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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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adidas commercial. >> gets in your head. you can't avoid it. >> you might call this a bit creepy. rg iii haunts a football character with several characters, including a druse driver, security guard and trainer. eventually, he shows off his skills on the football field. >> he has been busy. he has had things to do. >> of course. you got to get the endorsements going. >> we still have friend plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news continues right now. welcome back to fox 5 morning news on wednesday, july 18th on a very steamy and hot hump day. >> just the way you say it makes it seem hotter than it is right now. >> temperatures in the 80s right now. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. it is so hot that, in order to beat the heat, metro is allowing to you bring water on
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to the bussed and trains today. >> the exception to metro's no drinking policy only applies to water. keep that in mind. riders are encouraged to use containers that can be closed tightly. >> you notice when tucker barnes is here with no jacket on, it's hot. >> you had it on and took it off. >> i tried to put if on and took it off. it is up bearable. temperatures right now in the 1r0. here is the big change from yesterday. the humidity has been creeping up overnight. your dew point temperatures are on the rise so more humidity to add to the misery. >> wonderful. thank you. >> 82 in washington. humidity, 67%. wind are out of the south and west at six. your pressure is doing its thing. 29.84inches. the heat advisory goes into
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effect at 11:00. we didn't have this yesterday because, although the actual air temperature hit 100, we didn't have the humidity around. today, he we will have the humidity in addition to the very hot temperatures. the heat index will be approaching about 109 later today. that is a very dangerous level and we have a heat advisory which goes into effect at 11:00 this morning through 9:00 tonight. there could be some relief later this afternoon as we get some showers and thunderstorms moving in. that is another big change and some of the storms could be on the strong side late this afternoon and during the evening hours. be ready for that. here is your planner for today. 99degrees at 4:00 p.m. look out for the possibility some of thunderstorms mid- to late afternoon. i think any time after about 2:00, 3:00, it will become better organized. let's say good morning to lauren demarco in for julie wright this week. how are the roads looking out there? >> i don't know if they're as organized as the storms are going to be. actually, we are checking out waze right now. some wazers helping me get a feel for what is going on on
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the beltway. we can take a look at that. if you are traveling out outer loop heading down past 66, you see we have orange now. just a few minutes ago, i saw red. we had construction that had tied up the roadway. the outer loop was shut down. i'm going to go with they have opened up some lanes. as you travel the outer loop, we do see the cars are now moving so good news there. this is right near route 7. watch for district attorney lays, head past 66, arlington boar clearing out the construction equipment. 270 running well at this time in the morning. if you are traveling in the georgetown area, west m street right at wisconsin, we've got some crews working on a water main. not causing any delay. you want to watch out for them as you head past. no real issues to report on the beltway in maryland. we do have georgetown pike shut down west of walker road
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because of the large tree that fell. melanie alnwick has more on that. a bizarre accident. a huge tree came crashing down on a car killing the driver. >> this happened on georgetown pike in great falls, virginia. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: it is kind of unusual to hear the sound of chain saws and front loaders at 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning but that is exact lit situation we have here on georgetown pike -- exactly the situation we have here on georgetown pike in great falls. drivers are not able to come through here. the tree workers are trying to trim the very old branches off this close to 100-foot oak tree here. this is the second tree that is in a precarious situation. the arborist came and determined that this tree in addition to the one that fell last night is indeed rotted and in danger of falling and needs to come down. let's take a look at what
