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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 7, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. our of a suspected child predator taken -- a suspected child predator taken off the streets, what the suspect is accused of doing at a local playground plus. >> having to apply pressure to her wound. >> a nightmare in a metro station, why several passengers
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were left bleeding during rush hour. >> anger and outrage at pepco, maryland regulators hearing from customers fed up with pepco's performance. many customers packed a public hearing tonight in rockville. many lost power for days after this summer's derecho. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. pepco feeling another firestorm this week calling for another rate hike. fox 5's sherri ly has the story. >> pepco estimates it cost 75 to $80 million restoring power last june. it intends to get that money back from the very customers who had few tonight when it comes to pepco. the derecho took out trees, knocked out power and left pepco customers fuming in the heat. >> i do not understand how you can rationally justify
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rewarding in competence. >> reporter: at a public hearing angry customers urged the public service commission to hold pepco accountable. >> tell them they've had three strikes and they're out. >> reporter: all that outrage didn't stop pepco fromming iting investors it -- from telling investors it will ask for another rate hike this fall. last month the bulk of the request was rejected for $68 million more. >> our plan has to be keep filing rate cases every nine months if that's necessary. that's what we plan to do. i think we keep pounding the rate case drum. >> reporter: consider those fighting words. >> we're going to have to keep fighting every quarter every year every rate increase, everything they put on the table. >> a rate increase for pepco is just rewarding nonperformance. it is inexcusable. >> reporter: as its customers suffer pepco holdings, the parent company, earned $62 million last quarter, down from
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95 million a year ago, but it paid out higher dividends to shareholders. the company's top executive doesn't get the outrage. >> we performed right in line, in some cases better, than the other regional utilities and yet there seems to be, you know, just a very harsh tone taken towards pepco. >> reporter: these massive outages aren't a one time occurrence for pepco with reliability some compare to a third world country. >> my wife grew up in the former soviet union. they had communism, but they had power. >> reporter: pepco is not saying how much it would seek to increase rates, but it also suggested that it could seek a legislative remedy to its regulatory problems. a 25-year-old chillum man is being held tonight without bond charged with kidnapping and sexually abusing two young girls. prince george's county police officer found and arrested the
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suspect with one of the girls is hailed as a hero. fox 5's karen gray houston in the newsroom with the story. >> police say charles amofa confessed to both assaults. they say they don't have evidence he is a serial predator. the officer who located amofa minutes after his second alleged abduction found him in a park holding onto the hand of one of his victims. this is charles amofa. police say he's a soft spoken man who lured the two girls from their parents shopping at the valley village thrift store on university boulevard. the first incident occurred july 9th when an 8-year-old girl was abducted. the second assault was yesterday afternoon when a 6- year-old girl was snatched and taken to the west park playground where police say she was assaulted near the swings. the playground is minutes away from that thrift store. officer fredys castro rivas is the policeman who rescued the 6- year-old yesterday when he spotted her in the park with amofa. >> as i approached the little
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girl, all she had in her eyes was nothing but tears which reminded me of my daughter who is 3 years old and she seemed very desperate and the only thing coming out of her mouth was i want my daddy. i want my daddy. >> it's awful. that's a parent's biggest fear is for something to happen to their children or their children to go missing. >> the parents did not want to speak on camera, but the father of the 6-year-old released a statement warning parents to watch their children carefully. he said it only takes 30 seconds for them to disappear. meanwhile police say there is surveillance video that shows charles amofa at the village thrift store july 9th. >> what a reminder. fox 5's monitoring metro tonight. the transit agency is investigating an escalator accident at the plaza metro station early this morning. metro said a woman's bag apparently was caught in a metal strip lining the
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escalator. this strip caused some riders to fall. at least five people were hurt. three victims were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. >> when we got to the bottom of the escalator, there was kind of blood everywhere. there was a lady lying beside the first escalator on the ground with her head propped up and a lot of people around her. >> everyone who got hurt is expected to be okay. the escalator remains out of is. a murder mystery in maryland has left two little girls without a mother. shavon phillips was last seen leaving a daycare in d.c. and her body found in a prince george's county creek two days later. fox 5's bob barnard has the story. >> semi-was last seen a week ago monday in that -- she was last seen a week ago monday in that dark colored minivan with an unknown driver. shavon phillips was taking her 2-year-old daughter to daycare. sources say phillips had $5,000 in cash on her, was supposed to
