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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 27, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a very busy friday night here on fox 5. police say they foiled a potential mass shooting plot with details similar to the movie theater massacre in colorado. >> plus we are heading into the weekend with the threat of thunderstorms looming on the horizon. >> and a 15 month multimillion
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dollar makeover for adams morgan is finally finished. we are checking out the changes to the d.c. nightlife hot shot. >> we begin with the mass shooting suspect and what we learned about the suspect. good evening. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm laura evans. court records identify him as neil prescott. he is accused of threatening to shoot up a prince george's county business and police say they found an arsenal of weapons in his home using a screen handle we found several posts prescott made on a gun enthusiasts website, the most repeat post? this target with a night scope he posted this morning a few hours before the feds and police raided his apartment and found dozens of other guns. fox 5's bob barnard with more. >> we are here this afternoon to announce a thwarted terror threat. >> it was an ominous statement from police regarding a man
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named neil prescott taken into custody around 3:20 this morning at his home on park ridge circle in crofton, maryland. police told us an employee at pitney bowes working in largo had called to say prescott was of the in process of being fired and had twice threatened him over the phone. prince george's county police chief mark magaw. >> in fact, he said i'm a joker and i'm going to load my guns and blow everyone up. >> reporter: according to court documents, prescott told his boss he would like to see his brains splatter all over the sidewalk. anne arundel police were called and officers paid prescott a visit at his home. >> during a field interview with their officers the individual was wearing a t- shirt that said guns don't kill people. i do. >> reporter: police say they got a judge to order an emergency mental evaluations and issue a search warrant for prescott's apartment. he surrendered to a s.w.a.t. team without incident. >> once we entered the residence, however, we
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discovered a large cache of weapons and ammunition. >> reporter: this is what anne arundel county police major edwinbergan says investigators found 25 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, semiautomatic rifles and pistols. >> in light of what happened a week ago in aurora, colorado, it's important for the community to know that we take all threats seriously and if you're going to make a threat, we will take action. >> at last check prescott was still under observation at a hospital in anne arundel county facing a host of state and federal charges once he's released and arrested. i'm bob barnard in the newsroom. tonight we are learning more about where neil prescott worked. the pitney bowes company is located in the industrial area of largo called hampton park. according to an employee, pitney bowes performed security screenings on all mail and packages headed to the u.s. house of representatives. the same employee says prescott worked as an i.t. specialist at the company for
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about three years. joining us now to talk a bit more about the arrest today is prince george's county police deputy chief hank stawinski. thank you so much for being with us. sorry i messed up your last name. >> no problem. thank you. >> in your opinion how serious were his threats? >> well, this was the culmination of an investigation involving authorities in prince george's, anne arundel counties at the federal level with the alcohol, tobacco and firearms as well as a district court judge, responsible people in every one of those organizations felt this was a grave threat and that's how i would describe it. >> you mentioned his t-shirt. upon seeing that what was your reaction? >> i didn't see that personally. that was a result of the field interview which was subsequent to our agency becoming aware of the threats made over the telephone, but the reaction of the officers from anne arundel county who saw that felt again that that was part of an ongoing totality of
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circumstances that only led our concerns to become greater and that was what subsequently led to our position that this individual certainly appeared to need some sort of intervention and our desire to have him evaluated psychologically. >> in addition to the t-shirt obviously the suspect had a tasha. weaponry. we were just looking -- a substantial amount of weaponry. we were just looking at the pictures. were you surprised by the amount and how easy it was for him to get his hands on all that? >> we were shocked with respect to your first question. we were from our investigation he was in possession of several firearms, but it was only upon serving the emergency petition and the search warrant that we became aware of the totality of these weapons as well as the ammunition. with respect to the question regarding the -- how did he obtain them, that's why our federal partners with atf are investigating that and drawing conclusions now as the
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investigation continues. >> are you going to be able to charge him and what charges are you considering? >> our state's attorney is re submitted for the threats and my understanding is our federal partners are looking at pursuing charges, but really those are subordinate to our main concern which was ensuring that he got an intervention and the community was immediately made safe. >> than for being with us tonight, deputy chief, appreciate the insight. >> thank you. new details about the suspect in the colorado movie massacre. james holmes was apparently being treated by a psychiatrist at university where he studied. his defense attorneys made the disclosure today in a court motion. meanwhile several funeral services were held today. more are scheduled for the weekend. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others last week in the midnight showing of the new batman movie in aurora. police may be closing in on the gunman who allegedly kidnapped cal ripken's mother. investigators in aberdeen say
