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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 2, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. let's take a live look outside at a gray sunday so far. is the weather going to ruin your plans for the long weekend? gwen tolbart has that answer. hi, maureen. a lot of clouds. some of you got light rainfall. some of you got heavier rainfall. let's take a look at radar. i know it's important with the outdoor plans for tomorrow. take a look at the frontal system across d.c. you can see it stretching across the bay. that is going to be our main weather-maker as we move through during the course of tonight and tomorrow. it kicked up storms last night. some of the heavy rainfall as well that we received.
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it's continuing into the same pattern through the course of tonight. you can see storms south of fredricksburg. to the west of front royal, a little action there as well. we have to watch the system as it continues to push its way through. to the weather maps, the big picture, bev tornado warning boxes through areas of the mid- section of the country. that is associated with the spin of the remnants of isaac. that moisture is heading our way. a big tropical air mass will interact with the front and set us up for showers and storms and a very unsettled weather pattern. i will have more details later. back to you. >> thank you. the weather has changed plans for the labor day concert tonight. the national symphony orchestra will play at the kennedy center instead of the west side of the capital building. it's free. they are putting the finishing touches on the democratic national convention in charlotte. in a few days president obama
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will accept his party's nomination for a second term. craig boswell is in charlotte tonight. >> reporter: democrats, journalists pour into charlotte. president obama narrowly won north carolina in 2008. the event kicks off days after mitt romney's convention. during a campaign stop today, president obama told a crowd in coloado that his policies will keep america moving forward. >> despite the challenge that we face in the new century, what they offered over those three days was an agenda that was better suited for the last century. it was rerun. >> reporter: romney and his running mate maintain the president's policies left the country worse than when he took office. something he disagrees with. >> we know we won't be better off if we strip away protections to make sure you have health care when you get
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sick. >> reporter: security teams are setting up roadblocks and fences around the city. some put the security measures to the test. protestors gathered for the march on wall street south but that is not slowing down the work inside time warner cable arena. crews are putting the final touches on the stage. the president and vice president will accept their p nomination thursday at the bank of america stadium. bill clinton will speak wednesday night and place president obama's name into nomination. in charlotte, craig boswell, fox news. meanwhile, new york's attorney general is investigating mitt romney's former private equity firm bain capital, one of several under investigation. the question is whether the firm used a tax strategy to avoid paying hundreds of millions in taxes. it involves converting some fees into service for investments. it's not focused on the time when romney ran bain capital. a senior official from the
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department of security is stepping down over sexual harassment accusations. suzanne bar has resigned. peter doocy has the story. >> reporter: susan barr made news for allegedly telling a colleague he was a sexy expletive among other things. now she is making news for telling her boss she is stepping down. the former ice chief of staff placed herself on leave in august. now she is leaving for good bass as she -- because as she wrote in a letter, in recent weeks i have been the focus of unfounded allegations designed to destroy my reputation. of greater concern is the threat these allegations represent to the representation of this agency and the men and women that proudly serve their country by advances ice's mission. ice's response was two sentences, quote, director
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morton has received miss barr's resignation. we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. chairman of the homeland security committee, peter king, went into far greater detail expressing for more concern saying the resignation of suzanne barr raises the most serious questions about management practices and personnel policies at the department of homeland security. the committee will continue and intensify its review of all the facts regarding this case and s personnel practices across the board. suzanne barr says the allegations against her are without merit. she is confident in time her reputation will be restored. in washington, peter doocy, fox news. a flight at all three airports had to be stopped because of a fire in an air traffic control office. a refrigerator caught fire after 8:30 this morning. the facility had to be evacuated. the fsaa says the incident
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affected fewer than 20 flights that were stopped for about 25 minutes. a gas station clerk that tried to fight off a robber got shot. the clerk at the exxon on old sandy spring road was struggling with a gunman last night. the clerk tried to throw a chair at the man and was shot in the upper arm. the clerk is expected to survive. it's not clear if any money was taken. a church in baltimore county set up a fund for the teenager shot at a high school last week. 17-year-old daniel buroe was injured when he was shot by a fellow student. the perry hall worship center is planning a celebration when daniel is released from the hospital. robert gladen junior has been charged with the shooting. a news alert now out of south korea. the reverend sun young moon died. he came to fame in the 70s and 80s for holding mass weddings