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go to philadelphia. >> she ran away to purchase a car and she never made it obviously. she never made it. i'm just scared because it could be her. it could be me. it could be anybody. >> shavon phillips was 22 years old, just finished nursing school, was about to start a job as a hotel housekeeper. her body was found floating in this creek in ft. washington last wednesday night two days after she disappeared. sources say the remains were stuffed in a bag. >> for somebody to do it like just leave her like she was trash, i don't understand. >> shayne baum and charlotte were two of her closest friends. >> why would they do that to her? >> the daycare owner says phillips was last seen in that van which had pulled up the
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street before she walked out of the building. a copy of the surveillance video has been given to prince george's county police investigators. they are not speaking publicly about the case. phillips lived in this apartment building on sixth street southeast. after she disappeared her apartment was broken into and ransacked. you can see the shattered window. >> she was my friend. she was like a sister to me. i could talk to her about anything. >> reporter: did she express concern about anyone or anything? >> no, she didn't. >> in that surveillance video you can see phillips' daughter tugging at her. the center's owner says that was unusual behavior for the little girl. she wonders whether denia somehow sensed something was wrong. it would be the last time she would see her mother. her friends say phillips also had a 5-year-old daughter living with the father in virginia. there's no indication from police tonight that they're close to naming or arresting a suspect. investigators are trying to figure out what led to the
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deaths of two men inside an arlington county apartment. a large group gathered outside the building when they learned the news. a maintenance worker found the bodies after 10 a.m. this morning in the 1900 block of north culpeper street. police found blood at the scene but no weapons. >> we do believe it's an isolated incident. we're not saying there's an actual killer out there. we don't know how these individuals came to be and were found this morning. >> the bodies have been identified as 59-year-old keefe spriggs and 31-year-old carl moten. creating stronger communities, that's the idea of the national night out. it happens in small towns across the country and occurred in suitland, maryland tonight. the annual event brought out 100 neighbors and communities just in prince george's county, gives people a chance to meet neighbors, law enforcement officers along with local organizations and businesses. we're now monitoring the weather, a live look outside, pretty calm.
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late this afternoon parts of our area were under a tornado warning. the question is could it get worse again? gary mcgrady is in the weather center with some answers. >> not tonight, shawn. it's pretty good out there. temperatures have dropped down to the 70s and lower 80s for just about everybody. want to show you radar because at least here in the immediate area nothing is showing up. across the bay it is off to the east of us as basically right as you cross the bridge there's a few showers on the other side, maybe even a thunderstorm as well. there's another little thunderstorm blowing up on top of harrisonburg now way off to the south and west of us. i think anything that pops up tonight will be to the south of us. numbers slightly cooler than yesterday, high temperature was 90 degrees. dulles international was sitting at 89 degrees and bwi marshall was sitting at 87 degrees. you can switch over and see those numbers. there we go. a tinge cooler than yesterday and let me show you we look at
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the temperatures regionally here, not a big difference up north in terms of temperatures, certainly not as much as yesterday, but it is pleasantly cool for new york city at 75, binghamton 71. we have a frontal system in the area and all the thunderstorms and showers today firing up south of that boundary. the boundary is weakening. so even though it's right on top of us, it's not having much effect. it's producing a few showers, thunderstorms back way to the southwest along 81 and 64 and that's about it. a few cloud overnight and we're going to start warming up a little bit. our chances for thunderstorms will go up as well. i think there's a couple days coming up where we're talking strong, maybe even severe weather popping up around here. we'll detail that coming up in the full forecast. >> see you then. the man who shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords will spend the rest of his life in prison. what jared loughner regrets about the shooting and his reaction when he learned the
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congresswoman survived coming up. >> counselors at a local camp accused of instigating a fight club among the kids. it's a news edge exclusive only seen here at 11:00.  [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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a big story from arizona tonight, a guilty plea from the man who tried to assassinate former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. jared loughner entered the plea today after a judge ruled he was competent to understand the charges against him. >> reporter: the judge asked him specifically about every person he shot and whether he intended to do it. 19 times jared lee loughner answered yes. now 23 years old loughner will spend the rest of his life in prison for the shooting rampage outside a supermarket in january last year. the attack left six people dead and arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords clinging to life. loughner pleading guilty today
