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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 19, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> here we go again. right off the top tonight, a severe weather alert. storms are marching through the d.c. region. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. many areas are seeing heavy rainfall and even hail and this
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is just the beginning, going right to sue palka in the weather center. what are you seeing? >> we are really getting strong thunderstorms now. they have the hail, heavy rain,' tremendous amount of light among and damaging -- a tremendous. alightening and damaging winds. the counties you see in yellow have severe thunderstorm warnings until 10:15. it includes the district, also. here's that heaviest rain from olney through montgomery county east of 270 now coming into mclean and vienna. this is a wall of water, very difficult to see and drive in. something else i want to show you is the rain rate. you can see the lightning, but in the purple areas across olney down into mclean you could be getting rain at a rate of 2 inches per hour and that is really tough to deal with. over to sentinel radar because you'll get a different view of the storms here. we're seeing not only the heavy rain in the yellow areas, what we call the poliganol warning
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which goes down to charles county and up to our north we can see a little rotation with these storms. we'll keep an eye on this. this is an updraft, a look at the storms in three dimension. that shows us just how strong and how they are increasing in intensity as they get closer to the district. i'll take this out about an hour. you'll be able to see what i'm talking about as they strengthen and continue coming this direction. looks like that went away. we'll take another 3d look at those, but here are the storms moving through getting stronger as they converged on the metro area. i also want to let you know we're getting reports of some serious flooding in the baltimore area. check out the pictures. doesn't this look familiar like what we saw in the bloomingdale neighbor? this is the 200 block of north kenwood avenue in baltimore, but a lot of places taking on water there. a few minutes ago i heard from a trained spotter that small creeks and streams are beginning to overflow their banks in maryland and frederick
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around the imesville area also getting flash flooding. you need to stay put and let these storms move through. they are moving east at 25 miles an hour. again, they could have strong winds and are capable of producing flash flooding in localized areas. we will make sure we keep you aware of any new inform we get in the weather center. >> i have so many questions, but we'll ask them later as we come back to you with more information. thanks very much. d.c. water crews were out in northwest today inspecting the bloomingdale neighborhood after more flash flooding. the area was hit hard during yesterday's storms seiners t street and rhode island avenue. some residents -- especially near t street and rhode island avenue. some residents got water in their basement for the second time in two weeks. another big story, an 8- year-old prince william county boy is in protective custody after his adoptive parents were arrested and charged with repeatedly abusing him. a neighbor found the child midnight wednesday when he knocked on their door looking
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for help. fox 5's maureen umeh is here with the story. >> the boy's father matthew sweeney is a u.s. navy lieutenant commander. his mother amy is a stay at home mom. neighbors say the family kept to themselves and that they had no idea of the alleged horror happening behind closed doors. >> reporter: ron kramer and his wife barb found the neatly dressed the boy at their front door just after midnight tuesday. he told them he was lost and came to their house because the lights were on. >> i'm glad that we had the lights on. i'm glad that we answered the door. >> reporter: the worried couple invited the boy inside and while he ate they called police. that's when they also noticed the horrible sign of abuse. >> he had bruises on this arm and i think on his leg. it turned out later he had a lot of bruises on his chest because he showed the police. he lifted his shirt up. >> reporter: the boy told police he escaped from his
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house on the 12900 block of ness hollow court in bristow where he had been allegedly repeatedly abused by his adoptive parents of five years matthew and amy sweeney. neighbors say the quiet couple and their seven children had lived in the rented house about two years. they say they never saw the 8- year-old. >> you wish that there were some sign or something that could lead you to help a child in distress or anyone in distress, but we did not evennen the child lived there. >> reporter: math -- even know the child lived there. >> reporter: matthew sweeney is a u.s. lieu tant commander, amy a stay at home mother who home schooled her children. the couple is charged with felony child abuse. >> it's just frightening what goes on behind closed doors and we're oblivious. >> reporter: police say the sweeney's other children showed no signs of abuse, but they have been removed from the home and are in protective custody. ron kramer says he can't understand how anyone could hurt a child. he just hopes what he and his
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wife did saved the little boy. >> i'm very glad that we were awake. >> the couple is free tonight. each posted a $20,000 bond. for now the 8-year-old boy who was adopted from russia remains in protective custody. the search for a california mother accused of kidnapping her daughter 11 years ago ended this weekend here in virginia. police arrested robin resovich at dulles international saturday. back in 2001 police say she took her then 7-year-old daughter out of the country with permission for the summer but never returned. her daughter who is now 18 was with her mother when she was arrested. the pair flew to dulles from madrid, spain and were planning to catch a connecting flight to san francisco. some very sad news related to last month's derecho storm. a young man who came in contact with a downed power line in falls church died of his injuries. dylan cooper was found unconscious on haycock road the night of the storm.