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they received numerous tips about this man who is suspected of kidnapping viola ripken tuesday morning from her townhome. she was driven around in her lincoln town car before being returned hope tuesday morning. that tip line remains open. -- home tuesday morning. that tip line remains open. corporal rickey adey is one of two officers who helped rescue a handful of people from a burning apartment building. governor days later -- two days later corporal adey was arrested. a scare on the tracks, metro officials saying a woman accidentally fell on the tracks at the eastern market station. officials got the woman off the tracks safely and they was taken to the hospital. we don't have any details on her injuries. train service was delayed a short time. >> the fox 5 weather team keeping an eye on the radar
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tonight. a few areas saw some rain tonight, so what about the weekend? gary is in the weather center with the details. >> you know what? i think these storms pretty much went south and northwest around us. as we look at sentinel radar, got it on the big view, big cluster of thunderstorms down to the south for eastern and parts of north carolina there out towards the outer banks. another complex of thunderstorms coming out of indiana and ohio. that is more of a derecholike situation, but that stays well to the west of us. that's been putting down some wind and you see here in town the metro area, we're pretty much all dry out there now. the thunderstorm watch was allowed to expire. so we're hot tomorrow with some storms. the front will push through on sunday and that means we're basically going to end up with a fairly nice weekend, a little bit less humid this week and a little bit less -- i think on sunday the humidity levels will
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be a little bit lower than they will be for tomorrow. we'll have your complete forecast by the numbers coming up in a little while. the start of training camp brings hope and optimism for the redskins and their fans, but for two players it also offers a chance at redemption. >> coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 brazen thieves stealing purses right out from under women's noses as think pump gas, what you need to know to protect yourself. [ male announcer ]  olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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day two of redskins training camp saw a drop in outside temps. that's a relief. >> it was a lot better. >> and no major breaking news which is a good thing. >> i've been saying all day no news is good news. when you're at training camp, usually news is somebody getting released or injured. so when we don't have too much news to report, it's kind of a good thing, but i want to talk about two players getting a second chance, tight end fred davis and left tackle trae
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williams who have a lot to prove this season. the two were suspended last year for recented violations of the league's substance abuse policy. one more violence will result in a one year suspension. williams under contract and the skins used their franchise tag on davis proving their loyalty to the players. the players in turn plan to make the most of their second chance. >> to show everybody i'm here to stay and work hard, be here, not miss any games, you know, and just basically for my teammates and the fans, too and myself. just sitting there watching knowing you can help in certain situations, help your team win, i hate that feeling and i don't ever want to feel that again. >> i always had a great deal of respect for the game. i just never had fathomed myself not being able to play, you know, due to a mistake that i made personally, you know, not due to injury or anything. so yeah, it just -- i ain't going to say it gave me a
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newfounded respect, but it put things in perspective that, you know, it's here today and it could be gone tomorrow. >> i think they both know if they slip up, not only are they killing themselves, but they're really hurting our football team. they both come in in excellent shape. they've made a commitment to work out extremely hard and really proud of the way they've handled themself through the otas and what type of shape they're in. >> they do seem like they're sincere. >> very sincere. the thing about those two guys, they're really great guys off the field, so you hope they don't make the same mistake i guess a fourth time. fred davis was on track for a pro bowl season last year. it's a shame he got pulled out and trent williams protects the blind side. he's the left tackle. he'll be really key for rg3. canned afford to lose them. >> no -- can't afford to lose them. >> no, ma'am. turning our tenancy to the summer olympics -- attention to the summer olympics, the opening ceremony for the games
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kicked off tonight. there are reports officials in london went 100% over the original budget. fox's greg talcott reports whether it will be a goalen experience for the british economy. >> reporter: the owe -- golden experience for the british economy. >> reporter: the olympics reach london. >> the economy is thumping along the bottom. we need all the stimulus we can get. >> reporter: some claim it will set records creating 50,000 temporary jobs. 80% of companies in one survey expect more demand. this hotel is within shotput distance of the east london olympic site. holiday inn's john wagner says -- >> our business really pictures up and skyrockets. >> reporter: the hard rock cafe in central london hopes to benefit as well. >> it's really spread out. it's going to be very positive. >> reporter: but not everyone thinks the london olympics will be a winner for uk business. with all that cost and destruction the race for economic goals might be a bit
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tarnished. most economists say the uk will have a hard time making back its $15 billion investment. it's claimed as many people who come to london for the games will stay away and those who do come will take close to the sports. traditional tourist attractions are worried they won't draw and while there might be a money sprint, it's clear it won't be a marathon. >> the impact of the olympics will be relatively short lived and probably relatively small. >> reporter: closed traffic lanes mean a hassle of getting around might put off visitors and cabbies. >> it's going to be very difficult. >> reporter: still one taxi firm boss claims his drivers are staying at the wheel in part due to official olympic business. no downside? >> i don't see any. maybe traffic, but that's a small price to pay. >> reporter: at least it's thought the games will give some momentum to the london economy, maybe not the billion dollar surge of one prediction but not to keep some firms in the run. greg talcott, fox news.
