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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  September 22, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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showers rolling into the metro area probably after 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. might even be closer to sundown or a little later. there are plenty of dry hours to get outside and enjoy your saturday. just keep a weather eye to the sky. keep looking west every couple hours just to make sure there is nothing sneaking up on you. current temperature 70 degrees now at national airport. 72 in shady side, maryland. 66 in waldorf and charlotte hall. 68 in fredericksburg and triangle. 67 in martinsburg, west virginia. not much too close just yet on storm 4 radar but there will be a line of showers firing up ahead of a cold front due to come in here. there is even a slight risk for some severe weather today mainly northern and northeastern maryland up the i-95 corridor through philadelphia and new york city. so for us today, showers out to the west by as early as 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. then scattered showers coming into the metro area here along about 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00. heading down to blacksburg the hokies taking on bowling green. noon kickoff. 30% chance of storms and showers
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but i think good weather for hokey football in blacksburn. more of your college football forecast and more of the rest of weekend coming up. right now we have major delays on the beltway. we've got a big traffic backup on the american legion bridge on the inner loop. take a look. the delays affect southbound traffic from maryland into virginia. you don't want to be stuck there. we're told construction is the cause for the slow go here. virginia state police say the backup is from the bridge past georgetown pike. a football rivalry turns ugly as a fight breaks out after a game at watkins mill high school as police respond to the scene and a cruiser hits a 15-year-old girl putting her in the hospital. she is in stable condition this morning. news 4's derrick ward joins us live from the school with the latest. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. well, authorities are still trying to determine what the fights were about. i say fights because there apparently were several. reports started coming from the neighborhoods and that brought police to the scene here. now it happened yesterday
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evening as the game against clarksburg high school was breaking up here at watkins mill high school in gaithersburg. again, police started getting reports of fights in the neighborhood. as they were responding several police officers were here already as other police officers responded according to montgomery county police a 15-year-old tenth grader ran between two parked cruisers and was struck by another cruiser that was responding to the scene. she was tended to quickly by emergency personnel already on the scene and as i said she remains hospitalized in stable condition. now authorities at the school here say that they are taking steps to make sure that students are able to deal with this come moay. as we hear from the school's principal. >> we absolutely will have extra support on hand, counselors, support staff on hand to support any students who want to talk about what happened or just need some support in general. >> reporter: now today they are having a spruce up event here at the school. parents and teachers are part of their whole home coming week observance. they hope this incident does not
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cast a pall on that. the principal tells us they have an active student body here. both parents ands active and care a lot about the school which makes the incident so unfortunate. we are live in gaithersburg, derrick ward, news 4. new this morning just a few hours ago the senate agreed to a budget bill that will avoid a government shutdown. the senate finished their vote shortly after midnight while the house voted on friday. it now heads to president obama's desk to sign. congress also agreed on a joint resolution pushing for economic pressure against iran. one issue not brought up is the bush era tax cuts which expire at the end of the year. congress is now on break and will return to session after the november election. pakistani officials say a u.s. drone attack killed four suspected militants in pakistan. officials say a u.s. drone fired two missiles at a vehicle this morning in the northwest part of the country along the afghan border. the identities of the men have not been released. the u.s. has not confirmed the
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report yet. pakistan has demanded the u.s. stop using missile strikes in its country. today protesters across the world are expected to demonstrate against natural gas drilling. organizers say the process pollutes water and makes people sick. the u.s. environmental protection agency or epa and many state regulators say the drilling can be done safely. they say natural gas production has grown, adding jobs and lowering prices for the industry and consumers. the american lung association says natural gas has helped reduce air pollution. the iphone 5 is official loin sale and there's already been reported robberies of the new phone right here in our area. police in alexandria are investigating a used car dealership that was robbed of around a dozen iphone 5s and some cash. investigators say at least two armed men robbed the dealership on south dove street last night and police are warning new iphone owners to be aware of surroundings at all times. a d.c. man is facing big
