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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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campaign trail tragedy. a deadly traffic accident during president obama's campaign stop in west palm beach. how a police officer lost his life. >> after the storm, trying to clean up yet again after major winds and pounding rain batter the region. >> playing rough, high school talent sitting on the sidelines for the season after some people say another player deliberately inflicted an injury that ended his season. >> we begin tonight with the pros. the most anticipated regular
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season opener in years for the redskins, and folks, it did not disappoint. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. fun to watch that game. >> it was. >> robert griffin iii is quickly becoming a household name beyond our area, and for good reason. he made his nfl debut against the new orleans saints and he let the ball fly. >> he did. >> dave ross starts off our coverage. he was great though watch today. >> he really was. better than anyone could have anticipated. you know what they say, whoever they are, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. today rg3 made an impression fans won't soon forget. the first redskins rookie quarterback to start the season since 1961. second possession, trailing 7- 3. watch what happens here. takes the hit and, he gone. 88yards for number 88. how about this, robert griffin
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iii completed his first eight passes. second quarter, another youngster, robertson, 5 yards for the score. griffin 19 of 26, for 320 yards. second most ever by a rookie quarterback in his debut. how about the other rookie, morris, the 6th rounder. 2touchdowns, 28 carries, 96 yards. redskins shocked the saints in new orleans, 40-32. >> the one thing i don't do is try to stress about anything or go out and try to prove anything to anyone. just go play, have fun. it's a game i've played for a long time, and the guys in that locker room, i was still a rookie to them. and after this game, they told me i wasn't a rookie anymore. >> robert did a great job
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playing first game in the nfl. >> redskins travel to st. louis next week to take on the rams. this first week, a plus performance. >> i'm liking what i saw. >> redskins excited. >> heck of a game. skins were playing in new orleans, but no lack of enthusiasm for those watching rg3 on tv here at home. karen gray houston went to bethesda to take the temperature of redskins watchers and found a level of excitement way over the top. ♪ >> reporter: the anticipation has been building for weeks. they brought out bagpipes and redskins cheerleaders to pump up the crowd. make no mistake and check out the number 10 jerseys, the biggest draw was the team's 21- year-old rookie quarterback. >> rg3 is doing a good job.
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our defense is holding them well. i'm excited. >> reporter: it was about three- quarters into the game. then this from a deputy chief from the rockville volunteer fire department selling raffle tickets to raise money to build a new fire station. >> doing well today. the team is well coached. defense is playing well. >> reporter: let's ask somebody who used to play for the skins and patriots what he thinks about robert griffin iii. >> he's very mature. he's handled it very well. >> reporter: eugene profit is in financial investing these days. we did find a few nay sayers. but mostly, we saw this -- [ cheering ] >> reporter: and this
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[ singing ] ♪ . >> reporter: first game of the season and first real test for rg3. we asked fans -- >> it was great. it was. >> after seeing all five other rookies, i'd say a plus. >> aaa plus. >> reporter: in bethesda, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> not to rain on their parade, the saints got busted for playing for bounties. coming up, is high school football also getting too rough? we'll show you why one mom is especially convinced. a developing story from president obama's campaign detail in florida. a motorcycle officer es escorting the president's motorcade has died after being hit by a pickup truck. he was from the city of jupiter. president obama has been notified and white house
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president clinton jay carney says the thoughts and prayers of the white house are with the officer's family tonight. at this point, no charges filed. a maryland school dedicated a new field in honor of yeardly love. hundreds of formerrer classmates, teachers and coaches gathered at notre dame prep for the ceremony. more than $1 million in donations were raised for the new high tech turf. here's a look. a testament to how much she meant to the community. >> i'm sure she's looking down at the field now, with a big smile on her face and looking forward to seeing the many games played on it. >> everybody has been so wonderful. we just -- i don't know how we could ever thank anybody for what we've done. it's impossible. >> love was found dead in her offcampus apartment back in may of 2010. her ex-boyfriend, george huguely, who also played
