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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> and now, this is news 4 at 11. >> tonight shs kaj damage across the area as strong storms move north.
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>> 60 mile an hour winds knock trees down and power out to thousands of people. >> i saw the wind pick up and all of the sudden, i had a boom, boom, bang. >> from the close calls to the clean up and the flight cancellations up and down the east coast. news 4 is covering every angle of this story. >> four inches of rain fell on some of us. the storms are gone now and the clean up is under way. doulg cameron tells us what to expect tomorrow. but, first, darcy spencer with the aftermath. >> reporter: well, hi, doreen. the woman who lives in the house behind me, she was at home when the large tree came crashing down to the house. there are people working on the roof because there's some structural damage. take a look at the front of the house. the porch fell right into the front yard. all of the sudden, i
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had a boom, boom, bang. i had just a little vibration of a shake. >> the storm hit in the middle of a rush. >> i thought it was going to be a little bit worse than what it was. they were saying tornadoes and everybody started getting a little bit scared. >> from virginia to d.c. to prince george's, how long did it take you?
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>> 1:15. >> numerous storms were reported. the storm also knocked out power. some intersections here along green belt road were in dark. the good news is that no one was injured when that tree toppled or the porch collapsed here tonight. reporting live, news 4. >> thanks, darcy. the water is finally receding. some places saw up to a foot of water. homes on the water face the biggest threat at high tide, which was around 9:30 tonight. right now, though, no reports of any major problems. in northern virginia, quite different scene than just a few hours earlier. a heavy downpour soaked anyone on the outside. a downed power line cut off power to homes and tied up traffic.
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crews fixed those lines. >> right now, tree trimmers and power crews are hard at work. it's been a common theme this summer. storms hit, trees fall and then the lights go out. jim rosenfield continues live from bethesda where it's happened again. >> it's just bun to rain again tonight. take a look at this. this is what we're told is a diseased white oak. the holes that you see here, added to's wind and rain and you've got this mess. the storm has barely moved out and tree trimmers are aloft and armed with saws. it didn't just snap in two,it also toppled a transformer wfr landing in the middle of burning tree road. >> it really becomes an inconvenience when you get these
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storms. >> reporter: it's lights out again for howard and his neighbors for the second time this july. >> i just looked at them and i said how many days? and they were hopeful that they could have it back within a day. so i'd settle and sign for that right now. >> reporter: we found other small pockets of powerless customers elsewhere in the district. >> it wasn't like the wind we had a couple of months ago. >> reporter: this was a downed power line in northwest d.c. on fourth street, an obstacle course dodging the tree limbs in the 3200 block. and in the bloomingdale neighborhood, d.c. residents armed themselves with sandbags. >> i'm planning on using them to barricade the stairwells for the basement. >> reporter: no flooding this time. the antiquated storm drainage system kept up.
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but government compensation for property damage, relief fund legislation to be introduced tomorrow in city council. >> at the height of the storm, 20,000 people across our region were in the dark. it now has about 1300 people without power. dominion, about 60 power outages. bge working to restore electricity to about 200 customers. >> this weather is making a mess of air travel along the east coast. amtrak along d.c. and baltimore because of storm debris. >> reporter: this storm, a very large storm. we're moving in through late summer and early autumn. that division of the air mass. very cool air mass. we did hit 80 degrees today and ahead of that storm was nuf instability to produce that
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line. all the way through the i-95 corridor. the good news for us was we did not see the most severe event from this storm. that's what we expected here. we did see about 20,000 people without power and 60 mile anl hour winds and 2-4 inches o f rain. if you didn't see the wind in your area, count yourself lucky. what do we have out there right now? the shower activity and the cold front noi making its way through the area. we are done with the severe weather. we'll see a few more showers as we make our way into the orr night hours and then things clear out very, very nicely by the time the kids are getting on the school bus, temperatures, 51-57 degrees. it will feel a lot cooler, a bit on the breezy side and you may need a jacket. >> breaking news right now.
