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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  August 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it is official. >> mitt romney delivers his message to the nation. >> mr. chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> we are live in tampa with a wrap-up of the final night of the republican national convention. >> and the remnants of isaac still causing problems this morning. we'll have the latest on the storm's track. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning. it is friday, august 31st, take a hiv look outside at the win. a lot of folk will be heading out for the labor day weekend. we'll get a check of your traffic coming up in just a bit to see how things are moving out there. i'm sarah simmons.
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>> i'm wisdom martin. -- take a live look outside at the bridge. the bridge. >> reporter: last night, it was brise, rocking, a very big night no mitt romney as he promised delegates and country he was ready to restore america. >> mr. chairman and delegates, you accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> reporter: it is official, mitt romney becomes the gop's presidential candidate and is greeted by a raucous and receptive crowd as he shares personal aanecdotes. >> he have day, dad gave mom a rose which he put on her bedside table. >> reporter: on politics, he spared no expense hammering away at president obama and the need for change. >> america has been patient. americans have supported this president in good faith. but today, the time has come to turn the page. >> reporter: with job creation a hot button, romney said unlike president obama he
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sports business. >> in america, we celebrate success. we don't apologize for success. >> reporter: and he closed with a promise for i better future. >> that future is out there. it is waiting for us. >> reporter: also speaking thursday night, rising gop stars like florida senator marco rubio. >> america is still a place where tomorrow is always better than yesterday. that is what our politics should be about. >> reporter: and clint eastwood is getting lots of attention for his endorsement of romney and his conversation with an imaginary president obama represented by and yet i chair. >> so mr. president, how do you handle promises that you've made when you were running for election? >> reporter: the morning after romney's big speech inside this building, his campaign is certainly hoping to see a bump in the polls. the rebuttal will come quickly though.
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democratic national convention begins tuesday in charlotte. i'm jennifer davis, fox news. back to you. tropical depression isaac is weakening but that doesn't mean the rain has stopped. isaac is now soaking parts of arkansas leaving behind eye huge mess in louisiana. flooding in the state has forced thousands of residents out of their homes. yesterday, officials ordered people between the towns of kentwood and robert to evacuate due to fears that damaged dam in mississippi was going to fail actual national guard helicopter is monitoring that area. what a mess down there. >> still not out of the woods yet. >> still heavy rain across. it has now moved into arc ask and eventually later this weekend, we could get moisture here associated with the remnants of isaac. not a major storm. we'll have to watch that. we're doing fine this morning locally. temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. it is going to be a hot one. i think you will feel the heat
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to end august. currently, 74 in washington. generally 60s if you are west and inorganic of the play. 64 this morning in manassas. wi -- generally 60s if you are west and north the beltway. much of the moisture across the country is associated with isaac at this hour and i'll show you that in a minute. that is well out to the west. we are expecting quiet conditions around here today. kids headed to the bus stop. if you are headed down to the beaches hater this morning, you should be fine. i think today and tomorrow will generally be nice down at the lower eastern shore. notice it gets hot by the noon hour, upper 80s and low to mid- 90s by 5:00 p.m. i don't we remember what that feels like. not too long ago. all right. thank you. >> time to say good morning to julie wright, see what is happening on the roads. >> all right, you guys. it will be a busy day for those heading out of town for a three high pressure day -- for a
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three-day weekend. if you are heading out of town, leave now. northbound i-95 was troubled with a crash before quantico at the 146-mile marker. all of the activity at the shoulder. traffic slows again across the occoquan. traveling southbound on the baltimore-washington parkway, five-car pile-up before you reach 410. stay to the right in order to get by headed in from the capital beltway. you are going to find delays if you are traveling outbound across the eastbound freeway to the outbound sousa bridge. so the crew there with this incident. traffic is slow making your way past the scene. lanes are open on south capital street. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >> thank you. our top story this morning, 23 years in prison. that is the sentence handed down for a former uva la crosse player convicted in the murder of his girlfriend. a jury had recommended george
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huguely spend 26 years in prison but the judge reduced that punishment by three years. maryland health officials are reporting the first death from the west nile virus in the state. so far, we only know that only that person was an adult who died. now, maryland now has 13 west nile cases so far this year. virginia has had five reported cases and d.c. has one. the total number of cases nationwide is up 40% just last week. now, mosquitoes get the vier us from feeding ona if he canned birds and spread it to people they bite. new this morning, a barbershop and hair braiding shop are damaged in an early morning fire. this happened around 3:30 this morning in the 3800 block of 34th street in mount rainier, mayor daley. no one was hurt and there is no word about what caused the fire. it is a school that turns out big names in politics, business and law and it is at the center of a cheating scandal now. >> also ahead, how two documents signed several years ago could land the author of a new book detailing the death of
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osama bin laden in legal trouble. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. 
