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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  August 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the amber alert for a missing one-year-old boy canceled this morning. the little boy has been found safe. we'll have the latest in the case. also head, investigators remain on the scene of a deadly train derailment that killed two teenaged girls and an update is expected later on this morning. >> we've got an update on some controversial comments made by a u.s. senate candidate. his words so offensive that members of his own party are calling on him to step down. find out how he is responding to that request. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. it is wednesday, august 22nd. take a look. what a beautiful shot as we take a thielke capitol dome this morning over washington,
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d.c. sun starting to come up now. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. not too b out there. >> good start to the day. >> very nice. >> kids going back to school again today. >> we've got the weather just to go with hem. i love that shot of the capitol. that is gorgeous. >> so beautiful outside. >> this makes us appreciate where we are. we've got some sunshine for you today and guess what, more than yesterday. so hopefully that wilgive everybody a smile on their face. currently, we are at 86-degree at reagan national airport. at dulles, it is 83. sorry. these are the highs yesterday. 83 at dulles. national actually hit exactly where we should be temperature- wise and dulles and baltimore, about two to three degrees below. it is currently 68 degrees. humidity is 81%. we have a light northerly wind flow and we'll see the win shift around and come from the east before it is all said and done today. satellite raid after composite. not much going o we had a little bit of patchy fog
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earlier to the west. a few showers over loudoun and fauquier and areas of southern delmarva. that is now out of the picture. we are doing well. here is a quick look at our tropical tracker as we keep a close eye on what is happening with tropical storm isaac and the question, of course, is is it going to impact the u.s.? a little too early to call. three to five days out, we have alet of uncertainty with it but we're going to give you an update on that as the hurricane hunters get ready for go and do more investigation. one again, like yesterday, i cannot rule out chance of a pop- up shower or isolated thunderstorm. our high today will be 85 degrees. we had a little bit of a quick shower yesterday and a pop-up storm here and there but it didn't last too long. that is what i'm anticipating if anything today at all. just a 20% chance of that happening but i want you to be aware. the rest of the week is looking great. wait until you see my five-day forecast for the weekend. i think you will like it. >> looking forward to it. >> time to stay hello to lauren demarco to see what is
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happening on the roads. how busy are we today. >> good morning. i do want to talk first actually aout metro because we were dealing with significant delays at red line. at this point, it is just residual delays and hopefully it will be improving because we had an earlier track issue. they were late to clear some of the track work on the red line between the noma gallaudet station and fort totten. everything should be reopening. you could take the bus service as an alternate for now but the delays should be improving shortly. let's take a live look from waze and see what some of our wazers are saying. we did have report of of a hazard at the key bridge as you head into georgetown. i wanted to see what was going on there. it turns out there was some emergency construction in the intersection. you can see the cones there at the bottom of the screen and some plates set up there. so do watch for that as you head in. you can see it is not causing any delays inbound key bridge. 95 northbound to the far left of your screen, main lanes
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heading up towards the occoquan. we have agot volume that everybody is moving, no accidents or incidents reports as you continue up towards springfield. 395 all looking good leaving the beltway heading up to the 14th street bridge. we've got a little bit of volume building here past duke street but everybody is moving. beltway, no issues for you in virginia or in maryland. nice trip from 95 college park around into silver spring at this point. do want to mention in manassas, lamont drive at 234 remains blocked. a toddler abducted in maryland has been found unharmed. police issued an amber alert for one-year-old cesar martinez on monday. he was discovered near his home in district heights yesterday. there were reports the boy was taken by his father. prince george's county police have confirmed that this is an apparent parental abduction. we continue to follow a tragic story developing out of ellicott city, maryland. that is where two 19-year-old
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college students were killed after a freight train derailed early yesterday morning. >> federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused the wreck. melanie alnwick is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: the train's video event recorder has been taken to the ntsb lab in washington, d.c. where it will be downloaded and evaluated. there is a camera on the front engine of those freight trains. there will be a press briefing at 11:00 to give an update on the investigation which is looking into every aspect of this derailment. massive railcars need to be lifted up and towed away. investigators say they want to inspect each of the train's 80 railcars. 19-year-old college students rose mayr and liz nass were partying on the bridge when the train came by. they even tweeted photos tape from up on the trestle before the train came through that area. investigators say it is not clear if their presence caused the derailment.
