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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  July 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fox 5 following developments out of the courtroom as the suspect in last week's movie theater shootings faces a judge jolt the prosecution says it is one thing it wants to do before deciding whether to pursuit the death penalty. >> penn state punish the. serious allegations ignored for years and now it could take years for the football program to recover from sanctions handed down by the ncaa.
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good morning. tuesday, july 4th. state up 6:00. kind of an interest degree as far as the weather. say that all the time i'm going to come up with more words other than interesting. i'm not going to say interesting ever again. >> it's always interesting. >> traffic starting to pick up out there as well on the woodrow wilson bridge. we'll check in with julie in just a second on traffic. meanwhile, let's get to tucker barnes. tucker is the most interesting man in the world. >> i'm throwing that phrase out. never again am i going to say ing at ting in the weather. times. same old, same old. >> if you are in the desert in phoenix, yeah. but not here. >> today, the theme is cooler air on the way but it won't get in here until late this afternoon. it will be rather warm and humid again this morning. >> warm and humid. >> i some a feeling you were going to tell me that. >> warm start, humidity is up
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again, 75 degrees. 82% humidity. nothing we can't handle here early. september nell radar, we are nice and quiet. your morning commute, no problems. later today, we will see scattered storms develop along the frontal boundary moving in from the north and west. this will be a cold front. you will notice drier air moving in behind it. i don't think it will be a whole lot cooler late this afternoon. the wind will pick up and the drier air will start to work in. it will feel a whole lot better around here for about 24 hours starting late this afternoon and all day tomorrow. by thursday, we'll be right back into the mid- to upper 90s again. we'll get a one-day break tomorrow. going with hot, 93 in washington. 93 in winchester. scattered storms by mid- to late afternoon. >> thank you. never a dull moment. >> speaking of never having a dull moment, welcome back julie wright. >> she keeps our morning feisty. >> i try. you got to add a little spufng once in a while. >> absolutely, dear. >> -- you got to add a little
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spunk once in a while. >> the crew in sky fox has found them over a heated swaying because of the car fire here. -- a heated situation because of the car fire here. if you are traveling westbound out towards dulles, want to commit to the airport lanes. the main line is where this occurred. only the left side is getting by. not too much of a backup right now. it is against the rush hour flow but catching an eye or two as you travel westbound. eastbound lanes are open. no problems coming in from reston to the beltway. 395 across the 14th street bridge, this is still an easy drive for folks coming northbound leaving boundary channel drive headed across the bridge. courthouse road still shut down between columbia pike and sixth street in arlington. that is due to a water main break. you will find your lands are open. traffic flowing freely each way at the wilson bridge. no problems to report as you continue past university head over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> the suspected gunman in the
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colorado movie massacre is expected to be formally charged next monday. >> now, james holmes made his first court appearance yesterday and now prosecutors are going to talk to the family member of the victims about whether to pursue the death penalty. fox 5's lauren demarco is in the newsroom now with the details. >> reporter: the shooting left 12 people dead, dozens injured and a community heart broken. yesterday was the first time the public got a look at james holmes since he allegedly walked into the century 16 movie theater and opened fire. the 24-year-old and in court to hear a judge explain why he is being held without bond. holmes with his hair still died that orange-red was offer a chance to speak but he stayed quiet. he sat as though in a daze in the colorado courtroom. at one point, he even seemed to doze off. holmes is being held in solitary confinement. authorities say he is refusing to cooperate and it could take months to learn what prompted friday's horrific shooting rampage and a midnight screening of the dark knight
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rises. the defendants will likely argue that the suspect was not in good mental health at the time of the shooting. the prosecutor says her office is considering pursuing the death penalty but that she will first consult with the victims' families. >> it is increedably stressful and it goes on for years. you don't want to miss a thing. you want to be sure you do everything you can for your comiept and fratchingly, i think the prosecutors probably do the same thing. >> we are looking at does suffer from a mental diseor defect that makes it so that he is incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. >> i would say there is no such thin as i slam dunk case. it is a case where we will -- we are still looking at the enormous amount of evidence. >> reporter: it was an emotionally charged day for the members of the victims' families and survivors who came to watch the court proceedings. some are calling for the death penalty calling holmes a coward. prosecutors are expected to file formal charges next monday and a mental health evaluation
