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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 31, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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look at this bed! this nightstand! this wardrobe! what are you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. ikea. the life improvement store. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a bill bans late term abortions has failed to pass the house. d.c. delegate did not get a vote, but she is here in studio to give us her reaction. a discovery in this maryland house. three people dead, including a
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two-year-old girl in an apparent murder suicide. >> and pictures of this went viral on facebook and twitter. now we're getting our first up close look at the so-called beltway ufo. >> we are going to begin with breaking news. right now police are trying to figure out how a woman was shot by an arrow. it happened southeast of frederick. the arrow hit the woman in the head. they think it was shot from a cross bow. she's in the hospital with life threatening injuries. police tell us they believe this was an accident, but no word yet how it all happened. we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them. >> now to the defeat of that house bill that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy in the district. >> karen gray houston is back with more. karen. >> brian and laura, there were 220 ayes with two members voting present. with the rules suspended, the legislation needed a 2/3 majority for passage, so it failed. >> it was obvious early on to
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the author of the bill that it was doomed to die, even in the republican controlled house. >> mr. speaker, if we cannot find the will or courage to protect human babies from being tortured, what remains to us? what we are doing to babies is real, mr. speaker, it is barbaric. >> arizona republican, trent frank, outraged leaders to ban abortions for d.c. women, saying he wanted to protect the rights of the innocent who could pain in the 20th week of pregnancy. a lot of democrats were infuriated as well. >> this bill is an assault on decent si and common sense. and it adds to the battery of weapons being used by our republican colleagues. >> the abortion issue always brings out controversy on both sides. the defeated bill would have banned abortion, even if the woman's health was in jeopardy and in cases of rape or incest.
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>> there's a special tool to squeeze that little baby's head and crush it out and pull it out. who of us could watch such a procedure? who of us could conduct such a procedure? >> the district found allies across the country. and lawmakers who agreed d.c. was being picked on and bullied. >> we also need to remember this bill targets only the district of columbia, which some on the other side of the aisle like to treat like a colony. >> the office of democratic, denny released a statement saying republicans are playing politics with women's healthcare. it went on to say this bill, which would place new restrictions on women seeking reproductive health options in the district of columbia is the latest attempt to drive americans apart on wedge issues at a time when we aught to be coming together to tackle the challenges we face together as a nation. >> ohio republican, steven told fox news the d.c. late
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term abortion bill is one of the reasons he is quitting congress. he abruptly announced he would step down at the end of the year. he is one of the two republicans who voted present today. brian, back to you. >> the issue of d.c.'s right to self-govern is a hot button issue. delegate norton, always great to see you. this is a republican controlled house. it seems like on other issue, whatever the republicans push through, they want to get through. what was the difference here? >> well, the difference here and how sweet it is to say, we won and we won big. we won by not one, not two, but 30 votes. and we won because they needed 2/3 and can't get 2/3 of the house on an extreme bill like that. and we were able to convince the congress that we were winning not only for the women
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of the district of columbia, for their positions, for the residents who are being trampled. we are winning for the united states of america, because we will bring used and abused as cover for a bill that really targeted row versus wade, coming at reproductive choice for women all over this country. we were being used because they thought we were the kid on the block that didn't have anybody to fight for themselves, for herself and couldn't find others to fight for us. in fact, we found women all over the country, this thing was pleaded nationwide, facebook, and we won because we had the women of the country behind us and frankly, because this is still pro-choice america. >> and you know as well as anybody else, definitely better than most anybody else, how the republicans at least certain ones in the house tend to use the district as a trying ground
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for their pet projects, to score points back at home. do you see anything else on the horizon here? >> we have to be on guard 24/7. here they came from out at left field. this was the first time there has ever been a bill introduced in the congress of the united states that would essentially take voting rights -- sorry, take constitutional rights only from the district of columbia. it was an unheard of bill. it was not like the usual attachments to our appropriation where they go after our low income women. they went after every woman in the district and ultimately every woman in the united states, because they used us as a pawn to get to a goal for themselves, to rile up their base and guess what happened? just the opposite. they ended up reinvigorating the women's movement in the
