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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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19th, getting ready for friday with some interesting weather on wednesday. warm, rain, lightning in some spots. drama. >> take a look at. this another summer storm as wisdom just mentioned has some folks in clean-up mode once again. flood waters ravageed a bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest d.c. especially near t street and rhode island avenue. >> another scene all too familiar as of late, more toppled trees and power lines. one of them came crashing down on the top of two homes in arcadia place in northwest d.c. now, another fell into the street around the corner at tennyson and utah. both areas are without power once again. resident were in the dark for six days after the june 29th storm. >> i guess it is mother nature and i'm not too happy with it but the big old oak trees, they just eventually come down. >> someone lost their house three week ago and now someone else will have damage to the
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house. we lost a car. rather a car than a house. >> at last check, there are several neighborhoods in chevy chase, d.c. and maryland without power at this point. >> i do want know about you, but i notice whenever the wind blows now that i'm he a little bit worried about a tree anywhere that i'm near. >> that is what i was thinking about. >> it has been a tough summer. and the flooding in d.c., yesterday, 2 to 3 inches of rain in parts of washington in a short period of time. that will cause problems. we could do it all over again today. i don't think the storm will be quite as strong but we could see some heavy rainers and a potential for a couple of severe storms this afternoon. the same front that we had around here yesterday is easing its way down the road. it is not in a hurry to get out of here. 80degrees in washington. 76 in baltimore. shattered some temperature records yesterday. i'll show you those coming up in a few minutes.
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70 in winchester. 76 in ocean city. lots of humidity. you will notice the dew at&t temperatures. there go your storms and dissipating during the overnight hours. we do have some cloud cover out there. it will be a partly to mostly cloudy day today. i don't think we'll foe thank you the same amount of sunshine as yesterday. some some ways, that is good news. that will hold our temperatures down into the low 90s. today, our high temperatures will top out in the upper 80s and low 90s. 92 in washington. 89 in warrenton. 90 in culpeper. look out for scattered showers and storms after about 3:00 today. >> all right. thank you. right now, let's keep our eyes on the roads with lauren demarco. >> good morning. we do have an accident reported southbound bw parkway. for anyone leaving the baltimore area headed south towards howard county, just prior to route 100, bw parkway shut down the southbound direction right now. we could take a live look at our cameras, 95 in maryland as you travel southbound toward 100, not seeing any real delay
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for you. if you are making the trip out of the baltimore area, 95 would be a good option for you. here you are 95 in virginia. no real problems as you head up across the occoquan continuing up towards the mixing bowl. 66 looking good out of manassas. this is the trip toward route 50 fair oaks. no issues for you. and the beltway, overnight construction has wrapped up. no delays heading from college park in towards silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. making headline this morning, montgomery county's ride-on bus service will run on a modified holiday schedule today and tomorrow. this come after a series of fires on one of the system's fleets. the most recent happened yesterday morning in silver spring on ramsey avenue. the bus was south of service and no one was hurt. this is at least the seventh fire in the last three years on a smaller bus made by champion international. as a result of yesterday's bus fire, all 38 champion buses in the ride on fleet were taken
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out of service. those are the smaller buss that hold 30 people. an update on the massive tree that fell and killed a man driving on georgetown pike last night. police say carl roach was not speeding and no alcohol was involved. his family says the 64-year-old enjoyed horses and was active in the virginia fox hunting community. people have complained about the tree that crushed his mercedes. fairfax officials say they do not know of any complaints about t. another big story we are following, the majority of d.c. residents no longer support mayor vincent gray according to a new poll out by the "washington post." it is the latest fallout from the mayor's ongoing campaign corruption scandal. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live in northwest with the details. >> reporter: wisdom, the "washington post" surveyed 1002 adult d.c. residents and if the first time since 2006, slightly more of them said they believe
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the city is moving in the wrong direction. when asked about mayor gray and whether he should resign, 54% said yes, gray ought to resign. 37% said he should not. 45% of the people polled say city matters are on the wrong track versus 40% would believe the opposite but that is still nowhere near the depths of from the early 1990s when 70% of resident felt that d.c. was in bad shape. when asked about gray's handling of his job, only 29% approved. on creating jobs, the majority said he is not doing a good job. more than 60% said he is not hoppest or trustworthy or running an ethical administration. -- he is not honest. >> the mayor has been consistent in his statements that he has no plans to resign, that he is staying focused on his administration, that he feels that he is doing a good
