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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it will probably be allowed to drop off at the 5:00 hour. want to show you another cluster of storms around warren county, heading down to rappahannock county, and a sliver of thisan county.d this is the big picture, just a few storms in the area now and by the way, that warning for frederick county did drop off. if we get any new warnings, i'lw let aryou know, and talk more about anything new popping up in the next few minutes or so, butu remember, really nice weatherate for tomorrow. that's the full forecast comingr up in eca bit. >> gary, we'll see you then. we will be monitoring the weather for the next 90 minutes, on air and online. you can track live doppler radar at
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you can e-mail us your weather pictures. an investigation is underway into i don't 911 service was interrupted during last timonths duracho. there was a closed door meeting. >> reporter: this investigation was prompted by a request from fairfax county chair won who said her residents could not call 911 in the days after that big storm. , the county was not the only place that saw 911 outages, prince william did as well. big question is, what happened here? and how do they prevent it from happening again? >> reporter: 911 is supposed tou be there all ppthe time, every time you but officials in northern virginia are demanding to know why 911, especially in fairfaxfi county, was out for days after the june 29th storm. >> there were some fairly colossal fair you'lls of 911. >> reporter: dave robinson,ro executive director of theth washington area council of governments, the group has
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launched an investigation tuesday into 911 storm outages that robertson said should have been prevented by backup systems.s. >> centers lost power, back upck systems for power did not kickki in, and some backups to the backups didn't kick? >> reporter: verizon is focuses on the regional facility ini arlington that lost power after the storm. 911 outages also occurred in arlington, prince william counties, but after a decade of improvements following 9-11, the outage is causing >> that's a pretty damning indictment of our >> reporter: in a statement,nt verizon says they are for the cause, but it may not be iashes simple as a power outage, sayin the issues with central officec power failures should not in ann of themselves have called thecal 911 call completion thatom since 911 centers are served by
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multiple, redundant network elements, we are investigating what specific combination ofco equipment failures led to someto 911 centers not getting traffic. either way, local officials want answers with one goal in mind. m >> so that we never have theve kind of colossal 911 failures that we experience in our region. >> reporter: we should tell you that verizon officials did taked part in idthe council ofco government meeting in unfairfax county. in which all sides were briefedr about what went right and whatan d went wrong, officials say,cial laura, they wasn't answers in days, not weeks, because as we've seen in the last couple of minutes, these storms can pop up as quickly as the last. >> they can. thank you. pepco is disappointed because it will not be allowed to hike rates by 4%.hik no word if the company plans too appeal the maryland publicar service commission's decision yo allow a slight increase that raised monthly rates to maryland customers by about $2.ab
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the utility company argued there hike was necessary to improve reliability. pepco regional president says electric provider will have toio find cuts in other spending categories. he did not give specifics. we're following breaking'r news oute of arlington, virgin. police are investigating two suspicious deaths at the parkat apartments on 31st.en. police were called to the scene after someone reported finding d woman's body.s these are live pictures there ou the rescene where you can seec investigators are snappingsn pictures, apparently, of what maybe the crime scene, orsc evidence there, against someones reported finding a woman's body. medics's arrived the and found a man's body. there's no word if the two knew each other, we have a crew on the scene gathering informationi as soon as we get an update, we'll bring it to you. a woman has serious injuries after her suv was shit by a train. the tracks in the 4500 the block of decatur
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since around 10:00 a.m. the collision pushed the suv up the tracks, flipping it on to its side.s it took rescuers about half an hour to get the woman out. monitoring metro and several big problems at the bethesda station, all the escalators werc shut down late althis afternoonr >> metro says it was a mechanical we are live at the station. bob, what do you know? >> reporter: laura and shon,or they are back tein service, as f about 4:30 this afternoon, butaf it was rough, a very rough about hour and 45 minutes earlier. let's show you what it looked like downstairs. this is when everything was out first word from metro came via twitter around 3:00 this afternoon. some riders say they had no ide that anything was wrong until they got off the train. it's a long walk up. this is one of those stages that is agdeep underground, requirinn long elevator and escalator rides. metro spokesman says the causean
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of the outage is under investigation. but may be due to work being done by a contractor at the station. some metro riders were none too placed. >> i'm in pretty good shape. somebody is going to have ae heart attack. then they're going to sue metroe this is ridiculous. >> what do you make of that? [ indiscernible ] >> you should have taken thatve suit off!s >> should have.ul it's hot out's >> you look like you're in good shape. >> i try to be, but, hard to describe that walk.k. >> wouldn't do it >> just tell you, if you don't want to calk up a he is -- walka up an escalator, get off the train, get on the bus. >> common courtesy. >> no, common sense, it's not's even courtesy. arts part of their job to keepke people safe.
