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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  August 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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good morning. it is straight up 5:00 on this wednesday, august 8th. taking a look at the jefferson memorial off there in the distance. and another humid start to your day. those bugs are swimming around out there in that humidity. >> i wonder if there are any mosquitos at the jefferson memorial. >> right at the tidal basin, i imagine there might be a few. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. tucker barnes joins us now. >> talk about some of this humidity and hot weather we're dealing with. >> these weather forecasts are getting in the way of my breakfast. >> you better hurry and get through it so you can get back to eating. to do. >> later today, we'll be hot and humid. could be a late day storm. we know this routine. not much has changed. the humidity really noticeable yesterday and it will be again
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later this afternoon. 73 this morning in leonardtown. culpeper, 73 degrees. looking at our satellite-radar, we want to mention there is just a couple of showers east of salisbury pushing towards ocean city and then a little thunderstorm complex. i'm not sure it will told together or not. we'll wake up with a mixture of some clouds, a little bit of sunshine, just like yesterday, kind of a partly to mostly cloudy day. and later this afternoon, a few thunderstorms a possibility as you can see we are just not getting a whole lot of movement with that front. that front. more of the same today. >> thank you, tucker. >> time to say good morning to julie wright. good morning, julie wright. how are the roads? >> good morning, wisdom. this weekend kicks off the montgomery county fair. >> okay. >> and guess who is going be for a big dipper at the fair.
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>> you and tucker barnes. >> i was going to say the guy to your left. >> i said big dipper. i'm a scooper. cole join us monday afternoon. we'll be out there scooping ice cream for everybody. >> that will be fun. >> it will be fun if i don't eat it all. traffic volume moving at speed on 270 as you continue out of frederick to the split. this is northbound i-95 behaving nicely in the hov and main line. no problems here. southbound gw parkway, we do have some travel lanes available as you travel southbound at collingwood. we had an accident there. the lanes are open leaving north capital street headed out to the tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. fleece -- d.c. police are investigating a robbery where
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the victim was attacked with a hammer. police are searching for four suspects. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening. a 25-year-old chillum man is behind bars charged with preying on young girls. police say charles amofa kidnapped two girls from a thrift store on university boulevard in hyattsville. the first involved a 8-year-old girl on july 9th. the second happened on monday when a 6-year-old girl was lured away and sexually assaulted at a nearby police officer. - - at a nearby playground. a police officer found her. the father of the six-year-old released a statement warning parents to watch their children cavally. he said it only takes 30 seconds for them to disappear. amofa is being held without bond. another big story we are following. pepco says they are planning to
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ask for a rate hike in the fall. now, this comes despite customers' recent frustrations with pepco's response to the thousands of power outages following june's derecho. melanie alnwick is live with the latest. >> reporter: the maryland public service commission does allow utilities to recover the cost of extended outages. pope cosays it lost between $57 and $08 million in that june 29th storm and it does plan to go to customers to recover the money. now, at one point during the derecho, 38% of pepco customers were without power. some of them remained in the dark for more than a week. pepco is in the midst of a $253 billion, five-year reliability improvement program. still members of the public service commission have grope increasingly frustrated with
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the utility's performance in recent years. pepco executives told investors in a conference call that it has a right and a keen intent to recover the costs of the storm from customers. >> our plan b has always been to keep filing rate cases every nine months if that is necessary and that is what we plan to do. i just think we keep pounding the rate case drum. >> reporter: as you can imagine, that has sparked even more outraj from pepco customers. we'll hear from the montgomery county customers coming up at 5:30. >> thank you. maryland's general assembly will return to annapolis tomorrow to begin debate ago bill that would expand gambling across the state. just yesterday, governor martin o'malley unveiled legislation that would allow a sixth casino and allow all casinos to operate seven days a week. police in arlington county
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are investigating the suspicious death of two men this morning. the victims were found inside an apartment on north culpeper street yesterday morning. investigators found no weapons on the scene. police are right now asking anyone with information in the case to give them a call. to arizona now where a guilty plea from the nan who tried to kill former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. jared lee loughner entered the plea after the judge declared that he was mentally competent to stand trial. the plea allows him to avoid the death penalty in a mass shooting that killed six and wounded 13. the judge had earlier found him unfit but, after months of forced medication to treat his skits friend yitzhak rabin the judge now says he can understand the charges against him -- to treat his schizophrenia, the judge now says he can understand the