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news of a surprise phone call made minutes before last month's movie theater shooting n a court hears thursday, defense attorneys revealed that the suspect called the after- hours number at a hospital at the university of colorado. he was apparently try to reach a cool psychologist who testified she met with holmes one time. she was not available when he made the call. a former navy seal who wrote a book detailing the raid that killed osama bin laden could be in legal trouble. the book, no easy day, goes on sale next week. the pentagon's top lawyer has told author matt bissonnette he
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broke an agreement not to reveal military secrets. the pentagon's general sound con says, after reviewing the book, he believes bissonnette violated those agreements. 125 harvard university students are accused of cheating on i a take-home final for a class last spring. officials haven't determined if it is a specific plagiarizing of answers or if it is a collaboration. saying good-bye to one of sesame street's most popular voices. >> first, a d.c. landmark reopens to the public after extensive renovations. details on the reflexing pool's massive makeover when we come back. [ harry umlaut ] i speak european you know. [ sally umlaut ] uh-huh.
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if you're sticking close to
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home over the labor day weekend, you may want to take a trip down to the lincoln memorial. the reflecting pool is reopening today after a $34 million renovation. it features special concrete to prevent that murky look that the water has had in the past along with a long list of new features to make sure it is pick p erfect -- picture perfect for generations to come. >> very nice. here is a live picture of the reflecting pool as the sun comes up over washington, d.c. how beautiful that is? >> that is nice. >> we have to go down there some day. >> and that chain link i know is there right now. sherry ly said it will come down at some point today. you will be able to walk down there freely and enjoy it. it should be nice this weekend except for maybe later in the week. >> even on sunday with some chances of rain back in the forecast, it won't be a wash outday. >> as long as you get down
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there early, you'll be okay. >> it will be hot and steamy this weekend. we transition to september. hard to believe. >> fall. >> fall soon enough. not going to feel like fall around here today. certainly not this afternoon with high temperatures expected to be back in the middle 90s. we'll do it. 90s gun for afternoon highways. let's get to the maps and here are your headlines for today. heat back. upper 80s yesterday. we'll be heating up to the low to mid-90s later this afternoon. more humidity this weekend. lots of water if you have outdoor plans both saturday and sunday. our humidity levels will be on the increase. not so much today. but again today, we'll be back in the mid-90s. showers back by sunday. at left the threat of the showers back by sunday. i don't think it will rain all day on sunday. we'll have a few showers around with the remnants of isaac moving through. we have our next tropical storm in the central atlantic. it is leslie, not forecast to impact land areas. leslie could strengthen to a
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hurricane over the next couple of days. reagan national, 74 degrees. 77 at quantico. it is a little warm and a little more humid as you get to the east and south of the city. off to the north and to the west, places like martinsburg, very comfortable. 57 for you. 63 this morning in gaithersburg. very quiet start to the day. you saw the live shot. we should see lots of sunshine. it will be a beautiful day but it will be hot. the area of high pressure that delivered the last couple of nice days across the area has pushed to our south and now our winds are going to go up and around that and out of the south and west. that will allow warm are air to get in here this afternoon and it will be one of the warmest days we've had here in the past several week with highs expected to be back into the low to mid-90s. that is tropical depression. what is left of isaac. it will go up and around that area of high pressure. some of that moisture will get thrown back into the mid- atlantic and i think our holiday on monday will feature plenty of clouds with scatrd
