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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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terribly humid and we're not expect being any rain and/or thunderstorms toughed. >> we are on a good streak, right? >> enjoy t the humidity will be back and so will the 90s before too long. notice i say 90s. >> which it could be upper 90s or low 90s. >> either way, uncomfortable. we are not looking at anything this morning. nice conditions across the area. temperature at reagan national, 74 degrees. baltimore, 67. winchester, 63 degrees. that is nice. 73 in ocean city. always nice in ocean city this time year. looking at the forecast, sunshine for all of us. high temperatures in the upper 80s to about 90. we'll be 89 in washington. 90 in fredericksburg this afternoon. >> okay. thank you, tucker. before we get to julie, we'll talk about this traffic situation that we want to tell you about. there is a nifty early morning accident in prince george's county. >> the southbound lanes of
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route 210 are closed at barry road in accokeek, maryland. police believe one of the vehicles may have been traveling in the wrong direction on 210. let's get more from julie wright. >> good morning. yes, the southbound lanes remain closed off at this time. the northbound stretch of the highway according to police has been reopened. there is an ongoing investigation that is taking place right now. southbound 210 between barry road and the county line, northbound traffic is able to get by at this hour with very little delay. that will impact your commute coming in out of charles county. also on the beltway, we have the inner loop at ritchie marlboro road. that is tying up the right side of the roadway. we are receiving word of accident activity on the inner loop of the beltway as you work your way up towards braddock road. this happens to be the inner loop at the robinson terminal leaving springfield in the direction of braddock road. accident activity reportedly
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involving a tractor-trailer along the left side of the highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. d.c. mayor vincent gray's growing campaign corruption scandal is our big story this morning. three council members are now calling on the mayor to resign. >> this comes just days after campaign consultant eugenia clarke harris pleaded guilty to her participation in a shadow campaign. melanie alnwick has the latest. >> reporter: david catania was the first yesterday to call for the mayor's resignation and then muriel bowser and mary cheh also came to that same conclusion saying that the time has come for mayor vincent gray to do what is best for the stow and ten down. the mayor said, while he was very concerned, he says he does not reflect on his work as mayor and said neither he nor his administration are corrupt. mayor gray still couldn't speak
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relatively freely about the corruption inside his 2010 campaign citing the ongoing investigation. he said he never knew about the illegal fundraising or shadow campaign taking place behind the scenes. tuesday, long-time friend and campaign consultant jeannie clark harris pleaded guilty. >> this is not the campaign we intended to run. we started from nothing. i thought we had raiseed a sub assistantial sum of money during that campaign. >> reporter: we also heard yesterday this from sound sill chairman phil mendelsohn. we asked that mayor gray asked meant ellison to heat him in his office late wednesday night and soon after that, mendelsohn issue ad statement basically asking for people in the city to take a deep breath. >> i do think that the calls for resignation are premature. we do not have any allegations from the u.s. attorney.
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there have been no charges brought. i'm concerned that calls for the resignation of an elected official or the mayor at this point are destabilizing to the government. >> reporter: chairman mendelsohn would be the person who would take over as mayor should vincent gray step down but again, he said yesterday, he has no plans to resign. >> thank you very much. also making headlines this morning, police have several persons of interest in connection to the murder of a local reporter. sir agreenhalgh worked for the winchester star. she was found dead on monday inside her burned-out home that the killer set to conceal the crime. a man greenhalgh dated as among it is people being questioned. she referenced him as crazy in in her facebook posting on sunday but at this point, police say he is not considered a suspect. the former marine who shot at the pentagon says he is mentally ill. yonathan maleku is facing 25
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years in police font shooting. he pled guilty to firing shots at the pentagon, the marine corps mousse -- museum and other targets in 2010. calls for d.c. water to clear storms drains now. there is a stinky mess in the area around rhode island and first street northwest known as the bloomingdale neighborhood, all from the flash flooding tuesday night. people are asking the city to clear out the storm drains more frequently. a few people opened manhole covers to get a look at the storm drains and some of them are just filled with garbage and debris. look at that. >> you can see how high this stick is, like five feet or so. so we look at this. i'm not touching bottom. i still haven't got ton bottom yet.