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the ntsb says the crew of three on the train didn't feel anything unusual before the crash and then suddenly, the brake were applied automatically and the 9,000 ton train bent like an accordion and coal-leyden cars went flying off the rails. >> -- coal-laden cars went flying off the rails. >> i heard a boom and i loud screech. it was the loudest thing i've ever heard. >> reporter: the train was traveling at 25 miles per hour. investigate oshs say that is an appropriate feed for that area. rose mayr was headed back to the university of delaware. liz nass back to james madison university. autopsies will need to be completed before investigators will give an exact cause of death. in a astrange twist here, the train derailment forced the postponement of the pretrial hearing no khalid sheik
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mohammed, the alleged 9-11 mastermind. when the train crashed, verizon says some fiberoptic lines that provide communication to guantanamo bay were knocked out. the lawyers didn't have a computer connection. the service has been restored and the hearing is expected to take place tomorrow. in our other top stories, one of the suspects whose car was involved in a fatal crash is under arrest. investigators are still hunting for the driver. the chase ended with the death of prince george's county police officer adrian morris. attorneys for george huguely are expected to a formal request to a circuit court judge in charlottesville today. they contend there was a series of errors before and during the
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trial. huguely was convicted of killing yeardley love in 2010 and is facing up to 26 years in prison. also making headlines this morning, president obama announce as a move that will impact the paychecks of federal workers. the latest on some controversial comments by a u.s. senate candidate. representative todd akin has apologized for his remarks that a woman's body can prevent pregnancy after rape but calls for him to drop out of the race are growing even louder. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment.
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a washington state man is in custody of secret service accused of making an edmonton mail threat against president obama. he was arrested yesterday in a seattle suburb and police say he met them at the door with a shotgun. officers were able to remove the gun. the specifics of the e-mail are not done but a police
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spokeswoman said she understood it was a threat to kill the president. the missouri republican congressman under fire for his remarks on rape and abortion says he is staying in the race. this comes even after four respected former missouri republican senators called on todd akin to quit his bid for the senate. now, mitt romney again urged akin to accept their advice and exit the race but representative akin says the gop response to the comments that the woman's body -- that women's bodies can prevent pregnancies is an overreaction. ed if because for federal workers. a two-year pay freeze will be extended until at least next spring n a letter sent to lawmakers yesterday, president obama says the extension is needed to, quote, keep our nation on a sustainable fiscal course. the pay freeze will remain in effect as part of a short-term deal to fund the government. up next, we'll mark a memorable moment in history tomorrow. >> it will have been one year since the region was rocked by that 5.8 magnitude quake. you may remember the washington monument was damaged that day
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and a new report reveals how it held up in the quake. also head, we are checking in with gwen for your full forecast. all that is coming up when fox 5 morning news continues. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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time now is 6:16. tomorrow marks one year six the east coast earthquake. the washington monument was damaged in that magnitude 5.8 quake you may remember and will remain closed for repairs until 2014. there is some good news for report out of this. there were concerns that the quake caused the monument to sink but after extensive studies, government surveyors said that is not the case. coming up in our 8:00 hour, we are live at the national cathedral with an update on qoirk repairs going on there. mother nature could change some plans for the upcoming national convention in florida. forecasters are keeping an eye on the path of the tropical storm that is isaac.
