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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. terror and chaos at a colorado movie complex. >> there is at least one person that's been shot, but they're saying there's hundreds of people running around. >> a gunman opened fire in a crowded theater. adults and children were killed, dozens of others hurt.
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>> started seeing people frantically running out and then like i started seeing people that were like shot and they were bleeding all over. >> tonight as the nation mourns we're learning new details about the suspected killer. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. the shooting spree erupted during a midnight showing of the dark knight rises. >> 70 people were shot, 12 dead and 50 others are hurt. >> we have complete coverage of the movie theater massacre, bob barnard and maureen umeh both working this one. police in colorado just updated the media in the last hour. >> that's right telling us investigators will wait until tomorrow to enter the suspect's apartment in aurora because it's rigged with explosives that they need to >> reporter: safe somehow. the city's police chief says 30 shooting victims remain hospitalized tonight, 11 critically injured. the bodies of the 10 who died inside the theater have just recently been removed. two others died at the hospital. only one of them has been
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identified. >> we are hopeful that sometime in the next hour we will get a confirmed list of the 10 deceased and we'll begin the agonizing process of meeting with those families and confirming what has happened to their loved ones. >> it's an act that defies description. you can't connect emotions that we commonly think of. i mean everyone i've talked to all day is filled with an anger that can't find focus. >> officials also confirming tonight suspect james holmes carried out the movie theater ambush with weapons and ammunition that were legally purchased. >> 315 entry 14 for a shooting at century shooting 14300 east alameda avenue. they're saying somebody is shooting in the auditorium. >> moviegoers captured these images of the chaotic scene
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right after the shooting. police and fire dispatchers quickly realizing just how bad things were. >> 315 injuries, 14, at least one person that's been shot, but they're saying there's hundreds of people just running around. >> witnesses say the alleged mass murderer james homes dressed in body armor wearing a gas mask stood in front of the screen, released a gas canister and started shooting. >> we got another person out shot in the leg. i've got people running out of the theater that are shot in theater 9. >> of seat was taken, sold out. >> -- every seat was taken, sold out. >> we go out and the first thing we see is a 13, 14-year- old girl with a bullet wound in her leg and her stomach and probably her chest and i think she was right there about to die. >> 1 man in the theater shared his story in a video posted online. >> my wife kind of jumps and i just kind of sit there and laugh, it's probably just
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really good sound effects or something. suddenly we hear somebody is shooting up the theater. somebody has been shot. >> among the dead aspiring sportscaster jessica ghawi. among the survivors, this 3- month-old baby seen leaving the hospital late today. suspect james holmes was arrested near his car in the theater's parking lot. investigators say he was armed with a semiautomatic assault rifle, shotgun and two handguns. holmes lived in an apartment about 3 miles from the theater which police say was booby trapped with explosives and trip wires. the accused is a 24-year-old from san diego, a 2010 graduate of the university of california riverside, an honor student in neuroscience. >> we're very deeply saddened by this horrific event. we offer our condolences not only to those directly involved, but we're offering counseling services to all of our students and to our faculty and staff. >> holmes was most recently a
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graduate student of neuroscience at university of colorado denver enrolled in a phd program but in the process of withdrawing. >> he was somebody you wouldn't even look at twice walking down the street. very, very mellow. >> police escorted the suspect's father robert holmes from the family house in san diego. he's gone to denver to see his son, had no comment at the airport. a san diego police lieutenant is speaking for the family. >> their heart goes out to the friends and family of those that were involved and they are cooperating with law enforcement and they just ask your patience, indulgence and respect at this time. >> tonight the celebrity be with tmz published this -- website tmz published this photo that it says is james holmes with that distinctive red hair some witnesses were talking about today, no confirmation from authorities that this is indeed james holmes who has hired a lawyer and will make his first cot appearance monday morning facing at least 12 murder charges.
