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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 22, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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romney took in cash in private!
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fundraisers, a bus tour of ohio and a stop in virginia. president obama raised money in milwaukee, with the help of baseball icon hank aaron. both spoke about the economy. and romney did notmy back off h argument that the president is making more dependent on government. >> the fact that we have one out of six people in poverty is unacceptable. the fact that we have 47 million on food stamps. 47 million.d8 when he took off, there were 32 million on food stamps. >> this country does not success when few doht well, america succeeds when folks working hard to get into the middle class do l when everybody has a chance to get ahead. >> election day is six weeks
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away, early voting started in more than 20zv states in maryla and virginia. tim kaine and allen are preparing for their next debate. if you happened to mix the last debate, that ww,k be reaired after "meet the press." a warning tonight from trader joes, that they are recalling after many get sick. >> now, officials warning two of tiu largest fires could merge. how facebook is to blame for
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large fires in the pacific northwest have residentos high alert, the fires continue to burn out of control in washington state. health officials say dozens of people havp been taken to the hospital because of the heavy smoke. residents are told to stay inside or wear masks when they go out. fire officials say the two largest fires are expected to merge into a giant blaze the size ofç the city of seattle. >> trader joes valencia creamy salted peanut butter has been linked to çsalmonella. sku number 97111.
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the company is offering refunds to those who bought the product. the man who jumpedym into t tiger enclosure at the bronx do to. he did said he did it to be "one" with the tiger. he was severely injured bysone of the 400-pound cats. overseas, a sweet 16 party took a wrong tunchlt a teenager in a small dutch town sent out an invite but çmistakenly madet seen by anyone. thousands showed up. some got violent, and riot police have to be brought in. 34 were arrested. several were seriously hurt. back here at home, the national mallzv filled with boo
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worms for the 12th annual library of congress national book festival. more than a hundred authors from different genries came out to make presentation mys. the book fest is back on tomorrow, noon to 5:30 that is rain or shine. millions grab their pints, yes, to celebrate the world's biggest beer festival. we will tell you about the kickoff to the 179thu! kick offo
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today, the mayor tapped the first keg to kick off the 179th october-fest. sixç million people are expect to travel to the famous beer garden. officials say last year, visitors drank two million two-pint mugs of beer. octoberfest runs through october 7th.ç picture perfect day for the blue bird blues festival. it had had fun activities for all ages, and jim and tracy helping tov: emcee the event. that was hosted by st. george's community college, and nbc 4 was a proud sponsor. ugly green allergy is at the
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reflection pool. is trying to determine what to do about it. an overall was completed a month ago. it tanks river water instead of city drinking wall, it is supposed to filter it to keep it clean. the park is fine tuniég the system to fix the algee problem. hate to see $34 million spent to grow algee.s the transition between seasons often takes place in around showers and thunderstorms, leading to these. this is from lynn, a beautiful rainbow, a full arc as well. other viewers sent in their
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pictures as well. it was a great looking finish to an otherwise pretty nice day to be on the outside today. 85, the high temperature. national airport it is mild in the late night hours, 72zv at national. those winds have indeed come around to the northwest. that is the leading edge of the cooler and drier air that will be in place by the time you get your day started tomorrow. back in the mid 60s, low 60s now inç far western maryland. in the mid 70s across st. mary's county out on the eastern shore as well. a lot of things going on tomorrow. for example, the redskins home opener against the redskins tomorrow, 1:00 kickoff, and the weather could notv: be any more football-like. 70 degrees, breezy and cooler tomorrow. winds out of northwest, 10 to 20 miles an hour. laying down a bit by the second half. could be a breeze for the first half of the game. and the nationals playoff-bound, taking on the brewers again
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tomorro.ñ1:35, the first pitch down at the ballpark. perfect weather to be outside enjoying the great change of seasons tomorrow. for now, the last of the rain showers and thunderstorms are moving out across delaware and the easternñshore of maryland as well. the line of storms extends all the way up to the jersey coastline. if i widen it out, parts of new hampshire, all the way down to central parts of north carolina. ahead of that cold front, bringing the changezv the seaso to the mid-atlantic tomorrow. the departing rain drops for the remainder of the evening, off to a bright and sunny start tomorrow. with the colder air, filtering on n bubble up a lot of clouds tomorrow, spot showers in southern parts of pennsylvania, northbound, and far western maryland. can't rule out a five-minute rain shower.