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lacrosse at uva has been convicted of killing her. we move to weather. a day after a severe storm hits here at home, the national weather service says despite funnel cloud spottings in fairfax county saturday, multiple surveys show there was no confirmed tornado. >> that doesn't mean the storm wasn't powerful. particularly bad on the south side of lake ann. fox5's john henrehan shows us. >> reporter: there was so much damage on south shore road from the saturday's storm -- >> our biggest issue was to search the homes and make sure nobody was trapped ored in the homes. >> reporter: luckily, no serious injuries. but the storm was frightening. susan hill was on the phone with her son in ashburn, who reported heavy rain there. >> probably 30 seconds later the wind kicked up so badly, it was very frightening. i raced to the basement hollering for the dog to follow
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and got downstairs and i didn't even hear the tree hit. everything was so loud. >> reporter: how long did it last? >> couldn't have lasted more than a minute. >> reporter: that was long enough to topple a tree which crushed the carport. up the street -- >> so close in the house, it was leaking in. we have water damage inside. >> reporter: randy is the luckiest or unluckiest guy in the neighborhood. his home was damaged in the derecho storm this summer, and suffered more damage on saturday, and his pickup truck was crushed by a tree. but he was so enthralled by the squall, he watched it from his front door way. >> reporter: why didn't you run into the basement? >> i want to watch epic situations. i don't want to be hiding under my bed somewhere. >> reporter: you could have been killed. >> maybe the chances you take when you drive on the beltway
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out here. >> reporter: about half dozen cars and seven homes were damaged on south shore road. john henrehan, fox 5. here in northwest d.c., this is appleton street, the red van is only one-month-old and now it's in bad shape after a pole came on ton of it. huge trees toppled, landing on other cars. wires were down this morning, but most customers have their power back tonight. people in new york city also cleaning up after two tornadoes touched down in brooklyn and queens. no injuries reported. but the storms wreaked havoc on the buildings, power lines and trees in its path. you've seen some of the storm damage and what's happening elsewhere like new york. rare, rare occurrence indeed. today in our area, i think you'd agree it was gorgeous. the kind of day you had to figure out something to do outside. i hope you did. >> i did. i was glad to not have that
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tree damage in my neighborhood, will. but widespread reports of trees down in a many places seeing gusts up to 60. funnel clouds, too. there was a funnel cloud in forestville and prince george's county. the price we paid for the storms yesterday was the beautiful weather we get today. yesterday, 91 degrees. today 80. dulles and bwi in the 70s. would you believe last night dropping to 62? that is the coolest night we've had since june 26th. and tonight will be another one. we had a couple of clouds across pennsylvania. those have dissipated. huge area of high pressure that you see there towards omaha and minneapolis, that will be in place at the surface and high in the atmosphere. it will be really hard to even find a cloud around here tomorrow. i wanted to show temperatures, because already we are in the 60s. would you believe a lot of places are headed down into the
10:23 pm
low 50s? i wouldn't be surprised of upper 40s. shut off the air conditioning if you haven't already and get the windows open. will be great sleeping weather tonight. i'll have more on how long this will last with the seven-day forecast a bit later. >> sue, thank you. i think we're all looking forward to smaller power bills. >> me, for sure. >> me, too. injured vets usually have a long road to recovery. >> some of them go to do amazing things, like go for the gold in the para olympics. how some are finding glory in the games. >> first, now that the political conventions are over, there are fewer than 60 days left before the election. and president obama may be unleashing a not so secret weapon. we'll explain as fox 5 evening news continues here on fox 5.   [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
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tthis president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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on the campaign trail today, vice president joe biden