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fairfax county police say he somehow touched a live wire and he died four days ago. it is the third accidental death from the storm in fairfax county. angry pepco customers, hundreds of thousands of them, are still reeling from going without power during last month's devastating storm it. took days, almost a week for some people to get their electricity back and today the montgomery county council put pepco officials on the hot seat to answer questions about their response. fox 5's karen gray houston has the story. ♪six long days and 100 degrees, the people sweat from the corporate greed ♪ >> reporter: that theme song from the movement wasn't far from the minds of the montgomery county council members recalling the suffering of their constituents from the june 29th derecho. she had lots of questions. >> did they manage their outside crews efficiently and bottom line did they restore power as quickly such as other utilities such as dominion power across the river?
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>> reporter: pepco says the derecho was a big storm not predicted and the utility did the best it could considering. >> those 4.3 4.3 million customers that were impacted over 700 miles in 10 states felt the storm as we did. we experienced oh 200 wires that were down -- over 200 wires that were down, 240 poles and 200 transformers that had to be replaced. >> reporter: the public service commission is promising tough force. if necessary and says new regulations that require -- enforcement if necessary and says new regulations that require penalties if standard are not met should be helpful, but it's just beginning its investigation. >> i don't know if there are violations of our law or regulations. i don't know if there are practices that could be improved or need to be improved. >> but council members and customers who turned up for the hearing aren't the pepco off the hook. -- aren't letting pepco off the hook. >> i think it's fine to talk
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about things like undergrounding and hiring more linemen and improving communications. they are not the problem itself. the problem itself is pepco. >> because they were reporting rest races when they weren't. they were reporting that -- restorations when they weren't. they were reporting they were not aware of outages that had been reported and they were reporting that there were crews and there crews. >> meanwhile congressman chris van hollen has sent a strongly worded letter to the pepco president and has also urged utility regulators to reject the 4% pay hike pepco has requested, a decision expected tomorrow on that pay increase. i'm karen gray houston in the fox 5 news room. pepco the sun the only utility under fire. so is verizon -- isn't the only utility under fire. so is verizon. after the 911 system went down after the storm in virginia the fcc is investigating and examining verizon's performance. they'll also examine why some customers lost their phone
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service. nearly five months after he shot and killed trayvon martin george zimmerman is speaking out. in an exclusive interview with fox news zimmerman detailed what he claims happened that night. today trayvon martin's parents reacted. here's the report. >> reporter: the parents of trayvon martin speak out after george zimmerman gives his first tv interview on fox news. zimmerman who was charged in the shooting death of the teen apologized to his parents. the parents don't believe the a poll was sincere. >> i just -- the apology was sincere. >> i just feel like he's saying anything he wants to and it's not sincere. it's not coming to his heart. >> george zimmerman has had ample time to apologize to us for taking the life of our son before the first arrest and to come and try to publicly apologize now, he's just trying to save face. >> reporter: martin and fulton were also bothered when zimmerman said he had no
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regrets about the night of the shooting and claimed it was all part of god's plan. >> i don't understand what he was thinking by saying that it was god's plan that he murdered our child. i really don't understand what god he worships because it's not the same god that i worship. >> why would god have him kill an unarmed teen-ager? it just makes no sense. >> reporter: the attorney for trayvon's parents benjamin crump says the state attorney will look at this interview as a gift and will tuesday for cross-examination in court. crump says zimmerman has had credibility issues and inconsistencies in his stories. >> we don't have enough time in your show to go through all the inconsistencies, but we need only look at the court's order to talk about george zimmerman's credibility and the things he said in court during the bond hearing. >> reporter: zimmerman pled not guilty and is free on a $1 million bond. his next scheduled court date
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is august eighth. earlier today we talked to former prince george's county state's attorney glenn i've toy get more legal perspective -- glenn ivey to get more legal perspective on this case and asked him what legal impact zimmerman's interview could have on the trial. >> i think it was very risky to do it. we've seen situations where these pretrial interviews don't go well for defendants. jerry sandusky is an example of that. i think last night the goal for zimmerman was to try and get out his explanation that it was is of defense to, try and look credible and -- self-defense, to try and look credible and calm and they were probably hoping this would help raise money in their legal defense funds. >> ivey said the prosecutors will comb through the statements and they have a right to use anything against him at trial that was said. d.c. mayor vincent gray is firing back, what he has to say about the results of a new washington post poll. >> plus what in the wold is this lady doing? find out -- world is this lady
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doing? find out why she was wandering down the tracks of a metro station and later. >> those wild and crazy rockers are in northern virginia tonight performing before a special audience. i'm bob barnard back stage with gene, paul and crew coming up. >> a couple new warning as to tell you about, folks. these are flash flood warnings, anne arundel county and baltimore, flash flood warning until 1 a.m. here is that line of storms with all its lightning and heavy rain, gusts to 60. now look at it in three dimensions. in the last hour we have seen these storms as we go over to our max system. you can see the updraft of these storms as they continue to strengthen as they move right through the district headed for prince george's county. the severe thunderstorm warnings are still in effect. we'll have another look at radar right after the break. 