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is routine in cases like this. the district attorney says the trial should begin sometime next year. up to you. >> thank you. in our other big story, the harsh sanctions handed down by the ncaa against penn state. penn state's football program escaped the so-called death penalty but the punishment from the league could be devastating. the $06 million fine, four-year bowl ban, scholarship reductions and more were decided by top ncaa executives. >> for the next several years now, penn state can focus on the work of rebuilding its athletic culture, not worrying about whether or not it is going to a bowl game. >> reporter: one. sanctions included erasing all of penn state's wins since 1998. 1998. some other top stories we are working this morning,
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police in maryland made an arrest in a vicious killing. andrew kugler is facing charges in the death of amber schinault. she was found dead one month after taking on the a restraining order on her ex- boyfriend. police say they had a very volatile relationship and kugler led them on a chase and slit his wrists before he was arrested. d.c. police are vehicling a recent assault as a possible hate crime. officers say 29-year-old michael hall and his partner were walking home saturday night when a group of young people jumped them. hall, who was a yoga instructor is still recovering from surgery after breaking his jaw and fracturing his cheekbone scientist generation without aids. secretary of state hillary clinton presents a plan to accomplish that goal. >> first, an update from the campaign trail. out of respect for the victims last weekend's shooting in colorado, president obama and mitt rome know put political attacks on hold but that is
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over now. fox 5 news is back in just a moment.   the middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future. my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix. friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies.
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[ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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ed. eighties intelligence agencies cannot figure out exactly what is going on inside syria. the "washington post" is reporting that, after nearly a year and a half, there are still intelligence gaps that are hurting efforts to remove syria's president. the cia does not have a presence in that country and can only monitor communications. political jabs have returned to the presidential campaign trail. president obama and mitt romney had cooled their rhetoric over the weekend out of respect for the victims of the colorado movie massacre. but monday, president obama cast doubt on rome know's ready's to be comabder in chief while romney accused the obama team of engaging almost totally in attack ads. today, president continues a western campaign swing through oregon and wash state. mitt romney speaks before the vfq convention in nevada before heading to london for the
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opening of the olympics. the u.s. is ponying up another $150 million to fight aids. secretary of state hillary clinton tells the international aids conference meeting at the washington convention center this week that the u.s. is committed to achieving an aids- free generation. more than 4 million are hadding with hiv around the world. we have learned that despite aids and hiv taking such a toll for the past 30 years, many people still lack an understanding of how serious the disease is. you have a chance to get your questions answered. a team of medical experts will be taking your phone calls from 7:00 to 10:00 this morning. the number is on your screen. o you can also go to our web site,, to chat with experts about hiv and aids. also making headline this morning, you know, she blazed a trail for women in space. this morning, we are looking back on the legacy of sally ride. she passed away yesterday at the age of 61. >> also ahead, we'll check in
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with tucker for your full forecast. more, hazy, hot and humid weather in store today. you can see the sun there on the left of your screen just starting to pop up and get everything heated up today. fox 5 morning news back in a moment. i'm barack obamama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spapacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain,
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she was a hero to a generation of girls. astronaut sally ride has died. at 32 years of age, she became the first american woman in space flying on the challenger in 1983, then again the following year. ride later went on to found sal question ride science, a come focused on encouraging girls and young women for go after careers in science, math and technology. she was the -- she died yesterday at her home in
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california of pancreatic cancer. she was 61 years old. >> she was a hero to all of us. >> not just -- to everybody. >> she was one of the first astronauts to go up. >> that's right, tucker not just for women, for all. >> thank you. i said my piece. should we do traffic? >> sure. let's let let -- let's talk about the sun. >> it does look a little ominous. it is just normal sunshine. highs will be back into the low to mid-90s. could there be a thunderstorm. yes, we have cooler and slightly drier air on the way later tonight and during at day tomorrow. >> has hurting my eyes. can i not look at it even in here. >> i thought it was going to burn the lens on the camera. >> hot and humid afternoon. another one is in forecast. could be a severe storm or two
