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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  August 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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for the family, fining nemo is back in 3-d and emma watson's first film back. and if you are looking for laughs, ten years reunites several friends for their high school rejune. kevin james plays a high school teacher in here comes the boom and kenny lots of singing and joke in pitch perfect. in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. straight up 5:00. starting you off right now on august 30th with a live look in new orleans where the rain is still coming down. good morning.
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i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's bring in tucker barnes. >> first, before we get to tucker, tropical storm isaac may be weakening but it is still wreaking havoc in some areas along the gulf coast. parts of lieu lou have experienced major flooding. >> isaac has forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes and president obama has signed a disaster declaration for louisiana and mississippi. elizabeth prann has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. that storm has now been downgraded to a tropical storm and soon to be a tropical depression. although it didn't really swamp new orleans like we thought it would, it did wreak havoc on other parts of louisiana. take a look. lieu lou's plaque minutes parish is one of the areas hardest hit by isaac. the storm dumped several inches of rain on the area causing severe flooding.
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officials were forced to rescue dozens ever people by boat. >> national guard working with local officials, sheriff's deputies, private citizens and others that reported at least 35 people have been rescued. >> reporter: rescue operations were called in for st. bernard parish. a number of residents there chose to ride out the storm in their homes despite vac orders and became overwhelmed by the heavy rain. >> we lost everything, like a lot of people. >> reporter: in new orleans, the storm had less of an impact than many expected. the city's biggest problem seemed to be downed power lines, scattered tree limbs and minor flooding. >> the $11 billion that they spent strengthening the levees was spent wisely. >> reporter: the city's historic french quarter drew a steady treatment of people looking for some refreshments and electricity despite the wind and rain. >> came down and the only place open and i wanted to get something to drink and eat. >> they have all the electrical lines underneath the ground so
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that is really smart. >> reporter: as soon as the sun comes up, we know the coast guard will go up and down the mississippi river that sufferedded that big storm surge and they will see whether or not it is safe for the barges to continue their work. it could be as early as this weekend and we certainly hope so to get the economy here back rolling. >> do we have any idea how man people are still stranded in their homes possibly in that plaquemines parish area? >> officials say they do have everyone out of that area. they rescued about three dozen folks there yesterday and they feel confident that everyone is out. now, that being said, the coast guard is going to go back today as soon as the sun comes up, as soon as they feel it is safe, just to make sure everyone is out. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> now, let's bring in tucker barnes to get an update on the weather situation. >> good morning. let's go right to isaac and just getting an update. maximum wind are down to 45
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miles per hour. it continues to rain very, very hard across parts of louisiana and mississippi and alabama. you can see the wide swath of moisture there. still, the banding features present on our satellite signature on our radar signature. so unfortunately, i think the rain will continue down there for much of the day. storm still moving very slowly off to the north and west at just five miles per hour. let's do local weather. another great start to our day. beautiful out there at the moment. 72 in washington. once you get on the other side of the beltway, lots of 60s. 62348 fredericksburg. 61 in winchester. 61 in ocean city. -- 68 in fredericksburg. not expecting anything morning a few clouds today. it will be warmer than yesterday. today, upper 80s to about 90. so we're going to be bordering on a hot one today. it will be hot tomorrow and saturday. i'll have details on that in just a minute. >> nice and steamy time now to say good morning to julie wright. >> not a lot happening right
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now. we are off to a quiet start as you work your way along eastbound 66 continuing inbound from manassas headed through centreville. light traffic volume eastbound headed for the capital beltway. on the inner loop headed around towards new hampshire avenue as well as on the outer loop leaving 95 continuing around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. to politics now. mitt romney will make his case for the white house in prime time tonight when he helps wrap up the republican national convention. now, last night, the republicans rolled out some of the biggest names to the stage. they included former secretary of state condoleezza rice and senator john mccain. but the highlight was congressman paul ryan. for the most part, he praised mitt romney, stuck to fiscal circumstances and argued against president obama's policies. >> you would think that any president, whatever his party, would make job creation and
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nothing else his first order of economic business. but this president didn't do that. instead, we got a long divisive all or nothing attempt to put federal government in charge of health care. >> congressman ryan said the nation has been getting the run- around for four years and mitt romney is the man to turn it around. romney is scheduled to give his acceptance speech at 10:00 tonight. our big local story making headlines this morning, the former university of virginia la crosse player convicted of killing his girlfriend will learn his fate today. he could be facing more than two dozen years behind bars. melanie alnwick is following the case for us. >> reporter: at 1:00 this afternoon, george huguely will learn how much time he will spend behind bars for the death of his girlfriend yeardley love. yesterday, his family filed an appeal for leap intelligencey. huguely did not testify in his
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open defense during his trial in february and did not ever apologize or express remorse to the jury. prosecutors had sought a first degree murder conviction but jurors found that huguely did not intend to kill his girlfriend. instead, they convicted him of second degree murder and recommendation 26-year sentence. george huguely was 22 years old at the time of the murder which shocked the uva campus. he and yeardley love were known to have a volatile relationship n may of 2010, after huguely spent the day playing golf and drying, he and love argued and fought in her apartment that evening. she was found beaten to death a short time later. now, jury did recommend a 26 year sentence including one year for grand larceny of love's computer. huguely's family is asking the judge identify 14-year sentence. the judge can reduce the jury's recommendation. however, he cannot increase it. we will learn more about that later this afternoon. >> thank you so much.