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united states. they started with planned parenthood. then contraceptives couldn't be in your insurance policy, and their final destination was abortion and they got their hat handed to them. >> d.c. delegate rings eleanor holmes norton, thank you for coming in tonight. our other big story tonight, three people are dead. another in critical condition after an apparent murder suicide. it happened at a home in owings, maryland, the youngest victim, a two-year-old girl. police believe a man killed his wife and daughter and critically injuring his son and then taking his own life. matt acklin has the story. >> it was just before 8:30 when deputies responded to a home in the fair view neighborhood. patrick davis was home nearby. >> as soon as they flew out, i want to say there were five or six of them, they went through the front door, went in, i immediately got a sense from all the other police around
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that the situation had resolved itself. >> the sheriff says a police response team was given the go ahead to enter the home. it was a terrible sight inside. >> upon entering the residence, it was discovered the house was engulfed in flames. >> those dead inside, frank heyward, police believe he killed his 31-year-old wife, cindy heyward, and their two- year-old daughter, natalie heyward. 12-year-old frank heyward was rushed to the hospital. >> they found a white male, 12 years of age alive. he was suffering from lacerations to his neck and burns to his body. >> what may have sparked these killings, officials don't know for sure, but the neighbor says the family was having trouble. >> i said hey, your house is on the market, what's going on? and he was like, i'm trying to keep it quiet. my wife and i are going through a rough patch. >> there was another adult inside the home who was able to escape. at this point, autopsies are being conducted to determine how each family member was in
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fact killed. >> it's devastating. you have a problem, move on and you know, let life live. to do this and take a two-year- old's life and try to kill everybody is completely ridiculous, it makes no sense. >> authorities say several guns were found inside the house and they were used to carry out the crimes today. meanwhile, 12-year-old frank heyward is in critical condition tonight at children's hospital. in calvert county, fox 5 news. police have released new surveillance video of a suspect in cal ripken jr.'s mother. violet was taken at gunpoint from her home a week ago today. she was tied up and driven around before being returned unharmed the next morning. police released a composite skip of the suspect. if this man or the woman in the video look familiar, police would like to hear from you. the fox 5 weather team tracking summer storms tonight.
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taking a live look outside. d.c. saw some heavy rain this afternoon, now a few other neighborhoods getting hit. sue. >> those neighborhoods are mainly west and north of the city, brian, we're going to keep it going for a couple more hours and they are holding up pretty well. let's give you the big picture look. we have a cluster of activity down the culpeper area and we have another rather strong storm for this late hour, up around hagerstown and also in the frederick area. let's inspect them closer. we'll start with southern storms. the larger line, although it might not be quite as intense as i'm seeing, but the main feature with this line is it is moving rather slowly to the east, southeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour. isolated spots there, could run into flash flooding. now i believe this thunderstorm is growing in the hagerstown area and will keep an eye on that one in frederick. let me put these in motion and definitely seeing intensity to the storm in hagerstown.
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that one moving slowly, has a lot of lightning with it. and you can see how that storm near frederick blew up very quickly as it crossed the line coming out of loudoun county. let's check some of those updrafts. you can see that these are capable of producing gusty winds as they move on to the east. we expect these to linger. they aren't as strong to the south. last stop will be lightning and we expect these to persist for another maybe two or three hours as they move slowly from west to east. gradually weaken. i think we'll be left with mostly cloudy skies and fog later. laura, tomorrow is the first day of august. i'm going to let you know how the month is stacking up and any changes that we are seeing as we begin this last metrological month of summer. laura. >> hoping it's different from july. >> all right sue, thanks, we'll see you soon. hundreds of people saw it on the road and called 911. then the pictures instantly
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went viral. we're getting our first up close look at the military plane dubbed the beltway ufo. find out why the navy is calling it the first of its kind. >> and later, the president gets an earful over gay marriage. why a group of pastors say he should change his mind or else. 
