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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  August 23, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we are following several big stories, a 17-year-old honor student gunned down in her own bedroom, tonight her killer still on the street. >> a maryland state delegate fesses up admitting to drinking while operating his boat moments before he got into an accident. >> and we are tracking the
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trouble in the tropics, the latest on isaac's projected path and the storm preparations underway in the caribbean, in florida and at the republican national convention. we begin with police officers swooping into a prince george's county neighborhood searching for witnesses and evidence that could help lead to a killer. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'm laura evans. visitors are hoping someone has information that will lead them to the person who shot amber stanley in her own bed late last night. fox 5's audrey barnes is working this one. >> this is the flyer detectives were handing out in the kettering neighbor offering a $25,000 reward for information to help them catch the person who gunned amber stanley down while she slept. prince george's county police are throwing every available resource at this case. as they headed out into the neighborhood where 17-year-old amber stanley was shot to death
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in her bed, more than one of these seasoned prince george's county detectives remarked it could have been their daughter or the girl next-door. >> we're investigating a homicide that occurred last night. >> reporter: tyronn patterson lives a few doors down from the home amber shared with her mother, sister and foster child. he says her death has made him feel unsafe in his home for the first time in decades. >> that somebody is that bold that they're going to kick in somebody's door and go in somebody's room and take their life, that's something i guess everybody is going to have a hard time dealing with adjusting to that. >> i have a flyer. >> reporter: patterson who ran the local boys and girls club for 22 years immediately put out the call to get the flyer up on their website. >> our kids go up to 17 which a lot of them probably goes to the same high school or they know her from, you know, being in the neighborhood. so we're going to put it up on our website, see if we can get any hits and hopefully somebody may call in because they know
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go. >> reporter: amber's mother erma gaither came back to the house but did not speak to reporters. her neighbors had nothing but good things to say about her daughter. >> she was a quiet girl focused on her school, on doing the right thing. >> reporter: students and staff at flowers high school can't believe that amber, a senior who wanted to study medicine at harvard who baked cupcakes for her first day of class is gone. >> students were shaken, but fortunate we had had in place grief counselors that are here to address -- we had in place grief counselors that are here to address the needs of each child. students came up and told stories of amber. >> reporter: as police removed evidence from the home and searched storm drains for evidence, amber's friends are reflecting on her death and their life. >> you got to thank god every day. the day is not promised. >> prince george's county confirmed officers did respond
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to the stanley home tuesday for trouble reported there. they would not disclose the nature of that emergency visit. we will have much more on this story tonight at 11:00. >> audrey, thanks. his comments about rape have been vilified in recent days and tonight u.s. capitol police are investigating a reported threat against missouri congressman todd akin. police would not comment further except to say they have an active investigation into the threat. akin is running for the u.s. state in missouri. he created a story form days ago when he said women's bodies have ways of preventing getting pregnant in what he called legitimate rape. akin has since apologized. breaking news, cycling champion lance armstrong just announced a short time ago he will no longer fight charges that he used performance enhancing drugs during his historic cycling career. armstrong says he is innocent but has decided against fighting the u.s. anti-doping
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agency. armstrong's decision could lead to a lifetime ban from cycling and he may be stripped of the tour de france titles he won from 1999 to 2005. armstrong released a statement to the associated press saying, "there comes a point in every man's life when he has to say enough is enough. for me that time is now." another big story tonight, a maryland lawmaker admits he was drinking before operating a boat that collided into another boat yesterday. earlier this evening delegate don dwyer held a news conference about the crash. fox 5's bob barnard is in the newsroom with the developments. >> as you'll see in a moment, the conservative republican delegate from anne arundel county was in a wheelchair wearing a neck brace when he spoke to reporters outside a hospital in baltimore this evening. delegate don dwyer admits he was drinking and operating his 26 food speedboat last evening when it crashed into another. dwyer says he's been told his blood alcohol content was more
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than twice the legal limit in maryland, which is .08. dwyer who is 54 and five others were hospitalized after the collision. sky fox was over the scene in pasadena around 7:00 last night. this was the magothy river. three children on the other boat were among those injured and taken to the hospital. >> it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. it's also been reported that my blood alcohol content was .2. no one, no one should be drinking and operating a motor vehicle or a powerboat. i deeply regret my actions and i ask for forgiveness from the public. my heart and prayer goes out to the family that was involved in the incident and i pray for them to have a speedy recovery. >> investigators say they're still trying to determine the cause of the crash and yes, it is illegal to drive drunk on maryland waterways.