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job running the city and that this is not a distraction. in fact, in some ways, he blames the media for focusing on the investigation instead of some of the programs he has been putting forth. >> reporter: now, gray does have his supporters. some of them battled the heat yesterday to rally in front of the wilson building. they believe the calls for the mayor to resign are premature and they want to see the legal process play out. gray did get good marks in a few things. in trying to bring new business to the city and also 55% of the people that the "washington post" polled say he believe that d.c.'s economy is good or excellent and that is an improvement from last year. >> thank you. d.c. police say no arrests so far in the beating of a political strategist by three men in the district. david mercer is still in the hospital after the beating at the 7-eleven. a witness saws mercer brushed up against the young man. one said when he comes out, he was going to knock him out.
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mercer has frequently and on fox news and other be cable stations as a political consultant. d.c. police are hoping you recognize someone in this surveillance video. it was recorded bus stop at seventh and eighth street northwest. this video was taken minutes before someone walking by was vile lent attacked. if you recognize anyone, call d.c. police. joit george zimmerman talking about the night he shot trayvon martin. >> plus one person's daring escape from a kidnapper. we are talking more headlines when we come back.
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new in bull gulf airy, and aattack on israeli tourists killed seven, not eight as reported earlier. a michigan driver's lance found on the bomber was i fake. israel says iran was responsible for the attack and is promising to respond strongly. iran says it claimed it was behind the bombing -- claims that the bombingss are, quote, ridiculous. the man accused of killing tray 70s martin is giving his first television interview. george zimmerman says he would
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tell have atron martin's parents he is sorry and is open to talking with them. but he denies he was chasing trayvon martin on the night of february 26th. he said you're going to die tonight. he took one hand off my mouth and i felt it going down moi chest toward my belt and my holster. i didn't have any more time. >> zimmerman was released about two week ago "$1 million bond. caught on tape in pittsburgh arc kidnapping victim makes a daring escape. police were responding to an unrelated incident when all of a sudden, the van pulls by and the victim jumps running for safety after just hearing the trio holding him captive talk about killing him. a major loophole in in the security that threatens millions, specifically airline security. >> details of what is now prompting some new procedures but first, we'll talk about
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weather and tucker barnes. >> thank you. we've got clear skies or quiet conditions at least. warm and humid to start your day. showers and thunderstorms back if the forecast. i will have all the details on that. willmar is in as well. she'll have a look at your traffic. we'll do it right after the break.  i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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welcome back. it is 5:14 on this thursday.
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i love saying thursday pause you know it is connected to friday. >> friday eve, right? >> yeah, friday eve. washington monument right now, temperatures again in the 80s or is is it right at 80? you didn't read that. >> it is right at 08 but it is very humid out there. >> after that big storm yesterday in some areas. >> yeah, several big storms and some locally heavy rain. could do it all over again today. i don't think we'll see quite the fireworks we saw yesterday. certainly, the potential is out there as the same thunderstorm that triggered the storms yesterday is hanging out in our neighborhood. we do koo -- we could do it all over again today. it is moving very slowly. the fact that it is creeping along here will give enough lift that we could get some more rain showers. >> we could use it. >> lets he get to your numbers. i want to mention yesterday, our high temperatures at reagan national, those were records. reagan national, 101, was not a
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record. it was the seventh time this year, this summer, wave been 100 or better. that beat a record that went back to 1986 -- we've been 100 or better. >> hi, lauren. how you doing? >> we'll talk to you in a minute. >> i'm not done. >> let me mention that the current temperatures are in the 70s and low 80s. 81 at rug and national. lots of 70s off to the north and west. plenty of humidity. 73 in leonardtown. 75 in manassas. satellite-radar, quiet right now. may not stay quiet later this afternoon. our frontal system is just to the north. that will continue to sag into the area. more clouds than yesterday. that is a guarantee. will we see showers and storms?
