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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 22, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> tonight, the question surrounding a deadly train derailment as a community mourns two victims. plus, a suspect connected with a chase that ended with a police officer dead. the new surveillance video that could crack this case.
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plus, tracking the trouble in the tropics. it could cause a problem for the convention. >> and the deadly train derailment in ellicott city. good evening, i'm laura evans in for shawn. >> and i'm brian bolter. investigators are trying to find out what caused the 21 freight cars. community is mourning the two 19-year-olds that were killed in the derailment. will. >> investigators still aren't sure what, if any role the young women played in the accident by being near the tracks. this evening, we found the viers visible sign at the sign of the accident. >> just feet from the csx, coal train derailment, where crews are working around the clock to remove cars, coal, and mangled track, a memorial of flowers is building. rose mayr on the left and
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elizabeth nass. they were signature on the rail bridge that crosses over the main street. their backs to the tracks as the train tracks. >> i can't imagine what their families are going through and how quickly things can happen. they were good girls. >> tweets from the women just before the derailment showed some of their final moments. here's a fee toe as they look down from the bridge. their feet dangling. the tweet read, lev taiting. generations of people have walked along the same tracks. >> we used to spend a lot of time criming around the rails. so it hits home that much more. it could have been any one of my friends. >>we couldn't believe how easy it was. the railroad tracks are right there. >> a facebook page has been created, those who knew the women and those who did not could make comments. ntsb investigators are trying to figure out what caused 21
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coal cars to topple. >> it's an computative effort to find the rail. put it back together and much like a puzzle where the pieces belong. >> three crew members on the train say they didn't hear or see anything unusual before the derailment. the ntsb believes the engineer brakes automatically deployed when an airline somehow disconnected from the braking system. the questions, did that happen before or after the accident? >> a little more now about the young women killed out there. nass and mayr were on the dance team together. nass was currently a student at james madison university and made the dean's list two years in a row. mayr was a nursing student at the university of delaware. funeral services for nass are planned this friday in ellicott city. mayr will be remembered saturday at bethany united methodist church in ellicott city. the investigation could take
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months to complete, but the cleanup may be done in the next several days. brian, over to you. >> following a developing story right now in anne arundel county, where crews rescued four adults and five children. after two boats collided in the river. sky fox is over the scene. maryland's department of natural resources says it's unclear what caused the accidenor if speed and alcohol were factors. the nine people rescued suffered minor injuries. >> another big story. an arrest warrant has been linked to the death of a police officer. his car ran off i-95 near beltsville and crashed into a ditch. now investigators are hoping new surveillance video will help put this case to rest. fox 5's beth parker has the latest. >> now police got a call sunday night from a person who left their acura running in the parking lot of this exxon station on powder mill road.
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someone jumped in the car and took off. the next day, monday, there was another set here at this 7- eleven. minutes later, suspicious behavior and that same acura. take a look at this surveillance video just released by police. you see the charcoal colored acura go round and round the parking lot. then it slides up beside a white suv. opens the door just a bit, someone runs across the parking lot, but it's too late. prince georges county police say the men in that acura are kenneth mitchell, already in police custody, and neil, who last address was here in fort washington. investigators say they need the public's help tracking down neil. there's a $25,000 reward. officer adrian morris and his partner were watching that surveillance video at the shell station when the acura returned there. the officers followed it. out of the gas station and on
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to i-95 south. >> the suspect vehicle had a high rate of speed, cut directly across all nes of traffic. the citizens that are traveling on the beltway, obviously make driving maneuvers to avoid colliding with the suspect vehicle. >> investigators say swerving to avoid another car made officer morris lose control. the cruiser flipped and morris was killed. prince georges county allows pursuit of a suspect only for the most serious of crimes, reporters asked whether the officers should have been chasing the acura. >> we all joined the police department to come police officers to do two thing, help our community and catch bad guys. >> one other interesting point, again, here is the exxon station where that acura tl was taken right over here down at the bottom of this entrance
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ramp to i-95. that is where officer morris' car crashed. these two scenes, the places where all this began and where it ended are are close together. >> services for officer morris will be held friday in mitchellville. he'll be buried in davidsonville. a grand jury indicted a fairfax county man accused in last week's shooting at the family research council in d.c. floyd faces charges of assault with intent to kill, along with federal and local gun charges. he is accused of shooting a security guard at the conservative lobbying group. the group managed to wrestle the gun away and subdue the suspect. tropical storm, isaac, has the republican national convention organizers concerned tonight. simple thunderstorms can flood major roads. they'll make whatever decisions are necessary about evacuations