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staying in maryland, more tonight on the train derailment in ellicott city. howard county police say autopsies show the two young women who were killed were crushed to death by coal from the toppled railcars. they were sitting on a bridge right next to the tracks when the derailment happened just after midnight early tuesday morning. the ntsb is still trying to figure out what triggered the emergency brakes to automatically deploy and what caused 21 cars to jump the tracks. elizabeth nass and rose mayr were both 19 years old. their funerals are set for this friday and saturday. all eyes on isaac and it will be like this the next few days. the tropical storm is expected to strengthen to a hurricane and the storm could disrupt next week's republican national convention in tampa, florida. storm prep is already underway in florida and the caribbean. we'll check in now with sue palka as she follows isaac's path. >> there are a couple new things this evening. first you can see thinned me.
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it's about 190 miles -- it behind me. it's about 190 miles southwest of san juan puerto rico. they maget 2 to 4 inches of rain. we're kind of concerned about what's going to happen in the dominican republic and haiti, but i think the big headline is more than florida need to watch out for tropical storm isaac. now the entire eastern gulf coast may have to watch. here's the track as of 8:00 bit hurricane center. it's a little stronger but still fairly disorganized with winds 45 miles an hour. there's no well defined center yet and it will probably stay a tropical storm as it goes across the south coast of the dominican republic and haiti. we're very worried about haiti, 8 to 12 inches of rain possible, flash flooding a great concern. there are a lot of people that still live outside there. as it approaches cuba, also as a tropical storm with winds of 60 mules an hour, it then moves into -- miles an hour, it then moves into very warm water where the temperatures are close to 90 degrees and looat
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this passing west of the coast of florida, but as a category 1 hurricane in the gulf of mexico tuesday at 1:00 with winds of 85 miles an hour. so that means the cone of uncertainty matters from new orleans all the way to the east coast of florida. everybody will have to prepare for what tropical storm or hurricane isaac may bring. that means lots of preparations already underway. we have more. >> reporter: tropical storm isaac moving toward the dominican republic and haiti. about 400,000 people are still living in settlement camps in haiti after that massive earthquake that hit the country in 2010. translator: we don't have houses that can bear a hurricane. >> reporter: as isaac nears cuba, military officials at u.s. base in guantanamo bay canceled pretrial hearings for five prisoners charged in the 9/11 attacks. the tropical storm also poses a threat to the republican national convention. the storm is projected to be just off the coast of florida as a hurricane by monday.
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>> this afternoon i had the opportunity to speak to governor romney, let him know where the state was with regard to this tropical storm, gave him assurance this state is a state that has dealt with hurricanes in the past and we're ready. >> reporter: the state has not been hit by a major hurricane since 2005. many business owners in florida now are bracing for the storm. >> we're probably going to lose a lot with all the restaurants. people aren't going to be coming down to the bars. we're going to be losing rentals. >> reporter: in addition to isaac, tropical storm joyce formed over the open atlantic today, but the 10th named storm of the atlantic hurricane season does not pose a threat to the u.s. >> we're glad to hear joyce will miss the u.s., but we continue to watch isaac. if it stays in that gulf of mexico for a long time, it could become a stronger storm. we'll have much more including a new track that will be issued later and we've got to talk about changes to our weekend
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forecast coming up in a bit. >> those changes worry me, sue. thank you. it was one year ago today a historic 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt up and down the east coast. it caused a lot of damage, most notably to the national cathedral and washington monument. now federal and state emergency officials are urging people to take part in an earthquake safety drill. fox 5's john henrehan has our story tonight. >> reporter: the virginia- based earthquake of 2011 rattled chandeliers and beer supplies at an arlington restaurant and chased employees and customers into the street. concerned workers at the pentagon evacuated into parking lots and at the top of the washington monument parts of the ceiling came crashing down into tourists and a park ranger. >> this is the most significant earthquake to ever strike the u.s. east of the rocky mountains. >> reporter: severe damage occurred to the schools in louisa county, virginia, where the quake was centered, but the
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ground movement was felt widely throughout the eastern united states, even into new england and canada. a host of federal and state officials marked the one year anniversary of the quake with a reminder to everyone that earthquakes are not predictable. government officials laid out a table suggesting some of the items that households should have on hand at all times, canned goodfor when the power goes out for an extended period of time and a can opener to open them with, gloves for helping with rubble, rain poncho, absolutely certain, medicine, keep an extra supply on hand at all times. here's a kit for your car, note pad and pen, light stick, flashlight and extra batteries. federal and state emergency managers say it was a mistake for washington area people to leave their buildings following the 2011 quake. >> the last thing you should do is evacuate a building. more people are injured by falling debris and glass than anything else. >> reporter: the safety officials want to hold a
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national earthquake preparedness drill october 18th. what should you do during a quake? d.c. fire ems sergeant chris jones demonstrated. find a desk or table, get under it and cover your head and neck. stay there until the shaking over. in washington john henrehan, fox 5 news. a deadly super bug lurking in the halls of a prestigeous local hospital for months, the extreme measures used to contain the dangerous germ next. >> plus d.c. is taking a serious look at underground power lines to prevent storm power outages, but is the project worth the price tag? >> tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a walk for justice to find the suspects who severely beat a young dad. the d.c. mayor has a warning for all those on the street at night coming up at 11:00. 