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for thousands of followers that he matched. he proclaimed himself a messiah starting the unification church. the church was accused of using devious recruitments practices. eventually the church built a business empire that included the washington times newspaper. moon reportedly died of pneumonia at a church owned hospital at his home northeast of seoul. he was 92 years old. 67 years ago americans celebrated the ends of world war ii as victory overjapan day. it was celebrated at the world war ii memorial in washington. john henrehan has the story of the remembrance and the tale of a kid from massachusetts that fought in the south pacific. >> reporter: it was a brief morning ceremony at the world war ii memorial to commemorate
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the anniversary of jeja day. >> thank you for our country's freedom. thank you for our family's freedom and, yes, thank you for my freedom. >> reporter: a handful of world war ii veterans displayed wreaths to remember the 400,000 americans in uniform that were killed in the conflict. later in the day, 87-year-old john mcgrory remembered the day when he and his buddies learned that the japane agreed to surrender. do you remember that day? >> we were given a lot of beer. >> reporter: he can laugh now but during his trip to the world war ii memorial, he made a point of stopping at the part of the monument commemorating the touch beachfront landings in new guinea where he saw many comrades drown before making it to shore.
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>> you didn't know a lot of times the lcis would not make it and would you go down under. we loss a lot that way. they couldn't make it to the shore. >> reporter: he helped occupy japan and he shared with us a long held military secret. >> we were one of the troops that landed and that was kind of scary. >> reporter: why? >> because we were told we could have our rifles but no ammunition. >> reporter: the army did not want incidents so many of the u.s. soldiers that first occupied japan, includingjohn mcglory did so without bullets john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the japanese surrendered on august 15th, 1945 but the surrender document was not signed until september 2nd so that's the day that world war ii officially ended. take a look at the video. the police officer you see says
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he was assaulted by the teenager in the video. this footage could turn the case upside down. we will show you more on the other side of the break. 
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now to a story that you saw first on fox 5. a prince george's county police officer is accused of a cover up. a veteran cop lied about why his gun wt off in february. a 19-year-old spent nearly four months in jail as a result. now fox 5 obtained surveillance video. >> as you can see i'm not resisting. i wasn't doing anything wrong. >> reporter: ryan dorn says after being jailed for four months it's painful to watch the video. he is 20 now, angry and still unneared of by his encounter with police. >> i heard a shot and i seen a flash and i felt something. so, i thought i was dead, actually.
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>> reporter: the video shows ryan smacked in the head, a flash as the gun goes off. prosecutors say that is contrary to the story corporal donald taylor first told about being assaulted by an aggressive youth resisting arrest. >> he didn't just assault my client and violate his civil rights but he made up a story to write false charges against my client. >> ryan's lawyers said this video came from a surveillance camera on a store in brentwood a couple of blocks from rhode island avenue. it started late on a wintry evening. the condominium yens store at the -- convenience store. the gas station was open. >> me and my friend were going to the gas station to get snacks. >> reporter: two prince george police officers thought the young men looked suspicious, specially ryan's friend wearing a ski mask. the cops grabbed his friend, ryan left the store. >> this officer has not been in jail at all. >> reporter: we watched the video with ryan and his lawyer
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who say police reviewed it two days after the arrest and should have let ryan go. >> i'm trying to walk away from him. >> you can see you turn around. >> yeah because he never said anything to me. i could hear the footsteps. >> he has the gun drawn. >> before i turn around. >> reporter: corporal taylor's lawyer told me he will make no comments about this outside the courtroom. that is the appropriate place to explain what is on the tape and what lead up to it. taylor has a november 5th trial date on his criminal indictment. bell filed a $10 million civil lawsuit in the case. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. part of a community in woodbridge will be rebuilt after floodwaters forced people out last year. this is what happened to holly acres last september when tropical storm lee dough moll required it. more than 60 homes were