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it was a 15 month makeover with a $6.5 million price tag, but no that it's done business leaders are hoping the patrons will flock to the new and improved audrey morgan. >> reporter: they actually rebuilt 18th treat to improve the intersection of columbia road. the sidewalks are so much wider, 20 feet in some spots and i can't begin to tell you about the parking improvements here, but, of course, you not for business owners who have endured months of construction and actually lost customers who were frustrated by it, the success of all this depends on their bottom line. >> yeah. pretty impressive resume. >> reporter: ti sapatra who owns the vietnam restaurant on 8 tonight street is going over job applications with -- 18th street is going over job
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applications. he says business declined during the streetscape project, but now that it's over things are looking up and he wants to start hiring people. >> hopefully now that construction is done and people will start to come back. >> reporter: william cook, a serve at the pizzeria can't wait to be busy, too especially on the weekends which had really dropped off. >> it was hard to walk down the sidewalks and business declined then. >> reporter: now that it's done what do you think? >> well, the people are definitely coming back. >> reporter: that's music to the ears of business leaders who have been pushing for the changes for years. they're hoping the $6.5 million facelift will make adams morgan a go to destination for tourists and locals. >> we've got much wider sidewalks, new streetlights, new bike racks, new trash cans, matching recycling cans, some specialized solar powered recycling cans. it's adams morgan better than
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ever. >> reporter: parallel parking on both sides of the street may be the best enhancement of all if you remember to pay before you play, but for this couple just being able to walk without dodging construction has them planning their next visit already. >> it was quite difficult to walk through the streets and now it's much better. >> i think it was worth it because now it looks amazing and the streets look particularly nice and the shops and the buildings look super nice. i think it was really a great improvement. >> reporter: they have also made some safety improvements down here in adams morgan. the streets are much brighter. there's a lot of new lighting, latches and globes and things. -- latches and globes and things. it -- lamps and globes and things. it should make people feel a lot safer when they come down here. i would say adams morgan is definitely back. >> how does all this compare to the work going on at u street?
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>> reporter: they had a little ribbon cutting ceremony and the mayor was here and they're hoping what happened at adams morgan will be a prototype for u street. they've bet the bar pretty high and everybody is pleased with the big transformation down here in adams morgan. up next why a casino on the base of the potomac is one step closer to reality. >> and a hepatitis scare caused by one man, why several possible patients are growing frustrated coming up. 
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we are following breaking news about congressman jesse jackson jr. just a short time ago mayo clinic in minnesota issued a statement saying jackson is being treated for depression and stomach problems. jackson took a leave of absence from congress in june.