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the convention is next week and coordinators are working with state and local emergency officials along with the secret service to get ready for the storm. >> the last thing we need right now in that whole area. it does not need to be dealing with that. >> i know. there is a system right now that is affecting florida with some rain showers and it is a low pressure system. they are probably just dealing with that right now saying oh, no. we'll keep a close eye on it. a little too early to tell just what will happen. a lot of factors but we'll bring you up to date on it. we'll begin with a look here at home and you know what is happening in our own backyard where things are a lot calmer. temperature-wise, we are starting off fairly mild. not bad at all. 69degrees at wash, reagan national airport. 62 at baltimore. 07 at annapolis this hour. here is a look at the mid-
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atlantic for you. 66-degree for boston. 68 for new york. and 66 degrees to the south for richmond. so we are seeing a variance of temperatures here. a lot cooler to areas of the west. not a lot going on. we've got mainly a few clouds across the area but mostly sunny for today. that is at least the good news. rim of high pressure fairly weak. that is going to give some sunshine. we are talking once again that we cannot rule out the chance of a spotty pop-up shower or even a thunderstorm. i mean later today, like we had yesterday. so here is a ridge of high pressure. we have a low pressure system to the north and a trough that is affecting us. a spotty pop-up shower or storm. once again, very possible. we'll have sunshine right through to the end of the week. things are looking good as we move through into the course of the weekend for you at least. in the tropics, tropical storm isaac, a lot of questions moving west now at 18 maridia. here is a look at our tropical tracker for you. the question is once it gets past northern cuba, how will it hold up moving back into the sea and then before it possibly
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may affect parts of the southern coast of florida. -- a lot of questions moving west now at 18 miles per hour. let's check in with lawsmed lauren demarco and traffic. >> before a power problem affecting things as you travel on the green line. we have no elevator or escalator service at the georgia avenue station. there have been bussed requested but the station is open. also, some residual delays on the red line because of an earlier track problem between the noma gallaudet station and fort totten. sky fox is now flying over 66. this is right here route 50 fair oaks. we've got heavy volume there. everybody off and on the brakes. no issues reported as far as any lanes blocked with accidents or incidents. it is just the volume. you will find things slow out
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of manassas to head into centreville as well. looking good here as you head down past falls road. no issues on the beltway ifself in maryland or virginia. 95, the bw parkway running well between beltways. i do want to mention in manassas, lamont drive at 234 remains closed with a wreck. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. coming up income, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. >> there is a whole lot of hype surrounding nike's newest shoe. the lebron 10 nike plus is set to hit stores in the fall. price tag, $315. that is nike's most expensive shoe so far. the original air jordan as $64.99. that would be about $140 today. >> oh of course that's it? >> that is still high but this is way above that. we'll find out the ropes behind this big price tag when we come
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back as if there is a good reason to charge $300 for a pair of basketball shoes. -- we'll find out the reasons behind the big price tag when we come back.
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welcome back. nike's newest shoe will be its most expensive yet. but the company says there is a good rope for that. dennis neil with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. let's talk about the markets. what is happen with the markets? what can we expect today? >> stock futures look to be headed for another down day after stocks fell 60-some odd points in the dow yesterday. worried about more greek bailout talks going on as well as bad earnings results from del computer. the 18% profit plunge, that stock down 5% after hours. there could be more fallout on that today that further hurts perhaps the tech sector. but about the shoes. >> the $200 shoes. what is that about? >> $315. they come equipped with electronic sensors that tell
6:25 am
you how high you can jump and other kinds of things. but now the president of the national urban league, mark moreal, the civil rights group, he came out and said you know what? you ought to not market these shoes. it is insensitive to do this at a time when parents have to scrape together to buy money to buy back to school supplies. never mind that parents could just learn to say no to their kids, i'm not buying you a $315 pair of shoes. >> they better come with electric on's foot inside them for $315. let's talk about best buy right now. they are having some problems clearly. >> and some of them aren't at fall because they are getting hurt by amazon online. beam go into best buy stores, check out prod infrastructure person, get on the five open and -- out the product in
6:26 am