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>> reporter: power last restored about 40 minutes ago.out the elevators are and one escalator in each direction down to the train. the cause, laura, right now isgt still unknown.n. >> lot of frustration. thank you. now the latest on the colorado movie theater massacrea some families are finalizing funeral plans for those lost. john holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding at least 58 others, some of them critically. craig boswell is live in aurora with the latest. >> reporter: good evening.ep a orfleury of activity around te theater as investigators go inin and out of the crime scene, but for a majority of the community this is the focus here. i don't know if you can see it, the memorial that is growing inn size and importance. >> i came to show my feelings and my -- it just hurts.s >> reporter: the memorial to the victims of the theater shooting is becoming a must-stop on anan
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emotional journey. >> i know these parents are devastated, because i'm devastated for them. god bless. >> reporter: people are leaving flowers, balloons, messages and prayers. >> they just scrape to enjoyo their live.e. >> reporter: services for three of the victims are place this week, including this 18-year-old, a.j. bit.18 his -yfamily has asked for privacy. a full military service is planned for 26-year-old jonathao block next ldfriday in reno. he served three tours in the middle east, and his family says he had plans to reenlist, hoping to become a navy seal. the father of the youngestthe victim is speaking out. ian recalls the last time he sam hise daughter during a father/daughter camping trip a few weeks ago. [ indiscernible ] tell each other we loved each
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other. >> reporter: back out live, showing this memorial that is across the street from the theater. it's windy so many candles haved blown out.le people are trying to keep their people are signing the cards anc letters, and of course, near th top of it are the 12 crosses with each victim name. i'm told shon that later on, investigators with both theh prosecution and defense will --l be going into the theater. some to be grad substitute t at the uo niversity of maryland school of music is making an amazing recovery following that shooting. petra anderson was shot fourhot times, one bullet went through her brain. these images are from video thae her family o made to raise money
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for her doctors say a minor brain defeco actually spared anderson's life. the small channel of fluid that don't affect her, the bullet traveled along that channel and avoided vital areas. michelle obama is on the campaign trail in she opened a rally with words o sympathy for the victims' families in colorado. >> i want to take a moment, juso to, meyou know, make sure we remember the folks in colorado, and truly as i said before, how heart-broken barack and i are about the tragic shooting that took place last week. as many of you know, barack visited with the families of thh victims this weekend, and i knon that we are all holding them in our hearts and our prayers. >> ohio is the keith battleground state in the presidential of police make several arresa
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l and aids activists make their voice, heard at the white house we'll tell you what they'reth demanding. >> he had all the power to dot what he hewanted to do. >> she complainted hiv as you -- contracted hiv when she waswa young, now this woman is sharing her story as a journalist, asjo the international aids conference continues right heres rin the district. >> claims of racialra discrimination at a local highca school. why one group says black and latino students aren't fairly represented. >> storms out there, cold front is coming, and that is going to change things. first look at the forecast, plus another look at radar coming upo in just a few minutes. stay with the news will continue. ♪
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awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. a dozen people were arrestee in front of the white house. they are parliament afterp demonstration that weavedat through the city iostreets befoe ending at lafayette park. paul wagner is here with theith story. paul? >> reporter: the 12 used redred ribbon to tie dollar bills and condoms and prescriptionpr medication to the fence,fenc circling the white house. whi a symbolic action that caught the attention of the police the protestors converged on the par from five different directions today, in hopes of bringing attention to a multitude of
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issues involving aids.aids >> it's no longer a pipe dream,. >> reporter: after listening tor speakers with an assortment of message, hundreds left the park and headed for the white house. >> some began tieing ribbons to the fence, before u.s. faculties called in the horses and forced as many as they could backback across the ones who stayed behind were the ones willing to be arrested, and police left them alone before the warnings within a few minutes, with all warnings exhausted. park police began star make arrests. activists who organized the demonstration the civilcivi disobedience was to drawbe attention to what dithey call aa finding, that was with moderatee increases in funding and appropriate policies, the world could see an end to the aids
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pandemic within 30 years. the demonstration comes as people from around the world ar here for the international aids vincent la clair came from france. >> i'm here to remind ourou politicians that we also need human rights. we need another approach to drugs, so remind me of human rights, and --nd >> reporter: protestors came too the tepark with a multitude oft concern. among them, the cost of medications and what they called pharmaceutical the international aids conference is held at the dce convention center with policypoi makers, scientists and advocated exchanging ideas on how to end the disease. this is -- she complainted hiv at the age of 6 when raiseda
