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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. you are hooking at a live picture of a person in a wheelchair carrying the torch, the olympic torch on its final leg. that is an amazing picture right there and a great picture. the olympics are about to start, the 2012 olympics about to start. it would be great to be there. >> that is moving to so that on its last leg there in london. meanwhile, let's talk about sports here in the good old usa. danny espinoza makes it back-to- back homers. stephen strasbourg pitched seven strong innings. the nats win 5-2. they begin a series in milwaukee tonight. plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news continues
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right now. right now. straight up 5:00 on this thursday. taking a live look at national airport right now. temperatures, 79 degrees. so close to # 0 at this time of the morning. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get right to it. talk about the weather. >> going to be hot. >> going to be hot. >> not to correct you. it is not quite that hot. it is only 75. >> does it say 79. >> it should say 75. >> so we're wrong. >> i think it might say 75. >> are my eyes that bad? >> yeah. we're in the going to hold it to you. that is channel 5. see that? i'll show you on a bigger map.
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there you go, 75. >> now, it is clear to me. >> 70 in baltimore. and as julie says, i kid because i can. we are not off tie terrible start. we're okay right now. later today, we're in the going to be. it will be 100 plus and it will feel like 105, 110, some places. we have a heat advisory that goes into effect at noon. there is a thunderstorm complex off to the north and west. we'll see how close that gets. that could give us a little cloud cover early, maybe a few showers or storms off to the north here early this morning. here is your forecast for today. generally hot, could be a scattered storm later today, isolated at best. i think most of the day will just be hot and humid. 100 in washington. 101 in fredericksburg. 96 in winchester. >> i can see the triple digits. that is pretty clear to me right now. let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on
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traffic. >> when they called out the hazmat team for the beer truck, i guess sarah volunteered this morning. >> i'm there. >> i need that homer simpson drop, mmm, beer. hazmat team has been called out to the scene. this is northbound 207 as you work your way north of 109. the truck flipped over shortly before 4:00 a.m. we are told it was loaded with beer. what a waste. if you are traveling northbound, you will find traffic is able to squeeze by using the right shoulder only. this is going to take a while to clean up. if you have to work your way up to i-70, you may want to use 355 as your alternate o the side of town, the pace is better. no problems to report on 395 leaving duke street in the main line and the hovs headed out to the 14th street bridge.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. another big story we are following this morning. police or the hunt for a asuspect accused of abducting violent ripken, the mother of baseball hall of namer, cal ripken, jr. lauren demarco has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the case very puzzling and right now investigators are working to try to get to the bottom of it and find this alleged abductor. police say the mother of cal ripken, jr., 74-year-old violet ripken, was kidnapped for about 24 hours and released unharmed. they are unsure of motive saying there was no ransom demand and it is unclear whether the suspect knew of the famous connection to the woman he abducted. neighbors say a man con fronted mrs. ripken in the garage of her home early tuesday morning. forced her into her car at gunpoint. man drove around, even gave her food. police not commenting on reports that he used her credit card in several places. now, mrs. ripken lives alone and authorities didn't realize
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she was missing until around 8:00 p.m. tuesday night. about 12 hours later, when someone called to report a suspicious car. police traced the license plates and realized the vehicle belonged to her. at 6:00 a.m. yesterday, mrs. ripken was found, still bound, sitting in her car not far from her home. the an detector apparently drove her there and took off on foot. >> police are still looking for a white male, late 30s to early 40s, with a tall, thin build. he was last seen wear august light colored shirt, camo pants and eyeglasses. we believe the male is still armed with a handgun and should be considered dangerous. >> reporter: the ripken familiar hi reclose a statement reading in part, this has been a trying time for our family but we are grateful and relieved that mom is back with us safe and healthy. we want to thank enfor their from support, especially all of the law enforcement agencies that worked so hard and