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the navy tooks the raps off the beltway ufo. experiment tall aircraft got the name after it was spotted. began tweeting pictures. the mystery is over, we got a sneak peek what the future of the u.s. planes might look like. tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: is this what the future looks like. the navy calls it the x47b, but that's not what folks who saw it rolling down i-270 in june called it when they called 911. >> a ufo, i don't know. >> the navy put the plane on a
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flat bed. >> is this a ufo? >> no. there was nothing secret about it, but we didn't publicize it. >> now for the first time, the navy is pulling the wraps off it. they hope it will be the first of a new wave of unmanned military aircraft. >> this is one of those that is a demonstration program and it really excites the interest of a lot and the imagination of a lot of folks. >> the plane is flown by its computer, but if it loses contact with its air traffic controllers, it flies back to its base just like a homing pigeon. calling it a drone is a big of an under statement. but aircraft will take off and land on aircraft carriers, which no drone has ever done. carries a 4,500 payload, but so far the navy won't say what kind of payload. >> this is what you will see
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at any navy or marine corps base within the next decade. >> while this aircraft has new technology and maneuver ability, the one thing it does not have is the ability to outrun financial realities. tighter pentagon budgets is putting pressure on it creators. >> each and every one of us are taxpayers. it's not somebody else's money. it's our resource together. >> on sunday, the estimated $800 million aircraft made its first 35 minute flight. officials say they want to prove the x47b is an investment, not just an expensive experiment. in maryland, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. flights have been successful. that's when the navy is going to fly the x47b and landed on the deck of a real aircraft carrier. >> now to the race for the white house. the november election just 14 weeks away. tonight, the candidates are
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stepping up the pressure and racking up the miles in a contest that is believed to be too close to call. fox's craig boswell reports. >> mitt romney wrapped up a three country trip aimed at placing him on the world stage with a stop in pow poland. >> the soon to be republican presidential nominee had come under fire for being called foreign policy gaps during the trip. first in england on the o pledges, then in israel. the candidate blamed the media. >> try and find anything else to divert from the fact that these last four years have been tough years for our country. >> some democrats pounced. >> he doesn't take criticism well. >> the white house weighed its words. >> when the leaders go abroad, what they say is placed under a magnifying glass and it carries great impact. >> a coalition of african
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american pastors did not hold back when blasting president obama and his party for support of gay marriage. >> sign up with us to let the president know that he has not done a smart thing and it might cost him the election. >> both campaigns plan to burn up the miles on a handful of states. >> i have never seen the number of undecides below 5% or around 5% this late in the election cycle and you know, they are in these critical swing states. >> president obama visits three beginning tomorrow with a stop in ohio, then on to florida and virginia. mitt romney returns to the u.s. and hits the road to colorado thursday. in washington, craig boswell, fox news. things got heated in poland as mitt romney wrapped up his week-long trip overseas. >> governor romney. >> you heard their reporters
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shouting questions at the presidential candidate outside of the tomb of the unknown soldier as he walked back to his car. one of mr. romney's press secretaries can be heard to shove it and have some respect. the press criticized romney for barely take any question during the trip. up next, new details about what caused a deadly bus crash in virginia. plus, drama on day one of the drew peterson murder trial. why the judge scolded the former cop's attorneys, next. and later -- >> it's a bicycle found 92 miles from home and it is bringing great joy to a seven- year-old. i'm beth parker. the whole story coming up. 
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the national transportation safety board says there were several causes for a deadly bus crash in virginia last year. four people died, 49 hurt when the motor coach veered off the side of i-95, flipped over.
