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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  July 27, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone. it is friday. temperatures already kind of warm out there. a nice and humid start to your day. >> we'll talk about the weather. you and i didn't seem to get any last night. >> i was thinking this there would be this line of thunderstorms that would hit me but nothing. a assuming not everybody was hit. >> that would be correct. parts of the area saw the rain showers. other parts didn't. we are still dealing with a couple of rain showers here
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this morning out to the west. there is your radar. you can see some shower activity off to the north and west as you get off north and west of frederick up towards hagerstown. some light rain shower activity but not nearly the intensity we had around here about 8:00. i think much of your morning here should be quiet. we'll see the scattered storms redevelop later today along a cold front which will be very slowly moving in from the north and west. your forecast for your friday, partly sunny. temperatures back in the 90s, still humid with scattered storms developing. i think it was 100 or 101 at reagan national. more details on the forecast coming up in a minute. back to you. >> thank you. our top stories, rumor has it maryland governor martin o'malley will call the general assembly back for another special session.
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this time, lawyers would discuss a proposal to increase the number of casinos in maryland from five to six adding one at the national harbor. o'malley is expected to announce his decision sometime later this morning. d.c. officials are cutting the ribbon on the refurbished adams morgan district. it has cost $7 million and took 17 months but the project was noisy and disruptive for businesses in that corridor. some ended up applying for interest-free loans from the city. u.s. park police are searching for a man accused of assaulting "woman last night. the man attacked her from behind, put her in a choke hold and caused her to pass out. when she woke up, she started screaming and the suspect ran away. we know what time it is.
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it is almost football season. skins hit the practice field for day two of training camp. things got off to a rousing start. >> we have a look at the fan frenzy. >> the mechanics, see how it is in person. >> i want to see what it is all b how he is meshing with the receivers. that is the big thing to me. we'll see it. >> you would have to be excited and be a die hard fan to come out here in this heat today. some fans said they would stay as long as they could take t others have a plan. >> it kind of matches what i'm wearing so i don't mind. >> and this will really keep
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you cool? >> i hope so as long as i don't pass out. if it keeps me cool, i'm okay. >> reporter: but beating the heat was not the topic of conversation out here. it was more like can we beat the giants, dallas and philly. no one predicted a losing season. >> 9-7, wild card. >> really? >> 18. >> 1 wins? that would be a super bowl win, i think. that would be in the playoffs. >> my prediction is 10-6. >> reporter: this father and son took their unique rg iii license plate off the car in hopes of showing it to him. you want to actually put it on the plate. >> yes. >> this right here will be the
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franchise. >> you think? >> going to be the franchise. >> a lot of pressure on him. >> redskins fans are so optimistic every single year. it is amazing. >> they should be this year. >> i guess. plenty ahead, weather, traffic and all of your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news starts now. good morning to you. 4:30. live look outside. happy friday, july 27th. u.s. capitol dome as we have some showers. i'm not going to give away the weather forecast because that what is tucker barnes gets paid to do. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's go to tucker barnes with the weather. >> i'm happy to do sports by
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the way. i've got the burgundy and gold. >> that's right. you should wear that every time they win. >> i'll be wearing it a lot. i'm optimistic. it's july. not wearing the jacket because it is 78 in washington and the humidity, 76% and it feels like that in the studio. winds out of the south and west. the thunderstorms yesterday, most of the activity or much of it stayed to our north as it moved through. we still have rain showers in hagerstown, winchester, you are probably not quite done with the rain yet. these will have a tendency to fall apart before they make it into the immediate washington area. but can't rule out an early shower and then later this afternoon as our front approaches, another round of scattered storms. a few degrees cooler than
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yesterday, in the mid-90s. here is your forecast for today. partial sunshine, hot, not as hot as yesterday but nevertheless, that is steamy for a july day. 95degrees with scattered storms at 4:00 p.m. >> all right. another hot one. thank you. time now to talk to julie wright about the situation on the roads. good morning to you. >> if you collect on the beer, yesterday, you had a happy hour. still busy cleaning up construction off of 66 as you approach fair oaks. close in at the beltway, there is roadwork. this is inbound new york avenue, nice and clear headed for the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic.