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>> very eerie to see that photo. president obama ordered all flags flown at half staff until sunset wednesday. the candidates put their campaign on hold today. each of them spoke at previously scheduled events this morning but only to address the tragedy. >> if there's anything to take away from this tragedy, it's the reminder that life is very fragile. our time here is limited and precious. and what matters at the end of the day is not the small things. it's not the trivial things. >> i stand before you today not as a man running for office, but as a father and grandfather, a husband and american. this is a time for each of us to look into our hearts and remember how much we love one another. >> the issue of gun control will likely become an issue on the campaign trail. the first presidential debate is scheduled for october 3rd at
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university of denver, just 7 miles from the shooting scene. back at home you may notice an increased police presence around movie theaters. police in the district and surrounding areas say they know people may be nervous heading to the theaters tonight, but they want to assure residents they know which theaters are showing the film and promise to step up patrols. >> we're aware of the show times associated with the movie involved in this incident and we're making contact with the managers and ownership of our movie theaters to ensure they're wear they will be seeing more police officers in and around their movie theaters. >> if you see, something say something and call 911. how did moviegoers react as they hit the theaters to see the new batman film tonight? fox 5's maureen umeh is live at the uptown theater in northwest. >> reporter: a lot of movie theaters did step up patrols in the wake of the shooting. here's the uptown theater. we haven't seen as many police cars on the streets or police officers walking inside.
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i did go to several theaters today and we saw a lot of police cars outside theaters, a lot of uniformed officers also walkinged an. a lot of fans -- walking around. a lot of fans still came out to see the movies. this is line of people waiting to see a late night showing of the batman theater. what they say is they need a showing of triumph over evil. theaters were packed. >> we're in a complete soldout movie. >> a lot of cheering, clapping and laughter and there was some tears. >> reporter: the tragedy in colorado was on my minds. >> i think it's unfortunate for especially a movie of this magnitude that is about good prevailing over evil for something bad like that to happen. so i think it's sad. >> reporter: some say the mass shooting gave them moments of concern about the potential for >> my concern is it could happen anywhere if it happened
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there. we're just worried and want to get home to our families tonight. >> i swore to them that i would protect you and i haven't. >> reporter: many flocked to evening shows, some wearing costumes in support of the film. >> i had to come out and make sure they got the bio pic of my life correct. >> reporter: how was the film? >> it was phenomenal. >> you and your friends better batten down the hatches. >> reporter: fans say the movie's message of triumph is exactly what's needed now, a message of hope and strength in time of pro found loss and sadness. >> can't live your life in fear. you only have one life. so you can't let other people's stupid action determine what you want to do. respect as you see, a lot of people not letting the violence deter them from coming to see the movie, from enjoying the movie itself. again this movie was expected to make a box bluster number this weekend. so far despite the tragedy in
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colorado it is still expected to do that. maureen umeh, fox 5 news. >> glad to see people are still going out to see the movie and being resilient in all this. thank you. the company that owns the colorado movie house is now considering changes to improve security. cinemark holdings owns nearly 500 movie houses around the country. the ceo says there was really no way to stop this gunman. >> he was well organized and had an assault weapon that would probably overpower any security that we would have had. i mean it's obviously a very deranged gunman that had access to very high powerful weapons and so it's just one of those outlying tragedies that is probably difficult for anybody to secure or control. >> the dark knight rises production studio warner
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brothers released a statement. "warner brothers is deeply saddened to learn about this shocking incident. we extend our sincerest sympathies to families and loved ones of the victims at this tragic time." another big story tonight, more storms moving across the region. gary mcgrady is in the weather center with the very latest. gary, how are things looking tonight especially after last night? >> i understand. we did have a flash flood watch in effect that was supposed be too until 11:00. that was caps -- to be until 11:00. that was canceled. we had a couple flash flood warnings in effect as well also canceled earlier. right on over to sentinel radar. we've had a couple short lived thunderstorms, a little lightning from them and that was it. you can see now on central radar a little light rain in the metro, a couple stronger cells back south and southwest. for the most part, anything real heavy is staying up north and northwest. a little light rain in the