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the ntsb just released its investigative report saying the driver was severely fatigued. the report says the bus company, sky express, didn't do enough to maintain safety, either did the federal motor safety administration, which overseas bus companies like that one. drew peterson's trial got underway. a decade after his third wife was found dead in a bathtub. the death was ruled an accident until peterson's fourth wife, stacey, went missing in 2007. fox's mike tobin has the latest. >> a real lady killer. that's the picture the state is trying to paint of drew peterson during opening statements. the former small town cop accused of killing his third wife. but fox news analyst says the prosecution faces an up hill battle. >> the prosecution layed out a case. meaning there's no direct evidence. >> sabio's death was ruled an
10:25 pm
accident. her pastor came forward when he heard the news, saying he was counseling stacey peterson and had information about sabio's death. a second autopsy determined she was murdered. one of peterson's lawyer is feeling confident, insisting sabio died when she hit her head and drowned in the bathtub. >> we are ready to get started and stop them to frame drew for an accident. >> opening statement, the defense scolded by the judge when peterson's attorney started opening statements. the trial screeching to a halt when the prosecution started mentioning claims that peterson tried to hire a hitman. prosecutors will use illinois' new here say law. family and friends will be able to tell the jury, sabio told them that peterson threatened to kill her. mike tobin, fox news. >> this has a lot of people
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talking. new york city making a big push for new mothers to breast-feed. is it going too far? details next. plus this maryland boy with special needs is happy to have his custom bike back after it was stolen. how it was tracked down and reaction from his family. next. and if you see a story you think we should look into, 202- 895-3000 is the number. we'll be back. those ads taking my words about small business out of context -- they're flat out wrong.
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of course americans build their own businesses. every day, hard-working people sacrifice to meet a payroll, create jobs, and make our economy run. and what i said was that we need to stand behind them, as america always has, by investing in education and training, roads and bridges, research and technology. i'm barack obama and i approve this message because i believe we're all in this together.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> special needs back on his bike. it's been missing for a month. police tracked it down thanks in part to a story right here. beth parker has more. >> with bells ringing in high fives all around. seven-year-old ethan is back on his bike. >> happy? >> this is ethan's first ride in over a month. ethan has a genetic disorder.
10:30 pm
he gains weight easily and his muscles have not developed enough to ride a regular bike. this was handmade for him, but on june 30, someone stole it near his house in hagerstown. his grandmother and others rallied to help. >> people were giving us leads. we seemed like we were just chasing our tails. >> until fox 5 picked up the story. >> they were able to do something in just a few hours. been able to do in 30 days. >> a viewer saw fox 5 story on our sister story in baltimore. it already seen the bike on craigslist. >> when i saw it, i said look at the bike. >> it was traced to this bike. >> my bike, you found it. >> owner got a bike from a regular customer. >> i did know the person that brought it to me. i was shocked it turned out to be stolen. >> the brakes have been removed, the seat broken. >> it bothers me more than it
10:31 pm
does him, the missing parts, but i'm happy he is happy again. >> he's going to be on it all day. he's not going to stop. >> his grandmother hopes because of ethan, more people will understand his illness. >> he could be more accepted and others like him will be more accepted and don't think, he's just an over eater, you know, it's something that he can't help. it's a remarkable story of how someone saw it, identified it, saw it on the news and it was returned to him. >> news stations were just right on top of it from start to finish. >> now that he has it back, the family says they are going to keep the bike locked up. ethan says he is never going to let his bicycle get away again. in hagerstown, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> in tonight's health alert, the red cross received 50,000 fewer donations than expected
10:32 pm
in june. the lowest level in 15 years. they are keeping a close eye on how they distribute blood. summers typically a slow time for donations, but severe storms and heat waves kept more donors at home. >> first it was soda, now michael bloomberg is going after baby formula as part of the new public health initiative to promote breast- feeding. baby formula will be locked away and new moms will have to sign it out like medication. they can have formula, but not without a lecture. this one has a lot of people talking about. here's what some had to say. >> i know that it facilitates breast-feeding when you don't have formula available right away. i don't know that i believe it necessarily has to be on lockdown or treated like a medication. >> if you push formula on to the babies when they are born, they will continue to want to only have formula. where if you start breast- feeding from the start, babies
10:33 pm
are more likely to seek the breast. >> joining me now with more is pat shelly, the director of the breast-feeding center of greater washington. there's so much anxiety and there's already so much pressure. it seems this adds more pressure. >> well, i have to applaud the mayor for making a stance and trying to make formula less available. it's not a matter of giving women more pressure, it's giving them more informed consent, instead of offering formula as an option in the hospital, making it more of a motivator to get the right help early on. >> but the reality is, there are a lot of women who simply can't breast-feed. there's so much guilt associated with that. it just seems this is unfair and maybe there's a better way to handle it. >> the question is about whether women are feeling guilty. when we go to the healthcare providers and we're told the risks of processed foods and why we should be eating healthy, there should not be guilt.