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quickly. so, again, just a mystery. this is all ongoing and so we do hope that you'll understand that we comment further at this time. that is the end of the statement there. this is just a mustery and police working to try to get this alleged abductor into custody so anyone with information is asked to contact police. back up to you. >> thank you. making headlines in maryland, the speaker of the house met with lawmakers to tell them to prepare for a special session in annapolis. speaker michael busch says next month's special session is to expand gambling in maryland in addition to casinos already in prince george's county. governor martin o'malley wants a special session to allow table games at a new casino site. a double shooting in oakton, virginia now being called a murder-suicide. neighbors heard a gun go off inan apartment in the 3000
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block of trevor house road. police say a man shot and killed his roommate and the gunman shot himself and he later died at a local hospital. a tragic story out of northern virginia where a 4- year-old boy accidentally shot and killed himself. it happened yesterday afternoon. the boy was left alone in a car on empire street and found the gun inside the vehicle. investigators are still trying to figure out why the boy was left alone and who the gun belongs to. no one else was hurt. the suspected movie shooter mailed his plans to a psychiatrist. fox news web site is the first one to report it yesterday, that a suspicious package was discovered inside of a mail room. the university of colorado is now confirm thanksgiving notebook was sent to its medical campus back on july 12th but it was never opened. in it, there are specific details about how suspect james holmes planned to kill people. we'll continue to follow that.
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interesting developments in that case. >> very much so. with the backdrop of the summer olympics, presidential candidate mitt romney is in long for some power meetings. >> for the last month, the world has wondered who the mystery woman was seen next to the new lead are of north korea. that mystery is now solved. we are checking more headlines coming up next. 
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in sir yarks rebels in the northern city after help owe are bracing for a counter- offensive by the syrian army. reinforcements have been ordered to syria's biggest city. the rebels have gained control of more than half of aleppo after more than five days of intense fighting. it is the commercial capital of syria. -- in syria, rebels in the northern city of aleppo are bracing for a counter-offensive in the syrian army. mitt romney is in london and he is on a trip to three countries. he is signaling he recognizes
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the special relationship between the u.s. and britain. he was under fire a comment by a member of his staff who said the white house does not appreciate the shared anglo- saxon heritage. we now know who the mystery woman is seen next to the new leader of north korea lately. it is his wife. the north korean leader is now unavailable apparently. the announcement on state tv came as almost an understatement. it said that he was accompanied by his wife with no explanation of when they were married or who she is. but there she is. >> i guess apparently you don't don't need to ask questions if you live over there. it is what it is. you keep it moving. >> stop laughing, tucker. the questions about campaign corruption. they continue for d.c. mayor vincent gray. but what is he saying to the media. >> you took two questions. >> like it or not, people want to know about this investigation and it appears he ran from us today. >> he did not run. did not run.
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>> up next, more of what unfolded at his biweekly press conference. >> good morning. after a gorgeous died yesterday, we are in for more heat and more humidity today. -- after a gorgeous day yesterday, we are in for more heat and more humidity. i'll have the weather and julie wright will have the traffic after the break. 
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welcome back. taking a live look at the capitol dome. temperatures in the 70s and we are just heading up from there. in the news, maryland governor martin o'malley has issued an executive order focusing on finding ways to prevent problems with future power outages. the order clears the way for proposals for improvements to infrastructure including the possibility of burying power lines underground. downed power lines a big problem during the june 29th storm that left thousands in the dark for days. anything we can do to prevent that. >> it's hard fix, i'm sure. >> and expensive. >> of course, i had five and a half days to think about it while i didn't have power. >> i know exactly how many hours in the fifth day by the way. >> a little grumpy back then. >> a little irritable. feeling a little better at this hour.