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later today. certainly a possibility as the cold front approaches from the north and west. as the front comes through, the wind will pick up behind the front. you will notice a few things, slightly cooler air but noticeably drier air. it has been very humid the last day or so. a beautiful wednesday. high temperatures tomorrow only in the upper 80s. yeah, mid- to upper 80s with less humidity and lots of sunshine for our wednesday so we've got a good-looking day to look forward to. 57 in washington. 70 this morning in gaithersburg. 73 in leonardtown. 75 in fredericksburg and cull ander, 72 degrees. a nice, warm huge you had start to the day. should be a lot of sunshine here to start your morning. later this afternoon, we'll see if the clouds move in and at least the possibility of a few showers and thunderstorms. there you go. you can see here in washington, we're doing fine. some pretty good showers and storms off towards chicago. all of that energy will be pushing towards the washington
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area a little later today and give us the possible of of scattered storms. some of those could be strong as they move into the warm and humid atmosphere. cooler behind that front as we get into the nighttime hours. could be afternoon storms developing. winds west here 15 to 20. that will pick up behind the front. partly cloudy tonight a few evening showers or storms. best chance for that, bless you, sarah, will be off to the south, southern maryland and south central virginia. you have the best chance for evening storms. 68 the overnight low. # # tomorrow with a lot of sunshine and low humidity. we bounce back into the upper 90s but thursday. -- 88 tomorrow with a lot of sunshine and low humidity. >> we are wazeing this morni, y if you are traveling the inner loop of the beltway, our wazer has checked in to say there is one car stopped on the shoulder inner loop of the beltway
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before you reach 395. if you are traveling northbound along i-95, slow-moving traffic for those in the main line as you work your way northbound coming across the occoquan. here, as you work your way past lorton, again with the slowdown, thank you scarlet fork checking if n. with our fox 5 waze appear. the skew in cry stocks are above 66 headed eastbound towards the capital beltway. your lanes are open notch problems reported if you continuing inbound this morning. traffic volume slowing as you work your way in out of manassas. eastbound cathedral at connecticut avenue for the crash, follow police direction to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. a high-profile high school is the subject of a civil rights complaint filed against fairfax county schools. the "washington post" reports that an advocacy group led by a former school board member along with the fairfax chapter of the naacp claimed that the system shuts out blacks, latino and disabled students from
6:21 am
thomas jefferson high school for science and technology. the complaint says it starts in elementary school alleging that these students are excluded from gifted education programs. fairfax county school officials told the post yesterday that they have not yet reviewed that complaint. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. find out which major retailer is looking into cutting all of its cashiers. >> we'll be right back with that story. special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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welcome back. a major retailer wants to cut all of its cashiers. we'll have more on that in just a moment. first, time now to check on the markets. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with the business beat. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the market. they took a tumble on monday. what's going on? >> oh, yeah, down for two second-degrees in a row. down 240 points on the dow at one point, rally back ending
6:25 am
lower by about 101 at the end of the day. there is just more official talk at this point that perhaps greece will leave the euro zone. now might be the time and increased calls if i spanish bailout. looking a little bit better today but honestly more flat than anything else here in the u.s. >> let's talk about the company cutting cashiers. j.c.penney getting rid of all of their cashiers. >> first, they said no more sales because we'll have a sale every day. that strategy didn't work. now they are saying no more cashiers no, more cash registers. can you buy anything in our store starting in the year 2014 via a wi-fi network so she will free the people to roam the floor. what about the customer who wants to pay with cash? how do you do that?
6:26 am
can do you that? a lot of j. c. penney customers because they don't have access to credit use cash. i wonder if it works. >> a lot of people will be wondering to see if it does work. or if it will drive business somewhere else. all right. always good to see you. thank you for that report. >> thank you. >> see you tomorrow. coming up next, penn state learns its punishment, an unprecedented fine, a record wiped out and talk that star play ceres leave the school. we'll have more details on the sanctions handed down by the ncaa in just a moment. the man accused of killing 12 people at a colorado movie theater makes his first appearance in court. what the prosecution plans to do before deciding whether to pursue the death penalty. we'll be back. 