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certainly a possibility. a good 50, 60, 70% chance we'll see showers and storms later this afternoon. a little cooler than yesterday, much cooler than yesterday, still on the warm side. 92 your daytime high with scattered showers and storms redeveloping. we could have showers and storms tonight with an overnight low in the mid-70s. gradually improving conditions tomorrow. the weekend, look at that, low to mid-80s with a couple of showers around saturday. i think sunday will be nice and 58. >> now, we're ready for lawrmtd. you know you were trying to steal his thunder a little bit there. >> now, we are ready for lauren demarco. >> i got lucky there. i could have been checking my teeth, my lipstick. the accident just prior to 100 is clear so some brief delays but that should soup be getting back up to speed. 95 look good between beltways.
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let's take a live look at our cameras as you head in from the east part of town. no problems approaching the beltway. beltway itself in prince george's county, really no problems to report. nice trip between the win and college park. here we are at new york avenue at bladensburg, everybody moving this. do want to mention fairfax county parkway southbound at burke lake road, right lane is blocked for paving work. four people riding in an airport shut toll dulles international were taken to the hospital after a crash on the dulles toll road. a fox 5 viewer sent us pictures of the crash. here is a look at it. the super shuttle hit a barrier and then hit a small car near the reston parkway. accident closed down two lanes of traffic. most of the injuries were minor. one person was badly hurt and taken to the hospital in a medical helicopter. some disturbing new details nearly 11 years after 9-11.
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a newly released report by the government actability office uncovered a glaring loophole in security. >> it is completely unacceptable that a decade after 9-11, gao has uncovered weaknesses in our security controls that were supposed to be fixed a decade ago. >> reporter: the gaa report found that some banned from flying because they are considered a terrorist threat were not banned from learning how to fly. some flight students were in the country illegally. >> at any time it true that based on your report, the transportation security administration cannot assure the american people that foreign terrorists are not in this country learning how to fly airplanes, yes or no. >> at this time, no. >> reporter: in light of this discover you, in you security
5:20 am
procedures are already under way. >> we found the tsa has taken a number of positive steps to work with industry to develop voluntary guideline to help enhance security at general aviation facilities. >> flight training providers, regulated under this program, are prohibited from providing flight training to aliens until a security threat assessment has been success any conducted by tsa. >> reporter: from january 2006 to september 2011, the gao says there were more than 25,000 foreign nationals who applied for pilot's licenses. in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. >> very disturbing news there. >> yeah, it is. summer camp for kids in an emergency room. up next on fox 5 morning news. >> this guy does not look well but don't worry. all that red stuff you see is just jell-o. these kids are at a camp learning how to be health care professionals and they may be taking care of you one day.