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a lot of heat and humidity back in the forecast. sorry about that. you know, i don't know what to say about this summer. how about this? this is our hottest july in history. >> is it really? >> and last year i think was our hottest july, just one year after another, the julys seem to get worse and worse. today will be day number 8 this year where we'll hit 100 or better for we hit 100. >> you think we will though, very possible. >> i think we'll get very close to 100. first, let's enjoy yesterday. 89 yesterday at reagan national. not a whole lot of humidity. it was great. 86 at dulles. 87 at bwi marshall. looking forward to our temperatures at this hour, not bad. get out and go for your early morning jog. you'll be fine. 75 in washington. 70 in gaithersburg. 73 in leonardtown. the humidity not terrible at this hour. we have a lot of heat out to
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the west. that will build in very quickly today. these temperatures are going to jump as mentioned very close to 100 later this afternoon. we call in the ring of fire because the showers and thunderstorms have to work up and around our big area of high pressure that has been responsible for so much of the heat out to the west. yesterday, again, st. louis, 107 degrees. just miserable out there. that heat pushing towards the washington area as we speak and will move in here shortly. got to watch that little thunderstorm complex. that could bring us a little bit of cloud cover here early, maybe a few showers to parts of the area. just a hot and sunny day. late this afternoon, there could be a few isolated storms but i don't think we'll see much of anything. just a lot of heat and humidity around here later today. heat advisory goes into effect at noon through #:00 tonight. it will feel like 100 to 105. -- heat advisory goes into effect at noon through 8:00 tonight. 100 the daytime high. if we do, that will be number eight for the year. it will be a breezy day.
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80 the overnight low so another one of those nights where we don't bottom out into the comfortable range. tomorrow, not a whole lot better. more cloud cover with a few late day storms, 96. saturday, starting to get better e92 with scattered storms. sunday and monday look better. let's get the latest from julie wright. find out if the clean-up the going well. how is my beer? >> no longer chilled. the truck overturned shortly before 4:00 a.m. they have zoomed out so you can see traffic is able to get by on the right shoulder. northbound 270 just north of 109, there is a lot of activity out there on the road. the hazmat steam has been called out as well. can you exit at 355 and uses that at alternate route. northbound 270 dim affected by.
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this traffic is able to squeeze by on the right shoulder only. southbound anticipate rubbernecking delays as you work your way past the scene and continuing out towards the truck scales. another side of town, not as baysy, not as bad. lanes are open eastbound this morning. yomp night construction cleared the closer you reach the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. -- overnight construction cleared the close are you reach the beltway. d.c. mayor vince gray cut short a press conference wednesday. was it because he didn't want to talk about the allegations. gray's staffers tell fox 5 the mayor is just a busy man. matt ask land reports. >> it is about build a city for everyone. >> the mayor wanted to talk about his one city action plan, an effort to improve safety, education employment, and many other things in d.c. >> i'm putting a document out here that says we intend to deliver on this plan. >> reporter: the mayor did answer questions for about an hour and a half about the
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successes of his administration and the goals he plans to accomplish. >> it isen effort to say to people here are the things that he with talked about we are going to do and here are the things we are going to continue to do. >> reporter: when it came time for general questions, mayor kept it short. >> we're done. >> the media followed the mayor into the hallway where he typically answers more questions. not today. >> this was supposed to be a press conference. you took two questions. >> you took two questions. >> reporter: minutes later, gray's spokes american said the mayor was not trying to avoid questions about his cam ain't pain. like it or not, people want to know about this investigation. it appears he ran from us today. >> he did not run. the mayor is not running from anybody. you don't run from reporters if you spend an hour and how many minutes in a room. >> reporter: earlier this week, mayor gray and upset when report are tried to get his comment on a "washington post" report. >> you can get the microphone out of my face, sir, please. thank you. >> reporter: mayor gray did
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answer two general questions before cutting things off. he did have another appointmentant union station a little bit later in the day but he did not immediately leave the wilson building. in the newsroom, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> things getting a little heated. the search is on for one child's stolen bike. >> it is not just any bike. that is next. >> reporter: whoever did it seemed to come out of nowhere. what they took from this spot is worth $8,000. but it means much more than that to a maryland family. i'm beth parker. the story coming up. 