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>> d.c. water says it already clears the drains regularly and recommends that people plan ahead. we were talking about it the other day, that area that flooded. we wondered if maybe there was some things that were keeping it from draining a bit. >> could be an issue. clearly the flooding was massive this that area. >> we'll be keeping an eye on that. a warm welcome for presidential hopeful at the naacp convention until he mentioned one hot button topic. >> coming up next, we'll hear what brought on a wave of booing. we are checking more headlines when we come back. 
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macing headlines, the national transportation safety board is investigating what caused a train derailment and explosion in ohio. sixteen train cars went off the track early yesterday morning in columbus including the ones that hauled ethanol. this caused a fiery explosion youring two people and forcing residents nearby to evacuate. presidential candidate mitt romney is reaching out to minority voters. he spoke at the national naacp convention in houston yesterday. at first, romney received a warm welcome from the crowd but that all changed when he wrought up the affordable care act. >> i'm going to eliminate
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every nonessential expensive program i can find. that includes obamacare and i'm going to work to reform and save -- >> clearly, he hit ate hot spot there. 3.8million african-american was gain health insurance under the health care law. secretary of state hillary clinton says she can work with china. the secretary of state is meeting with the chinese foreign minister at a summitt in southeast asia in cambodia this morning. the u.s. has been mediating a territorial dispute between china sunday several other asian countries all over china caps claims on the south china see which is rich in natural resources. there are new details this morning about congressman jesse jackson, jr.'s mist serious sickness. fox news has learned the
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illinois democrat is seeking treatment for a, quote, mid disorder at an arizona rehab facility. jackson has been on medical leave from congress since june 10th. at first, his office released a vague statement saying he was taking time off for exhaustion. now, the staff says he is responding positively to treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. a source tells the associated press an investigation looks at issues ranging from university governance to the authority of long-time coach joe paterno. sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse last movement. a local mom in an al custod bring her child back home. >> she has even taken a one- year leave from work. we're talking about that coming up next. nice and cool out there. we've got temperatures in the
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upper 60s and low 70s. going to be a good looking thursday, weather-wise at least. we'll hear from julie wright after the break.
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rise and shine, dmv. it is thursday and it is in the 70s. you are looking at a live picture of the jefferson memorial as we continue here on
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fox 5 morning news. nearly one year since the powerful quake rocked our region and scientists with the usgs are investigating what triggered the quake. they plan to map the region use oohation low-flying plane to get information -- using a low- flying plane to get information about the faults. >> we talked about that yesterday. >> interesting to see where the faults are, thins they may not realize were underneath thering appear surface. >> we learned that this area used to be a an area with as many faults as california. >> you got to go way back. >> way back in the day. >> dry conditions, humidity will remain in check. so we'll go with an officially nice today. >> sounds good. >> we'll go with that. >> a yard work day.
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>> unfortunately, it looks that way, wisdom. >> for the thunder day in a row. >> i've been putting it off. weekend, we are heading for the 90s. low 90s this weekend as we'll have more humidity around here with scattered storms both saturday and sunday afternoon. it won't rain all weekend but there will be the possibility of some storms back in the forecast for your weekend and then the heat bills next week. i think we are looking at mid- 90s around here by tuesday and wednesday. so get ready for more heat. it is july in washington. we are fine. 73 in washington. not bad at all. 66 in manassas. look at all the 60s here to your north and to your west. 64 at martinsburg. 67 in baltimore. nice start to your day. not expecting much in the way of rain showers or thunderstorms today. i don't think we'll get anything at all as we've got a very quiet weather pattern setting up. you can see we are offy to aquiet start. front from yesterday, the last couple of days actually, this is the same front that moved through sunday afternoon. notice it is starting to bubble
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up and starting to push through to the north. that will start to work its way back into the forecast really during the day tomorrow. that is why we'll have more steam, more heat and the possibility of showers and thunderstorms around here this weekend as that front starts to push towards the area. here is your forecast for the day. 89 your daytime high. plenty of sunshine and a warm afternoon. partly cloudy, mild overneed knight. 73degrees. winds south and east at five miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, tomorrow, 87 with some clouds around. could be a few late day storms. saturday and sunday, we're back into the heat and humidity. lies in the low 90s. that is a look at the weather forecast. let's do some traffic and julie wright, she is in and has your latest. >> good morning to you. very busy morning out here on the roads as you guys work your way around the capital beltway. there is accident activity to deal with if you are travel ago long 210. southbound 210, early morning crash in the 3:00 hour has the