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showers around as well. the good news, we'll start the weekend nice and dry. 95 today. mostly sunny skies. hot this afternoon. winds south and west at about five to 10 miles per hour. so a hot one later today. warm and muggy overnight. 759 overnight low. winds west five to 10. here is your weekend forecast and as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, more humidity around with plenty of sunshine, 91. look a little unsettle here. zipped, monday, honesty into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we're now doing the seven-day forecast. thing as a little cooler by the middle of next week with a cold front, 80 on thursday. let's do some traffic this morning with julie wright. >> now, just starting to roll off the tongue, is it not? , accu-weather forecast. >> i'm agetting smooth, aren't i? >> it is coming. i like it. it is a five-car pile-up tying up your drive southbound bw parkway before you reach 410. you want to stay to the right
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to get by. expect tea lays -- delays coming from the beltway. on northbound i-95, we had the accident activity before you reach quantico. all of that is cleared and delays are improving. southbound i-59 before you reach 17, accident activity tying up the route. if you are traveling eastbound on the freeway, the remains of the stalled car there. that is causing unusual backup for those eastbound on the freeway to go outbound across the sousa bridge. you will find your lanes are open north of town. no problems to report on the beltway between college park and 270. southbound 270 picking up the usual suspects as you head into clarksburg. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are remembering a man who helped make math fun. jerry nelson, the voice of count von count on sesame street has passed away.
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>> it is time to answer the fascinating question, what the sesame street number of the day. >> nell sop worked with jim henson in the '60s and joined sesame street in the early 70s. he was born in oklahoma and raised here in d.c. actually. along the with the count, he voiced big bird's best buddy mr. snuffleupagus. jerry nelson died last week in cape cod, massachusetts. he was 78 years old. i loved count. >> i didn't realize he was both. >> i know. >> more on the insurance impact of isaac king up. >> we want to share more back to school pictures now. this is zion and his little sister davon. they are both in programs at j.
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l. wilson elementary in northeast d.c. good luck at school, kids. you can e-mail us your child's back to school pictures. pictu
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welcome back. hurricane isaac will have a big impact on insurance claims. more on that in just a moment. first, a look at the markets. we have the business beat. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. we are locking at more light trading. yesterday, the nikkei saw its second full day of trading. investors are waiting to see if there is any chance of possible stimulus. we saw the markets down yesterday because people airle less optimistic that he will
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take any action there that, the central bank will take any action but he is due to speak at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. ahead of that, the markets are a little bit to the up side right now. >> annual talk about how isaac is having an impact on insurance claims. >> we got the first estimate from air worldwide and they are saying we are looking at about $700 million to $2 billion in insured onshore losses from the storm. now, while that is bad, comparatively speaking, look at hurricane katrina with $41.1 billion in claims. this confirms what we felt which is that isaac was bad but not as bad as it could have been. the storm has now been reduced to a tropical storm but it is still in effect and hanging over arkansas right now and it is projected to then move in from there. the not over yet but these are the estimates we're working with right now as to what we're
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looking at in losses from the storm. >> thank you for joining us and explaining that to us. happy friday. >> you too. have a great weekend. >> you too. next on fox 5 morning news, we'll have an update on where the remnants of isaac are now and how the storm could impact our forecast here at home. but first. >> mr. chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> it's official. mitt romney is now the gop presidential nominee and he will be in our area today. we're back in a moment.  president clinton: this election to me is about which...
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candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income...