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a 7-year-old boy with developmental delays is missing his tricycle. someone stole the bike designed to help deal with his medical condition. >> the boy's family is hoping someone watching knows where it is and rushes it. beth parker reports. >> reporter: ethan can throw a football but he has trouble catching. he can spell his last name. >> p-a-u-g-h. >> reporter: he works for everything he has gotten. when he was a baby, he was diagnosed with pr ater willie
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syndrome. >> doctors put him on a 1500 calorie a day diet but even so at age seven, ethan weighs 190 pounds. he had never been able to ride a bicycle like other kids in his hagerstown neighborhood until maryland's developmental disability administration and a nonprofit called service coordination got him this special tricycle. his grandmother will never forget the day it was deliver giant food when i first saw the bike, i had tears some my eyes. >> happy. >> reporter: the total cost of the bike, $7800. back on june 30th. ethan had gone inside to have some launch. nobody knew it but his cousin, who is just five years old decided she would take the bike for a spin. she accidentally rolled the bike down this hill. she didn't tell anybody because she was afraid she'd get in trouble. fifteen minutes later, when the adults found out, she led them here to this spot but the bike had already disappeared. >> stolen. >> reporter: that's right. stolen from the lawn of a
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church. >> this was ethan's bike. this is ethan's mobility. it was ethan's godsend. i told him don't worry about t we'll find the bike before the night is over. >> reporter: and now almost a month later. >> we've had no significant leads come in to tell us the location of that tricycle. >> reporter: he has to walk the path he used to ride. he had lost three pounds in the 10 days he had the bike. without it, he has lost a little bit of himself. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> hope they can get that figured out and straightened out there. watch your language at work. it just might pay off. that is ahead in about 20 minutes. >> up next we'll have all our top stories plus weather and traffic. stay with us. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪ hit send...
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welcome back. 5:30 in the morning. northwest d.c., you are looking at i live picture from our tower cam on thursday, july 26th. do you know what time it is? >> it is redskins time. >> time to see what the redskins are all about this year. redskins training camp kicks off with robert griffin iiis as the new face of the franchise.
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>> i don't think anybody in that locker room cares where we're ranked. we know what we have to do to be success isful. we have to go utah and play. let the play do the talking. i'm very proud to be a part of this franchise. >> here is how the schedule plays out this week. good news for fans. 3:00 p.m. practices are open to the public today, tomorrow and saturday. the players have the day off on sunday. keep it there. dave ross will be live at red winds skins park beginning at 6:00 a.m. i guess i was a little surprised. i had to he remind myself that the record was that bad last year. >> they struggled a little bit. >> it has been pretty bad for a while. >> i think if you looked at bryce harper and think about the year he is having, it shows you how good a rookie can be. >> an impact player and bring a lot of energy and good atmosphere to a team. we'll keep our fingers crossed.
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>> i have a feeling that is the last time we'll hear the read skins music in our heads. the warmer and more humid air will move in. it will be very pleasant around here with highs about 100 degrees. 75 in washington. not a terrible start. 70 out at dulles. 70 in baltimore. 74 in ocean city. this has been a good summer to be down at the beaches. need any relief you can get. sentinel radar, we are quiet here in the immediate washington area. off to the north and west there, southwest pennsylvania, you're going to have some thunderstorm activity. that is the leading edge of that warmer air that will be moving in here shortly. so, yeah, there could be a few clouds or a little bit of thunderstorm activity if you are well off to the northerly this morning. then we are just generally going to be sunny and hot today but very hot. we have a heat advisory which goes into effect at noon. it will feel like 105 later this afternoon when you mix in the humidity.
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there could be a few isolated storms later today and anything that gets going in 100-degree heat can be strong. >> thank you. time to toss things over to julie wright and see how things are going on the road. already busy right, with the beer struck. >> with the beer struck. you got that right. folk even hitting mere up on twitter asking what they can do to help with the clean-up. as hot as it's going to be, i can understand that thought. here is what i know. if you are traveling northbound on 270, north of 109 before you reach route # 0 in urbana, the overturned truck. traffic on the northbound side of the highway can squeeze by single file to the right as you work your way northbound on 270. a hazmat team has been called to the scene to help mop up the beer. can you exit at 109. heading up towards frederick, you may just want to bail out coming from germantown and use 355 as the workaround. some traffic is able to get by to the right. a delay is starting to form.