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its big story we are following, it is time to place your bets on whether governor martin o'malley will hold a special session on expanding gambling in maryland. >> he is expected to announce his decision later on this morning. tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: governor martin o'malley had state leaders coming and going in and out of meet meetings and for weeks, there was no deal on expanded gambling. >> i think there is a broad consensus to be had here that will allow us to resolve this gaming in addition maryland. >> reporter: administration sources say friday, the governor will announce he has reached a cop sense us and will call for a special legislative session. the bill is still under wraps. they are expected to vote on a measure to allow maryland to go
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from five to six casinos. >> i think we have a great chance of getting the referendum through. >> reporter: prince george's executive rushern baker backs extended gambling. >> as i said to the governor, it is about bringing revenues in to help the state of maryland and help prince george's county. >> reporter: one of the arguments opponents have used is that from going from five to six casinos would take customers away from the sites already approved. in fact, several visitors at national harbor told us maryland already has enough gambling. >> that is not something that i especially would look for at national harbor, no. >> why? >> because you have a nice distinctive quality experience here without it. >> reporter: but others say they would like to see a casino at national harbor. >> i mean, yeah, i would come. i live across the street from the arundel mills mall where
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they put maryland live so it's not too bad so i would go. >> i'm not really a big time gal blear but yes, i think i would probably visit there, sure. >> reporter: but a special session is not an automatic wind fall for more gambling in maryland because any referendum that comes out of annapolis still needs to be approved by voters in november. in the district, d.c. mayor vincent gray is officially opening the newly renovated adams morgan district later today. it has a lively nightlife but for the last year and a half, huge construction projects have beenier where. there are wider sidewalks, new bike lanes and better streetlights. a suspect accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the capital crescent trail near the georgetown waterfront is still on the loose. u.s. park police say a woman was jogging alone last night
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when a machine taxed her from behind and choked her until she passed out. once the woman woke up, she started screaming and her attacker ran off. baltimore county police hope these pictures will help them find the man wanted in the abduction of cal ripken, jr.'s mother. police will not say where the photos were taken. 74-year-old violet ripken was kidnapped on her home on tuesday and found safe near her home the next day. a $2,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to a conviction. a 67-year-old man is facing charges for a stabbing at a maryland facility on new hampshire avenue in silver spring. a man had to get out of line to complete some business. another customer got angry when that man got back in the front of the line when he was finished. the two ended up getting into a fight in the lobby. an employee shot some pepper spray at them. the suspect ran away.
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he was arrested about a mile away. the 58-year-old victim is expected to recover. a judge has barred the university of colorado from releasing any records for shooting suspect james holmes. he spent a year studying neuroscience there but the judge says releasing the records would impede the investigation and lawmakers on capitol hill are honoring the victims. congress adopted a resolution yesterday that recognizes the people would tried to help and protect the victims including first responders. we are just hours away from the opening ceremonies for the summer olympics. >> a lot of people excited about that. we'll get a full report from london as we check more headlines. stay with us. we'll be back. 'll be back. 
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new this morning, former indiana university basketball player neil reid has died. he was the player caught on camera being choked by coach bobby knight during a practice back in 1997. he transferred for another school after that incident and knight got fired later in the year when he was accused of grabbing the arm of another student. neil reid died from heart come indications. he was just 36 years old. seven years of preparation and it all comes down to today's opening ceremonies due to be watched by over a billion people. this morning, first lady michelle obama is attending an informal breakfast with team usa. >> she will lead the u.s. delegation to the olympics. let's get a look now from fox's mary ann rafferty at the final preps for the 2012 games in london. >> reporter: thousands have taken part in dress rehearsals for the opening ceremonies. it is expected to span three
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hours. also joining in is the clock tower. big ben will chime for three minutes to celebrate the games. >> i thought i could also a walk in public using bells and try to mechanic a public piece of music that could be had everywhere across the whole city and across the whole country. >> reporter: but all the fanfare would be in vain if it wasn't for the world class athletes. that includes the fastest sprinter in the world. this will be u.s. swim are michael phelps' final olympic games. he says the experience has left him a bit emotional. >> i have had a lot of moments where i don't know if i'll say get choked up but be more emotional because these are the last competitive moments that i will have in my career. it is big. >> reporter: along with the fanfare and athletes, thousands of spectator have also arrived in the city. one fan's journey to the game
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has taken two years. he traveled from china by rickshaw. >> this shows an aspect of our chinese culture. >> reporter: mary ann rafferty, fox news. >> a lot of excitement here as well. you know why? >> why? >> burgundy and gold. >> we'll hear what robert griffin iii's teammates are saying about him. >> our temperatures are in the 70s. we have a for you showers left over. we'll take a look at the radar and your friday forecast and a sneak peek at the weekend coming up right after the break. 
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day two of redskins training camp. yesterday, the team had their first official practice starting with a walk-through in the morning. rg iii and company went indoors for an hour and a half but hit the blazing hot practice field for another practice in the middle of the afternoon. the guides so far like what they see in their new starting quarterback. >> a natural leadership which i've been really impressed with. he has the ability to command the offense, command a meeting
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room. >> his personality, his aura about himself is one of great leadership qualities, just some of of the things he does that rookies don't generally do. >> players will go through the same drill today including a 3:00 p.m. practice that is open to the public. at 6:00, dave ross will be live from redskins park this morning. >> if you're headed down there, remember, it will be hot and humid again. a few degrees cooler than yesterday. yesterday, we were 100. today, only 96. >> 3:00 in the afternoon to object that practice field. >> right. that has to be tough. >> they get paid a lot of money. >> i would definitely do it. sign me up. >> not a bad lifestyle. >> let's get to your forecast. we hit 100 degrees again this movement that is number seven for the month of july.