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bob mcdonnell is requesting help from people to recoup costs from the june 29th storm. >> lots of damage from that. >> waking up to quiet conditions this morning. we've got warm, very humid conditions. what else is new? temperatures right now in the 70s. it will be a hot and humid day. we've got changes. we have a cold front moving in a little late are and that will maybe kick off a storm but it will bring in drier and cooler air later tonight and for your day tomorrow. >> the only thing i heard was cooler air. >> drier air. >> all right. >> let's do numbers. you will notice the humidity will be departing here for a good 24 hours later this afternoon and tonight. 73 out at dulles. 75 at ocean city. and winchester, 77 degrees. so a nice mild start to your day. sun is up. and these temperatures will be
6:31 am
off and running. we'll be in the upper 1r0 and low 90s i think by the noon hour and eventually we'll top out in the low to mid-90s for afternoon highs. quiet radar here for your morning commute. not expecting any shower or thunderstorm activity for the first half of the day. later this afternoon, storms could pop up ahead of our cold front. some of those storms could be strong. we have to look out for that. i think they'll be widely scattered. breezy conditions behind the front. winds will pick up 15, 20 miles per hour late this afternoon during the evening hours. should feel pretty good and again, that humidity will be waning so it will be nice. 9 2-rbgs 93 -- 92, 93 for an afternoon high. >> coming up in, we have agot a great ask the weather guy, last day with our intern and a big send off. >> what about the name? >> we're working on that project too. >> oh, yeah, the new name. >> we'll have that hopefully by the end of the week.
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>> that is exciting stuff. >> let's say good morning to julie wright. >> we're checking on the the ride along 66. the crew in sky fox has joined us. as you work your way eastbound, you will fine delays as you work your way from business 234 headed to the car rest area just east of manassas. this is traffic coming inbound leaving fair oaks headed in towards 13 and vienna. definitely congest and heavy and slow as you work your way eastbound headed in towards vienna. accident activity reported on 15. 15 north of 66 but before you reach 234 now shut up to due to a crash. you will fine the outer loop of the beltway, the lanes are open. here comes the sun. the inner loop is able to maintain speed headed towards college park. all of the lanes there remain open. if you are traveling along cathedral avenue and connecticut avenue, that is where we've got some problems. eastbound along cathedral, you will find it is blocked off here at connecticut avenue. southbound connecticut avenue, a portion of that is also blocked off just south of devonshire. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-timetraffic. imetraffic. the man suspected of killing 12 people at a colorado movie theater last week is expected to be formally charged next monday. >> james holmes made his first court appearance in colorado on monday. his family also spoke out about a statement made to a report are the morning of the shooting rampage. lauren demarco has details. >> reporter: good morning. friday's shooting left 12 people dead and dozens injured and now prosecutor carol chambers says her office is considering pursuing the death penalty but she will first consult with the victims' families. james holmes made his first court appearance in colorado remaining silent and appearing dazed. his pair hair died shocking comic book red. authorities said he is refusing to cooperate and it could take months to learn what rich marriotted the shooting rampage. the judge ordered him held
6:34 am
without bond and he is being kept kept in solitary confinement n san diego, the holmes family attorney spoke to the media. she says the family continues to stand by holmes. she called the news con france to clarify anden accuracy by abc news and read a statement. there was a call his mother received from an abc producer that friday minutes after shooting. >> he asked if i was arlene holmes and if my son was james holmes. i answered yes, you have the right person. i was referring to myself. i asked him to tell me why he was calling and he told me about a shooting in aurora. >> reporter: later on, it was report the by abc news arlene holmes said you have the right person in reference to her son. abc's produce are sticks by his version of the conversation.