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a prince george's county plif has been involved in a shooting. investigators say the police officer shot a man. it happened about an hour ago on the 800 block of southern avenue. no word on that man's condition. we'll bring you any update as soon as we get more information. a teacher's strike in chicago is over. for the first time in more than a week, stunts and educators are preparing to go back to the classroom. there is going to be a vote by the full membership of more than 25,000 teachers. chicago's mayor called the deal. >> next week will mark 10 years since the d.c. sniper. 10 people were killed. for one woman, the pain will never go away.
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>> reporter: indeed, that pain remains. johnson was killed right in this spot right over here. you can see there's a sign that honors him saying killed by sniper's bullet. always remembered. >> it doesn't fully go away. >> reporter: denise johnson is still in pain after the d.c. sniper kills her husband, conrad johnson, in the fall of 2002. >> i don't think anyone can ever say that pain goes totally away. >> the 35-year-old was standing on a bus stop when he was shot in the abdomen making him their last shooting victim. next month marks the 10-year anniversary. >> from this instance, it still seems like yesterday. >> 10 people were killed. three wounded in the shooting that terrorized the d.c. metro area for three weeks. >> certainly there was a lot of fear and then a lo of anxiety.
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>> tonight, retired police chief re-examined the shooting spree at the national law enforcement museum's witness to history panel. charles says they've moved from police agencies. >> you have to involve the community. you have to involve the media. >> now, this poster right here shows all the shooting victims from the 2002 incidents. charles says that one of the lowest points with was when this 13-year-old was shot in the back. >> that was just unacceptable. unnecessary. >> john was put to death. lee boyd malbo was serving a sentence in a prison in virginia. >> reporter: back out here live, this bench pays tribute to conrad johnson.
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once again, october 22nd, 2002. people still come here and pay tribute to hem. people have been walking down the seed sidewalk talking about him. >> we go to politics now, a new poll is giving president obama an edge in virginia, which is considered a critical swing state. the washington post poll shows the president with an 8 point lead over mitt romney. 800 likely voters in virginia were part of that poll. the romney camp is doubling down its appearances in virginia as the polls show president obama pulling away. vice presidential candidate was in the news today. ryan will speak at a small business tomorrow. meanwhile, mitt romney is trying to get back on message after comments surfaced from a
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fundraiser back in may. blarng blank. >> on that tape, romney said 47 pn47% of americans do not pay income tax. he stopped short of apologizing and for the first time, president obama is weighing in. >> so many people have fallen to poverty that they're not paying taxes they have to rely on government. the kbovt helping people to get back to good jobs. >> i meet with republicans as i'm traveling around the country. they are hard-working, family people who care deeply about this country and my expectation is that if you want to be president, you've got towork for everybody. not just for some. >> president obama reacted during du
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during an interview with david letterman. he was caught on tape saying voters in pennsylvania retreated to their guns and their religion. mr. obama told letterman that he recognized that as a mistake. >> virginia's u.s. senate candidate tim kaine and george allen will face-off live. thai get runder way at noon. >> coming up, government helicopter used to pull off the ultimate homecoming proposal. some new information about the teenage girl at the krenter of the scandal. >> a researcher murdered outside of his maryland home. >> we'll
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we've got an update to a story we shared last night at 11:00. school administrators say they gave the okay for a helicopter homecoming invitation. the father of a student at patriot high school arranged for a border patrol pilot to help his son ask a girl for a date. the pilot dropped the stuffed animal and note on the school's football field last wednesday. the student who got the invitation is a kicker on the football team.