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our paul wagner will be covering the sentencing from charlottesville. within sure to tune in at 5:00 tonight for the latest on that. we'll be posting updates throughout the day on switching gears to sports now, the final pre-season tune- up for the washington redskins.
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making headlines, four children remain in serious condition after being hit by an elderly driver in los angeles. now, police say the 100-year- old man backed his car onto a sidewalk near an elementary school yesterday hitting 11 people including nine children. the driver says his brakes failed when he tried to back out of a parking lot. all of the victims are expected to survive. police say the man does have a valid driver's license. among the beverage choices for guests at the inaugural ceremonies next year will be d.c. tap water. d.c. water sent a letter to the congressional committee planning the presidential inauguration asking hem to
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reconsider their selection of bottled water. the chairman. committee says d.c. tap water will be available just as it is in the capitol every day. he acknowledged that saratoga springwater will also be served. it is a nice way to head into the regular season. the redskins trounced the buccaneers last night. billy cundiff made three out of four field goals in his debut. running backs evan roister and roy helu returned from injuries and scored the three touchdowns. >> how is your drive something. >> excellent. >> if you live in the district, chances are not very good ough, at least according to one report. >> i live in the suburbs. i don't live in the district. all of that bad driving may not totally be your fault. we'll explain. first, let's talk to a great
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driver, tucker barnes. >> particularly when there is nobody on the road. we're looking fine. on the warm side, upper 80s b90. be ready for a hot one. otherwise, be ready for a forecast. julie wright has the traffic for you and she'll tell you about her driving too coming up after the break. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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& blue moon &&.
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>> that is a full moon. it will be a full moon tonight. it is a blue moon. that is why you hear that song. >> this is the second time in a month. >> now, i'm told that the next blue moon won't happen until 2015. >> this is really rare so let's enjoy it. this is our second one this year. >> second one this year and second one this month. >> we had a full moon on august 1st and our second full moon will be late tonight and early tomorrow morning. >> how rear that is to -- how rare is that to have two in a year. >> very rare. >> is it really that yellow? >> no, i think its a our camera. the blue moon has nothing to do with the color of the moon. >> i was going to ask that but
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i didn't want to put you on the spot. >> it has to do with the fact that it is twice in a month. wisdom's not sure. >> i have lots of questions. >> you saw it last night before i went to bed. it is beautiful. nice and big out there. >> nice and clear so we can see it. we've had some nice days. >> that is true. yesterday, gorgeous, nice and warm, not a lot of humidity. today, more of the same. >> no humidity, is that what you said. >> i said not much humidity. there is a live look at isaac still doing its thing. lots of rain across portions of new orleans, mississippi. the storm is gradually falling apart, starting to lose its definition here. still a tropical storm with
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maximum winds of about 45 miles per hour. looking at the future here, it will continue to push off to the north and west at five miles per hour moving very, very slowly and that is going to be one of the issues. they are expecting additional flooding rains across the south here over the next 12 to 24 hours. let's push on and show you washington weather. look at that. that is what you call a nice start. 71 in washington. just like jed, 50s now breaking out to the north and west. 59 this morning in frederick. off to the south, fredericksburg, 68 degrees. great-looking start to our day. this is a perfect looking forecast on our satellite- radar. no features here to talk about. yesterday, we had a few clouds bubble up during the day and we'll see a few clouds this afternoon but it should be a nice day. a little warmer than yesterday with highs in the upper 80s. a few of us will goat close to
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90. lots of sunshine, warm afternoon, 88 our average daytime high. a little mild overnight. we won't be quite as cool late are tonight and early tomorrow. friday, saturday, hot. yeah, 93 tomorrow. 91 on saturday. still dry. by sunday, second half of sunday and monday, look like -- i know this is labor day. look like the remnants ever isaac start to make their presence felt in our area. we could see showers and thunderstorms by late in the weekend. let's do some traffic. julie labor day, maybe last beach weekend of the year. >> i'm not trying to hear that. but monday, it is the gaithersburg labor day parade and i will be your guest emcee. i'll be talking during the parade. >> can't wait. that's your specialty. >> hosting, seeing the parade or talking? nonetheless, come on out, i'll buy you a funnel cake. no problem report the right now. land are open on the beltway