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in a tucson courtroom after being deemed mentally competent to understand the charges. >> mr. loughner will spend the remainder of his natural life in prison with no possibility of parole. >> reporter: hearing the guilty pleas congressman ron barber wounded in the barrage. >> my hope is what happened in this court today can help all of us move forward and continue our healing process. i truly believe that justice was done today. >> reporter: loughner's court appointed psychiatrist telling the judge after months of medicating loughner to treat his schizophrenia, loughner expressed regret over the shooting. he was especially remorseful over the killing of 9-year-old christina taylor green saying he deserved to be executed, but the psychologist expressed surprise that gabrielle giffords surprised and said that meant he was considered a failure. mark kelly telling the associated press, "we don't
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speak for all the have. s or their familiars, but -- victims or their families, but gabby and i are satisfied with the plea agreement." with this plea jared loughner avoids the death penalty. he is expected to receive several life sentences, something that won't be handed down until november. investigators are still searching for evidence inside the wisconsin sikh temple where a man opened fire killing psych people. the temple remains -- six people. the temple remains closed as police search for clues explaining why gunman wade michael page targeted that temple. the strongest lead police have right now is page played music in a white supremist rock band. president obama ordered all flags be flown at half staff in remembrance of the victims. >> it's a tremendous show of solidarity. this hurts. it also helps a lot that our whole community and our country is behind us.
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>> sikh leaders say since 9/11 they've been targeted because they're mistaken for muslims. the sikh center in rockville continued its prayer session tonight and also held a candlelight vigil to honor the victims of the wisconsin shooting. they will hold prayer sessions every night this week at 7 p.m. the center works to create worldwide awareness about sikhs and their religion. new details emerging tonight about the colorado movie massacre. a denver television station reports the psychiatrist treating suspected shooter james holmes asked university of colorado police to run a background check on him. that request was made in june six weeks before the shooting. police reportedly told the psychiatrist holmes did not have a criminal record. holmes is charged with killing a dozen people and injuring 58 others in an aurora movie theater. in ohio a man who brought knives and guns into a movie theater is in custody. police arrested scott smith saturday night.
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an off-duty officer and theater manager got suspicious when they noticed the guy had a big bag. police confiscated a 9- millimeter pistol, ammunition and several knives. this experimental aircraft started all sorts of ufo rumors when it was spotted riding on the back of a flatbed truck on i-270. a few weeks ago the navy unveiled what many in our area dubbed the beltway ufo. it was a drone. now the navy is mixing science fiction with technology to create underwater drones. fox 5's wisdom mart in shows us. >> reporter: inspired by the u.s. navy droughns, the u.s. navy is working on -- u.s. drones, the u.s. navy is making undersea vehicles. they're currently used to detect mines and map the ocean floor. one recently navigated its way
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from cape cod to newport island. they say the sailboat provided realistic engineers for them to test the gadget. >> they have very serious sensors and have autonomy that can proceed and identify and avoid obstacles and course their own path through obstacles and get to their objectives. >> reporter: with tweaks over the next several years the military says the drones will be applied more to intelligence gathering. eventually the navy hopes the unmanned crafts will pilot themselves across the ocean. >> we want these devices to be able to go in and find their way in tough environments through adversarial conditions without the aid of operators or the help from operation forces. >> reporter: compared with aerial drones the undersea vehicles can be more challenging to control from a distance. that's because the water distorts the transmission of the signals and the drones have to contend with boat traffic,
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swirling currents and obstacles on the ocean floor. >> these are very communication challenged devices. they're very limited in capabilities and communications. acoustically we can communicate with these vehicles, but that's limited bandwidth. above water we want to pick and choose when these pop up to the surface so that they can communicate over air or satellite. >> reporter: the navy sees the drones as a cost effective way to extend the reach of its submarine fleet which has been gradually shrinking in size since the end of the cold war. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. we're getting the first color images from the surface of mars. >> and a nasa employee has become a star, how he inadvertently became an internet sensation next. 