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by a neighbor in south africa. 14 years later, she is one of o nethree south african women attending the international aidi conference. she joins us tonight, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having fe >> let me ask you, what's ityou, like to be a survivor? living with hiv and then bebe covering the conference, this international conference?na >> it's not an easy thing, and it's more of support of where you're coming from, and the most support i get -- >> let me ask you, you have quite an incredible we heard what you went through when you were 6 years old, thed clip we showed off the top is from a film that you made called mandesa. tell us about the film, why you decided to make this, and how it's helped you. >> i would say it's not --not impact on two people who havepl been hurt e and abused. i think that's the life of beinn
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abused. i think it's, you should be as a person, you should be, i could say, you have to be supportive to yourself, and you must encourage yourself with peopleh who are more >> you've been living with hiv for a long time years ago, people thought theylt wouldn't be able to survive a couple of years. and i ask you, how did you get to where you are?ou why talk about this globally?obl what inspired you to take on tak this role? >> i feel like i was enough pain, i couldn't keep it in anymore, and i feel like ii wanted the world to know afterat hiv, there is still life, because there's so many peoplepe inside -- [ indiscernible ] i think it's about support.abou support is the most importantim thing. >> last question, quickly. what grade would you give the
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world on a global response tore hiv and spthe crisis? >> i would say it's ---- >> i support from home where i come from, and -- it's a part of mind, when you look at theat mirror, you look at yourself asf a person who is living a productive life, no matter how circumstances can be, no matterm how people can discriminate youc ridon't focus on that. >> you are such a pleasant, wonderful person. thanks so much for being in.b thanks for sharing your story. laura?a? new report out tonight sayso more high school nistudents are using condoms now than 20 years ago. the findings were presented at the international aidsnt the cdc says about 60% of the teen surveyed said they used a
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condom the last time they had sex. that's an improvement over 46% in 1991. but that number has remained unchanged since 2003. researchers say more needs to be done to protect young people from the aids virus. another muggy day, a littlet cooler, now we're talking aboutu severe storms coming across the region, grady, what can wewe expect as we roll into the evening hours? >> the clouds that have kept uss cooler, had we not had the cools, we would have been in the possibly, maybe some spots in the upper 90s. but the clouds suppressed the temperature. that suppressed some of the thunderstorms this afternoon. much like yesterday. few of them are slipping through. we go to radar, earlier thisie storm in frederick county waswa severe, no active severeve thunderstorm warnings right nown and this is weakening.we the heaviest has shifted down tn the south. it's pushed through cross berg.
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just around 75, and again, just headed towards -- back out,ac south k of i-70, this has weake a bit and no longer severe.seve another storm we've been watching has been down aroundn warren county, south now front royal, heading do rappahannockrp county, and it will move to the southeast as well, and as it does, culpeper, watch out, the strongest part of this storm ism to the note -- north of you, culpeper is on there so you can see the storm in relation tore bring you back to the district, nothing going on right now, butu there's a big frontal system to the normal as it gets closer this we at least have the chance for more storms. thunderstorm watch has been issued for everybody until 8:00u i do suspect a lot of that, especially the northern areas,he will get whittled down before if is complete. again, we would like to remind you, especially on severe weather days, we have the fox a weather wrap, this a freefree
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download, go to the app store, put it on your iphone, ipad, put it on your android, it's free, right now, i'm showing you radar and i anded the severe thunderstormsth watching in pennsylvania,p maryland, virginia, and north carolina. we can shift this to the south, lots of active warnings down in north carolina. and it's not just a regional weather app, it goes across the country. you can travel with this, if you want, and you can always be up to date. current conditions for dc, alld, that is changeable, all that is customized. it's a handy thing to have on t your ipod, or ipad and iphone in your pocket. >> thank you very much. coming up, find out who is y trying to put the brakes on a plan to ine bring tolls to bettr
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state 95.. there's a plan to get the u.s. national flavoring museum out of debt.debt but nobody is on board with that plan. i'm barack obama and i approve this messagege. [romney singing]: oh beauautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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[ romn[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for s spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain,
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today, it's taking a hit,y, one of the best high school. i