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between annandale and merrifield. 39 5s off to a quiet start in the express lanes and main line headed out towards seminary road. -- 395 is off to a quiet start in the express lanes and main line headed out towards seminary road. no problems to report south of 109 headed out to the scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. be careful the next time you get behind the wheel. d.c. has the worst drivers. >> that is according to a new report by one of the nation's largest insurance companies. it is base on the number of claims filed. >> matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: washingtonians may be known for running a red light be maybe breaking the speed limit but are we really that bad behind the wheel? >> it can get pretty stressful. >> reporter: thomas memorial owe runs several deliveries a day for hello cupcake. he disagrees with the list from all state and says getting around d.c. is confusing especially when it comes to traffic circles. >> how the streets are
5:21 am
constructed, all the construction that is going on, street signs that are confusing, having three or four street signs saying different directions. >> reporter: all state didn't come out and call d.c. drivers the worst, but on the best drive are's report, the in a appear capital came in dead last. it is based on the time between accidents for allstate customers. in d.c., it is 4.8 years. but aaa says it may not be about the ability of drivers in this area, more about the congestion. just think about it. all of the people that drive into d.c. from virginia around maryland every day. more traffic means more accidents. >> there is no easy fix and given the topography and the layout of the city, they aren't building any new roads to accommodate the traffic. >> reporter: according to d.c. police, serious accidents resulting in death have gone down. >> as of today, we have had only 11 traffic fatalities this year chase decrease of almost
5:22 am
60% over the same time period last year. >> reporter: thomas marlo says he has been lucky. no recent accidents and his advice. >> just be defensive when driving. >> d.c. may be at the bottom of allstate's list but our neighbors aren't doing that well either. >> baltimore is right behind the district as second worst. alexandria is seventh and arlington is 12th that. would explain the accidents. it wasn't me. it is all about the congestion. >> of course. not your fault at all. none of that. coming up, the odd couple with a modern twist. >> i have a place for you. >> where? you? >> you? >> long lost enemies, now roommates burned partners in a rather interesting business venture.
5:23 am
a new movie for a good time call. >> the star at down with kevin mccarthy to talk about the movie.
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hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's.
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a new comedy opening this weekend take a page from oscar and felix in the odd couple and puts a definite 21st century spin on the story. >> the movie is titled for a good time, call. it stars ari gainer who takes in a roommate who turns out to
5:26 am
be a long-lost enemy and they decide to become business partners. >> kevin mccarthy talked to her about the comedy. >> i love how you move in and the whole idea of not wanting to be with her. all the characters you've played think who would be the best roommate and worst roommate of your previous characters. from nick and nor on a. would have been a really fun roommate. she could have created a little havoc now and again. i think she would be pretty fun. i would not want to live with marissa from the sitter. >> the phone sex names are the funniest part for me. >> i'm kitty. i'm here with my friend. >> i'm catty. >> hello kitty and catty. >> we went through -- there is shaquanda.
5:27 am
and we had a full house reference of dj and sandy, which is what i named my weave because that wasn't my real hair in the movie. >> reporter: hypothetically f you could have a famous director step in and direct that commercial work what would it looks like? >> i would like a spike jones written and directed phone commercial. it could be like suddenly we're not sink or we're really little and then wear in like fantasy worlds and you come back and we're riding around on a foam cloud and then the hitchcock could be in black and white and i my hair would be in a perfect hitchcock blonde twist. i would be focused on the look of it. it would be up on a house on a hill. it would be the psycho music playing and then you would see like the shadow of our bodies through a curtain and you know, you would just hear whispers.