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people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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an update on tropical depression isaac. it is leaving behind a huge mess in louisiana. flooding in the state has forced thousands of residents
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out of their homes and yesterday, official ordered unexpected evacuations due to fears that a damaged dam in mississippi was going to fail. a national guard helicopter is monitoring that area right now. so some lingering effects, more so than i guess what they thought they were going to be dealing with. >> yeah, here, we are fine. it is a little warm outside to be honest with you this morning. temperatures in the 70s. hang in there. you know we're transitioning to a new month and fall we'll be here soon enough. enjoy the last of the summer month. >> that is what you want for the beach weekend on labor day. >> true. the beaches are fine for the start of the weekend. let's do temperatures regionally. 60 in pittsburgh. 62 in detroit. 74 here in washington. 70 in new york city. wouldn't you know it? washington the hot spot this morning here regionally. looking at the radar, we are
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nice and quiet. should be a nice quiet afternoon for ualthough hot. high temperatures will soar into the low to mid-90s. yesterday, in the upper 80s. today, low to mid-90s. be ready for a hot one. make sure you brung along water today. we are back into the heat. 95, mostly sunny skies. hot this afternoon. it should be a try one for you. we start the weekend dry and things break down a little bit towards sunday and monday. and ask tony and tucker coming up in a few minutes. >> let's check approximate with julie wright. tony-- or tony. julie, you got to get in the pool one last time. this is perfect for it. i'm just telling you. >> it is the perfect weekend for it. you know what is sad is that the pool closes this weekend. >> but there is still your pool. >> i have my little pool so beagle bailey and i will there be together. on the roads, southbound 270, no problems to report leaving
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hyattstown and continuing out toward the scales. all of the lanes are open. if you are travel along the eastbound freeway, you we'll find delays continuing over towards the outbound sousa bridge where earlier we had some problems with a stalled truck in the roadway. s that has since been cleared. we are talking to our wazers this morning. we have delays due to a stalled car on the shoulder. it is causing a rubbernecking delay so keep your eyes peeled for that. no problems continuing down south at the wilson bridge. our trouble spot has been the southbound stretch of the baltimore-washington parkway where we had the five-car pile- up which occurred before you reach 410. plan on using route 50 to head in towards northeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. republican presidential nominee mitt romney and running mate paul ryan headed back out on the campaign trail today. >> the republican presidential ticket hopes to ride the momentum from the party's national convention. romney accepted the gop
6:33 am
nomination last night and during his speech, he talked about his family, his faith and some of his plans for america if he is elected president. he also pointed out his many did i have reps with president obama especially when it comes to the economy. take a listen. >> the cent are piece of the president's entire re-election campaign is taxing success. is it any wonder that someone who attacks success has led the worst economic recovery since the great depression. t depress in america, we celebrate success. we don't apologize for success. >> reporter: mitt romney campaigns in snored today before heading to virginia and ohio. speaking of that stop in virginia, the romney-ryan ticket is attending a victory rally at richmond international airport. it kick off at 2:00 this afternoon. president obama was just in charlottesville earlier this week. virginia is considered a key
6:34 am
battleground state. leground st well, there will be a welcome sight today down on the national mall. >> the reflexing pool is set to reopen to the public following a long renovation. fox 5's sherry ly is checking things out live for us this morning. we can final will you see as the sun comes up the beautiful reflecting pool behind you. >> reporter: it is. you can already see the difference in this newly renovated reflexing pool. it is a world of difference from that sometimes stag ?apt smelly pool of water that was here before -- stagnant smelly pool of water that was here before. even the duck have made themselves at home here. we do expect that today, the landmark will make its debut to the public. it closed in 2010 and took 20 months to complete the renovation.
