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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tried to chase him. today, the defense attorney said that it didn't happen that way. nathan was described in court as a model citizens and who served his country in iraq and kuwait and is the soul caretaker for his mother suffering from cancer. more than a dozen family and friends came to court to vouch for the 22-year-old whose defense attorney told the judge there is no kidnapping. the girl got in and out of the car on her own. there was no sexual contact, he said, and the fact that the gun was brandished was in self- defense after being chased at high speeds through parts of montgomery county. the girl's sister and boyfriend. he was alone with the 12-year- old for at least 10 minutes and there was some sort of sexual television. they even played soccer in a nearby park suggesting that portnoy must have gotten a good sense of the girl's age but the defense said that the soldier
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was duped. >> desperate and shows the dangers of the use of social networking and out in just by a minor child but by an adult who could get placed in this situation. and that is what happened to him. he suspected it, left. >> i have not met the child. to some extent, because i understand, there is an allegation they were communicating, maybe skyping and visually online. you will see the other person. i think we all have some common ways in which we assess what someone's age is and this is going to be a matter of proof at the time of trial. the allegation i didn't know her age or was misrepresent side not something that is uncommon to us. >> and after hearing the arguments from both sides and in a hearing that lasted 15 minutes, the judge decided to reduce the bond from a million
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dollars to $300,000 they will have to 53100% of that and thats" $30,000 you may recall that there is a bit of news about his life-saving efforts during that storm, laura, when a man was electrocuted in the fall's church neighborhood. the 911 system didn't work and they could not get an ambulance there and that he went into the tree and the tables and lines that were on the ground and actually performed cpr on this man there during that storm. that is the story that made news in this area and new portnoj charged with the crimes. back to you. >> thank you, paul wagner with the story. just a short time ago, the democratic national convention officially kicked off. one of tonight's headline speakers, first lady michelle
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obama. as mrs. obama prepares for her big speech, her husband spent time in virginia today. mrs. obama joins us with all of the details. craig. >> reporter: good evening to you. debbie wasserman schultz on the stage here and called to order here in charlotte and you megged in prime tonight. first lady michelle obama addressing the delegates and that is after keynote address tonight. president obama also had the first lady's speech on his mind. >> whatever i say here today is going to be at best, the distant second from the star of the michelle obama -- obama family, michelle obama. >> reporter: president obama told the crowd in norfolk, virginia, he would try not to get choked up. >> i will be at home and watching it with our girls, and i am going to try not to let
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them see their daddy cry. [ laughter ] because when michelle starts talking, i start getting all misty. >> reporter: in her speech, mrs. obama is expected to reach out to middle class voters, drawing a contrast between her husband and republican nominee mitt romney. julian castro will deliver tonight's keynote address. he is the first latino to give a keynote speech at the dnc. the democrats will renominate him on wednesday and delegates are showing their strong support for the president. >> reporter: and he's a -- he is a son of our land. >> and we're supportive. and had some t-shirts saying obama is hawaii country. >> reporter: as for the nomination, that will be done by bill clinton. back to you. >> and thank you, craig. democrats want one of the biggest celebrity supporters to introduce president obama at this week's convention.
5:05 pm is hosting an online position to get actress betty white as their mystery guest. at last count, more than can hundred supporters signed an online petition and they hope white's wit and humor will win over clint eastwood. paul ryan is campaigning in the buckstate and stopped by a rally to continue the gop argument that the country is not better off nearly four years under president obama. he painted the election as a make-or-break for america during the rally. >> ohioans, you have a tremendous responsibility and you also have a great opportunity. we have a really clear choice of two futures. it's crystal clear. we can stick with the path president obama placed us -- that's right. it's a nation in debt, in
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doubt, a nation in decliner we can put real reforms in place and get the american idea back on track and get america back on track. >> ryan is stumping for votes in ohio and mitt romney spent the day in vermont preparing for his debates with president obama. are you ready to cast your vote? voters will be able to do that in the next few weeks. early voting begins on thursday as the democratic national convention wraps up. virginia voters will cast their ballots on september 22nd and in maryland and d.c. begins in late october. didn't feel like october out there today. still feeling warm and muggy. and let's go to fox 5s gary mcgrady net weather center and this humidity staying strong throughout the weekend? >> it sure is and that is sticking around a couple of more days and muggy out there with the high temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s.