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happened with the other tree last night. that tree came down right about -- right before 7:00 last night. unfortunately, a man who was driving a black mercedes was coming down the road just at the same time that the tree was falling. they tell us the man is in his 60s. the tree, 100 feet tall. 40tons was the weight of it. and about seven to eight feet in diameter. people say that they believe the man driving the car must have heard or seen something because witnesses say he did try to stop, slamming on the brakes but the tree came crashing down and crushed the roof of the car. >> i was coming home from work and my mom, a companiful cars down from the first guys, they were right behind the car that got hit and we pulled in here because we sue the tree in front of us. we pulled around and we saw the tree was directly on the person who was driving. you couldn't see the person from this side. we went around and got a pretty
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good angle. it wasn't a pretty sight. >> reporter: that man has not yet been identified. we are told that they are waiting the results of an autopsy before they do that. they had to use a crane to lift that tree off of the car. the car was removed around 9:30 yesterday. this work on the other tree that is in a dangerous situation has been going on since about 11:00 last night and i just talked with v-d.o.t. crews and they say it could be several more hours before they get this one cleared. >> thank you very much. a scary moment for one 14- year-old heading into the smithsonian metro station. this was the scene last night after his hand got stuck in the escalator. a metro spokesperson says the boy, who is from canada, was riding down with his flip-flop got caught not bottom step. when he tried to free his shoe, his hands got stuck instead. he was takeny to a local hospital for treatment. some people aren't willing to lend a helping hand to a
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stranger in need. take a look at this video after a young man was hit by a car and killed earlier this month while crossing columbia pike. the victim of a deadly pedestrian collision is lying on the ground next to the trash can and people are casually walking by to get on the bus. you never see anyone stop. >> more trouble than it is worth for some people, creates extra swooshing for them. he they don't want to deal with it. >> it is not like you're in in the alley in the dark and there is a person laying there. you would be afraid. >> i think that is terrible. >> i think that is immoral. it is a crime. it's criminal. >> arlington county police did receive several 911 calls about the incident. they say the traffic signal at the light was out as a result of last month's severe storm. the driver of the car is cooperating and not facing any charges. embattled d.c. mayor vince
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gray, who is under investigation by the feds for alleged campaign violations, is getting support from d.c. ministers this morning. they are organizing a rally for later on this morning outside the wilson building to show support mayor gray even though three d.c. council member have called on gray to resign because of campaign scandal. mayor gray is not planning on attending the 11:00 a.m. rally. a car plunges nearly 40 feet down an elevator shaft. details of one garage attendant's huge mistake. caught on camera, why motorized scooters don't belong on escalators. you can see this is not go to end well. you are watching fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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the liberation of dam as us is under way. raging street battles continue this morning and fires are reported near the presidential palace. for the first time, heavy armor and attack helicopters are used inside damascus. meanwhile arc diplomatic showdown looms at the united nations today. russia is promising to veto a resolution calling for tough sanctions against syria. >> take a look at this video.
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a woman on a motorized scooter trying to make her way up an escalator in a boston train station. as did you imagine, it doesn't exactly work out as it's planned. she grabs the rail but the chair gets snagged and dumps the woman out. as if that is not enough, the scooter then topples over on top of her. >> is that her walking down? >> i think that is her. she was not hurt. she was able to walk back down to the bottom by herself. >> note to self, don't take the motorized scooter on the escalator. up in the big apple, check this out ate car plunges 40 feet down an elevator shaft injuring two people on the street. firefighters cut the driver out of the lexus using the jaws of life. here is the deal. he is a parking attendant who drove the car on to the elevator, only the lift was not there. the lexus plummeted from the fifth floor but luckily no juan one was seriously hurt. >> now, how do you -- no one was seriously hurt.
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>> now, how do you explain that to the car owner. >> problems, just fell down the elevator shaft. a big buzz in the high-tech world. anticipation over the new iphone. >> details of what some tech insiders are saying about possible changes to the iphone. >> let's check in with tucker. >> possible chains in your forecast. not so much today. we've got more heat out there expected. later this afternoon, maybe some thunderstorms too. i'll have all the details on that forecast. lauren demarco has a look at your traffic right after the break. 