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since then questions have swirled about his condition and it's also recently said i was suffering from a mood -- he was suffering from a mood disorder. maryland governor martin o'malley is betting on the legislature to pass his plan to expand gambling in the to expand to a sixth casino site, but it's far from a sure thing. >> reporter: after weeks of negotiations between competing counties and cities, governor martin o'malley laid his cards on the table. >> i have made a decision to call a special session. >> reporter: the special session will be august 9th. lawmakers will consider a referendum letting maryland go from five to six casinos, begin vegas style table games. >> i don't know that there was one particular break-through. we just continued to work at the table to find a way to move forward. >> reporter: that way forward
10:25 pm
included careful assurances to counties that already have approved casino sites that a sixth casino at national harbor in prince george's county would not hurt their business. >> i think what they want to see is the other side held harmless and make sure there's revenues coming in for the state and that that is going to create jobs. >> reporter: state officials say expanded gaming would bring in an extra $100 million in revenue to maryland and create construction and permanent casino jobs. >> my hope is with the expanded gaming we'll have an opportunity the only to have more revenue, but also more jobs. >> reporter: but despite all of the confidence expressed by supporters of expanded gambling in maryland, it was the speaker of maryland's house who pointed out this is not yet a done deal. speaker michael busch is from anne arundel county where the maryland live! casino just opened in june. >> is it a done deal? look, i think you do what you
10:26 pm
do in the house with every piece of legislation. we will work on all the specifics of the legislation. we'll do that before we come into the special session. >> reporter: but the speaker's counterpart senate president mike miller sounded more optimistic. >> anne arundel county which has a site right now will continue to benefit from this bill. in fact, all sites will continue to benefit. >> reporter: ultimately all this will be up to maryland voters because any referendum passed next month still needs voter approval in november. in annapolis, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> the governor tells us the actual bill lawmakers will consider is still being put together right now, but they expect to have it ready a few days before the special session. speaker busch tells us he expects the session to last two or three days. a referendum has to be passed by august 20th in order for it to appear on the november ballot. up next the sexual predator taken off the streets of d.c. years after his first attack. >> plus growing concern after a
10:27 pm
hepatitis c outbreak. thousands may have been exposed to the disease because of a traveling medical technician who once worked in maryland. >> if you see a story we should look into, let us know. call 202-895-3000 or you can send us your news tips to we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. d.c. police say dna evidence has connected a northwest man with two violent rapes that took place in 2003 and 2006. anthony burns is accused of abducting both victims off the streets at knife point. one of them was just 15 years old. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: anthony lamont burns is a familiar man and father according to information filed by his -- a family man in father according to information filed by the court, but d.c. police say dna evidence entered into the dna date banks
10:31 pm
suggests burns say pred door in his wrightwood neighborhood rape -- predator in his brightwood neighborhood. a court affidavit says dna evidence connects burns to an april 2006 abduction and rape from the 6400 block of georgia avenue northwest. in fact, burns is currently on probation for an attempted abduction in 2010. on june 15, 2010 just before midnight a woman waiting for a bus on 14th street was approached by a man later identified as anthony burns who grabbed her by the arm and said you're coming with me. when she resisted, he pulled out a pistol, cocked the hammer and said you're coming with me. he hit her in the back of the head, but the woman was able to run and called 911. a few minutes later 2 blocks away police stopped burns in his truck in the 4300 block of
10:32 pm
arkansas avenue northwest and inside found the handgun. burns was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, pled guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. burns was ordered to surrender a dna sample which was entered into the date bank and according to police matched with the two rapes. earlier this week fox 5 reported prosecutors in the u.s. attorney's office were seeing a significant increase in the number of cases connected by dna. >> i think we're in a very good place. having eliminated the backlog and having eliminated the sex kit backlog and having d.c. having established its own lab, i really think the district has come a very long way. >> reporter: in our story we reported the dna matches are coming more rapidly after evidence from hundreds of rapes sitting in a police warehouse for years was entered into the dna date bang and matched with the dn -- bank and matched with the dna taken from already convicted offenders. paul wagner, fox 5 news. prince george's county police
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rescued two girls barricaded in a home after a domestic dispute that happened in bowie early this morning. around 4 pam a 16-year-old girl called police to -- 4 a.m. a 16-year-old girl called police to report a fight between her mother and her mother's boyfriend. two gunshots were fired and the dispatcher got the teen to barricade her and her younger sister in their bedroom. police got the girls out of the house safely and got the boyfriend to surrender. fortunately no one was hurt. a traveling medical technician is accused of causing a hepatitis c outbreak. thousands of parents across the country may have been exposed -- patients across the country may have been exposed to the disease. it's confirmed he once worked at johns hopkins and southern maryland hospital among others. >> reporter: during the span of five years david kwiatkowski worked month n more than a dozen hospitals in eight states. the traving medical technician tested positive for hepatitis c in june of 2010. it's too early to tell how many
10:34 pm
people he allegedly infected, but the numbers could be staggering. at least 30 patients treated at exeter hospital in new hampshire where kwiatkowski worked until may tested positive for the disease. last night at a public meeting the state health commissioner's plans to test 3,400 patients are put on hold because authorities are simply overwhelmed causing anger and frustration. >> i'm still on that list. there's people in there still on that list and it's not fair for them to have to sit here and wait. >> i have had bladder cancer, two bladder operations in the last six months. i don't need this kind of aggravation on top of it and all of a sudden it could be me. >> reporter: potentially contaminated parents want to know how kwiatkowski was able -- patients want to know how kwiatkowski was able to continue working at hospitals after being fired in 2010 at colorado passed out in a men's locker room after using marijuana and needs and cocaine.