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or cancellations. there are 70,000 journalists, protesters expected in the city. campus mayor says public safety will trump politics. down to sue we go in the weather center. how is it looking? >> right now, i would say this thing, they got a lot of heavy rain. you can see it's a really big storm, but not very organized just yet. although the hurricane center thinks that tropical storm isaac could be a hurricane in about the next 24 to 36 hours. so let's check the latest track that was issued at 8:00 tonight. we will get another track here before our newscast ends this evening and tropical storm, isaac, has winds of 45 miles an hour. picked up speed. it's moving west at 21 miles an hour. so didn't get too disruptive coming over that island chain. we have all kind of storms. and this is the latest track, it will briefly, possibly become a hurricane and then as it crosses his pan owepaniola, may weaken. very close to the eastern tip
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of cuba. from there, things could go downhill in florida beginning sunday night as what appears to be a circulation just on the west coast of florida, as seen by the national hurricane center. but again, that very big cone there, that white outline is the path that it could take. right now, i'm starting to see a little agreement that this is going to be an impact on florida. we're going to consult this spaghet model. you can see the movement again. and how tight they are as they get close to hispaniola. what we have been seeing yesterday is once we got out to that fourth and fifth day, a lot of divergence. it is starting to get a little bit tighter. the red line now is the line that the hurricane center is putting the track on. a number of scenarios, i would bring a category one hurricane to florida. the way things are looking right now. main impacts sunday night and monday. a lot in play with this and another update coming in soon. i would also mention that the hurricane center is going to
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have jets in it on it. party dealers are dealing with controversy over todd aiken's rape comments. also dealing with questions about the romney ticket. fox 5's tim fitzgerald has more on the fallout. >> with the convention starting on monday, ramping up pressure on congressman, todd aiken to quit missouri senate race. >> i'm not apologizing for the fact that i'm pro-life. and that i also believe that it's important to defend, to help the unborn. >> a defiant aiken in his first television interviews today abc's good morning america that he would not be pushed out of the race. >> the people in missouri chose me to be their candidate and i don't believe it's right for party bosses to decide to override those voters. >> aiken, who is a strong
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opponent of abortion drew criticism after his comments on both abortion and rape. >> from what i understand from doctors, that's really rare. if it's a rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down. >> after hitting the air waves, apologizing for his comments, he met with his republican media consultant who vowed to fight on. >> is he plan on resigning? >> absolutely ot. >> the campaign changed in the last week or so, what we originally thought. >> for republican, aiken's comments threatened to distract from mitt romney's nomination next week. in iowa, romney said it is the president w is dividing the country. >> and president obama, bless his heart, tried to substitute free government for people and it hasn't worked. >> in las vegas, president obama cede romney's tv ads are aimed at distracting attention from policies. >> they are counting on the
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fact that after watching so many news ads every day, you will get so discouraged that you'll decide your vote doesn't matter. >> what matters for republicans now, if they have a way to get their own candidate to end the candidacy that grown into a legitimate controversy. >> if congressman todd aiken does decide to withdraw from this senate race, it will cost him. a missouri law he, and he alone will be responsible for paying r for the printing of ballots. a group of people hit by an out-of-control suv. one year after suffering major earthquake damage in culpeper, the doors are open again. i'm audrey barnes. i'll have that story coming up. and on the news edge, a makeover for d.c. taxi cabs. why it will cost you at 11:00. 
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four women rushed to the hospital after an suv plowed into them today. happened in columbia heights as a crowd of people were gathering for a food give away. fox 5's john hanrahan has more. >> one of the biggest food give aways in the city happens on wednesdays in a northwest alley called columbia court. as usual, 300 to 400 people showed up. on this occasion, a woman driving a sport utility vehicle somehow managed to lose control and run up on to the sidewalk where people were waiting. >> i have known, what is going on with her? we were standing, minding our business. >> so it could have been somebody's life. it could have been my life. >> d. c. fire, ems reports four people got injured by the run away car to require transport to area hospitals. one of the four women had a
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broken leg. the driver of the car was given a field sobriety test by police officers, which she apparently passed because she was not arrested. later, that driver was observed hanging her head, apparently expressing remorse for the accident. she declined a reporter's request for an interview. despite the food give away, concerns for the operators of a nearby charter school. >> at some point, they see, somebody has to do something about this. because we have here hundreds of children every day and i don't understand that we have shared this. we brought this to people's attention and nothing changes. >> although no arrests occurred at the scene of the accident, d.c. police say the incident does remain under investigation. again, the four women who were mowed down while standing in line, all of them are expected to survive.