person , , get on the iphone and buy t the 90% profit plunge waysurprise to wall street. they hired a guy from the european hotel business who no one knows and that is also got them down. founder at before the buy wants to buy out the company. he is offering 33% more than where the stock trades right now. >> all right. thank you very much. get your nikes at the outlet in about two years and they won't be $300. you wait for that sale. thank you. have a great day. new this morning, attorneys for the former uva la crosse player convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend will be in court today to ask if a new trial. also ahead, investigators remain on the scene of a deadly train derailment in ellicott city. crews are trying to determine what led up to the death of two college students. we're back in just a moment. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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back now on fox 5 morning news. say good morning to joey. what a cute pic. all ready for -- to go. it is the first day in culpeper county, virginia. keep your pictures coming in. >> if you would like to make your child's photo part of the gallery, you can e-mail photos to the address on your screen. you can continue to upload them on our facebook fan page. >> let's check in with gwen again and get the latest on your forecast. >> it is looking great. as the schools start to open, the weather keeps getting better and better. i find it interesting that school doesn't just start on a
6:31 am
monday everywhere. >> yes. >> in canada, it usually does or it just doesn't start until the day after labor day. >> i'm sure there is a good reason. >> get them in there. okay. so let's take a look at our maps and show you what is going on here at home as we begin another day. midweek, current temperature at reagan national airport is 69 degrees. humidity is 81%. not too bad. it will be fairly comfortable today outside. elsewhere, we've got 70 degrees in annapolis. 64 at fredericksburg. 61 at manassas. that is the same as frederick and hagerstown. 54 for martinsburg and winchester. we have a weak ridge of high pressure and that will hold us through the course of the day and into the weekend. i can't rule out a pop-up shower or thunderstorm later on
6:32 am
today. 0% chance of seeing that happen. once again, can't rule it out 100%. so just be aware. our high today will be 85 degrees. we've got some warmer air moving in owe not all bad at all. >> why does it turn so nice when the kids go back to school. i bet they're going stir crazy in class. we should be outside. >> thank you. time now to check in with lauren demarco to see what is happening trafficwise. >> kind of unfair. >> yeah. >> we've got an accident reported pennsylvania avenue. it is actually the outbound direction just before 295 anacostia freeway. if you traveling 95, bw parkway, not too much going on. 95, we had reports of a car stop on the shoulder near beltsville but you should be running at speed. no issues on 295bw parkway as you head down towards the capital beltway. waze is a smart phone app that you can get. help you get around town and help us with our traffic reports. just be sure to join the fox 5
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wazers group once you download it. let's move onto trafficland if you are traveling outer loop of the beltway leaving college park, heavy and slow to the right of your screen. once you get towards university boulevard, it starts to improve. watch out for that. 66, heavy approaching route 50 fair oaks. you also find delays out of manassas. the slow traffic continues to 123 before you break free of that. 95 northbound, brief delays through newington and 395. you will be off and on the brakes. once you get past seminary, it does begin to ease continuing up towards the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> all right. thank you. new this morning, an update on an amber alert issued in maryland. >> now, we are happy to say a missing toddler has been found unharmed. police issued the amber alert for one-year-old cesar martinez on monday. he was discovered near husband home in district heights yesterday. there were reports that the boy
6:34 am
was taken by his father. this was an apparent parental abduction. we are following a developing story out of the ellicott city where family and friends are mourning the loss of two college students who were killed when a train derailed. >> federal authorities are trying to figure out what caused that crash. melanie alnwick is live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: we now know that the train's emergency brake system was automatically act vitd but investigators at this point can't say exactly what triggered that or if it caused the derailment. it is possible that the death of two college students up on that rail bridge was just a tragic coincidence. 19-year-old college students rose mayr and liz nass were partying on the bridge when the train came by. they even tweeted photos taken from up on the trestle, one they examination as left stating as their legs hung off the side. investigators say it is not clear if their bodies caused
6:35 am
the derailment. the crew of three on the train didn't feel anything unusual before the crash. a video recorder that should show the ients before the derailment is being examined at the ntsb lab in washington, d.c. each of the train's 80 railcars will also be inspected. twenty-one derailed. at least seven jumped tracks. >> these cars have air hoses and air systems on them. when there is a break in the connection or break in the brake pipe, eying ferreira the derailment forces or whatever it may be, that will cause the trains to go to an emergency braking. >> reporter: investigators say the train was traveling at 25 miles per hour and they say that is appropriate for that area. rose mayr was headed back to the university of delaware. liz nass was heading back to james madison university. in a bizarre twist related to this story, a pretrial hearing for the alleged
6:36 am