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if you are traveling southbound on 270, your lanes are open. so no problems for you. anticipate rubbernecking delays because there is a lot of flashing lights up here and that will slow your roll southbound on 270. lanes are open if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda although on the inner loop, they are being canning for i astalled car near new hampshire avenue. eastbound 66, a better ride for you coming in out of manassas. no problems to report here. now receiving word of accident activity possibly involving yet another overturned tractor- trailer on the ramp from northbound 95 to westbound route 100. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. a shooting tragedy in woodbridge, virginia claims the life of a 4-year-old boy. police say he accidentally shot himself. investigators believe the boy was left alone in a car on empire street yesterday afternoon and found the gun inside the vehicle. it is still unclear why the boy was alone or who the gun actually belonged to. police have yet to release the victim's identity.
5:35 am
our big story, violet ripken, the mother of baseball great cal ripken, jr. is home safe after being abducted at gunpoint earlier this week. the suspect is still on the loose. lauren demarco is live in the newsroom with the latest on the search. >> reporter: it really is a rather by star case. investigators working to get to the bottom of it and find thissalled abductor. police say the mother of cal ripken, jr. was killed napped for about 4 hours and released unharmed. there was no ransom demand and it is unclear if the suspect even knew the famous connection to the woman he had abducted. violet ripken lives alone and authorities didn't realize she was missing until about #:00 p.m. tuesday night when someone called 911 to report a suspicious vehicle in baltimore county. police traced the license plates and realized the car belonged to her. neighbors say a man confronted mrs. ripken in the garage of her aberdeen, maryland home about 12 hours earlier on tuesday morning. he blindfolded her and forced
5:36 am
her into her own car at gunpoint. >> he was very nice to her. he said he wasn't going to hurt her. he was going to bring her back. and that is what he did. >> reporter: a neighbor found mrs. ripken at 6:00 a.m. yesterday still bound, sitting in her car, not far from her home. now, police officers were patrolling the area where the suspect was age to drive back to her street where he parked the car and took off on foot. mrs.ripken gave police a vague description. they are looking for a white male, late 30s to early 40s with a tall, thin build last seep wearing a light colored shirt, camo pants and eyeglasses. he is considered armed and dangerous f you have any information, please contact police. the man accused of killing his 91-year-old socialite wife at their gorptown home is due in court this morning. albrecht muth will appear before a judge to determine whether he is confident to
5:37 am
stand trial. the 48-year-old man is accused of first degree murder in the deadly beating of viola drath. a worker in the district's unemployment office way find out if she is going to prison for receiving money while working for the city's public schools. betty lightfoot pled guilty to receiving more than $27,000 in unemployment benefits. she and a dozen other city workers were sued by the d.c. attorney general in and that -- an attempt to get the money back. the colorado shooting suspect sent his plans to a psychiatrist. the university of colorado is confirming that it got asuspicious package on campus and gave it to police. in it was a notebook from the suspected shooter, 24-year-old james, that had full details about how he was going to kill people including scribbles of a stick figure shooting other stick figures. the psychiatrist never opened that particular package senate more drama for the jackson family involving who has cut
5:38 am
did i have michael jackson's children. that is coming up next. plus window washers left hung out to dry 35 floors up in the air. details of how they were rescued as we check more headlines coming up next. ng up >> not a good place to be. >> no, it is not. although they're used to being that high up in the air, i guess. >> yes.