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city leaders are trying to fix a problem that has caused a lot of headaches for people in
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the district. this was the screen after the june derecho ripped through our area and like so many other places in this region, d.c. residents often face massive power outages following major storms. there may be one solution, but it's expensive. fox 5's matt ackland explains. >> reporter: residents of the district won't soon forget the powerful storm that hit in early july. in just a few minutes more than 1,300 trees fell causing major power outages. >> let's get someone out here as soon as possible. >> reporter: mayor gray lost power at his home like so many others. >> they need to move faster. pepco's pace of restoring power to me anyway is unacceptable and the speed of their response has been disappointing and how many times have we been through this before? >> reporter: mater prompted action and on thursday led -- the mayor promised action and on thursday led a task force to
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prevent power outages in the future. many believe underground lines is the only option. >> the question is how we will pay for? i know supermarkets and other places feel they've met their obligation. they paid their bills on time. >> reporter: pepco ceo sat next to the mayor told all agreeing burying lines would take years and the costs would be very high. >> i've heard 1 billion to $6 billion depending upon what you do. >> reporter: but can anything be done in the near future? pepco says it's committed to doing all it can. >> i can tell you that there is no higher priority on my list than being able to serve all of our customers with reliable power. >> reporter: the district is not alone when it comes to power issues. there are other local governments in the area upset with pepco about the power outages as well as the time it takes to get the power restored. in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news.
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we're learning new details tonight about a new killer superbug that spread in one of the nation's most prestigeous hospitals, nih in bethesda. over six months 18 people contracted the dangerous germ and six died of bloodstream infections after getting it. dr. henry masseur is the chief of the critical care medicine department at nih and joined me in studio earlier this evening. we'll start with whether nih still has a problem. >> in hospitals all over the country and the world there's always a threat of hospital acquired infection. we have not had a transmission with this organism for over six months and yet we're always vigilant and concerned. so i think it will be fair to say there's always a possibility because after all, 5% of all patients that enter any hospital in the united states get a hospital acquired infection and unfortunately despite all the efforts that we take to try to make hospitals a
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safe environment 100,000 people die per year due to hospital acquired infections. >> despite all the early efforts to contain this nih it managed to spread as we know. it was my understanding it turned up in a ventilator that had been disinfected at least twice, a sink drain in a patient's room. is it clear now how it spread? >> the new techniques we've used to track this organism have taught us a lot about how it spreads and yet we still don't know exactly how to break the chain which lings this from one patient to another. we know more and are more effective than before, but there's a lot more we need to learn about how this organism persists in the environment, how off it's on people's hands and what the most likely -- how often it's on people's hands and what the most likely way it is to spread from one person to another. >> at nih we understand a woman came in to be treated for lung disease, is she alive and do wen how she got it?