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in columbia heights, john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> the former uva student convicted of killing his exgirlfriend will not get a new trial. rejected george huguely's request today. there were errors before and during the trial of yeardley love. scheduled for august 30. he could get 26 years in prison. vincent gray speaking out about the recent spike in street robberies. the one that seems to be getting the most attention. the capitol hill man found unconscious last weekend. police have not ruled it a robbery, but t.c. was assaulted. mayor says not only are police working to find his attacker, they are also beefing up security in hot spots. >> we are serious as anybody about this and we will continue to take steps to be able to address this because if people don't feel safe, then they're not safe. >> the mayor pointed out his efforts to get 300 new officers hired and out patrolling the streets.
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>> tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated much of this region. the 5.8 magnitude quake caused large cracks in the washington monument. but against all odds, a historic church in culpeper that sustained damage has reopened its doors in time for worship in the nearly 200-year- old building once again. fox 5's audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: billy green still remembers the sinking feeling in his chest as he made his way through earthquaked ravaged culpeper where he and his daughter were married. >> we worry about the structural integrity of the building to start with. and then you start worrying about individual things. >> the church that survived civil war and much more since it opened in 1821, was shaken to its foundation. >> separated right here. >> green, a lifelong parishner
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has taken over as project manager and restoring this magnificent church to its glory. >> took each one of them out and packaged each piece separately. took it to their studios. >> the massive organ has been one of the biggest challenges. >> they took all of this out, plus the wooden pipes and i took all those out and stored them. some of them had to be repaired. >> reporter: 510,000 later, the renovations are nearly complete. enough to have a rededication ceremony last sunday. nearly one year since the earthquake. >> in july of 2014, this congregation will celebrate consecutive service. >> church was full and just, good to be here back in the
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church again. >> and being under a nearly 200-year-old roof, filled with decades of memories, will make it that much more special. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> he is an nba superstar and a gold medal olympian and he grew up here in the d.c. area. now kevin durant is showing he has game on the big screen. we're going to talk to him about his new movie, next.  [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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local hoop superstar, kevin durant is branching out to the silver screen. he sat down with dave ross to discuss his latest venture and incredible year on the
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hardwood. >> when they came to you and said kevin, we want you to be in this movie, were you like, me, in a movie? how is this going to work out? >> i have trouble with commercials. how would i do a movie? i read the script and it felt like me. it felt like stuff i would do on an every day basis. it was catered to me and i enjoyed it. i'm glad i did it because i was skeptical at first. you know, like i said, a little shocked. i stepped outside of my box and had fun. >> winning that olympic gold, can you capitalize on what that experience was like? >> i can't describe it in words. it's unbelievable to have the gold around your neck and u.s.a. across your chest. something that not too many people can say they have done and can't take that away. you can break scoring records, you can have the most assists in the game, you can have the
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most assists in the game. >> oklahoma city might have thought they were one year ahead of the curve. i don't think a lot of people expected you to get by san antonio, but feeling the pain to losing a championship, does it make you come back hungry next year, sage i was so close, i have to get that ring? >> you know, you always want to come back and have a chip on your shoulder. in our case, we would want to do the same thing again. so it's not just because we lost, but because how competitive we are to be on the stage. going to the finals with a great, great lesson for us and we learned what it takes to be a top team in this league. so we have to continue to keep working at the pace we're going on and hopefully we get there one of these years. >> that's dave ross reporting. durant is just 23 years old, but oklahoma city thunder forward has won three consecutive nba scoring titles. the first to do that since
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michael jordan. tropical trouble could cause problems. we are talking with that city's mayor coming up next. plus, the current west nile virus is one of the worst in u.s. histories. the efforts to contain it, next.