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america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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want to get an update on the severe storms moving through our area. sue, i'm no meteorologist here, but there some to be a couple similarities here to the
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derecho and i don't want to do too much of a reach, but the line of storms on the radar looks similar, the timing is similar. the wind speed was around 80 miles per hour with the derecho. >> but it's not the same. it's definitely a strong line of storms, but it's not a repeat of the derecho. we're already seeing some flash flooding and there will probably be some trees here and there coming down, but it's not the same type of dramatic scenario, but this is definitely a very nasty line of storms coming on through. i don't think we'll see the kind of widespread power outages with the derecho just to reassure you a little bit. here's some good news. those severe thunderstorm warnings that were in effect as we go to radar, those are now dropped, but we have flash flood warnings and that's becoming a big concern. so first stop tonight i want you to see radar. let me get in tighter on some of these areas where we have now the very heavy rain coming into the district moving east out of montgomery county, but you can see the lightning with these and that very heavy rain, occasional gusts to 60, but not
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that solid line of 70-mile an hour winds with the derecho which i might add had such tremendous forward motion. these storms are moving east about 25 miles an hour. that takes some of that wind down right away as well. also wanted to show you what's going on with the rate of rainfall inside this. we're seeing that come down a little bit, but there are pockets of rain in here where we're getting 2 inches per hour. we're also still getting a little hails i take you over to sentinel -- hail as i take you to sentinel radar. we have perhaps the storm dropping a little hail coming out of montgomery, maybe toward walker, get in tighter here. some hail has been produced by these, but a lot of people talking about the lightning. this is just in the last hour, the concentration of lightning through the district up into prince george's county and run and, of course, we showed you this before, but want you to see these big updrafts as they
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continue moving more toward the prince george's county area. so we'll watch all that. look, the line is going to be out of here. give it a few more hours. it has definitely found a lot of intensity and leftover humidity pulling out these tremendous rain rates. we think in another hour or two the two of it will be over, but we'll continue to keep you ahead of the warnings and what's going on out there. we have some amazing pictures coming in to show you as well. >> we'll check in with you in a few minutes. d.c. mayor vincent gray is losing support with voters. a washington post poll finds a majority of d.c. resident want him to step down in the wake of the campaign -- residents want him to step down in the wake of the campaign scandal. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: the tv cameras were lined up at an event aimed at showing the progress of fighting aids hiv in d.c., but most of the questions were about the mayor's campaign and the lack of popularity in a washington post poll.