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city, back down along the southern sections of the beltway. this is in terms of how much rain we've had, these are doppler estimated rainfall totals the last 12 hours. pretty good rain southern prince george's county, southern sections of anne arundel county, northern part of calvert county. then another little hotspot, if you look over here just to the wes of the city, right along -- west of the city, right along 66 northern prince william county. they had 2 1/2 inches or so of rain in a bull's eye. that prompted a flash flood warning earlier this evening that has since been canceled. there is more to the north and northwest, could mean showers and thunderstorms in the forecast overnight and through the morning tomorrow, complete forecast coming up. our coverage of the massacre at the movie theater continues. up next a former fbi agent and criminal profiler sheds some light on what investigators are now going through as they try to figure out why the suspect went on this murderous rampage. >> plus the chilling movie
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trailer that warner brothers has now pulled in the wake of the tragedy. >> many people are wondering could something like this happen here? tonight on the news edge local police practice for the worst case scenario.  [ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
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ripple effects were felt across the globe following last night's movie massacre. after learning about the shooting oners in france canceled the paris -- organizers in france canceled the paris premier of the dark knight rises. workers were seen break down the red carpet display. french fans say they were disappointed but understood the decision in light of the tragedy here in the u.s. for many the question we are all asking tonight is why? why did this yawn plan do something so horrific -- young man do something so horrific? police so far do not have a motive as to what led 24-year- old james holmes to open fire at that colorado movie theater last night. joining us live now is criminal profiler and former fbi agent
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greg mccreery. what have you learned about james holmes regarding what drove him to do this? is it anger? is it looking for revenge? is it possible to yet surmise a motive based on what we know? >> it's very early. we have to be careful. obviously what i can talk about is how these things work typically, so we'll have to see how this plays out. so i don't want to address him personally, but he seems typical of the pseudo commando sort of mass murderer, heavily armed, a lot of planning and premeditation. typically as far as the psychopathology is paronoia and depression. they see the world as a very threatening place, distrust everyone and read threat anyone meanings into benign comments and this sort of thing. they hold grips. they're sometimes referred to as in -- grudges. they're sometimes referred to
10:18 pm
as injustice collectors and this builds up until it explodes into ab event like that. this may be -- an event like that. this may what about we've experienced here. >> looking into other massacres of this magnitude, columbine, the two shooters killed themself in the end, same thing with seung-hui cho in the virginia tech shooting. does it say anything to you that james holmes didn't take his own life? >> just about 50% of mass murderers adults kill themselves. it may be that he -- again i'm speculating. i don't know whether he wants the notoriety. >> sure. >> we'll see as this thing plays out, but clearly he had the opportunity to commit suicide and did not. so we'll just have to wait and see. we're always always trying to overlay rational thinking on irrational behavior and that doesn't work very well. >> what are investigators looking for him tonight?
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>> clearly they're looking to try and get the answers to the questions you're asking. we just don't know. obviously you want to make sure this was just a loner and i'd be very surprised if it was anything other than a loner, that this is just who he is and he did this by himself. that, though, they want to make absolutely sure of and just drill down and find out as much about him and potential motives as they can. >> thanks so much for being with us. >> you're welcome. an aspiring sports broadcaster and an intern at our fox affiliate in denver is among the 12 victims. jessica ghawi who went by jessica redfield on air was killed last night. ironically she narrowly escaped another shooting incident last month at a toronto mall. one person was killed, four others hurt in that shooting. she wrote about the experience in her blog saying in part this empty almost sickening feeling won't go away. it's hard for me to wrap my mind about how a weird feeling saved me from being in the middle of a deadly shooting. her colleagues say she had a
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great personality and her dream was to be an nhl broadcaster. warner brothers pulled the trailer leading into the dark knight rises because it hits a little too close to home. the trailer for the upcoming movie gangster squad will no longer be shown this. trailer shows four men standing behind a movie screen in trench coats shooting at the audience with automatic weapons. up next two drivers killed by falling trees, could road crews do more to prevent these types of accidents? >> plus pepco was pulling for a rate increase. so will customers have to pay more for their power? the state's decision next. 