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it is a road hazard that is easily preventible. texting and driving are to
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plame for thousands of accidents each year. -- blame for thousands of accidents each year. earlier today thousands of maryland high school students got a chance to find out themselves how dangerous texting and driving can be. all state organizers put students behind the wheel in a device that simulates distracted driving. >> they come out with a different perspective and see there are distractions. >> the all state foundation partnered with maryland public schools the past four years and brought out the simulator the past two. the first color images from the mars rover curiosity are coming. in the 1 ton rover touched down on the surface of mars yesterday. initially it was black and white photos. nasa scientists are thrilled. >> my favorite images are always these first few because you get a chance to see where you are. i think the emotion is every time we need a new one we crowd around the screen and watch. >> sciences are examining curiosity's surroundings which include 3-mile high mountain.
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curiosity will spend the next two years on mars chiseling into rocks and scooping up soil to determine if life ever exists or still exists on the red planet. another star was born on the rover landing. a nasa employee with an unusual hair-cut has become an internet sensation. bobak ferdowski has gone viral as mohawk guy. his mohawk changes for every mission. he added streaks for red for the mission to the red planet. a scared reagan national airport has sparked changes at airports nationwide. >> also a major project could ease congestion on the virginia beltway, but it will cost you, the details ahead. over the next four months, you have a choice to make.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. airports across the country are making changes after a close call at reagan national last week. the faa has now banned airports from using a traffic reversing
10:30 pm
operation which controllers direct some planes to take off and land from the opposite of the usual direction. that procedure was in place last tuesday when two planes took off in the same direction of an incoming plane. we're joined now by kenneth quinn, former chief counselor for the faa. thank you for coming in. a lot of people hearing that story would wonder why was this even a procedure in the first place allowed around the country? >> it's a relatively rare procedure in place at a few airports. you have narrow aircraft corridors going up and down the potomac river for national airports. so it is a responsible step to take a look at it, but there was no head-on collision in any kind of jeopardy here. you still had about a mile distance and 800 feet. so it's a responsible step to look at it. >> if it's not an inherently risky operation in the sense that further reports showed a lot of people that were supposed to be in control of
10:31 pm
these aircrafts were doing other things at the time like scheduling staff when this is a hectic time in a busy airport? >> the first aviation motor transportation is not inherently risky at all. >> i mean this procedure in the hands of people who are doing other things. >> absolutely. you want to take a firm look and make sure in the context of any possibility of human error, whether it's fatigue, management or being distracted in your duties in any way possible you're avoiding that possibility of a miscommunication as existed here between the terminal radar approach control facility and radar tower itself. >> do you see this being reinstated after this ban, sort of cooling off period? >> i do. i don't think there's really any way of avoiding a switch in the runway which is usually dictated in a switch in weather and wind conditions. you want the wind coming at you to take off to get the lift. i couldn't think so, but it's a good cautionary note to kind of send a reeducation message throughout the air traffic
10:32 pm
control ranks and with flight crews as well. >> have you assured passengers that don't know of the the details of a plane taking off and landing. >> you're far safer on that airplane than anywhere else. we have confidence in the flight crew and professionalism of air traffic controllers today. it's a great system and it's extraordinarily safe. >> we'll look forward to seeing what happens out of this investigation. thanks for coming in tonight. >> you bet. concern is growing after several security breaches at newark international airport. sources tell our sister station in new york there were three incidents sunday. a new jersey man suspected of having an oversized liquid did not want to go through a checkpoint search, picked up his bag and walked through. security experts say it's unacceptable. >> criminal to let those things happen in the airport while the