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at times today, it felt like it was into the lower 90s and so, again, oppressive, humid, muggy, and that is the case for this evening, too and with that heat and humidity, not a lot and that is to the north of us earlier up just mother of -- north of philly with a tornado warning and there is some active flash flood warnings los angeles and we're sitting here and looking at the radar and we don't see anything over the bay and some showers to the northwest of frederick county and to parts of northern sections of carol county. over to sentinel radar. i want you to see at least the last few hours, there have been a few showers blow on through and we get tighter there. for charles county, southern parts of prince georges county and to calvert county and to ann arundel county, there is a
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chance of showers, even a few thunderstorms this evening. the bigger picture will show you we have that activity back there and not like last evening. we're still in this unsettled pattern and we're still in this hot and muggy pattern. more specifics coming up in a minute, laura. >> we'll see you soon and thanks. remember, check e weather any time with the fox 5 weather app. find it on our website, too, on a man is being held on's half million bond accused of stabbing a man he thought was a woman. christian romero approached the victim early sunday morning outside of a barn in hyattsville. the victim was dressed as a woman and romero offered money for a sex act. after, romero discovered he was a man and attacked him. hours later, romero went back to the victim's home to apologize and that is when he was arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault, and other charges.
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a guilty plea from a virginia woman charged with killing a mother and son in 2010. she will serve two consecutive life sentences without parole for stabbing two and she was hard to the boy's father. court documents show show confessed to the murders saying she was jealous of her husband's relationship with the ex-wife. and hundreds headed back it school today in virginia. it meant the first day of a new controversial transportation policy. we're taking a closer look next. and moving forward after hurricane isaac. how people are trying to rebuild after the storm. and a warning from the federal government about netti pots. used to relieve allergies and colds. we'll have details. next. next. h we have
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. fairfax county students went back to class today. the students headed into the brand now south county middle school in lorton and kids liked what they saw and so did parents. >> and that is something we're going to continue to look at and that is linked to safety as far as knowing where kids are and being able to account for them. having them on their school buses and being able to when we get delays or adjustments, getting back to parents. >> it was built to alleviate the overcrowding in recent
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years at the secondary school, now south county high school. and students returned to class in arlington county and the school year began under a crowd thanks to a transportation policy that many say is down right dangerous. >> reporter: more students walking longer -- longer distances will be the norm for this schooler in in arlington county and in years beyond and enforcing the rules of who can ride the bus and who must walk. more parents in their cars driving their students to school so they don't have to navigate arlington's busy roads. the notice of parents came in july for the 2012 school year. arlington will now strictly enforce the walk zones that have been on the books for quite some time. one mile for elementary school, a mile and a half for middle and high schools. 12 bus stops at five different schools that were within the walk zones have also been removed and the superintendent
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said two years of parents complaint his the system re- evaluating the bus policy. and some parents are protesting the changes. others accept it as part of the realities of a growing school system. >> and maybe i am overprotective but the quarter mile from our place is -- for a kindergartener. >> reporter: the parents drive her most of the way and then walk the last few blocks together. something we saw many families doing this morning to avoid the jams at the car dropoff and one thing they told us, students who have to cross major highways may get an exception to the bus policy. the school system is working with 200 families who filed appeals in arlington, melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. a new report out shows autistic teens are more likely to be bullied at school.
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the archives of pediatrics and adolescent medicine reports nearly half of all teenagers with an autism spectrum disorder fall victim to abuse at the hands of other kids and that is higher than the rate. the report should influence schools to target antibully campaigns toward children with autism and some other disorders. >>. and i now the odd-looking teapots called netty pots. the government health officials are issuing a warning about them after two people died from brain infections linked to netty pots. an allergist at southern maryland hospital joins us today. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> and for years, many people were using them and many swear by them. are they bad for your health? >> no, they're not. and i recommend some of my patients to use them.