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high spots, in the far north anç west, a spot shower tomorrow, and a cooler pattern. this will keep us cool for sunday, monday and tuesday, it looks like. for overnight tonight, the rain drops are sgn. skies clearing out. cooler and breezier by the time and tomorrow, where we were 85 today, tomorrow will be lucky to be in the low 70s for an hour or two. about a 15-degree drop tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. nice and cool tomorrow. as autumnç settles n 71 tomorr. the cool stuff is going to be monday and tuesday morning in town temperatures in the low 50s, that means 40s outside the beltway, and 30s in the west virginia mountains and relatively good weather, a chance ofu! a shower late winds into thursday. >> coming up in sports, the
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terps showing moves against west
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>> the washington nationals continued to make history today, it was geogonzalez's turn, firsv 20-game winner in d.c. baseball in 60 years, a milestone, on the same day when he gets one of the most embarrassing moments ofç s career. livan hernandez, back in the house. three-time opening day starter helping his old team today. zimmerman, teeing off on this one. zim's 23rd of the year. a zvthree-run bomb. same result here with ian desmond. a shot with two on, he had to go get it. got enough of it to send it out it is 9-0. gonzalez had a better afternoon, in the fifth, on= of five strikeouts, 200th of the season.
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first washington pitcher to strike out 200 since walter johnson in 1916. what the heck was that in the seventh, everyone thought he was hurt. running up to him. he said, yes,÷ú my pride is hur. he tripped over his own cleat. his teammates are relieved. the crowd gives him a standing o, and celebrates win 20 with a gatorade bath. nates take it, ÷ú10-4. pick it up top sixths, two on for ryan flaherty. deep to center. two runs come to score. and the orioles go up 5-3 on the two rbi triple. this one neededç extras. jim thome, man, how old is that guy? he is 42. showwalter with a ground-rule
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double. orioles win theirç 16th straig extra innings game. college football saturday, highlighted by maryland and the west virginia mountaineers, came in with the country's best offense, it was supposed to be a route. it wasn't. to morgantown. terps, qb, with his first experience in morgan town. one of the more intim dating places to play. that is doug riggs with a scoop off to thezv races, 51-yard fume return. west virginia on top, 7-0. later in the first. maryland down, 14-0. the hand off, to his go-to man, digs, he will tip down and dive in for the score. a 42-yard hook up. terps down, 14-7. mountaineers up 17-14. smith finds austin, the
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baltimore native wide open for that score. terps not giving up throw. look at the moves by this guy. he a super star, and a true freshman, making people miss, he will go. finds the end zone, terpks÷ú lee with their head held high. there is no such good thing as a good loss. >> there are no moral victories. we don't play the game and put the effort and time we get into to you know, walk v:away feelin good. we lost. it takes another chunk out of you when you lose. >> the guys fought hard, the bottom line, we came up short. we will just keep getting better and working to make ourselves better. >>ç more from the college grid iron, first home game for navy.
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taking on vmi. pick it up, tied at three. miller, keeps it safe here, busting into the end zone for a seven-yard touchdown. up 10-3. navy leading 20-3, and look who it is. miller time. breaking tackles all over the field. he will leap over a defenders. miller is gone. 40-yard run for the quarterback. 403 rushing yards, theyç cruz the first win of the year. they avoid the 0-3 start. a couple more scores, georgia tech over bowling green, 37-0. i doç want to tell chunk a sco, oklahoma over kansas state. >> we don't count point that is we give away. we gave them 17 for free, we won that -- we lost. shot ourselves.u!
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>> you never score 19 and win anything. >> i need ton where you went to school. >> the blue devils, duke. >> you know what, football- -- we won a couplezv of games. >> do they have a football team? >> come on! ouch. >> you know what, saturday night live is coming up next. that is news 4 at 11:00. thanks for joining us we will see you tomorrow. good night. ♪ ♪
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ripa and michael strahan. >> hi. good morning, everyone. hi. >> it is such a nice morning. it's just so, so gorgeous.