10:20 pm
as gray made his remarks, his attorney bob bennett issued a statement saying, "mayor gray is being treated very unfairly by those in the media and those with their own political agendas." gray even urged people in the media to report about the good things his administration has accomplished referring to the improvement in the job market, new city development and even brought up an overhaul of the city's taxicab system. >> you all in the media, this is what you all do every day. i think it would be helpful if you put the facts out there. we know what the facts are. >> reporter: but gray refused to address what so many residents, even his own friends, have asked him to talk about, details about what he knows radding criminal violations made during -- regarding criminal vitals made during his campaign. >> it is a legal -- violations made during his campaign. >> it is a legal issue and i can't get around. that that's why he was engaged
10:21 pm
by my attorney and i have been following his advice. >> reporter: whether gray likes it or not, district residents are focused on the wrongdoing in his campaign and until more is known even his 18 hour workday won't get much attention. >> i haven't been charged with anything. i haven't been convicted of anything and i think -- i would urge people, just strongly ask them to allow this whole process to play out. >> reporter: by the way, robert bennett, mayor gray's torn, gave the mayor a little cover -- attorney, gave the mayor a little cover today when it comes to the mayor's silence on these campaign issues. bennett wrote, "i have advised mayor gray that out of respect for the u.s. attorney's investigation he should not comment on the facts." matt ackland, fox 5 news. fox 5's monitoring metro tonight and a big problem on the tracks at metro center last night. a woman tried to get from one side of the platform to the other by crossing the tracks. she made it halfway before
10:22 pm
other riders yelled at her to stop. she stood on the light grate between the tracks while power to the third rail was shut down and workers rescued her. the woman had been in the u.s. about a week and didn't speak much english. she will not be charged. do stay with us. fox 5 news at 10:00 is coming right back.  i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for s spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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a legendary rock band is playing a private concert for hundreds of military service members. kiss showed up for the jiffy lube live for the free show. our own bob barnard was lucky enough to be there tonight and spoke with the band just before they went on stage. >> reporter: this is what it looks like when the gates open for 2,000 u.s. servicemen and women and their families to get the chance to see a free concert starring none other than kiss. >> kiss! >> reporter: celebrating 40 years together, gene simmons
10:26 pm
and paul stanley are taking kiss on the road again, a world tour that starts right here at jiffy lube live friday night. >> the greatest thing is to have our kind of success and by then you don't do anything you don't want to. we do this because we love doing. >> reporter: among the many die hard kiss fans who wear the uniform and a little makeup, u.s. army and iraq war veteran robert crespo. >> kiss is big. it's huge. it's more than a rock band or. it's a lifestyle. >> reporter: one of the band's guests this night is a 20 year army veteran who served three tours in iraq and afghanistan, a man who beat out 1,900 other military veterans in a contest to become a roady for kiss during the band's upcoming world tour. his name is paul jordan. he's no ordinary kiss fan. he wears a tattoo of gene simmons, the man who hired him, right over his heart. >> this is incredible. i've always dreamed of working for kiss and now it's reality. >> reporter: jordan says the
10:27 pm
man with that huge tongue doesn't just talk the talk when it comes to honoring our military veterans. >> we do nothing. we are humbled. we are honored that our military even exists. we've got a situation where every country in the world looks up to america secretly. they're jealous. they can't believe it. >> the greatest national treasure of any free country is the people who keep it free. ♪shout it shout it shout it out loud ♪ >> reporter: kicking up a storm with a nod to men and women who work in less colorful uniforms, it's kiss in in brist barnard, fox 5 news. >> we are keeping an eye on the severe storms pounding the d.c. area now. we've got an update for you next. we'll be right back.
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> welcome back. more flash flood warnings coming. in let's get right to sue palka with an update on some of these storms. >> it looks like the focus is shifting to the very heavy
10:31 pm
rain, still a lot of lightning, not too much in the way of damaging wind gusts. we do have a number of new warnings. you'll see those in green. let's look where that rain is now, heaviest now from beltsville through greenbelt, college park into island. it's starting to pull out of the district. we'll put this in motion. what's being talked about is the fact another 2 inches of rain may be produced out of this line as it moves east about 25 miles an hour. i want to show you the areas that now have flash flood warnings. that includes the district in the green area there, southeastern montgomery county, a little portion of arlington county, northeastern section of alexandria and central prince george's county until 1:30 a.m. because of the very heavy rain and possible flash flooding that can be expected. it can get up toward the baltimore area. they've got flash flood warnings going until about 1:00 in the morning. we may still be picking up a little hail out of this storm here that's kind of skimming
10:32 pm
along the prince george's county/d.c. line. up to our north maybe one or two of these may still be trying to rotate. those are far north into maryland, but lightning has been a big deal and also lightning has been causing some problems in the silver spring area. we've got some video we want you to not only see but listen to. [ sirens, horns, thunder ] >> what you're hearing are the car alarms set off by lightning that was described by our viewers as sounding like canons going off. this was near the white flint metro there in rockville, tremendous lightning, sideways rain and the car alarms going off because of the vibration from the lightning. we do have some power outages to tell you about, not like the derecho, but this is growing a bit. pepco has 650,040 people out
10:33 pm
right now, bg -- 6,540 people out right now, bg and e, 2,000 dominion with less. flash flooding is a big condition and this is particularly dangerous at night when you can't see what you're getting into. we'll let you know how these storms are continue to progress out of the area. a new fox poll shows president obama holds a slim lead over republican challenger mitt romney. the poll shows the president with a 45-41% lead. there's a margin of error plus or minus three percent age points. the president spent today campaigning in jacksonville and west palm beach, florida while romney courted votes near boston, massachusetts. the latest poll numbers in virginia tonight show a dead heat in the presidential race and the state's u.s. senate seat. while there are encouraging signs for republicans in these findings it's still a tie in both races. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has been going over the numbers today.