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checking headlines. four window washers got stuck outside the 35th floor of the vidara hotel on the vegas strip. firefighters dropped from the roof and lowered them down to safety. workers say they have gotten over their fear of heights by now. >> i'm sure. they wait there had calmly, i'm quite sure. a judge in los angeles is taking michael jackson's three children away from the singer's mother. katherine jackson had custody of them but went missing this month and she is devastated by the ruling. the grandmother was on a short vacation in arizona but the judge gave temporary legal guardianship of least to michael jackson's nephew. twilight strar kristin stewart has issued a public apoll to boyfriend and costar robert pattinson following tabloid reports that she had an affair with her snow white and the huns man director rupert sanders. sortly after the 22-year-old ask rest issued her apology to people magazine, sanders
5:42 am
followed suit issuing his open public apology. in the latest issue, us weekly published photos of stewart and sanders together. sanders is married to model and actress liberty ross and they have two children together. all kind of hollywood drama. a hotel in england replaced the bibles in every single room with a best-selling novel 50 shades of gray. all kind of job that could go right in there. the erotic novel has been flying off store shelves since the release. owner says he doesn't think many people read the bible. >> have you read the bible in your hotel room before? >> we, i read it every day but -- >> i need to give you 50 shades of gray. that would be interesting. >> i'm sure it would be interesting. you do want know ifed a he replace the bible with it. >> it's tradition.
5:43 am
do you sometime use foul language at work? us? never. >> no! >> you just said you read the bible. i trust that you don't. anen incentive not to curse which might pay off. >> we are checking more weather and traffic. stay with us. is that heavy d song, don't curse. >> yeah, i got it right. ot it
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live look outside right now as the sun slowly begins to creep up. tucker barnes is over there dancing. wish we could show a picture of him dancing to the late heavy d sinning don't curse. >> don't curse about it. >> speaking of not cursing, watch your language in the office. that is because a new survey found that 64% of bosses think less of an employee who swears at work. >> what must they think of all of us. more than half of bosses say they are less likely to promote someone with a dirty mouth. the same study shows workers in d.c. are the most likely to answer at work. denver, chicago, los angeles and boston round out the top five. it is the traffic and the heat. >> you know what? >> new york is not on the list.
5:47 am
>> that is because they don't talk to each other. that don't talk to each other. they just ignore each other in new york. >> we are at the stop of the swearing cities, tucker. >> i don't know if i believe that or not. >> i think it has a lot to do with politics. >> think about it. all the drama going with politics, the redskins. >> people are really angry over that. >> case closed. >> it all makes sense. >> and the weather. >> the weather. yes, i'm sure you'll have a couple of choice words today when you see the forecast. all right. let's get to it. yesterday was a gorgeous day. >> yes, it was y low humidity, temperatures in the upper 80s. >> no reason to curse that day. >> today, you won't be as happy. 75 right now in washington. 73 this morning in leonardtown. off to a rather pleasant start to be honest with you. it is not terrible. 66 in manassas and culpeper. the warmer air is on the way. a.long with the humidity.
5:48 am
our wind are going to pick up out of the south and west here shortly. that will start to pump in the warmer, more humid, more unpleasant air hour by hour. thin are going to heat upen and by early afternoon, we'll be well into the 90s an as mentioned, topping out near 100 today. it will feel more like 100, 105 later this afternoon. we want to he show you the heat advisories. not just washington, out to the west, that is where the core of heat has been all summer long t has been a terrible summer out there. st. louis yesterday, 107. heat advisory out to the west. we are under a heat advisory that goes into effect at 12:00 noon. we'll have more humidity as well later this afternoon. we call it the ring of fire. that is because the showers and thunderstorms have to work up and around our area of high pressure. that is what they're doing at this hour. this is actually part ever the
5:49 am
warm front that is ushering in the warm, more humid air. it will be a hot and sunny day with the possibility that a few of these storms might sag far enough south later today that we could kick off a few storms. any time you are talking about temperatures around 100, you have the potential for strong storms and sure enough, we are under a slight risk here in washington for severe weather later today. and a moderate risk across central pennsylvania, much of ohio right up into southern new england. if you are headed north today being look out for the potential for some very strong storms and we'll see if one or two of those slip into our area later this afternoon in the heat. sunny, hot, of course, r.. a few late-day storms. 100degrees, that would be number eight for the season. winds out of the south and west at 10 to 15. a couple of early storms and very warm overnight. and tomorrow won't be a whole lot better, 96 with scattered storms. we get a little better by saturday. much better by sunday and monday. less humidity t won't rain all day on saturday by the wai.