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charges against him. a vigil was held here in the d.c. region and almost 1,000 people held a candlelight service in rockville at the sikh temple there to pray for the victims as well. coming up, should a convicted killer be spared the death penalty behaves low iq? the new developments in the case in texas. a woman hit by a megabus in chicago. we'll get an update coming up next as we check more headlines. [ male announcer ] i in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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. new this morning, atexas man has been executed despite the claim of his attorney that he was mentally impaired. lawyers for marvin wilson say he should not have been eligible for the death penalty because he scored an iq of 61 on a psychological test. lower courts agreed that he scored much higher on other tests. the u.s. supreme court rejected the arguments of will on's attorney. the 54-year-old was convicted of killing a police informant 22 years ago. a megabus traveling in illinois gets into a serious accident. this time, it was in chicago and involved a pedestrian. officials say a 76-year-old woman was crossing the street yesterday when she was hit by a
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bus making a left-hand turn. the woman was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. the new york city police department useed a subpoena to force twitter to disclose information about the source of a threatening tweet. >> that tweet was directed at a broadway theater staging mike tyson's one-man show. someone references the recent colorado movie massacre in a tweet on friday. >> something to keep in mind there. you send your kids to summer camp so they can have fun. what allegedly went on at one camp was anything but fun. >> one of the moms i talked to said her 10-year-old son was punched. >> i don't know nothing about that. >> that's news to me.
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>> did one local summer camp turn into a fight club? we'll have that story coming up. >> lots of clouds out there and the possibility of a late day thunderstorm. we know this routine. i'll have all the details on the weather and julie wright will have a look at your traffic right after the break.
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. welcome back to fox 5 morning introduction at 5:14 as we take a live look outside and
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get ready for cruise through the rest of the week hopefully. all right. now, ernesto became a level one hurricane as it slammed into the yucatan peninsula early this morning. now, about 6,000 tourists were evacuated from the caribbean coastline resorts to inland hotels. so far, no word on any damage. >> the storm is expected to weaken throughout the morning. people vacationing in cancun are not expected to see the eye of the storm. hurricane time. >> ernesto just downgraded to a tropical storm about two minutes ago. maximum winds still 70 miles per hour. eight to 12 inches of rain so i imagine we'll have flooding issue joes can you imagine being on vacation and all of a sudden, hurricane or strong winds. >> i know people headed to cap kuhn today and they were concerned they weren't going to get there. >> inthat happened to tony a couple of times -- i think that
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happened to tony a couple of times. hasn't he been on vacation when there have been hurricanes. >> yeah. it's that time of year. you have to keep an eye out for the possible of more storms. there is the possibility of more in the forecast in the next couple of weeks. 7 # now in washington. 80 in quantity you co. we have just not had a chance to cool off at all here the last couple of weeks and it continues this morning. a little better to the west. 73 in manassas this morning. a few 60s here. -- 78 now in washington. temperatures only telling part of the story this time of year. the dew point temperature right now in washington is 74 degrees. i don't need to tell you how comfortable that is. if you want to sample that yourself, step outside this morning. 74 the dew point in annapolis. it is very mug you out there. 71 in dulles. remember yesterday, we had low 60s. dew point temperatures, not the case today. all of us back into the soup
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and that will be the case later this afternoon with hot conditions. we're expecting highs around 90. we mix in the humidity and it will feel like 95 plus. sentinel sat-rad, still dealing with that front that just fell apart. and an area of high pressure that has moved itself to the east so our winds are now out of the south and that is allowing that warm, humid air to move on in. there will be some changes in the forecast. by late in the day tomorrow, a cold front will approach from the north and west that. could kick off a few thunderstorms and friday looks like it is a wet day that transitions us into a cooler and drier pattern here for the weekend. in fact, by saturday and sunday, our high temperatures will only be in the 80s with less humidity. nicer looking forecast. hang in this for saturday and sunday, particularly sunday. 92 today, partly sunny, hot and humid. much of the day will be dry. but it won't look great. partly cloudy, warm and muggy
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overnight. temperatures will be in the 90s the next couple of days and then that front arrives by friday. friday looks mostly cloudy with periods of rain, maybe some thunderstorms, maybe some strong showers and thunderstorms and there is your transition. 82 on saturday. a little late day sunshine. sunday, fantastic, low humidity, 85 degrees. >> let's do traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> your lanes are open southbound along 270. no issues to report out of germantown headed to the lane divide. still an easy drive along the stop stretch of the beltway. light traffic volume at colesville road. lanes are open on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. nice, easy start to our morning commute as you head out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. . >> thank you. you know, you accepted your kids to summer camp thinking they're safe but some parents are outraged by what happened when they left their kids in somebody else's hands.