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live look outside right now at northwest washington. i see like two cars out there right now because everybody is probably still asleep. when they do wake up, they are going to realize that it is 80- something degrees outside right now. >> and they will have issues deciding whether or not they put a coat on on or not if they have to wear a suit today. tucker can't decide either. >> i've been back and forth. >> it's warm. >> i don't have this option as you guys do. you're lucky. i'm just sitting here sweating. >> i can take my coat off. >> that would be unprofessional a little bit over on my side. you are doing weather. >> there would be consequences
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and repercussions if i did it. >> me too. >> i can't touch that subject. >> yesterday's daytime high was 100 degrees. yesterday was the sixth time that we've hit 100 degrees this season. pretty impressive stuff. dulles, 99. awfully close to 100 today. more humidity though so it will be noticeably more uncomfortable than even yesterday. that is why i've got a heat advisory. temperatures right now at reagan national, that is why we're all complaining. 81degrees. it is warm outside, 83 in annapolis. last couple of mornings, better off to the north and west but not this morning. our humidity levels have been kind of creeping up and you will notice that humidity in addition to the temperatures today. so we've got a heat advisory which goes into effect at 11:00 this morning. actual air temperature about 100. mix in the humidity, it will feel like 105 to 109 later
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today. if you will be out, lots and lots of water. if you can, get in the shade. take it easy outdoors later this afternoon as that heat will be dangerous for a time. there is our relief. apts cold front now pushing into portions of northwest pennsylvania and new york. doesn't look terribly impressive at this hour but as the day progresses here, we'll see some thunderstorms develop along it and it will start to push into our area later this afternoon. so look out for the potential for some scattered strong storms here any time i think after about 2:00, 3:00 today through the evening rush hour into the nighttime hours. this front will take a very, very long time to get south of us. but at least we will transition into a cooler weather pattern here. starting tomorrow, highs will only be about 90 and back into the 80s with less humidity. 100 today, sunny and hot. storms possible later this afternoon. they will be scattered, winds out of the west at five to 10. we'll see some storms continue into the nighttime hours. warm and humid overnight. upper 70s for overnight low. here is the five-day forecast.
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tomorrow, a little better with highs in the low to mid-90s with a for you showers and storms around during the day. friday, things should quiet down with temperatures in the 1r0. the weekend now looks nice. mid- to upper 80s with less humidity, lots of sunshine both days. that is weather. let's do some traffic and lauren demarco. she is in this morning with the latest. >> another triple digit day. we've got a few things going on. shade yes grove road near 370, police checking for reports of an accident there. georgetown pike west of walker road remains shut down behaves large tree that fell and a clean-up that is under way. the outer loop of the beltway in virginia, we did have the outer loop lanes should down for construction. that is being moved out the way. to the right, that is the outer loop heading into virginia. everybody is running at speed. 66, seeing the volume start to build here at the left. headlights heading towards us is the inbound traffic through manassas. things look good leaving 7100
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heading past route 50. 95, no real issues for you past the prince william parkway up through springfield. beltway in maryland, no real problems. do want to mention if you are taking metro today, you are allowed to carry and drink water but do watch, check the web site. there could somebody speed restrictions due to the heat this afternoon. over to you. >> thank you. a major mile stone for construction of metro's highly anticipated silver line. crews put the final segment of the dulles metrorail aerial guideway into place at metro corner t will carry metro trains over the beltway to dulles international airport. four stations are part of phase one at tysons corner and train are expected to start running in december 2013. in consumer news, the iphone 5 could be out this fall. inseed irs say it will be thinner by integrating touch screen sensorred into lcd and removing an extra layer of the screen to improve the image quality.
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so far though, no comment from apple about the iphone 5. >> some early unsight possibly into that. >> we are getting ready for i abig crowd at the box office this weekend because, up next, this summer's big release, the dark knight rises, batman. >> i can tell you are so excited. >> yes, bad reviews though i'm reading. >> we'll be the judge of that. we'll have to go see. we'll get a sneak peek coming up. the middle class is shrinking. in this daday and age you can oy accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future. my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix.