10:34 pm
>> president obama flew to florida thursday after mitt romney brought his lead in the bats ground state of virginia back down -- battleground state of virginia back down to earth. a new poll from quinnipiac university in virginia shows president obama is tied with mitt romney at 44%. just four months ago the president led 50-42%. >> if you look at the poll, it's extremely divided between republicans and democrats. >> reporter: professor ann cademian is director of virginia tech's school of public and international affairs and says independents will decide virginia. >> i think there's probably a heavy concentration in northern virginia, but again in a statewide perspective you can't ignore the entire state. >> reporter: speaking in another battleground state florida, the president sought to reconnect with people who voted for him in 2008. >> the people i met in that first campaign and every campaign since, they had all kinds of different stories, different backgrounds. >> reporter: while mitt romney
10:35 pm
was off the campaign trail thursday his wife ann did make news telling abc her husband would not release any more tax returns. >> we've given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how we live our life. >> reporter: while virginia voters appear deadlocked on the u.s. president al race, it is almost the -- presidential race it, is almost the exact same story for the commonwealth candidates for u.s. senate. george allen is leading former democratic governor tim kaine 46-44% by the quinnipiac poll, but that is in the margin of error. >> the voters are not voting on the basis of how they feel about the presidential candidates. they're making their senate decisions based on how they feel about their senate candidates. >> reporter: unless either side breaks through, virginia's battleground is showing of sign of remaining a political rocky ground white up until election day. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news.
10:36 pm
the debate over building height restrictions continues in the district. today an oversight subcommittee met to discuss the issue. as it stands now, buildings are restricted to about 130 feet. earlier today we talked with the executive director of the national capitol planning committee. he says if there are changes,ed that be minimal. >> we're the un-- changes, they'd be minimal. >> we're not talking about major changes. what we're focusing on, our selective surgical increment al changes possibly that could help benefit some of the architecture in the city. >> critics argue current building restrictions hole d.c. back from economic growth and people who -- hold d.c. back from economic growth and people who support the restrictions say they help preserve the district's history. up next comments from yahoo's new ceo that spark a fierce debate. >> plus the dark knight rises hits theaters in less than 90 minutes. wait till you hear how much
10:37 pm
some people are paying to see the movie. record low interest rates are still not getting americans into the housing market. previously owned home sales dropping last month, the economy keeping a lot of people on the sidelines. mortgage rate falling to just above 3.5%. another round of car recalls, this time from honda. the automaker is pulling back more than 170,000 crvs and acquisition razz in the u.s. because the front doors -- acuras in the u.s. because the front doors might not close. honda says no accidents or injuries are happening because of this problem. parents are not shopping now, but that could change with school right around the corner. retailers are expecting a boost in back to school spending this year with mom and dad paying nearly 700 bucks for things like clothe, backpacks and laptop -- clothes, backpacks and laptop computers that. would be up 14% from last year.