10:33 pm
olympics are still going on, while europe is on an alert. >> the other incident, a large checked bag tested positive for possible explosives and a woman whose handset off an alarm because she had suspicious powder residue boarded a flight to cleveland unchecked. the incidents turned out to be harmless. a kid at home, would you pay 5, $10 for a hassle free commute? the beltway express toll lanes are almost finished and the state broke ground in the second face of the project today. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the story. >> one, two, three! all right. it's open. >> reporter: on wednesday morning the earth starts moving in the h.o.v. lanes along interstate 95. in two years the high occupancy toll lanes here will be in business. >> i think this may be the beginning of the end for
10:34 pm
something that we've had to live with in this region a long time, the worst congestion in the united states. >> reporter: the billion dollar project will run from staffed county to i-395 in fairfax county. these 29 miles of express lanes will link up with the new toll lanes on i-495 slated to open in november. >> it's about getting small businesses to be more productive. it's about parents spending more time with their kids. it's about tourists coming to virginia in bigger ways. >> reporter: but you can't ride it without one of these and now there's a new option to make it free for carpoolers. >> which is simply an ez pass transponder with a button on. it the button you can slip to h.o.v. on mode. our equipment will pick that up and not charge you a toll. >> reporter: tolls are the big question. h.o.v.s with at least three people are free as well as commuter buses. the fee for solo drivers could be stiff, as much as $1.20 a
10:35 pm
mile at peak rush. that could be $34 for a stafford county commuter to get to the beltway. we asked governor bob mcdonnell if commuters can pay that. were you confident that virginia drivers can afford these tolls and would you reduce the tolls if they couldn't? >> we've had a number of studies done by vdot, by professors at george mason and others. they've all given us a reasonable measure of confidence that this population up and down the 95 corridor from stafford to the mixing bowl and mixing bowl to tysons will, in fact, use h.o.t. lanes and pay the congestion pricing fee at rush hour in order to use those lanes. this is the eighth most prosperous region in the country and people will pay a little bit extra for the improved quality of life. >> reporter: if enough drivers do pay the tolls, it should mean less congestion for everyone. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. an olympic champion admitted to cheating and the redskins are counting down to
10:36 pm
kickoff, an exclusive interview with head coach mike shanahan coming up. business leaders are not happy. a new survey showing ceos of american companies are feeling less confident about the economy. higher gas prices and the slowdown overseas is fueling fears things will get worse the rest of the year. this might not make businesses feel any better. americans are putting away their plastic. consumers are cutting back on credit card use in june, yet another sign shoppers are pulling back on spending. but soon you can have some starbucks with your crumbs. starting in september the coffee giant will sell its joe at crumbs cupcake chain, crumbs operately mainly on the east coast. don't have time to wait for your bags your next trip? have them delivered. american airlines starting a baggage delivery service in more than 200 u.s. cities. depending on the number of bags on the delivery's location the service will cost 30 to 50
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an olympic gold medalist admitted to cheating in london and says he's not the only one. breaststroke swimmers are only allowed to take one dolphin kick after each turn, but cameras show vandenberg from south africa took as many as three. the judges didn't see. it he set a morning record. vandenberg sold the sydney morning herald that everyone does it and if he hadn't, he would have lost. here's the medal count, china with 73 medals, 34 gold, the u.s. has 70 medals, 30 gold and
10:41 pm
great britain is tied at 48 with russia. olympic gold medalist katie ledecky will join us tomorrow morning. the 15-year-old from bethesda came home last night. she won the gold in the 800- meter freestyle, katie, the youngest american olympian in the games. tune in during the 8 a.m. hour tomorrow for her visit. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00, camp counselors accused of organizing a fight club among the kids attending local camp. we're taking a closer look at the allegation. >> forget waiting around the baggage claim, the service one airline is offering to make life easier. [ male announcer ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check.