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heads up maryland pepco customers, your bill is going up. maryland regulators rejected 50 million of the $68 million rate
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hike requested by the utility company. however, they did approve an $18 million hike and your average bill will go up about $2 instead of the $5.50 pepco requested. pepco was urged to reject the request saying pepco performed miserably after the derecho storm. it virginia where earlier this week a driver was killed when a tree came down on top of his car. vdot does not routinely inspect trees along state roadways to see if they need to be cut down. now the widow of another man killed in the same manner says the state government needs to do more. fox 5's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: sarah nimitz and her children were shocked to learn a huge distressed tree on vdot's right-of-way fell tuesday evening in great falls killing a passing motorist. the family was shocked because the day before thanksgiving the same thing happened to 38-year-
10:25 pm
old demola utobi. a large tree came crashing down into the windshield of the system engineer's car as he was driving on harper's ferry road just inside loudoun county. vdot says the agency cannot afford to inspect every tree along state roadways. >> we have millions and millions of trees just in northern virginia alone. if you drive down any road, clearly it would be an overwhelming job to inspect each and every tree. respect john morris says vdot crews report distressed trees when they see them, but they're monitoring pavement, guardrails, signals and lightning and they just can't look at every single tree. mrs. dutopi said the tree that crashed into her husband's car caused a prolonged painful death. >> he was in a great deal of pain and begging for pain medication and because his vitals weren't stable, they wouldn't give him pain medication. so i witnessed the whole thing
10:26 pm
and i had sharon in with me. she was just 3 months old. >> reporter: mrs. utobi doesn't want any more deaths along virginia roadways and has specific suggestions for the transportation department. >> you have prison workers out collecting trash. train them to assess whether a tree is dead or not. put those people to work in a better way than just picking up trash on the side of the road and yes, there are thousands or millions of trees along roadways. then if that's the case when you're building a roadway, clear out the trees. >> reporter: vdot could not immediately confirm the tree that killed mr. utobi was on the state right-of-way, but john morris said the state agency will consider mrs. utobi's suggestions and invites ideas from anyone else. she also repeated what she told reporters earlier this week. if you as a motorist see a tree along a virginia roadway that looks distressed and dangerous, call vdot. she says a crew will be sent to
10:27 pm
check it out. john henrehan, fox 5 news. we want to take you back to tonight's big story, more reaction to the movie theater massacre in colorado, plus the impact this could the presidential election.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> back to our top story tonight, the colorado movie massacre, 12 people killed at the new showing of the new batman movie and 59 people injured. the suspect james holmes wore body armor and a gas mask and used a military semiautomatic rifle, shotgun and a pistol. keith bowers joins us live on the phone from aurora, colorado. his son was inside the theater when mr. holmes set off that gas canister. how is your son? >> he was injured.
10:31 pm
quite honestly we're not sure. he has a head injury, not a serious, but a cut and again there were a lot of things flying around, some shrapnel and also the chaos of people trying to get out. they were crawling along the ground between the rows. >> you're talking about your son. he was actually in the theater where the suspect allegedly set off the gas canisters? >> yes. he was -- >> how did your son describe what happened from there? >> i think much like we've heard all day long. it just was surreal. the door burst open. a lot of people thought that maybe it was somehow part of the movie. he threw the gas canister in and then what they saw initially was it looked like he shot up into the ceiling with a shotgun. prior to actually using the automatic. at that point they were down on the ground and made the decision to try to get out, to try to crawl out of the movie theater. >> when you say they, your son was with some of his friends in the theater watching the movie?
10:32 pm
>> he was. there were four of them. they're all 19, home on college break and they had gone to the midnight showing of the movie. >> where is your son tonight? >> he actually is -- they are still, as you're probably seeing throughout, the police are still questioning witnesses. they actually got at one of the first groups to get out last night. so we're not at the witness scene and they went babb today. they were called in by the -- back today. they were called in by the police and went back this afternoon and this evening to give their account of what happened. >> i'm a parent, so i can sort of imagine what you must have been going through. how did you actually fine out about what happened and did you -- find out about what happened and did you know your son was in the theater watching the movie? >> we did and from our standpoint we share the sadness of the victims and their families. we were fortunate enough to know that they had gotten out. they were one of the first.