5:28 am
>> if anything, the movie's name has something going for it. >> i like the title. >> for a good time, call. okay. sign me up. on fox 5 morning news. we'll gate the latest on tropical storm isaac. >> we'll get a live report from the republican national convention in tampa. stay with us. we'll be right back. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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we continue tracking now tropical storm isaac as it slow
5:31 am
will you moves inland bringing with it more heavy rain and strong wind. >> president obama has signed a disaster declaration for louisiana and mississippi. the move speeds up recovery efforts for those places hit hard by isaac. in louisiana, thousands of people being removed from st. john the baptist parish. >> as soon as conditions are safe, the contractors can evaluate the situation. but that is something that was done during gustav in 2008. we know how it do it and we've done it before. if it makes sense and conditions are safe to do that, we absolutely support that. to mississippi now where the national guard was forced to make several water rescues as a result of tropical storm isaac. residents reported seeing water rising up to their knees.
5:32 am
the storm also spawned a tornado in jefferson county that destroyed several homes and buildings. >> the run thing we have not heard out of this is that anybody has lost their lives so no major injuries or anything like that. >> so far, so good. >> they are still dealing with very heavy rain. still a tropical storm. isaac doing its best to keep its act together here although it has lost its energy source now that it is moving inland. maximum winds down to 45 miles per hour. you can see still plenty of heavy rain there in parts of country that don't particularly need it including much of mississippi there, louisiana still getting the rain and even some outer bands stretching into alabama at this hour. isaac will continue tonight story here for another day or so. the remnants will continue to track off to the north and west today. the current movement of the storm is just five miles per hour. so yeah, just not moving a whole lot in the last 24 hours. let's do some local weather. here in washington, you look great. 71 in washington.
5:33 am
73% humidity. winds don't have much out of the north here at zero miles per hour. our radar nice and quiet. we are not expecting any shower activity today. in fact, i don't think you'll see more than a few passing clouds today. it will be warm this afternoon. yesterday, mid-80s. today, upper 80s. get ready for a little mini heat blast here friday and saturday. we'll be well into the 90s by tomorrow. 88 today with plenty of sunshine. 86 in front royal. should be a nice afternoon us for. not a lot of humidity today. >> all right. i'll enjoy today. thank you. want to check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. >> unfortunately, sarah, we have what is being reported as another tanker truck that caught fire. that is being reported westbound on the greenway out near mel bont ridge road before you reach the bypass -- out near belmont ridge road before
5:34 am
you reach the bypass. we'll keep you posted. beltway cop struck has cleared as you travel between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue. northbound i-95 making your way up from triangle. that is where we have reports of a stalled car along the rye side of the road. lanes are open as you push north leaving dumfries continuing out towards the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. mitt romney makes his case to the american public tonight. paul ryan had the highlights last night. jennifer davis has more. >> reporter: it was paul ryan's national debut and his moment in the spotlight t generate a lot of excitement here. tonight, all eyes will turn on the man at the top of the ticket. the gop's newest star introduces himself to the
5:35 am
convention and country with a few personal details. >> my play list, it starts with ac lsh dv and it ends with zeppelin. -- ac/dc, and it ends with zeppelin. >> reporter: ryan is one of the gop's top budget experts. >> before the math and momentum overwhelm us all, we'll solve this nation's economic problems. >> reporter: he spreesed the country needs a new gop economic plan. >> we will not duck the tough issues. we will lead. >> reporter: former secretary of state condoleezza rice making a big splash as well. she stresses the gop's national security and foreign policy skills. >> mitt romney and paul ryan have the integrity and experience and vision to lead us. >> reporter: and new to the stage, new mexico governor susannah martinez providing a unique perspective. >> a little girl from a border
5:36 am
town could one day become a governor but this is america. >> reporter: back live, you are take a look at some early morning construction as they do some alterations to the stage that mitt romney will take this evening as he delivers his acceptance speech. he is going to be introduced by florida senator marco rubio. back to you. >> fep officer, just real quick before we let you go here, we haven't seen a lot of big surprises but we are hearing we may have an unexpected mystery guest tonight. >> that is the talk. there is a line on today's questioned scheduled sort of later in the evening and it says speaker tba. there is a lot of mystery and buzz about who that might be.