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first lady michelle obama is going to come up on the screen in just amendment after we talk bay live look outside. now, there she is. first lady michelle obama is getting people moving in philadelphia. she announced the progress on her let's movie initiative before a group of mayors. now, mrs. obama stressed that cities have do their financial
5:24 am
and civic duty to reduce childhood obesity. >> today, our cities, towns and counties will be better able to do even more. you all will be able to provide more healthy food for our kids. you will be able to build more playgrounds and play spaces for our families and no matter what challenge you're con fronting, no matter what project you decide to tackle, you're going to have more of the tools and the assistance you need. >> let's move web site estimates nearly one in three children in this country are obese. >> that is a lot. that is a big number. the group of kids you are about to meet may one day help the rest of us stay healthy. they are going to summer camp but this is no ordinary camp. >> they are get august taste of what it is like to work in medicine. >> beth parker has the story. >> reporter: they're suiting up for surgery but they don't have medical degrees, at least not yet. the patients are fake and the doctors and nurses arrest sixth
5:25 am
and seventh graders. >> never boring. >> you are going to insert the tube and you hold it with your right hand. >> reporter: it is apartnership between virginia hospital center and northern virginia community college. >> the younger you get them to think about it, better. usually once he get into high school, they think about they already know what they want to do. >> reporter: in this mock or, the kids are learning a variety of things. here, they are intubating a patient, acting asance tease otions. over here, this guy is having a more traditional exploratory surgery on his stomach. and over here, this is laparoscopic surgery. >> i want you to put your hand in there. we are now in the belly. >> it was really cold and gooey. it doesn't feel that great. >> reporter: don't worry, the red stuff is just yellow and every now and then, they find a gummy worm. when the students checked out
5:26 am
another patient -- >> candy. >> they've diagnosed this guy with -- pinata disease. >> it helps us play for today. we let our hair down. >> reporter: they've worked mock crime scenes, spent time in the lab and learned pharmaceuticals. brian learned to get around pretty well some a wheelchair and may have found his future occupation. >> neurosurgery is different every time. it is not -- there is not going to be one person with the same brain tumor every time. there will be different things. it will be stressful and it will be challenging. and i look up to that. that is what i want to do. >> reporter: not everybody is locked into a career in health care. >> maybe a fashion designer. >> reporter: maybe she can update the scrubs. in arlington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> good to have options. doctor, fashion designer. >> or combine them. do you eat out a lot?
5:27 am
>> yes. >> i do in about 14 minutes, a fete owe that might outrage and disgust you. >> straight ahead, we're checking your weather and traffic. we'll be back in a moment with that story aped whole lot more as fox 5 mopping -- and a whole lot more as fox 5 morning news continues.
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welcome back to fox 5
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morning news. we've been talking about the weather for some time now. another round of summer storms have caused some problems in this area. causing problems across the region, in fact. yesterday's rain and winds toppled trees and knocked out power. let's talk about that bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest d.c. where they got hit with more severe flooding for the second time this month. they just can't catch a break over there. again, there are some other issues that they brought to light since the last flooding but still, the weather. >> i know. >> still very heavy rain there. they picked up two, three inches of rain in a short period of time. that will cause some problems. it wasn't just d.c. >> enough to cause that kind of flood something. >> flash flooding. flash flood warnings in other spots. we could do it all over again today. the same front that caused the problems yesterday is hanging out in the neighborhood. it will be a slow mover today with cloud cover. our temperature will be held down so at least it won't be 100. >> that's good.
5:31 am
>> and we need the rain. >> there you go. >> the grass is kind of brown. we'll take that. >> humidity, 69%. wind are out of the west at five. very huge -- humid start to your day with dew point temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s in spots. we'll see showers and storms start to redevelop along this line. they will sag back into the area later this afternoon. just like yesterday, i think we'll wake up this morning with dry conditions. later this afternoon, we'll seat showers and storms start to redevelop. closer look, you can see just a little cloud cover out there to start your day and plenty of humidity. so we'll likely see some haze here before long. temperatures today, cooler than yesterday. we'll go 10 degrees cooler. washington, 92. 91 in waldorf. at least we are headed in the right direction. we'll have highs in the 80s for the weekend. i'll have details on that. >> is it going to be fast and furious like yesterday. >> it was here, bam and there it is. >> i think it will be rather