10:33 pm
they were in the row 3 and they made a quick decision to get out. they actually came home. we only live about a mile away from the theater. they came home, told us what had happened. that was about 1:00. at that time we didn't realize the seriousness. they knew there were guns -- you know, gunshots and chaos there, but we didn't know until early this morning what the actual final toll as far as the deaths and injuries in that. >> thank goodness that your son and his friends are okay. our thoughts and prayers are certainly with your family and the community there in aurora, colorado. thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. new york mayor michael bloomberg is reacting to the shooting by calling on president obama and mitt romney to address the issue of guns. >> there's so many murders with guns every day it's just got to stop and instead of the two people, president obama and governor romney, talking in
10:34 pm
broad things about they want to make the world a better place, okay, tell us how and this is a real problem. no matter where you stand on the second amendment, no matter where you stand on guns, we have a right to hear from both of them concretely, not just generalities, specifically what are they going to do about guns? >> new york city's police commissioner says the nypd is providing coverage at theaters in the city as a precaution against copycats and to raise the comfort levels of moviegoers. earlier today i talked with fox news sunday host chris wallace for his reaction to mayor bloomberg urging the president and mitt romney to make gun control more of an issue in the election going forward. >> it may be a little early to be talking politics or policy at this point. it's obviously a conversation we have to have. my guess is as a practical matter, it's not going to go very far. republicans certainly don't see the availability of guns as an
10:35 pm
issue and feel there are enough laws on the books and democrats particularly at the national level have really shied away from making gun control an issue ever since al gore in 2000. president obama didn't do it in 2008. i suspect he won't do it again because quite frankly, it polls very badly among a lot of blue collar workers who support and want to have access to guns. so i don't see this being a big issue in the campaign. people will bemoan what happened here, but i don't think that's going to be the answer you'll see a big debate over. >> i also want to ask we saw president obama ending his campaign activities today so that he could speak about the shooting in colorado and also romney and obama campaigns both ended, suspended their campaign advertisements in colorado for the time being. was that the right thing to do? >> well, again that's not my job to judge. they both felt it was
10:36 pm
appropriate. interestingly enough we were going to have tim pawlenty, one of the front runners as a possible running mate for romney on fox news sunday. the two campaigns, obama and romney pulled all their guests off the sunday show. so they think sunday morning it will be too soon to be talking about romney's tax returns or obama's economic record. we on sunday will be all over this story and quite frankly, there are a lot of facts we still need to know about exactly what happened, who the shooter was, why he did it and to begin questioning is there any way whether it's gun control or some other solution to try to prevent these massacres from happening and then we have just learned we'll have a very special interview with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu live on sunday. we'll talk to him about the incendiary situation in syria, especially with that huge cache of chemical weapons and also the bombing of israeli tourists
10:37 pm
in bulgaria and netanyahu promising reprises against hezbollah and iran. so we'll have a jam packed fox news sunday. >> looking forward to it, sounds very interesting right here on fox 5, chris wallace. thanks. our coverage continues on as new information comes in. we will keep you updated. you can also find everything right there on our home passenger. coming up next a man -- homepage. coming up next a man who plotted to blow up the pentagon and capitol comes clean in court. >> plus the return of a difficult disease that hits children and babies the hardest. we'll be right back.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.  [ romney ] i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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a massachusetts man pled guilty to planning to blow up the capitol and pentagon. rezwan ferdaus was arrested last year after fbi posing as al-qaeda members gave him the material he requested. investigators say he planned to use remote controlled model planes packed with explosives to blow up the buildings. he will likely be sentenced to 17 years in prison. the disappearance of two young cousins in iowa has been changed from a missing persons case to abduction. the case was reclassified today after the fbi dive team failed to find the bodies of the 10- year-old and 8-year-old girls in a lake. they vanished a week ago today while they were playing. their bikes were found near that lake. the fate of joe paterno's statue on the penn state campus lies in the hands of the university's president tonight. the likeness of the former football coach stands outside
10:42 pm
beaver stadium. critics have called for it to be taken down ever since a recent investigation found that paterno and other university officials covered up allegations of sex abuse by jerry sandusky. earlier reports said the statue would be removed over the weekend, but now the president is expected to announce his decision next week. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 get used to the heat, why forecasters think it will be hot way past the end of summer and when they finally expect a cooldown. >> in the wake of the colorado movie theater massacre local police are preparing for the worst case scenario, their plan to keep you safe at 11:00. do you see it ?