10:35 pm
an investigation was dropped after kwiatkowski voluntarily surrendered his certification. according to a published report only days before his arrest in new hampshire, kwiatkowski was found intoxicated in a hotel room with a suicide note that said, "i couldn't handle the stress anymore." in new york david lee miller, fox news. the global aids conference wrapped up today. all week long thousands of scientists, physicians, scholars and activists have been in the district raising awareness about testing for the disease including familiar faces like bill gates, elton john and secretary of state hillary clinton. july was a big month for hiv advancements. a few weeks ago truvada was approved. up next a man caught on camera stealing a dog from a pet store in a pretty bizarre way. we'll show you next and then later. >> reporter: you'd be surprised what you can do with some uncooked spaghetti and epoxy. i'm beth parker. i'll tell you how kids are having fun and preparing for
10:36 pm
the future. it is an official slowdown now, the economy growing 1.5% in the latest quarter, the weakest pace in nearly a year and this may be why. another report showing, well, us, consumer confidence hitting the lowest level of the year. people are still feeling jittery about the job market and they can't be feeling too good about this. gas prices continue to drive higher now up 15 of the last 17 days, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded closing in around $3.50. markets rallying on hopes things could be worse here and talk of another bailout over there in europe, the dow above 13,000 now for the first time since early may. one stock not getting quite that friendly treatment, facebook the social networking site falling more than 10% the day after its first earnings report as a public company, its shares at their lowest level in its very brief history.
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that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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did you see it? a transformer exploding in yesterday's violent storm in new york. a homeowner shot this video as the transformer caught fire near the man's backyard. he was safely inside his house. this is in stoney point, a town west of westchester county. fortunately no one was hurt. >> also caught on camera a pint size puppy stolen from a long island pet store. video shows the man stuffing the pricey pomeranian in his pants and walks out. the store owner said the man had another guy distract the clerk. the store is offering a $500 reward to anyone who finds the pooch. coming up on the news edge
10:41 pm
at 11:00 a whole new meaning to get ripped off at the pump, brazen criminals targeting women while they fill up their cars. >> and remember the new york bus monitor who was bullied? we've got new details on what she's doing now and how much money she walked away with from that online fundraiser that took off. ñ'
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some high school kids are doing more than just hanging around this summer. they are part of a camp for young people who want to become engineers. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, they're building a bridge to the future. >> reporter: sometimes a dream can come crashing down. especially if it's made of uncooked spaghetti and epoxy glue. >> i'm never going to see spaghetti the same way again. >> reporter: this is engineering innovation camp at john hopkins montgomery county campus. high school students design a bridge. the one all female team say they took some heat at first.
10:45 pm
>> near so giggly they can't possibly be getting work done. >> it's so helpful to have other people helping you and learn how to do everything together and succeed together. >> reporter: even crumble together, but even in crushing defeat there are lessons to be learned. for example, right over here is the bridge that the ladies team made. take a look. once it's crushed they can see exactly where it broke. >> if i building a bridge like i'm never going to make that same mistake ever again. so i've learned a lot from that. >> reporter: team mystery is named for vivek mystery, a budding engineer from burtonsville. >> now engineering is something i know i'm definitely going into. >> reporter: they started slow. >> it looked like the other groups were starting a lot faster. >> reporter: but when it came time to stack weights on the bridge -- >> at first i was nervous. when they are giving me more weights to put on, i'm just trembling because i'm like wow.