10:34 pm
those are choices we make for ourselves. when a woman can't breast-feed, which fortunately is very rare, women should be offered support to see if they can transition into full breast-feeding. the second choice would be human milk from a human milk bank before we reach for formulas and alternatives. >> there are so many wonderful health benefits to breast- feeding for mom and baby, not to mention the bonding experience. but don't most hospitals already have strong programs for new mothers? >> the hospitals are offering more support for breast-feeding women in the hospital. and yet, the reality is about 30% of our babies are supplemented with some type of milk early on. so the mayor is making a really good decision to try and limit the accessibility of formula during those first days in the hospital. if we want to make more progress, we have to limit the availability of formula in the marketplace. perhaps put it behind the counters, like we do pseudofed. limit the advertising. we have women getting home from the hospital to have the
10:35 pm
formula showing up on their doorstep the day they get home. >> base offend what you are saying, this is the right thing for mayor bloomberg to do. do you see anything like that happening here? >> i think we are making a big stride in the d.c. area to minimize the gift packages that are going home with formula companies. this is going to be an expensive adventure as we move forward. there's more that can be done. rather than in the hospitals, giving formula out after lecturing, it might be more appropriate to offer a class for all breast-feeding families to attend that gives them facts about reality of establishing breast-feeding, risks to the use of formula as well as getting support during those first weeks. women are only in the hospital a couple days. it needs to be made available for the first six weeks. portable healthcare act is offering more of the board certified, lactation consultant
10:36 pm
early on. >> a will the of women don't realize how difficult it is and that counseling is necessary. the director of the breast- feeding. thanks for being with us. >> d.c. drivers beware. tougher drunk driving laws are about to kick in. plus, a redskin that grew up was off to a great start last season until this devastating injury. coming up, tim talks about his road to recovery in training camp. you're making more money, but not spending more of it. personal income is rising half a percentage point in june. that's the fastest pace in three months. consumer spending, staying flat. americans saving their cash. and this can't be helping shoppers. higher gas prices. the national average for regular unleaded rising yet again. now at $3.50. meanwhile, the value of your home is inching back up, a closely watched real estate report showing home prices rising in may from the prior
10:37 pm
months. prices are still down from the same time last year. and you may not be able to talk to harry potter, but you can chat with his creator. j.k. rowling. launching the harry potter reading club, for all things dealing with the iconic wiz sadr. rallying will post a live web cast this october. that's business, i'm dennis neil. 
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virginia is about to roll out 29 more miles of express planes. the commonwealth is bringing in private companies or expand existing ones. vehicles pay a toll to pay the hov lanes. three people will get you a
10:41 pm
free pass. ground breaking is early next month. the project will be finished in 2014. drunk driving laws get tougher. the new guidelines call for stiffer sentences. repeat offenders and drivers who have a specially high blood alcohol level. and harsher sentences for drunk driving in a commercial vehicle, like cabs, limb moes, and big rigs. maximum sentence for first-time offenders, 180 days in jail. that's double the previous maximum. the minimum sentence will be ten days. or if you are a repeat offender. the higher your blood alcohol level, the longer you stay in jail. >> you might get a break on speed and red light cameras. mary and tommy wells are heading up a task force that will study focus. that could mean lower fines. consider several possible changes, including whether to use the revenue for road safety programs. coming up, an update on the
10:42 pm
state of terrorism. the u.s. may be safer, but there are dangers we need to watch out for. >> a group of african american pastors come with an earful for the president. why he needs to chase his mind, or else. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens. if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it?
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it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. that's mom to you. and you should eat something that's good for you before you go outside. never! come on james. it's a new fiber one chewy bar. chocolatey and delicious. fiber one chewy bar, huh? mmm. refueled space captain james. [ male announcer ] new fiber one chewy bars. great taste kids love plus calcium and fiber kids need.