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number eight for the year. our record for the summer is 11, 11 times we hit 100 i think in 1930. bwi marshall, 97. temperatures will be a few degrees cooler today. not going to be comfortable but a little better than yesterday. we are not cooling off a whole lot overnight. 73 in leonardtown. 72 in manassas. ew showers off to the north and west. they've been hanging out along with the frontal system. we have a new heat advisory in effect at noon today through 7:00 tonight. generally, 95 east under the heat advisory today. if you are off to the west and to the north, the thinking is this will be enough cloud cover that your temperatures won't get quite as warm. washington, baltimore, prince george's county, anne arundel county, you are under a heat advisory starting at noon today
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to 7:00 tonight. you mix in the humidity and the actual air temperatures. feels like 100 plus. the shower activity, we had an intense line of thunderstorms off to the north and west. most of that action has moved through or fallen apart as it has come through. now, we are left with just a few left overshowers here in northwest maryland and portions of west virginia. -- just a few leftover showers here in northwest maryland and portions of west virginia w a front moving into our yard later today, we are likely to kick off another round of showers and thunderstorms so be ready for that later this afternoon. there is your heat advisory. winds will be lighter than yesterday. tomorrow, another hot and hazy and humid day with scattered storms, 93. we get the front out of here by
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late saturday. sunday, monday look great. less humidity and a few storms return by tuesday. it looks like mostly 80s for the brunt of the next week. let's do some traffic with julie wright. good friday morning, julie. >> tucker barnes, the hair is looking good today, sir. >> thank you so much, i combed it. >> really? that's the secret? >> a tip. do that every day. you will find eastbound along 66, overnight construction has cleared. we are off to a quiet start as you travel northbound coming across the occoquan and continuing up into newington. lanes are open from the beltway headed out to the 14th street bridge. southbound 270 again this morning an easy ride for those continuing southbound leaving 109 headed out towards germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic.
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an alert from metro users this weekend. plan for a longer ride. track work will be under way on all lines except the yellow line. on the red line, buses will replace trains between grosvenor and friendship heights. trains will be single tracking on parts of the orange and green line. i anew set of worries for people infected -- a new set of worries for people infected with hiv and aids. details of what health officials have discovered now. businesses are still bumming. companies cutting back on orders for longer lasting factory goods last movement the
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only big bright spot, airplanes. this was not slowing down stocks. markets jumping after another bailout in europe but starbucks warning that the slump around the globe is beginning to eat into its profits. facebook opening its books for the very first time as a publicly traded company. revenues at the social networking site growing more than 30% from the same time last year. you think mortgage rates couldn't get any lower, think again. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage falling below 3.5%. write it in pencil, first time ever. that is business today. i'm neil cavuto. 
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there could be a huge breakthrough in the hiv battle development hiv patients
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received bone marrow transplants and no longer have detectable traces of the virus in their systems. doctors say their recovery is an important step in finding a cure but are reluctant to call them hiv-free at this point. as the international aids conference in washington, d.c. comes to a close, scientists are presenting a new set of concerns for those inif he canned with hiv and aids. >> they are worried that the virus causing patients to age at a rapid pace. >> reporter: while health care professionals made great stride into the treatment of hiv and aids, they discovered another issue. those who have spent decades battling the virus could be aging prematurely. >> i'm the age of a 53-year- old but i'm really 63 with the virus in my system. >> or it appears both the virus and the medications that
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suppress it take a long-term set of health concerns. >> the diseases that you get, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, renal disease. >> reporter: 53-year-old z turner has been living with hiv for more than 20 years. the virus has attacked nerve endings in her legs and feet jack kemp a going to keep on moving. i'm not going to let this stop me. >> reporter: scientists are examining how some health problems typically seen in the senior years seem to hit many people with hiv in their 50s. >> it has almost created a new subspecialty of medicine. people whose hiv is under control but are now facing prematurely many problems that they may or may not have faced in life later on. they are facing it at a higher incidence and facing it earlier. >> reporter: according to health officials, some 34 million people worldwide are
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living with hiv and 2.5 million were infected just last year n new york, mary ann rafferty, fox news. children at the medstar georgetown university hospital got a special surprise. pilots, flight attendants and other united airline employees delivered adventure bears to kids in cancer treatment there. each child was given a limited edition teddy bear and a passport. since the program began five years ago, united has helped raise more than 200 million miles and nearly $590,000 for the american cancer society. >> good for them. nice gesture. a big name player says good- bye to the washington caps. >> and the nats remain hotter than july. up next on fox 5 morning news. >> third time, went with it down the middle for a home run. adam laroche, first pitch
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the alexander semin are rae in d.c. is officially over. he signed a one-year deal with the carolina hurricanes for $7 million. the 2-year-old russian scored 197 goals with the caps. only alex ovechkin has scored more goals in a caps uniform since 2007. all right. the nats kicked off their series in milwaukee. top of the second, no score. adam laroche does it again. you know what that means in french? that means the rock. he is the rock hitting for the third consecutive game. same inning and the bases juiced here. that would cheer the bases. nats defeat the brewers 8-2. that make


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