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went back on the attack against mitt romney. on day two of his trip to the battleground state of ohio, he attended a rally at a high school this morning. biden criticized romney saying he's in favor of outsourcing jobs. >> folks, unlike them, we see a future for everyone, rich and poor, does their part and has a part. [ applause ] we see a future and barack are committed to this to our core, where our daughters and granddaughters have the same opportunity our grandsons and sons have. these presidential campaigns taking new jabs at each other. on two issues that really affect just about every single one of us. >> with less than two months to election day, the tone got a lot sharper. fox's ed henry has the latest
10:28 pm
from west palm beach, florida. >> reporter: republican presidential nominee mitt romney spent the day off the campaign trail, attending church with his wife and a few hours of intense debate prep behind closed doors. while president obama continued his two-day bus tour across the sunshine state, where he's been trying to change the focus from jobs and the economy to medicare. >> i will never turn medicare into a voucher. won't do that. [ applause ] >> they want to give the money back to the insurance companies, put them in charge of medicare. >> reporter: in a pretaped interview, governor romney hammered the president over friday's weak jobs report. >> if this president is reelected you'll see chronic high unemployment continue four years or longer, low wage growth, if any at all, and always will be this fiscal calamity at our door step. >> reporter: the republican vice presidential candidate, paul ryan, had no appearances today, but told a talk show their plan would be
10:29 pm
transparent. >> we don't want a secret plan. we don't want to cut a back room deal like obama care. >> reporter: in ohio, vice president biden pounced. >> don't tell me your values. show me your budget. i'll tell you what you value. >> reporter: the president is sending former president bill clinton here to week to stump for votes. the president says he's been advised to name clinton the secretary of explaining stuff. in west palm beach, florida, ed henry, fox news. with the presidential race kicking into high gear, both candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard, folksing on the key battleground states. we have a political analyst joining us. we're glad to see you tonight. >> glad to be back. >> mark, new polls show president obama's post convention real, but how much do the polls mean now?
10:30 pm
>> i saw mike dukakis at the convention and all i could think about him in 1988 is he was 17 points up after the convention. you know what happened to him. only won 10 states and lost to george bush. you've got to concentrate, really, on the battleground polls, not the general 45, 49 popular poll, because what that is, you know, all i have to do is remind you 2000. al gore got 500,000 more votes than george bush, but lost in the electoral college. >> that's right. >> so i'm more concerned about the electoral votes. you have to get 270, that's the magic number. >> right. >> and they're all doing configurations and watch carefully where the candidates go. >> right. >> that means that those are the states that are important and those are the states that really -- >> i was going to say, only a
10:31 pm
handful of states that are key states here, where the candidates are concentrating on. we've seen virginia certainly being one of them. ohio, iowa, new hampshire. it's no coincidence they're picking here. is it because polls, again, showing this is where they need to be or because of the electoral votes those states carry? >> no. california and new york are enormous. the president was in florida 29 electoral votes, the same amount as new york. but he's there because their internal polls show them in a very close race. he's spent a lot of time in new hampshire. that's four electoral votes. just one more than d.c. but he's not going to spend time in d.c. because that's a given. and you're not going to see romney in idaho or utah or south carolina, because they know they're going to win. >> right. >> so they spend their time with both campaigns know, and it's down to about seven or eight states and the largest being florida and ohio, and
10:32 pm
then very small states. the president, it's almost like he lives in iowa. they also go to nevada. that's another small state. colorado another state. both will spend an enormous amount of time in virginia. virginia hadn't gone democratic in 44 years, and president won by 7 points. but governor romney thinks he can do well and win. the governor mcdonald won in 2009 -- >> mark, i want to jump in with this. talking about virginia, could be a fly in the ointment here by the name of virgil goode. >> he's been everything, and now he's something from the constitution party. i think everybody agrees he takes votes away from governor romney. there's also gary johnson, not a household name by any circumstances, who is the former governor of new mexico.