5:37 am
a couple of names being bandied about include clint eastwood, sarah palin, some are even throwing out tim tebow. but it is unclear if there is any truth to that or if it is just a wish list. we'll have to wait and sigh. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. -- we'll have to wait and see. our big local story, a former university ever virginia la crosse player will be sentenced today for the death of his he can-girlfriend. george huguely was convicted of second degree murder. a jury has recommended a 26- year sentence but according to a court filing yesterday, huguely's attorneys are asking the judge for leniency and a 14- year sentence. an off the cuff remark at the republican national convention cost a d.c. journalist his job. what he said that caused yahoo news to fire its washington bureau chief. a good showing for the redskins in their final pre- season game. we share the highlights coming
5:38 am
up next. of we'll be right back. after a check of the market. it was an up day on wall street wednesday though the gains were pretty small. dow picked up 4 1/2 points. the nasdaq up four points. in asia today, most markets are down. japan's nikkei losing 86 points. now, we'll be right back. you'rere on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
5:41 am
yahoo news fired its washington bureau chief for making some racially charged comments. david kolane was caught on a live microphone during an online interview. he was talking about the romneys attending the republican national con advantage while hurricane isaac churned in the gulf of mexico. you have to listen carefully to hear him in this audio that came from news busters. >> they're not concerned at all. >> they are happy to have a party with people drowning. >> in a statement, yahoo news says his statement was inappropriate and does not represent the views of yahoo. he has been terminated effective immediately. we have reached out to the romney campaign and he says, yahoo does, we apologize for mitt romney, his staff and
5:42 am
anyone who was phonedded. who was offended -- and anyone who wasoffended. talking sports now. the redskins wrapped up the preseason with a convincing win over the buccaneers 30-3. billy cundiff hit three out of four field goals. the game predominantly featured back-ups. evan roister and roy helu returned from injuries and scored the team's three touchdowns. looking good so far. >> now, we goat to go to the real stuff that really counts. >> the stuff that counts. >> is tropical storm isaac having an impact on gas prices? >> up next, we'll check the
5:43 am
latest prices just out this morning. plus we're also checking our weather and traffic here in our area. time now is 5:42. stay with us.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
welcome back. that is a live look at new orleans kind of post-storm. this is a live look at some of the rainy streets left behind after the storm. >> looks much better now. that is for sure. a lot of rain in surrounding areas. a lot of problems in >> it looks like new orleans is kind of doing okay as far as we know. >> doing a lot better than katrina. i think there are 700,000 power outages. we know after the derecho that went through here, it may be a day or two before some of them get their power back. >> if not more than that. it will take a while. they know how that is. >> relatively intact. still getting some rain. not a whole lot of wind down in new orleans. portions of louisiana, mississippi, alabama still getting inundated. maximum winds now 40 miles per
5:47 am
hour. you can see it is starting to lose its structure. it lost its eye feature late in the day yesterday. it still has some banding features pulling water up from the northern gulf here and still some rain showers in new orleans and then if you get off to the north and east, some very heavy rain. tonight warning earlier this morning in parts of alabama. so isaac still packing somewhat of a punch and will be tracking off. it is still moving very slowly off to of north and west at just five miles per hour at this hour t will continue to be a slow mover here. heavy rain expected once gun across several states in the deep south. around here, we are looking great. look at the school temperatures overnight. 71 right now in washington. lots of 60s, upper 50s in maces like frederick. 59degrees this morning. 64 in leonardtown. nice start for us. not expecting much humidity today. yesterday, the humidity levels, it got warm yesterday but without a lot of humidity, it didn't feel terrible. today, more of the same. it will be i little warmer than yesterday with highs expected
5:48 am
to be in the upper 1r0. not expecting a lot of humidity out there this afternoon as our wind have been out of the north and north and west here the last couple of days. there is your satellite-radar. nice, quiet start on the day. lots of sunshine expected. if you get a chance to get out tonight and catch that blue moon, second full moon of the month here later this evening. and we're expecting quiet conditions until the end of the weekend. the reason why, the remnants of isaac are going to do one of these big up and around the area of high pressure here off to the south. as we get into sunday and monday, it is looking more and more like that we'll get showers here associated with isaac and the frontal system that will be coming through. we could be in for a period of tropical rains around here. not a tropical storm. 88 today. clear and mild overnight. 73 the overnight low. not expecting rain here any time soon. we've got a little mini heat