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>> it's been two weeks and i just have to say i lovey new co-host michael strahan. >> i mean, i'm so happy to be here. i just can't believe this is a job. i woke up 15 minutes ago, and i'll be dead sleep again in 45 minutes. you know, it's like i'm living the life of a rich bear. >> i never sleep. one time i shut my eyes for a second and accidentally slept for a year and a half. that's why i stopped blinking. >> i love this girl. look how small she is. we look like the poster for "the blind side." kelly, how was your weekend? >> i took it easy. i shot two washer drier commercials, packed my kids
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lunches for the entire school year, did 10,000 push-ups and went to a gay rave with anderson cooper. how about you? >> well, i mostly just sat around and busted through the elbows of all my sweaters. >> don't forget, you and i hung out. >> that's right. i think we have a picture. that was so fun. although you are surprisingly heavy. >> yeah. i may look small but i'm dense as a moon rock. when andy cohen and i went to the dead sea, i sank right to the bottom. >> she is the strongest, tiniest person i have ever met. i just want to put her in between my teeth and carry her home. >> michael, favorite tv so on the the count of three, one, two, three. the bachelorette.
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>> it's like slapping a piece of sheetrock. we have some things to talk about. the emmys are this sunday. i have to say, i'm excited. >> wait. is that all you're going to say. oh my god, this job is so easy. i can't believe i got smashed in the head every day for 15 years while this was a job. >> all right. our first is the star of the twilight franchise, please welcome robert pattinson. >> hello. hello. thank you for having me. you can tell i'm extremely happy to be here. >> roberta lot of reports are circulating that you and kristen stewart are finally back together. >> i'm not here to talk about that. i'm here to talk about my movie "cosmoplis." >> later in the show, betsy
11:33 pm
frankel will show us some new cosmo recipes. >> cosmos, that's amazing. at my last job i had to wear a cup. >> so rob, how are you handling all the media attention? >> some days i'm like -- and other days i'm like -- and sometimes i'm all -- >> you know, robert, when i'm down in the dumps, which has happened twice, i hit the gym for some light exercise. that's how i got these. >> look at us together. we're like that thing on the news when elephants and dogs are friends. >> that is so true. robert, where do you and kristen see yourselves -- wait, michael, what is he doing? >> i don't know. i think he's brooding. >> that is sexy.
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ladies, can you believe i get paid to do this? >> wait. we're getting paid, too? this just keeps getting better. yesterday mario made me pasta and all i had to say was, yum. >> later a musical performance by my favorite muse and train. >> i'm going to get in my p.j.s. >> live from new york, it's saturday night! >> announcer: it's "saturday night live"! with fred armisen vanessa bayer bill hader taran killam seth meyers bobby moynihan
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nasim pedrad jay pharaoh jason sudeikis kenan thompson featuring aidy bryant kate mckinnon tim robinson cecily strong musical guest -- mumford & sons and your host -- joseph gordon-levitt. ladies and gentlemen, joseph gordon-levitt.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you so much. thank you. it is so great to be back here hosting "saturday night live." this year has been so amazing. i've been lucky to be in some really great movies. i have the movie "looper" coming out. in that one, i play a young version of bruce willis, so i guess i'm playing ashton kutcher. i was also in "the dark knight rises." [ cheers and applause ] thank you, thank you. but you know what my favorite superhero movie of the summer was? "magic mike." right? no, seriously.
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we've got a great show for you tonight! mumford & sons are here. [ cheers and applause ] stick around, we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] this election will determine the future of our country. and this election will be determined by -- the undecided voter. >> it seems that more than 96% of voters have already made up their minds about this election. well, i guess some of us are just a little bit harder to please. we're not impressed by political spin or 30-second sound bites. before you get our vote, you're gonna have to answer some questions. questions like --
11:39 pm
>> when is the election? >> how soon do we have to decide? >> what are the names of the two people running? and be specific. >> who is the president right now? is he or she running? because if so, experience is maybe something we should consider. >> how long is a president's term of office? one year? two years? three years? or life? >> if it's for life, frankly, we're not comfortable with that. we don't need to be electing a dictator. >> what happens if the president dies? has anyone thought about who would replace him? what's your plan, gentlemen? >> can women vote? because if not, as a woman, i've got a big problem with that. and by the way, if men can't vote, in my opinion, that's just as wrong. >> we hear a lot about our dependence on foreign oil, but just what is oil and what is it used for?