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a show of support for the penn state football team in the wake of the sex abuse scandal. thousands of fans attended a rally for the team this morning as they began practice for the fall season. the ncaa slapped penn state with a fine. top administrators and jo paterno covered up abused allegations. time to talk training camp. after suffering injuries last season, that includes one of last year's highest profile additions. lindsey murphy joins us with the story. >> it was a dream come true when tim high tower was traded to the redskins. his season was cut short.
10:46 pm
hightower tore his acl. he has been rehabbing in hopes to getting back to form. t been tough on him to be limited in practice. >> given your limitations and the fact that the runningback spot is open for grabs, you consider yourself in the mix for that starting spot or because you can't really go full force? are you not really in the mix? >> i can't really think about that right now. those guys are doing a great job. i have to get out there first to be competing and right now, i just have to focus on getting healthy and being better and when that time comes, when i'm able to get on that field, i'll be able to compete and see where i measure up. right now, i have to focus on getting better. >> what does your knee feel like after a practice? >> it's sore. that's one thing i was talking to fullback, dorrell the other day. you don't realize how much --
10:47 pm
i'm juiced to being in tiptop shape. i'm used to being able to recover. you're sore, but you are able to go through everything and little things, walking up the steps, walking down the steps, become magnified. it's minimal. because it's going to be sore. you walk out of practice and it's stiff and you can't get worried and say something is wrong, i did something. me understanding now that hey, it's a part of the process when i'm going to wake up and not feel like getting out of bed and there will be days when it doesn't feel as strong. but know keep working at it and you'll get better over time. >> do you think about that first hit? >> i definitely do. i think of the first touchdown and first carry. especially when you're not playing, you are thinking so much, because you see everything and you are visualizing and internizing everything. everything is magnified ten times more. i think i replayed every single
10:48 pm
se mare owe in my head. >> can you compare the nerves on your wedding day? >> oh man. you know what? i definitely was more nervous getting married. >> exciting nervous. >> it's exciting, but it's a game, like i've done this before. you know, i train, i'm prepared, not that i'm not prepared for the marriage, but it's not something you have never done. so i think one of the best choices i have ever made. >> hightower scored browny points. he is not close to 100% yet, but he is improving. mike shanahan wants to take it slow, not rush him back. evan are fighting for that starting spot. brian. >> lindsey, thanks. all right sue. so august coming in like a lion? >> it is. august will come in the way july goes out. tomorrow is going to be a lot like today.
10:49 pm
i'm going to show you what the predicks are for the month for temperature and precipitation here in a moment. we start with a really cool shot we got off our hd tower cam. mostly moonny and we have this time lapse. the moon will be full tomorrow evening, but isn't that a great shot. we are glad we were able to see the moon because it meant the storm clouds parted for a little bit as the moon was rising. so lovely shot and lots going on in outer space, including big event on mars coming up when curiosity lands in the next few days. we'll be talking more about that. but in a new days. starting tonight with radar, we continue to see it move. this is the big picture, stronger clusters with a lot of lightning moving into pennsylvania and quite a bit still hanging around in west central virginia. we get in closer with our radar and we'll spotlight this area
10:50 pm
around the leesburg region, down into portions of gainesville. these are lighter showers, hope to get the rain, i'll bet. these continue moving to the east. stronger stuff around harrisonburg and these tend to begin the weakening process, as you can see. those will pass just south of d.c., still a good amount of lightning in the hagerstown storm. and some scattered activity across frederick county in maryland. so we are going to keep this going for another, probably 1, 2, or 3 hours and this will weaken to a couple sprinkles and maybe some areas of fog. as we put lightning in motion for the last two hours, you can also begin to see the weakening trend. this is running into more stable air as it gets closer to the district. there was a good rainstorm about 3:30 in the district and audiotape l reporteds of hail across fairfax county and big winds. bottom line, we'll have a
10:51 pm