6:35 am
it had been stinking and leaking water and during the $34 million reconstruction, the pool was ren force and new concrete poured. it has a new filtration system that will circulate and clean the water. prior to this, the pool built in 1922 had to be drained and cleaned two or three too many a year and truck loads of debris were taken out. dirt path around the reflecting pool has now been paved. the pool is shallower than it used to be. it uses less water but people shouldn't notice a difference. they added specially tinted concrete that will improve the appearance and reflectivity of the pool. 25million have is itsors here every year should welcome this change. it is due to reopen today. and by the way, it was paid for with stimulus funds. that is the latest here at the national mall. back to you. >> thank you. we are less than five months out from inauguration day now. can you believe it? soon, crews will begin construction on the inaugural
6:36 am
stands at the u.s. capitol. the "washington post" reports access to the lower terrace of the west front will be closed starting on september 10th. the 20134 spreadial inauguration will be held on january 21st because the extra diggal day of january 20th is on a sunday. -- traditional day of january 20th is on a sunday. george huguely was convicted of murdering yeardley love during a drunken rage. the jury had recommended that he serve 26 years behind bars but the union reduced that punishment by three years. -- but the judge reduced that punishment by three years. five prince george's county firefighters go to the hospital after bat allege an apartment fire in temple hills. four people were trapped inside the building. thafngfully, this were all rescued. four of the injured firefighters had minor burns. another was treated for exhaustion. -- thankfully, they were all
6:37 am
rescued. a look at what is new at the movies this weekend. a novel written by a fairfax county native is hitting the big screen with some pretty big stars. kevin mccarthy is here with his take on lawless. anncr: it'll start out as concrete a and steel...
6:38 am
but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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virginia's bootleg past is brought to the scene by big names this weekend. joining us live now is kevin mccarthy. >> good to see you. >> thipeople in the area are going to be interested to hear about lawless with the local tie and you really liked this movie too. >> it is probably wurch most violent film i have -- one of the most violent films i have seep in 2012 but that violence serve as a purpose. this is about two brothers who
6:41 am
sold moon shine to even law enforcement officials were buying this alcohol. this new special deputy comes in town played by guy pierce who is a phone no, ma'amal actor in this particular film and asks to charity profits. he wants some of the money the brother are making. they say no and it starts an all-out gangster war. the violence is some of the most gruesome, bloody, gory violence i've seep in a long time but the rope for it, and the director uses the violences as a catapult to let the caches make decision. it seven as as a character in the movie. he have action i acharacter makes is base around the violent acts in the movie. think that overviolence would almost like numb the audience but you kind of need it in the film in order to the story to move along. performance-wise, tom hardy, oh, my gosh, this guy is one of the most underrated actors
6:42 am
working today. he delivers one of the most subtle yet engaging performances i've seep this year on screenen he doesn't say much but when he does talk, you really want to listen. guy pierce, what a performance. the way he has his hair, the way he moves, the way he talks. he is one of most relentless villains i've seen on screen this year almost in the sense of a heath ledger when he is relentless and you never think he is going to turn good. the movie is very rivetting, very engaging. you was involve with it the entire time. i was very involved in the story and you want these guys to succeed but you know because of the law enforcement, it will be a problem. i think it is one of the best films i've seep any along time. it is a movie that you are sitting in the theater, the time passes very, very fast and you just really want to be engaged with these characters. i gave it a four out of five.