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. just five days away from the republican national convention. last minute preps are underway in tampa, florida. now, of course there's another concern tropical storm isaac. earlier today, i spoke on the phone with bob, asked him what happens if isaac presents too big of a threat. >> well brian, you have multiple decisions along this path. obviously what takes place inside the building is the view of the republican national committee. this decision would be made with input from the governor, from fema, from local authorities as well as the
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republican national committee. we don't anticipate getting to that point, but if we do, it will be a decision where everyone is around the table. everyone has the same information, and everyone will make the right decision. >> how do you think that you won't reach that point? do you think you'll make a call before the national convention kicks off if. >> no, no, no. i don't think so. we're watching the storm track. when you live in florida, you get accustomed to this. this is part of our existence here. we deal with half a dozen of these every year. we watch them, we monitor them, we track them. most times and tampa has not been hurt by hurricane in 90 years. so we aren't anticipating getting hit by this one either. we are taking precautions. we have our plans. we live with this reality. and we're prepared to deal with it, but our focus now will be getting ready to host a event for the republican national committee. >> and you said there are multiple decisions made along
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the way. what happens on the inside of the building is up to the rnc. if they get kicked off, would the governor supersede that or force evacuations? how does that work? >> you know, it's a rolling decision, because with these hurricanes, it all depends on the track and the velocity. and it depends on the land fall. it depends on the rain fall and storm surge. there's a lot of considerations involved in this. >> tampa mayor, we are keeping our eyes and ears out for what's going on down there and hoping for the best for you. thank you for joining us. >> like wise, me too. thank you, brian. in tonight's health alert, the west nile virus back with avengeance. released new numbers today and it's one of the worst outbreaks. more than 1100 cases have been reported so far this year, including some here in our area. there is one confirmed case in d.c., two in maryland, one in virginia. casey has the latest from texas, which is being called
10:33 pm
the center of the outbreak. >> some alarming norms from centers for disease control and prevention. there are more than 1100 confirmed cases now of the west nile virus. and more than 40 deaths. that's three times the amount of cases usually reported during this time of year. and while infected people, animals, or mosquitoes turned up in 47 states, texas is the hardest hit, with about half of the confirmed cases. planes taking to the skies around dallas to hit mosquitoes with insecticides. officials there say the cdc is pleased with how they are targeting the virus carrying pests. >> their response was that this is an excellent operation and they have no suggestions on improvement at this time. >> texas, not the only state stepping up its antimosquito efforts. crews in oklahoma using robots to target breeding areas in sewers. >> when we came through here
10:34 pm
the first time, it was loaded. >> it does not control the adults, but it will control subsequent generations. >> two west nile cases in horses have been confirmed. while there's no vaccine for humans, but there is one for horses. >> what it ends up being in veterinary medicine with the horses is, we give them supportive therapy. when you have this type of problem going on, it would be negligent to not vaccinate. >> the cdc is increasing its support to local resources, pledging already $2.5 million for things like spraying. the only three states in the u.s. that have not reported west nile cases, hawaii, vermont, and alaska. in dallas, casey segal, fox news. >> experts think the mild winder, early spring, and
10:35 pm
summer helped stimulate the virus. if someone handed you a glass of bottled batter and tap water, would you know the difference? this is the test today on i street in northwest today. they are hoping to convince people that d.c.'s water tastes just as good as the stuff in the bottle. you can save a few bucks along the way and meets safety standards. sarah from d.c. water came by and put my taste buds to the taste. here's how it turned out. >> all right, so let me try this. tastes good. tastes a little minerals. but tastes good. let me try b now. my guess would be b is the d.c. tap water. >> which tastes better?
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>> um, they both taste fine. they have a little bit of a different taste. i get -- i tend to put things in wine terms. earthness from b. but they are both good. >> a is d.c. tap water, b is bottled water. >> so i got them reversed. >> mineralty. >> a little stone in there. >> that is surprising. you wouldn't think that. >> it was deer park water and a lot of people know that some of these bottled water companies bottle tap water. deer park is not one of them. they are spring water, which can come from wells, so there's still a lot of funny business going on there. aquafina bottles tap water. maybe d.c. should bottle their tap water and sell it. >> uhll have to swirl my water like that next time i drink it. maybe i'll find some mineralty. >> it's a habit.
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drama after a top basketball recruit is sentenced to prison. >> and reaction from the royal family and the streets of london after nude photos of prince harry surface online. a trillion dollar deficit four years in a row. the government's red ink is going to top a trillion dollars again this year. the report coming as a world closes in on $16 trillion. meanwhile, a glimmer of good news. americans already buying home sales were rising. home prices also growing, up more than 9% compared to the same time last year. and another auto recall to tell you about. this time it's nissan, calling back 2013 infinity jx35 crossovers. the problem, both the fuel gauges that can show that's gas in the tank when there's no gas in the tank. and launching a new unlimited mobile plan. customers can expect to pay $70
10:38 pm
to $90. companies hoping to lure in more customers. that's bids, biz, i'm neil. 