10:33 pm
he's a libertarian candidate. and he also, so if the race is close, it siphons votes away from one candidate or the other. >> we didn't get to debates, unfortunately, which are going to take -- >> plenty of time. >> mark, we'll see you again next week. thanks for the insight. >> thank you. >> hard to believe a couple of months left. >> less than 60 days. >> then what will mark talk about? maybe d.c. government? >> we'll find something. always. flashing lights will get your attention. but didn't work that way in prince george's county. >> wait until you hear what happened not once, but twice. >> first, major involvements in iraq where a former vice president is facing a fate similar to saddam hussein for his war crime. we'll be right back.   
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tthis president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. a wave of violence across iraq, as a series of explosions rocks at least 11 cities around the country. several bombs went off in the
10:37 pm
northern city of kirkuk. another device went off near police recruits waiting in line to apply for jobs. and three car bombs also blew up north of baghdad. the violence killed at least 40 people and injured hundreds more. here is a story of survival and achievement, despite all the odds. after stepping on a hidden bomb in after afghan farm field and becoming blind, a navy lieutenant won a gold medal. brad snyder takes the gold one year after losing his sight. talk about inspirational. >> reporter: exactly a year ago, navy lieutenant brad snyder's afghanistan tour ended when an ied blasted shrapnel in his face. london officials awarded snyder with two gold medals for the
10:38 pm
100 and 400-meter free style. >> there's a lot of uncertainty going in, a lot of nerves. once i hit the water, felt comfortable. >> reporter: his job was to defuse bombs for a navy seal team. following the accident, he remained conscious as he waited for medics to reach him. he received about 30 stitches and began recovering at walter reid army medical center in washington, d.c. he says his new condition brings new meaning to commitment and honor. >> commitment to your family and ship mates. in the hospital, i felt i needed to reciprocate that commitment. >> reporter: he says one of the hardest parts of his disability was not just dealing with the physical problems associated with being blind, but the mental jolts of being sidelined after being part of an active assault team. his team oriented competitive
10:39 pm
nature is now being fulfilled through his participation in the para olympics. he's a high school standout football player. tonight his career chances are up in the air, now side lined. >> some say it was a deliberate effort to hurt him. we're going to look at the video of the moment that ended his season. 
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a promising young fe in nor in wheaten is out for the season. he broke his hand friday night. relatives say another player stepped on him on purpose and are blaming the refs for letting the game get out of control. audrey barnes has this report. >> people at the game friday night said the tension was running high from the start and it got worse from there.
10:43 pm
for the 11th grader, who was hoping to get looks from recruiters this year, that game will be his last for some time. >> reporter: julian has been playing football since he was six. the wheaten high school junior is hoping to land a scholarship to play college ball. but his chances of getting recruited this year ended 10 minutes into a game against rockville high school friday night. >> i made the tackle in the back field with a few other players. after that i fell and i felt a lot of pressure on my hand. >> reporter: his mother gives us the play by play of the moment she says a rockville high school player intentionally stepped on her son's hand, fracturing it and taking him out for the season. >> here you see julian tackle. he goes down. his arm is extended. the man he tackled, he walks up, steps on his hand. julian pulls his hand back. >> reporter: do you think he stepped on your land on purpose? >> yes, because everyone else after the play was walking away, but obviously he was
10:44 pm
still there after and just continued walking. so he had to see me. >> you can see where the hand is displaced. >> reporter: she says the refs lost control of the game early and cost her son his critical junior year. >> these officials not paying attention, doing their jobs. >> reporter: montgomery county school spokesman sent us this statement -- >> this is a different type of game. a lot of extra stuff going on, fights, spitting on other players, and hits after the whistle, constitutionality. >> reporter: fox 5 contacted all three northwood coaches and they're standing by julian and his mother. a source with intimate knowledge of the team who witnessed the play, but did not