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i do advise them to use distilled water along with the saline packages that are put inside. >> reporter: you motioned using distilled sterile water k. you explain how serious infections and death that we reported can be caused by using the netti pot? >> the two cases reported in louisiana were concluding an amoeba infection. these amoeba infections commonly occur when patients use tap water from warm, fresh water in rivers and lakes. found in the southern states and sometimes in the midwest. >> okay, the folks out there watching and who have been using them and kind of like, you know, using that holistic approach to medicine. bottom line, what is your advice to them? should they stop them? >> no, definitely not. this a pika -- a meana infection is very rare. it's killed 30 people the past 10 years and hundreds since
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1962. it's a very rare infect. and i advise my patients to use distilled water, they can purchase it from a grocery store for less than a dollar and to clean it out properly. >> all right, dr. baker, an allergist, thank you for coming in and give us that advice. >> you're welcome. the aftermath of isaac continues in the gulf tonight as tens of thousands are still under water and in the dark. fox's casey steg al has the latest from louisiana. >> reporter: massive piles of soaked garbage lining the streets of this neighborhood in saint john the baptist parish in louisiana. items that used to fill the homes here new trash after isaac doused the region. folks ripping the walls off of their homes, trying to remove the mold that is starting to grow. many angry, claiming new orleans was protected at their expense. >> would have been nice had they put levee protection
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around our area as well as new orleans. they did protected new orleans and not the outer lying areas. the water had nowhere to go. so it had to come this way. >> reporter: tens of thousands are still without power. most of those in louisiana. crews are out trying to get everyone back online. from the air, the extent of the flooding can be fully realized. low-lying areas remain under water with some folks taking refuge on rooftops. thousands of evacuees remain in shelters or with friends and relatives. folks allowed to return home are expecting a long cleanup job ahead of them. >> and i understand we had three feet of water downstairs. i understand there is a lot of damage. we're trying to get in to see what we have to do. >> reporter: neighboring mississippi is suffering similar damage. volunteers from a local church pitching in to help cleanup. the home owners hoping to salvage something, facing a harsh reality. >> and that is all completely gone. it's just -- it's toast. >> reporter: president obama visited some of the hardest hit
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areas of the region yesterday vowing that the federal government is here for the long- haul to help the victims. in belle chasse, louisiana, casey stegal, fox news. looking ahead to winter now. the nation's second oldest almanac is forecasting heavy snowstorms for the mid-atlantic region. from hagerstown, maryland, predicts the first snowfall could arrive as early as november 28th and includes a possibility for snow through the end of march. the almanac said the predictions are based on the size of a developing el nino in the mask ocean. -- in the pacific ocean. >> you have been warned. back here in our area, gary mcgrady, what can folks expect? >> more of the same. a spotty shower here and this is one thing i know for sure, no snow. >> good. >> this evening. >> wow, gary, you're on top of your game. >> i didn't look at the hagerstown almanac, but i'm sure we don't have to worry
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about any snow. at least not this evening. as a matter of fact, i am not sure we have to worry about snow all night long. how about that? and here we go, this is a look at the sentinel radar for and you most of the rain tonight, this is the same situation as it was last night and most of the heavy stuff, the more widely scattered stuff is here and the more scattered thunderstorms and showers are to the north-northeast of us by 95 to philly, the southern section of pennsylvania. so we're doing good and we have a couple of showers and some thunderstorms cruising south of the metro. right now, we're dry and i'm keeping a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening and much like last night and most of us will stay dry. i don't think that you will have the umbrella and that is going to be few and far between. running through the evening is muggy and warm and the temperatures will be fallling into the lower 80s and the
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upper 70s. the mission since will stay with us, too and into the overnight. and they're into the 70s only and 70s in town and between 74 and 78 degrees for morning lows and when we have that situation, you know it's fairly muggy out there and it will be a chance overnight tonight for a shower or a storm and we'll do it again for tomorrow and some changes are coming our way. the latter part of the week and into the weekend. more on that coming up. laura? >> thank you very much. >> remember, no snow. >> great. great. i was worried. thank you very much. coming up next on fox 5 news at 5, wildfires continuing to burn across parts of the west. it's been a costly year so far for the state. we'll take a closer look tonight. >> if you have a story idea, give us a call. the tipline is open. send us an e-mail, fox 5 
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done.
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hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. and help build a better future for maryland. mitt romney's position onpprove women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices...