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destroyed. volunteers from the local nonprofit group kicked off the project yesterday. officials agreed earlier this summer to let owners repair nine of the trailers that were condemned. the midwest needed rain. now some people are trying to salvage their homes. we show you how the labor day turned into a battle to dry out. >> reporter: call it a homeowner's nightmare. you wake up and walk to the basement to find out it's full of water. well, it turns out it happened to a lot of people. it's the soggy leftovers of much needed rain in the metro. wet basements and saturday was a long day of cleaning for unhappy homeowners. >> our electricity went out. i had to go to the basement to check on something and went down and about an inch of standing water. >> when we have a lot of rain,
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we haven't had it for quite a while, we typically get this stuff. >> reporter: it was the sump pump that stopped working allowing the water to fill the pavement covering pretty much the entire floor. >> it's a reminder not to procrastinate getting a back up sump pump. >> reporter: the al lens weren't alone. >> i came down to check to see if the pavement was leaking again. we had problems in the past. sure enough water across the floor. >> reporter: randy ray found himself making a call to the professionals. >> in that corner was water squirting through the wall in several different places. >> reporter: an issue many of us probably didn't think about months ago but are paying the price now. >> they really need to water the soil and swell the soil back to the wall f. there is a gap in the wall next to the wall where the soil is and they water the wall, nine times more likely to break the foundation. >> reporter: if you did get water, it's about getting all
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of it out and treating specific hears. once wet it only takes 48 hours for mold to start to grow. hall david has died. he teamed up on dozens of time less songs. the duo is responsible for a long list of hits including raindrops keep falling on my head and that's what friends friends are for. he died yesterday. a recent car accident in los angeles highlights the delicate nature of monitoring elderly people behind the wheel. on wednesday a 100-year-old man backed his car into 11 schoolchildren. some were trapped under the car but luckily all of them survived. walter morris has a couple of options for handling what can be a sensitive situation. >> i'm thankful that i can still drive. i'm 84 years old. >> reporter: domingo de la cruz has been driving since he was
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12. he sailed all over the world during his 23 year career. now he makes short trips around the neighborhood. >> shopping, window shopping. >> reporter: his license gives him the independence to go where he needs to go when he needs to go. >> the problem is everybody works. you can't knock on the door and say can do you me a favor, drive me to my doctor appointment or whatever. >> reporter: california law requires senior citizens to take a written test every five years. los angeles police are investigating an accident where 100-year-old preston carter lost control of his cadillac in front of an elementary school wednesday injuring 14 people. his accident under lines the fears of many families whose delivers won't give up the keys. >> i told my wife, the day i feel i can't drive i will quit. i would rather probably be walking around with a cain than
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not talk -- walking around at all. that's a decision i have to make. >> reporter: walter morris, fox 5 news. >> if you are concerned about an elderly driver, there are resources at the local dmv. in many cases you can anonymously fill out a form and detail the driving problems you have observed. once they get the form, they will contact the driver, get medical records and put them behind the wheel to test their ability. a d.c. board has halted the insulation of smart meter systems in taxi cabs. they said the district did not prove the installations were necessary. verifone won but two other companies appealed the contract arguing that it was won unfairly. taxi drivers have to pay for the installation, a cost that could be affected by who ultimately gets the contract. if you are a beatles fan, you should be on abbey road at
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the national harbor. we will take you to a tribute full of the boy band's original tunes. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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national harbor is the site of a beatles tribute. an indoor and outdoor musical festival honoring the music and legends of the beatles. it features dozens of tribute bands many performing the favorite beatles hits today and tomorrow. they had nice weather today. not bad. hopefully they didn't get anything out there to dampen the spirits. >> wondering what is the week going to look like? sort of gray, dank sort of weather? >> yes. >> say it ain't so. >> she has described it to you. >> unfortunately not a lot of
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sunshine. mother nature is not cooperating that much for the holiday. here is a live look outside. plenty of clouds. not a lot of sunshine. and as i mentioned, some of you have seen a bit of wet weather today already. let's begin with a look at our fox 5 acquisition a -- accuweather radar. this frontal system has been slowly moving across the area into the course of last night and today. ahead of it and along it we have seen storms that popped up. we had a lot of rain yesterday. so some to the south. we have action to the west of front royal but i can't rule out more of this kicking into the course of tonight for the overnight hours. we will watch this. it will come to the south of us and stall out. let's go to the weather maps. i want to somehow the big picture. we have watch and warning boxes. and this circulation you see, this is the remnants of isaac. that will slowly move to the