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fox 5's beth parker has the fox 5 exclusive now. >> reporter: the sign out front says no trespassing but trouble was already inside last week at camp brown in southern maryland. >> one. the moms i talked to said her 10-year-old son was punched. >> really? i don't know nothing about that. >> that's new to me. >> reporter: news to the counselors and news to parents who dropped off their kids at the boys and girl club on benning road northeast for a week at this lush green place in st. mary's county, maryland. web site skies it as a fun, safe environment and one of the, quote, most trusted residential summer camps in the area. but last week, parents learned their kids were coming home one day early. they also received a letter from the boys and girls club of greater washington. it says that some counselors quote wrongfully instigated inappropriate fight club type activities. one parent told fox 5, children were being punched and trained to fight back. >> did you guys see anybody get
5:20 am
punched? >> no. >> reporter: but the situation was serious enough that the boys and girl club of greater washington contacted parents and police, suspended works are and stopped camp temporarily. when we visit camp brown, aman would identified himself as the caretaker told us camp's out. >> they don't tell me. they just say cam's closed. >> closed for the week. >> okay. >> a lot of horseplay and stuff and we had to close it down. >> reporter: camp brown is about 08 miles from washington. it was actually named after a former d.c. police chief. the place has been around for years and mpd's web site says there there are often police officers on campus. but the mom we talked with says her child never saw any. maryland state police and law enforcement in st. mary's county describe it as an open investigation. fox 5 has learned that some of the counselors accused came from d.c.'s summer youth employment program and that more than one of the counselors
5:21 am
was terminated. a spokesman for the boy and girl club declined our request for an on-camera interview but says they are focused on the, quote, primary goal of maintaining a safe and quality camp experience. we will not let isolated shameful actions impact the great work we do. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> a spokesman says mpd does not run the camp nor does it hire the counselors. will ferrell is back on the big screen. kevin mccarthy sat down with his costar to talk about the campaign.
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welcome back. taking a look at the beltway there at oxon hill. traffic really starting to pick up there for your morning commute. we'll check in with julie wright in just a little bit to see how things are going out there. in a new comedy that is opening this weekend, will farrell plays a long-term congressman who always wins his election because he always runs unopposed. that changes in the 2012 race when a mild-manner the citizen decides to compete for the seat. >> that is the premise for the
5:25 am
movie, the campaign. kevin mccarthy talked with will farrell and zach galifianakis. >> what is a character you would like to see run for office that you've played before. >> i was like to do zach's character from the movie g- force and have him run for office. >> i don't remember the movies i've been in. i remember bubble boy and that is the only one i recall. i have to see bubble boy. >> i love the line that your wife says in the movie where she says look at what you're giving up for what you're getting. as actors you have like the coolest job on the planet. but what is that one thing that you have to give up to take on this career? >> i had to give up a promising career as a professional basketball player. so i would have probably been playing in the nba had i not
5:26 am
fallen into this. >> one of my favorite ideas in the movie is the dirty trucks you play to make the other person lose. what is the dirtiest trick you've ever seen an actor try to pull on win over a part. >> i remember when i was an actor barely going to awed indications doing that show blind date. i left mess ams because i couldn't stand the host -- i left messages because i couldn't stand the host. i used to call them and leave drunk messages about him. >> fixed his wagon. >> this dog has aton of fight in him, a ton of fight. when i get a scent, i hunt, brother. i hunt all day long. >> that is going to be hilarious. i love those two. they are like my favorite. i can't wait to see this. we'll have more big box office
5:27 am
names tomorrow and friday when kevin interviews the stars of the bourne legacy. still plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> kept cocustomers get a chance to have their say at another public hearing. fox 5's melanie alnwick is following that story this morning. >> how do you make frustrated pepco customers even angrier? ask if a rate increase following a -- ask for a rate increase following a major outage. we'll take you there next on fox 5 morning news. [ male announcerer ] in 1996,
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president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare.