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lane should down between barry road and the prince george's/charles county line. we are told there were two people transported away from the scene. no word on their injury at this time. northbound traffic is able to get by. traveling the inner loop of the beltway in maryland on southbound 95, 495, accident activity here at ritchie marlboro road. if you are traveling inbound along route 4 rae approaching mount harmony road, accident activity there at ward road. crash on the inner loop once again as you make your way through virginia. accident activity at 236 involving a tractor-trailer. only the center of the roadway is able to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. an international hunt is on for a man who is now one of the fbi's most wanted. >> he is accused of kidnapping his two children from prince george's county last fall and taking them to the middle east for good. fox 5's will thomas spoke with the children's grandmother about this whole painful
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ordeal. >> it was devastating and very gut wrenching when you realize that we were told you will never see them again. >> reporter: a grandmother left in disbelief. her daughter's ex-husband exercised his visitation rights and picked up 5-year-old islam and two-year-old zaina. he then headed for his homeland of tunisia. >> he called my daughter the next morning to say is in the worst call of your life. i have taken the children and you will not see them again. >> reporter: the children's mother, who was granted sole custody in the divorce, went straight to the f.b.i. he is now listed as one of the fbi's wanted men and osceola interpol's most wanted list. >> the families over there fighting to get the children back but we are also looking because it is a violation of the international parental kidnapping act. >> reporter: their mother has taken a one-year absence from work to fight for the return of her children. she is in tunisia now and spoke
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with us by phone. >> it has been mentally and emotionally draining but right now, we're focused on being grateful and expecting to be home together. >> reporter: she is grateful because her ex is allowing to her see the children but she won't be able to return to the u.s. with the kids unless the courts in tunisia recognize the terms of her u.s. divorce and grant her guardianship. >> what a mess. >> we hope that gets worked out. >> the fbi and international police are watching to see if he tries to travel anywhere. >> he would be arrested immediately. fbi says they would extradite him back to the u.s. they lost just about everything two weeks ago during a powerful storm and now the familiar list on the way to recovery. >> he is not doing it for a pat on the back.
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he is doing it for the goodness of his heart. >> details of how one good samaritan stepped up in a huge way. stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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here is a look at 395 north at green bay road. traffic moving along pretty well there. at massive storm two weeks
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ago that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands people also disrupted 911 service in northern virginia for several days. fairfax county board of supervisors chairman has asked the count sill of government -- the council of governments to investigate what went wrong. she joined us on the news at 6:00 last night. >> we are going to be look at previcely went wrong. we heard that from verizon today. we'll talk about how can we make sure that the kind of redundancy and back up is in place so it doesn't happen again. >> she says investigators have been asked to report back their findings by october. fairfax county will work with federal officials to prevent a similar disruption in the future. one family in virginia lost their entire home. beth parker shows us how they managed to turn it into a happy ending.
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>> you watch movies where they do like the bomb explosions and a warehouse goes of the it was kind of like that in my ears. >> angelas with alone inside her mobile home when the big to remember sit. >> the hallway started collapsing on me. >> reporter: she ran from room to room. >> i'm moving through the home trying to get away. so i run back to the front door, tried to init and there is a whole tree there. >> reporter: so you're traped? >> i'm completely trapped. i remember screaming and laying in the hallway thinking stop, please, just stop. i was screaming out. there was nobody to hear me. >> reporter: a neighbor called 911 and ang las safe but that is not where the story ends. now, angela's husband had an old friend he hadn't seen in years. he ran into that friend three times after the storm. when the friend heard about the damage to the house, he called them up and said meet me at your old place. he wanted to do them a favor.
5:26 am
what he did was buy them the place next door. >> i thought he was joking. >> no joke. he threw in some extras bought from the home's previous owners. >> air conditioner, diamondbacking room table. >> reporter: this good samaritan insist he had remain anonymous. >> he is not doing it for a.on his back and for everyone in america to find out he is a rich dude that is nice. he is doing it for the goodness of his heart. >> reporter: generosity makes this feel like home, sweet home n winchester, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> definitely very generous there. >> nice man. >> very nice man. our big story calls for mayor gray to step down as the campaign corruption scandal grows. >> coming up next, we'll hear from some of the council members who say gray should resign. we'll get a live report coming up next. stay with us. 