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to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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. we're following a developing story to the west of us why where crews are developing wildfire across several states now. millions of acres were destroyed as things hot up. adam housley has a closer look at what this is going to cost those states. >> reporter: it continues to be a rough fire season across the west. hot, dry, temperatures and winds, soaking fires in many western states. in california, fire burning above glen door a california, consumed more than 4,000 acres. >> i couldn't sleep last night. at 4:00 in the morning and getting the fire storm. everything was aglow. >> reporter: firefighters have 21 aircraft and more than 400 personnel citing the fire in the san gabriel canyon beginning on sunday near a campground. the cause is under investigation. 10,000 people over the holiday weekend were evacuated and they normally gun there in camp and do all sorts of outdoor activities. because of the fire, firefighters needed access to get to the fire and the people
5:26 pm
were evacuated from the area. this fire burning not near homes but it's close enough that residents do worry about where it might be going. >> some people have absolutely no other place to go that are here. they're making it just barely. >> reporter: there are also three big idaho wildfires and red flag warnings in wyoming. so far this year, more than 7 million-acres have burned and that is above the average of about 5.4 million. in utah, for example, the costs have mounted. the state said they estimate the state paid $16 million this fire season and they allocated 3 million. in washington state, they expect to you pay about $11 million they're going to pay nearly $20 million fighting fires and in montana, the state share there is $25 million this fire season. as the nights get shorter and the humidity comes up, the other western state says their wildfire risk goes down. in california, the santa ana winds have not come and while california is in the middle of fire season, the hard part is usually the end of september into october and california
5:27 pm
said it could be a very long fall season. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. coming up next at 5, we're heading back to charlotte. first lady michelle obama there preparing for her prime tom speech at the democratic national convention. >> and back here at home, the race for the senate seat in maryland got more interesting. a man who hopes to replace ben cardin. heavy load in amererica. but mit romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? i'mwhen we switched to fios,ve we got better tv,
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. just a short time ago, the democratic national convention was called to order and let's take a listen. >> 46 quad rannual national convention of the democratic party will now come to order! . >> that was democratic national committee chair and florida congressman debbie wasserman schultz officially opening the event. and mark plotkin is live from their in charlotte tonight. mark, you and i spoke. i want to talk about this right
5:31 pm
now. i know governor o'malley is on the stage. you and i spoke yesterday about governor o'malley. in your words, auditioning for president at this convention, and i know that there are also members of the maryland delegation who are there in charlotte who seem to be jockeying, as you said, for the governor's seattle. they got -- governor's seat. they got together for a kickoff luncheon at the convention. tell me about the luncheon and who is there? >> governor o'malley exited the stage. i am sure, laura, he would like to you say that he looked presidential. his tailoring seems to have improved and he is a degfied blue -- dignified blue tie. today, there was a moving tribute to sarg shriver, the former vice presidential candidate in 1972, who was a maryland resident. mark shriver pushed his buck, a good man and there was -- his boo, a good man, and there was lieutenant governor anthony
5:32 pm
brown. peter franchot and ansler. i didn't see heather maisler, but i am sure she was there as well. if o'malley was auditioning for president, they're all auditioning for governor, because the governor is term- limited and they trying to line up as much support and be seen and be heard and cultivate as many maryland politicians as they can. >> of course, the headliner tonight, mark s michelle obama. she look mark, is marm a. she's going to do the same thing we saw ann romney do, correct? >> reporter: yes, she is. in some ways and i heard, david axlerod, the chief political advisor to president obama said maybe we should run michelle. she's a popular figure, and that is quite an evolution, you know. at first, she had some controversial provocative remarks about america and growing up as an african- american in mark that were
5:33 pm
considered provocative and maybe even people took poorly to them. but now she is really very popular figure and they feel show is a tremendous campaigna advantage and they want to use her. i think it's interesting she's the first person to speak for the obama candidacy and the obama re-elect. >> i'm running out of time here, mark. i can't let you go without asking about delegate eleanor holmes norton is taking the stage but is told she can't speak at the convention, correct? >> reporter: yes, and right here is the platform not mentioning d.c. statehood. i talked to jesse jackson who was a statehood senator and was not aware of that omission and said that is a retreat of the democratic party. >> all right. fox five political analyst mark plotkin, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. the presidential race is not the only important decision maryland voters will make. they will be voting for a
5:34 pm
senate representative in congress. and there is a name or two on the ballast that you may not recognize. bob barnard is live in the newsroom with more this one. bob? >> reporter: most of us know there is a tight race in virginia for the u.s. senate seat vacated by jim webb and what about maryland? did you know senator ben cardin, a democrat, was up for re-elect. that race is quiet until now. >> today i'm announcing i'm running for the united states senate as an independent because it's time to put partisan politics aside. >> reporter: rob sibani, congressman and author entered the race today. >> i'm asking to you join me today to reject partisanship, reject the entire partisanship that is strangling our children's future. >> reporter: he said he wants to help build double-decker express lanes along the capital beltway in maryland, to invest in maryland's inner cities and prince georges county school children. >> the feed box i get from residents in prince georges county is jobs and education.