6:43 am
i really enjoyed this movie. i think shialeboeuf came out and said he hates big budget action movies. i like the transformer movies. he like these independent movies and this is more of an indie film. >> okay. for a good time, call. >> yes, the phone sex movie. >> when you first hear about it, you are thinking how good could it be? >> this is an r-rated raunchy comedy. every movie this week is like an adult film. but this particular film deals with two girls who hated each other in college. they become roommates out of necessity. one of them is operating a phone sex line out of her apartment. lauren miller, the girl who moves in, joins her and they create this business. they are making thousands upon
6:44 am
thousands of dollars a week and drama and hilarity ensue. you care for these characters. it is witty, fun and engaging. but it is a movie you watch and the cameo performances, the guys who actually call into this line, you will see some pretty famous faces. one particular director which i won't say who he is not to ruin it, but he is one of my favorite directors. it is a movie you go in and you have a great time watching it, no pun intended. it is a funny, engaging and very raunchy movies. >> we were talking about this. the two females who have the phone sex line, we haven't seen them. that is a good thing. i don't it is. ari grainer, these are unknowns i guess you would call them at the moment. and lauren on the left there,
6:45 am
she wrote part of this film as well. so i think it is a very funny movie. i sometimes think when you don't have a big star on screen, can you connect to the character a little more, you're not saying that's not tom cruise. i sat down with the cast. they gave me some pretty funny equips. like what other films would be good with phone sex. like godfather. >> i think that would turn into i shooting scene. that is an interesting concept. >> follow me on twitter. you can read about how it would be cooler in the godfather. >> all right. over to you. >> how about in star wars? >> phone sex in star wars. >> tucker barnes, let's talk about weather. >> yeah. we've got the holiday weekend and we'll kick it off on the hot side later this afternoon
6:46 am
with highs, get ready for mid- 90s. they are back. we'll be dealing with heat around here later today. warm start to your day. 74 in washington. 57 in annapolis. doing better off to the inorganic and west. we've got temperatures into the mid-60s in places like dulles, 64 degrees. our dew point temperatures north and west are a little low are as well so we're more comfortable hanging out there this morning. i think we'll be well thought 80s by the newport hour. probably upper 80s and then again topping out in the low to mid-90s. lots of water if you we'll be out and about tut. -- i think we'll be well into the 80s by the noon hour. he no we should be nice and dry this afternoon. our next chance for rain really doesn't arrive until the second half of the weekend, i think sunday into monday. that will be the remnants of isaac. isaac will have to steer itself
6:47 am
up and around an area of high pressure just to our south. that is currently blocking it. it will have to go up and around. that moisture will get pulled into the washington area towards the end of the weekend. it could kick off a round of showers, perhaps some thunderstorms. but until then, we'll be warm and steamy particularly tomorrow with high temperatures expected to soar once again into the 90s. today, a hot one, 95. winds have shifted here out of the south and west at about five to 10. later tonight, warm and muggy overnight. overnight lows, that is very warm for this time of year. we kick off september on a hot note. 91 tomorrow with lots of sunshine. cooler with the cloud cover sunday, monday and even into tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we now have the extended seven- day forecast. it is an accu-weather forecast. >> a lot going on. >> i'm out of breath. >> when you have to read the
6:48 am
whole seven-day. >> you have to pace yourself differently. >> take breaks in between. >> it is hard to stay out of the way of the seven-day forecast. it is all over the screen. >> you'll get used to it. >> you hear his voice so you know what time it is. >> i'm here so that means it is time for ask tony and tucker. yes, the most popular segment in morning television where we try to answer your questions, weather relate or otherwise. i was about to say today's question is not weather-related but it is. today's question is from sean s. in clinton, maryland. he wants to know where did the term rain check originate? why does it mean what it means? >> we know a sean s. . >> yes, we do. >> wonder if that is the same sean s. . >> we know the person. >> how did he get through?