6:35 am
there is no audio recording of the call. holmes is expected back in court on next monday we do know a mental health evaluation is routine in case like this and the district attorney says the trial should begin sometime next year. up to you. >> thank you. another big story we are following this morning, the ncaa slamming penn state with sanctions. they follow the jerry sandusky child abuse sex scandal and the findings that the allegations against him were you go snored it includes a $06 million fine, a four-year ban on bowl games i'm loss of 10 freshman scholarships each year, five years probation and erasing every win from 1998 through 2011. >> the historically unprecedented action by the ncaa today are warranted by the conspiracy of silence that was maintained at the highest
6:36 am
levels of the university in reckless and callous disregard for the children. >> the paterno family responded by saying, quote, this is not a fair or thoughtful action. it is a panicked response to the public's understandable revulsion at what sandusky did. sports all straited is summing it up this way. the latest cover as a boldly, we were penn state and these a single nittann lion helmet on the ground. -- sports illustrated is summing it up this way. more problems for d.c. mayor vensent gray. >> it seems the mayor is getting fed up as new questions surface around his 2010 campaign. >> get the microphone out of my face, sir, please. thank you. >> the latest issue, a "washington post" article that claims gray's campaign had access tie confidential database naming more than 6,000
6:37 am
public housing residents. mayor gray denied the allegations. >> i've not seen the list. i know nothing about a list. the leadership of the public housing for over 20 years. i know the leadership and frankly, anyone who has worked with the leadership in public housing would know that that is not the approach you would take. >> the d.c. housing short has also issued a statement saying it is concerned that an ann authorized list of public housing resident got out during the 2010 mayoral campaign. officials say they are reviewing privacy policies and retaining staff in response to the article. d.c. police are looking for the suspects accused of a possible hate crime after a couple was beaten over the weekend. michael hall and his partner were walking down third street northeast less than two blocks from their apartment when they were jumped. the couple says the attackers asked forking in and sunol nothing from hem. >> four or five kids came out of nowhere and start ad taxing them. they started with mike. a bigge
6:38 am
and michael hall went down. another michael started screaming for help and coupled came out and scared away the attackers. >> hall needed surgery to repair a broken jaw and fractured cheek bone bone. money generate from the classes he would have been teaching are now going to a pay pal fund to help pay for the medical bills. a 37-year-old maryland man is accused of killing his ex- girlfriend. andrew kugler is facing manslaughter charges in the death of amber schinault. she was found dead in her berwyn heights home on sunday, one month after taking on the a restaining order on her ex- boyfriend. police say schinault and kugler had a very volatile relationship and that kugler led them on a chase and slit his wrists before he was arrested. also making headlines this morning, the first american woman in space has died. we are looking back on her life and the legendary sally ride. >> as we go to break, the words aids conference continues this week in d.c. we want to help
6:39 am
you answer your questions about aids and hiv. from 7:00 to 10:00, we'll have a panel of medical experts on hand to answer your questions. the number is your screen or head to to chat with an expert. that is going from o -- going on from 7:00 to 10:00 this morning.