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a live picture at 14th street right now as we warm things up on this wednesday, middle of the week. getting ready for the conclusion of the week and speaking of warming thins up, could charlie sheen bring his winning ways to american idol? now, the show's producer says it is a possibility. sheen says he would be up for the challenge even though he doesn't have a lot of singing experience. he and to ryan seacrest's radio show and says being a jump on idol would be fun. just last week, steven tyler and jennifer lopez announced they are not coming back to the show. the most anticipated movie release of the summer. tickets already are selling out for this friday's debut of the dark knight rises, the third installment in the latest batman series. >> we have a sneak preview. >> the storm coming. >> reporter: director chris nolan's third and final batman movie, the dark knight rises has a lot to live up to with his two previous films posting
5:25 am
record hand breaking numbers. >> i wore that i would protect you. >> reporter: the story of the billionaire turned superhero crime fighter picks up eight years later ads a peaceful gotham city is disrupted when a new terrorist emerges bringing the caped crusader. >> i had mixed feelings. the long term of this has meant a great teal to me. it has meant a great teal to me in terms of my career, my life and fay family's life and this is it. >> you are not batman anymore. >> reporter: not so for morgan free man. >> sactors don't cry at the end of a movie they want to do something else. >> my mother warned me about
5:26 am
getting into cars with strange men. >> this isn't a car. >> ann hathaway feels like she is on a roll. >> there were two iconic roles back-to-back. but if you can't trust chris nolan to guide you through batman, i don't know who you can trust. >> reporter: the debate continues over whether costar was the body mold for batman's suit. >> they take the air out and you suck it in and that's mine. >> william la jeunesse, fox news. >> i'll watch for christian bale. >> i'll watch batman even though it is getting some bad reviews. christian bale, he is a good actor but i think you're talking about something else. >> yeah, maybe. coming up, her husband left her for a younger woman so what is she doing about it. >> ahead in about 14 minutes,
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we'll show you how she turned it into a unique marketing tool. up next, all our top stories plus weather and traffic. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health care should be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means life-saving cancer screenings and family-planning services.
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but, for mitt romney... planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that.
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coming up on 5:30 right now on this wednesday, july 18th. take a wide look over washington, d.c. this morning. starting to lighten up just a bit there in the skies which means the temperatures are going towed up from here and
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we're already, what, 81 here in the district? is that right? >> 81 degrees. >> didn't it go down a degree. we used to be 82. now, we're down to 81. >> until the sun comes up, right. >> when the sun comes up, we'll be 94. you guys didn't get it. >> we're a little slow this morning. say that again at 6:00, we'll catch it. >> there is your 81. you can see temperatures across the area certainly on the warm side this morning. 81 in ocean city. the last couple of mornings, we were in the upper 60s and low 70s. not the case today. nothing to show you at the moment. a little bit of cloud cover out to the west actually cold front getting its act together north and west up north and west of pittsburgh.