5:32 am
slow moving with heavy rain. >> thank you. let's say good morning to lauren demarco with the latest on traffic. how it is going? >> volume is picking up around town. the good news is that accident southbound bw parkway prior to route 100 is gone. you should be all clear between beltways in maryland. we take a live look outside from trafficland. northbound 95 slowing near aquia harbor. volume starting to build here past the prince william parkway. you can see the brake lights heading up to the occoquan. 395, no issues for you just yet leaving the beltway in good shape up toward the 14th street bridge. and i want to mention hybla valley, crews are working on a water main. there is a detour posted. 66, the left of your screen, headlights heading toward you. you are looking good approaching route 50. 270 starting to see the brake lights heading past 109 towards clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5
5:33 am
on-time traffic. >> thank you. making headlines this morning, montgomery county's ride-on bus service will run on a modified holiday schedule today and tomorrow. this comes after a series of fires in one of the system's fleets. now, the most recent happened yesterday morning in silver spring on ramsey avenue. the bus was out of service and no one was hurt. this is at least the seventh fire in the last three years on the smaller buses made by champion international. as a result of yesterday's bus fire, all 38 champion buses in the ride-on fleet were taken out of service. those are the smaller buses that hold 30 people. montgomery county executive ike leggett release a statement saying, quote, i have directed the department of general services to take all remaining ride-on buses out of service permanently. a number of the buses have already been replaced and by the end of august, we will have the remaining replacement buses in service. we are learning more about the freak accident that killed a driver when a tree fell crushing his car in great falls
5:34 am
tuesday night. police identified the driver as carl roach iii. his family says he was a kind man would loved horses ayou can see by the pick of them. he was drive ago long georgetown pike with wh a 100- foot oak tree fell on top of his car. people living nearby say they have complained about the old large trees in the area. v-do the was responsible for the tree but county authorities say they've never fielded any complaints. another big story, more fallout from mayor vincent gray's ongoing corruption scandal that is plaguing the d.c. government. the majority of d.c. residents are no longer standing behind the city's leader and that is according to a new "washington post" poll. melanie alnwick is live in northwest with the details. good morning. after these revelations of a shadow campaign and this ongoing federal investigation, mayor vensent gray is now look -- vincent gray is now looking at a 29% approval rating and that is considered dismal in political circles. 54% of the 1002 adults surveyed
5:35 am
by the "washington post" said gray ought to resign. 37% said he should not. 9% had no opinion. 45% said city matters are going in the wrong direction versus 40% who believe the opposite. that no, sir where near the depend accounts of the early a 23409 when 70% felt the city was in bad shape. polls on gray's performance in city services and creating jobs, more than 06% said he is not honest or trustworthy or running a ethical administration. >> what the polls showed is that there is this court of public opinion and he is almost like a defendant who just isn't taking the stand in his own defense at this time. and until he actually says something to the public, think you will see his numbers continue to drop. >> gray does have his supporters though. some of them battled the heat yesterday to rally in front of the wilson building. they believe all of these calls for the mayor to resign are premature. they want city residents to allow the legal process to play out. gray did get good marks on the
5:36 am
poll for bringing in new business to the city and 55% of the resident polled say they believe that the d.c.'s economy is actually good or excellent and that is an increase from last year. so there is some mixed results in there but most of them going through those poll numbers are in the negative. >> thank you. we also have an update now to democratic strategist david mercer would was beaten outside a 7-eleven last week. david mercer is still in the hospital after that beating. neighbors say they have had problems with that store in the neighborhood. >> people in the community are concerned and neighbors have asked, including myself, have approached the police to ask them how we can get people cleared from the front of this store. >> two, three young gays and the young guys told me when he come out, we are going to knock
5:37 am
him out. >> so far, investigators have not made any arrests. >> you probably eat out a lot. a fete owe that might outrage and disgust you t got one employee fired. >> new clues about the woman behind the latest smile of the mona lisa. >> the dow and nasdaq both saw gain in wednesday's trading. today in asia, markets are up almost across the board. oss th we'll be back in a moment.