11:40 pm
>> can a woman have a baby just from french kissing? >> if you burp, fart and sneeze at the same time, will you die? >> where's my power cord? >> we are america's undecided voters. there's still a lot we don't know. >> and we want answers. >> low information voters of america is responsible for the content of this advertising. [ cheers and applause ] hey, they're saying this phone is going to be like a precious jewel. ooh, i love that! the headphone jack is... ... going to be on the bottom. (explosion noise) i heard the connector is all digital. what? what does that even mean?! who knows? i'm psyched! all i'm saying is that they should have a priority line... for people who've waited five times. i heard you have to have an adapter to use the dock on the new one. yeah, yeah, but they make the coolest adapters. welcome back! guess the galaxy s3 didn't work out. no, i love the gs3.
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>> he can make a woman cringe just by entering the room. he owns five different styles of fedora. when he orders at starbucks, he always gives a fake name. he claims he dated a model. but her only modeling work was an ad for her dad's car dealership. and they never had sex. he can sort of break-dance. and he accidentally sent a photo of his penis to the guy who just delivered his chinese food.
11:44 pm
he is the son of the most interesting man in the world. >> i don't often drink beer. but when i do, i prefer tres equis. it's one equis better than my dad's beer because he was never there for me. it's two parts dos equis, and one part none of your business. keep banging, my friends. >> tres equis. that means triple x, homie. >> to boobies! [ applause ] agent little helper? >> if it's all right with you, mr. flint, i'd rather just get on with it. >> let me ask you a question, mr. morelli. do you love your wife? >> of course i do. >> go home. turn on the ball game. get yourself a drink. >> if something's going on with lana, i have to know. >> all right. it's your dime, mr. morelli. listen, your wife is cheating on you. >> how you know that? >> been tailing lana the last couple of weeks. i'm afraid i have some pretty incriminating pictures.
11:45 pm
>> i knew it. stupid clarence. i put my trust in that woman. all right, let me see the pictures. >> mr. morelli, once you see these, you can't unsee them. >> are you a p.i. or wet nurse? show me the pictures. >> remember last week when your wife was visiting her sister? she lied to you. i followed her to the park and it turns out she was up to something very different. [ suspenseful music ] you know your wife plays tennis, mr. morelli. >> wait, what? >> you know she plays it with this man? >> those are cartoons. >> not cartoons, caricatures. >> wait, i don't understand. did you draw these? >> guilty as charged. but not as guilty -- as these two lovebirds. i should have mentioned this earlier. if you see anything you like, they are available for purchase.
11:46 pm
purchase i'm not here for your cartoons. i'm here to talk about this guy you saw with my wife. >> his name is kevin. a little hard to make out but the guy loves dolphins. i suppose you want that drink now. >> if you do it's five bucks. >> you are the allowsies detective i've ever seen. you can't take a photograph. you show me doolittled and cartoons and bike rides. it doesn't prove she cheated on me. >> but this does. in the tub with me. >> why would you do that? >> to see how far she'd take it. >> you're a monster. >> i'm not the monster. this is the monster. called feebles.
11:47 pm
trying to get a sunday strip going. but no one wants anything original these days. >> this is insanity! >> it's not insanity. it's china! [ suspenseful music ] [ applause ] ♪ ♪ he's got a white belt in judo -- and taekwondo. he has a first edition of every john grisham novel. when he tips, he puts a negative amount and says it's cash back. he has multiple parody twitter accounts. he can almost do a 180 on his razor scooter. >> i'm not only the son of the most interesting man in the world. i am the most interesting man -- >> what the hell? what in the hell is this? are you kidding me? >> is this really happening? >> get out of here dad. i'm doing a beer ad. >> oh, is this one of your prostitutes? oh, so who is paying for her? >> he said you are.