5:31 am
we'll start to push into the area later this afternoon and that could kick off a round of thunderstorms around here so be ready for the possibility of a typical summer afternoon thunderstorm although some of these could be on the strong side as we get that cooler and drier air starting to work in. here is your forecast for today. unfortunately, back near 100 today. we have a heat advisory which goes into effect at 11:00 this morning. more dangerous heat for one more day. i promise some relief tomorrow and much better looking by the time we get to the weekend. ill vie athose details coming up in a minute. >> working for the weekend. let's check in lauren demarco and get the latest. >> don't make me sing. we did have some tea lays on the beltway heading for arlington boulevard. that is for the most part cleared up. the construction has picked up and moved out of the way. 66, seeing some volume here approaching route 50 fair oaks. also want to mention georgetown
5:32 am
pike shut down west of walker road because of a large tree that fell. melanie alnwick has been following that so we check back in with her. 270 running pretty well down towards the split. we do haven't an accident reported shady grove road near 370. watch out for that. 95 northbound seeing some volume as you head up toward the mixing bowl. 395, no incidents reported for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. our top story, just a horrible, horrible accident that we've seen far too many times as of late. >> i huge tree fell on top of a car killing the driver. this happened along georgetown pike in great falls, virginia. fox 5's melanie a.-- melanie alnwick on the scene. >> we moved around to the other side to give you a better
5:33 am
picture of the totality of what is going on here. this pile of branches behind me, this is from the 100 feet tree that fell last night. these pieces are huge. they are absolutely amazing. this is part of one of the branches and the upper part of the trunk. see how this is thin. we'll talk about that how this is hollow and rotted out. that is part of the rope why they are working on this tall are tree back behind us. this is a twin tree that was pretty much just like this one here. they are worried that one is going to fall. they are still not even halfway through and they've been working on it since 11:00 last night. let's look at some of the video from last night. so you had this 100-foot oak tree. people say it weighed about 40 tons, sent to eight feet in diameter at its thickest part. it fell last night just before 7:00 on a black four-door
5:34 am
mercedes. we are told a man in his 60s was driving the car and he must have heard or seen something because witnesses say he tried to stop and that he was slamming on the brakes but the tree came crashing down, crashing the roof of of the car. they to use a crane to lift the tree. it just happened feet from the entrance to a fairfax county fair station and two men, who were driving right behind the car, were actually with an out of state tree service that was here to remove trees after the derecho. >> i slammed on my brakes and jumped out and ran up and i was hoping it hit the back side of car and i looked in and that is when i seen it, the deceased. >> the tree came straight down on the car, the car slammed on its brakes. when the tree started coming, they heard something. he they slammed on their brakes. that is when the tree came down on top. >> reporter: one of the things to talk b they had an arborist come out and look at the trees and they said they were rotten. i want you to take a look at the bottom part of the tree
5:35 am
that fell yesterday. that is supposed to be the root. think about when he with he soo the trees. you see the huge root ball with lots of roots and mud and grass. what do you see here? it is a dead stump which tells you there may not have been much to the roots and the root system to this tree. that is the danger situation here and that is why they are working to get this other tree down before a similar situation could happen. we do think the road here is going to be closed for a couple more hours. cars are able to get by by going through the neighboring shopping center parking lot. >> scary situation there. all right. thank you so much. this next story serves as a reminder that escalators can be very dangerous. this was the scene at the smithsonian metro station last night after a 14-year-old boy's hand got stuck in the elevator -- or escalator rather. a metro spokesperson says the teen to is from canada was riding down when his flip-not got caught on the bottom step.
5:36 am
when he tried to free his shoe, his hand got stuck instead. a handful of of d.c. council member have already called for mayor gray to step down because of the federal investigation into alleged campaign violation buzz this morning, the mayor is getting a boost from some supporters. matt ask land reports on i asuch ministers hold holding a rally for the mayor today. >> reporter: mayor gray start the his day with a ribbon dutting ceremony in northeast and then came the questions about shadow campaigns. >> you know how many times i've been asked that question. and again, we've indicated that the certain issue that will be forthcoming in the future. that is not a question we'll address today. >> reporter: across town, reverend hagler says he and other church leaders are busy the putting together a rally to support mayor gray. >> i believe you are innocent until prove proven guilty.
5:37 am
>> reporter: he says he has not spoken with gray but he did send him a message soon after three d.c. council member asked gray to step down. >> i sent him an e-mail that basically said you better not resign. >> reporter: there is also growing talk that race may be behind calls for gray to resign. we asked the reverend about that. >> not so overtly, let me put it that way. i think when we talk about washington, d.c. and some of the feelings that take place from a prosecutor community level such as here in the midst of a predominantly black community, there has always been the concern that what happens in d.c. is to uproot and remove a population. >> i don't think we should focus on that at all. i've not focused on t i think you know quite well and i hope that would be stated, i never brought up the issue of race at all. >> reporter: gray says he doesn't plan to attend wednesday's rally but appreciates the support. >> it is nice of them to do that. i appreciate t. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox
5:38 am
5 news. >> the rally is set to 11:00 this morning on the steps of the will sop building. her husband left her for a younger woman and oh, revenge is sweet. >> yes, it is. now, she is using this to help her sell her house with one big requirement for potential buyers. we'll hear from her coming up next as we check out more headlines. 