5:50 am
a few storms. and by sunday and monday, highs only in the upper 80s with lower humidity. let's see if wear smiling about the traffic. julie wright has your latest. >> were you dancing again? i heard sarah making a comment. >> yeah, i was dancing. you don't hold back early, julie u know that. >> on beat? >> well, i'm working on that part of it. >> it does get a little tricky, doesn't it? right now on the roads, i can tell you we do have accident activity westbound along university boulevard over at arcola. the accident activity here tying up the roadway as you guys travel westbound university boulevard here at arcola. right now, it doesn't appear that anyone is able to get by but one of the pieces of equipment has just left the scene. hopefully, we'll get traffic by single file to the left westbound university boulevard as you work your way past the scene here at arrest coal a let's take this shot from sky fox. we got them up early for you this morning. they made their way over towards 270. this is the incident we've been
5:51 am
talking about all morning long, the overturned truck loaded with beer. they traffic squeezing by along the right side. that is what jeremy is over right now. traveling northbound along 270, we can see this is one lane to the right squeezing by on the shoulder when they allow to you get by. if you are traveling northbound out of germantown and clarkburg, your better betting to stick with 355 and use that as a workaround. you can see this activity coming southbound and that will cause a rub he nexting delay. anticipate a slow roll on 207 which is typically slow approaching 109 headed to the truck scale. this will affect your commute north north and southbound. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. there are conflicting reports this morning about an incident involving political consultant david mercer. you may remember two week ago he was knocked unconscious
5:52 am
outside a capitol hill convenience store. when this story first broke, there were reports that mercer was attacked over a cell phone but now there is a new twist. paul wagner has the details. >> reporter: when david mercer walked into the store just after 10:00 p.m. on july 12th, the video captured by this camera showed him talking on a cell phone. the video also captured one of these men slipping a phone into his pocket. law enforcement sewers who have seen the unedited video now say mercer may have thought the man took a phone. sources say mercer put his hand into the man's pocket and that may have started an altercation. when david mercer stepped outside, law enforcement sources believe now he was hit once in the face, fell backward, hissing his head, knocking him unconscious. but what led up to that punch is still unclear. law enforcement sources say the accounts from all of the witnesses are not consistent. about a woke after the incident, police told reporters
5:53 am
they were fairly confident they knew what happened to david mercer and he was not taxed at random. >> i can say at this point in time, this is not a random assault. we do not believe this involved a robbery. but there was a dispute between the cop plainant and another individual and it turned physical at some point. >> reporter: police say they have interviewed everyone involved and so far, no charges have been filed. sources say investigators have been able to talk to mercer but it is up clear if he has been able to give detectives an account of what took place. paul wagner, fox 5 news. sports is coming up next. we are talking about stephen strasbourg on the mound and the big bats staying red-hot. >> the nats pulled out the big broom in the big apple. sports breakfast is coming up. 
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in sports, the nats going for the sweep against the mets. michael morris broke a scoreless tie in the second inning with his seventh home run of the area. danny espinoza makes it back- to-back homers. the nationals win 5-2. they begin a series in milwaukee tonight. olympic soccer, the u.s. women in blue against france. americans fell behind 2-nil and
5:57 am
they rallied. the 56th minute, still even. a drop pass to carly lloyd. ore long distance shots deflects off the goal post and the u.s. women defeat france 4- 2. off for a good start over there. >> there you go. we still have plenty ahead. we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. we say hello robert l inss. he writes national morning crew always helps get his day started. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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