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>> -- we know how she got it? >> this patient fortunately is alive and doing well. we don't know exactly how she got it, but we do know she came from a hospital that has seen many of these organisms before. unfortunately in many areas of the united states, particularly the middle atlantic area, many hospitals have had outbreaks of this organism. after all, though, in hospitals we've had a problem with resistant organisms for many years. the problem is how do we restrict the ability of these organisms to pass from one person to another and an even bigger problem is in this country, in this world we are not producing enough antibiotics. >> let me ask you this. this patient, the woman who came in to be treated for lung disease, and the others who have tested positive for this killer superbug, they're in isolation rooms that were created especially for this at nih, yet when they leave the hospital, they're among us. should we be afraid? >> no, you shouldn't be afraid because these organisms do not
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cause disease in healthy individuals. they are spread almost exclusively in healthcare facilities. so even if you were to come into contact with somebody who lives on the outside, you're healthy, there is no risk. the same organism, although usually drug sensitive, is present in the intestinal tract of all of us. >> dr. henry masseur, nih, we thank you for coming in. >> thank you, will. coming up on fox 5 clinton portis was known for his incredible may on the field and funny antics during interview. the redskin great officially retired today during an official announcement. we'll look back at his incredible career next. 
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how could you not know clinton portis ran his way into the hearts of redskins' fans. it was on his very first carry
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as a skin he carried the ball for a 64-yard touchdown. >> nobody forgets that. >> yeah. when he wasn't impressing us on the field, portis was entertaining us in interviews. >> i have to say he's probably the most fun player that i've been able to cover simply because of all the characters and stuff he did. in the locker room i was going through all that old video and he stood in his locker with tape covering his mouth and he didn't want to talk because he was writing stuff out and holding it up. he was that kind of guy, but he always was so honest and really wore his heart on his sleeve. people remember that. they also remember the way he rushed and the way he blocked. here's c.p. and his retirement. >> i hope in my time as a washington redskin i left an effect on enough people to explain and say clinton portis was a stand-up guy, that clinton portis was a hell of a worker, that clinton portis gave everything he had and left everything he had on the field. >> he had all the right moves and legs to run on for days.
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clinton port sis one of the best redskin players to ever wear the burgundy and gold and today he retired from the game he has loved his entire life. >> today it's really huge, you know. it's closing a chapter in my life that i knew had to end one day. i just never when it would and today is that day. >> portis was traded to the redskins in 2004 and in seven seasons rushed for 6,824 yards, the second most in franchise history. c.p. also earned two trips to the pro bowl. >> we've been through so much together, a lot of great, great victories, some tragedy and a lot of personal times together and he's someone i know very well and i'm proud to call him my friend and a great redskin. >> from southeast jerome to sheriff gonna get you and coach
10:28 pm
spanky portis knew how to keep things loose. >> there's no way you can stop that blitz. >> he also had a great relationship with his teammates. >> he had fun. that was one thing about portis. he always was a humorous guy in the locker room, but then he'll go on the field and go out and do his thing. that's one thing i respected. >> i love c.p. i love what he brought to this game as far as intensity, blocking more so than even his runs. running down the line, somebody catches the ball. he's out there laying out blocks so they can score. he's a great guy, great teammate to me. >> it's the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for a man who always wore his heart on his sleeve. >> i understand that i'm walking away from this game today proud of everything that i ever done. >> it's emotional. i sat at this press conference wiping my eyes. every time i watch that video i can't help but laugh at the character that he was especially when he tackled
10:29 pm
chris cooley. now he said he's a soccer dad. he's got four young kids and he's going to live life a little bit no, more schedules to follow except for his kids maybe. >> he deserves it. he's such a likeable respectable guy. he's done such a great job. >> maybe he'll end up in tv or radio one day. >> maybe here at fox 5. wouldn't that be fun? >> i'd be out of a job. >> just to support you. producer. >> cool. >> he'll be missed on and off the field but not in my chair, no way. a change of pace in our next segment, a retired navy seal who claims he was in the room when osama bin laden was killed. he is making headlines. turns out he wrote a book about it and it's stirring up plenty of controversy. could revealing secrets land him behind bars? what we know about the author and the book next.  [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i apapprove this message.