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welcome back. taking a look outside. that is the national cathedral. you can see the sun is coming up. hooks like it will be a pretty decent day out there. tucker barnes, temperatures in the 70s here but even in the 60s in some areas right now? >> yeah, lots of 60s and low humidity . it will be a gorgeous day. >> it will be a lovely day. that reminds me of a song.
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bill withers. >> a lovely day that everybody needs to be outside. >> it could be about today. >> here we go. taking off with temperatures right now in washington in the 70s. humidity, 73%. wind are out of the east at five miles per hour. let's take a look at our satellite-radar. there you go. look how quiet it is. a little bit of cloud cover hanging out particularly south and east of the city. you can see that milky white across the lower eastern shore t will be a partly sunny day if you are south of the city. -- it will be a partly sunny day if you are south of the city. we are going with a lovely day. here is your forecast. high temperatures right where they should be upper 80s to about 90. our average daytime high is 89 degrees. yeah, it's warm but this is typical for july. >> sadly, my seduces are running out for why i shouldn't be cleaning up the yard from
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the storm. it's like in the 1r0 and inoh, it's still too hot. >> -- it's like in the 80s and i'm oh, it's still too hot. >> this cold weather girl, i think if you put her in a bucket of ice, she would still think it's too warm. >> wisdom is with me on this. >> really? >> he tells his wife, oh, honey, it's so hot. >> let's stimulate the economy by paying somebody else to do to. >> oh, my gosh. well, kids are out of school. >> out of cool and out of town so it's all good. the couch needs me. forget about obamacare. we have agot wisdom care. on the inner loop of the beltway, the accident activity at ritchie marlboro ride is
5:32 am
tying up the right side of the highway. northbound ford after mount harmony road, fire and rescue units responding to the scene. this morning's accident that remains under investigation occurred back in the 3:00 hour. this closes a portion of southbound 210 between the prince george's/charles county line. so between barry road and the prince george's/charles county line, you will find the southbound lanes are closed. northbound is open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. checking headlines, the fauquier county sheriff's office has several leads in the murder of a local newspaperrer. sarah greenhalgh worked for the winchester star. she was found dead monday inside her burned-out home. the killer apparently according to the police set the fire to
5:33 am
conceal the crime. investigators are talking to a number of people including the man greenhalgh dated. gh dated our big story this morning. three members of the d.c. council are calling on mayor vincent gray to resign. it is the latest in the growing campaign corruption scandal plaguing the d.c. government. melanie alnwick is live at the wilson building. >> in a much anticipated press conference wednesday morning, mayor vincent gray maintained he didn't know about the secret money and the book ram deals funding his 2010 mayoral campaign and he said he has no
5:34 am
plans to resign. council members david catania, muriel bowser and mary cheh publicly called on him to step down saying it would be best for the city. the mayor still isn't speaking freely citing the ongoing investigation. he did say he governor knew about the illegal fundraising or that shadow campaign taking place behind the scenes. tuesday, long-time friend and campaign consultant jeannie clarke harris pleaded guilty to helping fund el more than $650,000 in secret don't is as, the money used for campaign staffer and yard signs arc all all it was off the books. scandal races doubts whether b. whether vincent gray should have ever taken office. >> his ledge its massey as mayor is finished. >> the ledge its massive his service is now deeply -- the legitimacy as mayor is
5:35 am
finished. >> the legitimacy of his service is now deeply compromised. >> reporter: the mayor says he nor his administration are corrupt. we do understand that mayor gray had a conversation in his office with council chairman phil mendelsohn and shortly after that, mendelsohn issued a statement saying that calls for the mayor's resignation are premature. here is the time line of how this is all unfold ring. three gray campaign aides have pleaded guilty to different violations related to his 2010 campaign inform may, his campaign assistant treasurer thomas gore pleaded guilty toil legal campaign contributions. howard brooks, gray's cam maybe consultant, also pleaded guilty in may to lying about money used to derail then mayor adrian fenty's campaign. and then tuesday, eugenia clarke harris pleaded guilty to her involvement in a shadow campaign. calls to clear storm drains. it comes from d.c. residents living in the bloomingdale neighborhood northeast that got