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charges after police busted him for selling fake versions of the new phone. he says it wasn't a scam. news 4's darcy spencer has the exclusive interview. >> reporter: as a professional boxer harold parker known as sweet lee is used to fighting in the ring but now he has a new fight to worry about, a legal one. he's being charged in connection with an iphone scam in prince george's county. >> i really don't want to say i committed a crime because i really don't know. >> reporter: police say parker and his father daniel parker were selling fake i-phones from out of a car in a lanham parking lot. harold says his father bought the phones from new york and brought them back to sell. >> reporter: do you think it was a scam? >> i don't think it was a scam. he didn't know. he was telling people what type of phone it was and what was going on. >> reporter: police say the parkers told an undercover cop they were selling real iphones but police say they were fake. harold parker says would-be buyers were never told they were the real thing and they did work
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when you put in a sim card. >> he told them what they was. so he basically didn't say they were real phones or fake phones. he let them know where he got them and what was going on and they don't do everything the other phones do. >> reporter: parker tells me chances are the people who bought the phones thought that they were stolen so he wonders why they were never charged. police say the men were busted by the new organized retail crime unit selling the phones for $250 bucks apiece. >> $20 worth of plastic and junk. >> reporter: parker is preparing for his next bout, a september 29th fight at the convention center. the next round could be in a county courtroom battling theft and counterfeit trademark infringement charges. >> it's a bad situation but all i can say is we're going to get the best out of it, just keep our head up and stay focused. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4 today. heads up for drivers in virginia. the state patrol is beefing up their patrols this weekend. troopers are targeting drivers on interstates 95, 66, and 81 in our region today.
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they are calling it operation air, land, and speed. troopers will keep an eye out for speeders and drunk drivers. about 2600 people were arrested in a similar operation just last month. also today safety experts ask parents to double check whether their kids' car seat is properly installed. the seat, installed correctly, should not move more than an inch front to back or side to side. today is national seat check day. car crashes are the number one killer of children from 1 to 12 years old in the u.s. a child car seat and booster seat can help save children's lives in a crash. you can expect to add as much as 30 minutes to your metro ride this weekend because of track work. on the red line, bethesda and medical center are closed. buses will take riders between grovener and friendship heights. on the orange line there is single tracking between east falls church and ballston and between stadium armory and cheverly. riders should add plenty of extra time if using metro to get to major events. the nats are at home today and
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tomorrow and the redskins play their first home game tomorrow at fedex field. oh, yeah. and madonna is going to be at the verizon center tomorrow night. lots of traffic jams. >> hard to say which is the biggest event of those three. >> no kidding. >> definitely i'm sure all will be packed. the time is 9:08. we have another traffic alert. next find out why several blocks are closed this morning on capitol hill. plus a tiger mauls a man at the bronx zoo. why zookeepers say the animal did nothing wrong. and taking precautions in efforts of preventing another amusement park ride from getting stuck leaving riders 300 feet in the air. then extreme training. why these men say their exercise doesn't compare one bit to the strength of those they're trying to help. you're wating news 4 today.
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be happy. be healthy. new today, call him spiderman. daredevil alan roberts scaled
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one of the world's highest steel towers. he climbed this 1200-foot tower in china. it took him nearly two hours to reach the last platform. two giant suction cups helped him along the way. if you are headed to kings dominion this weekend a popular ride is shut down for inspection. amusement park owner cedar fair says it is temporarily shutting down all six of its wind seeker rides at parks in the u.s. and canada. the move comes after the ride left 20 people stranded 300 feet in the air for more than three hours wednesday at knoxberry farm in california. officials say a safety system activated and halted the ride. employees had to follow safety procedures before bringing the ride back down. fortunately no one was hurt. this morning the director of the bronx zoo says the tiger that mauled a man in the exhibit did nothing wrong. police say a 25-year-old man jumped from a monorail train and cleared a 16-foot high fence yesterday afternoon to get inside the tiger's exhibit.