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we sent him there to fix it,  but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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courtroom drama in ohio after one of the nation's top basketball recruits learns his fate. he pled guilty to robbery and assault after a confrontation with his girlfriend. he was hit with a three-year prison sentence as the judge announced that sentence, the 18- year-old collapsed. farmer would have been a senior this fall. he has been named one of the top 100 basketball players in the country. >> professional tennis referee. lowe lois was on her way to
10:42 pm
call games when she was arrested for the death of her husband. goodman said she wasn't home when it happened and he must have fallen down the stairs, but the coroner says the tennis ref killed him with a coffee mug. >> juliette asked about the husband and she said, they are trying to accuse me of murder. i just thought, what kind of attitude is that? oh yeah, they took some clothes. they took this, they took that, my computer, my cell phone. >> after her arrest in new york, goodman was extradited back to l.a. if she is convicted, she could face life in prison. >> and on the news edge, you may notice changes the next time you hail a cab. what to look for in the taxi cab makeover and how much you will be paying for it. and a delivery man is beaten and left in the nude. he tells us how he managed to find help in a fox exclusive at 11:00.
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prince harry finding out the hard way what happens in vegas goes on
10:46 pm
posted two pictures of the royal partying in the nude in a hotel suite. the prince reportedly invited girls back for a game of strip bill yards and that's how it ended. the pictures are real, but officials aren't saying anything else. brits are reacting. >> he is a human being. he's entitled to do, he's having a private party in a private room or whatever. he can do what he wants to do. >> i would have to say, might show a little bit of poor judgment. i mean, i think he knows the status that he has and what he needs to represent, so it would be a little careless doing something like that, you know. >> prince harry is no stranger to scandal or partying. he previously has been photographed, which was not as funny, wearing a nazi costume to party. >> and l. l. cool j.'s role is paying off.
10:47 pm
he took down a burglar. l.a. police say he found an intruder in his home and held him down until police got there. no one was injured in the incident. back here at home, the city of d.c. celebrating chuck brown on what would have been the god father of go-go's 76th birthday. chuck brown memorial park, if the council approves part of the park, will feature a statue at the amp theater, which would be renovated. >> we, the brown family, would like to give thanks to the mayor and the city and for all your support throughout the years for my husband and his career and we can't wait for the brown breaking. >> we are hopeful chuck brown park will be a place where residents go to remember the lifetime and memories they shared together through four
10:48 pm
decades of chuck performing for the city and love affair he had for the fans. >> brown's four children were there for proclamation day today. the council still needs to give approval to the legislation creating that park. it was a nice day for them to be out there today. >> sure was. >> until the rain came in tonight. >> you know, mostly rainy at nats park. and a couple other spots. >> there is that path, and it kind of formed up yesterday and the day before, it tends to do that. everything is clear now, we'll watch for fog later tonight. and probably tomorrow, we won't see much in the way of showers or thunderstorms. as isolated as they were today. now watch, something will pop up in the mountains and drift east. at this point as we look at our information, it looks like that won't be happening. it's a nice night. the clouds are beginning to clear out. as we do that, especially when you get away from urban areas, we may see fog forming. first stop will be the radar
10:49 pm
and it's a clean sweep here. we're not getting any returns. here's what it looked like earlier today as we had showers and storms once again firing up in almost the same spots. many of them along the potomac and it rained hard there for a little while at the nats game, but it doesn't seem like it caused too much of a disruption, unlike last night or the night before. we are done with this round of rain. be happy if you got it. it is still dry, but remember, high pressure is going to build in and as it slides south and east, it will suppress those symptoms and we should have mostly dry conditions. this has been caused by a boundary that were close by, a disturbance moving through earlier this evening. high pressure will move in. a nice stretch of days ahead for us. how about today's high? dulles 85. bwi, 84. we'll probably be right around there tomorrow, maybe a degree or two warmer. looking like a nice day and the humidity will be fairly comfortable as well. our temperature right now, 73
10:50 pm
degrees. a little warmer for those of you living in the quantico area at 79. annapolis 78 degrees. then you get out suburbs and finding 60s. out here in the highlands, 50s tonight. so those crickets will be chirping out there in the overnight hours, under partly cloudy skies. again, real comfortable in the suburbs. a nice morning. it will be gorgeous. we burn that off quickly for a warm day that won't be too humid. 86. wouldn't be shocked if it gets to 87 or a couple spots south of d.c. around 88 degrees. look for lots of shine at 8:00 in the morning. a little fog here and there, but nothing we think will require an advisory. 81 degrees and by 5:00, 85, and hopefully we won't be dodging those thunderstorms. now a little bit more on tropical storm isaac. we will be getting an update in a little bit and bring that to you in our news edge at 11:00.