mastermind ever the 9-11 attacks has been postponed because of the train derailment. khalid sheik mohammed and four other men were supposed to have their hearings today at the u.s. navy base in guantanamo bay, cuba. when the train crashed, verizon says some lines were knocked out. as a result, lawyers in cuba didn't have the internet connection. their service has since been restored and the hearing is expected to take place tomorrow. more local lives have been lost in afghanistan. patrick feaks was a navy seal from edgewater, maryland. the 23-year-old was one of seven service members killed in a helicopter crash northeast of kandahar last week. he was based on the west coast. >> a soldier from frederick, maryland was killed in afghanistan last week. sergeant david williams died on august 18th. the 24-year-old was assigned to
6:37 am
a combat team based in washington state. boulevard right now more than 80,000 troops are still in afghanistan. they are being killed at at rest of one a day. 40 were killed last month alone. 31 so far this month and ten of those service members were killed by afghan security forces. forces. another top story, police have made an arrest in the deadery crash that took the life of a prince george's county police officer. investigate ors also found the stolen car. kenneth mitchell is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. it was a passenger in the stolen acura when police chased it on i-59 monday. officer adrian morris ran off the road and down an embankment and died after he was thrown from his car. the former university of virginia la crosse player convicted of killing his ex- girlfriend wants a new trial
6:38 am
now. attorneys for george huguely are expected to make a formal request to a circuit court judge in charlottesville today. they contend there was a series of errors before and during the trial. huguely was convicted of killing yeardley love in 2010 and is now facing up to 26 years in prison. making headlines being a senate candidate's comments so offensive even members of his own party are calling on him to drop out of race. >> but it looks like that is not going to happen, at least for now and a little bit later, a little luck turned $5 into a million dollars. a dose woman wins a big powerball prize. hear her strategy for picking the winning numbers, coming up.
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pressure continues to build within the republican party itself for missouri congressman todd akip to abandon his senate campaign. >> the defiant lawmaker is dismissing pleas from party leaders including presidential
6:42 am
candidate mitt romney to drop out of race. as tom fitzgerald reports, he saying they are overreacting to his highly controversial comment about rape. >> reporter: on capitol hill, there was no sign of congressman todd akin as staffers were seen taking the unusual step of locking and unlocking his office door inside the house office building. but pressure is building for akin to head to the door in his race against missouri democratic senator clair mccaskill after saying that women can prevent pregnancy on their own in cases of quote, legitimate rape. >> rape is an evil act. you use the wrong words in the wrong way and for that i apologize. >> reporter: akip's new tv ad and radio interview with former presidential candidate mike huckabee sought to quiet the controversy. >> i made that statement in error. let me be clear. rape is never ledge its mat. it is an evil act that is committed by violent predators. >> reporter: but akin's apology
6:43 am
may not be enough even for republicans. in missouri one current and four former senators issued a statement calling on akin to quit and massachusetts republican senator scott brown echoed those calls. >> i found those comments unacceptable, really outrageous and i've asked him to step down in his pursuit of becoming a united states senator. >> reporter: but despite denunciations of akin by republicans pro-choice forces say the controversial is a rallying issue. >> it is clearly a concern for mitt romney. >> the national organization for women says akin's comments have gotten the attention of women voteers who support abortion rights. >> i think it is going to have a huge impact on the prial election and all up and down the ticket, not just in missouri. >> reporter: the latest polls have congressman akin leading senator mccaskill. the race may decide the party controlling the u.s. senate next year. this controversy is also now
6:44 am
having a financial impact on the congressman's senate bid. texas senator john cornine who is the chairman of the republican senatorial committee has report lid informed akip's campaign that $5 million that was earmarked for advertising in missouri will now be pent elsewhere. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> the justice department has cleared the way for virginia's new voter i. d. law. under the law, every registered voter will receive a voter i. d. card and like before, you can use a social security card, a driver's license a government i. d. or photo i. d. from your job. now, can you also use a utility bill, a paycheck, bank statement or current virginia college i. d.. >> i would say that, if any voter is discouraged, i think that is going to change when the actual i. d. that they need to vote will be coming in the mail to them. i have all the information they need on the voting precinct they need. it will have all the
6:45 am
information they can check and guy to the polls on election day and vote. >> voter who do not bring the proper identification will not able to vote without taking extra steps afterwards to prove their identity. coming up in the next hour, we'll focus on the virginia senate race. former governor and democratic senate candidate tim kaine will join us live. >> before we get to weather rye rite now, we want to share another first day of school photo for you. all smiles. she will, she will. okay. all miles for the first day of high school at eleanor roosevelt high school in greenbelt. go class of 2016. all right. very cool. keep those pictures coming. those classes begin where you live. or you can post them on our facebook fan page. >> everybody should be smiling about today's weather at least. >> definitely. we have a really nice day on tap. a bit more sunshine for you.