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homicide of young people in america has an impact t on all f us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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more than six and a half tons of illegal drugs seized by the navy. the shipment was found off latin america's pacific coast and it was all headed for the united states. it included 7400 pounds of cocaine and 240-pound of marijuana. estimated street value, $93 million. authorities are trying to track down the drug's producers. burger king has fired an employee after a picture -- this is not the picture. maybe we'll get to the picture or not. after a picture popped up online of that worker standing on lettuce used for sandwiches. let's see if we have the picture. this really does tell the story. the caption on it is this is
5:41 am
the lettuce you eat at burger king. there it is. >> oh, my goodness. >> i whole box of lettuce. >> doesn't it make you want to eat a whopper right now? but someone who uses the web site actually traced this photo back to ohio so they are trying to figure out who took that. >> enjoy your sandwich. >> gives a new meaning to have it your way. >> right. >> it could be an incredible find. archaeologists in italy believe they discovered the remains of the real mona lisa buried in italy. a dna test will confirm her identity. big-time parking problems for some metro riders. coming up next, almost impossible to find a space even though many reserved spaces sit empty. we'll run down the stations that have the worst parking problems coming up. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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is that the beltway? >> wilson bridge. >> it's outside and you can see it's traffic. >> the air conditioner will get quite the workout again today. >> not talking about the extremes we had around here yesterday. low 90s for afternoon high temperatures. we are headed in the right direction. we still have the threat of showers and storms back in the forecast today. bring along an umbrella here. i think we'll startthose moving we are warm and humid. you saw if the live shot that conditions are pretty good out there or at least quieter than they were last evening. 73 now in gaithersburg. our temperatures off to the north and to the west. currently in the 70s. so a little bit of improvement out there. martinsburg, 71. 73 in leonardtown and 79 in annapolis. high temperatures in the low 90s. yesterday are we were 101 at reagan national. 104 yesterday in baltimore. that broke a record that went back to the 100s. not your imagination if you think it's been a hot summer. sent net sat rad, here we go.
5:46 am
we're fine right now. we do have the frontal system that brought the showers and storms yesterday. it is still hanging out in central pennsylvania. it will be creeping ever slow slowly down into the washington area and falling apart and hanging out fay couple of days. with that in the neighborhood, we will have the possibility of showers and storms bubbling back up later today. we'll have a lot more cloudiness around. a partly to mostly cloudy afternoon expected with the potential for some showers and storms here kind of redeveloping. we are on the humid side of things today. we get the front south of us. today, hugeed a conditions with lots of clouds out there. showers and storms today. a weak area of low pressure will ride along that and give us a chaps for more storms for your friday. we'll have a couple of days with more unsettled weather. more clouds and sun. scatrded showers and storms back. 92, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. winds out of the north at five miles per hour. still huged out there.
5:47 am
evening showers and storms, a little cooler overnight. 74 the overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. next couple of days, temperatures take a turn towards a more favorable direction back into the 80s. could be a shower around early saturday but mid-80s for afternoon highs saturday and sunday. that is better. let's do some traffic and lauren demarco has got your latest. >> we should have some relief for the weekend. that is good news, tucker. we are being looking okay. we do have reports of an accident in montgomery county. we can take a live look at that. it is university boulevard westbound just prior to the beltway and the ramp to the inner loop from westbound university is blocked. you can see some of that activity there. fire truck looks like it is heading away from the scene. westbound university boulevard ramp to the inare loop is blocked. 66 starting to see the volume build as you head inbound through centreville. things look much better approaching route 50 and continuing toward the beltway. traveling 95, we have some heavy traffic near aquia harbor. things looking pretty good right here across the occoquan
5:48 am
and you may be off the brake from newington into springfield. 359 looking real good right now. no issues as you leave heading towards the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. fox 5 is monitoring metro this morning for the constant battle that rides are seem to face when it comes to finding a parking spot. >> by the time commuter get to the stations, the garages are usually full but reserved spots are still available. we have a report. i don't we still have heavy delays. >> reporter: as commuters toil in traffic to get to work every morning, thousands of metro riders fight another kind of commute are congestion. >> it is a nightmare. it always fills up. >> of a been late to work several times because couldn't fine parking. >> reporter: at the busiest metro garages, drivers carve
5:49 am
out a spot wherever they can, squeezing into corner asened parking illegally. it is 8:30 in the morning and people are soirkling the parking garage looking for a spot. the roof here is the last resort. but all of these spots are full. it is even earlier at some stations. according to metro, the parking lot fills up at east falls church and rockville by 7:45 a.m. at largo town center, by 8:15 and vienna, branch avenue and shady grove, all the spots are gone by #:30. an hour later, and can you still fine a parking spot here except these require a reserve permit and that will cost you. for an extra $65 a month, that is on top of the roughly $58 in daily parking fees each month, anyone can get a reserved parking permit. for those would have one, it is sometimes the only way to get to work. >> i pay more than i want to but i am pretty happy actually.