10:51 pm
and this is going to probably become a hurricane in 24 to 36 hours. it does not look like it will be a major hurricane. that would be category 3 or over. so not a monster type storm. but to be certain, it is a large storm. florida will probably be affected if it stays on the path it's on. late sunday into monday, it would be mostly a rainmaker they would have to worry about flooding. could be category one winds, which is 75 miles an hour. the thing to keep in mind, when it affects florida five days from now, and those patted earns are very uncertain this far out in the game. there's a lot more to learn about it. one last look at the satellite picture, i want to mention, there's something else trailing behind. tropical storm isaac. it's tropical depression ten. it could become a named storm. we're hoping that will take a different path and perhaps curve closer to bermuda. still too early to tell on that
10:52 pm
one. the tropical weather season is heating up. it always does. tomorrow, a great day. 36. 86 degrees. it won't be long before i'm saying 36. we got to enjoy this while we can, because we wait for the summer to get here and it comes and it's too hot. before you know it, it's too cold. this is just about right. it's looking like a good one. an isolated storm friday or saturday, not a big deal. >> and put it in perspective. >> dr. oz coming back to d.c. he is teaming up with fox 5 to give free physicals. i spoke with him earlier this week about the goal of this initiative and how you can sign up. >> so, i understand you're offering these physicals to the first 1,000 people eligible to sign up. so that's very ambitious, first of all, to offer these to a thousand people. what makes someone eligible? >> pretty much anyone can come. if they live in washington, they want to get checked out
10:53 pm
and a good reason to get themselveses or their family looked into. they are free, they are only 15 minutes. you don't have a will lot of excuses. not only could you get numbers that could change your health, but we educate you. then you need to connect with someone taking care of the problem. >> and what specifically will you be looking at in the physicals? >> a finger stick, which we get a trope of blood. that gives us your blood sugar and cholesterol. we look at the waist size and waist. they help predict the aging. we pick these five tests, we could go through a thousand people in a day. sometimes unfortunately, there's some emergencies, we need to get folks off to the hospital quickly, but normally it's a calm, thoughtful conversation. we have a couple more days before we get there. it will be a ton of fun and we
10:54 pm
try to make it a festive atmosphere. >> what will you be doing with the information you gather. you will look at the results. >> we tabulate it all and give the city a report card. part of the reason we do these physicals is not just help the individuals learn about what is going on, but to help the cities, the town, the community, the states understand what is going on. often they are wonderful people who want to make our cities healthier, but they don't need ammo. if i tell you that folks in washington, d.c. are more hypertensive than folks in tampa, we can get that to why and make these people's lives better. >> a good offer not to be passed up. you can make your appointment now. it's very, very easy. the event is at howard university hospital on wednesday, september 5. dr. oz, it sounds like an offer not to be passed up. thanks for giving information.
10:55 pm
>> thank you, laura. >> all right dr. oz, thank you. coming up on fox 5, a young girl's quick thinking saves her grandmother's life after a vicious bee attack. her story is next. and the red hot nats looking to sweep their rivals. the series finale next on the news edge.
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say
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ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts.
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a swarm of dangerous bees attack a grandmother in arizona, but thanks to her granddaughter, that grandmother is still alive. >> what did you see when you looked out the window? >> i saw a bee. >> little whitney knew her grandmother was in trouble and she knew exactly what to do next. she went straight for her grandma's lifeline button. >> did you push the button? what did you do next?
10:59 pm
>> i talked to this thing that talked. >> what did you tell them? >> i told her that grandma needed help. >> what did they say to you? >> they said help is on the way. >> grandma betty was stung multiple times all over her face and body outside her home near 59th avenue and northern. whitney's mom saw her briefly. >> around and inside her mouth, everything is black, covered with bee stings. >> firefighters encountered swarms of bees all over the neighborhood. some of the largest at the home behind whitney's. >> we did locate four large boxes of bees in his backyard. at first, he was uncooperative with us. >> some of the bees were honey bees. they were so aggressive it took hours to get the situation under control. wearing protective gear, they sprayed the


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