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mid-atlantic, interact with the frontal system and we will be set up to see some of that tropical moisture across the area. we won't get a break for quite a few days. be prepared for that. this is what we are keeping a close eye on. the highs a lot duel cooler than yesterday -- a lot cooler than yesterday. 83 dulles. 83 bwi marshall. temperatures are where they should be. it's warm outside. 84 d.c. 80 baltimore. 77 gaithersburg. 82 manassas and 87 quantico. the humidity is a factor as well. dew points are up. a look at the heat indices, what it feels like when you step outside, 89 is what it feels like in d.c. 87 annapolis and quantico 93. 89 in fredricksburg to the south. the humidity is not going anywhere. it will increase the course of
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the next few days. the tropical air mass from isaac won't help us. it will set us up for a lot more instability. as a result of that, the chance of storms continue through into the course of the beginning of the week. so, here is a look at tonight. 76 by the 8:00 hour. about 10:00 it will be about 80. 82 by 11:00. i can't rule out throughout the entire period the chance of a shower or thunderstorm popping up. reality is we will be set up just for that. be prepared. our holiday looks like labor day will be unsettled for you. if you have any outdoor plans, please be aware that you have to keep your eyes to the skies. i will have more details on the full forecast coming up and the all-important accuweather seven- day forecast as well. >> if you want to check the weather any time, you can do that with the fox 5 weather app. you can find it on our web site, my fox doc d d.c. -- d.c.
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-- i'm barack obama and i approve this message now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse
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thanks for staying with us tonight. the headlines, another unsettled night for weather in the region. the labor day concert at the capital has been moved to the kennedy center. there is a chance of rain and storms throughout the evening. things are coming together in charlotte, north carolina as
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the democratic national commite gets ready for its convention. president obama is in colorado campaigning. we will go live to charlotte in a few minutes. the reverend sun young moon has died. he rose to fame with his ass weddings to promote a multicultural religious world. he went on to build a business empire that includes the washington times newspaper. a warning tonight if you drive in the district. be careful the next time you get behind the wheel. it seems d.c. has the worst drivers. that is according to a new report by one of the nation's largest insurance companies based on the number of claims filed. matt auckland has the story. >> reporter: washington maybe known for running a red light or breaking the speed limit. but are we that bad behind the wheel? >> it can get stressful.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: thomas marlo runs several deliveries for hello cupcakes. he disagrees with the list from all state and says getting around d.c. is confusing, especially when it comes to traffic circles. >> the streets are con front, all the con -- constructed, all the construction. >> reporter: all state didn't call d.c. drivers the worst but on its best drivers report, the nation's capital came in dead last. how did they come up with the list? it's based on the time between accidents for all state customers. in d.c. it's 4.8 years. but aaa says it may not be about the ability of drivers in this area, more about the congestion. just think about it. all of the people that drive in d.c. from virginia and maryland every day. more traffic means more accidents. >> there is no easy fix. given the topography and layout
6:32 pm
they aren't building new roads to accommodate the traffic. >> reporter: according to d.c. police, serious accidents resulting in deaths have gone down. >> as of today, we had 11 traffic fatalities this year which is a decrease of almost 60% over the same time period last year. >> reporter: thomas marlow says he has been lucky. no recent accidents. his advice. >> be defensive and drive. >> reporter: matt auckland, fox 5 news. to illinois, thousands of chicago residents woke up with no power because of a train wreck. the train derailed this morning. reports say part of the train tom build into a -- tumbled into a nearby backyard that hit a pole causing outages. a nevada teenager is safe and unharmed after a statewide amber alert. police rescued melissa durham 21 hours after she was reported missing. investigators tracked her to a apartment complex where she was
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bound and blind folded. she was abducted after answering the door at her family home. two men were arrested. fox 5 consumer alert. maryland governor martin o'malley is leading a push to get more families into more energy efficient homes. i said the cost savings over time compensate what the initiative does over time with the environment. bob barnard shows us. >> reporter: they are building a community of new homes near downtown frederick, priced from the mid200s, billed as matter green homes where it almost pays to go green. >> 50-cent for the electric. we are expecting that eventually they will pay us. >> reporter: mayor o ma'am- governor o'malley toured the community. >> what will we make of these times and make something knew and better. >> reporter: they are called
6:34 pm