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sally ride inspired an entire generation of girl and made her life's work to keep that inspiration going. >> she died monday at the age of 61 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. ainsley earhart has a look back at her legacy. >> reporter: she will forever be known as a trailblazer. she served as an astronaut on the 1938 space shuttle challenger crew. the move cree meant her in history as first american woman in space. planting a foot hold in the
6:43 am
field that was once dominated by men. >> i guarantee you, she opened a door and she still opened doors to young women around the country. >> reporter: ride logged more than 300 hours in space over two shuttle missions. the second mission took place in 1984. a planned third flight was canceled when the challenger shuttle exploded in 1986. along with her pair of outer space trips, ride has many other notable accomplishments. she was a physicist, a physics professor. she wrote five science books for children and served as president of her own company. >> we at rice university have a program, the sally ride science day. she felt it was very important to get young girls going into engineering and science. >> president obama is reacting
6:44 am
to her death. his statement reads, sally's life shows us there are no limits to what we can achieve. i have no doubt that her legacy will endure for years to come. since ride's first trip to space, 4 # other american women have followed in her footsteps. >> and she inspired tucker too. >> -- 42 other american women have followed in her foot steps. >> all of us. >> men and women, girls and boys. >> we all wanted to be an astronaut. >> there are reasons that some of us are behind the desk now and not in space. >> i'm he scared to jump. even more scared of being in a spacecraft. warm and humid start to the day. we are currently in the 70s. 57 at reagan national. check out your humidity. it is in the unpleasant range at this hour. 82%. our dew point temperatures are still rying in the upper 60s and low 70s. relief is on the way off to the north and west. it is a cold front that will
6:45 am
get in here later this affect and tonight. up ahead of it, we will be warm, very humid. highs expected to be in the low 90s. look out for the possibility of scattered storms with our cold front and behind this front, the winds are going to pick up. the dew point temperatures are going to fall. our humidity will fall and it will be a lot more pleasant later this evening and for your wednesday. here is another look. your surface map, we'll put it in motion for you. the cold front comes through later this afternoon. i think the shower activity will just be scattered. high pressure moves in for the day on wednesday with cooler, less humid air around for one day. then we bump right back up into the mid- to upper 90s again for the enof the week. here is your five-day forecast. 39 today. scattered afternoon thunderstorms actually few of those could be on the strong side so look out for the possible. by wednesday, # 8 with less humidity. 97 thursday. sorry about that. friday and saturday, we bounce around, 90 degrees. our average daytime high is 88.
6:46 am
we are headed in the right direction at least later tonight and tomorrow. >> very good. >> guess what it is time for. >> our favorite time of the year. >> tyler did it. ask the weather guys! it is the most popular segment some morning television in its time period, very special edition of ask the weather guys. our intern tyler is here. we are putting our big heads together for a special lightning round because our weather intern, tyler eliason is spending his last day with us. >> you are ending the internship early. >> it is a little early. >> where are you going? >> i have to go back to school. >> first, he will spend a week at the peach. >> where do you go to school again? >> valparaiso in indiana. >> you've balkan great intern. >> tyler has been assisting us greatly with the weather guy
6:47 am
questions during the summer. very smart young man. we'll do a lightning round. five questions or more for we can fit them in in five minutes. weather-related or otherwise. >> i like it. >> ready? >> here is the first question. tyler, how are hurricanes named. >> we have the national hurricane center down in miami and they've create six lists for hurricane names. the lists are maintained by the world meteorological organization and they are voted on every time a name drops out or a new name comes up. so these lists are on a constant rotation owe the same list we are using this year will be used again in 2018. the current list has a name for every letter of the alphabet excluding quxy and z. >> we're trueing to squeeze in aas men as we can. >> irene from last year was
6:48 am
recently retired. >> number two question, why do most people wear their watch on their left wrist. >> it is tim inally because wear right-handed so when we wear our one on our left wrist, it is easier to change the clock dial and change the time and it is also because we can keep it safer that way because we use our right happened for a lot of activities during the day. >> you have some notes here. we gave him an idea of what some of the questions were. we told him what some of the questions might be so you prepared notes. so we're going rogue on you, tyler. tile, from the chicago area. tyler, what was the coldest temperature ever in chicago? >> minus 27. >> wow! >> is he right? >> he got it right. january20th, 1985. >> hurt. what was the name of the
6:49 am
actress would starred in the 1996 movie, twister. >> oh, i don't know. of a seen the movie so many times. i can't remember. >> her first name starts with- h. >> helen. >> last name starts with an h. >> hunt. >> this is good. >> next question, if you are were stranded on a desert island and could only be with one of us, who would it be being tucker or me. >> i'm going to take sarah with me. >> good answer. >> all right. >> rhetty smooth. >> great up tern. best one you ever had. >> got them all right so far. >> you mentioned that you've hay great upbringing. who is your better parent, your mother or your father? >> this is personal. >> we'll get some help for this one. we need to put a picture up. >> julie wright, we need to see julie. can we get a shot of julie wright. >> there she is.