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a group has asked the federalfee government to step in to make thomas jefferson high schoolef femore welcoming for black and latino students. beth has >> reporter: here is the complaint filed with the u.s.le department of education. it's a blemish on the record ofh a school with a stellar reputation. search the web for america's best schools and thomas jefferson for science and technology is right there, atth number 10 in the nation. >> it's a challenging school, but you can get a good education. >> reporter: but a complaint with the u.s. department of education pledges that not everybody has equal access. it says the fairfax countyc essentially operates a network of separate and unequal schools. the problem?le alleged under representation of block, and latino students.ino >> gifted kids, if you look at any study of givedness is
5:32 pm
equally distributeed. god did not change that rule when he got to fairfax county. >> reporter: it was brought to two groups. it session the 22% of the county's student body is latino, but 2.7% of tj students are latino. 10% of county students are black, just 1.5% of tj students are black, former school board member tina hone said not enoug noblack and latino kids are beig selected in third grade, and that's a direct pipeline to thomas >> i think america has come a long way with race. i grew up dealing with race, we've come a long way in terms of dealing with race in an overt way, but that doesn't mean you be consciously there are other biases that are leading to the disparity and impacts that areth undenial >> i thought it was surprising that this school of all schools would be targeted forfo
5:33 pm
discrimination. there's a diverse population. >> reporter: she has tried totr deal with the issues at tj intj other ways and has not worked. >> this is not a system where one person or organization cangi move a mountain.mon. the only way move this mountain is to make sure that somebody bigger and badder than us putsu some attention on this issue. >> reporter: she's hoping u.s.ho department of education can force the school to movemov forward. a spokesman said in the laste fiscal year, they received 7800 of these types of civil rights complaints. about schools, they will take a look at this one to see if it merits investigating.. a spokesman for the public schools said he cannot commentt on the specific complaint, but says they do significant outreach to minority students who are interested in attendinge tj. more bad news for penn state
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moody, may cut its rating on penn credit, as the university deals with the fall-out from the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case, and sanctions against the school's football team. penn state has moody's second highest possible rating.ting firm session the scandal could hurt students enrollment, and fund-raising. joining us with more is andrew gillman, the president and ce the owe of con core. you're a crisis communications expert, a little background, i know you advised the university of virginia and councilled johnson and johnson in their tylenol problem. they have a big mountain tomoun climb. how does the school begin tobe overcome gisomething like this? >> i think? crisis, this scandal as a book, there have been several unfortunately terrible chaptersr that have been written, butib there are more chapters that will be written.e so step by step, not overnight,
5:35 pm
they can begin to recover. today, i bewi nwent online, andw the penn state student newspaper, and their headline was it's in our hands. penn state's going to have to do it themselves. >> but they have a black mark. will they always have a black mark? can the school regain the strong reputation they once had? >> i agree, every crisis has something it stand for, tylenol stand for a company that was victim milessed and customers being poison. bp is probably one not paying attention to safety. penn state will stand for sex abuse, but it could stand for commitment to education, for overcoming it and learning aboua child abuse and teaching others. so there are chances, but it'ss, going to be hard >> it's interesting to hear youg say the students are saying it' in our hands, and that's a great place to start. how do you advise the schoolth from here? how do you get the word out to parents that this is an academic
5:36 pm
institution to be trusted? when you have trust issues like this, that's, that lasts for a long time. >> it's not the university per se. it's everybody who goes there. it's faculty, it's students, it's alumni, people that live in the community. there's a little bit of, not just everybody at penn state that thinks they can financialks it. t there's a iallot of anger there. i think like we're all kids, and at some point, kids diddi something wrong.s and we got punished. they have to get a planks they have to put it in place, they have to listen to recommendations from the free report, and take step by step action. then lets look out and see ifan they acted d on it. >> they have their work cut out for them. andrew gillman, thanks for being with us tonight. >> you're welcome.we and now to gary mcgrady inmc the weather center, we have a new severe thunderstorm warning? >> this storm that we were watching out of frederick county
5:37 pm
has gone severe in montgomery county. just north of gaithersburg, it' raining right now, anywhere german town, if you're on the north and eastern side of 270, that's where you're getting the heaviest of the rain. if you're on the other side of 270, you're not getting any rain.ny again, this just includes montgomery county, goes until 6:00 p.m., storm is moving to the southeast about 25 miles pem hour. eventually gets down to gaithersburg. down to rock -- comes down tos the beltway, we'll see if it holds together. seems to be pulsing a little bit. heavy rain, dangerous lightning, and hail and gusty winds out ofu tht is storm.s news comes right back after this break, and we'll be back with a full look at the forecast as well. stay with us. if you've been successful, you dididn't get there on your own. if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen.