5:36 am
flooded by torrential rains tuesday night. people are trying to dry out towels, rugs and other items that got soaked from the sudden flooding actually few people opened manhole covers to get a look at the storm drains and some of them are just filled with garbage and debris. d.c. water recommends that people plan ahead. a check of the markets. they show wall street closed down yesterday. the dow lost almost 50. the nasdaq fell 14 points and japan's nikkei dropped more than 130 points overnight. all global stocks are falling this morning as china is expected to announce tomorrow that its gdp is slowing. right now, it is 5:36 and we will be back in a moment. a mo
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the captain of the shipwrecked cost aconcorde i can't says he was distracted by a phone call just before the ship crashed into a reef. he told an italian tv station that the collision was an accident in which destiny played a role. thirty-two people were killed in the crash in january. he was charged with manslaughter causing a shipwreck and then abandoning the ship while passengers and
5:40 am
crew were still on board. another top syrian lead are is abandoning the regime as syria's ambassador to iraq detected for the opposition last night. went to tv announcing he is siding with the revolution in syria and to denounce president assad. he is the most senior sir jab diplomat to switch sides as the violence in syria continues to escalate. rebels say 17,000 have died in the last 16 months. the house votes for repeal. republicans say they have tried to get rid of president obama's health care reform more than 30 times and yesterday they tried again with a vote. it is now likely to stick around as a campaign issue all the way through november. politicians will not be allowed to speak at the 9-11 anniversary ceremony at ground zero this year. some of the victims' families have complained that political struggles have hindered progress at the 9-11 museum
5:41 am
there. new york city michael bloomberg has been criticized for suggesting that the name should not be read out loud since they're inscribed on the memorial. that suggestion was overruled. possible signs of another economic slowdown. up next, details of what is happening right now that is causing some economists to worry. plus, we are checking your weather and traffic. stay with us.  ( telephone rings )
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there it is, bill withers, a love day. >> people are taking your requests. >> people are so good in audio. >> that is a live look at the 14th street bridge on a lovely day. let that sink in. and now introducing -- no. >> this you go. >> a little rod stewart because we are talking about two music legends teaming up on the concert circuit this summer. you have a chance to see them without paying a dime. we are talking about rod stewart and stevie nicks. their heart and soul tour comes to verizon center on july 27th.
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>> you must be 18 to enter. go to for complete rules. >> apparently, they are getting back together in 2013. she reported that yesterday, i believe it was. so they will be back together. i guess they were touring in 2009 or whatever. >> they've been on and off for many years. >> they're back together again. >> that's cool. >> yeah. >> a nice song. >> speaking of nice, our weather will be very pleasant here for the next couple of days as we are expecting lots of sunshine. high temperatures, upper 80s to about 90. >> all right. >> we can deal with it. >> we can handle that. >> not expecting any rain today either. >> with dry conditions, we are looking fine. currently, we are nice and comfortable. temperatures overnight falling back into the upper 60s and low 70s. 70 right now in leonardtown. here in d.c., we are 73 degrees. 78 this morning in quantico. and then 60s out to the west. remember, we had temperatures in the upper 60s, oop a degree
5:46 am
or two cereal this morning. 64 in manassas. 67 out at dulles. -- perhaps a degree or two early this morning. this front is hanging up across the carolinas. it is starting to bubble up to the north that. will be the trend over the next couple of days. this front will move back across the washington area during the day tomorrow. so we will have an increase in clouds here tomorrow and the possibility of some scattered showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. front stays to our south today but wouldn't you know it?