couple of triggers in place. >> have been more intense rains down here and up to our north. tomorrow we have a couple triggers. we'll show you that in a moment. awe about august outlook. that big dome of very hot weather that we have been seeing that unked the crops and the livestock in the middle part of the country. it is forecast to continue in the month of august. that is the trend right now and of course that bubble migrates back and forth from time to time. for the d.c. area, temperatures will probably average slightly above normal, but average is 88 degrees. we should be a little bit above that. in terms of rain fall, we should do better this month than we did last month, but it's going to stay very dry in these drought stricken areas. there's no soil moisture to speak of, which affects the
10:52 pm
temperatures and no sign that they are going to get any relief in the drought during the month of august. we are very sorry to sea. >> temperature wise, well 890 degrees will be closer tomorrow. thursday and friday, we warm up as a little bit. our seven days at or above 100 degrees. friday is going to be on the high side. it is definitely starting. our temperature tonight, 77 degrees. it's still steamy. and here's what is happening at the surface. first of all, we had this area of low pressure. another frontal boundary will be close enough that it could trigger afternoon showers and storms and clouds usualing up by late morning. looks like thursday is going to be hot with only an isolated
10:53 pm
storm. so summing up your forecast, we have some scattered weakening showers. they will be leafs and late. tomorrow, just like today. clouds and sun, scoterred shoes in the afternoon. we heat up toward the latter part of this. saturday 92 and sunday 91. a couple storms around we think on saturday. a stronger front might knock temperatures back into the 80s for the first part of next week. but kind of standard fare here for august. >> thanks, sue. >> the actor is wanted for mean congressman battery. gooding, who is in the area walk into a bourbon street bar with an entrance. he became cursing when customers recognized him.
10:54 pm
gooding pushed a feel babe trender twice and there's a bill. >> that's still ankerty scene. season 2 finalist told the associated press, she can bring it. of course, one seat has been filled, maly y a season judge for season 12. that happened last week. snoop dogg the latest managers to change his name. his new name is snoop high. he is -- he wants to keep his kids. it's called reincarnated because he thinks he has connected with the spirit of bob marchly. coming up next, imagine waking up to see this. a hot air balloon landing in your neighborhood. even more bizarre, this was no
10:55 pm
accident. the story next. >> and details are leaking about the new iphone 5. when you'll be able to get your hands on it reportedly on the news edge.  those ads taking my words about small business out of context --
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they're flat out wrong. of course americans build their own businesses. every day, hard-working people sacrifice to meet a payroll, create jobs, and make our economy run. and what i said was that we need to stand behind them, as america always has, by investing in education and training, roads and bridges, research and technology. i'm barack obama and i approve this message because i believe we're all in this together. i hear you're having a tough day, so i brought you a freshly made sandwich. you made me a sandwich? no, dunkin' did. but i wrote the note. dunkin' bakery sandwiches are freshly made just for you. grab a turkey cheddar bacon sandwich today. america runs on dunkin'.
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a bizarre sight yesterday morning. a hot air balloon came in for a landing and it was no accident. lydia has the story. >> what a way to wake up. middletown residents watched in disbelief as this hot air balloon landed on their normally quiet orange county street. >> we woke up this morning, heard the noise and looked out the window and i literally could have reached out the window and touched them. >> the balloon was so close, she could hear the flames from the balloon as it glided past her bedroom window and lands two doors down. half the block had their cell phones out. >> i thought it was going to
10:59 pm
land on the neighbor's house, but it started to go back up and when it came down, you know, like i said, two houses good, though. yard. they made a good landing. >> fox 5 spoke to the pilot and he purposely landed here because one of the homeowners on the street waved them in and asked them to land. we, however, couldn't find that homeowner. according to the faa who was unaware of the incident, balloon operators normally don't land on streets and in order to land on private property, the pilot needs permission from the owner. witnesses say within minutes, the balloon's trailing truck helped pack up the balloon and they left. intentional landing or not, this is definitely an interesting way to drop in. >> the pilot said normally, he would never land on a residential street. the weather conditions were perfect. for now, that's the latest in middletown. fox 5 news. a father, mother, and young


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