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my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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[romomney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious. skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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>> the 22 month initiative is2 funded by the cdc and othery groups. they are babies of ath different sort, and they are awfully cute.ll two cheetah cubs made the first appearance at the national zoo. they were born three months agoa on saturday, the public will bei able to catch a glimpse of then. every surviving cub is critical to keeping the species alive. >> they are cute. >> makes you want to go pet them. coming up tonight, kids and crest control. why -- cholesterol, why c screening should not be limited to adults. a >> how much money maria carey will be earning to become the new "american idol" judge."aca >> and gary's back with more on that severe weather, that's headed our way. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimimulus money go?
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friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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i've n never felt this way befo, but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. [ female announcer ] mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception. and romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. there's so much we need to do. we need to attack our problems -- not a woman's choice.
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[ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. a hearing before the newarin york city board of health. mayor bloomberg's proposal to limit the size of the sugary drinks. bloomberg wants the limit to bee 16-ounce, citing doctor concerno r that sodas and other sweetened drinks cause obesity. doctors are at odds overs guidelines recommending all children getting their cholesterol level checked a panel suggests screening kidsre enbetween 9-11, and again betwen 17-21. but some critics say the new guideline is too aggressive, and we are influenced by too manytoo ties by drug makers. dr., thank you for being here. thank you. >> we can't deny the epidemic,ep so what's wrong with checkings r
5:46 pm
cholesterol at the age of 9? >> we've been cheekingee cholesterol in n children for a fwhile, especially high-risklly young people who have familymily histories. that are consistent with high cholesterol levels, and children who are overweight. so we've been doing it for a while. i think the new recommendation is, has been over time, if you look at some of the googleg articles around the journals, journal of the american medical association, this has been aat debate for ioa while. >> let me ask you, you brought up a good point. you have already been testing children who seem to be in that at-risk category. that certain makes sense, but does it make sense to test every child? >> the problem is that we don't always have a good family history about a parent with high cholesterol, and so you know, when there's no information, we need to do the screening.en and i think we've been able to
5:47 pm
see that sometimes, we, we're not able to eye fight the risk, and the young person still hassle violated cholesterol.d we are focused on prevention, and taking blood test once for a screening. i think really balances the risl with the lybenefit potentially f intervening for this child. >> how do you respond to critics who say the tests are not necessarily about the health ofu the child, but the profit of the drug makers? >> right. the percent ankle of childrenf who end up on statins is low, is think like 1%. so we're not talking about large margins. what we're doing now is trying to understand more about the effectiveness of the drugs in very, very high-risk children, and safety profile.s >> bottom afline, what advice do you have for parents? >> i think parents should talkld to the pediatricians about the screening. they should be aware of the
5:48 pm
screening as an option. >> sounds good, dr. jenkins, thanks for coming in. >> thank you.ank whether gary, so what are wr looking at now in terms of the warnings? >> you know, we have a warning technically until 6:00 p.m. for montgomery it's probably going to getto canceled early. there's a picture, looking backo okto downtown, the cathedral, kd much a hazy mix of clouds and sun. the clouds have done a couple things, kept the temperatures down just a little bit. as i was coming upstairs, official high came in couple of minutes ago at 93 degrees. we would have been warmer thaner that with full sunshine. so the clouds helped to keep the temperature down, and it doesit appear the clouds have really kept some of the thunderstorms a lot like last night, remember how we had thunderstorms to the north, thunderstorms to theth south, but nothing here.he that's the case this afternoon. we have been chasing a couple though, and technically, thisth
5:49 pm
storm right here is severe through montgomery county, northern sectioning ofg montgomery county until 6:00. ci this is no longer a severeno storm. it will probably get canceled early. it has pulsed a little, it came through frederick, they justth ecanceled it, came through frederick as severe, and was pretty strong, weakened and pulsed back up into northern sections of montgomery county, but they have canceled it, because it has weakened substantially. we are unstable, but with the clouds today, they have keptke the, i think the sunshine would have been a fairly big trigger. we have a frontal system to the north, but without the sun, we couldn't get the thunderstorms going. you see rappahannock county here, and in -- culpeper, these storms have not been severe. and i pulled this back into the district. the district is all clear much rain, and this greatly diminished thunderstorm comingsr