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty,
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above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood... yahoo's new ceo is stirring up some controversy. days after accepting her new job 37-year-old marissa mayer said she's pregnant and won't let it interfere with her work. she'll take off a few weeks of maternity leave and will work throughout her time away from the office. mayer's comment sparked a debate about working mothers' roles at home and in the office. tonight on fox 5 news at 5:00 erin madison for the national organization for women weighed in. >> this is sparking a lot of debate and the question is why. it's because parenting policy in this country is not working. only 11% of workers in this
10:42 pm
country, employees, have access to paid maternity leave or parental leave. >> madison said people shouldn't judge mayer for spending as much or little time with her baby and says women and men have to find the right balance between work and family. a california billboard has people doing a double take. it's an ad promoting a dating service for older women who like dating younger men or cougars as they're called. the ad seems innocent, but it's the language that has some upset. we have it covered up, but you can probably guess what it says. >> it wasn't meant to be -- to make anyone upset. it was just something to bring awareness to >> awareness, attention. the city of west hollywood approved the billboard, so it will most likely stick around for some time. still ahead on the news edge the arrest of the murder in a local hospital worker, why police believe a good deed may
10:43 pm
have led to the victim's dead. >> also ahead. >> very challenging experience and i honestly think that -- i hate to say it, but i think honestly most people would probably give up. >> but he isn't. we'll tell you how a generous donation is helping that wounded warrior regain his independence at 11:00. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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just about one hour until show time for tons of excited batman fans. people have been lining up outside theaters for some time now for midnight showings of the dark knight rises. it's christopher nolan's third and final installment in the batman series. >> i'm really excited. got the 12:01 tickets. i'm really excited to see the third one. >> it's going to be a popular
10:47 pm
movie and i hope it's critically acclaimed as well. >> make sure to plan accordingly if you go to see the dark knight rises. it is a full two hours and 45 minutes. >> you got your costume ready? >> yes. >> if you plan to see the dark knight rises, hopefully you have your tickets. if not, you'll have to wait or pay the scaffolders. the scalpers are making big bucks on craigslist and some tickets are selling for more than $100. one man who said he sold his tickets online said he couldn't pass up the profit. >> the date is getting closer. i'm getting more calls. i actually had a little bidding war. somebody was like i'll give you this amount. i was trying to do the right thing. i said i already told somebody, but somebody offered me right after i sold the i max tickets for $100 apiece. >> experts say get to the theater early. people are lining up early to get the best seats. >> so who is the best of the
10:48 pm
best on the small screen? the emmy nominations are out and there are some surprises. here are the details. >> the nominations in the drama series category are -- >> reporter: the stars of the small screen got some good early morning news as the primetime emmy award nominations were announced. >> someone had to do something. >> reporter: leading the way with 17 nominations is the fx minimum any series american horror -- mini series american horror story and madmen. it's won four previous times. if it takes the goad again, it breaks the record. >> -- the gold again, it breaks the record. also competing for best dramatic series boardwalk empire, breaking bad, game of thrones, momentland and downtown abbey. >> just turn it off. >> i can't. it's who i am. >> reporter: duking it out for the funniest punchlines in the best comedy series reigning champ modern family goes against 30 rock, big bang
10:49 pm
theory, curb your enthusiasm and hbo's newbies girls and veep. some noticeable individual honors include fox's new girl star zooey deschanel for best lead actress in a comedy, though there's tough competition in her group including mike and molly star, melissa mccarthy and 30 rock's tina fey. >> the economy has changed, but certain principles never do. >> reporter: alec baldwin returns nominated for best actor in a comedy with don cheadle joining him for the first time in show time's house of lies. when it comes to the reality show competition category, fox's so you think you can dance received a nod for show and host cat deally. so did ryan seacrest for american idol. jimmy kimmel was nominated for best variety series and seemed ready to start saying his thank
10:50 pm
you's. >> it's especially exciting for my staff and people that i work with because you can't help but feel slighted when nine years go by and you've never been nominated. everybody works really hard. it's going to be feign day at work today i think. >> reporter: -- a fun day at work today i think. >> reporter: he'll have to save his speech for september 20 their when he also steps in as host -- september 203rd when he also steps in as -- 23rd when he also steps in as host. >> we want to update you on some of the latest numbers, power outages across the area. pepco is saying more than 10,000 outages, bg and e has 8,600 out and dominion virginia has 1,500 customers out. >> we should let you know the bethesda metro station has a power outage. all escalators and elevators are out of service. buses have been requested to that station. we're told the station is open. so this is still moving along right now. >> the worst of it is in prince george's county now. what we're dealing with are
10:51 pm
the after effects in the district. i think probably the headline is the flash flooding. we had a lot of lightning earlier and this was a line of storms we watched from early on this evening up through western pennsylvania and as they came across the mountains, they found this very juicy air here and have gotten themselves energized, especially as they moved into the western suburbs. the first thing you saves the light show and torrential sideway -- saw was the light show and torrential sideways rain. we've had a lot of reports of hail and incredibly heavy beelining rain that this has been coming to -- blinding rain that this has been coming to. radar shows you all the lightning from beltsville east of alexandria into southern prince george's county. waldo is about the cutoff point. over to sentinel radar. we'll get you in closer on some of these storms and update you on the flash flood warnings in effect. here's our heavy rain from bowie down to melwood getting all.