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an 11-year-old 400-pound siberian tiger bit the man on his arms, legs, and back but the tiger did not kill him. zookeepers used a fire extinguisher to chase the animal off the man and at last check he was listed in stable condition. police are still investigating to figure out why the man jumped. we have a traffic alert for you this morning. several streets along barracks row in the district will close for most of the day for the annual fall festival. at 7:00 this morning police closed 8th street from e to i streets and then g street from 7th to 9th streets in southeast d.c. the roads should reopen by about 6:00 this afternoon. this morning teams will do what no one person can do alone, pull an airplane using a rope and their own strength. it's all for a good cause but you can't just go out and do this kind of stunt. i got a chance to see the preparation. these fitness buffs are used to heavy lifting but preparing to pull an airplane requires a different kind of workout. >> it's going to be a combination of lower body, my
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core and also my back so a lot of muscles used so i'm training my whole body. >> all the way up. chin up. >> reporter: tony surge, larry, and chauncey are four of the 25-member team from golds gym in south arlington participating in the virginia special olympics plane pool. the challenge turns mere mortals into super heroes dragging a 164,000 pound 747 for 12 feet. the guys started training eight weeks before the event hoping to come in with the fastest time but pulling a plane is something you can't easily duplicate. the team uses heavy plates to simulate the plane pull. >> i used to play college football. i played nc state. we did a lot of training, power training. >> reporter: the competition is a big motivation but there is also a purpose for each of them. >> when i was in college i worked in a group home for special needs adults. i've always had a soft spot in
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my heart. as soon as she said special olympics i said i'm in. >> reporter: the plane pull helps raise money for a good cause but no doubt there is a lot of pride on the line too. >> the other team should be worried? >> we're going to win, yeah. now that we're in this thing we're going to win. it is very important for us to do so. >> the special olympics plane pull is today from 11:00 to 4:00 at dulles. 70 teams will participate and each team had to raise $1200 for special olympics to be involved. everyone is invited to come and watch. this is the 20th year they've done this. it's always successful. so hopefully they can get a lot of people out there. >> all right. so do you -- >> no, no. don't even ask the question. i know where you're going with this. >> i didn't even finish my sentence. why not? >> you know. come on. >> ah, he's a softy. >> yeah. leave it to those guys. those like fitness buffs who are at the gym all the time. coming up next the special tribute fans will see before the virginia tech football game
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today. >> plus a truly inspirational story. how this student athlete will not let her disability keep her from cheering for one of the most well known teams in the country. we could see a stormy start to the weekend and something else is going to blow our way.
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well today marks a very special day of transition on the calendar. at exactly 10:49 this morning we will begin autumn. better known as fall or autumn. you also might say we started the season three weeks ago. by meteorlogical definition it is considered fall during the months of september, october, and november. >> you just didn't want to say autumnal equinox. >> no i didn't. it'll trip me up. i don't like it. it sounds nothing like autumn.
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>> it's just the last hour or so left of summer. let's see what we have in store. >> chuck, say it. autumnal. >> the trick is that silent n in the middle. autumn and autumnal. a little tricky. you'll work it out erika. 70 degrees right now in washington. it's a mild start to a saturday. temperatures today are going to soar well into the 80s. doesn't feel very much like mid september at all. southerly breezes at 13 miles per hour will stay up out of the south and southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour for most of the day. a breezy and mild day today. 68 already in germantown and gaithersburg. 64 in newark, maryland. our planner for today, sunny breaks here through the rest of the morning hours. clouds will continue to thicken as we get into the afternoon hours. as early as 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon there could be a few showers out toward the shenandoah valley. shower chances in and around
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d.c. if you're going to get them it is going to be between probably 4:00 or 5:00 on the front end and 8:00 or 9:00 on the back end for rain chances. it is not going to rain all day. there will be spots that don't even see a drop of rain later today. the problem is one or two of our showers or thunderstorms could be a little on the strong side. it bears watching for the rest of day. there's the slight risk area right there basically from washington northeast bound up the i-95 corridor through philadelphia, new jersey, and into new york city. that's the greatest risk for some stronger thunderstorms today. we're sort of on the southwestern extreme of any real severe weather chances. high pressure is moving away. a very substantial cold front is on its way. out ahead of it that is where we'll get the shower and thunderstorm chances. by 9:00, 10:00 this evening most of those rain chances will be done and then high pressure builds in for tomorrow. noticeably cooler weather comes our way for tomorrow and it sticks around for most of the front half of the upcoming work and school week so be ready for that. here you go. today not a bad day. clouds will continue to thicken