5:35 pm
so $150 million in scholarships to low-income children. i am the only middle-class representative in this race actually fighting for the middle class. not just talking about it. >> reporter: dan is the republican in the race. where's a retired secret service agent who was on the protection details of both presidents bush and obama. he said there is one big issue in this election. >> the economy. i don't mind paying taxes. i don't think anyone does. there is not a republican in the country running a platform saying we don't want to pay taxes. what we're seaing is we don't want to pay more. >> reporter: the incumbent ben cardin is in north carolina this week attending the democratic national convention. his campaign staff said the senator was too busy today to talk to us even by phone. >> i know there is a lot of skeptics out there saying oh, maryland's, a one-party state, you can't do this but i am going to do it. we are going to do it because time is running out. >> reporter: both challengers
5:36 pm
say senator cardin's re-e slick not a shoe-in. >> it's hard. ben card -- re-election is not a shoe-in. >> it's hard and a political disagreement but a substantial one. >> reporter: senator cardin is running for a second term. the issue that will drive individual to the polls in november is the gay marriage referendum. still ahead, looks like we might be days away from seeing the highly anticipated iphone 5. what apple did today to start the buzz. art the buzz. 
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president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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. a hacker group said it has
5:40 pm
more than 12 million identification numbers for apple devices. to prove it, they leaked them on the website called paste bin and track back to the apple device's owners. meaning the hackers can access phone numbers, addresses and other personal information. the group called antisex stole the numbers from the fbi and there is no comment from the fbi. well, we may get our first look at apple's new i-phone 5 next week. they sent out applications to haven'ter -- reporters to attend a conference in san francisco on the 12th. the e-mail featured the number 12 and the invitation cast a chateaux -- shadow in the heche of -- shape of number five. they think they will have a larger screen and include upgrades. and that is expected to go on sale a week or two after it debuts. toys "r" us is letting shoppers use the layaway without fees. starting today, the store will wave the service fee and minimum purchase requirement to hold your items for you to help shoppers get a jump on holiday shopping. holiday shop something i have to say -- . >> i knew you had.
5:41 pm
>> for its part, wal-mart will extend the layaway program but is remember chicago the fees and keeping the minimum purchase requirement. they hope to bring shoppers in the doors and amidincreasing competition from online retailers. >> will. it might work -- . >> yeah. >> some people may stat early and you don't have to pay the fees. a new honor for tiger woods. the pga record he's broken now. lindsay. good afternoon from nationals park. 82 wins is great for the fans. and we are not satisfied and we're not stopping any time soon. we'll hear from the players next. and gain -- . >> gary has the complete forecast and what it will like look -- look like in seven days. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
5:42 pm
but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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. tiger wood citizen richest golfer in the history of the pga. here with the third-place
5:45 pm
finish at the deutsche bank championship in massachusetts. tiger went pro in 1996 and is officially one more than $100 million since then making him the first golfer to ever hit the $100 million mark. that is a lot of money. >> a lot of money. the nationals are making their own mark setting a record for most wins in a season. >> the team is turning its sights to clenching a play-off spot the first time arriving in d.c. lindsay murphy is live with more. hey, lindsay? >> and hello. it's muggy and humid and the bugs -- bugs are everywhere and we're talking about a baseball team supertalented and it's going to -- okay to be excited and please don't be satisfied and that is the message right now, and that is what is going into the game to 7:00 p.m. and let's look back to last night. the opening game of the series and the nationals got the job done. brian zimmerman's double in the 8th brought home bryce harper