net zero homes. >> it should all over the course of the year come out to zero. >> reporter: she is talking about the cost of cooling and heating her new home. five bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths. >> i used to live in new hampshire. we spent about $3,000 a year for heating costs. being in a super insulated home will be fabulous. >> reporter: there are no ac units and solar panels on the rooftop. >> you run a wire to the breaker box and you are making power. >> reporter: even in bad weather, according to the manufacturer's sales rep. >> we have monitoring systems. you can sit at your computer and see what it's doing. people say there is a foot of snow on my panels but they are making power. >> reporter: the company that makes these solar panels is based in sterling virginia but says 95% of what they make is shipped overseas to israel, germany and spain. >> reporter: the governor is
6:35 pm
offering incentives to make it appealing for people to buy in. >> the combination of the net metering law to sell energy back to the grid, the collar tax credit and also the geothermal tax credit, when you stack those credits, it brings down the initial selling price of the house so it's competitive in the marketplace. >> reporter: the seller telling us about 10 to 15% more than a new home that is not green. in frederick, bob barnard, fox 5 news. last week it was the republicans. now it's the democrats' turn to take the stage at their party's convention. final preparations are underway in north carolina where president obama will accept his party's nomination to run for a second term. craig boswell joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good evening, maureen. the preparations are underway but you can't go inside the time warner cable arena or into the general area. the secret service is doing a
6:36 pm
lengthy sweep. it started all evening into tomorrow. look forward to getting in there and getting a good view of the stage on the inside. of course this city is filling up with democrats, journalists ready for the democratic national convention. president obama won north carolina in 2008 by a razor thin margin. he is hoping to keep it in his column this time around. >> who is expected to speak tomorrow. who is the highlights tomorrow. >> right. of course, tomorrow, labor day, they have having a big street party. it's a nonpartisan event. the convention begins tuesday. tuesday first lady michelle obama will be speaking. we will hear from san antonio lynn castro delivering the keynote at dress then former president clinton will place president obama's name into nomination. they are counting on president clinton to get the crowd up and get the voters out there. >> reporter: i heard the national committee dnc wanted
6:37 pm
to make the convention inclusive by opening up the arena. how are they hoping to bring every man, woman into the convention? >> reporter: exactly. they wanted the larger venue for the acceptance speech thursday night. they wanted people in the city to be able to come to the event. they have been providing tickets for that. they are calling it kinds of the people's acceptance, framing it in that way, trying to get as many people inside as possible. >> craig boswell in charlotte, we will see you throughout the week for your reports. thank you. >> thank you. on the republican side, g.o.p. vice presidential nominee paul ryan taking some time off from the campaign trail to take in a college football game. he watched his alma mater take on ohio state in columbus yesterday. >> as far as he is a miami grad, the fact that he is here at ohio state, we will welcome him with open arms. >> i am pulling for the buckeyes but you have to
6:38 pm
appreciate a hometown guy is back supporting his alma mater. >> they watched the first quarter in a sky box then off to florida for a more traditional campaign stop. a mystery from the deep. experts from the deep trying to answer two questions. what are -- why did all of these whales beach themselves and how can they be saved.  we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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a day long effort in florida to save 22 pilot whales that washed ashore. only five ended up surviving after they were taken to florida atlantic university harbor branch institute for rehabilitation. the rest died of natural causes or had to be euthanized. up the road in baltimore county they set a world record. the largest crab cake made with 2,000 pounds of fresh maryland crab and cooked for more than eight hours. karen park checked it out at
6:41 pm
the state fair. >> 1, 2, 3, side step. >> reporter: it took nine hours to make and a whole lot of muscle to lift but many say this tasty seafood there delight was worth the weight. >> that is a big crap cake. >> how many cans of old bay went into that. >> reporter: at the maryland state fair, maryland's international seafood achieved the world record for the largest crap cake weighing in at 300 1/2 pounds. >> it's huge and i would love to have it all. >> reporter: while many were amazed, others weren't sure what it was. >> at first i thought it was a big pizza, you know, and that it would rise up or something. i wasn't quite sure. >> well, of course, a crab cake of this side couldn't be grilled in any ordinary pan. instead, this huge device was custom made with specific
6:42 pm
directions. >> then we start and rotate every five minutes. >> reporter: a small slip could mean big trouble. >> if one guy gets off one way or the other or cocks one way or the other it will destroy the appearance of the cake. so far we are 2-2. >> reporter: luckily no mistakes were made as they unscrew the stainless steel lid. fans watched in nervous excitement, hungry and ready to dig in. >> look at the crab meat. >> it's so good. >> the best i ever had. >> reporter: it seems like this crab cake size definitely measured to its taste. >> looks good. a day of fun and amazing acrobatics turned into tragedy. what went wrong into an air show that turned fans into witnesses. witnesses. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools...