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new members on the naint national space station. three astronauts arrived yesterday. they're american, russian and japanese. they will work at the station until november with the three crew members already living on board. a japanese cargo rocket carrying supplies is expected to arrive at the space station next week. now, listen to. this a -- listen to this. the sign outside this home says husband left us for a 22-year- old. house for sale by scorn, slightly bitter, newly single opener. adulters need not apply. >> want everyone to know that i am scorned i am hurt and i ambitter and sad and i just thought it was truth in advertising. i want people to know it was a
5:42 am
family home, well loved, well taken care of. >> all right. now, she was married for 10 years but the marriage fell apart a few months ago when she found out that her husband was having an affair. her husband says he is upset about the sign. >> would anybody want to buy that house because you are thinking all the memories, the drama, the energy left behind in that house. >> i suppose if you want it at that point, you can start asking for drama discounts. so much drama and so much negative energy in here, i want a big discount. nearly three weeks since that sudden massive hit from mother nature, the derecho. >> many people are still dealing with the aftermath. plus, we are dealing with current weather and current traffic. stay with us. 
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live look outside ight now at the beltway in oxon hill. things are starting to roll. people starting to get up out of the bed, get going on wednesday, hump day, a very hot wednesday morning. >> you can see the sun kind of reflecting there too off the
5:46 am
barrier walls or whatever. so things will start warming up, the pavement too. it will get hot again. >> yeah, it is. it is already quite warm. temperatures in the low 80s. the humidity will be creeping up today. we have a heat advisory which goes into effect at 11:00 this morning. in some ways, today will be the worst of it and then we'll start to get relief by tomorrow. >> i like how you say quite arm and it's 80. >> quite warm -- i like how you say quite warm and it's 80. >> a little uncomfortable. >> 79 for you in leonardtown. the entire area, even off to the north and west,
5:47 am
martinsburg, you are 75 degrees. 73 in winchester. high temperatures today, yesterday's high temperature was 100 degrees and we'll be close to that today. relief now at least on our map. there it is. pushing through the great lakes region. that is a cold front. that will sag down into the washington area a little later this afternoon and as it does so, it could kick off a round of thunderstorms. but up ahead of it, our dew point temperatures, our humidity has been increasing overnight. you will notice the humidity will be increasingly uncomfortable. so that is why the heat advisory is in effect. it will feel like 105 to 110 later this morning, early this afternoon. all right. these storms could kick off again later today. officially, we are under a slight risk for severe weather. the area in red here as some of the storms could be on the strong side. we have to look out for the potential for very gusty winds. maybe some hail later today as these storms start to move in. this will slowly creep down to the south here over the next couple of days. so it will be with us later
5:48 am
tonight. a few storms around and even into the first part of your thursday i'm afraid this front will be hanging out across the region before we push it south for friday and for the weekend. the good news is for the weekend, temperatures in the 80s with less humidity. that is a busy map. sunny today. i mentioned the heat advisory. winds out of the west at about five miles per hour. scattered showers and storms continue tonight. they could continue or linger into the overnight hours. warm and humid overnight. 79 the overnight low. highs in the low 90s. it gets a lot better by friday, saturday and sunday, highs in the mid-80s. less humidity and lots of sunshine. good-looking weekend. a great-looking weekend with more comfortable temperatures on the way. that is a look at weather. that make me smile. lauren demarco has your latest. >> thank you. the commute along georgetown pike not a nice one this morning. it is closed off just west of walker road because of a large tree that fell. we've been following that. we will continue to do so throughout the morning. let's take a live look from
5:49 am
waze as you travel northbound 95 checking out the commute here reports of slow traffic in aquia harbor. if you move along to trafficland, further north, it looks like not too bad of a trip across the prince william parkway and across the occoquan. you will be off and on the brakes from newington to head into springfield. 395 looks good. this is shady grove road, northbound lanes between 355 and 370. a tractor-trailer involved there as well. you want to avoid that area. westbound m sleet at wisconsin and georgetown still working on a water main there. you want to try to be eafl as you head past the crews. sarah, wisdom, over to you. >> all right. thank you. it has been nearly three weeks since the derecho swept across the d.c. neighborhood. >> the storm costs are still piling up.