6:46 am
temperatures pretty much where they were yesterday. so hopefully, nobody will have any complaints about it. let's take a look at our maps and just put everything in perspective for you. we are talking temperatures that are going to be into the mid-80s. we are also talking a lot more sunshine today as i mentioned. the sun will come a little bit more. we'll have a bit more of aan appearance due to a weak ridge of high pressure. i can't rule out the chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm popping up. temperatures will be on the rise as we head into the five- day forecast. we are watching the tropics really closely. we've got tropical storm isaac to keep a close eye on. here is a look at current temperatures right now for you. we have 65 degrees at dulles. 62 at gaithersburg. 70 at annapolis. 69 at national airport. 65 at fredericksburg. 57 at martinsburg and 61-degree at hagerstown and frederick. as far as the satellite-radar composite is concerned, not a lot to show you. we had a few showers just off
6:47 am
the coast of delmarva a little bit earlier. that is kind of out of the way now. the same for areas to our west through loudoun county. the ridge of high pressure though weak is building n warmer conditions will settle in wayling pool of air. we are talking once again temperatures in the mid 1r0. -- warmer conditions will settle in with a little pool of air. tony and tucker are still on vacation and so is ask the we are guys. we want to you still keep the questions coming. if you have one you would like answered, just go to and click on the weather tab. those weather guys will be back in another few days and they will be able to answer all those questions for you. let's check in with lauren demarco in traffic. >> thank you. things are looking pretty good. we do still have the wreck
6:48 am
working pennsylvania avenue outbound trier to d.c. 295. other than that, we should be in pretty good shape. northbound looking pretty slow leaveling the beltway. let's take a live look from sky fox. i-59 in virginia. they have been flying over it. you can see there coming up to an intersection there, they were near lorton road and it looks like we've got very light volume around town. so that is some good news as you make the trip northbound 95678 look like we are starting to slow there in newington but again, you can see plenty of space between cars. nothing dramatic as you head up towards the mixing bowl. let's move on to traffic land as you travel 395. starting to slow across the 14th street bridge. we do have some delays on the freeway heading towards main avenue in the eastbound direction. no problems to report right now on the beltway in virginia. 66 heavy and slow though as you approach route 50 fair oak. delays from 7100 and than here, past route 50 toward 123 before it break free. beltway in maryland is heavy.