10:52 pm
that we still have rain in the district, but clearly this is the heaviest. we can follow that up through 895 into baltimore where they're very concerned there and have had significant and really dangerous dramatic flash flooding that we had pictures of and will have at the top of our news enat 11:00 in a moment. flash flood -- news edge at 11:00 in a moment. flash flood warnings go until 1 a.m. for carroll county and toward the district also a portion of arlington, montgomery and prince george's county, flash flood warning until 1:30 in the morning. watch that water. here is what our storm looks like in three dimensions. you can see that huge updraft where that strongest storm is in prince george's county prince george's county, could still maybe just maybe produce a little bit of hail. here's another look. i'll get on this side so you can see it's moved out and away from the beltway. this will continue moving east at 25 miles an hour. that's where the concentration of lightning is and everything is now shifting east. in another hour, maybe hour and a half it should be on the other side of the bay. here is satellite and radar in
10:53 pm
most, these storms holding together very incredibly as they made a very long journey through western ohio, eastern ohio, western pennsylvania and now cooling our area. that's one benefit of the damage we'll likely see with this. tremendous rain in just the last 12 hours. i'm kind of spotlighting the heaviest rain has been from the district on north and into the baltimore area where we know we had a lot of flash flooding around fells point as well and the towson area, possibly 2 to 3 inches of rain and there's still more to come. tonight storms will wind down. unfortunately it looks like we may have another round tomorrow. best strong storms will be probably in central virginia. it will be cooler saturday with some showers around. sunday looks like a really good day. so bottom line, this will end the excessive heat for a few days. we'll be about 87 degrees tomorrow, but we could possibly have another round of strong to severe storms primarily in the afternoon tomorrow. that knocks us down to 82 on saturday, maybe even 80.
10:54 pm
a little bit of lingering shower activity, a bit unsettled. sunday looks nice and a little bit of heat back monday and tuesday, but tonight and tomorrow we'll have to watch, but tomorrow the focus might be south of d.c. >> just as you walked away, those pepco numbers went up again, 15,000 customers now in the dark. let's hope that ends there. >> hope so indeed. we'll be right back.
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
olympic athletes aren't the only ones gearing up for worldwide competition. we have an individual still very committed to his sport. >> it's just general stiffness. i take painkillers to ease the ache. when i have a stereotype image of a 75-year-old, i don't see
10:58 pm
myself in it somehow. >> reporter: but kaz campe is taking a slice out of a lot of stereotypes. >> double take type of thing. >> reporter: that's the response the anne arundel county man usually gets when he tells people he's a fencer. he's a stop the metal stand at the usa championships earlier this month. he won gold in the veteran men's division. >> you are constantly solving a puzzle when you're fencing. some refer to the sport as physical chess. >> reporter: it's all about tricking your opponent. >> you say i'm going here to draw them in, so you go this way. >> reporter: fencers earn points for each touch. >> a beginner asks me what makes a good fencer and i look at him and i say a good fencer is a good liar. >> reporter: here's kaz with his coach january -- coach
10:59 pm
janusz smolenski. >> i was hooked from the first time. with all your might try to hook me here. >> reporter: with all my mite? >> very good, excellent. now -- might? >> very good, excellent. now do it again. >> reporter: oh, got me then. kaz worked as a nuclear engineer. >> i'm retired. a lot of times people after working for many years when they retire, there's this instant vacuum. for me i have more time for fencing now. >> reporter: he's not as fast as he used to be, especially after two fusions in his lower spain, but kaz is tough enough to qualify for the world tournament in austria october. he won a world title back in 1998. >> it's not me. i'm representing the u.s. it's a different feeling and if you win and you see that, they raise the flag and play the national anthem and stuff. it's euphoric. >> reporter: and he likes that


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