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ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at one person is dead after an accident at an air show in iowa. the crash happened as planes were performing at davenport municipal airport. the plane was making a 45- degree bank and couldn't come out of it. the pilot did not have time to eject before it crashed. >> he went nose down into the ground and burst into flames. i was instantly in tears. i knew more than likely he didn't survive. >> reporter: the pilot was a member of the hopper's flight
6:46 pm
jet team. his name has not been released yet until family members were notified. rain continues to pound southwest china. one county saw 14 inches of rain. meanwhile, more than 300 shops were flooded out. the floodwaters halted traffic on the region's road. the rain hasn't let up in the district in almost three days. luckily we haven't had anything like that. we had some parts here and there. >> heavier rainfall last night in some areas that got hit. here in the district, just a little bit of light rain fell earlier today. now pockets of heavier rainfall to the south of us, we are watching that closely. that is going to be the pattern, maureen. we will see off and on periods of light to heavy rainfall. we have this unsettled pattern. here is a live look outside. not much sunshine this weekend at all. unfortunately i know a lot of people are off work and doing
6:47 pm
outdoor things. mother nature is not cooperating. an unsettled holiday weekend. we have showers and storms that will continue tonight as well as tomorrow. temperatures closer to seasonal. the humidity is up. be prepared for that. drier and sunnier into the later part of the week. today's highs 10-degree cooler than yesterday. 84 at reagan. 83 dulles and 83 bwi. these temperatures are exactly where they should be for the seasonal average. currently 82 that fast says -- manassas. 84 d.c. and 83 fredricksburg. heading up the mid-atlantic, temperatures are cooler. take a look at boston. only 69 degrees. it's 76 in new york city. we do have some humidity and it's feeling a little muggy and sticky. it makes it uncomfortable with the moisture in the atmosphere. let's have a look and see where this is coming from. if you take a look, a couple of
6:48 pm
things going on. here in the mid-section of the country, this spin, this is the remnants of what was isaac. right now it's producing a lot of heavy rainfall through parts of the central portion of the country. these boxes are tornado watch boxes as well as warnings. this is all going to push its way to the mid-atlantic and all this moisture is going to hit our area, interact wearing a frontal system. let's take a look at radar. i will show what you i'm talking about. this is the frontal system that will push to the south of us, kind of stall out a bit then move north as we move into along it and ahead of it is where we are seeing pop-up showers and storms here and there. i can't rule any of it out happening tonight. even in the course of the next few days, we will continue to see the pattern. there is heavier rainfall starting to hit parts of the prince george's county near largo. these are areas where we will see heavy bits of rainfall, moderate rainfall and light rainfall. scattered in nature. back to the weather maps. we will stay in the clouds.