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mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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. welcome back to fox 5 morning news on this wednesday. taking a look at the jefferson memorial. surprised we could see it. you would think there would be a cloud of mosquitos the way it feels around here lately. maybe it is just our backyard. filled with bugs and mosquitoes. >> we're kind of spread out though. >> washington was built on a swamp many, many years ago. >> that's true. >> warm, humid conditions. you know what time of year it
5:31 am
is when you step outside and it feels like you put a wet blanket o it's -- a wet blanket on. it's august. >> so nice. >> certainly memorable. 73 in winchester and hagerstown. 72 at ocean city. temperatures not terribly comfortable and you mix in the humidity and it won't be a very comfortable day as our temperatures once again expected to push about 90 with plenty of humidity out there. clouds to start your morning. we'll have some filtered sunshine, kind after partly sunny day today. not expecting much in the way of shower or thunderstorm activity. it will be a day much like yesterday. just a little bit warmer and possibly a little more uncomfortable. we to have pleasant changes for the weekend. by saturday and particularly by sunday, things look a lot better. 92 today with a scattered afternoon thunderstorm. >> all right. we're used to it by now. just in time for the weekend. >> good news. >> let's check in and get the latest on traffic now. >> are we ready for the weekend
5:32 am
already? >> i know. >> i'm sleeping in. tucker is not awake yet. >> that is every day, isn't it in. >> i'm sleeping in or tucker is not awake. >> both. no, i'm kidding. i'm kidding. >> on the roads, trying to get you over hump day as wisdom likes to call it. here we are 395 northbound at edsall road. no problems to report in the main line or hov lanes. we are wrapping up the accident activity southbound gw parkway at collingwood. traffic is automobile to get by now under police direction. no problems to report as you travel to and from the wilson bridge. southbound 270 still an easy go leaving 11 # out of german up two head the out towards rock -- 118 out of germantown headed out towards rockville. pepco's response to the power outages after june's derecho is our big story this morning. maryland regulators are giving customers a chance to voice their concerns at a public
5:33 am
hearing. >> the company just announced plans to ask for another rate hike this year despite the recent backlash. we have more now. >> reporter: the public service commission is holding eight public hearings around the state to hear from utility customers about their experiences and their opinions about the outages after the june 29th storm but last night in rockville, it was all about pepco. montgomery county as we well know certainly took the brunt of the storm after that derecho blew through. at one point, 702,000 pepco customers were in the dark. some remained that way for more than a week. residents have grown increasingly frustrated with pepco's performance in recent years. the company is in the midst of appear improvement program. pepco estimated it cost $75 to $80 million to restore power after that storm and news that the company intend to seek a rate hike to cover its losses did not sit well with montgomery county residents. >> i'm asking you to do the right thing. tell them that they've this
5:34 am
three strikes and they're out. >> we'll have to keep fighting every quarter, every year, every rate increase, everything that they put on the table. >> a rate increase for pepco is just rewarding nonperformance. it is inexcusable. >> reporter: pepco said it does plan to keep going back to the public service commission as often as it can, every nine months, and keep asking for the rate increases. tonight, prince george's county customers will have their chance to tell the public service commission what they think about pepco's performance. that meeting is in largo at 7:00 p.m. back to you. >> thank you. maryland governor martin o'malley has unveiled a bill that would expand gambling in the state. the legislation would allow a sixth casino in prince georges county. it would authorize table games at all of the state's gambling sites and allow all casinos to operate 24 hours a day seven
5:35 am
days a week. a 25-year-old chillum man is being held without bond accused of luring two young girl away from their parents at a store and then assaulting them. police say charles amofa kidnapped two girls on two different owe indications from a thrift store in hyattsville. the second happened on monday. in that case, a 6-year-old girl was abducted and sexually salted at a nearby playground ample police officer found her in the park with amofa. >> all she had in her eyes was nothing but tears. it reminded me of my daughter who is three years old and she seemed very desperate. the only thing coming out of her mouth was i want my daddy, i want my daddy. >> the father of the six-year- old released a statement warning children to watch their children carefully. he said it only takes 30 seconds for them to disappear. a d.c. man who ordered a
5:36 am
flat screen tv online received his package but it wasn't a television. take a look at this. when he opened the box, he fond a semiautomatic rifle. he order a flat screen tv through a third party seller on the shipping label had his name and address but the shipping order inside the box indicated it should have been shipped to a gun shop in pennsylvania. the police came to his house and confiscated the gun. >> they were confuse at first. they had never seen anything quite like this. they took my information and said we'll handle this weapon because it is illegal to keep here. it is illegal to raps port in a consider so it can't be returned. you can't deal -- it is illegal to transport in a car so it can't be returned. you can't deal with it. we'll have to take it. >> a third party seller ship the package.