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as we get through the rest of the afternoon. there is a risk of some showers later this afternoon into this evening. one or two thunderstorms could be on the strong side. i'll be here all afternoon to keep you posted should any severe weather break out but i am not looking for a lot of severe weather today. highs mid to upper 80s so it'll feel awfully warm. tomorrow partly sunny. redskins home opener. kick off tomorrow temperatures in the 60s and most of the day long only into the upper 60s to around 70. a breezy southwest wind today becomes a northwesterly wind tomorrow. hence the reason for the big cool down. 86 for today. only about a 40% chance you'll get wet today so it's not going to be a washout. then tomorrow the sunshine returns. great weather on into monday and tuesday of the upcoming week. highs generally in the 70s. low temperatures, low 50s in town mean 40s in the suburbs and 30s in the west virginia mountains. okay. on the road i had a gentleman last week, wanted college football. he wanted the army forecast. army is on the road at wake
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forest and winston salem today. 80 degrees for that game down south. and the cavaliers have gone on a long plane ride out to ft. worth to take on the horn frogs of tcu. it'll be 90 degrees at kickoff and 95 before the game is done. still hot out in texas you guys. >> thanks. lance armstrong is preparing for a triathlon in ellicott city in two weeks but not everyone is happy about his participation. some of the athletes are criticizing organizers of the triathlon for allowing armstrong to compete. organizers gave up its status as a usa triathlon sanctioned race to allow armstrong to race so the results won't count toward national rankings but organizers say the legendary cyclist's participation will help raise money for the cancer fund for young adults. today virginia tech will honor a campus police officer that was killed in the line of duty. before the game with bowling green the football team will carry a flag with number 152.
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officer derrick kraus's badge number. he was shot to death last year by a 22-year-old who later killed himself. the flag was donated by students from virginia western community college. a photo of kraus also will be displayed following the marching band performance at halftime. as for other local teams in our area maryland plays the mountaineers in west virginia. the cavaliers of virginia travel to the lone star state to play tcu. navy plays the virginia military institute. bowie state plays st. augustine's college in north carolina. they just keep going and going and everybody will be glued to college football. >> i imagine. all good match ups. the nats look to shrink their magic number on the way to the nl east title. >> and last-second dram atics fr the georgetown football team. carol maloney has it all in this morning's sports minute. >> good morning. i'm carol maloney in your sports minute starting with the nationals hosting the brewers. after clinching a playoff spot thursday the nats with the major
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letdown against milwaukee. leading the game heading into the ninth tyler clipper gives up three runs and the brew crew pull off the come from behind win. 4-2 the final. fifth save of t matt weeders really wants to play in october. 2 of 4. three rbis for the catcher as the orioles win, 4-2 over the red sox and ar game behind the yankees in the al east. to college football georgetown visiting princeton in front of the nationally televised audience. tigers led this one most of the way but late in the fourth down to georgetown's matt mukzura connects on a 43-yard field goal. that is your game winner. hoyas win, 21-20. that's your sports minute. i'm carol maloney. hope you have a wonderful saturday. >> thanks, carol. if you need a little motivation to get things done, here's one right up your alley. patience period is a freshman and a cheerleader for the university of arkansas.
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she was born with proxy focal fem oral disorder and that left her left femur bone shorter than the right. doctors had to amputate her leg. now she's living and cheering with a prosthetic leg. she says anyone can overcome the odds. >> i just hope everyone, you know, that is going through something like me or has been that they just know that they can do whatever they want and anything that they set their mind to they can do. >> amazing. patience hopes to switch her zebra print prosthetic to a razor back theme for the arkansas razorbacks. >> she is beautiful too. >> an amazing story. the time is 9:26. next a new chapter in the secret service prostitution scandal. who else might be wrapped up in the controversy? >> and the calls for alarm after a fire sparks just blocks from the white house. iphone damages coming up. a look at the top reasons or should we say the top excuses why people have to file a claim for a broken device. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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