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whooping cough appears to be making a comeback. the cdc says the number of cases in the u.s. could hit a 50 year high this year. since january almost 18,000 americans have gotten sick and nine infants have died and the
10:46 pm
numbers are growing. fox's beth galvin reports. vin o >> reporter: 3 1/2 mod colby james five weeks in -- 3 1/2- month-old colby james five weeks in the hospital battling whooping cough. for weeks she's been having episodes where she actually stops breathing. her mother has no idea how she contracted it. >> she's critical when she's in one of those episodes and it's just scary. >> reporter: terry sizemore of polk county knows the feeling. he and his wife arlene have been coughing stipes so hard they vomit for about four months -- sometimes so hard they vomit for about four months now. >> we've had bronchitis, colds, sinus infection, but of this totally different. i thought whooping cough was a children's disease. i thought that it had been eradicated maybe 50 or 60 years ago. >> reporter: the cdc medical epidemiologist dr. tom clark says whooping cough never
10:47 pm
really went away. in fact, the u.s. is seeing a record increase this year and it hits babies too young to be fully vaccinated the hardest. >> the greatest risk for severe -- they're at greatest risk for severe disease and complications and most likely to be hospitalized and most of the deaths for pertussis in the u.s. occur in babies unfortunately. >> reporter: washington is experiencing a major whooping cough outbreak with thousands sick and seeing a peak in cases of kids who are 10 years old and young preteens. the reason? the protection vaccines offer may wane after a few years. the cdc recommends boosters for 11 and 12-year-olds. >> all adults who haven't gotten one should go the one as well, pregnant women especially should get one. >> reporter: pregnant women may be able to pass on protective antibodies to babies too young to receive the vaccine. after months terry sizemore said he and his wife are finally feeling better no, longer coughing until it hurts.
10:48 pm
>> it was awful. it was awful. i would never want anybody to go through that and if i had known, i would have definitely got a booster shot several years ago. >> doctors are urging pregnant women or nip living with a young baby in the house to -- anyone living with a young baby in the house to make sure they are vaccinated. the man accused of creating a hepatitis c outbreak in new hampshire is accused of working at four hospitals. david kwiatkowski visitors say stole anesthetic drugs from a hospital, injected hips, contaminating syringes -- himself, contaminating syringes later infect the people who used them. he worked for at least three other maryland hospitals but did not name them. a 4-year-old caps patient from ohio whose -- cancer patient from ohio whose father
10:49 pm
asked for a trip for her to go to disneyland was denied a trip. so the father thought the trip should go to someone sicker and refused to sign off on his daughter going, but may's mother and grandmother started raising money on their own. >> people that were paying for your trip can no longer fund us. so mommy and grandma have to raise the money for you to go and she said okay. when are we going? i said i don't know, hopefully soon. she said okay, mommy, i know you'll get me there. >> the good news is online donations topped $11,000 today. so little mckenna will get her wish after all. >> it's friday. we made it all the way to friday, time now for the weekend forecast. i hope you got some good news for us. >> it's kind of 50/50. one good thing is i don't see any heat for the weekend. >> that's a good change. >> look, rain is a good thing
10:50 pm
because we need it. we don't want flooding rain but a little rain would be nice. some places tonight did get a little. i think more places overnight will get a little more, not everybody. i'm not guaranteeing everybody rain here. not even going to guarantee rain for tomorrow even though we're going to see some showers, thunderstorms continue through the overnight and at least through the first part of the day tomorrow. we've had a little light rain in the city. want to start with sentinel radar. we've dried out in town. there's a couple light showers to the north of us. we take you down to the southwest. this is just the newest shower and just became a thunderstorm at least that i could prove because i saw some lightning out here. it's coming down towards culpeper. this cell right here is just drifting. the core of it right in there, you see the oranges and yellows, it is drifting ever so slowly at 2 to 3 miles per hour. that's pretty much stationary to be honest with you. the rain rate here is an inch an hour, which is not quite as
10:51 pm
substantial as what we were seeing earlier. frontal system is pushing to the south of us finally and that's bringing in slightly drier air. so it's lowering the potential of these showers and thunderstorms this evening and overnight tonight to bring us some flooding rain. so now there's not a flash flood watch in place. we may have still the passing showers and thunderstorms, but it doesn't look like they're going to be packing enough heavy rain to worry about it too much. so again we're dry here in the city now. speaking of the rain we've already had, this goes back 12 hours. we colorized this for you. i'll lay in some totals now. keep in mind this is only estimated by doppler radar, but generally speaking, it does a fairly good job. i little bull's eye in southern prince george's county back over to southern anne arundel county, almost 3 inches of rain there. through the area here we've received anywhere between about 1/2 and 3/4-inch. a couple more bull's eyes. this was one earlier from this
10:52 pm
evening, northern parts of prince william county, extreme southern loudoun county, almost 2 1/2 inches of rain in a fairly short period of time. so they had to issue a flash flood warning in effect for. that they were able to cancel it earlies that storm system weakened on top of them -- earlies that storm system weakened on top of them. highs -- early as that stops weakened on top of them. high -- storm system weak know on top of them. -- weakened on top of them. we still have showers and thunderstorms up to the north west. once this clears, we should be pretty good to go. i think there's the possibility of a few showers lingering through the morning hours tomorrow. heaviest rain is south of us, all south of the front. passing showers overnight to not a possibility. the suburbs will be in the lower to mid-60s, so a little cool. we have the presence of the northeasterly wind coming in tomorrow and clouds.