5:37 am
it was not amazon. we have reached out to amazon and the seller. we will let you know what we find out. check this out. secretary of state hillary clinton cutting a rug. >> go hillary. >> showing off her dance moves overseas. >> get your groove on. >> get going. we'll explain what is going on. get your groove on. it's wednesday. go, hillary. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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. more shelling in aleppo overnight. there are reports that the rebels abandoned some positions in front line districts. president assad and in public for the first time in weeks. he met a top iranian diplomat who promised to support syria and says syria is a central part of the, quote, axis of resistance. in egypt, the military has fired missiles on the militants in sinai. the air strikes early this
5:41 am
morning by attack helicopters were aimed at suspected islamic militants. now, it follows attacks on egyptian border guards over the weekend by militants that left 16 egyptian soldiers dead. this is the first time that egypt has fired missiles in the sinai in some time. curiosity will spend the next two years chiseling into rocks and scooping up soil to determine if life ever existed or if it still exists on mars. this one will be good. the secretary of state known for her diplomacy but who knew that hillary clinton has dance moves? she was breaking it down with officials in south africa. she was seen smiling and laughing while showing off her
5:42 am
dance moves. she was attending a dinner party last night. it is just one stop on the secretary's trip to the african continent. we need to see more. >> she dances up a little closer. it gets a little more wild here. >> here we go. oh, wow! >> we're going down being come back up. she's got skills, doesn't she. >> you want to dance with her. >> i do. >> a dance contest. >> i'm challenging hillary clinton to a dance-off right here on fox 5. >> still ahead on fox 5 morning news, not that, but some high- tech moves. >> details on undersea drones and we are checking weather and
5:43 am
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. was this your request this morning? >> yes. a little marvin gaye inspired by hillary clinton and her dance moves. >> really? that inspired that. >> i'm feeling good because i realize there is somebody else out in the world that dances about the same as me. >> you and the secretary of state. >> how can you put her down like that? >> i'm just saying we are in the same department i don't i didn't think she was that bad. tucker-- >> one thing about dancing is you give it your all. >> she was having fun. >> all right. let's do some weather. speaking of effort, i want to do my best to put a smile on this forecast. it will be hot and humid again today with temperatures in the low 90s and lots of humidity out there. if your hair is bone to a bad hair day when there is lots of humidity, might not want to go outside this morning. 78 right now in washington. 81 in quantico. yesterday, we had some 60s breaking out to the north and west. not so much today. 6 # in frederick. i guess that is a little better than what the rest of us are
5:47 am
dealing with here. not terribly comfortable start. 73 in leonardtown. 6-- 68 in frederick. let's take a look at our surface features. it will be a partly sunny day today. i don't think we'll see a lot not way of thunderstorm activity today. better chance tomorrow and friday as a cold front approaches from the north and west. that front will bridge us some relief. our temperatures will gradually cool down. we'll only be in the 80s on friday and by saturday and sunday, we may actually kick the humidity out of here for a time and enjoy just a beautiful end to our saturday and sunday in particular with temperature only in the mid-80s and lower humidity with lots of sunshine. look great. just hang in there for the weekend. thins are going to get better. some rain showers down off the outer banks. let's get down to give you the latest here with ernesto. we mentioned earlier, ernesto now moving across the yucatan peninsula. it was a category one hurricane. maximum winds down to 70 miles
5:48 am
per hour. across the yucatan, back into the bay of campeche. eight to 12 inches of rain expected for parts of guatemala and other areas there. you can see still keeping its pattern, its convection here pretty much intact as it is moving inland. for us, 92 today. partly sunny, hot and humid. could be a late day thunderstorm. most of your day dry. most of the area dry. here the five-day forecast. 93 tomorrow with a few storms. better chance on friday. in fact, i think likely by friday afternoon we get some showers and storms. there is your weekend forecast. a little better by saturday, 82. much better by zipped, low humidity, 85.