10:43 pm
and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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the nfl preseason kicks off this week and for the first time ever a woman will be re f- ing an nfl game. chain -- re f-ing an nfl game. chain -- shannon eastin will be
10:45 pm
refereeing. the wait is almost over for redskins fans until the rg3 era officially begins. today mike shanahan granted fox 5 an exclusive interview. >> it feels like a game week. the dent chart came out yesterday and today mike shanahan disclosed the players who won't be playing. royster gets the start at running back thursday. owner dan snyder checking out the final practice before the team departs tomorrow for buffalo. it was closed to the public, chris cooley given the day off and riff rough and starters are expected to go 12 -- and robert griffin, iii and starters are expected to go 12 to 20 plays. today our own dave ross got an exclusive interview, williams and davis looking to redeem themselves and, of course, rg3.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: you're known as kind of a quarterback guru. what is the biggest challenge of having a rookie quarterback? what do you try to instill in him in day one? >> it has to slow down for him. it doesn't happen the first year. very seldom does it happen the second year. you have to get in a system that utilizes his talents and figure at what he does best and feels most comfortable with and in the first couple years you give him more and more. then he feels comfortable with that and better production comes. >> reporter: yesterday i thought fred davis was pretty forthcoming and i also talked to trent williams. are you concerned with what happened to them in the past or are you saying let bygones be bygones and they know what to do to stay on the roster. >> they both know they made a mistake and they both know if they make another mistake the chance of being in the national football league is not good.
10:47 pm
you can't miss a year and come back and be like hey, same old thing, especially when you let your teammates down. trent and fred know. that i like the way both of them came in in grade shape. they've been doing everything we want them to do. hopefully they don't make that mistake again. >> reporter: redskins nation out here, the fan base, what's that like? i saw you signing autographs and everything kind of interacting with the fan base. >> it's been unbelievable. they've been so patient, too. a couple years a very average one loss record and these people say we're behind you. we like what you're doing. they want the promised land as well as we do. hopefully we can make them proud. >> those fans really important for the redskins. mike shanahan's record as head coach 11-21, his third year in the team coming off a 5-11 season. >> parts of our area had some
10:48 pm
crazy weather earlier this evening. >> yeah. waterspouts in the patuxent river right by calvert county. >> people were saying it was a tornado, but it was actually a waterspout. >> yeah. you see that and it's in a sense a tornado over the water and if it comes ashore, it could become a tornado. it's something you got to worry about when you see such a thing. i didn't hear or see any reports of damage and i'm told it dissipated as it came onshore. so that was a good thing there, but yeah, for a little while we had some excitement down south, southeast. listen, tonight it's been nice temperatures, cooled off a little. the frontal system is right on top of us and it's weak, but it's there nonetheless. anything that pops up tonight in terms of storms will stay south of us, south of the boundary, okay? there's a little bit, but it's way down around interstate 64 and in parked south from there. it's going to be a little
10:49 pm
warmer tomorrow and more humid, but it's not going to be too bad. we're thinking thursday, friday we have a chance for some thunderstorms, some of which may be strong or even severe. technically we're already outlooked by the storm's prediction center in oklahoma for the possibility of some severe storms. so you're talking thursday and friday that's a pretty significant forecast for them to issue a three or four-day forecast to be under the gun already looking for severe weather. so confidence there is fairly high at least now. we do expect initially cooler weather coming in for the weekend. that will be nice. 91 tomorrow for a high, three- day planner here, 92 thursday. friday's temperature really depends on how much cloud cover we have, how much sunshine we have and how quickly those thunderstorms begin to fire up. so right now we'll go lower 90s. it could easily be in the upper 80s or even mid-90s again depending on how that comes together and the possibility
10:50 pm
there those will be strong or severe. in terms of cloudiness we've had a significant amount of cloudiness coming across tonight. there's where the showers and thunderstorms are kind of firing up right along that boundary or to the south of that boundary. up to the north it's a little cooler. the dew points or moisture in the air is a little bit lower. it's a little more comfortable. you get farther south of the boundary, it's a little more humid and that boundary is not so much moving, but it looks like it's beginning to break up and fall apart and become inconsequential overnight and through the day tomorrow. temperature now is 81. out in the suburbs it's dropping into the 70s. frederick 72, martinsburg and winchester in the lower 70s. it looks like they're headed down to the 60s overnight tonight. this is futurecast tomorrow, a couple showers, thunderstorms late in the afternoon and a mix of clouds and sun, the heaviest of rain again tomorrow staying well to the south of us. as we get into thursday,