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mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more. this is fox 5 news at
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10:00. there is a new book coming out about the raid that killed osama bin laden. the author is a man who claims to be a retired navy seal. tonight military officials say they could prosecute the author if there is classified information in that book. >> reporter: a former navy seal plans to publish a book about the operation that killed osama bin laden. the author of the book titled no easy day was a member of navy seal team in that historic mission in pakistan. he's using the pseudonym mark owen. in a press release he describes the book as an effort to set the record straight about one of the most important missions in u.s. military history. the white house had this reaction. >> we were unaware of this book until yesterday and the press reports about it. so i don't know what's in it and would refer you to the defense department of. >> reporter: owen says the book is about the sacrifices special forces make and he hopes to inspire young people to become navy seals. this comes as a group of
10:34 pm
retired military and cia officers accuses president obama of revealing classified details of the mission and turning the death of the al- qaeda leader into a campaign centerpiece. >> i think it's important for americans to understand this was an american victory, not one president or another president or a political thing. this really is about an american national security triumph. >> reporter: the book is scheduled to be released next month on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. if the book contains classified information, the author could face criminal charges. a spokesman for the publisher says a former special operations attorney vetted the book and that it poses no threat to national security. at the pentagon jennifer griffin, fox news. >> the author used the pen name mark owen, but fox news is reporting u.s. military officials confirmed the author's identity as matt bissonnette, a former u.s. navy seal who lived in virginia beach and retired just last
10:35 pm
summer. a police officer hurt in the sikh temple shooting is finally out of the hospital tonight. lieutenant brian murphy nearly died after being shot at least eight times as he helped a shooting victim at the temple. the sikh community of oak creek says they are eager to meet lieutenant murphy and thank him for the lives he saved. >> i'm just very eager to see him and thank him. >> a lot of us have prayed for him and his family and it's really a great feeling to know those prayers have been answered. >> first lady michelle obama traveled to wisconsin today. she plans to meet with murphy's family tomorrow. meanwhile today she met with family members of the shooting victims. sikh leaders say they are grateful for the visit saying they take some of the in knowing the shooting has at least helped educate the world about their religion. earlier this month six people were killed and three hurt when white supremacist michael page opened fire in that temple during sunday prayer services. on the campaign trail where
10:36 pm
president obama returned to the white house to campaign for a few days while mitt romney is on the road prepare fog roll out his energy policy. -- preparing to roll out his energy policy, all this as both candidates prepare for the upcoming party conventions in the next couple weeks. fox's craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney rolled out more of his energy plan focusing on the exploration and production of domestic fossil fuels, oil, gas and coil. >> we'll add about 2 million baird -- coal. >> we'll add about 2 million barrels per day. >> reporter: he says placing the states in control of production permits on federal lands as well as shifting environmental regulations to states would cut red tape and create jobs. >> by 2020 we're able to produce 23 to 28 million- barrels per day of oil and we won't need to buy any oil from the middle east or venezuela or anywhere else when we don't want to. >> reporter: the white house slammed the republican plan as narrow and dangerous. >> the republican approach is
10:37 pm
essentially one that is dictated by big oil. >> reporter: the back and forth over energy comes just four days before the republican convention in tampa where tension is mounting over the impact of tropical storm isaac. pollsters are busy predicting which party will get the best bounce from the back to back conventions. >> i think the republicans in the end will get a slightly larger, maybe more, bounce than the democrats do. they have more to learn about the two republican nominees. >> reporter: the republican convention begins monday. the white house says vice president joe biden will campaign in florida at the same time weather permitting. the democratic convention is a week after the gop gathering. craig boswell, fox news. up next a plea from the man who killed john lennon and later a question for the guys. would you take a birth control pill that's made for men? it could soon be a reality, the
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details coming up.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. [ male announcer ] some think obamacare is the same as free health care.
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a medical examiner in california confirmed rodney king died of an beingal drowning. the autopsy report shows -- accidental drowning. the autopsy report shows king had been drinking and had drugs in his system when he died in june. his body was found in his backyard pool. king became a household name after his beating by los angeles police was caught on tape in 1991. relatives say king had battled addiction for years. parole denied for the man who killed john lennon. mark david chapman shot him in 1980. he was sentenced to 20 years to life after pleading guilty to
10:42 pm
second degree murder. this was the seventh time chapman saw the parole and was denied. george zimmerman's attorney shut down a facebook page the defense team was using. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida last february claiming self-defense. zimmerman's lawyer said the facebook page was pleading to unhelpful discussions, so he took it down. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a father fights to recover after a brutal beating on capitol hill. now a group hits the streets to find the suspects and the mayor is responding to the attack. [ church bells ] >> a joyful noise at the national cathedral one year after the east coast earthquake, a major announcement on the an verse coming your way tonight on the news edge at -- anniversary coming your way tonight on the news edge at 11:00.