6:49 am
the usual stretch of the outer loop. 95 college park into silver spring toward university boulevard. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. there are just a few weeks of summer fun left and fox 5 is teaming one busch gardens in williamsburg to help you make the most of it. we are giving away a pack of four single day tickets to biesh gardens. for a chance to win this, you can enter any time this week. just head to our web site, and look around contests. you must be 18 or older and be a legal resident of d.c., maryland or virginia. you can see the complete rules on our web site, changes are coming to cabs in the district. later on today, d.c. mayor vincent gray will roll out new smart meters. those meters will allow riders to pay by credit card, check news appear weather reports or quickly contact police or medical -- and weather reports or quickly contact miss or medical help. driverrers may notice vehicle are traveling on the 459 express lanes even though
6:50 am
the lanes are not open. that is because v-d.o.t. is doing some tests to check out the tolling and traffic management systems. the test run will continue through the end of the month. the toll lanes will operate on 495 from the springfield interchange to just north of dulles toll road. that is about 14 miles. the toll lanes are expected to open in december. the future of auto technology is getting ready to hit the streets in ann arbor, michigan. in a few weeks berk 200 cars, trucks and buses will start talking to each other. -- about 200 cars, trucks and buses will start talking to each oo. they will warn each other of stopped traffic or cars that might be blowing new a red light. creators say they hope it could eventually help reduce crashes and improve traffic. >> this is a big deal. i think everybody here believes this has great promise. but until we see the data,
6:51 am
until the study is complete, we won't know with certainty what promise it really has. a year from now, i think we will. >> the $25 million project is being run by the u.s. department of transportation and the university of michigan. when it comes to have a indication, everything is always looking for a good deal and many of us go to travel web sites to find the best prices on hotel rooms. >> david lee miller has a story on this. >> reporter: a lawsuit claims many popular travel web sites illegally work with he told companies to jack up prices customers pay actual among the major sites named in the lawsuit, orbitz, travelocity, expedia and lodging named in the lawsuit include marriott, hilton, sheraton and starwood hotels and resorts. the suit claims those web sites work with the big chains to set minimum prices for rooms saying there are guide lines from
6:52 am
hotels that online retails are cannot sell rooms for less than predetermined agreed-upon rates. >> what that means for all of us is that we pay higher price. that is why people care so much about the price fixing cases. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed on behalf of two traveler asking for an injunk to stop any alleged price fixing. >> it would be real nice to see some actual evidence of that. you know what? i don't want my $400 going for $75. i don't want to cheapen my brand. show me some evidence of the effect. without that, it ain't price fixing. the suit seeks money damages with interest. in new york, david lee miller, fox introduction. >> marriott is the first hotel chain to comment on the lawsuit saying it has no merit. this has been credited with spicing up more than a few love lives and now the book 50 shades of gray is boosting profits too. barnes & noble posted a lower than expected quarterly loss thanks in part to the 50 shades of gray series, sales of the bookstore chain climbed 2% more
6:53 am
than 25 million copies of the 50 shades trail have been sold in the u.s. off the other shades trilogy have been sold in the u.s. in the u.s. -- more than 25 million copies of the 50 shades trilogy have been sold in the u.s. d in the if you don't live in a top earning town but want torque a little lotto boost might help you and a d.c. woman is one of the latest winners. cath rib jackson won a million dollars in the august 8th powerball drawing. she bought a few tickets at the
6:54 am
patron convenience store in southeast. she talks about the moment she found out she had add won. >> i went to uss carl vinson the ticket and checked it under the one of the machines. he is looking, looking. i'm saying come organization give me my $10 whatever. he said you are a big winner. >> yes, she was. jackson says the winning numbers she chose are a combination of her birthday and her siblings' birthdays. she is a big winner. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, around here, history is everywhere as you know. >> a new piece of the past is being discovered every single day. come up in the next hour, holly morris is live in bethesda at a site that inspired the story which helped change the pages of history. of history.
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good morning. i'm holly morris. we have an amazing morning of discovery planned for you as we are live this morning at jo si. ah henson's special park in north bethesda. i bet you didn't know it was here. they've been work on the site for some time. but they discovered just recently what they think to be the foundation of eager a barn or black smith shop in which josiah henson possibly worked. they know he is a slave here. and he is important because it is his autobiography that inspired harriet beacher stowe to right the landmark novel uncle tom's cabin. we'll fopped out about the dig. we have the executive director of the harriet beacher stowe center from connecticut coming down to talk to us. -- we'll find out about the dig. >> thank you so much.
6:59 am
we'll check in with you. time now for our facebook fan dost and today, we say hello to brandon washington. -- facebook fan of the day. he says he looks forward to tuning in so he can learn what is happening here and around the world. thank you for watching and for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, log onto our facebook page and leave a comment under branton's pick. >> that does it for the 6:00 hour. now, let's send it over to sail on and wisdom. >> good morning. see you next hour, sarah. coming up on a wednesday morning, an amber alert canceled overnight. >> investigators continue to search for clues. >> it is one of the hot of the races this election year. the virginia senate race


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