10:45 pm
want to be identified, told us -- julian is one of the hardest working kids on the team, both on and off the field. it makes me angry he's lost for the year because of the selfish act of one student. >> as for julian, he's already thinking about next season and that college scholarship. >> hopefully next year my senior year i do good and i earn one. >> rockville high school principal told me by phone tonight she was at the game and saw a player go down early, but she says she was not aware he was seriously hurt because he walked off the field under his own power. but his mother and others saw him get up and walked him to the ambulance. monk says there was a fight the last play of the game, but claims it was handled quickly by refs and coaches. she says she'll be meeting with her football coaches tomorrow morning. we left a message for the commissioner who supervises
10:46 pm
refs in the district but haven't received a return phone call yet. >> audrey barnes, thank you. prince george's county firefighters dodged danger for a second time this month. these are photos from the incident yesterday morning on the inner loop of the beltway near the bw parkway. a car crashed into the back of the engine. later, another driver ran into that car, but hit the engine. the driver tried to leave, but several officers stopped him about half a mile away. both drivers will face charges. a deadly head on collision last night involving an mta bus on 8th avenue in maryland. investigators say 27-year-old marcus anderson missed a curve and hit the bus. he was killed. his passenger, who was a juvenile, went to the hospital with minor injuries. the bus driver and eight of the 10 passengers on board were treated for minor injuries. he was once a police officer, now he is a convicted killer. and with the death of drew peterson's third wife resolved
10:47 pm
in the eyes of the law, attention is turning to the disappearance of his fourth. >> finally somebody heard kathleen's cries, 12 people did the right thing, oh, thank god. [ applause ] >> reporter: the scene here in illinois is quieter. but to the family members of kathleen savio, it was her voice that spoke the loudest. >> show she spoke from the grave. she came alive again. she said, look, this man did it to me. >> reporter: never believing she drowned after a fall in her tub, charlie watched as his mother and other relatives tried in vain to convince investigators to investigate savio's death. >> after my aunt died, now we know she was murdered, nobody wanted to listen. >> reporter: tranicly, this wasn't until the disappearance of drew's fourth wife, stacy
10:48 pm
peterson, three years after the fact that authorities began to listen. >> in the beginning we said, and we told you guys, my mom had it, she tried to show anybody and everybody and nobody wanted to see it. >> reporter: do you think that she knew what was coming? that she knew that her life was at risk? >> most definitely. she said it many, many, many types to many, many, many people. she knew. she didn't know when, where or how, but she knew. >> reporter: it was the dark secrets that stacy peterson kept that became the undoing of the former cop. >> it's horrible it took someone going missing, no matter what the circumstance for my aunt to get the justice that she deserved, and could have been prevented if people had listened to what she was trying to tell them. >> the hearsay testimony from stacy, that was the biggest part. >> reporter: according to jurors like this 22-year-old,
10:49 pm
words stacy shared in confidence with her pastor and attorney harry smith, as she plotted to get away from drew became the lynchpin of the trial. >> he opened things up, the lawyer's testimony was the one that got us. >> she said he killed kathleen. i was blown away. i was reeling inside. >> the biggest issue in my mind that day was her discussing what advantages could be gained in the divorce and telling police how drew killed kathy peterson. >> reporter: a blundering attempt to portray stacy peterson's greed, drew's defense allowed testimony from her divorce lawyer, a witness prosecutors could not call due to confidentiality laws. the ploy back fired. >> the defense attorney tried to exploit that, tried to destroy the character of stacy peterson, the fact that she was trying to take advantage of her knowledge. get more money out of drew. how do you feel about that? >> i think it kind of turned
10:50 pm
