're using more gas? >> right. >> and that is the principle of the matter. >> exactly. >> and all right, you don't want to do a lot of driving around if you have to, it's going to be hot and with air
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conditioning, you're heating up quick. and with the temperature of 95 degrees or higher in washington and forecasting a high of 99 and there is no let-up in sight here. and temperatures are pushing to 100 with that 80 in washington. not cool overnight or cooling off overnight. 77 in leonardtown and yesterday morning we were in the 60s and 72 this morning in winchester and there is not a lot to show you and we have a weak cold front yesterday and that is firing up some storms late in the afternoon. they dissipated and don't have that much to drive thunderstorms today and doesn't mean we won't have any with an unstable, hot atmosphere and does not take a lot and there is --y that not going to be numerous. one or two isolateed storms and there is no let up in the heat
6:47 am
to the west and temperatures are pushing 100 here for days and days. unfortunately, we're a part of that and to early next week, the pattern changes and things are better. this is your five-day forecast, 99 degrees today. 99 and plenty of humidity as well and friday and saturday, the worst of the heat wave and saturday's heat index is approaching 110 and we'll have excessive heat warnings and with that better. >> like a cooldown? >> yes. >> and is there a light off? >> i don't know. maybe. >> okay. >> how many acres today? >> and -- that is good. >> when you know what it's time
6:48 am
for? >> all right. >> and ask the weather guys and that is right, answering the most pressing questions and particularrer, you were at the game yesterday and it was stressful. >> did it go well? >> it went pretty well and today's question is from kevin bosh. >> okay. >> and gave a shout out to tyler, the western intern. >> wow. >> and that is nice. kevin writes do not loosen or that nice-shining clouds play a part? >> those are big words. >> by the second word of the question, we were thrown a bit. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> and absolutely. >> and to pronounce it. not to loosen the night shining
6:49 am
clouds. i don't recall hearing those and they do exist and tucker has done the research here and they're quite interesting, as a matter of fact. >> fascinating, yeah and if we can look at a picture of them and to explain where they located and they're found in the far northern and/or southern reaches of planet earth and latitude, 50 or 60 degrees latitude in the north or south of the equator and when do you so, the summer months, they have to be below the horizon and can you oh cageally see the clouds and they up in the atmosphere. and they're the highest clouds that have been seen here on planet earth and they between 47 and 53 miles up in the
6:50 am
atmosphere and they're in the mesosphere and not understood and that is facinginating to know we have such mystery. we're not sure where they come from and there are some theories about it and theories of the climate changes taking place the past $100 years are contributing to it and we dean know. >> and forgive me if i said this and they do know there are water and ice crystals. >> and that is from nasa. can you see and do they play a role in northern plights -- lights? >> no. not particularly. they ionized particles that are -- and that is complicated. yes, they're not clouds. >> right. >> and although there are some shirts? >> they look similar? >> yeah. >> and this is a relatively new
6:51 am
phenomenon. there is no record of these types of crimes being observed any time before 1885. >> uh-huh. >> and the first time that were observed by a spacecraft and that is in no one 72. >> new to that? >> yeah. >> and scientists don't understand a lot about them. there are a lot of theories and we have a bit here and don't have time to go through all of the theories but, you know, they're still learning about them. >> and you will never see them here in the washington area. they're only, you have to go far north or far south of the equator before finding them. >> what latitude are we? >> in the 30s. >> okay. >> and i hope so. >> and -- . >> there, you know. tucker barns? >> and i'm alwaysfas nighted by the kinds of questions people ask. >> intelligent questions. >> yeah. >> and i have done a lot of studies clouds. this is cool. >> yeah. >> and there you go, kevin bosch, you were right and what to call them, not shining clouds, they don't play a role in the northern lights.
6:52 am
>> there you go. >> thank you for the question. if you have a question you would like to have answered, all you -- all you need to do is go to >> oh. >> oh. . >> simon and gar funkel. >> yeah. >> you picked this song over get off of my cloud? >> only -- . >> and that is only because we used get off of my cloud plenty of times. >> i don't know if we should have replaced it with that [ laughter ] >> and that is -- . >> you're right. >> yourself. >> and all right. >> thank you for the question. let's go to julie wright with traffic now. hi, julie. >> and yet, another record from tony's final collection. >> that is not bad. we know get off of my cloud. >> no, and -- . >> i only get a minute here. how about you get off of my face? >> oh! [ laughter ] >> you go. >> and you know, lauren was with us and talking about the
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new feature onways. we have people check in all of the time, from lith company heights, $3.25 a gallon. $3.61 for premium and by contrast on the other side of up to, if you live up in this neck of the woods, in columbia, $3.39 for regular gas and $3.79 for premium. gives you the contrast, depending on where you have to travel and in dmv, we're traveling everywhere. where you want to find the cheapest gas is where you want to go and police activity southbound on the washington baltimore parkway, check in with that information. thank you very much, watch your speed and there is not a lot happening on the roads. you would find lighter-than- usual traffic. i think the folks took the next days off enjoying the holiday from yesterday and still trying to beat the heat. 395, an uneasy drive for you guys across the postoleak and you will find lighter-than- usual volumes, eastbound freeway third street tunnel checking for the stalled car reported there and traveling south on 270, an easy ride and
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earlier, we had a stop on the shoulder and that cleared. all lanes are open to the split and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. and thank you very much, julie. save a life and get fired for doing that. that is what happened to a florida lifeguard. you see, thomas lopez helped save a drowning man on monday near fort lauderdale. he last his job over it because he left the section of beach that his company is paid to patrol. and the lifeguard company said he broke a company rule and could have put swimmers at risk and two other lifeguards quit in protest. >> i am glad he saved the person's life. >> yes, that is the bottom line. all right, still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> we're digging into the past. holly's live in maryland with more on a unique program that is giving students hey i -- a happens-on lesson. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody, i'm holly morris on this thursday morning we've taken a road trip, as we are live at historic saint mary city where we are digging in the dirt and literally uncovering the past. talk about history you can get your hands on. you're looking at an actual archeological dig and what they are finding is the first state house of maryland. we're talking about a building that was built in the middle 17th century. what we're going to do this morning is talk about why this is so important, why we need to find this, why we need to recreate it. we're going to talk about all these students working early this morning. they're part of what's called the field school. we'll find out about that. also they have a weekend coming up called the tidewater archeological weekend where you can come and be a little indiana jones yourself. wisdom and sarah, it should be amazing. i hear the first governor himself might be showing up,
6:59 am
right here live on fox 5 morning news. >> going to get their hands dirty there. thanks, holly. it's time for our facebook fan of the day. we want to say good morning and happy birthday to ma'am mcdonald. she is 62 years young today. says she can't think of a better way to celebrate than to watch fox 5 morning news. >> i like that kind of birthday celebration. >> that is. >> good morning, pam. that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> time to send it over to allison and tony. good morning. >> good morning. coming up, a violent fourth of july in the district. two separate shootings, both in northwest, both deadly. the latest from the crime scenes straight ahead. >> with another hot day on tap, the thousands still without power are wondering when they'll be able to fire up the air conditioner. ahead, an update on restoration efforts and why some pepco customers say they're getting the run-around. >> plus a day after independence day celebrations at the e


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