5:46 pm
and the nationals edge the cubs 2-1 and that is for the record 82nd victory. yes, we are proud of our record, but, no, we're not satisfied. >> we're looking for bigger and better things than 82 wins and this mens we're headed towards where we want to be and this is just another win. >> we want to have another one. and to have some more. we'll have more than 82 and more than what we're doing right now. and i think, you know -- and we deserve that. >> we knew that at some point during the year, we were going be, obviously, out of the bottom of the seller and still with a long way to go and that is a great accomplishment. we're past that and need to keep focused and worry about today's game. >> and that is the attitude to have. you heard from bryce harper. he's not going to play today and davie johnson said that he
5:47 pm
doesn't want to run the rock into the ground and he wants to give tyler moo a couple of starts -- moore's couple of starts because he has not been playing and edwin had 10 strikeouts in the last outing last thursday. back to you, laura and shawn. >> thanks. and you have a lot of opinions on what is going on with the nats. >> and i wanted to keep winning. >> there you go. >> and i want them to keep winning. as far as the whole straussburg thing? >> yeah. >> i'm with rizzo on that. >> why not? >> yeah. >> and safe for the post season. >> and this is that deal. my opinion doesn't matter. it's their candy store. they doll what they want to do. >> yeah. >> and we can make opinions on sports radio on it. it won't change the mind. >> you got that right. >> you know. >> and he's done a great job with them. right? >> absolutely. >> i think every decision he's made is right on so far and hopefully this will work out. >> speaking of baseball diamonds, these are not the nats diamonds. >> i don't know. looks like they're having fun outside and nothing to get in the way of them.
5:48 pm
>> and that is good. >> football practice. >> yeah. >> and that is doing outside iss, probably. you know what? i think that anything we get this evening is going to be pretty spotty. and so in terms of getting showers on your house there, i, i mean, there is going to be a few of you probably that get wit this -- wet this evening. later on and overnight tonight, we can stand a better chance of a few coming on through in terms of showers and thunderstorms. look at the radar. there is nothing going on for us and we have had a couple of spotty showers, thunderstorms trying to pop up. most of those quickly moved off to the east and there is one right here along i-95 between baltimore and aberdeen and the heaviest of the stuff has been well to the northeast of us and there is that frontal system up there and that is more active. we go to temperatures right now and it's been hot today with the sunshine. we have cooled off a little bit and we're down to 85 degrees. monasses, 84; frederick, 82; dulles, 86. the dew points, we have been talking about them the last few
5:49 pm
days and they have been up to 70 and beyond. it's just oppressive and this afternoon, we have the dew point here in the city of 74 degrees and that is very muggy out there. everybody that you see in the area here, coming in at least 70 degrees plus with the exception of leonardtown at 68, and that that is what influences the heat index value and feels like lower 90s out there for everybody. so that the 7 degrees difference in the field-like temperature here in the city and more than that in other places out there. fredericksburg and that is feeling like 92 and this is the forecast for this evening. the shower of thunderstorm is possible and not probable in all of the hours through the evening, okay and a few more chances overnight tonight and the temperatures will be slow to drop to the 80s and into the upper 60s by later on. a couple of ways have come through today. most of us have stayed dry and there is more to the south- southwest and, yes, we are still dealing with the remnants of what was hurricane isaac.
