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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  September 9, 2012 12:15am-12:30am EDT

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grow and other kinds of things that happen so that in any military environment, whether the subject is voting or anything else, some members change and e-mail addresses change. >> and the defense secretary has not responded publicly, but a spokesperson tells the washington times that the secretary will respond to the senators directly. a disappointing day for nats fans. the income is quicker than originally planned for steven strauss bug. dave ross is back with sports after the break. first, gwen's up. >> hi, will, happy to sea that all of this inclement weather is moving out. we have rain in areas of southern maryland and across areas of del marva and we'll see improvement. you will like the rest of the weekend forecast. we're back after the break.
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one player. >> that's right. >> and did they have to do it this soon? seems rushed to me. you know. >> that is a question. steven straussburg said he's physically fine. >> right. >> and that he's okay. of course he's going say that. >> and hosts to pitch. this is hurting him. he wants to be with these guys. it's not easy to do yo and -- hope that is not less appealing, right? >> and that is what we don't know and in the play-offs, we didn't think he was going to be shut down but a matter of when and not if. there is a surprise. he matched the shortest outing of the season, three innings and surrounding against the marlins. finished with 159 innings in a third and with a 15-6 record
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and 3.61e.r.a. last night, the skipper foe shaded on the shutdown decision today. >> i think he was not focused as much on the game as he was on the impending shutdown and that is the way i read it. he was having trouble is sleeping and thinking about, you know, letting the guys down. so, i understand his mod. >> reporter: there was baseball today and what a game this was and there is that rain delay for 2 1/2 hours and after that, the nats are down by 1 and that is with one swing and tied up at 6th. the bottom of the 10th, the bases and with that one out. the drive to right and to not make that. and here is the winning run in the form of ian desmond. the nats win a game, 6-7 is
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that magic number, now 17. >> and in to maryland and philly, avenging the loss to temple. with the second quarter, maryland up 10-3 and with that action. the terps at that point and in to that second, no one-3 and no problem, and he goes 11 yards for the score and win 26-27 and are 2-0 in the season. and virginia, hosting penn state and that is since 2002. and michael rocco looks for jake mcgee and with that extra point. that is key and with that last chance to win it and in to charlottesville and win again, uva, 17-16 and they 2-0. coming
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up on nissan sports extra, i am here because lindsay murphy is in new orleans getting ready. >> i know. >> and that is against the saints. >> and that is nothing at all. >> and to start tomorrow. >> we have to send in some pancakes. >> yeah. >> and thank you. a rare sight in new york city today. a tornado. see how that impacted the u.s. open. next. next. 
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. severe weather toe across the northeast. this is a tornado in queens confirmed by the national weather service and another confirmed in brooklyn. no one was hurt, but plenty of damage and downed lines.
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fox's anna coinman has a closer look. >> reporter: severe weather is popping up along the east coast from the carolinas to new england. much of the northeast is under a tornado watch until later tonight, including new york city and the surrounding areas. and this is from breezy point in queens where firefighters reported to a -- some trees off and the general manager tells the associated press that it picked up industrial-sized metal trash bins and they have 350 reports of severe weather, including four dead and a child in oklahoma. tornados are a rarity in new york city and with some eight reported n. september 2010, two
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tornados ripped through the city. tearing down thousands of trees and leaving more than 30,000 people without power and one person died. it's putting a damper on the u.s. men's open where the semi finals were temporarily delayed from heavy rain and the women's finals washed out, delayed until tomorrow. anna coinman, fox news, new york york >> and we have had a lot of weather and. >> one thing i want to mention, there is that reported sighting. they conducted three storm surveys. one in fairfax, one in reston and one in lorton and there is no evidence of a tornado on the ground. >> and that caused a lot of damage. there is some downed lines and
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tree branches. >> and dangerous, too. >> and some have to be aware of that to be careful. and this is a calm evening after the action and this is where that precipitation is now and across the areas of lower southern maryland. you can see what a big difference. that frontal system passed and i was speaking to will earlier about the fact of the big temperature change, we had a 25 degrees temperature change from 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. the winds gusting at about 58 miles an hour and a quarter quarter of a mile to a half mile visibility and with that squall line coming through earlier. a lot of things happening here and to the weather map. this system, mentioned, areas up to new york state and look at the line system here. we're not alone at all with the
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impact of that particular system. and we have wind gusts for you, the peak wind gusts in our airports, 58 miles an hour at national airport; 47, dulles; 35, bwi-thurgood marshal. martinsburg, 52 miles an hour wind gusts, fort belvoir, 49 and 39 at the air base. and the wins are strong across the region and highs in the 90s, upper 80s and some unstable air mass and that is some cooler air. 68 at reagan national airport; 63, gaithersburg and hagerstown and to fredericksburg at this hour. the mid-atlantic, and 67 in boston and 64 in new york and look at the 50s here. the temperatures a big drop. the northwesterly wind


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