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a health alert for older fathers. new research shows me who have children later -- shows men who
10:46 pm
have children later in life ps on more genetic mutations and perhaps raise the risk of autism or schizophrenia. for every year a man ages it's more likely he will pass on at least two additional mutations to a child and while most are harmless, many can be linked to meant and developmental delays. -- mental and developmental delays. concern is growing over the major outbreak of west nile virus blamed for 41 deaths and affecting 1,000 people. about half the cases are in texas. in our region one case has turned up in the district. while the city does not spray for mosquitoes, health department officials say there are steps residents can take to protect themselves. >> wear long sleeves clothes. if you do use deet and if you're a child, you want to use deet less han 30%. if you're adult -- than 30%. if you're an adult, around about 30% is good to spray on any exposed surfaces and that
10:47 pm
will reay help protect you from the mosquitoes. >> d.c.'s health director says it's important to get rid of standing water around your home. how about this one? make the man take the pill. a male birth control pill may be closer to development than ever before. fox's alex villarreal finds out if men would be willing to take it. >> reporter: scientists have been trying to develop an oral male contraceptive since the birth control pill for women hit the market more than 50 years ago. now researchers have a prototype. >> there has been a couple times when girls told me they were on the pill and they weren't the next morning. so i think it's a great idea. >> i think it's great. i think it would be awesome. >> makes more sense to have the gun without bullets than have a bulletproof vest, you know. >> reporter: scientists tested a compound called jq1 in mice and found it disrupts sperm development. the mice began producing fewer sperm and the ones they did
10:48 pm
produce didn't swim well rendering them infertile. >> there's always vasectomies, but outside of that that's all right, yeah. >> reporter: not to worry. it's only temporary. normal sperm production resumed after discontinuing use. >> one thing i do hear a lot is there aren't any options available for them. >> reporter: ivan vito with planned parenthood say guys want more of a variety than abstinence and condoms. >> with the pill it gives them more opportunity to use it as a resource. >> reporter: planned parenthood statistics show 47% of texas births are from unplanned pregnancies. >> i spent about 200-dollar on morning after pills. you -- $200 on morning after pills. you can't really trust other pool than yourself. >> reporter: men and women are -- people than yourself. >> reporter: men and women are both usually involved in the process anyway and women say it's about time for guys to share the burden of paying for contraceptives and remembering to take them. >> it's ridiculous and always is so much trouble because i'm
10:49 pm
not that organized. >> reporter: but would you trust a guy to take a pill at the same time every day? >> it would depend on the guy, but i would be for. it i would encourage him to take it. >> i'm pretty good remembering to do things. >> reporter: the compound uses a molecular approach so patch side effects like lowered libido, mood swings and depression could be avoided. >> i'm kind of curious to see what the side effects are, if it can get as bad as with women and birth control. >> it like makes you sick sometimes. it's messing with your hormonals and it's ridiculous that it's all the woman's responsibility. >> i would definitely try it if it came out and i didn't see anything serious about it and, >> i would let it stay on the market maybe a month or two just to see if there really are not any side effects. >> reporter: you can't buy them yet. it's not even a candidate for human use, but it does offer a blueprint for the development of a drug.
10:50 pm
a major milestone for the georgia woman who survived a flesh eating bacteria. after more than three months in the hospital and a rehab clinic amy copeland is home tonight. copeland contracted the rare infection after she cut her leg in a zip line accident and fell into a river. doctors amputated her left leg, right foot and hand to keep the disease from spreading. >> sue, we heard you talking about the possibility for change this weekend. >> yes. >> we're worried, especially those of us with plans, but we should maybe just celebrate today and maybe tomorrow, right? >> enjoy that. i'll put a positive spin on the weekend because it looks cooler and wetter. we need the rain. >> we do. >> there's also a redskins game, too. >> oh, that's right. >> 4:00 game saturday. >> i think you better prepare for the possibility of a little rain and kind of cool, too. it will feel like a fall game. >> maybe a slicker and umbrella perhaps. >> i don't think they let you take the umbrellas out there. you can do the hood and
10:51 pm
whatever. boy, i'm glad you brought that up. that's going to be an exciting game with our beloved rg3 and andrew luck playing. >> the t-shirt being made as we speak. >> i do think it will be a little wet. that doesn't mean it will rain every hour this weekend, but off and on showers and more significantly pretty cool, too. tonight it's pretty settled. we did not have to dodge any rain today and our temperature right now, 78 degrees. so a little warmer than it's been the past nights and a bit more humid, a little cloud cover out there as well, but here's what's coming for the weekend. all week long we've had sort of a weak circulation off the carolinas. it did look as though high pressure would push this pretty much out to sea and we were looking at a pretty nice weekend. the models started hinting at this yesterday. today they continue the trend of having this organize into a weak area of low pressure and it kind of drifts north toward the delmarva beginning tomorrow. that's where we'll get our rain. as it becomes a bit of a storm,