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victoria tells the washington post this isn't her fers over-the-top invitation. >> a researcher at the national institutes of health has been killed. peter marvin was shot outside his house in baltimore. police initially thought he might have been robbed. they say now he was confronted as he gots out of his car. he worked as a contractor for nih. >> new evidence that a chemical found in cans and some plastics may increase the risk for childhood obesity. rezejers found that teens with higher levels of this were twice as likely to be obese. we can't really see the new
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baby panda at the national zoo, but, today, we could hear it. >> macion continues to nurse her new little one. the zoo staff says mom is doing a good job of taking care of her newborn. she's cradling and grooming the cub. there are signs she is successfully nursing. cubs are at high risk for infections. so the next few days are critical. that's a noisy little cub. >> yeah, that baby needs a nap. >> i bet the mom needs a nap, too. >> ois hungry. >> or something. >> diaper change? something. >> are we all pretty much done with the stormy weather now? >> we are. we're going to have a few showers tonight and they may be a little gusty as they come on through here. those showers right now just on top of the district. you can see the clouds lowering once again as i think we do see
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some of those gusty clouds working on the area over the next hour or two hours. high techtures up to 80 degrees. low this morning was 69. that's actually the temperature right now. that is the low so far for today. and we did see an inch of rain at the airport and the severe threat is over. as i mentioned, still, a few gusty storms. 69 degrees the temperature with the rainfalling out there with wind out of the southwest. here's current techtures. 62 in petersburg and 61 in winchester. we did see heavy rain today. take a look at the numbers. ballenger freak, 4.22 inches of rain. hills hillsborro, over 4 inches. that rain did lead to some flooding. especially up to rd wast the
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frederick county area. some of the creeks overflowing their banks. we did see numerous flooded roadways. a lot of those roadways were closed. so we did see some flooding, big-time flooding back to the west. but fortunately, that is all starting to come to an end. here's where we have those showers and these are the gusty showers right here. you can see them heading into the fair fax area right around d.c. right now. and then back to the west, we're looking at the frontal boundary right now. so we'll continue to see some light to moderate rain with these. especially this ban right here down through prince william county. so you'll continue to see some of those showers. cold front sweeps on through and we see clearing skies and clearing skies mean cooler temperatures. the front moves by, hi pressure moves in rapidly tomorrow.
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tomorrow is going to be a pretty nice day. the sunshine, not that bad. on thursday, back to around average for this time of year. plenty of sunshine once again before another round comes in. tomorrow, 51-57 degrees. as you make your way through the day tomorrow, question we'll see those numbers becoming sunny and seasonably cool. 70-75 degrees. i think a lot of people will enjoy the day tomorrow. 80 on friday. there's a pretty good day. another chance of some showers on saturday. that will usher in even more cool air as we head into the first week of fall. >> not bad. thank you, doug. >> sports coming up. nhl is supposed to be locked
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this was forecasted yesterday. just saying. >> i was just getting ready to say the other thing we didn't mention with all of this rain is that the game got washed out. >> would you tell him it's time for the sports cast now. >> people protest too much. >> yes, that is very true. nats rained out tonight, but they will be busy tomorrow. it's dodger's double header starting at 4:00. he could be back in the line-up on wednesday along with michael morse. so the nationals lead, that is
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very good, the n.l. east now back up to 5.5 games. chen in the american league, they're visiting the mariners. bottom 2, based loaded, a great play at second to save a run and help chen get out of the inning. so still no score. in the next inning, pendino facing ramirez. but kyle seeger working on the night moves. it is 2-0, seattle. all right, folks, buckle up if you're a hockey fan. this lockout is going to be going on for a long time. and the players prepared to play elsewhere. according to a report out of russia, alex thinks the lockout could last the entire season. meanwhile, some teammates rented ice time at the place they
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normally practice for free. the former cap's goalie who now plays for the penguins were there. >> everybody's obviously frustrated with the fact it doesn't look like we're going to have training carp. camp. so now you're starting to consider mgt it's starting to be a reality a little bit more. we're taking it day-by-day and we'll see what happens. >> we feel we're bargaining. we've put some really good offers that makes a stable league. i think the owners -- we don't want to be in this position five years down the road, same thing, locked out again. we want to keep a healthy league for a long time coming. >> college football, maryland headed to morgantown to face eighth-ranked west virginia. if the terps are going to pull
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this one out, they will need everything, and i mean everything, to go their way. west virginia favored by 27 points. that's almost four touchdowns. the maryland head coach knows all too well how difficult it is to win on the road at west virginia. >> i can still remember, you know, going when the old mountaineer field was right in the middle of the campus and i was at syracuse. they pelted us with oranges and we walked on the field pre-game and they had dogs out there catching frisbee and the tobacco spitting contest. you know when you play west virginia, you better strap it up. >> but i guess it's better than throwing oranges at you thanl beer bottles.
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