5:50 pm
into central and northern sex oe monday govern county -- sections of montgomery county.ou this has bypassed most much rockville, and stayed on thisnd side of 270, if it pulses back up, silver springs is perhaps in the line for that, and work to the southeast at 25 miles an hour, so that is all we're seeing in terms of storms.of we are all under the severe risk of strong to severe thunderstorms. all because of this frontal system to the north much us.s. on the other side of the front, it's cooler, it's less humid, it's going to be so nice for onr day. da tomorrow looks real, real good, thunderstorm watch in effect for everybody until 8:00 p.m., i suspect they are going to starta to whittle this down from northi to south over the next hour or so, so it would surprise me greatly if they keep all the of that watch up until 8:00. i don't think that's going to
5:51 pm
happen. this is 73, rain-cooled, 82 gat burger, woy chk -cthat's rain-c. i. >> by about 9:00, most of us -- tomorrow, it's going to just be beautiful out there, with lower humidity and plenty of sunshine. so storms again, dryer air to the north, this right here, the dying duracho. i can do that. i can show you that. backwards. this came through southern ohio, stayed west of us, and came into more stable air. but earlier in the day, it was sitting down, putting downtt strong 60, 70 miles into the ohio riveo valley. the forecast for tomorrow, a lot nicer, a lot lower humidity andi high temperatures will be in the upper 80s. but it's going to feel coolerto than the actual temperature.te what happened on thursday? ay
5:52 pm
99 for a high! it's going to feel closer to 101 to 110 on thursday. probably just about as hot onho friday. and hopefully, we get a frontal system through here on saturday to cool us off just a little bit. >> one wonder tomorrow, enjoy it if you can!ca talk of the tomorrow on tmzo more drama for the jacksonj family. gary is live from l.a.. we hear heated exchange between janet and jermaine. what is it caught on camera? what do you know about this? >> reporter: there was some pictures yesterday of jermaine and janet outside the jackson how house, this is moments after cops were called to the house because of an assault, and itand looks like we got to the bottomt of this. we hehave video we putp on the site when michael jackson's kid got home yesterday, jermaine, janet,ja randy, they met them and tried to take the kids in the car toca arizona to go see kathryn is
5:53 pm
what it looks like. the kids fought them offmentfme they do not want to go with the siblings, there's a divide in the family, and the grandchildren definitely do not trust janet, jermaine, randy,ma they don't want inwhatever theyh doing. but afterwards, there was a definite heated exchange between janet and jermaine when theye were n unable to get them in the car.r. just a bunch of turmoil in the family. got to keep in tune to see what >> that's too bad. >> and we want to talk about what's going on with maria carey. apparently, brittany is upset about this?th why? the highest paid female judge,jd so conventional wisdom would sad she is upset? >> maria carey is making $18 million for one season.on this is huge. they have their hands full.fu she is quite a diva, so good luck, but they are putting downu a lot of money tto get her on te show. so she is definitely locked in.o
5:54 pm
they need one more job judge respect so they have randy and maria carey. >> any rumors? >> you know what? they've been tight lipped.t i'm hoping charlie sheen's name is thrown in the mix.e i think he would be great in thh mix. >> he would certainly livenul things up. >> what's coming up next on the news at 6:00? >> making the grade, citycit receives its first report card. >> securing the city british troops descend on london. alert for bank of americuss. those stories, plus watching the severe weather just ahead.  i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty,
5:55 pm
above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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5:57 pm
british prosecutors haveit filed charges.isd former news of the world editor
5:58 pm
are charged with hacking the phones and computers of hundreds of people, including film starsl politicians and crime victims.m brooks, collison and a third editor are charged with conspiring to hack the phone of a murdered british school burrell. news corps is the parent copy oc fox news. the man convicted of killinc three members of onjennifer hudson's family will spends of rest of his life in prison of the he was convicted earlier this year in the 2008 shooting deaths of hudson's mother, brother and nephew.ep his request for a new trial was denied. prosecutors say he shot theth family members in a jealous rage. a jury is seated in drew peterson's murder trial of. peterson is a former police officers accused of murdering his third wife in 2004. her death was ruled an accident until the police began investigating the 2007e disappearance of his fourth wife.h she has never been
5:59 pm
opening statements will begin next thanks for joining us. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> as matt tells us, his job performance grade wasn't included. we are live from the newsroom. >> reporter: last week, a washington post poll found that mayor gray is not the grade, ana should resign because of issues inside his former f but today, the mayor didn't want to talk about that. instead, he wanted to focus on how to run the city >> reporter: when it comes to the basics of running the city, picking


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