6:50 am
>> this is your final question. julie's outfit today, yes or no,. >> that is colorful. it goes with the map. i like it. >> you're wrong. i'm sorry. no. >> tyler, that is why you will be sitting on the set next week and those two no-names -- >> we're just welcoming you back. we'll see you. tile are, well done. very well done. -- tyler, well done. your prize is a trip to an island with sarah. >> he had no idea what the last four questions were. >> i did not. >> you've been great. thank you very much. that's it for tile are and for this edition of ask the weather guys. with tyler's departure, our answers will bet much more spotty for the rest of the summer. >> that is you true. >> it is true. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the
6:51 am
weather tap. our name willing changing soon. the polls have officially closed. we'll count the votes and make the big reveal of the new name of the segment. there you go. >> good job, tyler we'll miss you. >> now, we'll go to julie wright who actually looks lovely today with an update on the traffic. >> wait a minute. my question for tilers which one of you two is going to be flipping theburgers and which one is burning the fries? >> touche. >> good luck. college is nothing but a ball -- i mean study hard, concentrate. be in bed every night by 9:00. that's what i did in college. look where i am today. am toda good luck. on the radios roods, you will find that your lanes are open if you are traveling on the capital beltway. -- on the roads, you will find that your lanes are open if you you are traveling on the
6:52 am
capital beltway. the crew in sky fox is joining us. we mentioned this just a few moments ago. the accident activity along 15 as you travel north of 66 but before you reach 234sudley road. police are there to help direct you around. 15 north of 66 but before you reach 234sudley road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. something new to so at the national zoo today. two new cheetah cubs. they will make their big debut today. >> the cheetahs were born in april at the known's conservation biology institute in front royal. this is a picture. oh, look at them. >> they're so cute. >> they are two weeks old. their mom had a difficult birth but the cubs, the brother and sister, are now thriving. so today, the zoo plans to announce how they will choose the cubs' name. >> they'll have a poll and vote
6:53 am
on it. maybe there will be campaign commercials i don't they are so adorable. kermit and the gang, they are joining the protests against chick-fil-a. the jim henson company says it will not supply toys or other merchandise for the restaurant chain anymore in protest of its stance on gay marriage. last week, chick-fil-a's president says said the company is against gay marriage setting off a storm of controversy. there will be a new face at american idol's judges table next season. are you excite? >> maria carey will join the -- >> is she going to wear the outfit. outfit. >> she said it will be fun and rewarding to help find new talent and get back with american idol. >> is she going to wear that outfit. >> maybe that one too.
6:54 am
>> season 12 returns? january. >> is she going to wear that last outfit? >> she is very talented. great singer. >> we are bringing the fresh flavor of the farm right to you. we are live in bluemont, virginia with more "big event that puts the emphasis on eating local. looking forward to that. back in a moment.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
take a look at the views iat have this morning. this is a look over at the allow -- sometimes this gets forgotten in the busy washington, d.c., area, how much agriculture andag farming farming is going on outside of this city. and we are here today to preview the second annual farm to fork this is a fab bus collaboration of farms and restaurants and see how this amazing local produce. look at this okra. this was just picked from thed field.
6:58 am
it is delicious fresh. i tried a little bit of it. but we're going to finds out how this local produce is being incorporated into the dishes at restaurants that you are goingnt to be able s to visit during th second annual farm to fork. that kicks off on thursday.. we're going to talk to somek chefs why local produce is so good, and the man knew is being expanded. -- menu is being this year, they expanding it into some indian dishes, howdish local produce is being used toud make beer and even pizza, and in get to taste all of it this morning. >> not a bad gig!d enjoy it. uc lucky you! bring something we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. sue martinez copeland, she is a loyal watcher and calls fox 5 the best thing to lay eyes on the first thing in the morning.
6:59 am
that's great. leave a comment on our facebookr >> i like that.e that's it for the 6:00 hour. now to tony and allison. >> and speaking of laying your eyes on the best thing, look ato those shoes!o >> i love those. >> we'll have to take a picture and put it on facebook.face coming up, the nation gets its first glimpse of the accused movie theater >> and this morning, it's set for appearances -- people are talking about his blank stare, we'll have the latest on him,n and the up tate on some of the survives. >> plus,. >> i think that the mpa is punishing people that don't deserve to be punishe


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