11:48 pm
>> did he? >> i did not say that. i never said that. >> 30 years old. son, you are 30 years old. >> you should be proud of me. i'm an entrepreneur. >> he's an entrepreneur. like, how you manage those rappers? >> those are my friends. >> they stole from you! and what is this? tres equis. >> yes. >> tres equis! i could get sued for this, you son of a bitch. >> i have no income. >> get out of my house. get out of my face. >> one swim meet. you couldn't come to just one of my swim meets! >> oh! you didn't even make the team. you pussy! you swam two laps and then you puked like a dog. they had to drain the pool. >> i'm telling mom. >> oh, well, good luck figuring out who the [ bleep ] she is. >> tres equis. spanish for excellence. [ applause ] >> this tastes like [ bleep ]. [ applause ]
11:49 pm
♪ >> october 6th, daniel craig with musical guest, muse. so where you living now, will? will: [ inner voice ] where am i living? the only place i can afford. here it is, just like you left it. will: [ inner voice ] okay, i was smart enough to notice that this totally loaded daily double is now on the mcdonald's extra value menu. only paid a buck 99. so hey, i can handle this. i got this great kind of loft space. no way. cool. [ male announcer ] check out mcdonald's extra value menu and find the big taste of the daily double for just $1.99. just one of the great extra value menu tastes. the simple joy of being smart. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] bud light. for the fans who do whatever it takes. here we go. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >> turns out the keys were in my pants the whole time. [ laughter ] all right, everybody. that's my set. next up from the burgundy room, please welcome the very best hypnotist on the strip, tommy -- bergemont! here he is. [ applause ] >> good evening, i'm thomas bergemont and tonight, ladies and gentlemen, what you will see is guaranteed to amaze. now, i'm going to need a victim -- i mean a volunteer. who will it be? >> him. pick him. >> you, sir. the gentleman avoiding my gaze. help me get him up here, folks. [ applause ]
11:53 pm
what is your name, friend? >> curtis. >> and curtis, is this your first time being hypnotized? >> yes, it is. >> feeling a little nervous with all these people watching you? >> yeah, a little but, as my wife sharee will attest, i've always been a bit of a ham. >> well, i'm gonna take good care of you, curtis. have a seat now and close your eyes. curtis, listening to the sound of my voice. i'm gonna count backwards from three. and by the time you reach one, you will be in a deep trance. listening to my voice. three, two, and one, sleep. pow! ladies and gentlemen, curtis has been hypnotized. [ laughter ] curtis, in a moment i'm going to snap my fingers and you will remember nothing from this conversation. but every time you hear the word "buffet," you will feel the overwhelming desire to act like
11:54 pm
a dinosaur, a big ferocious tyrannosaurus rex. do you understand, curtis? >> yes. >> very good. and, awake. hello, curtis. >> hi? >> do you remember any of the conversation we just had? >> did we have a conversation? >> yes, we did. but it was nothing important. i was just telling you how you should try the buffet. [ roars ] oh my, isn't he terrifying. [ roars ] i thought he was extinct. if you ask me, i prefer barney. [ roars ] and sleep, pow! just like that, he's back in a deep trance. now, what do you say we have some real fun? curtis, from now on when you hear the word "pai gow" you will suddenly become very hot, unbearably hot. so hot, that you will do anything to cool down.
11:55 pm
do you understand, curtis? >> yes. >> wonderful. and, awake. how are you feeling, curtis? >> just fine. >> well, maybe you should try your look at the pai gow table. you okay, curtis? >> yeah, it's just so hot. >> curtis, what are you doing? i don't think this is very appropriate. oh, my. where's your modesty? >> it's just so hot. >> curtis? curtis? buffet. [ roars ] oh no! curtis "the dinosaur" is back. and this dinosaur is looking for a mate. aren't you, curtis? [ roars ] >> please don't touch me. [ roars ]
11:56 pm
>> oh, curtis, did i forget to tell you you're a female dinosaur? [ roars ] >> don't do it, dude. >> i'm not really hypnotized. >> well then shame on you. >> it's okay. >> no, it's not. [ roars ] >> this is not okay. this man isn't hypnotized. >> what's that? >> i'm not hypnotized. >> oh, i promise you, you are hypnotized, curtis. >> no, i was just goofing. >> when i snap my fingers you will reveal your darkest secret. >> i'm cheating on my wife with her sister. no, sharee, i'm so sorry. i was hypnotized. he made me say that. it was part of the show. >> well, happy birthday to me. >> no. you ruined my life. >> well, this is unfortunate.
11:57 pm
but as you can see, i did, in fact, hypnotize curtis. hopefully he can repair things with the missus. but you know, that is just the power of suggestion. a woman, my health is important. when it comes to that time of the month, i don't trust my body with anyone. that's why i choose the one brand of tavernons designed by people who know my body best, the gentlemen of the republican party. [ laughter ] gop tampons, designed with all the knowledge of a woman's anatomy that only comes from being a 60 plus-year-old conservative man. [ laughter ] with its sleek shape and smart design, the gop tampon expands to fit perfectly in my fallopian tube. [ laughter ] which means i can be sure it'll stay in place all year long. and the smooth metal applicator
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