10:46 pm
>> keep on going. don't worry. all right. we're running out of weight. >> actually i put everything. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: then he put a phone on top. [ applause ] >> now how much is that? >> reporter: their spaghetti bridge holds 67 pounds. >> i feel really great that we actually won this. it feels like a big accomplishment. >> he came basically goo everywhere on his hair and hands and all that. they were making this bridge and going to do this and that. >> reporter: the students say they are now stuck on becoming engineers, stuck like epoxy. >> i hate epoxy. i can tell you that much. spaghetti doesn't bother me as much. >> all in a day's work. just don't eat the spaghetti with the epoxy on it. we talked about storms earlier and the threat of it, at least what might shape up this
10:47 pm
weekend. >> today again the storms kind of went around us to the north and south. let's wait and see what happens tomorrow. i think tomorrow we probably just about have to have a few storms around here with a frontal system in the area. we'll talk about that here. still muggy out there tonight and it's warm in case you haven't noticed. the temperature in the district is still up into the middle 80s, feels warmer with the humidity. high today with the basically -- did i not have my -- there we go, high today 95 degrees. just got to push the right button. 90 degrees for dulles and bwi marshall 91 degrees. so a little bit cooler for dulles and bwi, but still into the middle 90s and felt like almost 100 degrees there at national today with the heat index, okay? now then in terms of the sent net radar this evening, it's -- sentinel radar this evening, it's going around and around. this is ground clutter. it's not rain to the south of
10:48 pm
us. there's no storminess in the area out there this evening. temperature now in the city is 86. it's cooled down nicely for gaithersburg, 73 there, manassas 75, culpeper 75. thinking tonight at least in the suburbs the temperatures will get down into the 60s. it will still be muggy, but temperatures will drop off middle to upper 60s. heat index in town is still up there. feels like 91 degrees, but again not so much for gaithersburg. they're cooler at 73 as is frederick right now, 73, manassas feels like it's in the middle 70s and dulles feels like it's in the middle 80s. a couple things going on here with the satellite and radar together, big storms down to the eastern sections of north carolina out towards the cape there, again storms basically going around us. there were some good storms up into central p. a. tonight and that down to the south in north carolina. back to the west there's still storminess going on. we'll zoom into kentucky. this is a dying derecho that
10:49 pm
came down out of indiana and ohio, checking wind reports, a lot of 60 to 70 mile-per-hour confirmed reports and just a lot of trees down behind this. it's not going to be as long lived as typically derechos are, but it had all the characteristics of that. it's coming into some more stable atmosphere, so it's breaking apart now, still on the tail end of that, though. it's very strong. a few more storms coming out of ohio into western p.a. to the north west of us, obviously, but it looks like they'll fall apart before they get here. so doubtful we'll have any storms overnight tonight. more storms tomorrow early in -- later in the afternoon and evening, a little bit less humid that weekend, not much, but a little bit and then as we look towards next week things look to be slightly cooler, okay? specifically for the weekend 92 tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms, a little cooler on sunday, 90 degrees, a spotty thunderstorm on sunday, but we aren't talking about anything
10:50 pm
widespread. 76 in town tonight, lower 70s to upper 60s in the suburbs and tomorrow right back up into the lower 90s for highs. it will feel like it's in the mid-to upper 90s with the heat index and again late tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours the best chance of some showers and some thunderstorms, a rather slow moving frontal system which will cool us down a little bit on sunday, 90, take away some of the humidity. next week instead of middle 90s we're talking right around 90 degrees, perhaps the upper 80s or so. so hopefully just a little bit cooler. i think that will make a big difference. >> sounds like it. thanks, gary. the 2012 olympics officially underway, but mitt romney's olympic gaffe may be overshadowing his trip across the pond. how big of deal is it for his presidential campaign? i talked about it earlier today with fox news sunday host chris wallace. >> it's not as big of deal as the gdp numbers that came out today that indicate there was
10:51 pm
only 1.5% growth in the second quarter. the economy is still very weak, but it's not good for romney and it's a totally self- inflicted error. the point of this trip is simply to show americans that he can play in the world stage that, they can be proud of him as a president. he goes over to the olympics of all innocuous things and proceeds to insult his host by suggesting maybe they're not ready for the games. he answered it as an olympic organizer, which he was back in 2002. he didn't answer it as a potential president, which is what he is in 2012. >> last week changing subjects we talked about gun control in the wake of the colorado shooting. i know you just finished an interview with justice antonin scalia. what did i have to say about -- did he have to say about that topic? >> let me say first we have an exclusive interview with antonin scalia on sunday. he is the leader of the conservative wing of the court and the longest serving judge