10:52 pm
it pulls in an east wind and drops the temperature, so we're thinking it will be cooler as well. tomorrow high pressure is still ruling the roost. what we'll find with some spotty afternoon showers, maybe a thunderstorm, is as this high pressure moves up toward new england, it allows that little area of low pressure to move up the coast. then we get the east wind from the low pressure and that high pressure up to our north supplies a little bit of east wind. bottom line, it's clouds and some showers around and i think it will begin fairly early saturday and be off and on through most of the weekend. overnight partly cloudy and comfortable, 68 degrees. i don't think we're looking at fog because we'll at least have some cloud cover. tomorrow is warm, up to about 88 degrees, maybe a thunderstorm or two around in the afternoon, very spotty, most of you not seeing that activity. we'll start out with sunshine at 8 a.m. and 71, still very sunny at noon, 83, but you'll begin to notice a little cloud cover coming in friday evening. so we'll call for some clouds by 5:00, still dry, our temperature 87 degrees at 5:00. tomorrow is when we continue
10:53 pm
just with the clouds, but then clouds and showers north forecast for the weekend. saturday about 79. we drop to 66 in the evening and we'll keep some clouds and showers around sunday as well, although sunday should be a little warmer at 82 degrees. that's the big change in the forecast. here's the futurecast with a little cloud cover around tonight. we'll start with sunshine tomorrow. we get through most of friday dry, but notice how the clouds begin to increase at 7:00 and maybe we start to see some of those showers down through southeastern virginia. by 7:00, 8:00 saturday morning i'm afraid a lot of these practices might get kind of rained out. we'll have some showers around, maybe heavier downpours. saturday night it looks like a first wave might move through and perhaps we redeem some of sunday, but still looks like there could be a little wrap- around sunday afternoon. so maybe saturday looks a little wetter than sunday does the way things look now. that's your futurecast and some changes for the weekend and as
10:54 pm
mentioned, we know we need to have a little rain around here. here's something else we need to get updated on, tropical storm isaac. in a few minutes we'll have a new track on isaac. i'll bring that to you in the first minutes of the news edge at 11:00, but the headlines today is a disorganized storm, not well defined. that is expected to happen, though. the track shifted west today and a big concern. i think it will be a major headline, 8 to 12 inches of rain possible for haiti, could be disastrous for that struggling nation with 400,000 people still living in tents because of the earthquake in 2010. this could also be a gulf coast hurricane, kind of worry about the fact it may be bypassing the west coast of florida and staying in the gulf of mexico long enough to get stronger. still changes to come with the track of what is our tropical storm isaac, still not forecast to become a hurricane until it gets closer to florida. here's your five-day forecast. we're talking about some showers for the weekend but not tomorrow and then monday about 87 degrees, looks like it will be dry but more showers in the
10:55 pm
forecast for tuesday at 87 degrees. it looks like this will be kind of a changeable pattern that we head into because we also don't know where the remnants of isaac will go in the extended forecast. >> you get that advisory at 11:00 i understand. >> that's coming up. >> no umbrellas in the stands at fedex field, right? duh. >> you'll get whacked with one. >> thanks, sue. the cast of glee is unveiling a new public service announcement warning about the driving. they're teaming up with the ad council to get the word out. the show is also ending season three with one of the main characters getting into a car accident as a result of texting behind the wheel. >> have people go into the car, put that phone away. put it in the glove compartment, your purse or back seat, but don't think you can multi task while you're driving because you can't. >> the psa is expected to air during upcoming episodes of the show. we are following breaking news next at 11:00.
10:56 pm
lance armstrong will be stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned for life from cycling, the punishment coming after armstrong dropped any further challenges to allegations he took performance enhancing drugs. we have more details and reaction from armstrong next on the news edge at 11:00.
10:57 pm
i'm barack obama and i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse
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and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars. get the facts.
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the olympics may be over, but that didn't stop britain's prince harry from challenging olympic swimmer ryan lochte to a race in the pool. it happened during the prince's visit to las vegas no. surprise here. gold medal winner lochte won. the race wasn't the only photo moment for prince harry in vegas as we know. there's more fallout tonight over the naked photos of the prince. the royal family is upset at harry's security detail for allowing it


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