5:47 am
it is back on us here before the weekend. we've got the risk of thunderstorms around both saturday afternoon and sunday. not going to rain all weekend but i think there are pretty good chances we could get some storms around here each afternoon this weekend with high abouts 09 degrees. today, gorgeous, # 9. that is where we should be. -- today, gorgeous, 89. you will notice the humidity along with a cloudy day tomorrow. low 90s and some humidity around with a few scattered thunderstorms both saturday and sunday and we'll do it into monday with highs in the low 90s. i think mid-90s back by next tuesday and wednesday. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and julie is hitting the ground running again this morning. >> it has been very busy out here on the roads. we'll check in with sky fox in just a moment. let me happen out a couple problems on the road. accident activity on the inner loop of the beltway as you try to work your way south out of landover headed towards the
5:48 am
wilson bridge. the accident activity here at ritchie marlboro road ties up the right side of the highway. there is all the crash northbound 4 at mount harmony road at ward road. that one involves an overturned vehicle. inner loop of the beltway in virginia, the accident at 236 hthe roadway squeezing by there as well. the crew in sky fox live over the scene of this crash which occurred back in the 3:00 hour. let's take that live footage if we can. this is the portion of 210 on the southbound stretch. highway that remains blocked off between barry road and the prince george's/charles county line. southbound lanes are closed. northbound traffic is able to get by. we were told that two people were helicoptered away from the scene at this point. no word yet on their injuries but we do know the southbound lanes remain blocked. northbound is open. there is also a crash reported along ballsport road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. we are monitoring metro for you this morning. metro board will meet today to
5:49 am
discuss a proposal to set a new standard for train service. the current budget calls for service every six minutes during peak times and every 12 to 15 minutes during non-peak periods. the new proposal would double the wait time. metro may also increase the number of passengers allowed in a car to between 80 and 120 people. a typical railcar carries about 60 passengers. a fallen montgomery county police officer is being honored. luke hoffman was killed in the line of duty in 2007 while chasing a suspected drunk driver. county and police leaders gathered in silver spring yesterday to officially rename a stretch of roadway along georgia avenue after hoffman. >> i think it is only fitting that the community every day, the thousands of people who will drive up and down georgia avenue every day, be reminded of the sacrifice that luke
5:50 am
hoffman made serving this community. >> hoffman patrolled that stretch of roadway. the chief says hoffman was an outstanding officer who graduated number one in his academy class. he was just 24 years old when he died. more and more signs point for another economic slowdown and as fox business' robert gray reports now, businesses are losing confidence. >> reporter: high unemployment, rising national debt, slowing growth. these are all signed of appear economic slowdown and now, america's small businesses are losing confidence. the national federation of independent business says small business confidence fell three points in june down to the lowest level in eight months. according to the nfib, the drop in confidence is a direct result of political uncertainty leading up to november's election. president obama has refreshed his fair share campaign pushing a tax increase for earners over $250,000 a year. and while the president maintains this will speed up the recovery, some investors
5:51 am
remain skeptical. >> it will stifle ininvestment growth. that is the underpinnings ever our economy, something we need. capital spending, research and development. you are taking money out of productive hands and putting it wherever you want. >> after a slew of disappointing economic indicators, small businesses are also scaling back expansion. the survey reports the businesses are slowing down plans to hire and buy more equipment, an indication that owners expect the economy to drag for the foreseeable future. just last week, the labor department said only # 0,000 jobs were create in june. unemployment remains high at 8.2% and according to the federal reserve, the jobless rate will remain above 8% until at least next year. in new york, i'm robert gray. coming up, redskins quarterback robert griffin iii with another award and a chance to show off his socks. >> sports breakfast is coming up 
5:52 am
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5:54 am
redskins quarterback robert griffinism ei showed off his fashion sense while walking the red carpet at the espy awards last night e won for best male college athlete and is also on the cover of this year's ncaa13 video game. training camp started starts in two weeks. rookies report in just four days. griffin is still not signed but
5:55 am
says he is not worried. >> i'm extremely excited. i trust the people around me and i trust the redskins that they'll get it done and i'll be in camp on time. >> you know, those socks are not that spectacular. >> they are interesting looking. >> they're okay. >> you are a hater. >> i like him though. >> i'm not going to hate on the wizards this year. we'll talk about the hard wood right now. the wizards wrap up their four- day mini camp today. they are preparing for the summer league. they have been going at it two practices a day and beal is certainly feeling the effects of the intense workouts. >> i feel sore. my legs are really killing me but it is just all a part of. this that is what it's going to take. we have to put in the time and effort. you got to go two a days. it will only help us get better
5:56 am
and we have a lot to learn in a short period of time. i think these two a days are helping. >> he is like 19. two a days shouldn't bother him. a 19-year-old body. come on. >> those were tough in high school. it was. >> i could go all day when i was 19. >> you are just invincible. ble let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. we say good morning to sharon daniels. sharon says she wakes up to fox 5 at 4:30 hoping to be fan. day. so here you go. that means today is your lucky day. >> for your chance to finish out friday, you get a friday shoutout, just log on to our facebook opinion and leave a comment under sharon's picture. >> -- just log on to our facebook page and leave a
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a push for d.c. mayor vincent gray to resign. >> it is coming from the


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