5:50 am
we have a report. >> reporter: parts of bethesda could be called blue tarp city. here is just one house still needing no doubt costly repairs. >> it is amazing to see the destruction that the storm caused. >> reporter: look higher than the rooftops and you see tree company employees clearing dead and dying limbs. this one walloped by derecho, a cigar industry standing above this home of a family of eight. >> we had several big branches puncture the roof. >> reporter: this tree is next. it's giant tulip poplar behind the next door neighbor's house. >> we wanted to get some trimmed and pruned back so it is a little less scary in another storm blows in. >> you can see it is a massive tree. >> reporter: in john graves' backyard, part of this giant maple was torn off and crashed smack into his roof. >> it happened with the storm and the lights went out and i
5:51 am
heard this big crunch. the house shook. >> he is still waiting to get it removed. walk around the neighborhood long enough and you might find something like this. here is a sidewalk that has been damaged by an uprooted tree. >> i actually didn't hear it. i felt it. >> mark lives next to this whopper. >> if this tree had hit this house, i would have been a dead man, no doubt about it. >> reporter: some hour lines are still trangeled under under fallen industries. mash says he is not surprised to see something like this happened here too. >> montgomery county said that they wouldn't do anything about this tree until the wires were fixed by pepco. pepco said they weren't going to do anything about the wires until the tree was removed. it was one of those classic can't-win situations, i guess. >> reporter: all. tree debris in montgomery is ending up at the county-run transfer station in durwood. >> we'll be busy for the next two week as they clean up all the residential streets.
5:52 am
>> reporter: sean ryan says they've received 100,000 cubic yards so far. that is equivalent to more than a thousand tractor-trailers filled with this stuff. >> there was more during this storm that came in here than during hurricane isabel. >> reporter: a county contractor is turning all it was into mulch to be sold at your neighborhood home improvement store. another wild finish at nats park. up next, the nats and mets down to the finish line. 
5:53 am
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a thriller at nationals park. the nats blew a two-run lead in the ninth again the mets. they would tie in the bottom of the inning with a hit by danny he is pin owes a new york took the lead again in the 10th but bryce harper would tie it with a triple to right. he would come home with the game winner on a wild pitch. nationals win 5-4. jeremy lin is heading to houston. he signed a three-year $25 million deal. the knicks reportedly were swayed away by the $14 million
5:56 am
salary for the third year. and addition by subtraction for the wizards. the team used the amnesty provision and released andre blatch. that means the remainder of his contract will not go against the salary cap but he will still get paid the $23 million still owed to him. he had several off the court problems during his time in d.c. but he has got $23 million. so the problems go away. day three of redskins rookie training camp and still no robert give iniii. >> he still hasn't signed a contract just yet and technically, he is not missing any training camp. but he is missing the extra time that rookies get to get up to speed when the veterans show up. griffin is expected to sign a four-year $21 million deal. so who is ripper, canadians or americans? >> that is a good question. we'll find out coming up in a little bit. interesting story just ahead. time for our facebook fan
5:57 am
of the day. we say hello to vernice bryan. she says she and her husband are celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary. they are fox 5's number one fans. we want to say thank you for tuning in. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. >> that is a live look right there at -- from our chopper, shady grove road intersection. there is an accident there apparently. more on that? just a couple of minutes. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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