6:49 am
>> he works here. >> do you have any idea, any thoughts about where the term comes from. >> i'm going to guess that at some point it was raining and somebody had something to do and they said it's ranking, let's check into doing this later. >> that is kind of true. >> very good. >> the first one. >> the term comes from the world of baseball. of baseball. >> the first use it was seems to be around 1889, 1890. it comes from they're playing a baseball game, it starts to rain, the weather gets bad they have to post upon or delay the game and they decide -- well the people who came to this game should still get to see a
6:50 am
game without having to pay again. they issued them a rain check. in a short period of time, by the early 20th century, very quickly, the term started being applied to all kind of other things. >> yeah, that's right. >> for example. tucker is take a rain check. for example, common usage when -- it is kind after polite way of turning down an invitation to do something. you will say, i'm busy else. can i take a rain check on that. >> my understanding is here in our country, we say rain check mean not now, we'll do it later. but the british didn't have rain check and in britain, what they say is i'm not going to do that. a different take on rain check. >> don't say that to a brit then. >> exactly. >> let's have lunch. >> rain check. >> and then later on, it
6:51 am
started being applied in retail swayings where they started saying, if wear out of an item, we'll give you a rain check and there is t. has nothing to do with the weather obviously but the concept has come to be applied to other scenarios. but it originally comes from baseball. >> that makes sense. >> and it got transferred to other outdoor events. >> that was straightforward. >> very straightforward. good way to end the week. >> there you go, sean. thank you for the question. we thought it was a good question. if you have a question that you would like to have answered, all you have to do is go to and click on the weather tab. >> sent is your video sub migs too. we haven't had any. >> not in a long time. we enjoy those. >> all right. >> okay. >> we can keep talking about rain checks. >> not really. that's president-elect y much all i have. we are -- that's pretty much all i have. >> we could talk about the
6:52 am
seven-day forecast because that takes you like five minutes. i don't know what to do with that seven-day forecast. >> we'll take a rain check. we have julie wright with the latest on traffic. >> it was so much easier in the old days when we had an engineer that controlled the microphones. >> it is all robots now. >> that is when tony started in radio. there were these final things called records. >> that is true. >> and remember, you had the guy in the booth across from you and he hit the button on and off. >> when i started, we didn't have that, no. >> that explains why you were running back and forth between the studios. and tucker is going, yeah, just play the 12-manhunt version of stairway to heaven, you got it made. on the roads right now, the crew in sky fox has joined us.
6:53 am
-- just play the 12-minute version of stairway to heaven. >> coming inbound leaving river dale in towards cheverly, pick up 50 and use that as the workaround. although 50 is starting to slow after riverdale. we'll take it back inside and update the ride here. this is 66 right into that sunshine. heavy volume starting to form here leaving 50 towards 123. no problems reported on the beltway leaving annandale to merrifield. southbound 270, nice and clear out of germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. fox 5 is monitoring metro and this morning, officials want to make sure that everyone knows about some emergencior work helping on the red line soon. starting at 10:00 on friday, september 7th, buses will replace twains between dupont circle and the nome -- will
6:54 am
replace trains between dupont sickle and the noma gallaudet u site. more on this on our web site, just look under web links. >> holly is tuning up to tell us more about a free family eventen you may want to check out this labor day weekend. we'll be right back. right bac -- a fee african-americanly event. -- a free family event you may want to check out this labor day wound.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. do we have something special planned for you on this friday. we are live at the ken center in the con -- kennedy center in the concert hall. today they're gearing up for their labor day tradition of having a concert on the west lawn of the capitol. we're going to spend time with
6:58 am
the principle conductor, starting only his second season. we'll spend time with the principle tuba player and percussionist. in the concert hall they are installing a new organ given to them. it has 5,000 pipes. the smallest one the size of a pencil, the largest about 16 feet. we thought this was a special access for our early morning viewers, sarah and wisdom. >> that will be phenomenal when it's done. thank you so much. >> time for our facebook fan of the day. today we say hello to jason. jason says he loves fox 5 morning news, bringing him and his family great news in the morning. >> good. >> in addition to tra >> oh, traffic and weather. >> that, too. for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, log onto our face book page and leave a comment under jason's picture.
6:59 am
>> thanks for watching. that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> time to send it over to tony and allison. happy friday to you both. >> same to you. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news, on a friday morning, mitt romney's promise to america. the republic national convention ended with a personal appeal from the new nominee. now it's back to the campaign trail and his first stop is here in the commonwealth. we'll have a live report. >> plus, isaac's winds die down, but the heavy rain has taken its toll. an update on the severe flooding that's forced tens of thousands of evacuations. >> later, a national eye sore no more. after nearly two years the pool at mr. lincoln's feet reopens. fox5 news at 7:00 starts right now. there's a very pretty picture of your sky s


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