6:49 pm
not much shine for the middle of the week at all. that frontal system will stall to the south. then it will move to the north as a warm front. once again, instability kicing in, setting us up for more showers and storms. the most will hit us in the later part of monday morning then the early part of the afternoon. it will be a lot more widespread than today. be prepared and have your umbrellas on hand. in the tropics, tropical storm leslie moving northwest at 10 miles per hour is making a path for bermuda. it will be a category 1 hurricane at the beginning of the week. bermuda has to keep an eye on it. doesn't look like it will affect the u.s. coast. with the tropics this time of year, we will keep a close eye. ocean city, temperatures tomorrow 79 to 81 degrees. another area with a chance of storms and showers. be prepared. the planner for monday, midday 81 degrees. once again the chance of storms throughout the afternoon hours
6:50 pm
and for tonight, 73 degrees, the same story. a pop-up shower. overnight fog is another thing we will look at. it will be lingering through to the early morning hours as well. fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see the unsettled weather pattern kicks through to midweek. until that point, we have a chance of showers and storms every day. the humidity kicking in. it will feel muggy and uncomfortable. fair warning for that. sunshine in time for the end of the week. temperatures staying close to seasonal as well. >> all right, thanks. of course, remember, we want to tell you always you can check the weather with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, iphone or ipad. you can find it also at not a fun time on the diamond for the nats. they look to bounce back from the tough loss to the cardinals. inals.
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hello, i'm lindsay murphy. if you missed stephen strasburg's outing, you have one more chance in nats park. he is scheduled to pitch friday against the marlins. the final start will be september 12th versus the mets at citi field. scoreless in the 4th. card necessary with two on and one out. fly ball into right field. harper makes the catch then comes up throwing. for some reason, allen craig will test the rookie's arm. he shouldn't have done that. tags him out. double play to ends the inning. a look at strasburg showing harper love. bottom of the fourth, still no score. it clears the wall for a solo shot, his second with the nats. rbi single in the six. strasburg goes six scoreless innings, strikes out the final
6:54 pm
batter. he leads with a 2-0 lead. sean burnett in relief. a runner on and two outs and the lead, it's gone. a two-run home run to right field. that ties the game 2-2. strasburg's chance to earn a 16th win is lost. bottom of the 7th, nats are up one. danny he is spin knows sop the middle. that is the game winner. nats take three of four in the series. they win 4-3. 81st victory of the year setting the team record in 2005. >> all these games are big games. we played a good opponent that has a good chance to be in the hunt in october. i mean, you sense it. >> when you are 15 games out of going to a play-off, it's tough to go in there and try to win a ball game when you are constantly down. knowing that we have a chance to be in the play-offs and in
6:55 pm
first place it's a lot of fun to come to the park every day. >> reporter: this afternoon will start number 27 for stephen strasburg. he allowed two hits over six innings of work, walked one batter. no earned runs. the only batter that got a hit was matt holiday. 97 pitches. up to 156 in the third inning on the year. here is strasburg after the game. >> i wanted to use all my pitches, not necessarily use one like i did last outing. it seemed to work better. >> straus is great. last night it was a tough one. come out and be aggressive with straus and just attack the strike zone. straus did that today. when he attacks the strike zone he is tough as you can see. the orioles and bronx against the yankees. o's down 2-0. watch out. high inside heat and reynolds saves face literally then shows
6:56 pm
hughes what is up. next pitch, ed reynolds gets all of it. up into the seats. that cuts the deficit to 2-1. he wasn't done. top of the 6th, two on, another left field blast. this is a three-run shot. that gives the o's the lead for good. reynolds homer's twice for the second time in three games as the birds rally to defeat the yanks. they move to within two games of the bronx boomers. hard to believe it but the rg3 kicks off next sunday at new orleans. we know griffin is the starting quarterback but we don't know who starts at running back. mike shanahan said he knew but he won't tell anybody. the redskins have three on the roster. the biggest morris, a six round pick from florida atlantic. he rushed for 107 yards against the colts. evan recognizester missed the third preseason game with a
6:57 pm
knee injury. and then roy helu junior, he cemented his roster spot rushing 16 times. here is the head couch on his running backs -- head coach on his running backs. >> they are proven players. i like what i have seen in practice and in the game. each guy has a little different quality. it will be interesting to see how they compete. you like one to carry the load if he has that ability but nowadays it's hard to find that guy. we have three guys that i believe in with a lot of ability. he is a fullback. he is impressive. >> next sunday, new orleans, game one of the season. it has come so fast. the preseason flew by which is fine with everybody. >> i have a feeling this will be a good year, right? >> i'm not going to make any guesses. i don't like to say anything. i think it will be a good year.
6:58 pm
i won't say how good. >> good vibes. >> that's it for us. we are back at 10:00 and 11:00. hope you are, too. bye-bye.   
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