5:49 am
wave with highs back into the 90s. low to mid-90s tomorrow. tomorrow is a hot one. saturday too. there is your rain shower activity by sunday and monday. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and find out what is going on out there. >> we've got more problems unfortunately this morning with a tanker truck involved in the crash. we are told that the tanker truck flipped over, caught fire. we know of at least one injury at this time. this is going to affect your ride if you are traveling on the dulles greenway at shreve mill road. overturned tanker t caught fire. at least one person injured at the scene. we'll bring you more details as it becomes available. traveling on the other side of town, you will find lanes are open northbound i-95. no trouble spots to report in the express lanes and main line as you travel north continuing up towards the springfield
5:50 am
interchange. pace is good out to the 14th street bridge. southbound 270 still a good go southbound 109 head the out towards clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. isaac is causing quite a bump in gas prices across the country. the national average jumped 11 cents in the past week as oil refineries shut down in the gulf. it is now at $3.83 a gallon. our regional averages went up overnight. the average in d.c. is $4. nats rookie phenom bryce harper making plenty of noise last night. >> harper, there goes another one. see you later. how about upstairs? >> showing off his bat and his helmet tossing skills. umpire wasn't impressed by it though. sports breakfast coming up next. would you like to know how can you yen rate a power bill that can be paid with just your pocket change? i'm bob barnard in a maryland
5:51 am
community where the residents say that is happening. 
5:52 am
rachel and sam have a house. now they want a home. a home where everything feels like it's designed just for them. where the styles they love fit into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better. that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store.
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turned out to be bryce harper night in miami. he hit a two high pressure run homer to get on the scoreboard first. he would go at it again with a solo home run in the fisk inning. bryce ended up getting tossed from the game when he slam his
5:54 am
helmet in frustration in the ninth. nats go on to win 8-4. >> glad they won. >> no kidding. maryland governor martin o'malley is leading a bush to get more families into more energy efficient homes. >> he says the cost of savings over time complements when the initiative does for the environment bob barnard shows us how. >> reporter: they are building a community of new homes near downtown frederick priced from the mid 200s built as smart green home where they say it almost pays to go green y we got our first bill. it was 50 cents for the electric. we are expecting that eventually, they will be paying us. >> reporter: maryland governor marten o'malley toured the community and praised the builder's work. >> we all know we live in changing times. question is what we are going to make of these times and when we are going to make something new and better. >> reporter: they are called net zero homes. >> it should all come out to zero over the course of the year. >> reporter: she is talking about the cost of cooling and
5:55 am
heating her new home, five bedrooms, three and a half bathss. >> i used to live in new hampshire where we spent about $3,000 a year on heating costs. so for us being in a super insulate home is going to be fabulous. >> reporter: there are no ac units outside and solar panels on nearly every rooftop. even in bad weather, according to the manufacturer's sales reps. >> we have monitoring systems so you can see what your system is doing on your computer. people call me up and say there is a foot of snow on my panels but they're making power. >> reporter: the company that makes these solar panels is based in sterling, virginia but says 95% of what they make is shipped overseas to countries like india and israel, germany and spain. governor o'malley says maryland is offering incentives to make it more appealing for more people to buy in. >> the combination. infometrica meeterring law which allows the home own are to sell energy back to the
5:56 am
grid, the solar tax cede the and also the geothermal traction credit. when you stack those credits, it brings down the initial selling price of the house so that it is really competitive in the marketplace. >> reporter: the seller telling us about 10 to 15% more than a new home that is not green. bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> good way to save some money there. >> all right. using the environment. one county in our area says it is being left out of the social coupon craze. we'll take a look at why they are talking about it and why that is happening. >> our big story this morning, the gulf coast still feeling the impact ofitis ask. we'll get a live report from new orleans coming up. time for our facebook fan of the day. today, we say hello to dolores archibald, aka granny. dolores says she has been getting her daily fox 5 fix since 1977 and would love to one day tell us thank you in
5:57 am
person. >> that is so sweet. >> we thank you for watching. i'm assuming that is your grand baby. looking pretty young there. wonder if she is a new grandma. congratulations, dolores. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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