10:51 pm
there's where the chances of thunderstorms will be in the afternoon and friday a big area of showers and thunderstorms. you see this line, ohio back down into west virginia extending down into western sections of north carolina, that's a front boundary. it will take a while to get that -- frontal boundary. it will take a while to get that frontal boundary through, but late saturday into sunday it will bring cooler drier air. so things will be more pleasant, but it looks like at least on saturday we'll continue to carry a chance for some showers and thunderstorms. still muggy and mild overnight, any spotty storms will be to the south. again tomorrow afternoon much like today a few spotty storms. temperatures get up to the lower 90s. heat index tomorrow should feel like 94 to 95 in the heat of the day. we're talking again just isolated thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, a better chance of storms thursday and friday. we talked about this earlier now, had to put showers back in
10:52 pm
saturday morning at least, but if the front will get through, saturday afternoon and sunday look pretty nice. >> that cooldown. >> that will be really nice, won't it? 85 will feel like it's almost fall compared to the summer we've had. >> the leaves will start turning. >> better be careful. just a reminder, you can check the weather any time with the fox 5 weather app. download it to your droid, iphone or ipad. you can also find it on our website southwest airlines usually ranks pretty high in customer satisfaction ratings, but there was a major setback over the weekend when a promotion backfired. now the carrier is in overdrive cleaning up the mess. >> reporter: it was anything but a smooth takeoff for southwest airlines' online half off fare promotion. >> they're going to work it out with us, but right now it's a mess. >> reporter: over the weekend
10:53 pm
thousands who bought southwest tickets were hit with major turbulence in their bank and credit card accounts. duplicate charges, people booking one flight but discovering they were charged for in some cases dozens of tickets. on swa's facebook page one woman complained southwest debited her account for more than $19,000. this young man at love field flying home to new mexico says he was on the phone with southwest for hours to straighten out a double booking. was it frustrating? >> it was because i had to wait three hours and that was a long time, but they did say on the line that their wait time would be about two hours. >> reporter: southwest airlines says a computer glitch was the culprit and the airline responded quickly to issues involving overdraft fees and other financial difficulties people experienced.
10:54 pm
its latest statement today in part says, "our employees worked tirelessly to resolve the issue and have confirmed that the duplications are no longer occurring by initiating an all hand on deck approach. we've identified all customers impacted and proactively initiated refunds back to their financial institutions for any erroneous bookings." coming up a warning for mcdonald fans, why the u.s. embassy is worried about their safety. >> a d.c. man gets a gun in the mail. now he's trying to figure out why. it's a news enexclusive at 11:00. ♪
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controversy is nothing new to madonna, but there are concerns about an upcoming performance in russia. there are potential threats of violence when madonna performs.
10:58 pm
extra security will be in place. it's unclear if madonna herself is being targeted. from hollywood to bradway people today are remembering the life of award winning composer marvin hanley. hanlisch. >> reporter: composing some of the most recognizable scores and songs of the last 50 years marvin hamlisch was more than a composer. he worked with the superstars of the music industry including barbara streisand when he wrote the way we were in 1963. ♪memories like the corners of my mind ♪ >> he's one of the few people that won an oscar, grammy, tony and an emmy. fewer than 12 people have done. that he and richard rogers were the only people to have also done that and won a pulitzer. he was barbara streisand's arranger, but in the long run i
10:59 pm
think it's that melody for the entertainer that people will remember marvin hamlisch the most. >> reporter: that song earned hundred an oscar, one of three -- earned him an oscar, one of three he won that year. he would go on to write a total of 40 film scores. his 1975 broadway hit a chorus line won him a pulitzer. at the time of his death he was working on a show with a comedic legend. >> he was involved in the nutty professor writing music for it. most of the headlines went to jerry lewis who is directing this musical that's expected to go to broadway. >> i think it's fantastic that your city has come out. >> reporter: hamlisch even made an american idol appearance during season eight when top three finalist danny gocke went to milwaukee for his home visit. marvin hamlisch will be remembered as a musical genius.


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