10:52 pm
on the court and did some very controversial things this year and he talks about them on the arizona crackdown on immigration and obamacare. he's the man that wrote the decision in 2008 that struck down the d.c. ban on handguns because he said it violates the second amendment's constitutional right to bear arms. the question i asked him in the aftermath of colorado is but do you have a constitutional right to have a semiautomatic weapon or a magazine that can carry 100 rounds in it and he wouldn't give a clear definitive answer but he said clearly there are limits that can be placed on the right to bear arms and some of those have to do with place like having guns in the school. he thinks that's constitutional to be able to ban that and he also thought some of them are technological, but i wouldn't get real specific because this case will -- he wouldn't get real specific because this case
10:53 pm
will clearly come up before the court, but to give you an example how a judge's mind work, he said the right to bear arms which is something you could carry, so you'd absolutely be able to ban a canon because you don't bear a canon. >> absolutely. interesting, too. i wonder what other topics. i'm sure the conversation was very interesting. what are the topics highlighted with your conversation there? >> we talked about some of the big supreme court decisions this year, obamacare. he makes it clear that he thinks that justice roberts' decision declaring the mandate attacks was terrible judging. we talk about the arizona crackdown on immigration which was partially voted overturned by the court and we talk about a lot of other things, president obama trying to put pressure on the court, criticism he gets from lower court judges. he is not only an enormously influential and brilliant member of the court, he's a
10:54 pm
very provocative member and i promise you this will not only be really informative, it's very entertaining. >> you can catch fox news sunday this stunned at 9 a.m. here on fox 5. -- sunday at 9 a.m. here on fox 5. coming up phillip phillips and the other american idol finalists are on the road coming to d.c. in a few weeks. they talk about what fans can expect. that's next. those ads taking my words about small business out of context --
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10:56 pm
they're flat out wrong. of course americans build their own businesses. every day, hard-working people sacrifice to meet a payroll, create jobs, and make our economy run. and what i said was that we need to stand behind them, as america always has, by investing in education and training, roads and bridges, research and technology. i'm barack obama and i approve this message because i believe we're all in this together.
10:57 pm
a few weeks the top 10 from american idol season 11 will make their way to d.c. and baltimore and more than halfway through their summer tour the group says they've experienced some unexpected moments. fox's william lajeunesse has the story. >> reporter: more than halfway through their summer concert tour american idol's top 10 finalists are enjoying this part of the experience.
10:58 pm
>> it's a lot of fun. we all give it our all when we go out there. >> the most exciting thing is the fans just knowing there's so many different people in different places, you know, rooting for you and like supporting you that much. >> reporter: the two hour live stage show is a mix of duets, solo and group numbers. winner phillip phillips says he's still working on calming his preshow jitters. >> still not used to playing in front of these thousands of people that come and see us and all the fans, you know. it's just crazy. it's overwhelming and seeing all these different cities. >> reporter: after the show they sign autographs, climb on the bus and head to the next city. >> i don't like the bump personally, uncomfortable for me, but just being with the folks is -- the bus personally, uncomfortable for me, but just being with the folks is great. >> we're so tired by the time we get on the bus. >> holly definitely is the
10:59 pm
messiest. she's going to hate me. she leaves her stuff everywhere. >> i know in the past i've been messy, but i said to myself i can't be messy on the bus because it's like small and other people's space, too. very not been messy -- i have not been messy on the bus. >> reporter: they're fans have given them some memorable gifts. >> my fans know that i adore batman. i get batman stuff of night. >> this nice young girl actually bought me a pair of high heel shoes. she's like oh, i bought you some shoes. i'm like oh, thank you. >> i've gotten a couple of building awares. i don't know. i think i tweet -- build a bears. i don't know. i think i tweeted i was a fan of build awares. >> i've gotten some bras and underwear -- build a bears. >> i've gotten some bras and underwear, want med to


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