around to bite him in the butt, really. because it brought out the fact even more that even they believed that stacy knew drew killed my aunt. the day after congressman jesus e jackson junior -- jesse jackson junior was released from the hospital, it's unclear when he'll return to work. he was released last week. he has been with his family in d.c. since his release and has declined interviews. his father told reporters yesterday he did not expect his son to rush back to work. unemployment dipped and more jobs added in august. but the modest numbers were disappointing for the white house. meanwhile, the romney campaign is hoping to get a boost from what say is a blow to the president. peter doocy reports. >> reporter: the unemployment rate was 0.2% lower in august than it was in july. but many in the political arena
10:51 pm
are overlooking that number. 8.1%. and focusing instead on the 368,000 americans who gave up on their job hunts last month and how all those folks drove the labor force participation rate to 63.5%, the lowest since 1981. >> for every person that got a job last month, nearly four stopped looking. >> reporter: some of the president's supporters say don't read too much into august alone. >> never want to take one month's report. if you look over the last year, the unemployment rate is down a full percentage point and most of that is from getting people new jobs. >> reporter: some of those jobs have been at the heart of the president's pitch to voters in swing states. >> after a decade of decline, this company has created more than half a million new manufacturing jobs over the last two and a half years. >> reporter: but mitt romney's advisors think if president obama wins another term and has a chance to raise taxes on the rich, then the economy will remain stalled. >> i can't imagine an argument
10:52 pm
that says raising marginal tax rates on high income people, many of whom are business owners is a recipe for economic growth. >> reporter: this morning mitt romney said he won't cut taxes for the wealthy, just bring down the rate of taxation, but bring down deductions and loopholes, so what they pay is the same and middle income taxpayers will get a break. in washington, peter doocy, fox news. today's weather made for a perfect day for the nation's triathlon. the event benefited the leukemia and lymphoma society. now i'm feeling bad i didn't go to the gym today. how about you? >> don't ask. a strange and frightening virus making people sick because they went to one of the
10:53 pm
nation's most beautiful parks. >> now there are more cases and more concerns about how much farther the illness could reach. >> the redskins' rookie quarterback lives up to the hype in his nfl debut. dave ross is up next with sports. hey, sue. >> that was great tv today, wasn't it? wow. even i'm jumping on the bandwagon now. we are so glad they didn't have to play in d.c. of course it was beautiful today. yesterday the stormy day. reagan national at 58 wind gusts. 47 at dulles and 35 at bwi. your seven-day is coming up after the break. don't go anywhere.
10:54 pm
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. good football game. what was the name of that -- rg iii, not just a nice guy, but
10:57 pm
he can play under pressure. >> we were all hoping -- you see in the commercials and all that. he was above and beyond what we expected. even the most ardent fan could not have forseen what you saw today. today was an eye opening experience for redskins fans everiy. everyone knew he was going to be fun to watch. but this none and this fast? i'm not sure -- and right, nobody can anticipate this, especially the new orleans saints. today rg3:00, the first redskins rook e quarterback to start the opener in 51 years and didn't disappoint. second possession, takes a big slot, in rhythm and got 88 yards to the house. robert griffin iii completes his first eight passes. look at the shot he took. he celebrates from back side.
10:58 pm
impressive. robinson on the practice squad last year. not this year. he had himself a game. 29yards on that one, setting up a field goal. griffin 19 of 26. 326yards, second most ever on a rookie in nfl debut. morris had 2 touchdowns, 28 carries, 96 carries for the other rookie. and they win 40-32. >> playing in the nfl, the pinnacle of it all, winning your first dame, and to go against a hall famer in drew brees, at the end of the game he said he was proud of me. that was big for him to say after they lost. i respect him for that and number one on my list. >> le did good. very good. had a lot of key place. offensive line did a great job.
10:59 pm
>> rg iii getting props. the notice today, bryce harper loses it in the sun. two runs score. nats down 3-0. top of the 7th, getting ugly. stanton, off garcia, not coming back. marlins win 8-0. with the braves' victory the nats' magic number is 17. coming up in nissan sports xtra, lindsay murphy checks in from the big easy. the fan base now count be more fire -- couldn't be more fired up and you can understand. >> robert griffin, i'm telling you, living the dream. >> thanks, dave. full forecast coming up when we're right back.


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