5:50 am
>> metro has got pee right where they want me. this is a high price but i have really no options. >> reporter: last year, sales of reserved permits earned metro about $2.3 million. >> it's money making scheme. >> reporter: the idea of paying for premium parking riles up people as much as hot lanes where those who can afford the steep price can drive in special lanes out the congestion. >> i don't like those rules but i also don't line the fact that we have the mercedes-benz lanes for hot lanes. >> reporter: often, reserve spaces never fill up. metro's numbers show 2/3 of the more than 8,000 reserved permits have not been sold. broken down by station, shady grove and franconia have more than 600 unused permits. that is 12 and 13% of all spaces in the garage empty and off limits during peak commute hours. at greenbelt, 419 remain available or 12% of the lot. new carrollton and huntington have more than 300 each, making
5:51 am
up 10 and more than 11% of the total. all told, more than 5,000 spaces go wasted, enough to fill the entire shady grove parking garage. >> some places are overutilized. some are under. we are not building any more parking structures. >> after 10:00 a.m., anyone can park in the reserve spaces. any time before that, and you risk a ticket. shortly after 9:00 a.m., we found this metro transit police officer writing tickets. the cost $50? >> this year, i pay for one ticket. >> i knew i was going to get a ticket but i need to get to where i need to get to. >> reporter: in some lots, some of the spaces could be only to the public or the price lowered to $45 or $50 to encourage more users. >> i think there is a about 10 stations that we're analyzing
5:52 am
now that will probably have lower prices for those reserved spaces. >> reporter: there is a balance between having enough parking for everyone, not just those who arrive early but those who may need to come later. >> woo wise, the people that need to come after 8:30 have no option. it would just be completely filled up. i guess i think it is okay. >> reporter: bottom line, there is not enough parking for everyone and likely never will be. sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> you can just feel how frustrating that would be to drive by a spot that is completely open and you can't get it and are going to be late. >> and metro plans to make the chains in the fall. >> we'll see what happens. >> yes, we'll see what happens with that. the washington nationals are rolling right now but will they make -- they never make it easy. it always has to be some drama associated with it. coming up next on fox 5 morning
5:53 am
news -- laroche hits ball well to deep left center. torres back and it is gone! >> they had a three-run lead in the ninth inning but that changed in an instant. did they blow it? >> we'll tell you in sports breakfast coming up next.  i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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in our sports breakfast of course game two of the nats and mets scoreless in the sixth inning. adam laroche knocks a two-run homer to left, his 16th of the
5:56 am
year. a double off the scoreboard to score two runs here. that would be the game winner. the nats edge the mets 4-3. the team wraps up the series this afternoon. it is a sight redskins fans have been waiting for. the franchise quarterback back on the practice field at rookie camp. >> robert griffin iii tweeted a photograph of the official signing which is a four-year, $21 million contract. not long after that, time to go to work. griffin hit the field with his teammates. a scandal surrounding something that determines everything from what you pay on your credit card to your mortgage. that is ahead at 6:00 in our business beat. first, time now for a look at our facebook fan of the day. today, we say hello to andrea pamela villefan. andrea says she is a big fox 5
5:57 am
fan and the waze app. she loves that. she said without it, she would have been late for an important meeting. that's good. we're doing some good out there. >> keep on wazeing out there, pamela. >> get to work on time. >> thank you so much. congratulations.
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