5:50 pm
mainly now is just kind of this open trough of low pressure and that is still able to bring up a lot of moisture here from the gulf of mexico and into the atlantic. it's keeping us nice and soupy around here. very, very muggy and until this, we'll get a kick over the next few days and we'll still be dealing with at least a chance of a shower and thunderstorm. and there is some drier air to the northwest and eventually we're going see that. this is future cast tonight at 10:00. and it's still painting a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm possibly overnight as well. tomorrow morning, clouds and mainly dry. tomorrow afternoon and evening, we do it again and that is looking like most of the activity tomorrow, tomorrow evening should stay more south and east and we can still have some stragglers in the metro as well and we take you right back into thursday and where it looks like we're dryer here in the metro. the emphasis to the south on thursday for a few showers and some thunderstorms. the spotty showers tonight. it will be muggy and mild and
5:51 pm
winds -- winds out of the south at 5 to 10. tomorrow like today, a mix and into the upper 80s. and leave them in the morning and into the afternoon. and that is the power from 9 pat everyone here. fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast with shawn yancy here, a big fan of the 87 tomorrow and thursday and friday, we're warmer and less humid, though and into the weekend. it's going to be unsettled and cooler instead of upper 80s, lower 80s. >> all right, thank you, gary. the iron lady knew how to dress. seven suits that once belonged to margaret thatcher were sold at an auction in london yesterday. among the outfits, the turquoise gold suit she was confirmed as the leader, sold for $116,000. she is currently 86 years old and was the longest serving prime minister of britain in the 20th century and the only woman to hold that post. talk of the town on tmz
5:52 pm
tonight. the death of oscar-nominated actor michael clarke duncan. harvey levin joins us live with more. duncan was known as a gentle giant on and off of the screen. i know you have learned he was holding a secret when he died. tell us about that. >> well, the secret was that he was secretly engaged to amarosa and they were planning to get married in january. and really, really tragic. she's destroyed by this. this was a real deep, deep relationship. you know the story that she saved him. we now know tragically the problem is it took awhile to get his heart restarted and that was the undoing, laura. he was not breathing for more than five minutes. ultimately, all of his organs failed and it was a slow process but that is essentially what killed them. >> reporter: how long ago, harvey, did you stuff -- did he suffer the heart attack? >> it was in july.
5:53 pm
what happened was he seemed to be getting better and then all of a sudden, he had a kidney problem. they dealt with the kidney problem anden thatthy told him we think can you get out of the hospital next week and they were excited and then he had a pancreas problem and they dealt we think next week and then a blood pressure problem and this is what happened. it was a slow detioration and eventually his body shut down. >> very, very sad story. i'm sorry. let's talk about seal and heidi klum. they headed for divorce. we talked about them before, obviously. you uncovered tidbits about their body guard that they share. tell us about that in. >> well, this is unsane. we get seal out of the airport friday night and he never talks to the cameras. came up to us and says that he thought heidi would have more class than to fornicate with the help. >> oh, oh. before they separated. which means he was saying that she cheated on him with a body
5:54 pm
guard and hide was upset with it and her people came back and said that's now true and he tried to backpedal. when you listen to the sound, that is not true. he was clearly saying before they separated and in the meantime, it's very clear from what heidi's saying she's in, she's definitely in a romantic relationship with this body guard right now. the crazy thing, laura, is that seal has been using the body guard as recently as late last month, so he's using the body guard that his estrangeed wife is sleeping with. >> front row. getting ugly. >> yeah. >> take that modern family. >> oh, boy, and wow, lots to talk about on tmz on tv tonight. we'll look for you at 6:30 here on fox 5. harvey levine as always, thank you very much. >> all right, let's check in with brian for a look at what is coming up on the news edge six. brian. >> the investigation continues.
5:55 pm
new on the news edge, that was a statement made by prosecutors investigating mayor vincent gray's 2010 campaign. the latest in the probe and buying organic may not be that much better for you. a new study suggests the foods are hardly more nutritious and some of the nation's already withered crops are destroyed after hurricane isaac. those stories and much more on the news edge. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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. it's been a record-breaking summer for bwi thurwood marshal airport. today, mayor o'malley announced more than 2.2 million passengers flew through the airport in july. the busiest month ever on record. and that number is sure to grow. over the past few months, several new airlines have started or announced new air service to and from bwi. fox 5 is monitoring metro tonight and redline riders may want to include extra time on the commute this weekend. that is because several stations will be closed due to track work. the shuttle buses will replace
5:59 pm
between dupont circle and other rail services at those stations will not be affected. all work will begin on friday night at 10:00 and continue through the system closing sunday night. thanks for joining us tonight at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. the news edge at 6 begins in north carolina as the democratic convention kicks off its three days. a few hours before the big feat. first lady michelle obama will address the delegates. julian castro will deliver the keynote address. among the audience, vincent gray. here at home, the investigation continues into his 2010 campaign while where's in charlotte. there was a status hearing for thomas gore who worked as an assistant treasurer since for the campaign. fox 5s matt ackland is live with mo


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