5:49 am
that is weather. let's do some traffic and somebody that does know how to dance, julie wright. >> that was some marvin gaye that woke me up. that was fun. that is how you kick off a morning. we are starting to get a little busy. checking for an accident near route one in college park. the crew in sky fox up early and over an incident here. outer loop of the beltway as you travel north of 450, but before the baltimore-washington parkway, a lot of smoke out here, folks. traffic is able to squeeze by to the left as you travel northbound 95-495. coming out of landover, the left lane is able to get by. we have fire and rest cow on the scene. as you travel north approaching the bw parkway, stay to the left as you travel 95/495 over to college park. uneventful working out of germantown headed out towards
5:50 am
the split. accident activity that we had in collingwood has cleared. no problems reported on the top stretch of the beltway leaving colesville road headed over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. this experimental aircraft starred all sorts of ufo rumors when of his spotted on the back of a flatbed truck on 270. turn out it was a drone. >> speaking of drones as you are about to see, the navy is mixing science fiction with technology to create underwater sea drones. inspired by the military's aircraft drones, the u.s. navy is aggressively pursuing self- -driven undersea vehicles. >> we do see these autonomous undersea vehicles as game changers. they increase the access and increase the range of our manned operational forces and they can keep man out of harm's way. >> the undersea vehicles are currently being used to detect
5:51 am
mines and map the ocean floor. one recently navigated from cape cod to rhode island. >> these systems have alet of computer power in them. they have got very advanced sensors in them and they have autonomy that can perceive and identify and avoid obstacles and course their own path through obstacles and get to their objectives. >> with tweaks over the next several years, the mill have i says the drones will be applied to intelligence gathering. >> we want these devices to be able to go in and find their way in tough environments through adversarial conditions without the aid of operators or the help from operation forces. >> woman pared with aerial
5:52 am
drones, the undersea vehicles can be more challenging to deal with because they have to contend with boat traffic and swirling currents on the ocean floor. >> they have limited capabilities in communications. acoustically, we can communicate with the vehicle but that is limited band width. we want to pick and choose when these pop up to the surface so they can communicate over arrest or satellites. >> the newschannel 4y sees the drone as i accost effective way to extend the reach of its submarine fleet which has been shrinking in size since the end of the cold war. >> that was me reporting. >> thank you, wisdom. >> any time i can be of assistance. >> we appreciate t. a huge night for one u.s. gymnast at the summer olympics. that is coming up.
5:53 am
>> espinoza will tie the game. see you later. upper deck. >> and danny espinoza wasn't done there. we'll show you his other big hit and a spectacular catch that sealed the deal. sports is coming
5:54 am
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. checking out the olympics in london. a big night for aly raisman. she won gold in the floor exercise and bronze on balance beam. that gives her three total medals, the most of any u.s. gymnast. gabby douglas finished sevenning on the beam after a fall. be sure to stick with fox 5 morning news all morning long. olympic gold medalist katie ledecky will join us live here in studio. she will join us live during the 8:00 a.m. hour. the 15-year-old swimmer woman the gold in the 800 meter free style. she is the youngest american olympian in the games. that will be very exciting. to baseball. while many of you were asleep, another late-flight thriller for the nats. they beat the houston astros in 12 innings. danny espinoza drove in the winning one run. roger bernadina made this amazing catch in deep center. he held on for the final out.
5:57 am
nats win 3-2. the baltimore orioles also delivered some extra inning magic. they beat the seattle mayoriers with a walk-off base hit by adam jones in the 14th inning. final score 8-7. some big businesses say the racy best seller 50 shades of gray is helping boost sales. that is straight ahead. >> today, we say hello to stacy gibbs. she says she has been watching since she was in junior high, two decades ago. >> that is you along time. >> she is watching every morning, even on her days when she is off. and even when she is sleeping in. >> she says she should be sleeping in but she is tuning in to us. >> we appreciate that. >> we do. stay with us. i got the chance to start my own business.
5:58 am
i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences, i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor, we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have a better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
5:59 am
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