10:53 pm
that will still keep us on the cool side and any showers we get tomorrow will primarily be through the morning hours, okay? it's not steady rain or anything like that, just scattered around. 80s for a high tomorrow, a little warmer sunday but fairly nice, some sunshine and 85, spotty thunderstorm late sunday afternoon. then the heat comes back with a little more humidity. so monday, tuesday, wednesday we're right back into the 90s. that's not a real bad weekend. could be worse. >> yeah. do things inside one day, thing outside maybe the other day. >> oar just do things inside both days or outside both days, either way. >> you're speaking personally there. >> that's exactly right. however, i will be outside this weekend. >> thanks. heads up if your weekend plans happen to include taking metro. weekend track work means delays on every line except the yellow line. on the red line shuttle buses run between grovener and
10:54 pm
friendship heights and single tracking on the green, orange and blue lines. you can find all the details on that on coming up next. >> reporter: maybe you gamble for fun, but there's a maryland man who is making -- >> this fox 5 program brought to you by fios. i'm barack obamama and i approve this message.
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
10:57 pm
it's not something most parents want to hear, their child deciding to drop out of college. you're about to meet a man who did just that and the boy that he is glad he took a gamble, but as fox 5's beth parker shows us, now he's a millionaire. >> reporter: some say it's better to be lucky than good. greg merson is both and right now he's on a roll. the 24-year-old maryland man just won a million dollars and this gold bracelet in the prestigeous world series of poker in vegas. it still seems so strange to him that -- >> sometimes i'll just want to
10:58 pm
start laughing. >> reporter: but it wasn't entirely out of the blue. merson grew up in laurel, played baseball at howard county's reservoir high. >> when i was 16, my brother and his friends were out playing for 10 bucks down here. i went upstairs and got my cheesy $5 sunglasses, fake oak leaves, came down, played with them. >> reporter: he lost 10 bucks but gained a career. he studied and practiced and later dropped out of the university of maryland to focus on the game. >> my dad wasn't very happy. >> reporter: but it's working out okay. >> it almost didn't even seem real because it was just boom out of nowhere just making really good money at 19 living in my parents' basement. >> reporter: these days he plays online poker from canada. it's illegal now in the u.s. he plays 20 hands at a time as you can see. greg always wears sunglasses when he plays. he got this pair at costco. he says when you get to a higher level of play, there are a lot more people who are staring you down.
10:59 pm
this is stressful work. >> when i call a $10,000 bet and lose and put two $5,000 chips out and the dealer swipes them from me, i'm actually seeing that money leave. >> reporter: in october he'll play a tournament where the winner takes home $8.4 million. >> you just become pretty immune to the value of a dollar and then when you're not playing you have to respect the value of the dollar off the table. >> reporter: merson says he doesn't need a thing. he has two cars, a good watch, a great family and a nice girl friend. he's already one lucky guy. in laurel beth parker, fox 5 news. >> makes me nervous just watching him. very cool. the news keeps coming, shawn yancy now with the news edge at 11:00. everyone i talked to dale is filled with aonian -- day is filled with an


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